Saturday, November 17, 2018

Emulate the Rule-book of Jewish Power — If Jews are So Wise, Perfect, and Inspirational, then We must DO AS THE JEWS DO

Ever notice that we are obligated to LIKE Jews. When Jews want to demean someone, they’ll say something like such-and-such person "doesn’t like Jews". This assumes that one MUST LIKE Jews. But why? Why must we like Jews? Can’t we feel indifferent about Jews? After all, many people probably don’t have personal relations with Jews, not least because most Jews are concentrated in big cities. So, they don’t know if Jews are good or Jews are bad, just like they know little about Turks or Bolivians. And surely, there are people who’ve dealt with Jews and came way with generally negative impressions. So, maybe that person has good or valid reasons to dislike Jews. But that is not an option in our culture that is saturated with Philosemitism. We must like Jews, love Jews, adore Jews, admire Jews, praise Jews, and even worship Jews. Even if you know little or nothing about Jews OR even if you’ve experienced situations or relations with the Tribe that were wholly negative, you must LIKE Jews.
Now, imagine if you visited Iran or France. Suppose, having spent many years there, you came away with generally negative impressions of those peoples and cultures. Even though you know there is good and bad in everything and everyone, your overall impression isn’t good. Now, who would mind if you felt that way? No one in America is hounded for having negative feelings toward French people or Iranian culture. Some people may visit France or Iran and come back full of praise. Others may never want to return. Now, we don’t attack or demean Americans for having negative impressions about the French or Iranians. But for some reason, such is taboo when it comes to Jews. Even if you had terrible experiences with nasty Jews in NY or LA, you must tell yourself that it is your duty to like and even love Jews. If someone said, following his experiences in Israel or NY, that he has a generally negative view of Jews, he will be blacklisted from so much of society. But if he said such about China or Russia, no one would care. Jewish commentators often pontificate about the character flaws of Russians, Japanese, Muslims, Germans, French, Anglos, Christians, and etc., and attribute these failings to collective/traditional culture or habit. And yet, if someone spoke of the failures of Jewish character and associated them with Jewish history, culture, and habits, he would be called an ‘anti-Semite’, which, at this point, just means "You better not criticize anything Jewish."

There is now the Holy Three we MUST LIKE no matter what. Jews, blacks, and homos. Most people are Conditionals, i.e. we like or dislike them based on how they are like and what they do. We can like them or not like them depending on how they treat us. For example, the US hated the Japanese during World War II but came to rather like them in the post-war era when US and Japan were allies; then, during the 80s, there was much anti-Japanese animus due to trade wars; then, with the rise of China and the close interdependence between the US and Japan, Japan came to be liked again. So, America’s feelings about Japan(and Japanese in general) have always been conditional. In American eyes, Japanese people constitute a nation of Conditionals. They could be friend or foe depending on the situation.
In contrast, Unconditionals are like the ‘made’ men in the Mafia. They have a license to do anything as they please because we must UNCONDITIONALLY respect them no matter what they do. And who gets to choose the Unconditionals? Jews. Jews chose themselves and blacks and homos. Among the mafia, if some ordinary hood is killed, it’s no big deal. But if a ‘made’ guy is killed, it is a very big deal, and the killer better have a very good reason(or better be a ‘made’ guy himself) or else he is dead. It’s like the Media never paid any attention when white people were victims of Knockout Games perpetrated by blacks. But when a Jewish man was attacked, it suddenly became news. It’s like the Media generally ignore news about blacks and Muslims killing white Christian folks, but it’s BIG NEWS if Jews are killed, especially by white people. Jews are a ‘made’ people because Jewish Power gets to choose what is what. Jews are Unconditionals, and we must like them even when they spit in our face and kick our teeth in. Indeed, look how much Jews have heaped abuse on Trump, but the Don just praises Jews. If even the US President who is maligned endlessly by Jews must suck up to Jews, just imagine the kind of power that Jews have over America.

