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Jewish Entitlement & Rite-of-Passage as Mini-Prophets lording over Goyim as Sheeple — The Problem of Holo-Cause Denial among Jews — Stupidity of Swedes in Relation to Jews — Jewish, Black, and Homo Cult as the Perfect Peoples Eternally Blameless No Matter What They Do

New Documentary Investigates The History Of The Great Replacement and Mass Immigration In Sweden -

It's almost as if Jews just can't get enough jollies with their PoP or Power of Prophecy. Every Jew is itching to play micro-prophet and 'spiritually' lord over goyim. Traditionally, Jewish prophecy meant the Tribe had a special link with the one and only true God and was thus blessed with spiritual privilege to peer into His Mind. Holiness + Big Think. These days, Jewish holiness(in the eyes of Jews and goyim alike) has much to do with the Shoah — "nobody knows the troubles we've seen, nobody knows but we Jews" — and cult of Jewish Genius. So, goyim look upon Jews as the geniuses, teachers, and visionaries of the age with the ADDED advantage of tragic wisdom that comes with the Holy-Caust.

With such an edge, it's as if every Jew wants his or her piece of PoP or Power of Prophecy. In a way, PoP is the universalized narcissism of Jewishness. It isn't much different from what has become of physical narcissism. Once, it used to mean the beautiful being obsessed with their own beauty, the pretty falling in love with their own prettiness. But over time, what with celebrity culture spreading vanity far-and-wide and in conjunction with the cult of 'equity', everyone(and that means the ugliest fattest women and grossest trannies) feels it's a human right to regard oneself as attractive and worthy of stardom. If some fat ugly guy with hairy chest wants to believe he is one hot chick, we must accommodate his delusions. Likewise, so many Jews now believe themselves to be mini-Moses, mini-Marx, mini-Freud, mini-Milton-Friedman, or some other mini-prophet whose great truth-as-commandment must be heeded by others, especially goyim.

As Jews control the media and academia, the universalization of trashy physical narcissism among goyim flows from the near-universalization of PoP, or prophetic narcissism, among Jews. It used to be only a handful of Jews dared to claim prophetic power(which was still many times more than among goyim). But over the years, as most Jews, boys and girls, went to college and got to feeling awfully clever(especially over goyim), as well as drawing inspiration from seminal Jewish thinkers of the modern era, many of them wanted a piece of the prophetic pie. (After all, so much of current dogma revolves around the conviction that we'd all be lost without foundational, seminal, revolutionary, and/or radical Jewish thinkers. It's as if there would be no freedom for women without Betty Friedan, no free markets without Milton Friedman, no socialism without Marx, no sexuality without Freud, no film criticism without Pauline Kael, and etc.)

But when so many Jews want to be Big Thinkers, it means a lot of silly ideas get added to the mix. After all, even if Jews are on average smarter than goyim, there's only a limited number of real thinkers within the Tribe. (Just because Bob Dylan and Paul Simon are Jewish doesn't mean every Jewish song-writer has musical talent.) But, Jewish Power is nothing if not about Jews helping Jews, or at least Jews tolerating other Jews with their wild ambitions. And over time, much of Jewish Pride has come to depend on the rule of JEWS SAY, GOYIM OBEY, especially with the fading of Christianity and its 'antisemitism'. (But then, even Christianity has been a manifestation of JEWS SAY, GOYIM OBEY. Even in their anti-Jewishness, goyim relied on instructions from Jews who created Christianity. Even in hating Jews, goyim need inspiration from a bunch of Jews. Jews Say, Goyim Obey.) So, it tickles the Jewish Mind that whatever crazy shit they cook up, goyim follow like sheeple.

If Jews say 'diversity is our strength', goyim chant the mantra like programmed robots. If Jews say, 'homosexuality is like rainbow colors', goyim are waving 'gay' flags all around. If Jews say, 'pride' is now synonymous with globo-homo, goyim just sing and dance along. If Jews say 'whiteness is evil', goyim nod along and go about expunging everything-white from society. If Jews say 'blacks are sacred and always victims of injustice', goyim blame all black problems on whites or non-blacks. Jews have come to believe, 'whatever we say, idiot goyim obey'. Over time, Jews have come to not only expect but DEMAND such relational dynamics between themselves and goyim. Jews feel entitled to PoP over goyim. Even the most ridiculously stupid Jew now feels, "Whatever I say, goyim better obey." It's like a Jewish Right and Jewish Rite(of passage).


So, perhaps much of the crazy shit that's happening has less to do with genuine Jewish conviction in the ever sillier ideas they come up with. What they really relish is a sense of power, prestige, and control. It's like they're playing the godlike game of 'Simon Says' with goyim. Whatever Simon says, the players must do. And those who deviate from the rule are purged until only the ultra-obedient players are left.

Swedes may be higher IQ than world average and all, but their one-dimensional Northern temperament and deeply embedded Christian earnestness turned them into emotional children for Jews to exploit. Of course, modern Swedes, especially following World War II, considered themselves to be well-educated, sophisticated, cosmopolitan, enlightened, and progressive, but their euro-neurotic or 'eurotic' conceit could be maintained only in a provincial and homogeneous world unperturbed by real world problems and events. Jews went to Swedes and said, "If you are all those things — intelligent, modern, sophisticated, cosmopolitan, and progressive — , then you Swedes should pay special heed to us Jews because we are even more intelligent, modern, sophisticated, cosmopolitan, progressive... and furthermore steeped in holy tragedy because of the Holocaust at the bloody hands of Germans... with whom you Swedes did business with during WWII..." (Of course, whereas Swedish cosmopolitanism was meant to override, as well as deride, national identity, the Jewish counterpart was mainly adaptive in the goy world with the ultimate aim of preserving Jewish identity as a matter of greatest importance. It's the difference between someone who takes to the sea to drown & sink and someone who does so to swim & float. Head beneath waters vs Head above waters.)

This worked like magic as Swedes came to feel guilt in their virtual collaboration with Nazi Germans. In some ways, it was deemed as worse than collaboration by the French and Norwegians. After all, some nations were under German Occupation and were forced to bend to Hitlerian will. In contrast, Swedes did it of their own accord. Even though Sweden didn't send Jews to Nazi death camps, it did business with the German War Machine when it was killing the Jews. It implies that Swedish progressivism was a hypocrisy, therefore Swedes must do all they can to rectify this historical horror, appease Jews as moral superiors, and heed their advice as the divine word. The dire result has been of course obvious. SwEden became Swodom.

While it's true that Germans acted monstrously and the Swedes were a bunch of hypocrites, Jews were no better in the 20th century. Jews kvetch about Holocaust Denial but they are seriously into Holo-Cause Denial. What caused the Holocaust? Even if we agree that what the Germans did was inexcusable, it was an extreme and radical reaction to horrible Jewish behavior... just like even if we say the nuking of Japan was extreme and unwarranted, it was in large part in reaction to Japanese aggression and war-mongering lunacy. It takes two to tango.
So, while it's ridiculous to deny the effect(German evils in WWII), it is also ridiculous to overlook the cause(Jewish provocation that rubbed so many goyim the wrong way). Even if the six million number is almost certainly false, many Jews were killed by the Nazi death machine. That much any sane person should acknowledge. However, it must also be acknowledged that Germans went crazy because Jews did much to drive them crazy.
(Jews will say the Holocaust has been meticulously documented, but such assertion is misleading because there are laws and taboos in the West that insist on certain narratives and penalizes anyone who dares to revise, question, or counter the official line. It's like so much has been written about the Race Problem in the US, but the Narrative demands that we focus on Innocent Blacks being lynched and never ever ask why whites used vigilante means to keep blacks under the lid. We must pretend blacks were all innocent, and white people were infected with irrational 'racism'. Never mind all the black thuggery and criminality. And according to the Jewish-run Narrative, lynchings were happening all the time and every other Negro was hanging from a tree when, in fact, they were relatively rare, especially in the 20th century. And despite all the scientific evidence, virtually all mainstream discussion on Race is it doesn't exist. So much 'documentation' and 'science' on race has resulted in so much BS. It goes to show quantity is rendered worthless by the quality, or lack thereof, of what is allowed as part of discourse.)

Jewish behavior in Russia of the 1990s and in the US especially since 9/11 goes to show they haven't learned a thing. We expect the Japanese to commemorate Hiroshima and Nagasaki but also expect of them to reflect on their own war-making and mass mayhem in the Pacific. But while all of us are expected to remember the Holocaust, Jews never expected to reflect on whatever they did to make so many goyim hate them. And as Jews control media, academia, and the deep state, so many goyim have been raised from cradle to believe Jews are the Perfect People who were set upon by 'Anti-Semites' because goyim are so very imperfect, whether they be European or Arab. Holocaustianity would have us believe that sinful goyim killed Jews as the Perfect People, a perverted twist on Christianity that says Jesus the Perfect Man was killed by sinners. Well, at least Jesus was forgiving of His tormentors who knew not what they were doing, but Jews have nothing but revenge on their minds, totally oblivious to the fact that many goyim took part in the Shoah as revenge against Jews. If Jews feel righteous in their vengeance, the same justification could be made for goyim who attacked Jews. Righteous Revenge!

In the Current Year, the Perfect People Privilege is shared by blacks and homos. If more black students are suspended from school, it can never be their fault. It must be 'racism'. If blacks are incarcerated more for rape and murder, that can't be their fault either. It must be 'systemic racism', an idea that is a total perversion of social morality, one that burdens a certain race with all the guilt while another race is always exonerated no matter how its members behave.
If homos spread HIV all around and dropped like flies, it couldn't have been because they buggered each other like a bunch of perverts. No, it must have been 'homophobia'. Despite all the facts about homo-behavior-related diseases and black thuggery/criminality, the main cults of the West are globo-homo 'pride' or poo-ride and black-sacred or blacred BLM nuttery, along with Holy Holocaust narrative that insists on Holo-Cause Denial. Yeah, Jews were these perfect saintly people who were persecuted for NO REASON. But Jews got Power of Prophecy or PoP over goyim, and so, whatever they say, the goyim obey.


Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Beware of Nominalism — Why Russian & Chinese National Fascisms are Necessary Bulwarks against Jewish-Gangster-Globalist-Fascism — Paradox of How the US destroys true democracy around the world by promoting its parasitic brand of deep state Imperial Democracy

Michael Lind: "Another answer is that members of the establishment are almost all nominalists. That is to say, if they give something a name, it takes on real existence in their minds. The Afghan National Army offers a perfect example. Because we called it an army, gave it lots of American money, equipment and training, and knew its order of battle, it was an army. But it wasn't."

