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Notes on Matthew Yglesias' Call for a Billion Americans via Mass Immigration-Invasion

For Steve Sailer's criticism of Matthew Yglesias' book One Billion Americans: The Case for Thinking Bigger, click the following link:

Billionaires for one billion Americans or a billion minions for billionaire oligarchs. It all depends on the perspective. To a cattle rancher, what matters is how many heads of cows, not how they fare in ever more crowded conditions. Does a pig farmer care about the well-being of his pigs? No, he doesn't care if they're crowded together and can hardly move as long as it means more profits for him. Same with chicken farmers. So, for billionaires, a 'billion Americans' just means more livestock. Matthew Yglesias is their scribe and spokesman, especially because many billionaires are Jewish and he is one too.
Yglesias’ main argument for adding 666,666,666 immigrants is that this would help us compete with populous China.
China's main advantage isn't population per se but relative homogeneity(as even non-Han Chinese are mostly East Asian). India has a population equal to China's but is deeply divided and ineffective. Why? Far greater diversity and caste mentality. US has increasing diversity and the rise of a caste-mentality due to both economic and ideological factors. Economics favor Jews, Asians, and elite whites, whereas ideology favors the consecration of blacks, many of whom are mired in socio-economic problems. Jews and homos enjoy both economic success and ideology-idolatry, whereas many whites do well economically but are vilified ideologically while many blacks, though placed on the pedestal, are stuck with the panhandle. China's capitalism encourages enterprise, and its communist legacy ensures some degree of 'national socialism' to sustain a sense of unity and equal justice. Still, this is easier to pull off in a nation that is more than 90% Han Chinese and nearly 97% Asian(of the yellow variety). If MORE PEOPLE is the formula for China's success, then India and Africa should be major players in the global power game. But India would probably do better with a population of around 500 million, and MORE PEOPLE in Africa have only led to desperate scramble for other parts of the world. For sure, the US has benefited from brain-drain immigration, taking in smart people from around the world; this is where China can't hope to compete with the US. It seems the best of the Greeks and Irish came to the US. Greece and Ireland now seem to be run and inhabited by second-raters. US has also taken in lots of smart Chinese and Hindus. Quality trumps quantity. No wonder Japan has a bigger economy than India or all of Africa. But the danger of new quality is it may take over as the new elites, and that is precisely what happened with Jews in America. If the US hadn't taken in Jews, most likely Christian Anglo/Germans would still be ruling the place. Now, why are Jews not threatened by New Quality? They correctly see Chinese and other East Asians as essentially weak in identity once separated from their homelands. They regard Hindus as more identity-oriented, but Asian-Indians are a divided lot. Also, Jewish Power relies on support of Whites and Christians who, for reasons of Holocaust Cult and Biblical Prophecy, feel okay with Jews. They don't feel the same for Chinese or Hindus. So-called White Guilt is almost entirely about Jews and blacks. Even American Indians don't much count(as their tragedy is a lesson in the dangers of mass-immigration-invasion, as with the case of the Palestinians). In a way, 'white guilt' is more a social and political construct than the product of white conscience or 'pathological altruism'. If indeed whites are more conscientious by nature, why aren't they ashamed of what they've done to the Palestinians and other Arabs/Muslims by their support of Zionism and Wars for Israel? Why aren't whites as guilt-ridden over American Indians as over blacks? It's because white minds are molded by academia and media to weep and atone for certain groups but not for others. If indeed white conscience was genuine, it would follow its own moral logic than be led by the nose by the Power. Anyway, Jewish elites figure East Asians are too mellow to challenge Jews. Hindus are too divided and distrusting of one another. Unlike Judaism that binds Jews together, Hinduism has always divided Indians along caste/color lines. As for the teeming masses of immigrants without elite prospects, they are just more serfs, peons, consumers, foot-soldiers for empire, cattle.
In short, Yglesias seems to imply, America must invite the world in order to invade the world. Just think of the possibilities! If we had two-thirds of a billion more immigrants, we could conscript a humongous army and militarily conquer the world…which would finally give us some place to dump all the teeming masses of immigrants.
I doubt he has such in mind. After all, most immigrants are coming for jobs and stuff, not to join the US military. As the military relies mostly on high-tech, manpower is far less important. Unless the US is planning to invade Russia or fight a long bloody war with China, manpower in the military isn't an issue. Besides, Americans have no stomach for wars with high casualties. Iraq War killed only a fraction of lives lost in the Vietnam War but upset a lot of people. As many Americans have few or just one child, they don't want them dead in combat. The only effective way to increase military personnel would be with the draft but no one wants it, especially the elites. Many elites, especially Jews, protested against the Vietnam War because they might be drafted and sent into steaming jungles infested with Viet Cong guerrillas. But once Richard Nixon ended the draft, the protests faded fast. The elites don't much care as long as they aren't the ones to end up in body bags. Americans are now are lured into the military with money and benefits, which has made the military far more expensive, but that also means the military cannot have too many people. As for INVADE THE WORLD, the plan is not for the US to invade the world but to steer the Third World to invade the First World with the exception of Israel. Jews have the mindset of 'nationalism for me, not for thee'. Jewish Power sees national unity of any gentile nation as an obstacle to Jewish penetration and influence. So, it seeks to increase Diversity in both Poland and Japan. Any kind of Diversity is okay as long as it allows Jewish Globalists and their minions to play divide-and-rule, especially by guilt-baiting the native majority with charges of 'racism' against the immigrant/migrant communities. And as the elites of Japan, Poland, and other nations are influenced by US media and academia, they go along with the suicidal nonsense. US leads, others follow. Look how Canada, UK, and Sweden all accepted their own form of 'Americanization' by reformulating their nations as those of 'immigrants'. So, Yglesias' plan isn't to make the US literally invade the world. Rather, it is for the US to serve as the role model for all other First World gentile nations to open up and invite diversity. That means, while Israel gets ever more Jewish, other First World Nations get more Diverse. So, the greater unity of Jews shall exploit the greater divisions among the goyim. Yglesias mentions China, but he thinks more like the British Imperialists in India. As a small minority-elite, the Brits often found Indian diversity useful in playing region against region, Islam against Hindus, caste against caste, that is until Gandhi and Jinnah, at least for awhile, banded together to oust the British.
Seriously, Yglesias argues, we couldn’t have won WWII or the Cold War without a big population.
If US already had a big enough population during WWII, why did it need more? Why does the US need a billion? Of course, 'big' is relative. China now has 1.3 billion, but its population was considered super-big when it was half that 50 yrs ago. Also, modern technology in agriculture has made it possible to feed many more people. Who would have thought India could sustain a population of 1.3 billion that is poised to take over China's(if it hasn't already). And some say African population will be in the billions in coming decades. Still, one crucial difference between US and China/India is the former developed as a Big Land for a growing population. There was bigness as empty space to be filled. Also, US population grew along with technological development that made life easier despite bigger numbers. In contrast, Chinese and Indian populations expanded in a Malthusian trap that wasn't solved or half-solved before the coming of modern technology to those parts. Mechanization of agriculture means that a nation doesn't need tons of laborers to produce food. Only 2% of US population works in agriculture. The value of More People to the modern world is as producers and consumers. But unless Yglesias and his ilk are willing to promote economic nationalism and bring back factory jobs(and slow down advancement in mechanization), more people will not mean more production. A lot of people who come to Europe just end up living on the dole. Still, don't More People have value as More Consumers? But More Consumers without More Production sounds like an economy based on More Debt. (If consumption is key, why not create robots that consume? Have robots to go some fast food joint and order burger and fries.)
Of course, mid-20th-century USA was far more unified, due to the immigration shutdown in the 1920s that wisely ruled that no interest groups would be allowed to use immigration to change the country’s ethnic balance. Hence, the political system was more cooperative and functional than today...
But in retrospect, maybe immigration-restriction wasn't such a good idea in the 1920s. As race was a factor in immigration, more immigration would have meant more White Immigrants. It would have made the US whiter. And as the immigrants came from different parts of Europe, their only hope of unity and assimilation was by learning English and adopting the Anglo-American model. Also, European emigration to the US might have alleviated economic conditions in Europe, thereby lessening the threats of both communism and fascism. In a way, a billion Americans isn't a totally terrible idea. Ideally, the US should have stopped at 250 million, if only for nature's sake. But US can easily accommodate a billion people as it has the best land in the world. If India, a nation 1/3 the size of the US, can hold 1.3 billion that is still growing, the US can hold a billion. The habitable space in Japan is only that of Indiana, but it has over 100 million people. There are still lots of empty spaces in the US. If US could have a billion people who are mostly white, it might be doable, even a worthy goal. But of course, a Billion Americans means 250 million whites being outnumbered by 750 million non-whites. It'd be like Afro-Latin-America on a super-scale. Now, Jews don't mind because they'd be rulers at the top. Also, as Jews were a tiny majority throughout US history, they have no majority-status to lose. Besides, Jewish Power has relied on money and pulling-the-strings, not electoral numbers. They buy off and control the politicians who are voted by the dummy masses. Now, if Jews were to identify strongly as whites, they might fret about losing their white majority to non-whites. But Jews primarily identify as Jews and regard whites as the Other, even the Enemy. Therefore, More Diversity among Goyim is regarded as Jews as good for their power.
Now Democrats envision using immigration to alter the racial balance to achieve perpetual one-party rule.