That said, let’s play along with Jews as great, wonderful, and noble Unconditionals whom we must praise and admire at every turn. Let’s assume that no people are as intelligent, erudite, perceptive, contemplative, and wise as the Jews are. Jews are the gold standards of humanity, and there are so many things to learn from Jews. After all, Jews Know Best! If Jews are indeed the finest people on Earth, then it only make sense for us to study them, know them, and emulate them. If Jews are great, then whatever they do is great. What Jews do is the summit of human thought and behavior. If Jewish actions and deeds guided by Jewish worldview are indeed the peak of human aspiration and achievement, then it only makes sense for ALL GOYIM to emulate the Jew. If Jews are the best, then what is good for Jews must be good for us. How Jews think should serve as the basis of how we think. How Jews act should be the guide as to how we act. We must become Emu-Semites, or those who Emulate-the-Semites. Or good Imi-Semites, or those who've mastered the art of imitating Jews. To become good Emu-Semites or Imi-Semites, we must carefully study and learn the Jewish Way. We must formulate the Rule-book or Handbook of the Jewish Way that can easily be understood and practiced by most goyim. It will be a blessing to mankind since Jews are the best, the noblest, the wisest, and surely the most wonderful. Indeed, it would be downright ‘antisemitic’ to refuse to learn from the glorious Jews and do as the Jews do. If indeed Jews are the best — so perfect that we must unconditionally LIKE them at all times — , then the only proper course for all of humanity would be to learn from and emulate the Jew. If we must admire Jews because they are good and wise, then it means that the way Jews think and how they act is the gold standard of social philosophy. After all, if you want to be healthy, it makes sense to follow the advice and habits of a healthy person. Likewise, since Jews insist that they know best and act with the utmost wisdom, it is imperative that we study them, learn their ways, and act as they do. We must emulate the Jews. We must be good Emu-Semites. We must imitate the Jews. We must be good Imi-Semites.

So, how do we become good Emu-Semites or Imi-Semites? First, we must understand the Jews, how they feel and think and why. And we must closely observe what they do(as opposed to what they say). And we must try to understand the logic behind why Jews say one thing but do another. Anyway, since Jews are so wise, whatever they do must be inspiring and noble. And in order for us to be wise, upon studying and learning the Jewish Way, we must also think and act in the same way. And then, a whole new era will dawn.
The problem with the world is Jews are so wise but we are so worthless. Why? Because Jews act Jewish, but we don’t act Jewish. How can we improve ourselves if we refuse to study and learn from the Noble Jews, the most perfect people on Earth? How can we be truly worthy if we keep failing to understand Jews and master their ways? A student who fails to learn from the master will never be a master. To become a master, one must master the way of the master. And then, one can be worthy of the title of master. Otherwise, he will forever remain a failed student or hopeless case. There is no reason why we can’t master the Way of the Jew, or WOJ. Sure, Jews may be smarter than us, but we are not apes, we are not animals. We are human beings, and that means we have enough brains to learn from the best and elevate ourselves to a higher plane. And since Jews are the highest in wisdom, wealth, and power, all of humanity have most to gain by studying and imitating the Jews. Imagine a world filled with Imi-Semites. A world where all peoples understand the Way of the Jew(or WOJ) and learn to gain wisdom and power. It will herald a revolution in mind and might, and finally mankind can take pride in having achieved their full potential.

So, what is the Way of the Jew or WOJ? Surely, an entire book can be written on this subject, but let’s begin with the basics. To learn the WOJ, we must closely observe Jews and see what they do. And then, we must ask, "Why do they do what they do?" And then, "How do they do what they do?" And then, we must ask, "Why do Jews do one thing but say another?" Once we have pondered those questions and arrived at the formula of the WOJ, we can do as the Jews do. And if Jews attack us for following the WOJ, we can defend ourselves by saying that we are doing only as the Jews do. Should Jews be maligning us for doing as they do? If Jews are so good, wise, and wonderful, it must be because of what they think and do. After all, it would be insane to say Jews are good, wise, and wonderful simply because they are Jewish. People must be judged by what they do, not simply by what they are. So, if Jews are wonderful because of what they DO, then what they DO must be wonderful. Naturally, it follows that we must DO as Jews DO since what they DO is so great. After all, it would be unbecoming for the master to put down a student for learning to do as the master. If it’s wrong for the student to emulate the master, then it must mean the master is doing bad things. If the master is good, then it must be because he does good things. Then, it only makes sense for the student to do as the master does in order to gain respect and prestige as someone worthy of master-hood himself.

