Monday, August 27, 2018

Intersectionality of Wanting Entry into Anglocratic Nations

Especially the image of the Zionist and Arab Muslim arm-in-arm kills me.

So, what do Jews and Palestinians have in common? Nothing... except for wanting to have free access to Anglocratic nations, especially the US.

Surely, Palestinians hate the US for having abetted the creation of Israel possible and funneling billions to Israel every year. But Palestinians are organisms, and organisms seek comfort and well-being, and what better place than America or some other Anglocratic state for immigration destination? They crave entry into the US more than recovery of Palestine itself. Good life uber alles. Comfort-Supremacism.

So, that is the only intersectionality that REALLY matters between Jews/Zionists and Arabs/Palestinians... and among all other non-white groups. They all want access to Anglocratic states. They have NOTHING ELSE in common despite their mouthy sloganeering. All these bogus terms like 'inclusion' and 'tolerance' are ruses and obfuscations. After all, if such 'universal values' are for all the world, how come Jews and Muslims don't push such them on Africa and most of the Third World? Because they don't want to go there to live, that's why. It doesn't matter if black Africa is tolerant/inclusive or not because no people want to move there, at least permanently. (Chinese and Hindus go there for investment to dig out natural resources.)

Now, if all non-whites want access to Anglocratic nations, why is there such hostility against whitey? Why do they hate what they want(and love) most?
It's like the Jilted-Lover Syndrome. If some guy asks a girl out for prom because he's smitten with her, he might fume and seethe with rage if she says No. So, he ends up hating what he loves most.
It's like something that happened in high school. There was some Jewish kid who asked this really gorgeous Jewish girl out for the prom, and she said NO, and he, in typical neurotic Jewish way, was bitching all over the school about her refusal. It's like she did him(and the world) great injustice by refusing him.

So, paradoxically, this hate/hostility on the part of non-whites is really to gain access to white nations(esp Anglosphere), or what they love most. With such antsy hostility and accusations of 'racism', 'white guilt', 'intolerance', and 'exclusion', they are trying to make white nations cave to their demands and put out. And PC is just a Jewish & non-white date-rape drug used on Ms Liberty. In Europe, this rape thing is getting too real in Sweden and other places.

When a person asks someone out on a date or makes a proposal for marriage, the asked has advantage over the 'asker'. Asker makes a request, and the asked can agree or disagree, and that's that. So, the asked has the upper hand... as these people find out.

If the 'asker' plays by the rules, he will accept the answer NO and gracefully walk away.
But what if the 'asker' really really really wants it? Suppose he meant it as "an offer you can't refuse". Well, there is the mafia way, like in THE GODFATHER. Look what happened to Woltz's horse and Moe Green's eye. That works well enough in the criminal world, but it won't wash in the realm of public opinion.
In legal society, the NO to "an offer you can't refuse" -- AOYCR -- must be de-legitimized, impugned, reviled, mocked, condemned, and cursed.
In other words, anyone who says NO to AOYCR is publicly humiliated and shamed as a wicked person. It's like the issue of interracism. Suppose some white woman says that she personally would not go with anyone outside her race. (If a Jew or black said it, no problem, but rules are different for whites since non-whites want sex with whites. I mean who would care if indigenous Bolivian Indians or African Pygmies said they won't put out to other races?) She will be reviled as a 'racist' and 'hater' and 'nazi'. Or remember beauty contestant Carrie Prejean who said she will have to say NO to 'gay marriage'? She was attacked by all the media that even dug up dirt on her(mafia style) to de-legitimize her. They sent a message to all of America. If you say NO to homo AOYCR, you will get the Prejean Treatment.

So, Diversity is a forced marriage between Anglocratic nations and the Rest. If whites or Anglos say NO to Diversity-Invasion, they are hounded & denounced as wicked 'racists' who 'hate'. It's not perceived as a NO to a particular group for a particular reason but an affront to 'human rights' itself.
So, demographic imperialism(mostly into white nations that non-whites crave most) is promoted as a 'human right'. White nations must say YES to any bunch of non-whites who propose demographic marriage, and globalists operate as mafia-like matchmakers. (Global matchmaking operates like white slavery. It's like white slavers promise good jobs and money --- economic advantages --- to Eastern European and Slavic women who are duped and find themselves in bondage. Soon enough, the women discover they are forcibly matched with men and used as sex slaves. All this 'immigration' stuff is a lie. White nations are told that global mass-marriage will lead to fine workers and economic boom, but it's only leading to more rape, crime, and anti-white propaganda. Worse, whites who may well lose their homelands and inheritances.)

