Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Crisis Deficiency, the Iron Deficiency of the West? — The Delusions of Sweden and Scandinavia — The West needs to restore the proper Crisis Themes and Crisis Mode in order to Survive and Regain Meaning

There is no perfect food or diet. Milk is packed with nutrients but doesn’t have everything. Meat has lots of proteins, but try to subsist on meat only and you will grow sick. Vegetarians, especially Vegans, want to believe they can live healthy lives without consuming meat products. They end up with a host of health problems as humans aren't rabbits or deer. What is true of physiology may also be true of psychology. The human mind evolved not only to long and strive for order, peace, stability, and harmony but to crave for conflict, competition, and crisis. Given our nature, we grow bored and tired with excess of order, stability, and plenty. For most of human history even in what are now considered rich nations, most people had to struggle from sunup to sundown. Consider the Sweden of the Jan Troell masterpiece THE EMIGRANTS. Life is hard, and everyday is a struggle against soil(and rocks). Most people still worked with muscle and bone. Life was hard and often unpleasant, but people knew what it was like to be alive. If you didn’t struggle, you didn’t have enough food, and you starved. So, even as people in earlier times strove for prosperity, stability, order, and peace(and equality of opportunities and basic rights), they knew what it was like to be alive. Their guts were fueled by the anxiety and the struggle of life, a sense of crisis that made everyday seem brutally meaningful. People back then didn’t have the luxury to be like the Liv Ullmann character in Ingmar Bergman's PERSONA, a bored and spoiled upper-middle class actress who one day decides not to talk because she undergoes some personal ‘neurosis’. Such a brat would have been dragged out of bed and made to milk cows or dig for potatoes in 19th century Sweden or Norway.

In the decades following WWII, Scandinavian nations were highly praised for their achievements in the areas of social harmony, peace, orderliness, and prosperity. They had a blend of free enterprise, individualism, civic culture, and socialism(of social-democracy variety). One might think they came upon the perfect formula for a good and ideal society. After all, the average person in those nations fared better by standards of health and happiness than most people around the world. Then, why did so many things go wrong? Why did the Nordics grow dissatisfied with what they had — the envy of the world — and invite disaster by flinging their gates open to the Third World, especially  semi-barbaric Muslim world and savage Africa?

Perhaps, one reason was purely ideological, especially as pertaining to Jewish anxieties and agendas. Jews surely knew that one of the key reasons as to the success of Nordic nations was the ethno-racial homogeneity. Granted, homogeneity alone won’t guarantee success for any nation. Haiti and sub-Saharan African nations are racially homogeneous but far worse than racially diverse nations like Mexico or Argentina. So, it depends on the kind of homogeneity. There is homogeneity of quality and homogeneity of pathology. Too Many Blacks spell doom because blacks evolved to be more aggressive, more unruly, more hyperbolic, and less intelligent. So, in terms of economics, homogeneous black nations would surely do better with diversity that introduces whites, Hindus, Asians, and Muslims into Africa. Zimbabwe used to be much better economically for everyone when whites ran the farms. And we know that the South African economy will sink like a stone if all non-blacks were to leave. (Granted, the ongoing government appropriation of white farms in South Africa could be a Jewish move. Jewish agro-industry could be using blacks to take farms from whites to be managed by Jewish globalists.)

But unlike black Africa and Haiti, the Nordic nations once had homogeneity of quality. The people were of higher IQ, sober racial-personality, and more conscientious. Some argue that these qualities owed entirely to Christianity, but Southern Europeans with different temperaments and blood mixture with Arabs and North Africans tend to be more devious and less reflective(and possibly lower in IQ) even though they too are Christian. Some may argue that Protestantism did more for the culture of conscience than Catholicism and Orthodox faiths did, but then, look at the impact of Protestantism on blacks and Southern Scotch-Irish hillbillies in the US. No guarantee of work ethic and sobriety there.

Anyway, if Nordic nations had such a good thing going with racial homogeneity of quality, why did they embark on Diversity? Why didn’t they feel proud of their racial and cultural homogeneity and cohesion? Why did making such a claim become taboo? Why did Nordics feel ASHAMED than PROUD of their racial homogeneity and cultural cohesion? This is where the Jews and Holocaust Cucks(or Holocucks) come in. The post-WWII Narrative elevated Shoah from a historical event to a secular religion, and the idea was that Nazis were especially evil because they took pride in their Aryan — Germanic and Nordic — bloodlines. Now, one might argue that the real problem with the Nazis was they invaded other nations. After all, regardless of National Socialist ideology on race, Germany couldn’t have done much harm IF it had left other nations alone. One thing for sure, Sweden stayed out of WWI & WWII and harmed no one. But, Jews and Holocucks didn’t make the imperialism of the Nazis the main crime of WWII. Rather, it was the Nazi ideology of race and blood that got the most blame. Because Hitler said the Aryans are the best-looking, noblest, bravest, and most capable people, anything associated with whiteness of achievement and success had to be excoriated and exorcised.
Why did this matter so much to Jews? It was because Jews in Germany would have suffered EVEN IF Germany hadn't gone into imperialist mode. Whereas Czechoslovakia, Poland, France, Russia, and etc. feared Germany ONLY WHEN Germans came invading and conquering, Jews in Germany would have felt the boot of Nazism even if it remained in purely nationalist mode within Germany's borders. Also, if National Socialist Germany had continued with its success by suppressing Jewish power and by avoiding war, other nations(especially Anglo/Germanic ones) might get the cue that the best formula for national success is (1) suppressing Jewish power (2) focusing on national development(while avoiding wars with other nations). Because Jews didn’t have a nation of their own back then(and even now has only tiny Israel), Jews fear goy nationalism more than goy imperialism.
After all, goy imperialism offers Jews an opportunity to serve as middlemen and operatives. Imperialism eventually weakens the nationalism of the dominant nation and subject nations. Subject nations are pressured to collaborate with the imperial nation and their elites are educated in the Metropole to serve the empire. Over time and in turn, as the Metropole has to maintain the loyalty of the subject peoples/colonies, its elites must weaken their own nationalism(especially the bond between themselves and their own racial kin-masses) to appeal to the elites of the Other. Otherwise, the only way to maintain the empire is by using the stick, but that is too costly in blood. Carrots are more pleasant. Globalist elites learned the lesson from the fall of European empires. Nazi Germany was too racially arrogant and ruthless to recruit loyal collaborators among their subject peoples. So, the Germans lost their chance to win the hearts and minds of Slavs in their eastward push against the Soviet Union. The British and the French imperialists had used carrots-and-sticks more effectively, but after WWII, non-white elites realized there was a limit to how far they could rise up in the Western system. While London and Paris admitted non-white elites into educational institutions, the aspiring non-whites couldn’t get very far, and they were always reminded that whites(elites and the masses) had more rights and prestige than non-whites(even the elites). Back then, despite the imperial elites overtures to the non-white elites, there was an understanding that the main loyalty of the white elites was to the white masses. But such elite-mass-nationalism among whites only fueled the elite-mass-nationalism in non-white nations. And it wasn’t long before Indonesia, Kenya, Algeria, Vietnam, and many other places were up-in-arms against Western Imperialist domination. Local elites led the local masses against the Empire. Even the US’s roles in Cuba and Vietnam were framed within such context. And so, the European empires came tumbling down, and the US lost in Cuba and Vietnam.