As we ponder the WOJ, one obvious lesson to learn is that Jews believe themselves to be special, ‘chosen’, and distinct from other peoples. They have a Covenant mentality with God and/or History. Even as Jews mingled with different races all over the world, they maintained their sense of uniqueness and separateness. This way, they gained materially from dealings with non-Jews all the while working together to strengthen and perpetuate tribal & communal bonds. Without such mentality, Jews would have faded away as a people and culture. They would likely have assimilated into other groups(especially those that were more numerous than Jews).
To this day, Jews maintain their sense of specialness. Then, it follows that non-Jewish groups also must develop their own sense of uniqueness, distinctness, and specialness. If it did such wonders for Jews, it will do wonders for any group that develops a covenant mentality. So, unless a people develop their own sense of covenant-ness and specialness, they will eventually lose out in the game of history. For all peoples to achieve greatness, they must be good Imi-Semites and imitate the Way of the Jewish Covenant. Otherwise, one’s people are likely to fade into history like so many Ancient Tribes who were lost in time. Now, if your people develop their own sense of covenant and if Jews revile your people for being ‘racist’ or ‘exclusive’, you just tell the Jews that your people are simply emulating the Jews. If it’s good for Jews, why is it bad for other peoples? Shouldn’t Jews feel flattered that OTHER peoples are imitating Jews because Jews are so great and wonderful?

And yet, maybe we are overlooking a crucial lesson of the WOJ. Maybe what seems like Jewish Hypocrisy is part of Jewish brilliance and awesomeness. After all, the world is filled with competition, and it’s only natural that your side wants to keep the secret to itself. If your side has the Nuclear Bomb, it doesn’t want other sides to have them. Naturally, if all sides got the Bomb, then your side would lose its advantage. So, we can understand why Jews insist on their own Covenant and sense of distinctness while impugning such notions among other groups. So, Jews denounce white identity. Jews mock the Japanese sense of being a unique people. But they are so proud of their own identity and heritage that are guarded with passion. Then, the lesson of WOJ is that, even as we develop, promote, and guard our own identity, heritage, and specialness, we must try to deconstruct, devalue, and destroy such ideas and feelings in other groups, especially those who threaten our well-being and survival. We must subvert the identity of our rivals while safekeeping our own identity. Since Jews are immensely powerful, they are naturally our rivals. So, based on THE RULES FOR IMI-SEMITES, we must do as the Jew. As Jews guard their own identity but subvert ours, we must do the same to Jews. We must guard and preserve our own identity while doing everything to subvert, disgrace, and destroy Jewish Identity. It’s the WOJ. And if Jews denounce us, we can defend ourselves by saying we are just following the WOJ. If the Way of the Jew is to guard his own identity while weakening and destroying others, then we must do the same to the Jews. This isn’t ‘antisemitic’. If anything, it is in respect and awe of Jews. It is Imi-Semitic. It is on the basis that Jews know best. Since Jews-who-know-best guard their own identity while attacking other identities, we must do likewise in admiration that the Jewish Way is the Best Way, indeed the Only Way. Then, it would be ludicrous for Jews to accuse us of ‘antisemitism’ because our actions — guarding our identity while degrading other identities — would be based on the WOJ.

Another brilliant way of the Jew is the use of Diversity-as-weapon. Upon studying the Way of the Jew in the West, it is obvious that Jews use Diversity to divide their rivals into bickering factions. And then, Jews encourage most groups to hate, revile, and blame the group that poses the biggest potential rivalry to Jewish Power. As Jews see it, white gentiles pose the greatest challenge to Jewish Power. Even though most whites aren’t anti-Jewish, Jews take no chances. As long as whites are seen as a POTENTIAL threat to Jewish Power, Jews encourage all non-white groups to pile on Whitey. This way, Jews kill two birds with one stone. They make non-whites weaken white power. Furthermore, by fanning anti-white hatred, Jews create a distraction from their own power that is most dominant in America. If non-whites are made to scapegoat or ‘scapewhite’ White Privilege for all the problems, then most people won’t notice that it’s actually Jews who have the commanding position in America. As Jews are so wise and wonderful, this tactic on their part must be wise and wonderful. Then, it is only natural that we learn this facet of the WOJ and do as the Jews do. We need to use Diversity as a Weapon too. We must encourage non-whites to see Jews as the enemy, the main source of all the problems in the world. We must use divide-and-rule against the Jews. We must tell non-whites that it’s the Jews who have the most wealth, privilege, connections, and exclusive power. We must make all groups feel intense hatred, resentment, and envy in regard to the Jewish community.
Now, if Jews accuse us of ‘antisemitism’, it would be most unfair. How can we be ‘antisemitic’ when, out of profound respect for Jewish wisdom and brilliance, we’ve learned their ways and do as they do? If we are ‘antisemitic’ for acting in such manner, then it would mean Jews are also ‘antisemitic’ since they act the same way. If anything, Jews pioneered the use of Diversity as an instrument of divide-and-rule. As it’d be ridiculous to accuse Jews of being antisemitic for acting Jewish, it’d be ridiculous to accuse us of antisemitism for doing as the Jews do.