But then, the question... why do all these people want to move to Anglocratic nations? They say all races are equally talented and all cultures are equally worthy. Based on those premises, every nation should be able to become just as successful as Anglocratic ones. But the hard evidence says otherwise. So, they want to move to Anglocratic nations that they, deep down inside, see as superior in every way(because Anglos and whites do everything better). Many even want to marry and have kids with white folks(seen as superior in beauty and personality) than with their own kind. Some see their children's marriage with whites as a move up the racial ladder.
Now, to be able to do all that, non-whitse must gain a foothold into the Anglosphere. The problem is Anglosphere may say NO to their proposal of entry or demographic marriage. (US is more a Proposal Nation where whites are being forced into marriage with rest of the world.) So, all non-whites have 'intersectional' common interest of de-legitimizing a white NO as an answer. They want to make sure that White America has no choice but answer YES and only YES.
So, they go about acting like the jilted Jewish kid in high school. He asked the beautiful Jewish girl, and she said no. Okay, fine. Some girls say yes, some say no. Most guys accept it. But boy oh boy, did he get all hissy pissy and antsy-pantsy. He went around the entire school badmouthing her for having said NO to him. He said nasty things about her... until finally she broke down and cried under pressure from his defamation of her character. He made it seem like her rejection wasn't just a No to him personally but an insult to decency, goodness, wonderfulness, and love since, apparently, he was brimming with those qualities(even though he was a dork not unlike the kid in RUSHMORE). It was like Portnoy's Defamation.

Every nation has the right to say NO to other people's proposal for entry. But non-whites are so eager to enter white nations(esp Anglocratic and Germanocratic ones) that they won't take NO for an answer. And they learned from Jews how to wear down the defenses of the white refusal of marriage with Diversity. Universalize the issue. So, if whites say NO to immigration for a certain people, it's not just a No to them but a NO to 'tolerance', 'inclusion', 'what America is really about', 'western values', 'love', 'understanding', 'compassion', 'economic growth',as well as a YES to 'hate', 'xenophobia', 'racism', 'nazism', 'white supremacism', 'white privilege', and etc.

Maybe a fat ugly girl can use such trick on a guy. Suppose she asks a handsome guy on a date or wants to marry him, and he says NO. So, instead of just taking it as personal rejection, make it seem like he insulted and said NO to universal values of 'love', 'kindness', 'acceptance', 'family', 'home cooking', wedding, and etc. Universalize the issue.

Non-white world acts toward whites like the crazy woman in PLAY MISTY FOR ME. It's a kind of globo-fatal-attraction.

The whole Jewish meltdown over Russia is about crazed jealousy. What??? Jealous Jews are aghast!!! Donald Trump has the hots for Lady Russia? No!!! Captain America must play misty only for the Tribe.

Do Jews really like non-whites? No. But because Jews don't have the numbers themselves -- only 2% of US and less even in European nations -- , they rely on non-white allies to carry the demographic weight against whites.
Since non-whites serve as allies, they demand their turn with Ms America too, and Jews have to say Yes once a while. Nothing comes for free. It's like the Hammond brother in RIDE THE HIGH COUNTRY must share his bride with his brothers.

It's all very odd. We are told that one of the great things about modernity is freedom of choice and independence. So, unlike the bad ole days when men and women were 'forced' in marriage by parents or others who arranged such things, modern peoples & modern nations can be independent -- the right to separate yourself from others -- and make their own choice of whom to be with.
So, if a guy is matched with someone like Andrea Dworkin or if a girl is matched with someone like Chris Farley, he or she can be independent and say NO, whereas in the past he or she would have had to enter into a kind of 'forced marriage'.

In FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, we root for the girl to say NO to the old fat guy and go for the young revolutionary. Independence! Independence means the freedom to say NO and separate yourself from others. That's how America got started. It said NO to forced membership in the empire. Anti-imperialism after WWII was about third world peoples saying NO to white colonizers.

At 2:37

But now, we are told that an Entire People(especially whites in Anglocratic nations) must be pushed into forced-marriage with other Entire Peoples. So, Jewish-controlled NYT denounces Hungary and Poland for saying No to demographic-marriage with the Muslim World.
The behavior of the globalist elites isn't much different from Rotherham Rape Gang that facilitated a system of forcing whites into sex with non-whites.
And even the governments of Germany and others are pushing their own women to PUT OUT to foreign invaders.

And guess who wrote this:

As for proggy whites, they serve as heinous matchmakers who denounce patriotic independent-minded whites for saying NO to this forced-marriage between the West and the Non-West. And some sound like sufferers of Stockholm Syndrome.

Anyway, Non-white world is in love with the white world, but the white world may not be sufficiently in love with the non-white world that comes with stale flowers and a gruff proposal of marriage. Since all non-whites and Jews fear the reply of NO from the white world(best nations with best systems), they have this intersectionality thing going whereby they try to shame the White World for saying NO or NO MORE. So, even if Trump says NO to just a handful of Muslim nations, that is seen as an affront to 'universal values' and 'inclusion' and 'diversity'. Even though most non-whites are not Muslim, they fear that the NO to Muslims will eventually lead to NO to more of their own kind. So, despite the hostilities among Africans, Muslims, Zionists, Hindus, and Asians, what they all have in common is the desire to marry into White America or Anglosphere, and they fear the NO. It's fitting that the Progs are represented by 'pussy hats' since that is how non-whites see the US. They want penetration, and PC is the date drug. It's like Tony Montana wants entry into 'paradise' but turns it into a 'human rights' issue.

Non-whites are like ants who all get inside the white pants.

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