Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Dirty Canard of Conflating Blood-and-Soil with Nazism

One of the biggest canards in the current discourse(approaching hysteria, or hyscourse) is that Blood and Soil is about Nazism.

If Nazism was really about Blood and Soil, there wouldn't have been WWII. Germans would have been proud and content to be German in their own beloved nation-state. And there would have been peace with other nations. The very notion of Blood and Soil didn't begin with Nazis. It goes back to the 19th century when Modern Germany was coming into being under the leadership of Bismarck. And blood-and-soil was a sound formula for creating a nation. The idea was that Modern Germany should incorporate territories populated by German peoples. It meant Germany should lay claim to German territories, no more and no less. Granted, it didn't work out perfectly as some Germans remained in non-German lands and Germany had some non-Germans, but the core vision was valid on moral, political, and pragmatic grounds. It was nationalist, not imperialist. Blood and Soil meant Germans of shared blood should unite German territories. It didn't make claims on Spain, Italy, Balkans, Greece, Russia, and etc.

If anything, the troubles that set off WWI, the Great War, began in Austro-Hungarian Empire that dismissed the blood-and-soil guidelines. In the end, the troublesome Diversity made it more like bloods-and-the-crips.
As Austro-Germans ruled over different peoples, there was a lot of resentment and hostility(that went both ways). It was hardly surprising that Hitler was the product of Austria than Prussia.

Blood-and-Soil is a great idea. When practiced by the Japanese, there was peace with Asian neighbors. But as a new imperialist power, Japan invaded China. In other words, Japanese imperialists violated the principle of blood-and-soil by invading and colonizing other nations. Chinese anger boiled over, and Asia blew up. And what were the Chinese fighting for? Why did the KMT and CCP, though bitter political foes, come together? Because despite their ideological differences, they were united in the blood-and-soil patriotism of China for Chinese.
And the great postwar anti-imperialist struggles were all about blood-and-soil. Kenyans and Indians told the British to go home. Algerians and Vietnamese told the French to do likewise. Indonesians told the Dutch to get lost. Granted, some of these new nations were the inorganic geographic creations of European imperialism beset with problems of diversity, but they all wanted the European imperialists to go home. And both the US and USSR, as supporters of national liberation and anti-imperialism, appealed to the Third World. Indeed, the US accused the USSR of crushing the nationalist dreams of Hungarians. And the USSR accused the US of imperialism against the Vietnamese patriots.

So, the universal consensus was that the Third World peoples have a right to organize their own nations on the basis of blood-and-soil. And as the European imperialists returned home, they were also back into the blood-and-soil mode. And this was great template for world stability and peace.

The idea of fatherland and folk is nationalist. Even though Nazis invoked those concepts, Germany was not not destroyed by them nor were other nations invaded & destroyed in their name. Those concepts were not the basis for the wars, invasions, and genocide.
When Hitler was taking back Rhineland, it only seemed right. It was Germans reclaiming a part of Germany. When Austro-Germans wanted to unite with Germany, it was Germans unifying with ethnic Germans, and the vast majority of Austrians supported it. When Germans gained control of German-heavy Sudetenland, the world could see justice in that. The problem began when Hitler got crazy with ambitions beyond the fatherland and was no longer content with being fuhrer of his folk. He wanted the fatherland to rape the motherlands of other nations. And his empire would rule over other folks who were not German and had their own identities and heritages.

The association of WWII with nationalism and blood-and-soil is a canard that must end. If anything, Nazis were defeated by the true nationalism of other nations. All resistances to Nazism were essentially nationalist. Czechs wanted to be free again. Poles hated German rule. Russians feared being wiped out and losing motherland forever. This was a time when even the left was fiercely nationalist.

In Poland, the resistance was mostly right-wing because the rightist government refused to collaborate with Germans. Germany invaded Poland, and then leftist Soviets invaded too. So, the Polish Right became the main patriotic fighters. But in other nations, the right-wing regimes collaborated with Germany, and so, the resistance was bound to come from the Left. But even this Left that gained power after WWII was essentially nationalist, especially after suspected Internationalist-Zionists were purged in the late 40s and 50s.

This attack on blood-and-soil is ironic because the detractors, mainly Jewish, are totally for blood and soil in Israel. Zionism is about blood-and-soil. To emigrate to Israel, one has to be of Jewish blood. And Israel has pro-Jewish natal policies. And Jews wanted to reclaim that piece of territory because it's holy to them on grounds of history and religion.

So, why do Jews, who zealously support blood-and-soil in Israel, oppose it so rabidly and virulently when it comes to gentile nations? Consider the sheer hatred and hostility directed at Poland and Hungary for their simple insistence that Poland belongs to Poles and Hungary belongs to Hungarians. Now, who, in his right mind, thinks that such blood-and-soil sentiments are going to lead to WWIII and massive genocides? I mean seriously.
 It was imperialism and universalism that led to wars and conquests. Imperialists wanted to rule over other peoples to exploit resources and expand their own power. Universalists like communists wanted to spread the radical fire all over the world. Soviet Union was an empire based on a universal idea. Who grieves its passing from history?
The breakup of the Soviet Empire was all about blood-and-soil. Non-Russians got weary of living under the Great Russian yoke. And didn't the US praise the fall of the Soviet empire and the rise of new national republics?