On the matter of womenfolk, there is much to learn from Jews. Notice that Jews see non-Jewish women as a bunch of ‘shikses’(which means dirty filthy whores). Jews see non-Jewish women as pieces of meat, as mere commodity to be bought and sold. Naturally, such attitude may lead to hostility against Jews, and Jews are well-aware of this. So, Jews have cleverly set about driving a wedge between goy men and goy women. Jews have taken this furthest with the white race. Jews convinced many white women that white men are their biggest enemies. Jews pressure white women to ideologically and politically side with People-of-Color and Jews against the Evil White Male. Jews tell white women to hate their white fathers, white uncles, white cousins, white brothers, white husbands, and white sons. Even when white women marry white men, they feel like they’re living with the enemy because Jewish Power in media and academia told them, "White Males Are Evil". This way, Jews have gained great dominance over the divided white race. With so many white women hating white men, white race is fracked and confused.
When we ponder this, it’s obvious that the WOJ is truly brilliant as a stratagem of power. Yes, to reduce a people’s power, you must divide the women from the men. After all, the unity of men and women is the key to any power. It is from such union that there is love and trust within the group. And men and women work together to produce life and raise the kids to be patriots. To weaken such a people so that your people can gain mastery over them, your people must try to divide the men and the women. And that is precisely what Jews have done to the white race. What wisdom! What brilliance! WOJ surely is wise and wonderful. Then, the white race must learn from the WOJ and practice its ways. It must go about doing to Jews what the Jews have done to whites. White race must tell Jewish women that Jewish men are the most hideous, oppressive, nasty, vicious, vile, greedy, arrogant, contemptuous, lecherous, demented, perverted, venomous, and venal creatures on Earth. Jewish women must be made to hate Jewishness as a form of ‘racism’. Jewish women must be encouraged to see Jewish men as the source of all their misery. Jewish women must be made to wail and howl at Jewish Patriarchy(that denied freedom and equality to Jewish women through the ages), Jewish Pornography(that has commoditized so many sisters worldwide), and Jewish misogyny(that sees women as pieces of meat to play with, as the #MeToo movement amply demonstrated). Also, notice how Jewish Power seeks to turn white men into a bunch of cucks. It is a masterful Power Move. After all, a people will weaken IF the women no longer respect the manhood of their men. So, to weaken the white race, Jews encouraged white women to go black and have black babies. The idea is that blacks are tougher and manlier, and therefore, white women must reject wussy white men and have kids with black males. A potent weapon in the arsenal of WOJ. Then, whites must do the same to Jews. Jewish women must be told that Jewish men are a bunch of dorks, gorks, geeks, nerds, and gross pervs. Therefore, Jewish women should be encouraged to mate with non-Jewish men, especially Negroes, Arabs, Muslims, and Iranians. The white race must also denounce Israeli Family policy as ‘racist’ and ‘exclusive’. As we know, Israel has a natal program that encourages Jewish women to have lots of kids with Jewish men. This is sexual ‘racism’, and Jewish women must be enriched by mating with Negroes, Muslims, Arabs, Palestinians, and Iranians. Jewish wombs no longer belong to Jewish men. They exist to take the seeds of other men, especially Arabs. This way, Jewish wombs will be made ‘inclusive’.
Now, if Jews accuse whites of trying to commit ‘Jewish Genocide’ via race-mixing the Jewish Race right down to the last Jewish woman, it would be most unjust. After all, it’s just a lesson taken from the WOJ. It is the Jewish Way to weaken and degrade another people, especially one perceived as a Rival Race, by driving a wedge between the men and women and then by encouraging the women to reject the men of their own race and offer their wombs to men of other races. Since Jews do this to whites, it must be GREAT! After all, it’s the Jewish Way,and of course the noble Jews know best. Then, out of respect for Jews and their ways, white power that encourages Jewish women to hate Jewish men, turn themselves into wild sluts, and have sex with non-Jewish men(especially Arabs and Negroes) deserve praise because it is taking a key lesson out of the Jewish Rulebook of Power.