'Democracy' is a word game in our political culture of nominalism, or judging things by name or brand than what it really is.

Fascist Theory of Power is true. All things of power turn 'fascist'. Ideology gives into the true dynamics of power, and the winners(or at least survivors) subscribe to all or most of the pillars of power-essentialism.

Jews used to be socialist, anarchist, communist, liberal, libertarian, or etc. Today, Jews are overwhelmingly tribal. They are now focused on power, not principles. Of course, they tirelessly invoke principles but only to twist and bend them to the needs of power, not the other way around. Fascist theorists understood this nature of power and human nature. In time, all things, at least those with the will and wherewithal to survive and gain in strength, turn fascist. A movement can start from the right or the left, but the end result for survivors and winners is the intersection where fascist truths converge. It's been said fascism was defeated in WWII, but only a kind of fascism met such fate. What we've seen since is the rise of new fascisms but guised as something other. Indeed, all post-WWII fascisms have postured as 'anti-fascist'. Even fascists hate the label because it's too candid and forthright about the nature of power. Just like people wear clothes to conceal their nakedness, most forms of power cloak themselves with rhetoric about 'higher principles', 'freedom', 'social justice', or 'the people'. Indeed, even Italian Fascists and National Socialists did this with their overripe reliance on myths and cult of personality. It was to hide the essentially gangster nature of those in power who, far from embodying the noblest qualities of their civilizations, gained position by a good measure of cunning opportunism and backroom compromises.

Supposedly, the end of the Cold War was also the End of History, with liberal democratism and free markets triumphant all over the world. But Francis Fukyomama got it all wrong. The passing of the Ideological Age didn't lead to the rise of the Individual Age but to the Globo-Tribal Age, one where a group(Jews) that refused to abandon its tribal identity &power urged upon all others to do just that. Following WWII, the ideal had been universal nationalism or universal tribalism: Each nation would embrace nationalism but against imperialism as a violator of national independence. Indeed, both the US empire and Soviet empire during the Cold War justified their hegemony as the guarantor of nationalism against the imperialism of the other side, e.g. USSR supported Cuban and Vietnamese nationalism against American Imperialism, and the US supported Polish and Hungarian nationalism against Soviet Imperialism.

But following the end of the Cold War, the new mantra wasn't nationalism-for-all but one-world globalism, or the (not-so)gradual erasure of all nationalism to bring about a New World Order with US as the lone superpower guaranteeing freedom of individuals and markets all over the world. According to Fukuyama, the future was about universal individualism for all nations under the protective power of the US as the great post-national empire, one that used its might not to dominate and exploit others but to emancipate them and open them to opportunities.
Whatever one thinks of this idea, pro or con, the people who gained dominance in the West had other ideas. While Jews pushed deracinated globalist individualism to everyone around the world, they themselves stuck to Jewish supremacist tribal-nationalist-imperialism. Thus, the New World Order was really Jew World Order, with one set of rules for most of the world and another set of rules for the Jews. This contradiction has perhaps been best exemplified by the diabolical figure of George Soros.
Jewish aim wasn't to simply join the global humanity but to rule as the master race over the rest. Notice Jewish Power has been about mass migration for all nations but NOT for Israel. Jews insist on white deracination but demand that whites praise and champion Jewish Power and Zionism. As such, the agenda of universal individualist-globalism was deeply marred(and even doomed) because its most fervent proponents, the Jews, refused to apply it to themselves. It's like the Sacklers pushing opioid junk on goyim. As far as Jews were concerned, globo-individualism was for goy suckers, not for themselves. It was to weaken goyim and bring about their dissipation into atomized individuals, all the while Jews would empower their networks and embolden their identity. (True, many Jews intermarry with goyim, but the children are raised as Jews, just like black-white pairings lead to 'black' kids. In any race-mixing, one race gains dominance over the other. It's like all those mestizos are labeled as Latino, a European-derived identity.)

So, the New World Order after the Cold War was a two-faced beast. On the one hand, as Fukuyama pontificated, it was about the spread of post-ideological and post-national global-universalism of individualism, free trade, and rule of law. (Rule of Law is problematic in a world where a tiny cabal uses its legal and financial dominance to rewrite any set of laws. While goyim are expected to obey the laws, Jews get to rewrite them as they please. Rule of Law used to mean defense of free speech as a Western principle, but with Jewish rewriting of laws, it now means the police can arrest you for speaking truth to Jewish power, Homo idolatry, or Black thuggery. Worse, Rule of Law is useless when Jewish-controlled US, as the lone superpower, does as it pleases around the world. US is illegally occupying the oil-rich parts of Syria but gets away with it. So much for Rule of Law.)

Now, post-national globo-individualism is anathema to many on the Right(and some on the Left who oppose capitalism), but it was doomed to create havoc because of Jewish supremacist hypocrisy. Perhaps, the globalist agenda would have panned out better in Russia had Jewish advisers been more principled and dedicated to fairness and justice. Instead, Jews exploited the opportunity to rape Russia... which turned most Russians against globalism. And in the US, Jewish Power grew ever greedier. Via ethically dubious machinations of finance and big tech, Jews got richer and richer. By suppressing BDS, Jews created a system where Jews can call for boycott of any political group or any Muslim nation but no one can call for boycotts against Jews and Zionism. Jews in power get to decide what is 'terrorism'. When Israel does it or supports it, it's never called 'terrorism', but false-flag events in Syria, of which Assad isn't guilty, are labeled as such. Even non-existent crimes of Assad are deemed 'terrorist' by US State Department and Jewish-controlled mass media, whereas Israel's endless terror-bombings of Syria and its support of ISIS goons never are.

What Jews did to Muslims, they've also done to whites who are now being denied platforms, free speech, and financial services. Samuel Huntington wrote about the Clash of Civilizations, but the most important one was not between the West and the Muslim World. It was between the West and the Jews, but people failed to see this because (1) there were too afraid to speak truth to Jewish Power (2) they were too philosemitically beholden to Jewish Power (3) Jews are regarded as part of the West because of assimilation.
Huntington spoke of Western Values vs Muslim Values, but the main threat to Western Values came from Jews who'd penetrated deep into Western institutions. While tolerance for homos can be said to be a part of Western Value, since when was Celebration of Sodomy a Western Value? Since when was Western Values about fifty genders and the fantasy that a fat guy with penis and balls is a 'woman'? Since when was the deification of black thuggery and Afro-savagery as neo-sainthood a Western Value? Since when was Jungle Fever and White Male cuck-maggotry a Western Value? No, all these sicknesses had no roots in Western Civilization but were planted as poison seeds by Jews. But Huntington focused on Muslims. Sure, Muslim values are at odds with Western values, but why were there so many Muslims in the West in the first place? Why did Europeans become so accepting of the Great Replacement and Diversity? (For most of European History, the West was about defense of the race, preservation of Classical Civilization, faith in Christianity, and/or Rationalism & Enlightenment. What passes for 'western values' in the Age of Globalism is anything but.)
And why did the West stir up the hornet's nest in the Middle East with interventions, wars, and support of terrorists(usually against Arab secular regimes war with Islamic fanatics who were mainly funded by Saudis, key allies of the West)? Granted, Huntington expounded his views before the West went fully 'woke' with globo-homo and BLM nonsense. Still, the main flaw of his thesis resulted from fixating on Muslims than on Jews. Even 9/11 wouldn't have averted if the US, under Jewish pressure, hadn't gotten so mired the Middle East, especially beginning with the Gulf War under George H.W. Bush. 9/11 was essentially blowback with the winds fanned by the hidden hand of Zionist gangsterism. Idiot Muslim terrorists were the sailboat, and Jewish Power was the gods blowing the winds in certain directions. Just like how the gods guide men vs men in THE ILIAD.

The Jewish refusal to surrender to globo-individualism(that was really meant for goyim) doomed the principled foundations of globalism. Whether one supports or opposes globalism, one could at least acknowledge its principled universalism had it demanded the same of ALL peoples. But for Jews, it was a case of 'you goyim take the medicine while we Jews play doctor'. Russians woke up to this, and globalism failed in Russia. But there was another factor. China, like the Jews, took part in the business-aspect of globalism but clung to its nationalism under the leadership of CCP, the only Asian government, apart from that of Vietnam, that wasn't created more-or-less under US neo-imperialist domination.

So, while white cucks in the West became totally spellbound by Jewish Power, Chinese(and Russians and of course Iranians) kept their independence. In a way, this explains why white cucks(libby-dib or conzo-wonzo) are so angry with Russia and China. Why should Russian and Chinese goyim remain independent of Jewish Power when whites in the West have totally groveled and cucked to it? The anger is partly based on ideology and partly on envy. Many white cucks sincerely believe they are the 'most evolved' people on the planet because they are into self-debasement, Negro Worship, cuckery to Jews, and globo-homo mania. They really believe this. But, on the subconscious level, they feel envious of Russians and Chinese who say NO to Jewish globalist authority. White cucks can't help sensing that Russians and Chinese are more like defiant wolves while they themselves are totally obedient dogs. John McCain barking at Putin was so much like a dog barking at a wolf. It was in total servility to the Jewish Master but also in envy of Putin's relative independence from him.

White cucks will say they hate Russia and China because those two states reject 'liberal democratic' values, but if that's the case, why are white cucks so supportive of Jewish supremacism, Zionist tyranny over Palestinians, and Black megalomania? It seems white cucks also have their tribal favoritism: Blacks over non-blacks and Jews over Palestinians & Iranians. And it seems white cucks believe that Muslims, such as Afghanis, have human value ONLY WHEN they adopt 'gender studies' and globo-homo. Are white cucks even aware of their hypocrisy? Cold Hypocrisy of cynical politicians is bearable because so many people say one thing while doing another. But, white cucks are into Hot Hypocrisy, the kind where passions are at odds with principles. If we tend to despise religious hypocrites more than political ones, it's because politics is about cold hypocrisy of saying whatever to get elected. In contrast, when religious types invoke God and morality but then act like louts, thieves, and perverts, it comes across as far worse. Because 'woke' craziness has all the fervor of a religious movement, the hypocrisy is hot and beneath contempt. And of course, Jews are among the hottest hypocrites, always sermonizing about 'hate', Holocaust, 'racism', and 'white supremacism', all the while acting like Zio-Nazis or Jewzis. Just ask the Palestinians. Also, Jews who, for so long, never tired of denouncing 'McCarthyism' as the darkest period in US history are now 100x worse than the anti-communists. The former bitchers about 'red-baiting' and 'anti-communist hysteria' are into white-baiting, Christian-bashing, Constitution-smashing, and free-speech-attacking. Jews also warned people of how the Nazis used medicine as cultural metaphor and political tool, but now Jews use medical tyranny to lend the impression that those who say NO to the 'vaccine' are germs that must be stamped out.