So, the Western elites in the post-imperialist world order were faced with two options: They could choose nationalism and represent, serve, & defend their own people OR they could start a New Empire by ditching their own people and forming a globo-alliance of elites all around the world. Jews loved this idea because they knew it would mean every goy nation would no longer maintain the elite-mass alliance. Jews always hated such an arrangement because it meant the goy elites would favor the interests of their goy-kin-masses than serve Jewish elite interests and power. But if the New Imperial Order of Globalism severed the ties between goy elites and their goy-kin masses, then the goy elites the world over would form into a pan-elite bloc, and this bloc would serve Jewish Power since Jews would be the king-elite-of-the-lesser-elites. As Jews became the ruling elites of all the world, they wanted the gentile elites of each nation to serve the Empire of Judea or EOJ than stand for national identity and nationalist principles.
Even though Jews would sometimes opportunistically support goy nationalism(against rivals of the EOJ), their long-term goal was to weaken the nationalism of all nations(except Israel). Jews promoted Kurdish nationalism to weaken Hussein in Iraq and even now continue to back the Kurds against the Shia government(that is seen as too close to Iran). And Jews backed Georgian and Ukrainian nationalism(indeed, even ultra-nationalism) against Russia, but the fact that Jews spread Homomania in both nations goes to show that the end-game is to turn those nations into ‘politicolonies’ of the Empire of Judea.

One sure way to undermine nationalism was to increase Diversity. The problem for the Jews with the Nordic nations was that they were (1) homogeneous and (2) successful. Such formulation — homogeneity of quality, good governance, peace, and prosperity — was bad for the Empire of Judea. It would seem to vindicate nationalism as the ideal principle of advanced nations. Scandinavian nations have long had racial closeness, cultural commonality, and shared values rooted in history, habits, and customs. As they say, don’t fix what is not broken, and if there was any part of the world that didn’t seem broken, it was the virtually all-white and all-Nordic nations of Scandinavia. Even as many Jewish Leftists praised the Nordic model as successful, they credited social-democracy while totally leaving out the crucial roles of racialism and culturalism. So, we were to believe that the Swedish model had nothing to do with race, little to do with culture, and everything to do with economic policy. And when Sweden and other Nordic nations began to promote Diversity and Mass-Immigration-Invasion, Jews even made the ludicrous claim that Scandinavian success story owed to Diversity and Third World vibrancy. Never mind that those nations had already achieved the best living standards in the world as all-white nations. Never mind that the mass-immigration-invasion happened AFTER the success had been achieved, and never mind that those achievements have been undermined over the years by mass-immigration-invasion.

As Jews needed to undermine goy nationalism, they used their hegemonic control of media and academia in the Western World to spread the idea that the Scandinavian success story had NOTHING to do with race and/or culture. So, Swedes shouldn’t take pride in their own race/people and culture for having built such a nice nation. If anything, they should feel ashamed of that very essential thing that was most instrumental in their success. Jews told the Swedes (1) the success of your nation deserves admiration (2) the racial homogeneity of your nation deserves shame because Nordicism was favored by the Nazis.
So, Swedes were in a 'schizo' bind. On the one hand, they craved international respect and admiration for their success. But, they felt ashamed that they gained all this success as a homogeneous blonde-and-blue-eyed Nazi-Lite people. Even if they had no part in World War II, the fact remained that they racially happen to be the kind of people Hitler liked most. That was their great sin. Their genetics was liked by Hitler. How can their genetics be okay when it was prized by devil incarnate? It as Guilt-by-Preference. Thus, Swedish success could only be seen as Success of Nazi-Lite volks, and that was a No-No. So, in order for Swedes to really feel good about themselves, they had to embrace Diversity and turn Sweden into a social-democratic utopia of many colors.

But of course, reality doesn’t work that way. Diversity means more dissension and distrust. Also, when Swedes are accommodating and generous while the newcomers from Africa and Muslim world act nasty, aggressive, not-very-smart(and even downright dumb), Swedish niceness isn’t appreciated but seen as wussy weakness. (Also, it angers the newcomers that such a wussy-n-pussy people have so much wealth and good stuff. The idea that they have to depend on such a wussy people for handouts is deeply insulting to their pride. It's like the haute-playboy who comes to rely on the money from the heroine in MILDRED PIERCE feels resentment than appreciation.) Also, when stupid, dumb, and obnoxious are given free stuff, they just want more and more. It’s like, once you feed wild animals and they get used to being fed, they get increasingly aggressive in demanding more and more. Their primal instinct squeals for more like the Jafric Negro Plant in LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS.

Swedes were proud of their achievement but felt guilty because they’d succeed as Nazi-Lite people. The blood coursing through their veins was tainted because Hitler the Satan graded it highly. So, the ONLY way they could redeem and justify their success was by baptizing it in the mud-pool of Diversity. Of course, baptism in mud befouls than cleanses, but Jews pushed the mantra, "Diversity is our strength, Diversity is our strength, etc." Now, why did Swedes listen to Jews with such gullible naivete? Aren’t they a smart people? It goes to show that intelligence isn’t enough. People are inherently emotional and spiritual creatures, and even secular people want to feel holy-schmoly or be associated with people deemed especially holy-schmoly. And Jews made themselves into such a people with the Cult of the Holocaust.

In post-religious Europe craving for new spiritual meaning, Jew-Worship or Holocaustianity became the thing, and Jews were shameless and arrogant enough to get on that magic carpet ride. So, whatever Jews said was listened to with rapt attention and reverence. Never mind how ridiculous Barbara Specter’s logic is: Europe will not survive unless it is flooded with non-Europeans.
What matters is she is Jewish, and therefore, her advice must be wise, wonderful, and holy-schmoly. It’s like the Magic Negro and Holy Homo cults have made black voices and homo homilies automatically authoritative. So, it doesn’t matter how mendacious Black-Lives-Matter is. Since blacks are deemed holy, it must carry moral weight. And never mind homos like Dave Rubin(supposedly on the Right) and George Takei(supposedly on the Left) have nothing new or important to say. The mere fact that they are homos makes their banal talk somehow significant and meaningful. Indeed, one of the reasons why so many Conservatives latched onto the repulsive Milo Yiannopoulos was because he’s a homo. That fact alone was supposed to shield him from charges against some of the politically incorrect things he said. Also, since his fans adored an interracial Jewish homo, they couldn't possibly be 'racist', 'homophobic', or 'antisemitic', the three cardinal sins(more like 'canardial' sins) of the Current Year.
And the Glob reacted to the Milo phenomenon so violently because it wanted to own the holy homo banner for itself. The idea that Holy Homo-ness(especially a Jewish one that interracially takes only Negro dongs) might bestow blessings upon the Right was deeply triggering to the so-called ‘new left’. And this is also why so many Proggies reacted with panic to Kanye West’s admiration for Trump. Negroes are magical, and that magic is supposed to remain only with the Progs.