So, why this hostility to blood-and-soil when Jews love it for Israel. Not only do they support it themselves but demand that all goyim in US, EU, Canada, and Australia also support the Right of Israel to survive as a Jewish State.

Of course, we know why. It's not because Jews fear another Shoah or WWIII. It's because they are now the great imperialist power in the world via networks of finance, media, academia, entertainment, and deep state and their control of US as superpower. So, even as Jews love blood-and-soil for Israel, they see such as a barrier and obstacle for Jewish-globalist penetration and takeover in other nations. Deep in their hearts, Jews feel that they, as the smarter and prouder people, should have elite control of other nations, especially in the White World.

WWII turned uglier and uglier because of Hitler's imperialist and ultimately genocidal Lebensraum idea. German ambition to rule over non-Germans set Europe on fire and led to the massive conflagration.
Today, if any power is acting Nazi-like, it's Jewish globalism. Why can't Jews see this? Are they so morally full of themselves as Eternal Victims of the Holocaust that they've become blind to their own evil? Are they so power-hungry that they've become nihilistic and amoral?

Let's look at recent history. Was blood-and-soil the basis of the terrible economic Rape of Russia in the 90s? Was blood-and-soil the basis of wars in Iraq, Libya, and Syria? (As I recall, 'no blood for oil' was closer to the truth.)

No, if those nations had maintained their sovereignty, the ensuing tragedies could have been avoided. It was globalist imperialism, disproportionately controlled by Jewish elements, that led to one disaster after another. Disasters that destroyed millions of lives.

Now, it's somewhat understandable why Jews want America to be a world power than a mere nation. The Jewish Narrative says Jews were helpless under the Nazis because the world wouldn't do anything to defeat the evil Nazis. So, 'isolationist' America First meant Americans minding their own business while the Nazi empire expanded over Europe and hunted down Jews. (But then, Jews never insisted that the US must do something to save Ukrainians from Stalin or Armenians from the Turks. And I can't imagine Jewish parents sacrificing their sons to fight in wars to save OTHER peoples. Indeed, isn't it telling that so many American Jews would rather serve in the IDF than in the US military? If they must kill or die, it's for Israel.) So, the Nazi Empire could only be defeated by other empires. If US remained in nationalist mode, it might not meddle in world affairs and do something about the evil Nazis. Only in empire-mode would the US act as a hegemon and take on other empires, such as that of Nazi Germany. And indeed, it was the rise of US as a military-industrial empire that allied with the USSR to defeat Nazi Germany.
But Jews are overlooking one crucial point. Germany became dangerous not because of its blood-and-soil or fatherland/folk mentality. It was the shift to imperialist mode that turned Germany from a nation to an empire. So, even if it's true that Imperial US defeated Nazi Germany, it was not a war on German nationalism but on German imperialism. In other words, if Germans had remained in nationalist mode, there never would have been a need for the the clash of empires to set things straight. Furthermore, the US had to revive German nationalism to some degree in the postwar era to push back against Soviet imperial power.
Also, what got Americans into the war? It was nationalist passion, not imperial ambition. Americans got riled up with patriotic fervor only when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.
After the war, if not for the Cold War, most Americans would have preferred return to nationalist America where 'business of America is business'. It was the Cold War that transformed the US into an Empire, so much so that even after the Cold War, the US kept cooking up new rationales to keep Empire Inc. going. And what has this led to? Disasters in Korea and Vietnam. Bad blood with Iran and Central America. Big headaches in Latin America. And total disaster in the Middle East. A crazy 'new cold war' with Russia that would make no sense but for the egotism of a certain ethnic group and gluttony of the War State.
Sometimes, "you are what you defeat".
The great irony is the America that moved into empire mode to defeat the Three Evil Empires of Japanese Militarism, Nazism, and Soviet Communism ended up becoming intoxicated with its own power. And especially when Jews became the new ruling elites and couldn't resist riding the Iron Horse of America to run roughshod over the world, America in the 21st century became, sad to say, an Evil Nation, or worse, an Evil Empire. When the Cold War ended under the tutelage of two great men, Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, it could have been the dawning of a great era. But America, which had reluctantly moved into imperial mode to defeat or contain the Evil Empires, gloated in its triumph and began to see the entire world as its backyard. It went from seeing empire as a necessary evil to an essential feature of Americanism. America became what it defeated. And people like John Kerry and Hillary? Counterculture became The Man.

Anyway, while we can understand why Jews see the American Empire as the essential savior of Jews from both Nazis and ultimately the Soviets(who turned against Zionism) -- a more complicated matter because so many Jews had been initially pro-Soviet and against the Anglo-Right-wing 'paranoia' that set off the Cold War against the USSR, the great power that defeated the Nazis, until they realized that mediocritist communism doesn't do much for Jews -- , it's foolish to analyze the present and future based on past realities. Jews no longer need America to save Jews from horrors around the world. Despite Neocon scare-mongering, the world is not full of 'new hitlers' and 'new stalins', and even if such exist, Jews are not in their harm's way.