21st century has been about the resurgence of fascism even though all these new forms of fascism hides behind the nominalism of 'liberal world order', 'democracy', 'socialism', or what have you. While some governments admit to being nationalist, a term less toxic in the globalist-controlled discourse, none dares to admit it has anything to do with fascism. It goes to show that World War II still casts a long shadow on the future. Because the peak of Soviet/Russian prestige came with the defeat of National Socialist Germany and full independence for China followed the total defeat of Japan(an ally of Germany), both the Russians and Chinese carry on the charade that they've been the main victims of and victors over fascism. And because Jews met their greatest enemy in the German fascism of National Socialism, Jews have since postured as the biggest anti-fascists in the world(though it hasn't restrained them from supporting quasi-nazi elements in Ukraine).
Of course, the main reason Jews denounce fascism is they want to keep its magic formula for themselves. After all, fascism fuses rightist and leftist elements, whereas other ideologies pit right against left, thus creating division, distrust, and general havoc among a people — indeed, whites are so divided because they reject fascism and opt for ideological partisanship(or even purism) as a 'blue-stater' or 'red-stater', whereas Jewish neo-cons and neo-libs work together to make both rightism and leftism serve the Jews. It's why the secret to power for whites isn't found in the new right or the dissident right but in the left-right, which was the source of success for Adolf Hitler and FDR — Hitler adopted leftist elements into German rightism, and FDR adopted rightist elements into American leftism; and if communism had a saving grace, it fused socialism with nationalism.

Now, there is no guarantee that a nation will be good and decent because it is fascist. Fascism, like any ideology, can be used in bad ways — democracy too can be a disaster, like Russia of the 1990s, South Africa under black majority rule, and all Anglosphere 'liberal democracies' today that have facilitated the rise of Zio-globo-oligarcho-gangsterism. Fascism can lead to brazen rule by gangsters, a case of Machiavellianism. While fascism as theory of power brings us closest to the true nature of power, the moral worth of fascist rule depends on how those lessons are reflected upon and practiced. After all, the truth can be used for good or ill, just like a gun can be used to protect or rob people or chemistry can be used to create medicine or poison. Just because fascism makes us better understand the nature of power doesn't mean we will be better people with power.

Despite the problems of corruption and general abuse of power in China and Russia, it's fair to say their use of fascism is preferable to that of Jews. Besides, paradoxically enough, the biggest enemy of democracy around the world is the Jewish-controlled US as the most fervent promoter of 'democracy'. True democracy must organically grow from the soil of any nation. American democracy worked relatively well because it developed independently of foreign meddling. It was democracy by Americans for Americans. In contrast, whenever some nation around the world tries to open up and liberalize, the US takes advantage of the freedom to infiltrate its institutions & networks and subvert its sovereignty & integrity as a unique homeland of a people and culture. It was Yanqui meddling that undermined attempts at democracy in Latin America, especially in Guatemala. Whether democracy succeeds or fails in some Latin American country, it should be up to the people there, not for Americans to interfere and decide what's what. If anything, things have gotten worse ever since Jews took over the US. In the past, white Americans, being the national majority and imbued with sound values, had no problem with majority rule and true morality. If anything, the core values of White Christian America weren't all that different from those of the Non-West; the only major difference was more tolerance of deviance and more individual liberty in the West. In contrast, Jewish-Americans seek to undermine majority authority and moral sanity in every country by spreading globo-homo and Afromania, the idea being that all European and Asian nations should elevate homo minority over the majority and care more for black thugs than their own peoples. Of course, such minority-privilege and moral inversion is means by which Jewish Power gets to sink its hooks into other nations. Jews think any nation that elevates homos and blacks over their own majority population no longer has a strong sense of national identity & security and is therefore ripe for Jewish globalist picking. Because of Jewish-controlled US meddling, democratic experiments have failed everywhere. The only kind of 'democracy' that the US and its EU satellite will tolerate is one that bends over to the Jewish-controlled afro-globo-homo-schlomo agenda. Whenever freedom and democracy lead to a system that has other ideas and says NO to the afro-globo-homo-shlomo agenda, the US does everything to undermine that country. It's like the US was for the Arab Spring until free elections brought Muslim Brotherhood into power. Then, the US backed the Egyptian military in the coup against the rightfully elected government. And Jewish-controlled US recruited thugs and stirred up mob violence to unseat the democratically elected leader of Ukraine. In other words, US support of democracy is really a kind of 'demockery'. It's not about the freedom of peoples around the world to choose their own values and destinies but about the US exploiting freedoms in other countries to infiltrate, subvert, corrupt, and prop up puppet regimes onboard with the afro-globo-homo-shlomo agenda. In other words, it's not about spreading true democracy or freedom but propping up puppetocracies. It's a form of Imperial Democracy, the cloning of 'new democracies' around the world to serve as shills of Jewish-controlled US as the Imperium. If all the houses in the neighborhood agree to keep their doors unlocked, such openness can work ONLY IF everyone agrees not to trespass onto other people's homes and steal stuff. Whenever a nation around the world unlocks its door, the US trespasses and rearranges everything in the house and even steals stuff. Naturally, the doors must be locked again to keep out the Americans(who now do the stealing for the Jews). So, even though freedom is preferable to autocracy, some measure of the latter is necessary to maintain national sovereignty in a world where the US, as the tool of Jews, promotes freedom not to bolster but to destroy national independence. It's like Jews promote youth culture not to make young people more free and independent but more dependent and addicted to junk culture and dumb fads pushed by Jews. 'Liberal Democracy' has come to mean conformity to the demands of Jewish Globalists. Of course, any honest person would notice that what Jews demand of goy nations, they never demand of Israel. What is good for Israel is not good for Hungary. What Jews demand of Hungary, they never ask of Israel. This is why the national fascisms of China and Russia are, at least at this moment in history, laudable as bulwarks against Jewish Supremacist gangster-fascist-terrorism.

21st century is turning out to be about three dominant fascisms, those of China, Russia, and the Jews. Chinese rule China, Russians rule Russia, and Jews rule US, EU, Anglosphere, and its cuck satellites(like Japan). China has arrived at a fascist equilibrium. Confronting Western Imperialist aggression in the 19th century, China was like a turtle that hid deeper into its shell of ultra-conservatism and reaction. It only kept China weak when faced with the challenges of modernity. Then, as if to compensate for its long decay under rigid traditionalism, China embarked on radicalism under Mao, but this war of culture and ideology led to great havoc and destruction. Then, China embarked on what seemed like a pro-market-oriented neo-liberal path, but the fates of Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan under US ideological and idolatrous hegemony have proven to be culturally hollow, dissipating, and suicidal. Therefore, China seeks a balance of tradition and change, of international relations and national sovereignty. Same could be said of Russia. If rule under the Tsars was too reactionary, the rule by Bolsheviks was too radical and traumatizing. Also, mere communism held back initiative, enterprise, and economic growth, and then, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the surrender to unfettered globo-capitalism led to Jewish economic rape, which dwarfed even the horrors of the Weimar Period in Germany. Vladimir Putin, for all his faults and limitations, have tried to steer Russia toward a balance of tradition and modernity, of markets and socialism. His method too is essentially fascist though he would be loathe to admit it in public.

At any rate, what Russian and Chinese neo-fascisms have in common is the conviction that power must be consolidated and constructed toward nationalist goals. Power must ultimately be about what is good for the nation and the people, not only for here and now but into the future. Therefore, even though Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin can act like gangsters at times, they do have some qualities of statesmen and genuine national leaders with a sense of patriotism and common good. Putinism is about what-is-good-for-Russia in Russia that is overwhelmingly Russian, and Xi-ism is about what-is-good-for-China in China that is overwhelmingly Chinese. Those are national-humanist fascisms. In contrast, Jewish supremacist fascism is purely tribal-gangsterist, indeed even worse than British and French rule over their colonies.

Nominalism(useful term invoked by Michael Lind) explains why so many people are fooled about the true nature of what's really happening. They are fooled by labels. Take 'gay rights'. It gives the impression that the globo-homo agenda is about allowing homos the right to be 'gay' and do their 'gay' thing. But that is not what the Agenda is about. It's about forcing everyone to celebrate and revere homos and even trannies. It's about official promotion of Anno Sodomini as the new faith for the educated elites, the 'more evolved'. Nominalism is used alongside symbolism, e.g. the 'rainbow' homo flag. So, even though homosexuality is about gross bung-donging inside the dark and dank anus, many people associate it with bright colors.

So, all this talk of 'democracy' vs 'autocracy' is BS. The current world is really about autocracy vs autocracy, except that Jewish Power hides behind labels of 'democracy', 'liberalism', 'tolerance', 'diversity', 'equity', and 'inclusion'. Right, Jews are so into diversity that New York Times is full of Palestinian-American writers - not. Jews are so into equity that.... now, that is too funny. Jews, the richest and most privileged people into equity, ROTFL. As for 'diversity', what is it really about? It's about White Preferism, Capitalist Greed, Jewish Supremacism, and White Cuck Saviorism.
It's White Preferist in that non-whites prefer to move to white nations and live with white majorities than with their own kind. If Diversity is so great, why don't browns stay put as all of Latin America is pretty diverse? India is said to be very diverse along cultural, ethnic, and linguistic lines, but all these Hindus wanna move to white nations. Diversity is White Preferism.
As for businessmen, they just want cheap docile workers who complain less than native folks. We can understand why they'd rather hire newcomers than blacks, but it goes much further. Big Business would rather hire cheaper inferior foreign workers to superior American ones just to cut costs.
There is also a Jewish Supremacist angle: Increase non-white numbers and use them against whites. Also, more diversity among goyim means more division among them... which ensures Jewish Power.
As for white cuck savior complex, so many whites are not only stupid enough to fall for Jewish Diversity BS but subconsciously hanker for a kind of white supremacism. They feel that nonwhites are too dumb to take care of themselves and must live under paternal white guidance to see the light and enjoy the fruits.

So, beware of nominalism.