Most peoples are just plain folks in the West. Only a few have taken on the totemic aura of holiness. As Jews gained control over the media, they bestowed special blessings on themselves and the Negroes and later on the Homos. Just like wars aren’t only about material interests or ideological justifications but about symbols and sacraments, political discourse works the same way.
Battle Flags and the Power of Symbols
Perhaps, association with sacred icons is as important(or even more so) than a sound argument backed by facts. Among communists, who owned the Red Symbol mattered more than who read and could quote from DAS KAPITAL. In Red China, having Mao on your side was more crucial than making good Marxist-Leninist arguments. As the cult-of-personality made Mao godlike, his mere aura was enough to settle debates and decide right-and-wrong. Among Christians throughout European history, what often mattered more than purity of faith or religious knowledge was the official blessings of the Church. Church could be wrong(and go against the teachings of Jesus) but, as the House of God with all the holy icons, it had symbolic authority over those with sounder spiritual principles and/or goodness of heart.
It is no different in our time. Certain peoples have been bestowed with holy magic, and that means having them on your side counts for more than making better arguments. As blacks have been fixed as the Tragic Slavery People and MLK-folks(as well as sports-and-dance folks), having blacks on your side means your side has more sacred pokemon points.
And, ever wonder why American Conservatives are so eager to suck up to Jews? Jews have been installed on the altar as the Holy Holocaust People, and that means being associated with Jews counts for more than having good arguments on your side. And it doesn’t matter what foul things Jews do around the world because their Holy Holocaust-ness keeps them dry of guilt or blame. So, even if Jews loot the Russian economy, wage Wars for Israel, or keep killing Palestinians, they continue to have the aura as the Holy Holocaust people. And that means it’s a great advantage for your camp to have Jews on your side.

Of course, Jews know how this game is played, squeeze it for all it's worth, and manipulate & profiteer from all sides. "You want OUR holy blessings? You want us to declare your kind as kosher-friendly? Then, do this, this, and this for us and KISS MY ASS!" And as Jews made Homomania into the New-Satanic-christianity, homos have created a cottage industry on providing quasi-spiritual dispensations to any side willing to fork over the bucks. Are you a dirty capitalist accused of greed? Are you a warmongering imperialist who aided and abetted in the destruction of the world? Not to worry. Just wave the Holy Homo ‘rainbow’ flag and say you adore holy homos. That way, whatever you do will have been polished clean with Holy Homo Pledge. I mean, how awful can you possibly be when you've been magic-sprinkled with the holy homo wand?
It’s the most lucrative kind of racket there is. Once a people are shrouded with holy-schmoly aura, they can make serious money just by BEING than DOING. Of course, most people belonging to the Holy Group get little from the totemic aura. The majority of blacks get nothing from the Magic Negro cult. But for those who control the cottage industry of Sacred-Identity, serious gains are to be had. Just ask Oprah and Obama whose successes far outpaced their talents. And think of the serious money made by the MLK-family by marketing the iconography and sermons. It is like a collective-celebrity. When a person becomes SOMEBODY, he becomes larger-than-himself. And even though he has NOTHING to do with anything outside his field of expertise, his association with a certain product is supposed to make it special. So, a certain pair of shoes, shampoo, perfume, car, or whiskey is supposed to be extra-special because it’s been ‘blessed’ by someone with the magic of celebrity. In his decline and exile, the only thing Orson Welles had left was his legendary status, and he sold wine with it. (Maybe it would have been better for him to go into the wine business like Francis Ford Coppola.)

Be that as it may, could it be that nations like Sweden are suffering from something other than the impact of globalism pushed by the Empire of Judea? Could it be that too much peace, prosperity, order, and harmony has robbed Swedish and other Scandinavians of something that is vital to life? A sense of struggle, a sense of crisis? Even as we understandably fear struggle and abhor crisis, there’s a part of us that craves for eventfulness. Why are even law-abiding people in orderly and peaceful nations drawn to violent sports? Why do they love to watch movies about crime, war, disasters, and tragedies that are all about conflict? Why do they scour the news for eventfulness around the world? Because that stuff makes them feel alive. In MOTHMAN PROPHECIES, why is the character of Gordon(Will Patton), a blue-collar worker, so thrilled by the fact that he communes with some mysterious entity(even though the messages are about disasters and destruction)? Why is the character of Roy(Richard Dreyfus) in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND so obsessed with the strange phenomenon that disrupts his run-of-the-mill suburban life? Why does Cary Grant’s character in NORTH BY NORTHWEST — the Hitchcock movie that may have an influence on Spielberg’s sci-fi epic — get sucked into a Cold War intrigue deeper and deeper? Why does everyone in REAR WINDOW become so immersed in what-really-may-have-happened across the yard?
It’s because, even as we find comfort in stability and routine, there is a side of us that craves the vitality of crisis. While too much crisis can be harrowing(like with the men in THE DELIVERANCE), too much stability and order can make us bored and neurotic(like with the apathetics in ZARDOZ). It’s like, we don’t want too much noise but too much quiet is disquieting. You’d think a room that is totally silent would offer peace and quiet, but most people in such a setting tend to feel strangely disoriented and ‘off’.

In a state of total silence, people begin to hear their own inner-hum-and-buzz. They become overly self-conscious and ‘claustrophobic’. While too much noise is disruptive, aggravating, and even unbearable, too much quietude feels lonely and desolate. So, we want just enough sound at most times to make us feel engaged and involved in the world.

In the past, prior to Nordic nations’ rise to near-universal well-being and general prosperity, there was little time for most people to worry about problems stemming from ‘too much’ of anything. Most people didn’t have ‘too much’, and their minds and stomachs were fixed on work and having enough to get by. But once the Scandinavian nations became wealthy and furthermore instituted socio-economic reforms to provide everyone with essentials of solid middle class life, many people began to feel an excess of order and ‘quietude’. Life was nice, but it didn’t feel alive because everything ran smoothly on a hum. Also, the general well-being of society meant less anxiety, and this was a good thing. But it also meant the loss of feeling alive. Less anxiety about survival eventually led to more anxiety over trifles. It’s like what happens when people return from war. On the one hand, they feel relieved to be safely back home. And yet, they feel less alive than in war when the violence, tensions, and fear made life feel more intense. When life can be taken away by a bullet or mortar, it feels alive. When one takes life for granted, it feels less alive. Consider the alienation felt by the returned soldiers in THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES.