Jews are now addicted to America-as-empire to gain dominance over other peoples. And if so many gentiles, especially Muslims, get mangled and slaughtered due to American aggression, Jews don't care. And if many Russians are harmed by sanctions, again, no concern among Jews. 'Save Soviet Jews' was somewhat understandable due to blatant discrimination against Jews and also because there wasn't much freedom for anyone in the communist system. But Jews have it so nice in the Current Russia where Putin goes out of his way to ensure the well-being of the Jewish community. So, why is there more hostility against Russia today than in the past? Because Jews are no longer worried about survival. They are addicted to power like crack or cocaine. They want the American Empire not as a stretcher to save Jews but as a hammer to threaten or crush any nation or people standing in the way of Jewish hegemony.

Trumpism, if not so much Trump(who keeps shape-shifting), is about America as a nation than empire. Considering that both Germany and Japan become most dangerous as empires than as nations, it would seem that the lesson of WWII is that a nation should take care of itself, mind its own business, and meddle less in other nations.

Also, if it's wrong to invade and colonize other nations, it's worse to allow the invasion of one's own nation. This massive immigration-invasion wasn't wanted by the American people. It was imposed from above as decree. When people rejected the invasion by votes, the elites used the power of courts run by whores of globalism and commissars of PC.
SOME non-white immigrants add to the color of a nation. But TOO MANY is a full-blown invasion. It's like SOME Jewish settlers in Palestine made the place more interesting. But TOO MANY Jews turned Palestinians into People 1.0 to be replaced by People 2.0. If it was tragic for Palestine, why wouldn't it be for Europe and America? And I don't want to hear this stuff about America being different because it was founded as a proposition. If so, why are the globalists pushing the SAME PLAN on Europe and even Japan? But not on Israel?

The lesson of WWII is that Germans failed morally & politically and committed great horrors because they betrayed the ideal of blood-and-soil, of fatherland and folk. They should have minded their own business in their own blood-and-soil nation. Instead, they stole the soils of other people and bloodied them all over.

Gee, I wonder which nation acts like that today? Poland? Hungary? Iran? Which nation could that be? And who are the ruling elites of that nation?

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Fast-and-Easy Path to American Citizenship Has Universalized Treason around the World

Hegel and Marx expounded on the dialectics of history. It seems ‘digestics’ is what animates America. A hyper-materialist society, America has turned consumerism as a metaphor for everything. According to Americanism, not only do people primarily exist to consume-dispose-consume-dispose-consume-some-more but they themselves are to be consumed and disposed with ceaseless intakes of new peoples of different races and cultures. The elites don’t see rooted, established, and existing Americans as a special people with history, heritage, and meaning. They see existing Americans as stale old masses to be replaced by endless servings of New Americans. So, historic European-Americans are just pieces of meat in a melting pot to be digested and excreted to make room for servings of New Americans.

Especially since individualist-materialist consumerism fixates Western attention on hedonism and vanity, it is assumed that white peoples in the West cannot sustain themselves. They are too much into fun & feasting to prioritize family & future. So, let white people have a good time and then make way for New Arrivals since white people (1) don’t have enough kids and (2) no longer care for their roots and heritage anyway.
Of course, in time, even immigrant groups and their children will be 'Westernized' and experience plummeting birthrates as their main priority will be short-term self-interest than racial-cultural survival. In time, even non-whites in the West will go the way of whites. (Such a view would indicate that the modernity is a success in creating things but a failure in creating life. Since modern nations can make things but can’t make life, they rely on non-modern nations to produce life for export to the modern world. But then, immigrant groups, upon being modernized, will also become deficient in creating life and will have to be replaced by waves of newer arrivals. To be sure, there’s a good chance that non-whites, due to lower IQ and other problems, won’t become properly modernized, in which case they will either continue to produce life but not things or fail to produce both life and things.) On that basis, the elites insist that the only way to sustain the population is to bring in more New Peoples. The message for Europeans and Americans, especially white ones, is that they shouldn’t bother about marriage and children if such get in the way of fun, career, or self-fulfillment in tune with latest fashions. White women should fixate on careers, make money, and blow it all on themselves on shoes, travel, fancy food, and loose sex. Men should forever remain boys hooked on video games, hobbies, and recreation. The main purpose of jobs is to make money to spend, spend, and spend. And nothing has any lasting value. New items are soon old items to be tossed out to make room for newer items.
And what goes for TVs, appliances, and clothes also goes for peoples. Americans no longer have any identity or history. (If there is a historical narrative, the message is 'America is all about immigration', i.e. American history is about replacing existing peoples with new ones. This history is not remembrance of things worth preserving but reminder that everything must be replaced or reinvented.) They are just consumers who live for fun, work for fun. Old people are warehoused in nursing homes while the grandchildren grow up identifying with pop idols and celebrities as ‘role models’ or demi-gods. For spirituality and uplift, there is Homomania or Queertianity. For truth and ‘poetry’, there is Rap music and Magic Negro cult. For ideas, there are PC slogans to chant for the hive-minded.