After all, what is 'racism' really about. It's not about treating all races equally and rejecting racial favoritism. No, it means the 'moral' necessity and even sanctity of treating blacks as our superiors in every way. In reality, blacks are the biggest thugs and pose the gravest threat to white people, but in stupid Hollywood horror movies, whites are hunted down by space monsters or flesh-eating goblins(or Evil White Males) and must rely on heroic and/or saintly blacks as their protectors or saviors. ROTFL. When Paul McCartney was accused of possible 'racism' for having badmouthed Pakistanis in the UK, his defense was he can't be 'racist' because his favorite people are blacks. If 'racism' is racial favoritism, isn't it 'racist' to favor blacks over others? But then, the agenda around 'racism' is to favor blacks for sympathy and consideration, even admiration and reverence. It's not about racial equality but superiority of blacks.

And what is politics around 'antisemitism' about. It's not about treating Jews the same way as the rest of humanity. No, it's about the obligation that Jews be treated better, always be favored, always be forgiven, always preferred. It's not about treating Jews and whites the same way. No, it's about Jews dictating to whites as to what's what, what is right or wrong; and whites must nod along without debate. It's not about treating Jews and Palestinians the same way. No, it's about letting Jews act as they wish with Palestinians. Even when Jews are clearly in the wrong, we must support them over Palestinians, and to say otherwise is to be an 'anti-semite'. So, the politics of 'antisemitism' is really about Jewish Supremacism, not about the need to treat Jews like everyone else, i.e. neither more deserving nor less deserving of justice and fairness.

But people are blind to this because of nominalism. 'Racism' gives the impression that it's opposed to ALL forms of racial hatred. But if so, why is there total silence about non-black victims of black mayhem and violence? 'Antisemitism' gives the impression that Jews are especially targeted by irrational haters and that we need to treat Jews as human beings deserving of equal justice. But 'antisemitism', as framed by ADL, SPLC, and Jewish-run media & deep state, really boils down to Jews having the divine right to control everything and do as they please as the 'made men' who cannot be questioned. In other words, its actual practice is Jewish Supremacism. The hell with nominalism and say yes to ACTUALISM.

We need to reject nominalism and accurately describe and name what is really what and what is really happening. The problem isn't 'racism' but black-thug-supremacism. The problem isn't 'antisemitism' but Jewish supremacism and Zionist gangsterism. The problem isn't that homos are denied 'gay rights' but that Gay Rites are pushed as the new mandatory cult in the West and that anyone who won't bend over to this devil-god and take it up the ass is blacklisted and destroyed by the Power.


Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Covid Hysteria is about Jews as Master Race maintaining Control over us as Goy Helots — Uppity Goyim are not tolerated by Jewish Supremacists — What can be done about Conzophrenia regarding Jews? — Appeal of Wokery as the Great 'Neo-Spiritual' Equalizer — Odorology of Political Correctness

The Covid Phenom is a religious war in a way because it’s about Jews forcing us to obey them as the new gods. Whatever Jews say, we must obey. When Jews decree, we must bend the knee. The most vociferous pushers of Covid Toccine or Quaccine are the Jews. It’s partly about profits but more about psycho-social control over goyim. This is why Jews are so ADAMANT that we submit and do as they say. For Jews, the Covid Toccine is a struggle for power over goyim. It’s like obedience schools for dogs because Jews see us as pets and cattle. We must obey, we must be domesticated, we must be neutered.

Why are Jews so totally insistent that we subscribe to their narrative and submit to their regimen? Why all the panic, hysteria, and vitriol? Why all the (not-so)veiled threats and scare tactics about what Covid will do to us, plus what the state may to do us lest we refuse to submit? After all, any rational person would have figured out by now that Covid is not a mass-killer. It’s hardly anything like the Small Pox or even the Spanish Flu. And yet, the reaction to Covid has been more hysterical, extreme, and draconian than to any disease since the Black Plague. Why?

It’s not about the medicine but about power. It’s like the dynamics between parent and child. Parent seeks authority over the child, and so the child saying NO to spinach can become a big issue. Not because it’s really about nutrition but it's about parental authority over the child. Parent thinks the child must obey in order to maintain authority and respect. Without that authority, parent loses control of the child. Jews react to goyim defying the official narrative(that has since changed so many times — 'trust the schwience, goy') and refusing the experimental treatment like Dustin Hoffman’s character in KRAMER VS KRAMER to this son's eating ice cream.

Well, at least we can understand the need for parental authority. Children really don’t know what is what and need adult guidance(though these days, adults with tattoos, piercings, and green hair are hardly in a position to be lecturing anyone). But should Jews have ‘parental’ control over us? Are we really dumb children while Jewish globalists are the perennial ‘adults in the room’? Adults who gave us Wars for Israel, Wall Street deregulation, Opioid mass deaths, gambling addiction & mass theft, globo-homo cult, BLM riots, legal protection for Antifa, the idea that fat men are ‘women’, etc.

Likewise, Jews want a World Order where THEY SAY, WE OBEY. Whatever they throw at us, we must swallow. They toss, we fetch. This is what the Covid Hysteria is really about. Jews are so bullying and overbearing on the Covid Issue because they see us as children, pets, or cattle to control, especially because goyim outnumber them in all nations except Israel. It's the Jewish gauntlet, a test of force to make us bend our knees. (In Israel, Jews are less concerned about goy Palestinian defiance because Jews have the power of numbers over the Arabs; it’s also why Israelis are fine with gun ownership because there are more Jews with guns than Palestinians with weapons.) A circus animal trainer works with beasts much bigger and stronger than man: Bears, Lions, Tigers, Elephants, Horses, and etc. That’s why they must make sure that the animals obey at all times. Jews see goyim the same way: Big Dumb Powerful War Horse that must be made to obey and follow orders. If goyim begin to think and feel independent of Jewish dictates and demands, it means they won’t obey the Jews or submit to the Jewish Agenda. It means they don’t have to trust and believe Jews like stupid children believing in Santa Claus; they may even begin to speak truth to Jewish Power. It means the end of Jewish Supremacism and the dawn of Goy Liberation. Jews cannot tolerate this, and this is why Jews are in war-footing on the Covid issue. It’s not just about medicine but a make-or-break moment for Jews in their agenda to control goyim.

This is why goyim who push the Covid agenda are like Ghanis of the world. Cuck-collaborators. They are like South Vietnamese Viet-Cucks who helped the US hunt down patriotic Viet Cong. They deserve our contempt, even more so if they are in so-called HBD sphere. Their cucking to Covid goes to show, when push comes to shove, they are hardly different from David French and Rich Lowry. They are still hung-up on the fantasy of appeasing Jews and winning their favors.

Consider how the Jewish-controlled Rolling Stone magazine spread the lie about some hospital being filled up with Ivermectine over-dosers. Total fake news, but Jews brazenly lie because they seem goyim as too dumb for the truth. The only ‘truth’ that matters is Jews are the Master Race and inferior goyim must be made to obey. Apparently, Rolling Stone learned NOTHING from its Sabrina Rubin Erdely scandal. What does Sabrina Erdely’s lies and Covid BS have in common? It’s about control over goyim.

Covid Coercion is about Jewish Control over Goyim. It’s less about bio-medicine or bio-weapon than psychological warfare of creating hysteria and controlling us through intimidation and submission. And reaping massive profits from it.

Follow the identity(and the money), and the biggest pushers of Covid are the same people who wage war on Free Speech and Gun Rights. All those dissident right and HBD types who jumped on the Covid Bandwagon are fools or morons. They are essentially David French who talk some race realism. Weak schmucks. When push comes to shove, their greatest wish is to win the approval of Jews whom they regard as superior.

Unless we name the Jew, the Covid Madness may well continue for years as Jews regard it as their golden goose for profits and social control. Jews know they can justify any amount of tyranny by invoking Covid and sensationalizing its threat to mankind. Jews use the Covid narrative like adults use horror stories about the bogeyman to frighten kids into paralysis and obedience. "Unless you kids do as I say, the bogeyman will come and get you!" Because Jews control the media & medical community and abuse both to maximize their power, nothing is possible unless we name the Jew. We need to connect the dots between Jews and a variety of madness that is gripping the West. Whether it's Antifa violence, BLM lunacy, the Great Replacement, loss of civil liberties, financial malfeasance, big tech censchwarzship, destructive Wars for Israel, globohomo degeneracy, or Covid hysteria, you bet Jewish Power is behind it. How can anything be done to restore sanity unless we name the main culprit?

Think of the Culture War. How could so-called 'conservatives' win it when they failed to name the group most hostile to the white race: The Jewish Supremacists?

In any war, the way to win is to identify the enemy and target it for destruction. Jewish Supremacists are the main enemy of the white race, but white conzos have been bending over backwards to appease them.
It’d be like the Soviet Union fighting WWII by trying to appease Adolf Hitler at every turn. What would have been the result of the Soviet Union trying to defend itself from the German Wehrmacht while trying to be in good graces with Der Fuhrer?

The problem with conzos is they countered many of the weapons lobbed at them by Jews but never named the Jews as the main lobbers of those bombs. It’d be like defending oneself from someone’s fists while refusing to admit He is trying to smash your face in.

This is the great conzo-schizophrenia or Conzophrenia. It failed to connect the dots between Jews and the Jewish Agenda. Even while opposing the agenda, it revered the very people behind it. Conzos were against the ideology of Jews but for the idolatry of Jews.
Eventually, the idolatry won out so that conzos even came to adopt the ideology — ‘gay rights’ and Afromania and ‘Muh Diversity’ and CRT — because nothing is worse in the conzophrenic imagination than the failure to appease the holy almighty Jews.

Zio-Madeleine Albright said it was ‘worth it’ to kill 500,000 Iraqi children with sanctions. I wonder if the Sackler Dynasty and the Jewish supremacist elites feel it was ‘worth it’ to murder 500,000 working class with opioid addiction. And remember it was the Jewish Sassoon Family that dominate the sale of opium to the Chinese in the 19th century. A pattern appears. Jewish supremacists regard goyim as expendable and disposable in their pursuit of power and profits.

There's a saying:

Those who can’t do, teach.

Those who can’t teach, teach gym.

Those who can’t teach gym, teach CRT.

Problem is…

Both those who can learn and those who can’t learn easily absorb CRT.