If some people felt less alive and more apathetic due to ‘excessive’ order and well-being, others became obsessed with the minutest problems of society. As more obsessive personalities seek to gain control and power over others, nations like Sweden got taken over by micro-sensitive fussbudgets.
This was bound to be a problem especially among the Nordic-Germanic peoples due to their earnest and conscientious ‘national character’ developed under strict Protestantism & spartan social mores and gene-selected in cold climate for cooperative and trusting traits. As such, even when these people could rest and take it easy, they couldn’t. Their national character wouldn't allow it. Sure, Nordic nations became famous for looser sexual mores — I AM CURIOUS YELLOW, a quasi-porny Swedish Art Film made the rounds in the 1960s — , and Dutch-Germanic Holland became famous for its tolerant drug laws and the like. But even as those nations became culturally looser and socially more libertine, the basic commitment to social or moral progress never went away.

But how could there be more progress when their nations were so nice and there was no want? When there are no more big problems but the desire to fix problems still remains, then society must either invent problems, magnify micro-problems into macro-ones, or go into moral-imperialist/supremacist mode and try to save the rest of the world. All three developments hit Sweden and neighboring nations. Some new problems(mostly bogus or delusional) were cooked up by feminists and homos. So, there were never-ending bitching about how there needs to be more women in this, more women in that, even when it went against human nature and social good. And then, homos-trannies-and-gender-theorists cooked up nonsense about pronouns, washrooms, and etc. (It's no wonder that proggies love gender theory. They can go for endless gender-splitting theorizing and gripe about new injustices based on newly discovered 'genders'.) Granted, this silliness was happening all over the Western World, but the Nordic nations took them especially to heart because they were starved of problems to fix. And then, the tiniest and most insignificant problems were blown up and treated like they were matters of national importance. Also, Swedish history was revised to make the Swedes feel just as guilty as the Germans. After all, didn’t Sweden trade with Germany during the war? Didn’t some Swedish Social Democrats share certain ideas with National Socialists? Why didn’t Sweden join the war against Germany? Why didn’t Sweden do something more for the Jews? Gee, maybe Swedes were closet-Nazis and also must atone for WWII. Besides, why should Germans hog all the guilt? Indeed, what does the woman in PERSONA do? She won’t talk and won’t return to work. But she stares at a photo of some Jewish kids being rounded up in WWII.

In post-Christian Scandinavia, the people wanted something, anything, to fill their lives with quasi-spiritual meaning, with themes of guilt and redemption. And finally, there was the idea that Sweden should be a Moral Superpower and try to save the world by sending more aid to Africa(in proportional terms) than any other nation and welcome the poorest people around to world to Sweden. Maybe the Magic Dirt and Magic Heart of goody-good Swedes will melt the hearts of the newcomers and turn them into good little New Swedes. Swedes will save brown bodies, and in turn, brown bodies will save/redeem Swedish souls. (In the US, Liberal Wasps think the same way. They, as the cold and soulless race, must save black bodies, and blacks, as the warm and radiant race, may save the white soul.) In turn, maybe the Swedes will be blessed with the sound-and-color wonders of Diversity. Also, the looks of darker faces, sounds of different tongues, and smells of different cuisines just might stimulate and enliven Swedish people who’d become too bored with themselves with all their prosperity and materialism(and dull food).

Also, there was the paradox of a people ending up with no culture due to the excess of cultural experience. With expansion of mass education, rising college attendance, easier availability of books, and universalization of electronic gadgets and media, most Europeans could gain access to the full breadth of human knowledge, arts, and sciences. In other words, postwar Europeans had more arts, letters, & culture at their disposal than any previous generation. They even had access to arts and culture from far-flung worlds. There were African Arts exhibits, movies from Japan and India, and music from Brazil. Because Europeans, as modern individuals, could sample and enjoy all these cultural outputs, they felt less and less as belonging to a specific rooted culture. They began to feel they were ABOVE culture. They no longer belonged to a culture or stemmed from one in an essentialist sense. Rather, they were just individuals, consumers, and seekers who could choose culture from a vast array of possibilities. If culture chose their forbears who were born into a fixed tradition and community, they chose the culture of their liking. If they chose to favor a foreign culture while ignoring their own, that too was an option. (But didn't public education nevertheless instill everyone with a common culture and shared sense of history? Yes, but then Multi-Culturalism happened, and then, schooling in each European nation no longer favored national identity, lore, and history; instead, education instilled kids with the idea that ethnic identity is 'reactionary' & 'racist' and that every European nation belongs to All the World than to the historic folk of the nation. When that seemed like too much of a stretch, the globalists decided to rewrite history and argue that European nations were always 'nations of immigrants' and even make historical movies and TV shows with non-whites, especially blacks, as national heroes and legendary figures.)
Of course, even prior to the rise of late modernity, there had been much cultural exchange among civilizations. After all, Greek and Roman cultural influences impacted and transformed all of Europe(and beyond) long before the rise of Modernity. Still, by modern standards, the means of communication and commerce(and discovery and conquest) were slow and gradual. Also, only a few members of the elites could devote their lives to arts & culture as an intellectual or creative endeavor. For most people, culture meant folk tradition, local community, church, family lore & affairs, and daily rituals of life. So, most people remained immersed in their own culture-of-customs-and-community. They may have been illiterate or semi-literate(and didn’t have much reading material even if they were fully literate), but they were born into, surrounded(or imprisoned) by, and nurtured by a specific culture that everyone in the community shared in and understood as a set of customs, mores, rites, and traditions.

But with the rise of Modernity and expanding materialism, more and more people became educated and ‘emancipated’ from tradition. Also, industrialization meant that so many people with ancestral roots on farms became urbanized and lost connection to local communities. And in city life they could find alienation or liberation, or bit of both. And due to increased mobility, multiple changes in profession & residence, and travel to other cities(and even nations), people began to feel less and less like they were of a Culture than free modern individuals who can sample, find, and favor their own preferred (sub)culture(s). It’s like most people once grew up in local communities with its folk songs. Everyone in that community knew those songs that felt as intrinsic to them as the air they breathed. It was not a matter of individual choice but of customs, tradition, and shared reference. Some of these songs(or folk tales) could have had origins in another community or even another civilization, but through repetition and revision, the local community came to think of them as their own. But with the rise of Modernity, especially in a massive nation like the US where everyone began anew and moved frequently from place to place(with their roots severed from the Old World), fewer people experienced the culture of the rooted local community. (Jews may be the exception as their rituals remained intensely tribal and combined Talmudic texts with songs. Amish have such a culture but are insignificant as a power. Mormons have created a cultural mindset that is somewhere between Jews and Amish, but their culture is too fake to last long.)
But even in Europe, urbanization took its toll on local communities and the sense of shared and rooted culture. As urban cultures change far more rapidly(and as nearly all big cities take their cues from few dominant ones like New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, and etc.), people increasingly lost a sense of cultural roots, continuity, and belonging. Instead, culture became a matter of the latest fashions & fads, trends, and events in the arts scene, entertainment, and ‘life-style’(and night life). To modern people, the Old Idea of Culture seemed like a ball-and-chain around one’s ankle. The New Idea of Culture was the newspaper or magazine in one’s hand informing the reader of all the arts-and-entertainment(and food and fun) taking place that weekend in the city(or college town). This was all fun and entertaining. After all, culture was now a matter-of-choice. So, most young people nowadays grow up knowing nothing of the folk songs and folk lore of their ethnic kin. They may find out about that stuff as a matter of individual choice, but if they choose to spend all their time listening to pop music, THAT is their culture-of-choice. Many Swedes today know very little about Swedish history, culture, literature, or arts. Many of them know more about Hollywood movies, Homomania, or Afro-pop.