When it comes to consumerism, of course we want things to be fast-and-easy. Who wants to stand in long lines for ice cream or hamburgers? Who wants to go through hassles and complications to buy a TV or a car? But at some point in American history, the consumerism went from convenience(a good) to compulsion. (Consider the shopping habits or rituals of Americans during Black Friday sales.) People have to have it NOW and more of it. If you don’t have the money, use credit. Borrow and buy more. And don’t buy things because you really need or want them but simply for the thrill of buying. The ideal American according to the globalist formula is the shopoholic who shops until she drops and then shops some more. A shopoholic is addicted to the rush of acquiring new things. The things themselves matter less than the excitement of acquiring things. It doesn’t matter that what were bought goes unused, neglected, or forgotten. They are either pushed back in the closet and forgotten or tossed out to make room for new stuff and then newer stuff.

This kind of consumerism is vapid and shallow. It may be ‘good’ for the economy, at least if people can really afford the stuff instead of borrowing and spending what they can’t pay back. But it can’t be good for the soul because it’s a life fixated on flash and fashion. If rampant consumerism is bad for the soul, it is immeasurably worse when applied to people themselves? It’s one thing to regard Americans as insatiable consumers but quite another to see them as consumer items than as a people with a culture and history, which are priceless than about price tags. The current elites have a shopoholic attitude about the core European peoples of America. They see established or existing Americans as stale Americans. They are enthralled only with the prospect of acquiring ‘fresh’ peoples. Elites are no longer interested in established groups of Americans. Indeed, what need for groups and collective identities/memories when everyone is seen as an atomized individual disconnected and unbound to anything related to ethnos, history, or culture? A people are no longer unique; they are just units, like the 1's and 0's of digital coding. There’s no longer any nobility and passion in representing, defending, and preserving white Americans as a people-and-culture since they are seen as meaningless units and the same-old-same-old, just like a shopoholic woman has lost interest in shoes already stacked away in the closet. Her mind obsesses on getting New Pairs. Likewise, elites feel excitement only when salivating over New Americans to acquire.

The idea that there once was nothing but then something with the founding and construction of America, a magnificent creation deserving to be preserved in its essence, has faded from the narrative. European-America that had been envisioned and maintained was to be utterly transformed by endless waves of non-whites from around the world with the passage of the insane 1965 immigration law that handed over the keys of America to vicious Jews. That was the Trojan Horse moment in American History.

Statue of Liberty that used to represent (1) sharing of the light of freedom with the world and (2) offering opportunity to Europeans & Jews in the 19th century has come to represent the shopoholic mania of a soulless vapid America. There’s also the tear-jerking mendacity about ‘huddled masses’ and ‘refugees’.
After all, most immigrants today are not desperate people. They were not starving in their homelands. And many from Asia are well-educated and had decent jobs there. Also, as democracy has become dime-a-dozen around the world, most immigrants come from nations with free elections and basic human rights. They are not running from tyrants. And most of these nations have sufficient freedom for peoples there to fix problems and make progress.
But then, why would these people go through the hassle of improving their own nations when they can just get on a plane and fly to America for instant material improvement? Even if they overstay their visas, they can find ‘sanctuary’ in Treason Cities.

And why would the elites care about ‘tired and boring’ existing Americans when they snort New Americans like cocaine. The elites say the non-white immigrants are the Future, as if America can’t have a future without Future Peoples. I guess the elites have forgotten that new life can be created from wombs of existing Americans. Even with zero immigration, existing Americans have a future ahead of them if they are encouraged to favor family and life.
But then, women as mothers will work less and spend more on babies than on themselves. And men as fathers will save more for the family than spend and spend. Bad for consumerism as far as the elites are concerned. Besides, the cult of Diversity has infected elite minds with the notion that nothing is more fabulous than more colors and odors. Since most of the immigrants are non-white, it’s like elites shopping for different-colored shoes. And remember, more restaurants!!

Now, if the ‘naturalization’ process in America were a long and arduous, the elites wouldn’t be so thrilled in their shopo-demo-holism. It’s like consumers wouldn’t turn into shopoholics if it were difficult and painstaking to purchase items. It is because it’s so fun and easy to shop that people become addicted to shopping.
Likewise, it’s because the path to citizenship has been made so easy that the elites have become addicted to shopping for more immigrants, especially since the Current Year reverberates with chants of ‘Diversity is our strength, diversity is our strength, etc’. If diversity is indeed our strength, then nothing is more fab than for politicians and elites to ‘shop’ for New Americans. It’s like buying new stocks. The elite’s socio-political and moral status rises with their competitive bidding for more New Americans. With Diversity as the highest value, one can burnish one's reputation by advertising for more New Americans. After 9/11, America was all about shopping for more stuff and shopping for more New Americans. Cult of Diversity made the Yet-to-be-Americans more valuable than stale Been-here-done-that-Americans.
And this bug also infects Canada where elites compete to gush about how they welcome diversity more than the next guy does. Justin Trudeau isn’t a leader of his people. He’s a shopoholic for New Canadians. Canadians, as they’d come into existence since the founding, no longer matter. They are regarded as old, boring, and tired. It doesn’t matter if they’re young. All white people are deemed ‘old and boring’, and they have no right to defend their identity and territory. With Diversity as the religion of the land, the only purpose of whites is to increase Diversity like a dairy farm is to increase the production of milk.