Perhaps one appeal of ideological teaching is both smarties and dummies can understand it. Ideology is the great equalizer in an ever dividing world. The Enlightenment was about liberty and the people, but more freedom and meritocracy led to division of people between new smart elites, the mediocre middle, and the dummies. In the past, religion united all peoples as both smarties and dummies understood God. Faith was the great equalizer.
But with the fading of religious authority, what can be grasped and understood by ALL people, smart and dumb? Wokery as neo-spirituality because anyone can understand ‘Racism done it!’ It's about saints and sinners, heroes and villains, gods and the devil. Jews are saints, goyim are sinners. Blacks are heroes, whites are villains. Homos are holy, 'homophobes' are the devil. No need to think. Just take it on faith while chanting the catechism of 'diversity', 'equity', 'inclusion' against 'racism', 'homophobia', 'white supremacism', and 'antisemitism'.

We know why Jews push anti-whiteness. It is to control whites. But why do so many whites accept anti-whiteness? It seems they have weak identity and almost no sense of roots. And most of them aren’t too bright or independent-willed. So, their entire worldview is ideological and/or idolatrous based on what Jews in media/academia push on the public. Jews are the masters, and white wokey-dokes are like bloodhounds. Jews provide the scent and the white hounds mindlessly run after it. Indeed, the current ideology is more smell-based than thought-based. Via control of academia, media, entertainment, and advertisement, Jews have come to associate certain groups, values, and ideas with 'odiousness'. Thus, even people who don't really know the facts or understand the issue react with murderous revulsion because of its 'odor'. Wokery is a form of odorology. If you associate certain images with nice odors while associating other images with bad odors, people will ‘think’ well of images associated with good odors(in the spirit of odoralotry or odor-idolatry) while ‘thinking' badly of images associated with bad odors. Mass media work on the senses and often bypass reason and logic.

Fully Vaccinated People are MORE LIKELY to Suffer from COVID - Study - Vincent James

Saturday, September 4, 2021

If Whiteness has no Validity or Meaning, then Whites cannot lay claim to anything, and there is No Common White Property — The Political Art of White Dispossession by Jewish Supremacism, especially by pushing ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs

What secures the survival and well-being of a people? What keeps them healthy in body and spirit? What provides them with a sense of meaning and purpose, even destiny? What fills them with a sense of distinctness, a special quality that makes them rise above mere genericity, rise above the occasion?

A people must have a sense of their evolutionary origins and understand what makes them different from other races. If of a spiritual bent, a people must be bound by the conviction that God created different peoples, and each group is unique in its own way. A people must have a sense of history. Just like every individual has his own unique biography and every family has its own story, every people need to keep with their own history with its origins, myths, tales, and heroes & villains. Just like it's tragic for an amnesiac or an Alzheimer patient robbed of memory, a people without historical memory and a deep sense of roots & mythic bonds are truly lost, like a confounded hiker or navigator without a compass, no sense of where he came from and no sense of where he's going and why.
For security-sake, it's essential that a people lay claim to certain territories as rightfully theirs. A people without a country are like a man without a home: Doomed to wander as nomads. There's a difference between a traveler and a nomad. A traveler has a home to return to in the end, like Odysseus. In contrast, a nomad is a chronic wanderer. Steve Martin's character in PLANES, TRAINS, AND AUTOMOBILES has a home and a family waiting for him. John Candy's character is always on the road, condemned to drift from place to place.
Furthermore, as one lives forever, a people must produce new generations, and this requires the union of man and woman. To preserve the unique features of form and beauty of a people, most of the sexual unions must be among the men and women of the group. Excessive miscegenation leads to something like the mulatto-mestizos of Latin America, confused populations with weak sense of who or what they are.
In addition, to ensure the synthesis of identity, history, and territory, there must be proper authority, a concentration of power, that works to lead, represent, defend, and preserve the people and culture. Without these supports, a people's long-term survival comes into question. It's like there's no guarantee that a chair with four wobbly legs will remain standing. If a horse with one broken leg is useless, imagine one with four broken legs. What happens to a building when its columns or support beams are broken? The whole thing may well crumble to the ground. Indeed, bigger the structure, stronger its support system must be. Bigger they are, firmer they must stand... or else harder they fall.

Now, it's possible for a people/culture to survive without all the supports. Jews certainly did for nearly two thousand years without a homeland to call their own, and Kurds continue as a people & culture despite being dispersed among several non-Kurd-majority nations like Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and etc. In the case of the Jews, their magic formula was the Covenant, which went beyond mere identity, territory, and history. The Covenant created a spiritual bond between Jewish Blood and Heavenly Spirit. It meant that wherever Jews may be, whatever straits they were in, and however downtrodden they may be, they are the Chosen People favored by the one and only true God. The fact that Jews survived over the millennia despite so many setbacks(and even loss of territory) is a testament to the power of bonding blood with spirit. At any rate, Jews are an exception in history.
Furthermore, while there's much to learn from the Jewish Example, one should never heed Jewish advice as the essence of Jewishness is to maximize its own tribal power, wealth, influence, and control at the expense of goyim. If something works great for Jews, Jews will recommend the very opposite for the goyim. But then, Jews are being smart in their deviousness. If gold is buried in spot A, of course it makes sense for Jews to tell others it's buried in spot B... or C or D or E. It's like the Vikings who settled in Iceland wanted it for themselves. So, they gave it the forbidding name of 'Iceland' to keep others away while naming a far less hospitable land mass 'Greenland'. Likewise, Jews want to hoard their own 'Iceland' for themselves while recommending the metaphorical 'Greenland' for goyim. Iceland is really green whereas Greenland is frozen.

For most peoples, the failure to secure one of the pillars of peoplehood is like being a Paralympian than an Olympian. It's like competing with a missing arm or leg or with a broken spine. Such peoples must hobble through history and are always at a disadvantage vis-a-vis others with sturdier, sounder, and more complete support systems. An engine running on all six cylinders has more kick than one running on three. A plane with four working propellers is preferable to one with only two working. Jews are like someone using both arms and both legs urging others to tie one hand behind the back and jump around on one foot. Some Jews go even further and urge upon goyim to cut off all limbs. Jews would have goyim, especially white goyim, turn into Boxing Helena.

Still, a people with one or two cylinders working are better off than a people with all the cylinders out of order. The rule of history is that a people with essential support systems, no matter how poor and backward, are better positioned to survive into the future than a people who, no matter how well-fed and affluent, have been robbed of theirs. Indeed, compare the Palestinians and Anglo-Canadians. The latter enjoy much better living standards than the tragic Arabs living under Zionist occupation and tyranny. But, whereas Palestinians doggedly cling to their pride of identity and sense of history(and totally believe in the rightness of their cause and see Jews for what they are) despite their loss of territory, Anglo-whites in Canada have no pride of identity, no sense of history, and no claim of territory. Indeed, for Anglo-whites nothing is conceivably more evil than the idea of white authority/power in service of white interests. Even as a defeated people, Palestinians know what they are and do what they must to survive. Despite their affluence and privileges, Anglo-whites of Canada have zero defense systems against the Great Replacement(or White Nakba) and, if anything, believe the evil of whiteness must be erased by Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity, or D.I.E.
So, whereas Palestinians struggle to remain Palestinians with each passing year, Anglo-whites lose out ever more in Canada(and it's the same in all of Anglosphere and Germanosphere as Northern European whites are now totally mind-controlled by Jews). Of course, Jews sought to mind-trick the Palestinians as well. Zionists argued there's no such thing as the Palestinian people, Palestinian culture, or Palestinian history. Jews said it's all just a 'social construct'(but for some reason, we are to believe Zionism is so natural and real that it has the right to destroy the natives of Palestine to make room for Euro-Israel dominated by Ashkenazim). If Palestinians didn't take the vile Jewish bait, whites not only took it but swallowed the whole thing as good medicine... only to have the hook stuck inside their intestines which are now fatally wounded and bleeding.

Jews rule the world and seek to undermine and invalidate any concept of White Property or White Possession. White Dispossession is the name of the game. This is why Jews attack the very notion of whiteness. If whiteness is a valid category, then whites would have reasons to defend their identity, heritage, history, territory, wealth, authority, and power. But if whiteness is invalid, just some ‘racist’ construct or at best a figment of the imagination, then whites have no unique, special, and/or commanding claim to anything. Minus such conviction, whites don't deserve to own anything as a people, not least because even their peoplehood lacks legitimacy.
Of course, whites as individuals can own stuff, even lots of stuff(like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett), but there is nothing that whites as a race, culture, or people can have, defend, and preserve as their own. The politically correct mantra of Diversity really means that anything white can be claimed and taken by nonwhites? (It's like Asian-Indians as individuals could gain wealth under British Imperialism, but they, as a people, could not claim India as a national entity independent of Rule Britannia).
It's akin to conditions of slavery, at least on the legal and psychological level(even if whites aren't literally slaves). Consider blacks in the American South when slavery still existed. Not all blacks had to pick cotton from sunup to sundown. Some black slaves could learn a craft and earn money(even save enough to purchase their own freedom). But no matter how much they earned(and even upon gaining freedom), it was virtually forbidden for them to think that they deserved or owned anything as a collective, as a people. For blacks, wealth and freedom were just individual matters. Some blacks could do pretty well as individuals and some could be legally free, but they couldn't be empowered as an united people.

Today, Jews have done the same to whites who are but soul-slaves of the Zionic Tribe. Jeff Bezos and Tim Cook are among the richest whites in the world, but their wealth is purely an individual matter. They can spend it on themselves and their close ones but never ever for white interests. But then, as people aren't mere individuals but part of a larger community, what can rich whites do to show they aren't just in it for themselves? There are three choices: (1) Libertarianism, a soulless ideology about 'muh freedom' that only further atomizes the white race and separates rich whites from those with less (2) The Approved Tribalism or Idolatry of Jews, blacks, and homos — even though Identity is generally denied to most groups, especially whites and Palestinians, it is not only tolerated but celebrated among Jews, blacks, and homos as the three magical groups (3) Mania for Diversity and Inclusion, which means rich whites should care about nonwhites around the world and welcome them into the West, not least to snub and replace 'racist' whites.

Is it any wonder that Jews(who are only 2% of the US population), blacks(who are 13% of the population), and homos(who are only 2.5% of the population) have more authority than whites? All Jews can coordinate together for Jewish Power. Blackness has been made sacred, i.e. blacks, just by being black, are deemed holy. Globo-Homo is now celebrated, and an entire month is reserved for Limp-Wristianity or Queertianity as replacement for Christianity. And even though the identities of Mestizos, Asians, Arabs, and etc. aren't especially regarded in the West, they have prestige as 'immigrants' bearing the wonderful gift of Diversity, further pushing whites to the back of the bus. (Of course, no one asks why people from Latin America must come to the US for a better life when their own countries are plenty diverse. Why has Diversity failed to do its magic for Latin America? Does Diversity become magic only when whites in the West are on the verge of losing their majority status? Odd how that works.)