Perhaps, Europeans would have been better-adjusted to their local/national cultures in late modernity IF it hadn’t been for the rise and spread of Americanism, especially via Hollywood, TV, and media. Because the American Way became The Global Norm in the minds of so many people all over the world, Europeans increasingly felt that they were lacking something because their nations didn’t resemble America of Hollywood and Media. They didn’t have enough blacks and Diversity. They didn’t have enough fast food joints, youth culture, and materialism. When people watch Hollywood movies, they don’t just enjoy entertainment but spend hours on end immersed in The Way beamed all over the world as the Global Standard. Just like New York Times makes the people of New Hampshire feel that their state is ‘too white’ and not-diverse-enough, Hollywood and Jew-run US media made Europeans feel like there was something wrong or deficient about their nations because their too-whiteness went against the grain of Diversity(especially involving blacks) promoted in Hollywood movies and News stories. As Jew-run Hollywood America and Jew-run media/academia became the World Standard of the Ideal Image, Ideology, and Information, other nations felt the pressure to make their own societies more like what is propounded by Hollywood and Harvard. This can be funny at times, what with the Wall Street Journal complaining that there is something wrong with Japan because it doesn’t have enough crime to make things more vibrantly engaging for the police and legal system.

To be sure, in some ways, Europeans have long despised the US as too violent, crime-ridden, chaotic, vulgar, materialistic, and individualistic. And yet, the US was also the place where something exciting was always happening. The US was a strange mix of success and failure that made it endlessly fascinating. After all, Latin American nations have had plenty of criminality, violence, greed, and corruption. And yet, they hardly appeared on the cultural radar(except in the 1960s & 1970s as the hotbed of Marxist insurgency against the US). Nations that are only about failure are depressing. As for nations that are mostly about success and social order, they seem a bit boring. Too uneventful and lacking in drama. Who cares about what happens in Denmark or Finland?
It's the society that is full of success and failure that most fascinates people, and the US is that kind of society. NY, Los Angeles, and Chicago were known for their ethnic tensions, widespread gangsterism, race problems with blacks, and massive amounts of corruption. But unlike Latin American cities, they were also great success stories in commerce, development, and/or culture. There was something of Charles Foster Kane and Harry Lime about America. Outrageous and outlandish, self-destructive and nihilistic, but also endlessly creative, enterprising, resourceful, productive, and visionary. It’s like what Harry Limes says of Italy in contrast to Switzerland of the Cuckoo Clock in THE THIRD MAN. Florence of the Renaissance was fascinating because it was such a heady mix of the good, the bad, and the ugly. It was corrupt, violent, and even tyrannical, but it was also the center of immense wealth and tensions that patronized some of the greatest artists and thinkers ever. Thinkers need quiet but draw inspiration from chaos.

Just as we both hate and love Harry Lime(and the woman does too even though she is told of his betrayal of her), Europeans both hated and loved the US. As years passed, Europeans couldn’t resist the American Way as the Template for all the world. However, Europeans were resolved to turn the EU into a Better America. America had the wonders of Diversity, blacks, Jewish Power, innovation, and lotsa fun, BUT it was hampered by the legacy of ‘slavery’ and ‘racism’, and it wasn’t intellectually serious because people watched TV than read books. Also, Jews in America were seen as overly cocky, arrogant, and materialistic, corrupted by excessive American materialism. In contrast, as Europeans would treat blacks with love and affection, Africans in Europe would surely turn out much nicer than American blacks. Also, as Europeans took their history more seriously and read more books than Americans did, Jews in Europe would be more thoughtful and philosophical about things. And as Europeans are more intellectual, they wouldn’t just wallow in popular culture but use it as the base for new possibilities, like the French New Wave did with American Film influences. Or so the Europeans kidded themselves. What they really ended up with are crazy and violent blacks from Africa who come to Europe to emulate American rap gangster culture. And over time, European youths became just as uninterested in books and Big Ideas as their American counterparts. And European Jews turned out to be just as crass and nasty as Jews in the US. No matter how many times Europeans publicly atoned for WWII and no matter how many Shoah monuments were erected, the Jewish attitude toward Europeans was ‘suck my dick’. In the end, the Harry Limes(or Limowiczs) of the world got the last laugh.

Anyway, just like someone who is deprived of iron and protein(found in red meat especially) craves for those nutrients or their substitutes in some form or the other, it could be that Nordics are suffering from Crisis Deficiency. While too much of anything is bad — too much red meat, protein, and iron is bad too — , their lack is also debilitating. Too much crisis is bad, but without some sense of crisis, people don’t feel alive. Being alive isn't the same as feeling alive. It's like animals in a zoo are safe but often don't feel alive because of lack of stimuli and urgency. In a world of excessive stability, we feel like firemen who never have to put out fires. (In the world of FAHRENHEIT 451, there are no more fires because all houses are fireproof. So, instead of firemen using water to put out fires, they use flames to fight the fire of knowledge.) Sweden and other Scandinavian nations became overly peaceful and idyllic. It was as if they became ‘fire-proof’. Their firemen sat idle with hardly anything to do. Their soldiers didn’t fight wars. Their police hardly had much crime to deal with(and Swedish crime fiction writers got bored and cooked up Neo-Nazi conspiracies to feign a sense of Crisis). It was nice and tidy but ‘boring’ and ‘tedious’.