The problem isn't one-party rule per se. Japan pretty much had one-party rule since end of WWII. China has one-party rule, and it's nationalist. Putin's Russia is a semi-autocracy with one dominant party, but it looks out for Russian interests. The problem with one-party Democratic Rule in the US is it is essentially Judeo-centric than concerned with majority interests. But then, given the slavishness of the GOP to Jews and Israel, the US is already a two-party-as-one-party-state, at least when it comes to total obeisance to Jewish Power. Consider the spectacle of Jews calling Trump a Nazi but Trump going to hell and back for Jews. In a way, democracy is bad because it divides a populace and pits one group against another. White 'liberals' vs white 'conservatives'. Indeed, one-party groups have gained so much against two-party groups. Jews are a one-party group as most are Democrats. In contrast, whites are a two-party group as roughly one half votes GOP and the other half votes Democrat. In the past, the Irish in big cities gained big against Anglos because, unlike the divided Anglos, the Irish were mostly a one-party group whose power was centered around Democratic Machines. Blacks fail in so many areas, but their one-party mentality has led to great gains against the divided two-party whites. One-party groups are united, two-party groups are divided. The tragedy for whites in the US is they are the ONLY two-party group in America... and even the whiter party, the GOP, is usually making more noises about being good to Jews, blacks, browns, etc.
One obvious problem with this plan, however, is that all the immigrant ethnicities would then turn on each other in a struggle to control the capital of the world.
Not true. Most immigrant groups come with weak identities and just become globo-Americans. They hardly care about their nations of origin, cultural heritage, or ethnic loyalty. Black African immigrants soon become like rapping black Americans. Asians turn into globo-homo advocates and, if anything, berate their nations of origin for 'racism' and relative lack of diversity. They all support Zionism and give speeches at AIPAC. Also, non-white groups gain currency only with the support/sympathy of the white community. As Jewish Power has steered whites to care mainly about Jews, blacks, and homos, most other groups receive no special sympathy. Therefore, they realize they must join with the idolized-identities that matter. So, they become shills of AIPAC, wave the homo banner, or chant BLM slogans. Take Muslims. As most whites don't care for Islam or Arabs, many Arab-Americans feel their only chance of gaining favor is by displaying their globo-homo bona-fides. But as globo-homo is really a tool of Jewish Power, they unwittingly become dupes of Zion. Palestinian-Americans who wave both the Palestinian and Homo flags put themselves at a moral disadvantage because Israel is more pro-'gay' than Palestinians and Arabs are.
Why compete with the United State militarily if you can use your co-ethnic immigrants to simply subvert the USA from within (such as this week’s example of an immigrant NYPD officer arrested for spying for China on Tibetan exiles), especially if Washington were so foolish as to invite in two-thirds of a billion immigrants?
Except he didn't subvert US interests. Tibet has nothing to do with the US, that is UNLESS the US intends to interfere in Tibetan affairs. It is precisely because US interferes in Tibet(and other problem spots in China) that some Chinese in the US spy for China on the matter of Tibetans-in-American working with the US. There are Chinese spies who carry out corporate espionage or funnel secrets from the US government, but Chinese keeping an eye on Tibetans in US seems more like Chinese Politics by other means precisely because US interferes with Chinese affairs. Also, it is nothing compared to American Jews doing all they can to suppress BDS, Palestinian-American voices, and critics of Zion. Some Chinese NYPD spying on some Tibetans is kid-stuff compared to Jewish campaigns on college campuses, industries, and government to shut down any effective criticism of Zionism and Wars for Israel. So, if the big fear is about China or some foreign nation taking over and subverting American Interests, it has already happened under Jewish Rule. Perhaps, whites are still under the delusion that Jews are white and working for 'white interests'. Or maybe some whites regard Jews as Prodigal Whites who will finally return home and side with whites. This is like battered wife syndrome with no basis in fact.
Germany would have liked to do that using German immigrants in 1917, but the self-righteous WASP ruling class proactively crushed any German-American resistance with heavy-handed assimilation methods, such as banning Beethoven concerts.
It's too bad Germany failed to. US had no business interfering in WWI. It only ensured Germany's defeat and all the hell that followed. US intervention in WWI had nothing to do with American Interests but with Banker Interests and Jewish interests. Indeed, even UK had no business entering the war. Without Brits in the fight, Germany would have won within a year or two. But UK got involved and ultimately dragged the US into the war, turning a continental war into a World War that led to many more millions of white deaths. A strong anti-war movement by German-Americans might have kept the US out of the war. It would have been better for US and Europe, but US got dragged in. It's a shame that German-America caved under pressure to Anglo-America. US would have been better as an equal partnership of Anglos and Germans. Such a nation might have been a fairer broker between UK and Germany. But as German-Americans assimilated fully into Anglo-America, they became foot-soldiers of the Anglo/American Empire. Though the Anglo/American Narrative depicts Germans as militarist aggressors, the fact is World Conquest was spearheaded and dominated by Anglos, British and American. Germans fought WWI to secure its place in continental Europe, not to take over the world. In retrospect, Anglo paranoia about Germany proved disastrous. If Germany had been given a place in the sun alongside UK and France, so many disasters could have been avoided. An Anglo-German alliance would have been better for the West than the eventual Anglo-Zionist one. Of course, Anglo-German amity was impossible by Adolf Hitler came along, but there would have been no Hitler if UK and US hadn't intervened in WWI. Indeed, without UK and especially US intervention, it wouldn't have been a world war but just a continental one in Europe.
But these days the Chinese are slowly learning how to play the White Guilt card against America.
But when Asians play the 'white guilt' card, it's usually not about Asian victim-hood but Jewish, black, or some other victim-hood. Chinese know they are 'uncool' and disliked by whites(and other peoples), and so, they seek to gain 'woke' points with BLM slogans or 'taking the knee'. The history of Southeast Asia suggests that, even as Chinese know how to get rich, they aren't really into ideological or political domination. And despite so many Chinese having settled in Canada, they are mostly spineless imitators of white 'wokeness'. If anything, they adopt 'white guilt' as their own and imitate white 'virtue-signaling'. Perhaps, some immigrant Chinese feel loyalty to the motherland, but this isn't the case at all with most born outside China, especially with all the race-mixing. All this China-bashing seems so much like Russia-bashing, the product of an unwillingness to face the fact that Jewish Power has done most to subvert and destroy traditional Americanism and sensible patriotism. The 1619 Project and TV shows calling for Mitzvah murders of 'white supremacists' are the products of the Jewish Media and Imagination(that stokes of flames of black rage, not least to use the black-Jewish alliance card to cover up Jewish Segregation and 'Jim Crow' antics in the West Bank). Also, I don't see much in the way of the 'circular firing squad'. It's more like The-Good-the-Bad-and-the-Ugly style, with Blondie and Tuco understanding, wink wink, 'get Angel Eyes'. Now, there are problems between blacks and non-black POC, but blacks cause problems for everyone. There is some disagreement between browns and yellows on Affirmative Action, but as yellows tend to be rather sheepish and servile to prevailing ideology, their elites seem to be pro-diversity and pro-affirmative action. Asians are not supportive of Trump's noises about anti-Asian discrimination. Muslims and 'Latinos' don't seem hostile to one another. As for Jewish-Muslim tensions, it's hardly a thing because Muslims have little chance of making it to elite ranks. Also, the kind of Muslims who do gain prominence tend not to care about the Palestinian issue. Fareed Zakaria is only to happy to work with Zionists and cheer on the bombing of Syria. More immigration is the main issue for Muslim groups, and they will work with any group, even Jews, to secure more immigration. If all those Muslims in North Africa and Middle East have been so ineffective in working together on behalf of Palestinians, what hope is there for Muslim-Americans who come from all over the world?
Indeed, one reason for this summer’s mania over whites supposedly oppressing blacks is because blacks vaguely realize that the white man’s days are numbered due to immigration. Once the immigrants take over, nobody will take seriously anymore African-Americans’ sad stories about George Floyd, redlining, and Emmett Till.
Perhaps. I think black rage politics is more in competition with globo-homo, the designated celebratory item in June. True, not all blacks are enthused about immigration. Still, blacks, especially elite ones, care less about immigration because their power is invested in the Democratic Party and more immigrants mean more power to Democrats, and that means more power to blacks-who-matter. On some level, blacks know that they've become the sacred cows of the US due to Slavery Narrative, Jim Crow Narrative, Lynching Narrative, Civil Rights Narrative, MLK cult, and black prominence in sports and pop music. It's like blacks are lionized and celebrated all over Europe, even in Poland with few blacks. Anatoly Karlin says even Russian TV is filled with blacks. So, while most immigrants remain faceless masses and minions, blacks will dominate the celebrity of Americanism. That means an endless tug-of-war between whites and non-whites in laying claim to fealty to Noble Negro-hood. Why wouldn't that be possible? After all, just about all groups in the US are now into Globo-Homo as the new spiritual theme. So, when push comes to shove, blacks feel more empowered than emasculated by mass immigration. It will mean whites and other groups bidding for black blessing. If people used to bid for black slaves long ago, the new auctioneering is about bidding for blessings by black godhood.
The better part of One Billion Americans is about how to reverse the declining fertility of American citizens... The total fertility rate for American women was dropping even during the Trump Boom before the pandemic, down to a below replacement rate of 1.72 children per woman in 2018. And yet when asked how many children they’d like to have, women and men both average about 2.6.
Too many women in the workforce, and too many women with elite aspirations. After all, even nations with traditionally low or no immigration are cratering in child birth. Japan didn't have much immigration for decades but is so sterile that it has no choice but to take in immigrants. There is immigration to a nation with healthy fertility to bring down wages. That is bad stuff. But in the case of Japan, immigration is becoming necessary because birthrate is around 1 child per woman. And Russian birthrates are still far below what it should be. American women may want 2.6 kids, but of course, their expectations run pretty high, especially among the college graduates. This means MOST MEN are not good enough for them. And many men may have higher expectations for the women as well. If most women want successful men, most men want supportive women. But if more women take jobs from men, there are fewer successful men. Also, if women have been instilled with bitchy feminism and trashy slut mentality, they are far less likely to 'stand by your man'; even Tammy Wynette didn't stand by hers and went through D.I.V.O.R.C.E. Even without overt feminism, education and work for women are going to lower birthrates. While most women may want man and family, they would prefer to be single than be stuck with an inferior man and/or low-IQ children. Their attitude is the Moon or Bust. They want the Best or Nothing at all. Such attitudes are as common in Iran and Japan as in Germany and UK. Educated Iranian women are less likely to get married and have children. Many choose to be single and self-supporting. Many Japanese men are ashamed to work at 'dirty jobs', and Japanese women only want to find 'winners'. Unless society turns away from individualism and adopts a more organic function of life, nothing can be done about the problem of birth dearth in the developed world... that is unless future of mankind is Brave-New-World-like. Lab-created people.