Anyway, War-on-Whiteness(or WOW) and the ensuing White Dispossession allow Jews to lay claim to and gain possession of just about anything that once belonged to the white world. Nothing white is deemed sacred or priceless. Jews look upon the white world as a Jewish pawnbroker looks upon property. They are all trinkets for his taking. Everything white has a price tag and can be bought or sold or just taken by Jews or nonwhites.
Of course, Syrians aren't so lucky either. Jewish-controlled US foreign policy led to the military occupation of entire swaths of Syrian territory. The way Jews see it, Syria doesn't belong to Syrians, and Jews can use their goy military puppets to invade and occupy any piece of Syrian territory at whim. Currently, Syrians don't even have access to their own oil due to Jewish-guided US occupation. And of course, Palestinians in West Bank are silenced by the Jew-run media while yet another piece of their territory is swallowed up by Jewish invader-settlers. Jews look upon all the goy world as their oyster or goyster.

Since whiteness is an evil notion, the idea of White Territory is intolerable. Whites have no territory to call their own. All of the West must be on the auction block. It is to be sold and bought. Worse, any bunch of nonwhites can trample into white lands because Jewish-controlled globalism(the current ideology of the West) says Europeans don't even own the identity or meaning of European-ness. Anyone can become 'European' because globalism defines 'European-ness' as the celebration of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity.
So, while white individuals can own lots of private property, there isn’t a single square inch in the world to designate as White Territory. Jewish supremacists who rule the West insist that whiteness is an evil that must be eradicated, and therefore, nothing can be claimed in the name of whiteness. White people must live merely as generic people or deracinated individuals in service to Jewish Identity, globo-homo-afro idolatry, and globalist ideology. Of course, Viktor Orban disagrees and says Hungary is sacred birth-and-burial ground for Hungarians. Jews cannot tolerate this. Not because Hungary itself is an important and consequential nation in the literal sense — a middle-income country with population of mere ten million, it isn't — but because its European-and-Christian-centered nationalism, in rejecting the entire paradigm of the Jew World Order, may inspire whites around the world to think outside the Jewish Box and say NO to Jewish Supremacism in the name of White Liberation. To Jewish Supremacists, the Hungarian example is akin to Palestinians saying Palestine is their homeland on the basis of pride of identity, resilience of history, and claim of territory. Well, at least Jews also have historical roots in the Holy Land, but it is outrageous how they lay claim to all the West that rightfully and racially belongs to whites.

For Jewish supremacists, the idea that white women belong to white men to have white kids with in order to preserve the white race is also evil. As whiteness is just a figment of ‘racist’ fantasy, white women are mere commodity for other races. They are whores for Jewish merchants and ho’s for black men. Jews say there is no deep and meaningful bond between white men and white women because whiteness is just garbage cooked up by ‘racists’. This is what Jews push. Jews want white wombs to be colonized by black men.
But it's rather odd if one thinks about it. On the one hand, Jews and blacks impugn whiteness as just worthless garbage, but they seem obsessed with white beauty that is the product of tens of thousands of evolution whereby white men mated with white women. If Jews and blacks see nothing special about whiteness, why do THEY lay claim to beauty that is unique to whites? Of course, the black threat is especially damaging to whites because of the Jungle Fever factor. Even with anti-whiteness in full force in media and academia, most white women won't sexually venture outside whiteness as they don't feel much attraction to most nonwhite men. But it's different with white women and Negroes because black men are better at sports, can holler & sing louder, and have bigger dongs. Indeed, even when the West was 'racist' and enforced taboos against miscegenation in the past, some white women went with black men because of the sheer pull of jungle fever. In our times when Jews control ideology(propaganda) & idolatry(marketing) and outright promote Jungle Fever and encourage millions of black Africans to move to the West, ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs is an existential threat to the white race. It effectively turns white women into 'mudsharks' and reduces white men into wussy cucks, resulting in the erasure of European uniqueness in form and beauty as the white race will be mulatto-ized and claimed by blackness that, contra whiteness, is much celebrated and even sacralized in the Jew World Order.
The way Jews see it, Jewish Supremacism depends on white submission, and there is no better way to effect permanent white obeisance than by breaking the sacred bond between white men and white women with Jungle Fever. Today, cuckenized white men celebrate the very fact that white women reject them and go with blacks. Jews brainwashed white males into believing that black sexual imperialism and white sexual defeat are synonymous with 'anti-racism' when, in fact, it's premised on black men being superior men to white men. Of course, it could be just a case of White Male Cope. Since they are losing white women to black men and can't do anything about it, they pretend they are letting it happen of their own accord out of racial magnanimity or commitment to combating 'racism'. So, even though white women are being taken away from white men, white men pretend they are giving their women away out of free will. It's like the landlord in THE GODFATHER PART 2 who complies with Vito Corleoene's request out of fear but pretends it's out of the goodness of his heart.

In the Jew World Order, there can be no such thing as White History, yet another essential pillar or support system lost for the white race. Indeed, Jews insist White History never existed because whiteness was always a fantasy of ignorance + supremacism and nothing else. Kids nowadays are told Greeks and Romans weren’t white. Iceland and Sweden were always 'multicultural', meaning multi-racial. Blacks always roamed around Britain and France. So, why not fill up all new movies about European lore and history with blacks and nonwhites? And even if some parts of Europe were indeed all-white, how terrible indeed and in need of being remedied with the wonders of Diversity. It's as if such whites lived inside a cave without the sun and must be brought out into the light. Shame on such history for its lack of diversity. As diversity is so wondrous, all Europeans must fantasize that their ancestors and heroes were black even if such weren't the case.

As for the politics of white authority or white power, NO WAY insist the Jews. Whiteness is ‘racist’, therefore any power or authority centered on serving white identity and interests is totally anathema to all that is good. So, while white individuals can make lots of money and work for powerful institutions, they must never think white or serve white interests. They must serve lofty ideals such as ‘diversity’, ‘inclusion’, and ‘equity’…. though for some reason, they must also serve Jews and blacks and homos as the Holy Three even though we’ve been told tribalism is wrong.

This is why whites are so powerless. Even though whites are still numerous in the West, have lots of wealth, desired for their looks, and are well-represented in elite institutions, whites are powerless as a race because even the most successful white individuals can never ever serve or defend whiteness but must serve ‘woke’ ideology or the idolatry of the holy three: Jews, blacks, and homos. If Bill Gates were to donate a measly $100 to Jared Taylor's American Renaissance, the full force of Jewish Supremacism and its white cuck-collaborators, what with their total grip on elite power, will pounce on him at once and destroy his reputation, connections, and wealth. Also, the courts will dig up anything to bring him down as so-called 'justice' is just a gangsterist lawfare arm of the Jews.

Whites today are like all those horses. Horses are big powerful beasts, but whatever their number, they are powerless as horses because they’ve been trained to serve humans. No matter how powerfully they run and do their horsey things, it’s never for horse-sake but for human-sake. Whites are now essentially saddled horses of Jewish cowboys.

The REAL Pandemic : "HATE CRIMES" On The Rise! - Nick Fuentes

Monday, August 30, 2021

What CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND(dir. Steven Spielberg) tells us about the Trajectory of Jewish American Experience from Leaders of People Power to Hoarders of Elite Power — HoloCovenant as the New Definition of Jewishness

Even though Jews have produced many influential thinkers in the 20th century, we can learn as much or even more about them through their use of popular culture. Granted, some degree of esotericism is necessary to decode the message. In other words, just like adults and children see things differently and laugh for different reasons when watching TV, it's likewise between Jews and Goyim when watching, say, a Steven Spielberg movie. For the goyim, it's just a big thrill ride. To Jews, it's a game of 'wink-wink, nudge-nudge, get it?'

Take CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, the only movie that contended with STAR WARS for box office in 1977, the year following the Bicentennial. For most people, it was a grand sci-fi fairytale, like a Disney Movie for adults. And in many ways, the spirit of the movie seemed 'as American as apple pie'. But if ever there was a statement of 'We Jews Shall Inherit the Earth', it's this movie. The movie is at once mainstream-populist and Jewish tribal-elitist. It depends on who is doing the watching with which set of cultural references. A goy might go around saying "Did-you see it?", but for the Jew, it's a case of "Jew see it?" Jew know? It came out in the year of ANNIE HALL that won Best Picture Oscar.

The core source of Jewish Power is the force of prophecy. This potential is latent in all groups but failed to come to full fruition among most. Jews attained it to the furthest degree. (One might say Arabs did too with Islam, but Muhammad mostly copied and revised Jewish prophecies.) In the movie, the space aliens as cosmic power reach out to all humanity. They send signals even to Mexicans(who are mostly drunk), Mongols(in the middle of nowhere), and Hindus(who think Vishnu sang to them). (But apparently not to Negroes, thank Todd.) And among the called are white goyim as well. But the one who is mostly burning-bushed is none other than the Richard Dreyfuss character Roy Neary. Roy is like a Jew-Toy, and he's Neary to God. (As Pinocchio goes from puppet to a real boy, Roy goes from ersatz goy to a true 'Jew'.) So, even though there are two modes to its aura — nationalistic as space aliens choose America among all nations, especially the famed Devil's Tower(though not Mt. Rushmore), and internationalist as space aliens shine their rays and send signals to all peoples of the world — , the real blessing or cosmo-covenant is with Roy who, though not spelled out as JEW, is clearly Jewishy with Dreyfuss's physiognomy and pushy over-the-top performance. Roy stands for Jew as impassioned seeker, climber, and ultimate victor, the heartbreak kid. The two other notable Jewish or Jewishy characters are Lacombe by Francois Truffaut and Laughlin by Bob Balaban. Balaban represents Neo-Talmudism. His expertise is cartography, making and reading of maps, modern version of Jewish numerology. (Upon his realization that the space aliens' signals are coordinates, his colleagues roll a giant globe into a room to pinpoint the whereabouts. It's as if the world is being prepared for Jewish Possession: The World is Ours because the hidden covenantial code can be cracked and revealed only by us Jews.) Truffaut had his own awakening of identity — he grew up thinking he's entirely French but later discovered through a private eye that his father is a Jewish dentist. So, even though the grand ending is ostensibly about space aliens meeting with humanity, it becomes almost like a tribal Bar Mitzvah or Jewish Wedding where space aliens as cosmo-gods choose Jews Uber Alles. It's very much a closed affair, a Closed Encounter as well as a close one.