Another WOJ is to associate everything with what-is-good-for-Jews. Since Jews love Israel, Jews in America associate everything with Love-for-Israel. So, to be a good Christian means to support Israel. To be a good Republican means to support Israel. To be a good Democrat means to support Israel. To be a good homo means to support Israel. To be a good Hispanic means to support Israel. Israel, Israel, Israel. Indeed, such propaganda has been so pervasive that most politicians and goyim in the US believe that the highest priority of America and all its institutions must be do what is good for Israel above and beyond what is good for America. So, white politicians better support Israel. Black politicians must support Israel(or else end up like Cynthia McKinney). Politicians of all stripes must support Israel. Politicians of all religions must support Israel. Indeed, every person must put Israeli and Jewish interests before those of his own people. So many people have been led to believe that the first duty of America is to serve Israel. Well, what a tremendous lesson to learn from the WOJ!
Then, it only makes sense for whites to do the same. Whites must 24/7 drum home the point that Jews exist to serve whites. Jews must support the white race. Jews must serve the white race. Jews must praise and celebrate the white race. Jews must put white interests above Jewish interests. Jews must be willing to fight and die for Wars for Whites. Jews must give billions and billions toward securing white nations. And if whites have problems with a certain group or nation, Jews must always side with whites(even when whites are wrong). This would only be right because it is out of the Jewish Rulebook. After all, Jewish power has made whites support Jews and Israel at every turn, at all times. Even when Jews do wrong, whites side with Jews. Even when Jews massacre Palestinians, whites side with Jews. So, the Jewish Way is to make goyim obey and serve Jews no matter what Jews do, indeed even when Jews act wicked. Then, the lesson to learn from the Jew is to 'make the Other obey and serve your people'. The Other must be made to see your people as superior and worthier than their own. Therefore, the Other must prioritize your people’s interest over their own. Since Jews are the Other vis-a-vis whites, whites must do everything to make Jews serve whites. After all, if the Jewish Rulebook says "make the Other serve Our Tribe", then whites must make the Jews(as the Other) serve the White Tribe.

WOJ understands the power of speech and the control of media. Cleverly, Jews have come up with the idea of ‘hate speech’ to shut down any speech that is deemed ‘hateful’ by Jews. In practical terms, ‘hate speech’ is any speech that speaks truth to Jewish Power. So, any White Liberationist who dares to say NO to Jewish Power or any Palestinian Autonomist who rebukes Zionist tyranny is deemed a ‘hater’ who spews ‘hate speech’. Once ‘hate speech’ is identified, Jews use all their institutional and financial muscle to have that person destroyed and blacklisted(1,000x more than any Jewish communist who was marginalized during the HUAC-McCarthy years). What an inspired tactic to guard the power and mastery of your own people while discrediting and destroying anyone who dares to speak truth to your people’s power. Via ‘hate speech’ hysteria, Jews have redefined Free Speech so that it’s a privilege only for Jews(and their favored allies) than a universal right for all Americans. Even though the US Constitution guarantees free speech for all, Jews control the law firms, banks, and media that can destroy people and deny them jobs, savings, and the means to spend their money. So, Jews have effectively killed Free Speech in America. Jews are so awesome in their Way of Power. They come up with brilliant masterstrokes to accumulate all the power for themselves, doling out a few favors to their cuck-collaborators. Since Jews know best and come up with the best strategies, we must learn from the Jew and do as the Jews do. In this spirit, we must invoke ‘hate speech’ to denounce and silence Zionism. We must declare that Zionism is a form of supremacism, ‘racism’, imperialism, and genocide. After all, Israel was created through massive ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Jews acted like Nazis with their Lebensraum plan. Jews stole more land in 1967. Jews still occupy West Bank and murder Palestinians. IDF death squads routinely mow down innocent women and children in Gaza. Jews spread Wars for Israel all over the Middle East. Because Jews hate Russia, they spread propaganda that tells us to hate Russia too. So, much of what Jews say is ‘hate speech’. Jews are filled with hate(for Palestinians, Russians, Iranians, Syrians, white Christians, white patriots, and those with the guts to stand up to Homomania) and spew their hatred all over. Then, it is only right that we call out on Jewish ‘hate speech’, denounce it, and ban it. We must work with BDS and any organization to resist Jewish hatred and silence Jewish ‘hate speech’ against goyim. We must say Jewish Power must be gagged because the Jew-run media have spread so much hatred around the world. Jewish Hollywood made all those anti-Arab and anti-Muslim movies where Middle Easterners are usually terrorist and lunatics. As a result, so many white Americans joined the military to kill bushels of Arab men, women, and children. Their minds were infected with the Jewish Hate Virus. And just when the world was sighing with relief over the End of the Cold War, Jews messed it all up with their greed and hatred. They raped the Russian economy, and when Russians said ENOUGH to the Jews, Jews started a Hate Campaign against Russia. And so, there is the ‘new cold war’. And wars in Iraq, Libya, and Syria were all instigated by Zionists. Now, that’s a lot of hate, and we must stand against this hate. So, we must denounce Jewish Hate Speech and work to destroy and blacklist any Jew who espouses Zionist imperialism, ‘racist’ Jewish identity, and Jewish supremacism. We must support Free Speech but not Hate Speech of the Jews.
If Jews react by bitching about ‘antisemitism’, it would be most ludicrous. After all, we are only taking a rule from the Jewish Rulebook of Power that says "maximize our free speech while minimizing the speech of our rivals and critics as ‘hate speech’". If such is the Jewish Way, it must be wonderful and sound. Then, it is only fitting that whites emulate and imitate Jews and do to Jews as Jews would do to whites.