Why does Yglesias want to make the U.S. three times as crowded, especially at a time of infectious pandemic, riots, urban looting, and wildfires? The most likely reason is that he doesn’t, really, but taking an extremist stance on immigration, calling for an order of magnitude more than the 52 million immigrants expected under Joe Biden’s plan, inoculates him from getting canceled...
No, he probably does really want it. He likes crowded America. He knows Covid is utter BS and just part of the coup to wreck Trump's economy. He figures more immigrants in cities will mean less rioting by blacks and Antifa ne'er-do-wells. Most immigrants groups don't indulge in rioting and looting, the expertise of blacks and Antifa thugs, the Janissary of Jewish Supremacists. And maybe more immigrants will lead to less forest fires as more forests will be cut down for building communities or for fuel.
As he admits on page 256, “I am not personally a nature lover or an outdoorsy person…”
He should know nature exists for its own good, not to serve us. I don't much care about the bottom of the ocean, but that doesn't mean it should be destroyed. I don't much care to visit the jungles, but rain-forests should be preserved. He's sounding like Woody Allen.

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Modern Mind became so like the Mind in the Middle Ages — The Blinding Effect of Pride & Ego on 'Progressives' who, driven by Idolatry than Ideology, utterly lack Self-Awareness

For all the talk of progress and advancement, it's like we are living in the Middle Ages or even the Dark Ages. So many people harbor superstitions based on mindless faith. But it's worse in a way because, at least in the Old-Old Days, people worshiped God and Jesus, not the cult of identity-idolatry. The great irony is that the so-called 'progressive' community believes itself to be most learned, most intellectual, most rational, most scientific, and most sophisticated, but they are the most stupid, ignorant, hysterical, paranoid, and enraged. Fashion-Play is their passion play. While atheist and anti-religious voices believe religion or spirituality itself is dangerous for clouding human minds with faith over facts, treating religion as religion and God as God is far less egregious and demented than treating ideas as idols and human groups as sacred. When ideas are turned into idols, they are more battle flags than issues for discussion. So, 'democracy' is invoked to justify US aggression and imperialism. Israel's crimes and atrocities are always justified on account of it being a 'democracy'. The cult of democracy also obfuscates the fact that democracies aren't governed by the will of the people(who, by the way, are mostly saps and sheep shaped by big media controlled by corporate monopolies or big education controlled by the power-hungry elites) but machinations of the rich and the well-connected. In democracies, people vote for puppets chosen by oligarchs. The Deep State, the most anti-democratic force in society, often invokes 'democracy' to defend all its dirty tricks. It works behind the scenes but pretends it's for transparency. It cooks up total nonsense like Russia Collusion Hoax in the name of defending democracy from tyranny and foreign interference(Russia, Russia, Russia) and pushes the Narrative, especially in total collusion with the so-called Free Press that is nothing but the property of super-rich oligarchs. And most journalists fall into two categories: Whores for hire who will say and do anything to climb the ladder or true-believing PC fanatics who swallowed whole hog the BS taught in schools. Ideally, knowledge should mean more reflection and consideration of facts. And true knowledge means NO TABOOS on what one can pursue or discuss. But US media and academia operate under a cloud of taboos. Many subjects are no-go zones, and it's difficult for someone to get funding for research into certain topics. And on the occasion they do, the System has created armies of red-alert guards, young PC idiots who scream, pull hair, and threaten with violence any academic who strays from the party line. And when the dissident academic is under assault, he or she gets no support from fellow academics, most of whom are craven cowards or true-believing dolts, and from the administration dominated by careerists who will say and do anything to steer clear of controversy. Because of existing taboos, true knowledge isn't possible. Instead, we must lend our ears to the approved 'official narrative' and dogma passed off as 'social science'. So much of it is rubbish but because it comes with the conceit of 'science' or 'evidence', suckers fall for it. It's like communism was dogma but sold as 'scientific materialism', which was sufficient for true believers to feel they had history, reason, and moral truth on their side.
True knowledge needs critical thinking, but ironically, Critical Theory waged war on the critical faculty. Perhaps, the original Critical Theorists were more free-thinking, but over the years, the second- and third-raters took the Idea and turned it into set of mantras and certitudes. If the original Critical Theorists sought new ways of thinking about Marxism(in combination with Freudianism), the latter-day kind have turned it into mindless worship of mostly homos & blacks and blaming everything on whites and 'patriarchy', whatever that means. Thus, Critical Theory dictates what one may or may not be critical about. One MUST BE critical of whites but one MUST NOT BE critical of Jews, blacks, homos, and whatever else happens to be in political fashion. This is obviously anti-critical, but Labels fool a lot of people. After all, it is called 'Critical Theory', so it must be critical. Likewise, sell indoctrination as 'education', and people think they are being educated for having their minds stuffed with PC mush. So much of media and academia is now about being 'woke', i.e. not to think critically about subjects such as race, sex, class, power, and etc. but to mindlessly and obediently soak up the correct narratives & dogmas on those subjects as sacrosanct. Don't think, don't question, just listen, obey, BELIEVE, and spout. And the fact that so many people do just that(and have done so through the ages) says so much about humanity. But then, the Power wants just that because a genuinely critical community may pry into its affairs and denounce the hypocrisies. Of course, the Power knows that one way to divert people's attention from abuses, failures, and betrayals of the System is to present itself as the lesser-of-two-evils. Just like many Conservatives put up with the feckless GOP as the lesser of two evils, so many so-called 'liberals' support the Democrats and the Deep State as the last bulwark against Literally Hitler Trump, the puppet of Putin the Putler. This way, Jewish Power can always get away with its abuses and corruption by presenting itself as the enemy of 'White Supremacism', the worst of all evils. Then, it's no wonder that so many progs who are disturbed by the Deep State and Zionist Imperialism just go along with the machinations of the Democratic Party as the best defense/offense against 'white supremacism'. But then, many who feel betrayed by the mostly worthless Donald Trump nevertheless stick with him because they see him as the last hope against globalism. Democracy is overlooking garbage on your side to cry foul on garbage on the other side. Never mind that both sides are controlled by Jewish Power. Of course, dictatorships and autocracies also do this. They justify their rule by presenting it as the only bulwark against the foreign enemy or some dark dangerous force. Jews have long complained that Anti-Semites used the bogeyman of the Evil Jew this way, but they are now busy using the same trick against the white race, Christians, Russians, Iranians, and the ever-morphing definition of whoever is 'terrorist'. One thing for sure, if you convince enough people that something is 'sacred', they will defend it with unthinking passion. Even the profane can be consecrated as 'sacred', as with the case of LGBTQXYZ Globo-Homo-mania. Indeed, there are so many white idiots whose very meaning of life revolves around the cult of the holy homo. So, any rejection of the 'gay' agenda is downright 'satanic' in their eyes. It's tantamount to 'heresy'. So much of PC 'wokeness' works this way. It's about emotions of rapture and hysteria, especially among white women who were brainwashed to reject what comes naturally: Love, Marriage, Family, Tribe, Nation. Without a family, race, and nation to devote their energies to, they latch onto the latest fashions of outrage and chest-thumping. Without a noble race-ist and heroic white elite to lead and guide the white race, the white masses come under the spell of Jewish-controlled media and academia. And whatever white elites that do exist serve their Jewish Masters than the White Masses. They figure serving the Jews is the best way to serve themselves. And if their cuckery to the Jews brings ruin upon the white race? They figure it's too late to save the white ship, and so, it's every whitey for himself or herself. So, AS LONG AS they and their close ones get the lifeboats, they don't care if the white ship sinks to the bottom of the ocean. What do the Bush family, the Clintons, or the Bidens care as long as their own ilk are well-taken care of? Shabbos goyim(or the shabbies) are the New Collaborators. And Jews and Shabbies convinced so many white people that their desire for independence and liberation from Jewish Supremacism is 'white supremacism'. In other words, the ONLY proper way for whites is to be stuck to Jewish Power and serve it and its proxies, mainly blacks and homos.