Meanwhile, Hollywood and global media showed all the exciting things happening in the US with its blacks and Diversity. But, the US has lots of problems too. So, what if Europeans were to take in lots of blacks & Diversity but ‘do it right’? Welcome blacks and Diversity with open arms instead of acting like American bigots and ‘racists’? Then, European nations could have the best of both worlds: The Excitement of America BUT without the problems of America with all its poverty, inequality, and crime. Europe would have a Good kind of Crisis(of Vibrancy) than the Bad kind of Crisis(of Violence) in the US. Of course, Diversity might lead to disagreements and tensions, but they would add to the sense of life and struggle, and that would be fun. It would make Europeans feel alive again as they would have to make an effort to change their nations and make them more welcoming to newcomers. Europeans would be part of a Grand Project once again. The Grand Project of Imperialism was long gone, with the final nails hammered soon after WWII. And then, there was the Grand Project of Atonement for WWII, especially in regards to Jews and Shoah. And then, there was the Grand Project of sticking together against the USSR in the Cold War. And then, there was the Grand Project of European Union. All those Grand Projects gave some meaning to Europeans. But Cold War is over. EU was achieved.
So, what is there to make Europeans feel alive? It is now Diversity, Afromania, and Mass-Immigration, the Creation of New Europe. It may lead to Europeans becoming minorities in their own homelands, BUT they can tell themselves that the newcomers are New Europeans, so Europe will always belong to Europeans, even if the invaders are Europeans-in-name-only. Also, think of the Jungle Fever for the women and cucky-wuckery for white men who are now convinced that the next great moral crusade is getting a Negro for James Bond. There is Homomania too, but it is now a global neo-‘spiritual’ project, no longer something that mainly Europeans can take pride in. (For awhile, Homomania was especially big in Europe because the Global Media gave the impression that the US is ruled by ultra-Christian-Zionist-bigots who beat up and murder homos and trannies. Since the US has been more powerful in economics, technology, and military, Europeans took pride in ‘moral superiority’ by embracing Homomania and the Cult of ‘Tolerance’. But, in truth, Homomania was the creation of vile and hideous Jewish globo-supremacists in the US. It was a proxy of Judeo-American hegemony. Europeans were suckers to have fallen for it.)

Every people need some sense of Crisis to feel alive. Without any sense of Crisis, people turn slack, sappy, and sallow. It’s like a person who never exercises ends up flabby and lifeless. Indeed, one of the appeals of PC is its Crisis-inducement-mechanism. By creating the impression that ‘nazis’ and ‘white supremacists’ are all over the place, it gives meaning to the otherwise silly lives of progs and other ninnies. Also, the concepts of ‘micro-aggressions’ and ‘triggering’ make young college students feel ALIVE as noble victims of endless slights and injustices. PC lends urgency to their lives as survivors of tyranny and warriors & crusaders for ‘social justice’.

Also, if illegal invaders are called ‘dreamers’, then the mere fact of removing such people from the US becomes NAZI Terror, and something has to be DONE about it. In this way, PCs’ Crisis Factor turns everyone into Crisis Actor. It is a game of ALWAYS CRY WOLF(or NAZI). It’s an endless ritual of screaming ‘fire’ in a crowded theater. And they now have the same thing in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand.
Now, many people may oppose PC’s cooked-up hysteria or see it for what it is, but the problem is the ELITES of all those nations have been indoctrinated and trained in globalist institutions. They get all their news from a handful of globalist media, mostly owned by Jews. And as elites, what matters most to them is status than the truth. So, if they must believe and say certain things in order to be admitted into the Elite Club and rub shoulders with the ‘better kind of people’, they will do so. Whether it’s Paul Ryan, Theresa May, Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau(an extreme case), or Emmanuel Macron, what matters MOST is belonging to the Club. And this is why the Art of Crisis is misapplied in the West(and parts of the world that have come under Judeo-Western PC influence). Imagine if someone is on fire, but instead of calling for water, they call for gasoline. Imagine if a town is under threat of being flooded, but instead of calling for sandbags, they call for pickaxes to smash the levees with.

The Politics of Crisis makes a people feel alive. It gives them meaning and a sense of purpose. Even without military wars, people like to feel they are at war with something. It’s part of our nature. So, there was war on cancer, war on drugs, war on poverty, war on ignorance, war on hate, war on just about everything people can cook up. This is why people love superhero stories that pit archetypal good vs archetypal evil. As awful as natural/nuclear disaster in Fukushima(Japan) was, it had a galvanizing effect on the nation. And dreadful as 9/11 was, it was the one time in recent US history when most people felt united as Americans. This is why WWII was so crucial to the American Narrative in the 20th century. It brought together the entire spectrum of Americans, left to right. The Left mainly wanted to enter the war to defeat Nazi Germany. And the Right wanted to bash them ‘Japs’. It was both a war against ‘racism’ and a war of ‘racism’. But war or no war, people want to be a part of something ‘bigger than themselves’. This is why John McCain has been so dependent on Jews who supplied him with The Meaning. McCain’s generation failed in Vietnam, so McCain wanted to feel like he was part of the Great Struggle against the Evil Enemies of Jews and Israel. Jews used him like a dog, but he saw himself as a White Knight defending the noble and vulnerable Jews from Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Russia. And Jews took over his mind so totally that McCain sees himself as defending the poor defenseless ‘dreamers’(illegal invaders) from ‘racist’ Trump-voting white Americans.
Obviously, we don’t want to live in a world where we are chased by flesh-eating zombies(like in WWZ) or some mysterious space monster(like in CLOVERFIELD), but notice that the characters in such movies feel so alive and full of fighting spirit. They’ve regained the vitality of life. And what would Antifa morons be without the constant war-footing of ‘fighting Nazis and fascists’?

Now, the most sensible use of the Politics of Crisis is Nationalism. If a people want to feel alive, vital, meaningful, and purposeful, there is NOTHING nobler, saner, worthier, and more sensible than Nationalism that is about defense, preservation, and continuation of a people, culture, and history on a certain territory deep in attachment and association. A nation, over time, becomes the womb-and-tomb of a people. People are born on it, nurtured by it, and die & are buried in it. So, the main Crisis Theme of any nation should be defending, preserving, and maintaining the integrity of race, culture, symbolism, and narrative. This doesn’t have to become a nasty case of us-versus-them politics of endless vendettas and hostility. Nations around the world should bury the hatchet and try to maintain friendly ties and find ways of communication and commerce, even travel.