And then, there is the matter of Borders. As we all know, Jews are adamant about guarding the borders of Israel. Jews are hellbent on keeping Israel as their own homeland, a place of sacred memory. Jews claim it is theirs, and they feel justified in doing everything to keep every inch of it. They go even further and say all white nations must support the Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish Homeland. But, at the same time, Jews call for Open Borders for Western nations. Why is this? Isn’t it rank hypocrisy? In a way, yes, but in another way, such duplicity should be admired as another lesson to be learned in the WOJ. The Jewish Way is to maximize Jewish Power, and the surest way is to support Nationalism where Jews are the majority and push globalism where Jews are the minority. After all, if non-Jewish nations went into Nationalist Mode, they will prioritize the interests of the non-Jewish majority, and that would undercut Jewish power. So, where Jews are the majority(Israel), Jews are happy with Nationalism that favors Jewish identity and interests. But in nations were Jews are a minority or non-existent, Jews push globalism so that the native majority will become deracinated, cucked, decadent, degenerate, and/or self-loathing. Then, Jewish globo-homo operatives can go to work and take over the key institutions and industries of those nations. Now, that is smart thinking. That is genius itself.
Then, it is only right for whites to think likewise. The Jewish Rulebook says "Nationalism & strong borders where Jews are the majority, and Globalism and open borders where Jews are the minority." Then, this rule, as adjusted for whites, would be "Nationalism & strong borders where whites are the majority, and Globalism and open borders where whites are the minority." That means all white majority nations must do everything to secure their borders and stop the mass-immigration-invasion by non-whites. Whites in white-majority nations must safeguard and prioritize white identity, white unity, white territoriality, and white power. But in white-minority nations, whites must do everything to undermine the national identity and borders. And for good practice, whites should begin with Israel. Whites should demand that Jews in Israel reject nationalism and celebrate Diversity. Israel must smash its walls and embrace Open Borders and let tons of non-Jews into Israel. And allow Palestinians the Right of Return. Whites must say it is ‘racist’, ‘xenophobic’, and ‘exclusive’ for Jews to keep Israel as their own homeland. They must be ‘inclusive’ and share the Holy Land with immigrants and migrants from all over the world. Israel must call itself a ‘nation of immigrants’.
Now, if Jews were to retort that this is a case of White Hypocrisy that defends national borders for white nations while waging war on Israel’s borders & its right to exist as a Jewish State, that would be most ridiculous. After all, whites would only be taking a page out of the Jewish Rulebook. Since Jews are so wise and wonderful, what Jews think and do must be noble and inspiring. Then, why would it be wrong for whites to be Imi-Semites and do as the Jews do?

Anyway, there are surely many more lessons and instructions to be learned from the WOJ. The more we study the Way of the Jews, the more we will understand the wonderful Jews and their wise and noble ways. Since Jews are such a great and awesome people, surely what they think and do must be the gold standard for all humanity. Then, it is only right that all of humanity, including white folks, must learn from the WOJ and do as the Jews do. It will be the beginning by which Humanity can be cured of its foolishness. Learn from the best. Jews are the best, so learn most from the Jews. And then, do as the Jews do.

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