In preparation for the Encounter, the scientific community, the US government, and the military conspire to keep the public away. One military commander says: "What I need is something so scary it'll clear three hundred square miles of every living Christian soul." Now, there are two ways of making sense of the statement. It's just a figure of speech and has nothing to do with Christians — just scare the population away so that serious people can pull off a diplomatic coup with the aliens, a kind of like Olympics for the scientific community. And yet, even as the movie panders to goy audiences, including lots of Christians, it is indeed about excluding Christians and goyim from the blessed communion between cosmic power and the chosen. Of course, there are plenty of goyim, from top scientist to technician, present at the Encounter, but most serve as background to the Jews who command the center stage; someone even remarks that Albert Einstein wasn't only right but 'probably one of them(the superior aliens)'. Also, on the ground is some piece of metal that looks like a fallen crucifix, as if to imply Christianity is over and to be replaced by the new faith beamed across movie and tv screens dominated by Jews.

There are certain allusions to Jewish culture and history, some more obvious than others, like the broadcast of THE TEN COMMANDMENTS on TV. But some are easy to miss, like the difficulty Roy Neary's son has with fractions in math. For advice, Neary talks about fractions of the number 60. The six figure is likely a reference to the Shoah where supposedly 6 million died. Neary asks his son what one third of 60 is and demonstrates the lesson with a toy train set: One third of the train is exposed on the intersection, so how much would the train have to be moved to avoid a collision with an oncoming train? The son fails to answer fast enough, and the trains collide. It seems Spielberg was suggesting the Jews(and the world) didn't react fast enough in WWII, and many Jews got destroyed. The train itself is of course an allusion to the Shoah as many Jews were sent to the camps on rail.

While Roy and his son discuss fractions, another son in the background stands inside a baby playpen and fiercely attacks a blonde doll, smashing it to pieces. Spielberg uses the kid in child-play to channel his rage at the blond Aryan race. In a way, it sums up the essence of Spielbergism: Jewish Rage masked as child's play. Indeed, the kid's antics seem funny, even cute. Boys will be boys, right? But the scene is also disturbing as the boy keeps smashing the denuded doll until it's head comes off. It anticipates the murder of the nude pro-Palestinian German woman in MUNICH, not to mention all the anti-Nazi bloodbaths in Indiana Jones movies.
No movie director in movie history has been as violent and family-friendly at the same time. The fun-quality of Spielberg's movies(akin to amusement park rides), starting with JAWS(or THE DUEL), makes people forget how aggressive, destructive, and even blood-thirsty they are. Incidentally, the fact that the boy is inside a baby playpen could suggest that the Aryan Race must be snuffed out in the cradle. Or maybe it's a dig at Christianity, a subconscious wish to kill Jesus as baby, fantasy-accomplishment of what Herod failed to do.

Roy insists that the family should go see PINOCCHIO than go for Goofy Golf. Given golf's association with Wasp country clubs, Spielberg could have been suggesting that Jews should focus on taking over the mythic narrative(as Walt Disney did) than waste time with useless recreational activities. Golf is only for the players, whereas entertainment is for everyone. In golf, a player wins over other players, whereas in entertainment the creators of fantasies come to conquer all the souls of the world. They get to mess with the world like space aliens mess with humanity in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS.

Later, there maybe another allusion to the Shoah in the UFO conference. A government official asks just how is it that, what with all the many millions of cameras in the world, not a single irrefutable image of space ships/aliens has been produced? The figures given by the official is that 7 billion photos are taken each year in the US at the cost of 6.6 billion dollars of equipment and processing. Again, we have the figure of the SIX. It could be Spielberg is suggesting that not a single photo of a Jew being gassed by the Nazis exists, but the gassings took place. So, in a way, Roy's pursuit of the truth about UFO could be Spielberg's sublimated obsession about the hidden truths about the Holocaust, and of course, the HoloCovenant is what defines most Jews today.

But the most dramatic allusion to the Jewish Experience is the 'tower' as metaphor for circumcision. After the burning-bush encounter with a space ship, Roy Neary kept envisioning mountain-like figures and turned to crude sculpting to erect the shape of these visions. The result is something like a towering boner, but it's not quite right. Something is a bit off. And then, just when he's frustrated and about to give up, he goes about pulling at the 'tower' mound of his making, and the top comes off, and finally, the vision is complete. It's like the Covenant between Jews is about removal of the foreskin on the penis. That COMPLETES the Jew. Jewishness isn't just about the towering erection of man-meat but the sacrificial offering of the foreskin to God. And then, when Roy watches TV and makes the connection between the circum-tower and Devil's Tower(in Wyoming), he has to go to the American Sinai to realize the fullness of himself as the Chosen, the special one.

The TV is instrumental because it signifies the Jewish control of the Media. Once, the Jewish Book was the source of Western Spiritual and Moral Imagination. Christianity was an outgrowth of Judaism. However, it turned against Jews and made them out to be Christ-killers. One way for Jews to cope with this problem was insularity, but they would always be seen as outsiders, the Other. Another way was to assimilate into the goy world, but (1) it meant loss of rich identity & culture (2) there were sufficient differences between Jews and Whites(or Aryans) that made smooth assimilation impossible. In Germany, even assimilated Jews were targeted as subversive Semites. In the US, whites were happy to welcome and accept Jews as fellow whites, but Jewish supremacism didn't want to become one with sappy bland white culture, and furthermore, Jews became contemptuous of white weakness.

So, the third option was a new universalism, this time controlled by Jews. Marxism had appealed to many Jews as the new universalism that could overcome antisemitism — Karl Marx thought antisemitism would never go away as long as there was capitalism as Jews were the greediest and most compulsive practitioners of it. But as communism came to favor mediocrity and statist stasis over meritocracy and individual enterprise, Jews came to see it as chain-and-ball around their legs.

In the US, Jews favored Marx-Brothersism over Marxism. Make the goy laugh. Make the goy laugh so hard at Jewish wit and humor that they will see Jews as entertaining and endearing(even though much of Jewish American Humor was along the lines of Dumb Polack Jokes, i.e. at the expense of dimwit or bland white goyim, especially Wasps). Jews gained tremendous leverage as comedians. Woody Allen and Mel Brooks became household names. Jerry Seinfeld entered every living room and became like member of the family or personal friend. But the problem with humor is it favors irony, sarcasm, and mockery. Jews can make people laugh but can also be laughed at, and being laughed at isn't far from being ridiculed. Notice how many people soured on Woody Allen after a series of scandals. He became the joke than the joker. Also, as Jews gained in influence and privilege, they became more anxious about humor as edgy satire of power. Notice Jews don't care for the humor of 4Chan types, not even Babylon Bee that pokes fun at Jewish-led agendas like globo-homo and tranny-wanny.

This is where Spielberg has been so valuable in scripting and evangelizing a special brand of Jewish Power. He understood and mastered the power of myth at the psycho-popular level. Richard Dreyfuss's character goes from funny and ridiculous(often associated with Jewish Comedy) to impassioned, heroic, and ultimately quasi-spiritual. As Pinocchio turns from wood to flesh, Roy goes from an ordinary American terrestrial to a Cosmic Jewish prophet on the precipice of divinity. He becomes pop-Moses. In THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, the Aryan Charlton Heston took on the role of the great Jew, as he would once again in BEN-HUR, the ultimate message of which is Jews should accept Christ. But in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, it is really the Jewish-looking Jewish personality of Richard Dreyfuss who takes center stage.
At once, he becomes both More Jewish and More American as the story moves along. How could this be? How could someone become more tribal and more Jewishy in a white Christian majority America and still come across as All-American? This is where Spielberg's genius pulls off the magic. The movie is such a visual-aural treat, like a biggest Christmas Tree ever, that the awed audience just swoons along(especially aided by John Williams' all-encompassing and all-embracing music) and fails to sense that something isn't quite right in the equation. The music and circus-like effects cast their spell on everyone, but what is really happening is the crowning of the Neo-Mosaic Jew as the new christ.

In JAWS, Dreyfuss played a side character. Roy Scheider who took the main role is also Jewish but didn't play the role Jewishy, whereas Dreyfuss did. In CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, the Jewish Dreyfuss takes center stage. He begins more or less as typically American but then becomes ever more Jewishy in his feverish search for his personal 'lost ark'. (Something similar happens to the Jewish character of David Mamet's HOMICIDE. Initially, he thinks little of his Jewishness but becomes more aware, more angry, even to the point of vengeful paranoia. He goes from cultural amnesia in all-embracing America to tribal awakening as a member of the Tragic Tribe.)

In earlier times, many Jews sought to prove their American-ness by trying to act white(and look white, especially the women with nose-jobs). Many altered the names to sound more Anglo. Many repressed their Jewish personality and tried to act genteel like Wasps. Being American meant having to suppress some of that Jewishness which came to be equated with uncouth vulgarity. Of course, some Jews played up their Jewishness to the hilt, but this was mainly in comedy. For many Jews, the social ideal was embodied by Kirk Douglas who didn't even look all that Jewish. For some Jews who couldn't repress their Jewish idiosyncrasies but didn't want to be identified as Jewish, radicalism was the solution. That way, they could act pushy and neurotic in the name of some Social Justice cause, thus creating the false impression that their difficult personalities had more to do with ideology than identity. Take Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin, archetypal problematic Jews in roles as anarchists or socialists.

But as time passed, there was too big a gap between the real Jew and the idealized Jew. Most Jews didn't look like Kirk Douglas. If they resembled certain European types, it was more the Southern European. Many Jews looked more like Joe Pesci than Clint Eastwood. Also, the personality traits of Jews really came alive when unfettered from pressures to act 'wasp'. If Dustin Hoffman's character in THE GRADUATE exhibited some of these Jewish anxieties, FUNNY GIRL that came out a year later was like a declaration of Jewish Personality Emancipation. The first Jewish Emancipation was about laws and rights. In contrast, the Jewish Personality Emancipation was about the right, indeed the necessity, for Jews to FEEL and ACT Jewish. If Marx Brothers' Jewishness was obviously caricatures, the New Jewish Comedians were meant to be genuine Jewish personalities than mere cartoons. So, Barbra Streisand was about how the Jewess could be totally Jewish and be sexy. And Woody Allen was about how a Jewish comic could also be a serious artist and 'thinker'. Still, if Streisand and Allen remained unmistakably Jewish, distinct from goyim, the strange thing about Roy Neary of Spielberg's imagination is he is so indelibly Jewish and yet also vividly American. In a way, his apotheosis lends the impression that the Jew is more American than American because, all said and done, the true fulfilment of the American Dream came with the Passion(or the Obsession) of the Jew. And this minority-centric view of America eventually led to globo-homo as the New Normal, i.e. homo minority is more the true exemplar of Americanism than anything associated with straightness. And notice how globo-homo celebration and symbolism are as outlandish, ostentatious, and obnoxious as anything by Spielberg.