Then, it is no wonder that our times are so much like the Middle Ages or Dark Ages. For all the science, technology, availability of literature, and relative freedom that define the modern world, the truth is so many people, elites and masses, are as irrational, ignorant, stupid, superstitious, dogmatic, hysterical, and deranged as inquisitors and witch-hunters eons ago. In the Middle Ages, people blamed Satan or Devil for whatever went wrong. And it was common for people to be accused of harboring demonic spirits, practicing witchcraft, or being possessed by dark forces. Their fears were based on ignorance, and their proposed cures had no basis in fact. They didn't know any better as knowledge was hard to come by, and it would be several centuries before science and critical inquiry became the basis of a new worldview. Today, people mock and laugh at the Old Times. Or they feel appalled by the violence used by witch-hunters and mobs. People today feel glibly superior as they feel themselves to be educated, knowledgeable, and committed to truth based on facts and logic. But just look at recent events, and we might as well be living in the Modern Middle Ages or the 'Moddle Ages'. It's bad enough that nonsense like LGBTQ globo-homo & tranny business and BLM have no basis in facts and logic. What's truly amazing is that so many people believe in them with delirium and dementia bordering on religious fanaticism. (And the supposedly best-and-brightest and most educated Americans believed in Russia Collusion Hoax for nearly three years.) It's one thing to be wrong but quite another to embrace the wrong with absolute faith. THAT is what makes the current era much like the Middle Ages. The 'Moddle Ages' of the here-and-now demonstrate that even though mankind as advanced in so many directions, the human mind is essentially more-or-less the same as it was many centuries ago. It still longs for the sacred and holy. It still prefers passion over reason. It favors faith over facts. Indeed, it fears facts lest they interfere with the faith, something that lends meaning to their lives. While progs may sneer at religious dummies who believe in angels, they have no problem revering homos and blacks as real-life angels. How else can one make sense of the holy cult of Fentanyl Floyd? To be sure, Negroes are more likely to be regarded as angel-like and saint-like if killed by whites, especially cops, than by other Negroes. If something is made holy in conflict with the unholy, then blacks are made holy by contact with whites as the unholy. A black killed by another black is just a mundane fact. But as whites are unholy, their harm to a black person works as a magic charm to make the Negro glow with holiness; he becomes a Neglow.
Anyone who cares about facts knows BLM is based on nonsense. The fact is blacks kill blacks. Few blacks are by white cops. And most blacks killed by white cops asked for it by acting crazy or violent. All the evidence is out there for anyone who cares to know the truth. And yet, our 'Moddle Ages' prefer the holy hysteria about innocent, angelic, and saintly Negroes being hunted down by White Demons. People still chant, "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" even though a thoroughgoing investigation exonerated the white cop who shot the big thug Michael Brown who was no 'gentle giant'. How is this mass mania any different from the superstitions that prevailed in the Dark/Middle Ages? Indeed, it is worse and more dispiriting because, whereas folks in the Dark/Middle Ages were truly uneducated, ignorant, and often illiterate, modern folks have access to all kinds of news and information. We live in the Age of Universal Education and Universal Information. And yet, THAT is precisely the problem. While mass education and mass media can be most useful in disseminating knowledge & news and encouraging critical thinking, they can also be used to spread mass panic, mass hysteria, mass deception, mass paranoia, and mass dementia. It all depends on what kind of people controls media and academia. While all elites and ruling elements have been far from perfect through the ages, the Anglo elites had emphasized empiricism, restraint, and logic. Even when facts, ideas, and certain truths undermined their privileges and hold on power, they were willing to consider them through careful debate. In contrast, Jews are far more obsessive about their power and supremacism, and therefore, they are willing to use the media and academia in ANY WAY to maintain their grip. And if this entails destroying free speech, critical thinking, dissident culture, independent media, and logical/factual approach to the world, so be it. If 'gay' lunacy can be used to overturn normal morality and Christianity to the advantage of Jewish minority elite power, it is done. If the masses can be fooled with Russia Collusion Hoax, push the big lie. If the 'Trump Economy' can be destroyed by Covid Hysteria, why not? (Indeed, the mindless nonsense about the dangers of Covid ranks up there with panics in the Middle Ages.) And spread the word that ICE agents are demonic Neo-Nazi thugs while every illegal trespasser is a 'New Jew fleeing from Nazis'. (Applying logic, what does this mean? An illegal Mexican is running from fellow Mexicans who are 'nazis'? If Trump is 'nazi', what sense does it make for those seeking refuge from 'nazis' to come to US with Trump as president? It'd be like Jews fleeing to Nazi Germany. Of course, when Jews yammer on and on about 'nazis', they really mean they need more non-whites in the US to decrease the power of White Americans whom Jews regard as potential nazis. 'Too many whites' is nazi, therefore Jews seek refuge from such danger by reducing the relative number of whites vis-a-vis non-whites. Jews feel this way about whites, but whites are sucking up to Jews like a bunch of tards.)
Indeed, what is most interesting about the BLM phenomenon is that many of the most deranged white advocates are among the 'best educated'. If all that education and 'knowledge' led to such ignorance, irrationality, superstition, and quasi-spiritual worship of Falsehood about Negroes, what does it say about American Society as a whole? To be sure, the Powerful who pushed the BLM nonsense know it's bogus. The Chuck Schumers of the world merely used it as white-guilt-bait against Donald Trump and the part of White America that still has some semblance of group identity and interests. They are the cynical and powerful who know it's a farce but exploited it for all its worth. Then, there are the elite commissars who are so committed to PC as state ideology that they are willing to be true-believers, just like soldiers surrender their bodies and souls to the state. College is mental boot-camp for these types who need to believe and serve something. As smart and educated as these types are, they were instilled from cradle with the religion of MLK, Mandela, and Magic Negro(along with cuck-worship of Mandingo among those who came of age as Millennials). Just like smart people raised as Muslims or Christians still manage to circumvent around fact and logic to maintain their faith, those raised on the worship of Jews, Negroes, and Homos have all sorts of mental coping mechanisms that suppress logic and facts when it comes to the holy three. Emotion, especially molded in their childhoods, overrides their reason. As the issues and themes concerning Jews and blacks are so charged with matters of justice and Good vs. Evil, objective thinking is nearly impossible for many people. Jews are, first and foremost, the Holy Holocaust People, and blacks are the Sacred Slavery People associated with MLK, regarded as the greatest god-man of all time. Also, Jews and Blacks are seen and 'sacralized' through the prism of White Evil. Apparently, only Evil White people committed genocide, and only Evil White people practiced slavery. Or, perhaps the real problem is that White Evil is the function of an essentially Jewish Supremacist and Black Supremacist viewpoint. After all, if Jews and blacks are not special or supreme, their sufferings would be 'generic', much like tragedies that befell all of mankind. But there is a sense that the Shoah was especially evil because it affected Jews, and black slavery was especially evil because whites enslaved the special/superior race. How dare they! And yet, this attack on whites has masochistic appeal to do-goody whites who are unconsciously closet-supremacists. They feel that white evil is worse than evils done by non-whites because whites, as the more elevated race, should be judged according to a higher standard. So, if Arabs enslaved blacks, it was because they were just a bunch of cutthroat desert barbarians; they didn't know any better, whereas whites should have known better because they are better. If many smart people were conditioned by upbringing and education to behold the sacred cults around Jews, blacks, and homos, there are the trashy dummies, the Antifa dregs of the streets, whose entire cultural outlook could be traced to pop culture, drugs, and financial crumbs from rich Jews. As stupid losers of society, they hook their claws onto whatever cause that makes them feel 'committed' and 'impassioned'. And 'cool' and 'hip'. As pop culture and sports have made homos and blacks the most celebrated groups, the Antifa loser types either wave the homo flag or chant pro-black slogans in the hope of having some of that homo angel dust and black magic rub off on them. What they, from top to bottom, all have in common is the commitment to a culture of taboo and hysterics than reason and sense. In this, their mentality has much in common with the cult of Hitler and the cult of Mao, tragic cases of 'Moddle Ages' in the 20th century. It's interesting that Jews, who suffered from the irrational rages & passions of Nazism(and also eventually came to a bad end with Soviet Communism) and therefore embarked on a critical enterprise to favor mind over mania, have turned into essentially Judeo-Nazis who rely on stirring up wild passions and witch-hunts regardless of evidence and reason. Shut off your minds and just believe and chant along. When it comes to Jews, blacks, and homos, there is no good or bad. We aren't to think in terms of good Jews or bad Jews, good blacks or bad blacks, good homos and bad homos. THEY ARE ALL GOOD no matter what they do. If Jews massacre Palestinians by the bushel, they are still good simply because they're Jews and Jewishness is a blessing(whereas Palestinian-ness is not). If blacks rob, rape, and murder, they are still good because they're black. If a decent white cop shoots a black thug who's causing trouble, the cop is evil because he is white and killed a Negro while the dead Negro is lionized simply because he was black. And we all know homos are honored as tragic victims of AIDS even though it was homo behavior that spread the diseases so far and wide in the 'gay' community. This is the privilege of the holy three of Jews, blacks, and homos. They aren't good-or-bad based on content of character or behavior but ALWAYS GOOD simply for what they are.
This goes to show that wealth isn't enough in society. Of course, Jews understood this through their long presence in Europe. Even though Jews were generally richer than goyim and could enjoy privileges & pleasures as individuals, they were tainted with the label of Christ-Killer. So, no matter how rich and well-connected a Jew might be, he was always under a cloud of suspicion. He was, on some level, always the condemned. Despite his riches, he was spiritually and morally less than the poorest European Christian. In contrast, the Christian aristocrats had noble blood. That blood alone meant they were special, superior, deserving of privilege. Jews could buy privilege but never deserved it because they were deemed 'Christ-Killers'. In our world, Jews are the neo-nobles. Their blood alone makes them special, sacred, and wonderful. They have 'holocaust blood' running through their veins. It's no wonder Jews invoke how such-and-such among their relatives/ancestors was a 'Holocaust survivor'. It's like tracing one's noble lineage. Jews have become the new christs, and whites have become the new-christ-killers because, apparently, every Jew killed during WWII was a mini-jesus. (In a way, Holocaustianity's condemnation of whites is worse than Christianity's condemnation of Jews. At the very least, Christianity was about Christians worshiping God and the Son of God, not themselves. When Christians urged upon Jews to convert, they weren't saying Jews should worship white Christian goyim but to accept the Son of God. In contrast, Holocaustianity is about goyim, especially whites, worshiping Jews as a bunch of new christs. Jews themselves are the object of worship.) And under Jewish Power, Negroes also have noble blood, that of Sacred Slavery. Just as a poor nobleman enjoyed a higher status than rich Jews in Old Europe, any Jew or Negro in our time, no matter how humble his station in life, enjoys higher status than the richest white goy. If Jews in the past, despite their vast individual wealth, still had the mark-of-cain of 'Christ Killer', whites today, no matter how rich and well-connected they may be, carry the mark-of-cain of 'racist', 'white supremacist', 'nazi', 'Anti-Semite', etc. This is why even the richest whites are always under the moral pressure to demonstrate redemptive 'white guilt'. "I'm trying so very hard to cleanse my sick evil white soul." And so, they donate tons of money to Jewish causes or those with the stamp of approval of Jews: ADL, SPLC, BLM, etc. So, Jeff Bezos' former wife doles out millions to BLM. She's filthy rich but her whiteness means NOTHING except in redemptive mode. (Besides, rich people tend to be vain and shallow, conforming to the Zeitgeist to win praise and plaudits. Their donations are more about status-signaling than carriage of justice.)