Now, what makes sense in one realm doesn’t for another. We all want ease and convenience in commerce. We want stores and services to be quick and efficient. But when the same logic is applied to humans themselves, it spells doom for culture and civilization. Consider the film KOYAANISQATSI where people as consumers seem indistinct from what they consume. A society so obsessed with cycles of consumption and disposal comes to regard consumerism as metaphor for everything, even everyone. As Americans are now regarded mainly as consumers and disposers, eaters and shitters, they too have no meaning outside such processes. As such, they themselves are regarded as existing to be consumed and disposed. As far as the elites are concerned, the ‘old and tired’ white Americans had their turn. They are not people with culture and heritage worth defending and prolonging. They are like people at McDonalds or a movie theater who must clear the seats so that new customers or audience will take their place. They are like burgers being digested into fecal matter to be shat out. As the logic goes, if hamburgers have no right to stay in the stomach forever and must pass through the bunghole to make way for future burgers, why should white Americans hold onto America as their homeland? Elites just see it as clogging the system. Globalism says whites had their fun, the jig is up, and it's time for others to take their place. Or whites are to be distracted with mindless fun while they’re replaced by New Americans who supposedly deserve their turn at careers and leisure until they too are replaced by Newer Americans and so forth and so on.

For Globo-America to run smoothly, amnesia is crucial. If Americans don’t know or care about their history and heritage, they won’t feel that they have anything worth defending or preserving. As for basic historical lesson, just poison the well of memory and invalidate the white saga so indispensable to America’s founding and development. Thus, whites feel guilt than pride about their history, resigning themselves to collective suicide to redeem the legacy of ‘white privilege’.
Needless to say, Jews don’t feel this way about their own identity, history, and heritage. Jews do retain a sense of history linked to a sense of prophecy. The reason why Jews push amnesia onto white goyim is to control them. After all, humans with memory control animals without memory. Why is the devious detective able to run circles around the tragic hero in Chris Nolan’s MEMENTO? Because the cop has a functioning memory whereas the hapless hero couldn’t store new memory since his wife’s murder. Granted, some Jews are getting high on their own supply and may end up self-destructing like the rest. But as of now, Jews have the advantage because they insist on identity, heritage, and history. Even as Jews urge gentiles to become a globalized mass of zombie-like consumers(or consumbies), they guard their blood-narrative, soil of Zion, and seal of Covenant.
Indeed, the reason why Jews push amnesia on gentiles is because any people with autonomy of identity and narrative will define and defend their own sense of history, urgency, and destiny. Imagine if cows had intelligence and memory of their own. Would they take orders from ranchers who use them as cattle? Cows don’t know whence they came and where they’re going. Likewise, would so many white people act like cattle if they weren’t spellbound with amnesia(via pop culture) and ‘white guilt’(via Political Correctness)? White masses are corn-fed on mindless pleasure and cattle-prodded with PC. Fixated on fun and guilt, they fail to see the big picture.
It’s also paradoxical that Jews would push so much fun and pleasure on a people deemed so guilty and undeserving. If indeed whites must atone and be punished for their sins, why should they be encouraged to indulge themselves at movies, concerts, casinos, malls, eateries, etc.? Shouldn’t the People of Guilt be punished with pain and deprivation, like criminal convicts in prison? And yet, Jews tell whites to have as much fun as possible.
Why? For two reasons. One is white consumption makes Jews richer because Jews control much of finance, commerce, and vice industries like gambling and drugs. The other reason is a people addicted to revelry and pleasure are like stupid children primed for manipulation. If white people were sober, disciplined, and moral — as Anglo-Americans once were — , they might unite and stand as a brick wall against Jewish filth and deviousness. But if white people are given to debauchery like Lola in BLUE ANGEL, they can be bought and sold with money. And those tempted by the seductress will succumb to disrepute and even end up destitute, with Jews holding all the cards in the end. Consider what happens to the professor in the Josef von Sternberg's film.

But the negative effect of mass replacement by endless immigration isn’t only on white Americans. After all, the New Americans will, in turn, become Old Americans when their time is up and then be chewed out and replaced by Yet Newer Americans. Furthermore, because the US is the land of amnesia and hedonism, the children of the New Americans will grow up as soulless zombies who favor leisure of the now over longevity between past and future. They will treat sex like fast food. Also, the New Americans, in speedy exchange of their own identity for the soulless neo-American consumerism, will be relinquishing their roots and culture for naked material interests, albeit masked with the faux-culture and pseudo-values of PC.