But it is a fact that people are organisms, and organisms are essentially invasive. Also, the poorer peoples of lower intelligence & higher aggression AND richer peoples of higher intelligence & higher ambition are especially dangerous. Barbarian Mongols invaded China, Persia, and Russia to plunder all they could. Germanic Barbarians are credited with the sacking and destruction of Rome. Huns were invasive barbarians on an epic scale. Nomadic Arabs raided higher civilizations and looted and pillaged. Not for nothing did the Chinese Civilization build a massive Great Wall to keep out the plundering and parasitic barbarians of the North.
But people of higher intelligence and great ambition also become super-predatory invaders. The Macedonians/Greeks, Romans, Persians, and Egyptians were great empire builders. Later, the Spanish, French, and Anglos became nearly unstoppable conquering forces around the world. Latin America was made by Spanish and Portuguese, and the US, Canada, and Australia were the products of Anglo conquests. Jews were not great warriors, but they piggy-backed on White ‘supremacist’ imperialism to spread their tentacles of financial, media, and intellectual power. In our time, the four most invasive forces in the world are (1) Jews (2) black Africans (3) Meso-Americans, and (4) Asian Indians(aka the ‘Dotkins’). Jews don’t have the numbers, but they control the elite institutions and biggest industries in the West, and they seek to gain top-down control of just about every nation around the world, directly or indirectly. (Of course, Jewish control of the US translates into indirect control of all the US puppets like Germany and Japan.) Jews are high-IQ invaders. Black Africans are low-IQ invaders but aggressive and wild. And they can smell the blood of cucked-out EU where the elites of UK, France, and Germany worship the Negro as the superior race. All these black invaders land on European shores and flex their muscles, swing their dongs, and holler, "Where da white women at?" And cucky-wuck white guys say, "You can do my wife or girlfriend, and please marry my daughter." Meso-Americans in Mexico and all of Central America want to break into the US as the gringo-land of plenty. Even as underclass folks in the US, they have it so much better than in their own nations where nothing happens but corruption and violence. Mesos already took over California and voted for Jewish power that says, "We hate gringos too", and they are poised to tip the electoral balance in Texas as well, in which case it is over for the GOP. Mesos aren’t as low-IQ as black African invaders, but they certainly aren’t smart like Jews. And then, there are the Asian-Indians, Hindu or Muslim(the same difference except the Hindu ones got dots on their heads). India has 1.3 billion people and the birthrate(despite recent declines) is still above replacement. This means India will do everything possible to send hundreds of millions of Indians to other nations to colonize. India ranges from super-high-IQ to Mexican-level IQ. Some regions have African-level IQ. So, the ‘Dotkin’ invasion will have features of both Jewish ambition-aggression and Meso migration-invasion. (White Americans once understood the danger of the invasive-instinct among human organisms, which is why they were very selective in their Immigration Policy. As the US was founded by Anglos, immigration favored Anglo-immigration and then of people racially and culturally closest to Anglos, such as Germans, Irish, and other Northern Europeans. And then, the Other Europeans were allowed in while non-whites were generally kept out. This is now derided as ‘supremacist’, but it was essentially preservationist and defensive. As whites had invaded and taken over America from the Indians, what they’d taken could be taken away by another people IF whites grew complacent, weak, or lacking in vigilance. Just about every people throughout history feared foreigners because, more often than not, foreigners were invaders and colonizers. Were the Chinese wrong to keep out foreigners? They knew all about the invasions from the North. Mongols once devastated China. And Chinese fears proved correct that Europeans did have invasive intentions. After the Opium Wars, the West began to carve up China. Granted, imperialism did spread new ideas and technologies. After all, it was the white conquest of the Americas that led to potatoes becoming a staple crop all over the world. And Western Imperialism spread modern science, medicine, technology, and etc. Even so, despite the blessings that may accompany imperialism, it is about invasion and domination.)

Given the invasive nature of human organisms, it seems that the sanest Crisis Theme for the West would be "Let’s stem the tides of invasion, let’s defend what we got, let’s remember who we are and where we came from, and let us pass down the torch of our identity and inheritance to our young ones so that they too will do the same when they are parents with children." Those are great themes: Sane, sensible, responsible, reverent, and meaningful because nothing is nobler(as well as substantive) for humans than to defend one’s people, culture, history, and territory. Such unite the ideal with the tangible, the real.
Indeed, those are the main Crisis Themes of Israel. Even though the founding of Israel is unfortunate as it came at the expense of Palestinian nationhood, Israeli Jews are right to fret most about external threats and do everything to defend and preserve what they value and prize as the sacred land of Jewish people, culture, history, and mythology. So, while Israel does business with the world, its core theme 24/7 all year round is "What must we do to secure this land as the eternal homeland of the Jews?" The theme is especially vital to Jews because they’d lost their homeland for close to 2000 yrs, and most of them thought they would never get it back. It was only with the lucky confluence of events in the 20th century and especially after WWII that Jews were able to re-secure that piece of territory as theirs. So, Jews appreciate the fortunate of having the Holy Land as their homeland. And they know that it was never a sure thing. Also, because Israel had been lost long ago and because it was regained 2,000 yrs later due to major historical events(much of them tragic), Jews don’t take Israel for granted. Israel pushes for higher birthrate among Jews, and many Jewish women comply because their main Crisis Theme is National Survival and Racial-Cultural Continunity. And this fills their lives with great meaning because Nationalism is the most basic, fundamental, essential, and organic of all Crisis Themes. It is about the things that matter most to people: Territory, Ethnicity, History, and Mythology. It is what defines and determines a people.
While it’s nice and ‘liberating’ for modern people to be individual-consumers who pick-and-choose what arts-and-culture to enjoy on any given Friday Night, it is the culture-of-belonging than the cultures-of-sampling that give the biggest meaning to one’s life. A Jew may enjoy a certain TV show, collect certain pop albums, frequent various ethnic restaurants, and appreciate bunch of movies from all over the world, but at the end, the only truly meaningful thing he can pass down to his children is the theme of ‘our people, our culture, our history, and our homeland’. Without such emphasis, Jews will lose it all too. Consider Enid in GHOST WORLD. She is endearing in a way, and one of my favorite movie characters. But her father, a deracinated Jew whose idea of goodness is bagel with grape jelly, raised her to be a confused, rootless, and aimless person who moves from diversion to diversion, as if life is just a pinball machine of momentary stimuli.

In the Current West under Jewish globalist hegemony, there is such a hysterical drive to make PC the default Crisis Themes because the truly meaningful and organic Crisis Themes are suppressed and vilified. In contrast, Hungary and Poland have nationalism as their main Crisis Themes, and the patriots feel good about it. And it’s a real natural kind of goodness that comes from the heart. After all, it is natural for a people to feel pride in identity. It’s natural for them to want to defend and keep their own land. It is natural for them to know their own history, such as Julius Caesar was NOT a Negro. It is natural for people in the Now to show respect for ancestors who are dead and buried but without whose deeds and sacrifices the nation wouldn’t exist in the Now. After all, even when Poland had been wiped off the map by Russia and Prussia, the vision of Poland still survived in the hearts and minds of Poles living under Occupation and Colonization. Even under Ottoman-Turkic rule, Greek people and culture survived because they clung to their identity & history and dreamed & longed for a day of liberation from foreign Turkic-Muslim rule. But as the West is ruled by Jews, the people are told that Hungary and Poland are like ‘nazis’ reveling in ‘far right’ politics. According to the Jew-run Narrative, any goy people who think and act like Jewish patriots in Israel are ‘nazi’ or ‘far-right’ nuts. Such people are supposedly ‘hysterical’ and ‘paranoid’ about their nations being overrun by Africans and Muslims. They must be crazy to fantasize such outlandish scenario. But, if one points to Paris, London, Malmo, and Brussels as cities that are being flooded with non-Europeans, the globalists then say, "Sure, that is happening, but it’s all for the good because Diversity-yabba-is-our-dabba-strength-doo." So, you’re ‘paranoid’ and ‘delusional’ if you fear that your nation will be overtaken by foreigners and your own people will be replaced in their own homeland, but if you point out demographic realities and trends in European nations that have recklessly welcomed mass-migration-invasion, then you are denounced as a ‘hater’ and ‘nazi’ because you won’t accept A.C.O.W.W(Afro-Colonization-of-White-Wombs), Mosques replacing Churches, black takeover of sports & destruction of white manhood, and endless PC to ban ‘hate speech’(which means any expression of Patriotism or Naming-the-Jew) as the most wonderful things in the world.