In a way, the demise of reason in the culture is the result of mass-mind-control via media and academia(in the hands of Jews). But, it also seems to have resulted from the dire tendency to rest on one's laurels. In the story of the hare and the tortoise, the hare takes its speed so much for granted that it slouches off and fails to realize the tortoise passed it by. Mike Tyson was so sure of his power that he didn't train for the fight with Buster Douglas. A person who thinks himself so smart may not properly prepare for the exam... and fail. It seems the so-called 'liberal' and 'progressive' community has been making so much noise about being intellectual, rational, educated, erudite, curious, critical, skeptical, and sophisticated that they took those things for granted. Why make an effort when your kind is SO SURE that it's so smart, knowing, and 'enlightened'? Why worry about freedom and fairness when your kind is SO SURE that it's all about 'liberal values'? It's like conservatives took for granted their commitment to heritage and hardly made an effort to be truly conservative. They just got lazy with the habit of invoking Ronald Reagan at every turn. Since the 1980s, the so-called conservatives managed to conserve nothing but still call themselves 'conservatives'. Today, so-called liberals have betrayed all their liberal values and principles but still continue with the conceit of being for freedom and 'liberal democracy' when, in fact, they are idiotic dupes of Deep State tyranny.
One thing for sure, people today should no longer look upon the Middle Ages and laugh. They should look in the mirror. For all their modern conceits, they are riddled with taboos, prone to superstition(especially with witchcraft making a comeback among women with green hair & nose-rings), infested with faith against facts(such as BLM nonsense & shrines to Fentanyl Floyd), driven by mob passion, and barbaric in sadism & violence. Evidence counts for nothing in this world. Even though most racial violence is black on white(or non-black), the cult of Magic Negro would have us believe innocent blacks are hunted down by evil 'racists'. Even though progs profess to care about equal justice and insist that 'silence is violence', they don't care about victims of black violence and the countless casualties of Jewish-supremacist violence around the world. Their SILENCE about Palestinians is truly VIOLENCE. Of course, with the boorish Donald Trump and worthless GOP as the face of American Conservatism, it is all too easy for Jews and Progs to see themselves as the 'resistance'. But the fact is they're either no better or even worse. Indeed, they seem to be driven more by pride and ego than truth and justice. As bad as Trump is, his not having embroiled the US in another war is deeply threatening and shaming to the so-called progs. After all, if indeed Trump and his supporters stand for jingoism, imperialism, 'racism', and hatred while the Democrats and Progs represent justice, peace, and harmony, why is it that Obama and Hillary were just as big warmongers as George W. Bush? Then, it's no wonder that Progs, as tools of Jewish Supremacists, were eager to torpedo every effort by Trump to end wars in the Middle East or come to terms with North Korea. As their pride and ego matter more than anything, they are willing to push any lie or pull any stunt to sustain their self-image as 'good compassionate liberals'. If they were to admit that Obama/Hillary were bigger warmongers and mass-killers than Trump, they would have to reassess their self-image and swallow some hard truths. They don't wanna, and so, they live in the Middle Ages of the Mind.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Richard 'Vader' Spencer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are Two Sides of the Same Coin: Tribal Supremacists at Gut Level pretending to be Individuals mainly concerned with World of Ideas and Principles

Jews like Ruth Bader Ginsburg can be better understood by comparison to figures like Richard 'Vader' Spencer. They seem to be ideological opposites, but they are merely two sides of the same coin. Ginsburg is thought to be a 'far-leftist' but, at her core, was essentially a die-hard Jewish Supremacist Zionist. The only true Jewish Liberals are those who apply the same rules to everyone and every group, Jews included. In contrast, Jewish 'liberals' like Alan Dershowitz and RBG use 'liberalism' as a ploy to undermine goy power(especially that of whites and Christians) in order to boost Jewish Power. They are essentially far-right Jewish Identitarians who merely use 'liberalism' as a tool, a weapon. So, in the political arena, we must ask if a certain person or group is using an idea as a mere tool or embracing it as a principle, a universal value system. There are genuine Jewish Liberals, but most Jewish 'liberals' are really Jewish Supremacist Zionists who've adopted 'progressive' values and agendas as the most effective weapon against goyim. Likewise, the US support of radical Islamists is merely a tool of foreign policy. The core of US values and worldview has NOTHING to do with Islam. But the Jewish-controlled US will support ISIS and Alqaeda elements when they're useful against the Syrian regime, Iraqi government, and Iran. Just because US worked with Red China during the Cold War against the USSR doesn't mean the US was Maoist. Rather, it merely used one form of communism against another, the one that seemed dominant in the world. Likewise, most Jewish 'liberals' merely use 'liberalism' as a tool to push deracination, guilt-complex, and host of other neuroses & pathology on goyim, especially whites. In the 60s, Jews ranted endlessly about Segregation in the South and white 'racism', but they rarely discussed Jewish-Black problems. Jews ripped off many blacks, and tougher blacks often terrorized Jews... which led to Jew Flew(or Jewish White Flight) that led to segregation between Jews and blacks far beyond anything in the Deep South. And speaking of 'racism', Jews hardly ever discussed the Zionist treatment of Palestinians. The very Jews who were so vocal in their condemnation of 'white racism' could be the most fanatical supporters of Zionism who felt zero sympathy for the plight of Palestinians. The very Jews who could go on and on about the burden of guilt among all Germans for what happened in World War II were utterly silent about Jewish Bolshevik mass killings of Christian Slavs. The very Jews who were hysterically calling for the condemnation and blacklisting of 'white supremacist' groups and other 'anti-American' elements were the ones defending both Jewish Zionist imperialists and Jewish communist subversives who slipped atomic secrets to Stalin. This is why Jewish Liberal Moral Outrage has been mostly bogus. Your typical Jewish 'liberal' is the kind to hound South Africa about its Apartheid Past while admonishing all of us to look the other way when Zionists crack heads in West Bank. Jews still kvetch about the McCarthy Era blacklist(because it affected some Jews), but they are so blase about the seemingly endless blacklists in US institutions and industries against pro-Palestinian voices and white voices that call for divorce from ugly Jewish supremacism. Indeed, what chance does someone have in Hollywood or Wall Street if he or she comes out in favor of Palestinians and wants to make a movie about the Nakba?
It is for this reason that RBG and Richard Spencer are so much alike. Both RBG and Spencer could come across as rational, intellectual, logical, and even moderate. RBG could pass herself as a lawyer and judge who could hear all sides, judiciously weigh the evidence, and decide on the basis of the Constitution. A person who works with her mind than gives into her passions. Likewise, Richard Spencer arrived on the scene as a new kind of 'white nationalist'. Not the cliched neo-nazi skinhead type drunk on beer and screaming 'Sieg Heil' and making a fool of himself as a brain-dead street thug. Rather, he presented himself as an intellectual who, though committed to the right, could empathize with all sides, prioritize reason over rage, and come to terms with anyone who would talk with him, debate with him, or deal with him. But even as the Thought-Spencer was real to an extent — he seems reasonably intelligent and well-read/educated — , there was also the Gut Spencer. No matter how many books he read, how many ideas he could pontificate on, how many people he could debate with on basis of mutual respect, and how much he could at least empathize with opposing sides, he was at his core a white supremacist imperialist egotist(at times verging on megalomania depending on how many drinks or drugs he had). This Gut Spencer was a raging and resentful Anglo-White Supremacist who believes his kind should rule the world like Darth Vader. Richard the Id(or Idiot) wanted to be 007 + Hitler. (Jeffrey Epstein who wanted to seed the world with his semen was even nuttier.) Blacks and browns should look up at a face like his and ho-de-do and pick cotton. Jewish guys should kiss his ass and Jewish girls should suck his dic*. At most times, especially in dealing with the media, Spencer tried to come across as genteel, soft-spoken, curious, sympathetic, and reasonable to deal with. A gentleman diplomat, a counselor, even a scholar. But scratch the surface of Thought Spencer and there was this raging Gut Spencer, a steaming morass of egotism and rage against whatever stifled his individual and racial 'destiny'. And of course, as Jews controlled the media, they had a field day exposing this side of Spencer. The Id Spencer, the Gut Spencer, or Raging Richie, so at odds with the carefully rehearsed image of Thought Spencer, the man of reason and principles. (To Spencer's credit, he is somewhat more honest and even honorable that most Jews. At times, Spencer have admitted Power drives Principles. Jews know this too and practice it for all it's worth but still pretend they're guided mostly by principles. Yeah sure, JUST ASK THE PALESTINIANS.) But the same goes for Jews. Because of Jewish Media Control, most Americans have this image of Jews as a Thought People who are primarily guided by knowledge, thought, contemplation, curiosity, philosophy, wisdom, and commitment to principles of justice, equality, & fairness. Even the ghastly Jonathan Pollard was featured with a christ-like image in the Jewish-controlled Media. We've been led to believe most Jews are 'liberal', implying that Jews are a Mind People who reject and oppose the 'atavistic' and 'tribal' urges of mankind. (This is rather odd since Jews have been among the 'porniest' people on Earth, using vulgar Freudianism to argue that we are just animals driven by lusts emanating from the groins. In a way, 'sexual liberation' could be characterized as 'liberal' for allowing more freedom and choice, but it is also more bestial and 'atavistic' in leading to reversion to apelike behavior.) So, RBG has been made into an icon of 'progressive' values and concern for social justice for all, i.e. she's been associated with the cause of the underdogs who've been ill-served by the Power. But, this is bogus. RBG has been nothing more and nothing less than a zealous Jewish Supremacist Zionist. Her idea of morality was NEVER to point fingers at powerful Jews or Israeli imperialism but to always beat up on whites and Christians. And why? Because her ilk believes that whites must be browbeaten(and even literally beaten) into submission in order to be rendered useful to Jews as their new masters.