Now, let us imagine how things might have been more meaningful for everyone IF the process of ‘naturalization’ had been arduous, demanding, challenging, and difficult. It would have been better for the pride and security of white Americans as the founders and builders. And it would have been better for non-white wanna-be-Americans since they would have been made conscious of the full implications of their decision to abandon their own lands, peoples, and cultures for America.

Suppose the path to citizenship required 20 yrs than mere 5 years. And suppose every would-be immigrant, prior to arriving in the US, must answer 10 questions pertaining to their born identities & loyalties and new identity and loyalty as ‘Americans’.

These Questions would be devised to make the would-be-immigrant think twice about emigration. After all, permanently moving to another nation is essentially an Act of Treason. You’re basically abandoning and rejecting your original/born identity, culture, lineage, and loyalty to take on a new identity and pledge new loyalties. Especially if you’re moving from a nation/civilization with deep culture and tradition, you’re surrendering something so rich and meaningful to adopt a new identity of a wholly different nation. In the case of the US and the modern West, the only theme is the Cult of Fashion(of the New) than Concern for Tradition. The Current Americanism requires all peoples to favor amnesia over memory. The only exception is the Jews, who’ve manipulated the system so that all goyim will be turned into blank slates while they themselves remain a people of the written scroll that reaches back into ancient times.

When people do trivial things, it doesn’t require much thought. For instance, if you want to buy an ice cream cone or watch a movie, it doesn’t much matter because you’re just seeking momentary pleasure. But in deciding to permanently move to another nation where your descendants will be born and dissolve into a 'melting pot', one has think deep and hard about the move. It’s like people should really think twice about having an abortion or getting tattoos. An abortion is far more serious than getting a haircut or having nails clipped. You’re killing a human life growing inside you, and there may be emotional scars later, that is if you’re a person of conscience. And getting a tattoo means you are stuck with that ugly stuff forever. Do you really want to do something that will mark or define you for life? Or consider gender-assignment surgeries. It’s such a drastic undertaking that the patient must be absolutely sure what he or she is getting into. It isn’t a decision to make lightly. Or it’s like changing religions. Surely, if a Christian wants to become a Muslim or vice versa, he should really think hard about what he is doing. It’s not just a mind game but a fundamental shift in spiritual beliefs, commitments, and loyalties. It should never be done lightly. This is why Evangelicals who push Jesus onto others like candy are shallow idiots, not unlike the globalists who want to pass out American Citizenship like flyers. While we can understand why Evangelicals want to save souls and bring others to the love of Jesus, they should also be mindful of the fact that there are other rich, deep, and meaningful spiritual systems. So, if non-Christians are to convert to Christianity, Evangelicals should at the very least inform potential converts of the profound changes that will follow. It’s like marriage or divorce is not something to be handled lightly. Marriage means you are committed to the person for life. And divorce could mean emotional scars, legal complications, and worst of all, trauma for the children.
Some things don’t require fundamental shifts or change of commitments. Deciding to buy a new music CD is nothing compared to, say, deciding to join the military. The latter requires tough training, years of duty, and the possibility of killing other people and being killed or being crippled for life. Some decisions should not be made lightly. And yet, immigration is now treated like the most easy, fun, painless, and natural thing. Not only are globalist Western elites calling on non-whites to come in droves but non-white elites are telling their own people to flock to other nations. Now, if the elites of a nation are proud of their identity and tradition, why would they encourage their own people to give up their own nations, move to other nations, and pledge loyalty to other governments(that could even be enemies)?

For the longest time, neither China nor Japan allowed foreigners to enter or their own people to leave. They saw foreigners as invaders, and they didn’t want their own people to go to other lands and work for the enemies/rivals. Japanese didn’t want their own people to become New Chinese and possibly serve China against Japan. And Chinese felt the same way. But then, Western Powers forced China and Japan open, and both nations realized that they must learn new ideas from the West and build their own technologies to defend themselves. So, ideas and goods should move freely, but the nation-states should still maintain border controls. But this wasn’t so easy, especially as imperialist nations began to carve up China. With China being unable to keep foreigners out, they got into the habit of moving to foreign lands. Also, due to pressures of increasing population, there was the temptation to dump the poor folks to the wide open spaces of the New World.

The modern world gave rise to both nationalism and anti-nationalism. With centralized state power, mass communication, and public education, more people could be brought together under a shared national identity. Thus, Russian peasants who’d only known their local village and customs began to think more in terms of their shared Russian-ness with other Russians. And the rise of Turkey owed to modern political influences from the West. So, more people than ever before gained shared/collective pride as member of a nation.

But modernity also facilitated movements of peoples via ships and then airplanes. The world grew smaller. And people being organisms, they were tempted to move to other places IF they could have better material lives. Modern Turkey is very nationalist, and yet, so many Turks have left Turkey for Germany and other European nations because they want more money and welfare. And the Turkish government, like the Mexican government, promotes both nationalism and immigrationism, a great irony. If indeed Turkish elites are so proud of being Turks, why would they want Turks to abandon their own nations and move, often permanently, to other nations? Won’t these Turkish emigrants be abandoning their own identity and culture? If indeed Turks become ‘New Germans’ and if Germany and Turkey end up in a war, won’t the Germanized Turks be fighting against Turkey? But then, Turks may feel that Turks who emigrate to Europe will likely retain their identity. In other words, they aren’t so much immigrants in Germany but colonizers. As white Europe is aging, dying, and losing faith in God and nation, why shouldn’t the more virile and vital Muslim folks move and take over?