What is most instructive about CLOSE ENCOUNTERS is it provides us with an arc of Jewish History from Jews-as-social-climbers to Jews-as-kings-of-the-hill. Roy Neary's adventure and transformation from Ordinary Joe Populist to Extraordinary Jew Elitist reflects the trajectory of Jews from challengers of American Power to champions of it(in their own image... or shadow).

Like Roy Neary, so many Jews in the 60s claimed to be for the Little Guy, the small fish. They were for the workers. They were for the downtrodden. Their radicalism had an element of populism. Jews would stand and march with the have-lesses against the Power Structure of Wasp elites and the Military Industrial Complex. Jews attacked the FBI and CIA. Jews subverted trust in institutions and authority. Jewish activism back then was ostensibly for the little guy, the ordinary joes of America of all color. Some Jews even took up farming or opted to work in factories(at least for awhile to prove their bona fides). Jews demanded answers from the Power. Jewish assault on Wasp privilege was supposedly for all Americans. Not just for equal opportunity for Jews but for ethnic whites, Catholics, blacks, browns, and etc. Jews even made a big fuss about the poor American Indians. Jews made documentaries like HARLAN COUNTRY USA and movies like NORMA RAE in the 1970s.
So, even though Jews, as radicals, subversives, or climbers, were clearly distinct from other groups(who were less intelligent, capable, and driven with ambition), they operated in the clothing of Everyman. Saul Alinsky is a good example. And the ACLU claimed to protect the free speech rights and civil liberties of ALL AMERICANS, yes even for Neo-Nazis and KKK. Jews put on a big show of WE THE PEOPLE against Wasp-ruled America and the Military-Industrial Complex that was said to be perpetuating the Cold War and killing many innocents in Vietnam and Latin America. (But, of course, mum about the Palestinians.)

Through much of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, Roy Neary is like a combination of Jewish radicalism and Ordinary Americanism(or the populism of the Ordinary Joe). He joins with other Americans(who look goy) against the government establishment that isn't telling the whole truth and carrying out a secret project(one that makes the Manhattan Project seem like an open house). Roy demands to know the truth. He serves as spokesman for other Americans at the UFO conference. He is with the People against the Government. There are times when the US government seem almost crypto-fascist Nazi-like, an American Gothic take on Leni Riefenstahlism. And there were reasons for Jews to be worried about statism. After all, the National Socialists weren't a bunch of libertarians. And the Soviet Union, which eventually became an enemy of Zionism and an ally of anti-Israeli Arab nations, was about state power also. And in the Sixties, Jewish radicals denounced Amerika as a police state.

Of course, during World War II, Jews couldn't get enough of FDR's warmongering statism to destroy Germany and Japan, but because many Jews were on the left, the Cold War not only brought the Republicans back to power but began to prosecute people suspected of pro-Soviet sympathies, especially in the aftermath of revelations about the Jewish Rosenbergs(who gave Stalin the Bomb), the 'loss' of China to Mao, and the Korean War. This set the grounds for Jewish trepidations about state power, and in the Sixties many Jews took to styles of neo-anarcho-syndicalism that fused with chaotic youth-pop-culture. Jews, who'd been pro-statist during WWII, became anti-statist during the Vietnam War. It was partly out of sympathy for the communist Viet Cong but also because it's deemed anathema for Jews to die for goyim. Jews hated being drafted to fight wars on behalf of non-Jews. Of course, Jews couldn't say, "We don't want to serve in the military because Jewish lives are too precious to waste on saving goy lives from communism", and so, they made a big fuss about how they supported the Anti-War movement to end the war and its slaughter of civilians.
In the early 70s, New Hollywood put out a bunch of paranoid movies. Partly, it was a reflection of Jewish Anti-Nixon-ism, but it was also part of the Zeitgeist as the Sixties had done much to shake confidence in US institutions. And CLOSE ENCOUNTERS reflects some of the paranoia in movies like PARALLAX VIEW and THREE DAYS OF CONDOR. Roy Neary is positive that the government is lying and treating people like stupid children. He demands an answer and takes the law into his own hands. He goes rogue vigilante, smashing through barriers erected by the government to get nearer to Devil's Tower.

It's Roy as People's Hero against the State. He seems to embody the populist spirit. But there's a difference. Whereas the essence of populism is 'leave us alone'(as in "Don't Tread on Me" on the Gadsden Flag), the essence of Jewish Nature is to intrude into the power center. Whereas most populists don't care what the state does AS LONG AS it leaves them alone, Jews want to peer inside and see what's really happening inside the power. Their motto might as well be, "Let Me Tread on You." This is why Roy goes further than the Goy in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS. Though plenty of goyim have also been beckoned by the space aliens, most of them don't make the connections or give up half-way. But Roy pushes all the way. Like the Negro staring into Harry Callahan's barrel of Magnum 44, Roy gots to know. Throughout the adventure, Roy suspects the government is up to something sinister. And Spielberg even includes a train scene as if to suggest the US government could be like the Nazis rounding up Jews. It's Spielberg's way of saying a country is all about WHO HAS THE POWER. Is the power pro-Jewish or anti-Jewish? Roy the populist hero acts against the state through most of the movie, and Spielberg was surely channeling Jewish paranoia that goes back to the so-called McCarthy Era and re-emerged during the Nixon presidency. Could America really be Amerika?

And yet, Spielberg offers a revision to the paranoia. What if the government, though far from perfect, is mostly good and has reasons to keep the project a secret? What if the superior space aliens wanted it that way, i.e. to meet with the best and the brightest than with the unwashed idiotic hoi polloi among the human species? Also, what if Roy and others chosen by the space aliens had to undergo a trial to prove their worthiness? It's like the race of life itself from the beginning. Every human life is the product of a single sperm winning the race over all the other sperms. And Roy is the winning sperm who makes it through Devil's Tower(as the giant circumcised Jewish Penis) and enters the space ship as cosmic womb. If Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY had a Wasp being reborn as Star Child, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS alters the vision with a Jewish Guy as Spacenik. Even though the goy-controlled state once placed obstacles against the Jew, it was ultimately meaningful as the obstacles demonstrated the superiority of Jews who won the struggle to overcome them. Thus, Jewish challenge to the Power didn't so much prove Jewish commitment to equality as Jewish Superiority as the only people who could topple and gain mastery over the Wasps. Unlike National Socialist Germans who were determined to keep the Jews down at all costs, Wasps had a 'good sport' culture and welcomed Jews as the rightful winners and owners of America.

Roy, who'd been so anti-government and anti-authority through much of the movie, comes to feel that the state had been right all along. This special moment cannot be for all the world. Too many people are idiots, boors, retards, undeserving of the cosmic-covenant. No, this encounter with cosmic gods must be for the best of the best among mankind. The brilliant scientists and the like. And even though he was an ordinary joe, just another working man, he too deserves to be there because he's proven his resolve and mettle through trial by fire, by running roughshod over all obstacles. He earned his marks, and he belongs among the best-and-the-brightest. In their company, he is no longer complaining about the government, the secretiveness, and the deception to the public. He comes to understand the need for secrecy and even duplicity by the powerful, at least if the powerful isn't nazi-like or anti-Jewish. As it turns out, state power in the US isn't filled with anti-Jewish Nazi-types but many Jews and Jew-friendly goyim. Also, as the superior space aliens choose him, a Jew or crypto-Jew, over all others, we must trust in the power because its ultimate manifestation is about the Covenant of the Jew and Cosmic Power. Roy's example suggests that Jewishness is so special that even a seemingly Ordinary Joe/Jew is among the very best, part of the natural elite favored by cosmic power.

Roy's transformation from Ordinary Joe populist to Extraordinary Jew elitist is illustrative of the change in Jewish attitudes, outlook, and values over the years. Jews, who used to challenge deep state institutions, are now their biggest defenders. Jews, who used to speak of civil liberties and free speech for all Americans, are now the biggest agents of censorship or censchwarzship. Jews who used to decry the warfare state are now the biggest warmongering imperialists on the basis that the 'adults in the room' know what they're doing. Jews who used to challenge the official narratives are now the biggest pushers of officialdom. Many Jews know the narratives are bogus but push them anyway because the dimwit goyim simply cannot handle the truth, or so they believe. It's like Roy becomes part of the powerful crew once he makes it over the mountain and is accepted by the best and the brightest.

Most Jews arrived poor to America in the late 19th century and early 20th century. They had no choice but to struggle alongside the working class and white ethnics. So, many Jews back then believed in the shared struggle alongside poor white goyim against the Wasp Establishment. Jews and the People vs the Power. But Jews were different from other groups. They were smarter and savvier than the Dumb Polacks, Greasy Italians, Drunken Irish, and the like. Indeed, they were even smarter than the ruling Wasp class. So, it was only a matter of time before Jews would not only outpace the white ethnics but wrest power from the Wasps. They had no choice then to shed their Ordinary Joe clothing and put on cloak of Extraordinary Jew. It's like Roy goes Royal.

And so, we are now in the age of Covid. When Covid Hysteria broke out, the first image that came to my mind was the scene in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS where Roy figures the government is practicing psychological warfare to fool the public. Whatever threat Covid poses, what honest person can deny it's been vastly exaggerated and manipulated as political tool to hoodwink and control the dimwit multitudes(and even alter and pervert political processes, not to mention used for raking in massive profits).

Now, given that Steven Spielberg made CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, do you think he would side with the Covid Skeptics who are like Roy as Ordinary Joe? NO, because Spielberg is Roy-gone-Royal. He knows his Tribe has the power. His Tribe is smarter, superior, and wiser. His Tribe is more deserving of more money and more power. And so, just like Roy learns to stop worrying and love the power(that finally aids him in the fulfilment of destiny), people like Spielberg have stopped worrying about the power because they got all of it and intend to control us as dimwit hoi polloi who should just yammer about Big Foot and leave important matters to the Power, the adults in the room... the Jews.

Roy Neary from Ordinary Joe to Extraordinary Jew to New Christ