Scratch the surface of most Thought Jews and you get the Gut Jew. It could be Alan Dershowitz, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Woody Allen, Chuck Schumer, Rachel Maddow, Jeffrey Epstein, Philip Roth, Victor Maymudes, Barbra Streisand, Harvey Weinstein, editors at NYT and most magazines, and etc. And when Jews pretend to be 'conservatives', it has NOTHING to do with preserving White/Christian America. Most Neocons work hand in glove with Jewish 'liberals' to push the interests of Zionism and Jewish Hegemony. Neocons' only role is to fool American Conservatives that Holy Holocaust Jews are on THEIR SIDE. If indeed ALL Jews were Democratic and 'liberal', the GOP and American Conservatives would have no choice but to be anti-Jewish. But as long as SOME 'conservative' Jews pretend to side with the American Right, so many white sucker conzos have this fantastical idea that, golly gee, maybe Jews will embrace their whiteness and become fellow whites if the GOP goes all out for Israel. In reality, the ONLY thing Jewish 'conservatives' are truly conservative about is the preservation of Jewishness and expansion of Jewish power, wealth, privilege, and advantages. Also, Jewish 'conservatives' don't believe that a stronger white conservatism is synonymous with stronger Jewish conservatism. Rather, the White Right must be weakened in order for the Jewish Right to be strengthened. Jews understand that rightism is essentially -centric, so white right would be naturally white-centric. But if white rightists were white-centric, they would favor white interests over Jewish ones and indeed may even see Jews as HOSTILE to whites. So, Jewish rightists feel they must weaken the white right into generic individual libertarianism of cucks and then steer these cucky-wucks to support Israel Uber Alles. (Again, most Jewish 'liberals' are really part of the Jewish Right as their core Gut Passion is about "Is it good for Jews?") Hollywood passes itself as 'liberal', but how many movies has it made about the plight of Palestinians? How many movies about the Nakba? How many movies about the horrible suffering of Russians in the 1990s at the hands of ultra-capitalist Jewish oligarchs? How many movies about Israel's alliance with Apartheid South Africa and provision of atomic secrets to the latter? Jewish 'liberals' would have us believe that they are Great Americans who were falsely accused of communist subversion, but when will Jewish Hollywood admit that many commie spies and agents were Jews and that these people worked for mass killer Josef Stalin? If 'antisemitic' forces controlled the Media, they could expose the Gut Jew behind the veil of all these phony Jewish 'liberals', just like Jewish-controlled media exposed the Gut Spencer that hid behind the facade of Thought Spencer. Now, this isn't to say that Jewish 'liberals' like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the likes of Richard Spencer are not interested in ideas or lacking in basic curiosity about the world. Most surely, they are not all about the Gut. But when push comes to shove, when passions run high, and when the mask comes off, we need to acknowledge that RBG and Spencer are the same kind of creature. They are driven by Gut Feelings that fuel and shape their rational faculties. So, the ultimate motivator of Ginsburg's decisions as both individual and judge was "Is it good for Jews?" Why do Jews like her want to take rifles away from white people when most gun deaths are by handguns, often by blacks? It's because Jewish Power fears a well-armed white goy public that may rise up and resist when the Jewish Power push things too far. Notice these Jews have no problem with guns and other weapons used by Antifa Janissary thugs. Jewish-controlled media called it 'mostly peaceful protests'. (If whites held mass protests against Jewish Power and 10% were violent, would the Jewish-run media call it 'mostly peaceful protests'?) And why did Jews like RBG push the 'gay' agenda? LGBTQXYZ nonsense was nothing but a Jewish proxy culture war on the world. Homos are vain toadies who suck up to power, and naturally many homos work for Jews, the richest people who dominate media, entertainment, finance, fashion, and the Deep State that is in ultra-imperialist mode.
Anyway, just like the Jewish media effectively exposed the Gut Spencer hiding behind Thought Spencer, it is imperative for goyim to expose the Gut Jew behind the Thought Jew. Whenever Jewish 'liberals' and Neocons yammer about 'justice', 'equality', 'fighting hate', and yadda yadda, confront them with the problem of Jewish Privilege, Jewish Wealth, Jewish Gentrification, Jewish use of Stop-and-Frisk, Jewish involvement in communism & mass-killings, Zionist Nakba pogroms, IDF death squads mowing down Palestinian children, Israel's support of ISIS & Alqaeda, the history of Jewish organized crime, Jewish exploitation of black athletes & entertainers, and etc. Ask the Jews why they don't bring up THOSE matters as issues of injustice, unfairness, and evils? Against Mitzvah, there must be Counter-Mitzvah. Mitzvah is the Blitzvah or Mitzkrieg of the Jews against whites and rest of humanity, especially Arabs and Iranians. Whites can change things ONLY IF they cut ties with the Jews and side with Iranians and Palestinians who should be hailed by all White Liberationists as "America's greatest allies". GINSBERG GONE. DEMS ELECTION SKULDUGGERY IN DISARRAY

Saturday, September 19, 2020

White Americans Are Not Free Individuals but Mere EXTENSIONS of Jewish Supremacist Power, mere Tentacles to the Jewish Octopus Mind and Will

Jews understand a crucial truth. People are Extensions than Individuals. As social creatures, people are more like ants than lone animals like tigers or bears. People constantly pick up signals, all the more so in our age of electronic media and gadgets. Every time someone uses 'my' device, he or she is being tuned to signals emanating from a center of power/influence. He or she thinks, "I'm a free individual with 'choice'", but in fact, the possible 'choices' are fed into his/her mind through electronic signals. In some ways, people became less individualistic with the rise of radio and TV. Prior to such technology, everyone in the US did something different on any given night. Some read books(countless different titles) and magazines, some went for social gathering, others went for a walk, some stared at the moon, and etc. If ANYTHING unified people in the US and the West prior to Radio and TV, it was the Bible. But with the TV, just about everyone in the US could be watching the same show at the same instant. Despite the 'participation' of countless millions, the shows were created by just a handful of people. As Jews gained control of the media, they were filling our minds with 'control' signals. A the guy in A SERIOUS MAN(by Coen Brothers) messes with the TV antennae, he senses the TV is exerting serious influence on his children, not all of it good. Still, Jews needed to worry less about TV & Radio as Jewish Media Masters were careful not to send signals that would be negative for Jews. Instead, signals instilled the mass public with the message that one's moral character is a measure of his/her 'philosemitism'. If animus, hostility, and hatred were spread by the electronic signals, they were aimed at whites because Jewish supremacist power needs white submission and obedience, the product of white shame, moral paralysis, and self-loathing. Jews need whites to be in forever-redemptive mode for their history of 'racism', 'antisemitism', and etc. because then they can exploit the white need for atonement by directing white actions toward Judeocentric goals. "Jews are so good and holy, whites are so vile and loathsome; therefore, in order for whites to cleanse their souls, they must look to Jews for wisdom and guidance."