Same kind of double-think may operate among Mexican elites. In a way, it makes little sense for proud Mexicans to encourage Mexicans to move to Gringo-Land and serve goddamn Gringos. But, Mexicans can smell the blood that Gringo has lost his mojo-ez. Gringo is cucked out and decadent. So, Mexicans who move to the US aren’t so much switching loyalties and siding with Gringos against Mexico but carrying out Reconquista of the lands back from Gringos who’d humiliated the ‘tacoheads’ in the Mexican-American War and been making Westerns were Mexicans are usually ridiculous, albeit endearing, characters like Ramon in THE BIG COUNTRY and Pedro in RIO BRAVO.

Anyway, moving to another nation is not something to be taken lightly. The reason why it’s become a New Normal is because globalism has undermined nationalism and patriotism. It has severed identity from its roots. Globalism says no people, except Jews, have an organic connection to their ancestors, lands, cultures, and traditions. All identities are just like baseball cards to be traded back and forth. Identities are to be traded like currencies or bought and sold on the demographic stock market. We don’t trade in slaves anymore but in entire peoples. Even though people feel free in having easier access to other parts of the world, they’ve become a new kind of 'slaves' because they’ve lost the meaning of who they are really are. They’ve been cut off from their roots and chained to migratory patterns where the ONLY consideration is material interest, hedonism, and self-indulgence. So, if you live in Nation A and if moving to Nation B will make you richer, your identity and loyalty easily shift to Nation B.

Paradoxically, the only people who resist such mindset, the Jews, are the ones who are pushing it most fervently on other peoples. Why? Because Jews want gentiles to be adrift as rootless economic units whose loyalties can be sold to the highest bidder. Since Jews got the most money, they can buy the loyalties of most people. Look at the minions of George Soros al over the world. With their mega-stash of gold, Jews can dish out thirty pieces of silver to so many gentiles who, having been culturally hollowed out by Pop Culture and intellectually reprogrammed by PC, are easily sold to the money changers.

Now, let’s consider a hypothetical where every would-be-immigrant is fully warned of what he is committing to IF he decides upon permanent emigration to another nation. He would be informed of the profound implications of his decisions on the political, cultural, and even spiritual level. And it wouldn’t be just about him but his ancestors and descendants. After all, if he adopts the identity and narrative of another nation, his descendants will likely drift from his identity & culture and forget his ancestors in the ‘old country’.

So, what would the questions posed to the would-be-immigrant be? As follows.

1. Are you proud of your people, culture, and history? Do you feel a deep attachment to your people and land? If so, why do you want to abandon your nation and come to live in America where your culture and identity won’t be central and will likely be rejected, neglected, or forgotten by your children and grandchildren? If you’re non-white, do you find white people to be superior? Why do you want to move to a nation envisioned and built by white pioneers? Do you believe white people do everything better, whereas your people, being inferior and hopeless, will never achieve the levels of wealth and success found in Anglo-built America?

2. What is your main motivation for wanting to permanently move to another nation and replace your existing deeply rooted identity with a new one based largely on consumerism, careerism, and recreation? Are you motivated by idealism or materialism? Are you willing to abandon your own identity, people, and culture just to have better material life in America?
Or do you value individualism and freedom that you believe are enshrined by Rule of Law in America? But if you long for more freedom and individualism, why don’t you struggle for them in your own nation? Are you and your people incapable of working together for greater liberty and rule of law? Are you and your ilk so lazy, cowardly, craven, and stupid that you people can’t attain those things on your own and must move to white-founded-and-built nation to enjoy them?
Or if your nation is free and democratic but saddled with rampant corruption, why don’t you get together with your countrymen to organize movements for reform? Why do you shirk your responsibilities at home while you seek to shunt off to America to enjoy the fruits of what other peoples, especially whites, have accomplished? If you admire the American Way, why don’t you do something to realize similar improvements in your own nation? A true idealist doesn’t run away from the problems of his own people to enjoy paradise built by another people. He rolls up his sleeves and struggles to make things better for his own nation and people. The West didn’t become rich and successful because white people ran to success created by others. It was because men and women of values and ideals acted on their convictions to construct something out of nothing, thus transforming a wilderness into a civilization. But you don’t want to serve or improve your own nation. You just want to run from problems to easy solutions in America created by other peoples. You don’t want to do the homework for your own people in your own nation. You want to go to America and live off the homework done by whites. Are you ashamed of yourself? What kind of shameless craven tard are you anyway?

3. Are you aware that America was created by taking land from the native populations? If childish Indian savages were the original owners of America, then why do you want to join the white race in furthering the conquest of America and render Indians into yet a smaller minority. If it was tragic for Indians to lose their lands to Europeans, isn’t it doubly tragic for Indians to lose their land to peoples from all over the world? If whites took land from Indians, isn’t the moral obligation of whites to take good care of Indians than open up the New World to yet more invasions from all over?