Now, it’s not organic or natural for a people to favor their own destruction & degeneration based on shame over their own survival & strength based on pride. People instinctively understand Crisis Footing that favors defense, self-preservation, and power. People instinctively recoil from Crisis Hysteria that favors defeat, self-denial, and weakness. If people go into crisis mode, it is usually to save their own kind, not to destroy it.
So, why are so many white people currently in the Crisis Mode of doing things to destroy their own race, culture, land, and history?
Among white elites, it’s the carrots-and-sticks factor. Many of these white elites know what is happening. They know it means the Twilight of the West, but they are richly rewarded for collaborating with Jewish hegemonists. People like Bill Clinton, Paul Ryan, Joe Biden, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Jerry Brown, and etc. are swimming in cash and prizes for having sided with Jews. Such weasels are the Scum of the Earth.
But what about the white hoi polloi progs who have no power, not much money, and don’t get anything out of globalism and Diversity? Why are they most worked up about ‘nazis’ and ‘far right hate’? Some are just stupid and believe whatever they are taught in schools and see in media. Others have been instilled with such shame and guilt over being white and having white ancestors that they believe it is their redemptive quasi-spiritual duty to identify with Color against White Evil. From cradle they were told, "whites = Nazis, slavery, hate, oppression, evil, and etc" and made to repeat mantras like "Diversity Is Our Strength" and baby-talk like "Incluusion is goood." They’ve been told that the slightest expression of white identity and interests is ‘white supremacist’ whereas even illegal invaders are ‘dreamers’. But it’s not all ‘guilt’ and ‘shame’. It’s also the Fever, especially in relation to blacks. White women got Jungle Fever, and white boys got Cuck Flu. Even among white Conservative Americans, the main rituals are college football and NFL, national pastimes where black sports-heroes kick white boys’ butts(or ban them from the field dominated by blacks) and afterward hump tons of white pooters. This what Rush Limbaugh gets most excited about. And, Rap has pretty much the same effect. So, due to PC ‘guilt’ and Pop Culture ‘fever’, so many whites soul-identify more as wanna-be-black than as white. This has gotten so out-of-hand that some Negro even made a movie called GET OUT. It’s not a movie about white rednecks who want to lynch blacks but white negro-lovers who want to take over black bodies. This is why blacks, along with Jews, pose the greatest threat to the white race. Jewish brains took over white brains, and black bodies will take over white bodies. In order for the white race to survive and regain its pride and meaning, it must resist Jewish globalist power and the threat posed by black bodies. That should be the main Crisis Themes of the West, but because Jews control the media, academia, and elite-collaborators, the message is the very opposite.

Whites are told that what they must be most passionate, panic-stricken, and worked-up about is there are white people who won’t cuck, refuse to swallow the ‘white guilt’ pill, refuse to celebrate ACOWW(or Afro-Colonization-of-White-Wombs) & white-boy-cucky-wuckery, and reject the idea that the West must welcome endless non-white immigration-invasion in the name of ‘Western Values’. You see, ‘Western Values’ are not about preserving the West from the Non-West. Oh no, it means conquering all the world with Jewish capital & Homomania while the West is to be flooded with countless ‘Afro-groids’, ‘Hindu-dotkins’, ‘yellow dogs’(who loyally suck up to Jews and Homos), and brown ‘beaners’ in the name of DIOS or Diversity-is-our-strength. I mean, what would Minnesota be without all those Somalis?
Of course, Jews know DIOS is all bull-cocky and bad for whites(who are to be turned into minorities in their own nations), BUT it means power and permanent domination by Jewish elites because they can use divide-and-conquer among the diverse goyim-as-cattle. Jews can make whites blame everything on Muslims and Mexicans while telling non-whites that ‘white supremacism’ is to blame for all their problems. And as Jews will promote Holocaustianity to every new generation, most goyim will grow up with the Jew Taboo and know that it won’t do to criticize Jews or Israel. As for those who do make hostile noises about Jews or Israel, they better change their tune as they rise up the hierarchy. It’s like many low-level Democratic politicians made some noises about Israel’s mistreatment of Palestinians but, upon rising higher in the ranks, became suddenly muted about Israel as they depended on Jewish donations and media coverage to win the big prize.

Anyway, people do need a sense of crisis in their lives. They have to live for something bigger than their individual selves and all-too-short existence on Earth. Surely, what connects you to your father and grandfather is not what you or they ate at some ethnic restaurant long ago. It’s the story of a people united by blood, culture, and history. Crisis Themes and Crisis Mode unify a people. They bring together strangers within the nation as fellow patriots, countrymen, and citizens who believe they have something priceless to defend. After all, to true patriots, their nation is more than real estate, the worth of which can be determined by dollars and cents. Identity, culture, history, and territory-as-sacred-homeland are priceless. They cannot be bought-and-sold, auctioned off, or traded on the stock-market.
Of course, Jews seek to commoditize all nations except Israel because, with their immense wealth, Jews can buy up entire swaths of the world IF everything were materialized and labeled with a price tag. Jews want all nations to be monetized. Jews will hustle you and lend you money knowing you won’t be able to pay back. And then, Jews will use their control over international institutions and the US military to make the nation hand over entire national assets to the Jews to compensate for the outstanding debt. Jews would never monetize Israel and put up parts of it for sale to other nations, but Jews urge all goy nations, especially white ones, to do just that. As white Australia has thus been commoditized and monetized, not just super-rich Jews but super-rich Hindus and Chinese have been buying up entire territories. Same in Canada, where so much of the national property is now in the hands of Jews, Chinese, and Hindus. Jews, Chinese, and Hindus exploit Anglo Rule of Law and Property Rights to gain advantage of cucked Wasps who have foolishly monetized everything and no longer subscribe to the notion that (1) there is a distinct Anglo race & culture and (2) some things are sacred and priceless to the distinct Anglo people. Jews have lobotomized and castrated the Anglos of such convictions. After all, if there is a distinct Anglo-ness, then Anglos might draw a line between themselves and outsiders, such as Jews. Also, if certain lands and properties are so sacred to Anglos(as a race and culture) that they mustn't be monetized and sold like private property, then Jews can't get their hands on them. Then, we can understand why Jews seek to deracinate Anglo-ness and convince Anglos that a black African is an 'Englishman' or some black guy should be 007.

Tragically, the main Crisis Theme among whites is not about waking up to take back and defend what their white ancestors founded and built but instead to knock down white monuments as ‘racist’, spit on white history as ‘hateful’, and welcome World Invasion as Redemption and Celebration because... ‘Diversity Is Our Strength’. Now, who said DIOS is true(and may even be a sacred value)? It's because Jews who control the media, academia, and whore politicians said so, that's why. And, that means anyone who disagrees is a ‘nazi’ or ‘white supremacist’. We live in stupid times indeed.

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