In a way, libertarianism, especially the kind pushed by Ayn Rand, has been of great use to Jews. Libertarianism served as a loosening agent. It's like you must first weaken the bonds that hold a structure together; then, the structure can be dismantled brick by brick. But do you break things apart to keep them apart indefinitely? No, you take them apart to use as building blocks for a new structure based on YOUR blueprint. Libertarianism promised individuality, freedom, and choice to everyone. It was especially useful in disassociating the White Right from its bonds of conservatism. White Conservatism championed bonds to the past & heritage and bonds among white folks(and Christian folks). While Americanism(and Western Culture in general) had long been more individualistic than others, it rejected radical individualism. If one had to make a choice between unity/community and division/individuality, the former was prioritized. So, while American Conservatism wasn't anti-individualist, it put unity before the individual. Libertarianism was poised to reverse the formula. Among the more moderate libertarians, it was individuality and choice before unity and tradition, but they weren't hostile to latter. Ron Paul belongs to this school. (His is the school of Virtue Libertarianism, the idea that more freedom and individuality will mean more choice and means by which people can make better, saner, more rational, and sensible decisions. More freedom means more opportunity to be good and moral. In contrast, there is the school of Vice Libertarianism that looks upon traditional virtues as 'square' & 'lame' and argues that vices will cancel each other out and lead to a kind of balance. This might as well be the Anton LaVey school of individualism.) If moderate Libertarians placed individuality before unity(but still valued unity), the radical libertarians were opposed to any sense of unity and heritage. It was all a matter of 'me and my choice'. It's no wonder they oppose nationalism, which is about the consensus that favors policies thought to be good for the organic whole. Radical libertarians see such policies as standing between the individual and choice. The GROUP representing National Interest prevents individuals from acting freely vis-a-vis the rest of the world. Anyway, unbeknownst to most goy libertarians, Jewish elements pushed libertarianism as a means to an end, not as the end itself. Consciously or subconsciously, Ayn Rand and other Jews would have sensed that Jewish Power will grow immeasurably if whites could be made more individualistic while Jews are made more tribalist, more pro-unity. Unity creates a gravitational core whereas individuality scatters force in all directions. The universe is filled with stardust, but stardust remains adrift in the dark. Bright suns are created by the unity of stardust into great concentrations of matter that generate tremendous energy. No wonder cities rule over the countryside. Cities concentrate power, countryside scatters it far and wide. Even Mao Zedong, who called for 'surround the cities from the countryside', got his education in the cities and, when his side won the war, made sure that the communists controlled all cities with a tight grip. Paradoxically, city life is more rootless and individualistic, yet power is concentrated into a singular unity. In contrast, country life is more rooted and communal, but people are smaller in number and separated across great distances. Perhaps, city folks could be more individualistic because they can take their systemic unity for granted. They live in such an elaborate and elevated form of social order that they don't have to work so hard at basic survival. Anyway, dimwit goy libertarians thought that individualism was for everyone. Everyone would become deracinated and come to regard himself or herself primarily as an individual, as a 'me' or 'myself'. Everything else — national loyalty, racial identity, religious affiliation, kinship, or etc. — would be secondary or nonexistent. All groups would move in this direction. Not only whites but Jews, blacks, browns, and the rest. But just when whites were moving toward an identity based solely on the individual, Jews were playing up the Holocaust Cult, Zionist Ideology, and Yiddish sensibility. Jews were reminded to never forget their Jewish history and unique ALL-TOO-JEWISH suffering. So, even though Jews prized individualism, it came AFTER unity. Philip Roth, for example, could be an individual and write 'porny' stuff, but all said and done, he was praised for his Jewish pride and Zionism. Jews were JEWISH individuals, not generic individuals, which is what Jews urged whites to become. For non-whites, Jews had a different agenda. Jews did everything to weaken the identities of Muslims, Asians, Hindus, Latin Americans, and Africans. After all, mass immigration is about the Melting Pot. Jews pushed for more immigration and in order for all immigrants to get along, they must put aside their identities/loyalties of origin and become 'good Americans'. And yet, if non-whites were urged to be just like whites, 'generic individuals', they wouldn't be of much use to Jews. Indeed, whites and non-whites as 'generic individuals' might come to see eye-to-eye on lots of things. But Jews needed to use non-whites against whites. But what kind of identity could non-whites have if they were urged to become part of the melting pot? Jews pushed Negative Identity on non-whites, an identity based on hostility toward whites. Thus, being non-white, be it black, brown, yellow, Hindu, Muslim, or whatever, is less a matter of positive connection to one's racial or cultural background than a matter of being AGAINST whites. Blackness is essentially about 'victims of white supremacist racism'. Brownness is mostly about resentment at the Gringo. And yellowness is about proving one's credentials that Asians are not a 'model minority' and also 'victimized' by whites on a daily basis — I mean, it could be a micro-aggression! While Jews also have a powerful sense of Negative Identity — "Evil White goyim did pogroms on us and threw us into gas chambers" — , they also have a powerful sense of Positive Identity rooted in history, heritage, and remembrance. In contrast, as most non-white goyim have weaker cultures and identities, all they have left as identifier is the 'moral pride' of being wronged and victimized by White 'racists' and 'supremacists'. It's like Jews tell Muslims, "Forget about Islam, let your daughters grow up to 'twerk' & act like sluts, let your sons ape black rappers, and wave the 'gay pride' flag." So, what would be the meaning of being a Muslim in America? It would be as a member of People of Color who are forever 'victimized' by nasty 'white supremacists'.
So, at the end of the day, Jews got positive and negative identities, non-whites got negative identities, and whites got generic identities. Jews have a sense of history and unity(separate from whites) and a sense of moral outrage(in negative opposition to white 'Anti-Semites'). Non-whites, in their amnesia, lose all sense of who they are independent of whites, and as such, their only identity is in relation to whites: "White racists did us wrong." And whites have no sense of who they are and where they came from. Whites are discouraged from looking into their racial, historical, mythical, and spiritual roots. Whites are now utterly post-cultural. If the European past is invoked, it is to willfully misinform whites that Vikings and Romans were black and that Europe was ALWAYS about mass immigration and 'diversity'. (If so, why do Jews say Europe was so 'racist'?) So, can whites at least be free individuals who are left alone to do as they please, like the fellas in Richard Linklater's DAZED AND CONFUSED? No, not even that. Whites too must have an identity that operates on a reverse moral dynamics as the non-white Negative Identity. If non-whites define themselves with Moral Pride vis-a-vis whites, whites must define themselves with Moral Shame/Guilt vis-a-vis non-whites(and Jews of course). Non-whites see themselves as "people who were always wronged by whites", whereas whites are to see themselves as "people who always wronged non-whites". Thus, both non-white identity and white identity lack autonomy and independence. Jews have a sense of who they are apart from their relations with whites, but non-whites, having far weaker memories, only have a sense of 'victimization' under whites. It is a Negative Identity of Moral Pride. Whites have a Negative Identity of Moral Shame. As whites have no sense of who they are independent of the rest of humanity — the mantra of 'Diversity Is Our Strength' across both North America and Europe has made it taboo for whites to conceive of a world unto their own, past, present, or future — , whites have been conditioned to always think of themselves in relation to the Other. According to this logic, there is no whiteness independent of non-whiteness. White Identity is always a function of its relational dynamics with Jews and non-whites. Now, can one say that whites sometimes did wrong to others and vice versa? After all, whites were invaded by Huns, Moors, Mongols, Arabs, Turks, and etc... and they are being invaded today by Third World hordes. And weren't whites victimized by Jewish money-lenders and weren't countless Christian Slavs killed by Jewish communists? No, such thinking is taboo and forbidden. Whites must only focus on the wrongs they did to others, that is unless whites did it for Jewish Supremacists. Whites need not dwell on the guilt of having supported Zionist wars on Palestinians, Iraqis, Iranians, Syrians, etc. Of course, when the 'refugees' from the Wars for Israel end up on European and American shores, THEN whites must feel shame and guilt for not taking in more of them. When it comes to smashing Arab/Muslim nations, Jews urge white military men to be like ruthless and heartless Nazis. But when, the 'refugees' come knocking on the doors of the EU and US, the faceless victims suddenly take on the aura of 'New Jews escaping the holocaust'.
In the 1960s and 70s, when Jews were preaching Free Speech and youth culture, it seemed as though most of them just wanted all Americans to be freer and less hung up about race, culture, and identity. And yet, what Jews were really doing was using libertarianism to loosen white bonds from white heritage and white unity. Once loosened and taken apart, there was no way Jews were just going to let whites remain as independent bricks. And they sure as hell weren't going to become like whites and turn generic and 'white bread' as rootless individuals. (If Jews seemed rootless to goyim, it was because they refused to become rooted to goy conventions. They insisted on being rooted to the much deeper history and identity of their own Tribe.) Once white unity was dissolved and whites were turned into atomized individuals, Jewish Power planned to construct them into a new sense of whiteness, the Negative Identity of Guilt & Shame. And this was to be realized through PC permeating not only education but entertainment, advertisement, endless crusades, new purges, and ceaseless public announcements. In a way, Jews did it to mold whiteness into a useful tool for Jewish Power. But it was also because Jews sensed that arch-individualism is not natural to humans who are social creatures. Indeed, there were signs of a Christian Revival and counter-revolutionary Conservative tide in the 1980s after the tumultuous Sixties and the Me-Decade of the Seventies. It was a high water mark for Evangelicals in the post-war era. Against them, Jews concocted Political Correctness, Magic Negro, Globo-Homo, Diversity-mania, and Holocaust Cult as the new secular religions. Jews figured that whites would feel too lonely as mere individuals and would want to coalesce into some kind of 'spiritual' community. But what kind of community? The kind that is about white pride, Christian values, conservatism, family values, and nationalism? If whites were to be steered away from individualism toward some kind of unity and identity, it had to be one where white sense of goodness derived from their atonement scorecard. Whites feeling good about being white was absolutely unacceptable. Whites could only feel good about atoning at the feet of Jews and blacks, celebrating Diversity, cheering globo-homo, and praising white female race-traitors who go for Afro-Colonization of White Wombs. Over time, this mentality even spread to once conservative American suburbs and small towns. After all, no matter where you live, you have a TV set that emits signals from Jewish-controlled centers of news, information, and entertainment. As Joe Biden said, Jewish media made America accepting of 'gay marriage'. All those electronic signals beamed into the eyes and ears of Americans made them regard homos, the proxies of Jewish Power, as 'angels' while despising anyone opposed to the 'gay agenda' as a subhuman 'homophobe', the face of which became the Greensboro 'church', which might as well be a Jewish Front(just like all those phony Neo-Nazi groups led by Jewish hucksters).
As such, all those white people became mere EXTENSIONS of Jewish Power. Even though they feel themselves to be free and independent, they are bombarded by Jewish electronic signals on a daily basis. The airwaves are essentially mental whips, rods, and leashes. They tell us what is 'true' and 'false'. They work on our emotions. Consider all the stupid white people who were led to believe it is 'Nazi-like' to support or enforce border security. Getting their news and opinions from Jewish-controlled sources, they're like dogs on a leash. They are like horses with blinders on, constantly goaded with cracking whips. They consider themselves to be free individuals who seek out the news, but most of the news they absorb comes from a handful of Jewish-owned-or-controlled conglomerates that work hand-in-glove with the Deep State. Instead of them seeking out the news, it's more like Jewish Propaganda and Mind-Control seeping into them through the devices that they own. (Those devices are like crack pipes. You may own the pipes, but the drugs are supplied by the pushers. You own the crack pipes, but the drugs own you, and the drugs are sold by the kingpins.) If they're truly free and independent, they would be for Free Speech and more options, but having been so brainwashed and conditioned by Jewish Power, they support speech control and censorship lest they see or hear something that runs counter to the Official Narrative that they've been fed. Because PC dogma makes them feel good for parading their 'white guilt' but feel bad for being critical about Jews and non-whites, they'd rather have censorship than be 'triggered' and psychologically threatened from their 'safe spaces'. It's funny how these idiot whites oppose border security that makes for physical safe spaces but support speech restriction to maintain their psychological safe spaces. They confuse mind with matter. But as the recent BLM riots have shown, what makes for psychological safe spaces makes for physical danger zones, which eventually destroy the psychological safe space as well. So many whites feel psychologically 'safe' with the conceit of Magic Negro and struggle against 'white supremacist racism'. They scream and shout at those who object to such fantasies. They feel psychologically threatened by the truth and demand their mental 'safe spaces'. And yet, what did the ideas emanating from their psychological safe spaces lead to? It led to 'defunding the police' and blacks acting badly with the support of Antifa thugs. The end result has been many more actual dangerous spaces and zones for both blacks and whites. Ideally, psychological safe space should be in sync with physical safe space. Indeed, that's how the suburbs grew and expanded. Whites knew that moving away from blacks would make for safer neighborhoods. They knew it in their minds and felt it in their feet. But over time, the Jewish media-control filled white minds with the notion of Magic Negro vs Evil White 'Racist'. So, blacks were always good and true, whites were always bad and false. Saddled with such PC notions, even whites in white communities came to regard Diversity and Blackness as holy while feeling disgust at whiteness. So, instead of trying to defend and preserve their communities, they chipped away at the foundations of their own physical well-being in subservience to the demands of psychological safe spaces deluded with PC soma. Consider white idiots in the suburbs holding rallies in honor of Fentanyl Floyd. In a way, it's fitting that the druggy Floyd has been 'canonized' by secular progs in search for new gods. In a way, psychological safe space is like addiction to opium. Someone sucking on an opium pipe is in his la-la land. He thinks he's in heaven, and even though his habit is actually ruining his physical and material well-being, he prioritizes mental bliss over physical reality. Of course, it's only a matter of time before deteriorating material reality catches up to him and drags him down to the gutter in the most unceremonious way. So, in the end, white people didn't become individuals but mere EXTENSIONS of Jewish Power. Of course, they are too ignorant or stupid to realize they're being thus manipulated and led around by the nose. Or, having been instilled with Jew-Worship, Homo-Mania, and Magic Negro Reverence, maybe they feel virtuous in being so servile and obeisant to the Power. But then, are American 'conservatives' any better? The essence of current 'conservatism' can be found in Chris Christie's groveling at the feet of Sheldon Adelson, Mitt Romney shuffling before his massuhs at AIPAC, or Marco Rubio playing his turn as the wooden dummy of The Lobby. They are mere Extensions. Now, it's natural to be an extension, but of what? Of white identity/interests or Jewish interests/identity? It's like the Bob Dylan's song(during his Christian phase) called "Gotta Serve Somebody". It could be the Devil or the Lord, but you gotta serve somebody. Ants on their own are nothing. But then, the queen ant would be nothing too if not for the fact that all the other ants are essentially extensions of her role in the order. They protect and feed her, and she produces the offspring that keeps the species alive. In the case of slave-taking, the ants of one colony can be made to serve another. The raiding ants take the larvae of another ant colony, and the baby ants are raised to serve the former. Of course, they don't know it, even as they dutifully serve as the Extensions of the colony that raided and/or destroyed their colony of origin. Whites brought over black slaves to serve as Extensions of whites. Because whites were far more advanced, blacks(even as slaves) had much to gain, but the fact is they were no longer serving their own tribe but working for the white tribe. And even as a free people, blacks in the US military continue to serve as Extensions of the US Empire, now controlled by Jews who are most hellbent on Wars for Israel and Judaic Hegemony. Still, if blacks always knew they were slaves because their subjugation was so visible and physical, most whites don't know that they are essentially mental slaves of Jewish Massuhs(who use blacks, Diversity, and Antifa Janissary idiots as overseers to attack and intimidate the white masses). If whites enslaved blacks physically, Jews stole the hearts and minds of Jews. Jews stole the white soul. In a way, what Jews have done to whites is worse than what was done to blacks. Blacks were savages and, despite physical slavery, were given souls with Christianity. Even as whites made blacks pick cotton, they spread the notion among blacks that God is bigger than any number of white folks with guns & whips, and that Jesus, the Son of God, loves the wretched of the Earth, the poor, and the oppressed. So, even as whites shackled blacks physically, they freed black souls from the depths of jungle savagery. And in time, black Christians would use a powerful spiritual argument for freedom and dignity. In contrast, Jewish Power used media and academia to rob whites of their hearts and minds that make up the soul. Jews, the masters of psychology, studied what methods are most effective in slipping into the subliminal and subconscious zones of people. Having thus sneaked in, they set all sorts of traps and spread all sorts of poisons in the white minds so that whites would feel nauseous at any thought of 'white pride'(like Alex in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE) and would feel nervous at entertaining any thought that might offend Jews, blacks, and homos. Jewish mind-control crept into the hearts of white goyim and convinced them that the essence of Christianity is worship of sodomy and a Negro druggy. Every man, no matter how smart or strong, isn't much on his own. He is just one person. He gains power by turning other men into Extensions of himself. Their bodies serve as extensions of his mind, will, and vision. He is the will-to-power. Under Adolf Hitler, it was like all Germans were extensions of the Fuhrer's own arms and legs. And under Mao, countless Chinese were carriers of his will. More Extensions means more Power. This is what Jews had in mind. In a world governed by power, people exist as Extensions. There are many more Extensions than Extenders, just like there is one Sun but many planets. THE GODFATHER is not about individuals but about a handful of characters, Vito and Michael(and Barzini), who are Extenders while the rest are mostly Extensions or Buffers of one kind or another. And in THE GODFATHER PART 2, even the witnesses at the Congressional Hearing are Extensions of one side or another. They either belong to Michael Corleone or to Hyman Roth. Most people belong and serve. On their own, they are nothing or with protection. At one time, Jews rose up the ranks in the US as Extensions of Wasp Power, but the tables were turned, and now Wasps serve as Extensions of Jewish Power. The difference is that, even when Jews were playing the role of Extensions of Wasp Power, they had a powerful sense of who they are and planned for the day when they would rule. In contrast, today's Wasp Extensions of Jews are truly a sorry and pathetic lot. They are without identity or pride and happily servile as minions of Jews. They are like ants-taken-to-serve-as-slaves. They are 'white uncle toms' or 'white toms'. And if Wasps in the past thought it was rather uncouth to be overly 'antisemitic', Jews today are utterly shameless and relentless in insulting, humiliating, and dehumanizing whites in every possible way. And what do whites do? They beg the Jews, "Can I suck your dic*?" At most, some whites will plead with Jews, "Please oh please, don't be so mean to us? I mean, you wouldn't like it if we did it to you. So, please oh please, be nice to us, and we will kiss your behind." How utterly pathetic. In the movie MY BODYGUARD, the small kid is bullied by tougher kids and recruits a much bigger guy to serve as his Extension. Jews are nothing without their Extensions. Ironically, the most valued Extensions of Jewish Power is white people even though Jews also believe they need Diversity as bulwark against the White Threat. Jews see whites as the most useful horse but also the most dangerous that may throw off the Jewish rider and kick him in the skull and run off to be free. So, Jews need Diversity as added baggage on the horse so that it won't be able to jump and be wild. Of course, if Diversity serves as the straw that broke the white horse's back, Jews will have nothing. With whites, it's a game of carrot and sticks. If a white person collaborates fully with Jews, he gets lots of carrots. If they deviate from the Plan, they are attacked with big sticks. (It's like Leon Wieseltier's formula for dealing with Muslims. Total ruthlessness OVER THERE where they pose a threat to Israel and kindness OVER HERE where they can used as part of the coalition against whites.) Jews use Diversity to tame whites but fear that too much anti-white bashing may lead to diminished white energies, in which case whites won't be so useful as managers and foot-soldiers of the empire. In MY BODYGUARD, we naturally sympathize with the small kid because we don't like bullies. And we would like to believe that the good weakling uses his wits to hire good muscle as Extensions to push back against bad bullies. But the kid is also a smart-ass and a jerk. In a way, the dark version of him is Sean Penn's character of Davey Kleinfeld in CARLITO'S WAY. Here's a brainy guy who isn't good with fists and guns, but he knows the law and has connections. He can get people to do all kinds of things for him. And yet, he is a crook and an arch-criminal in the making. Over the years, many Americans got to thinking that Jews, while not the toughest and hardiest men around, are the smartest, wisest, most decent, most judicious, and most understanding, not least because they suffered the Shoah and have been the People of the Book, the greatest ever written. So, why not have Jews take over elite institutions? Why not be guided by Jewish wise-men, philosophers, big thinkers, and teachers? What better kind of elites can one hope for? Let the US be led by such sterling people and let the rest of us be happy and lucky Extensions of Jewish Power. The problem with this view is it misunderstands the nature of power. It may well be that there are wise, smart, and judicious Jews, but such people almost never gain power. Power almost always ends up with the cunning, devious, egotistical, ruthless, greedy, vain, nasty, vicious, corrupt, unscrupulous, and/or decrepit. So, what kind of Jews gained power? The likes of Norman Finkelstein(who, for all his faults, is sincere in trying to come to terms with the Palestinian issue) or a sleazebag like Chuck Schumer? Thus, letting Jews take power didn't end up with US being ruled by wise-men but by gangsters with law degrees, business degrees, or high-tech know-how, the geeksters. George Soros, Paul Singer, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. The Question is, "Do you want to be an Extension of this Power, or do you want to cut free and become an Extension of the forces that defend, support, and preserve YOUR OWN race, culture, and history?" Choose the Proper Extensionism for yourself.