There’s a good chance that your people had also been colonized by Europeans although not ethnically pogrom-ed off the land as Indian were. Aren’t you relieved that your people regained your homeland and were liberated of foreign imperialism. As it stands, Indians lost their land and will forever live under ‘foreign’ white rule. So, why would your kind want to move to America and participate in an Eurocentric race-ist order that has permanently extinguished the hope of Indian Liberation?

Furthermore, even though our official creed is now ‘Diversity Is Our Strength’, the fact is Diversity is really the product of imperialism, conquest, mass rape, slave trade, and waves of invasive immigration. In North and South Americas, Diversity was forced on the natives by imperialists. And the presence of blacks to further the Diversity was the result of centuries of Slave Trade. So, if you come here to celebrate Diversity, you are participating in the Imperialist Saga.

4. Are you aware that the US not only developed as an imperialist power across the American continent but expanded its imperial reach overseas as well? Do you know that US imperialism and intervention in world affairs led to the deaths of millions in Asia and Middle East? Consider the US support of Japanese imperialism before the two empires butted heads in World War II. Think of US invasion of Philippines, US wars in Korea and Vietnam. Think of US actions in Guatemala and Iran. The invasion of Panama. Think of US colonial grab of Puerto Rico. Think of how the CIA and US mafia ran Cuba before Castro liberated it from Hyman Roth. And have you already forgotten the US invasion of Iraq and Libya that led to destruction of entire cities and deaths of 100,000s of lives? The US also aided terrorists in Syria to either topple or cripple the secular modern Assad regime. The US, being controlled by Jews, also supports the seemingly never-ending Zionist oppression and dispossession of Palestinians. Given the history and direction of US power and its imperialism, why do you want to move to America, work for the US economy, raise your kids to serve in the US military, and pay taxes to the US government when the US will use the added might(of immigrant labor and revenues) to expand its empire to terrorize and destroy more peoples and nations all over the world? Do you want to participate in American Imperialism? Do you want to work and pay taxes to fund the US empire that has caused so much harm in every corner of the world? Are you some kind of amoral freak? Haven’t you read Paul Craig Roberts? Or are you the kind of tard who got all your information from Jew-run CNN?

5. Are you a decadent or degenerate freak? If not, why would you want to come to America? Don’t you know that the current religion of the US is Homomania and Queertianity? Don’t you know that Americans now celebrate fecal penetration among homos? Don’t you know that America now fires, fines, and blacklists people who won’t acknowledge Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner as a ‘woman’? Don’t you know that US companies are obliged to use 50 gender pronouns? Don’t you know that Washington D.C., the capital of the US, is 10% homo and virtually all politicians are shills of heinous Jewish globalists? Why do you want to bring your children to America to be indoctrinated in public schools and by mass media(all controlled by Jewish globalists and their homo proxies) to praise, celebrate, and even worship homos and trannies? What kind of parent are you that you are willing to turn your children’s hearts, minds, and souls over to the devil of decadent and degenerate globalism just because you want to make more money, drive a fancy car, and live in a McMansion? You must be some kind of turd to expose your children to such filth. And do you know what American pop culture is? It is about keeping men boys forever, addicted to video-games and comic book culture. And it’s about turning girls into whores or ‘thots’ at the youngest age possible. The US influence will turn your son into an immature dork or a fruitkin. And your daughter will likely throw away her virginity at 15 and screw around like the disgusting Lena Dunham and Emma Sulkowicz. You must be some kind of degenerate freak yourself to want to come to America and expose your children to that kind of filth.
Aren’t you proud of your own history, culture, and values? Or are you already ersatz-Americanized via globalist media that are beamed into homes all across the world? Are you already a tard whose idea of culture is tattoos, piercings, and the umpteenth comic book movie? Are your kids already into rap or some other trashy music? Is your son already an Americanized idiot who imitates rappers and demented celebrities? Is your daughter already a thot-in-progress? You must be one lowlife shithead of a father. So, you couldn’t resist the worst aspects of American Pop Culture even in your nation and you want to come to America to wallow whole hog in degeneracy and filth. US may be rich, but it has a shithole culture, and you want to eat from it like a pig. Apparently, you have no feeling or connection to your own culture and history because, if you did, you would want to preserve it and defend it from the foulness of globalist US influence that is spreading like a plague all over the world. If you come to the US, a nutjob like Michio Kaku will just see you as a worker-consumer-tax-payer whose only purpose is to keep the economy running so that megalomaniacal geeks like him can invent technology to turn themselves into ‘gods’, like how Mason became Largo in BUBBLEGUM CRISIS.

6. Despite all the official crap about ‘equality’, do you know that the US is really about the royalty of the holy three: Jews, blacks, and homos? Both political parties must honor and praise Jews no matter what they do. Jews are the most powerful people in America and must be obeyed at every turn. And we must turn a blind eye to Zionist oppression of Palestinians. We must not protest our tax payer money going to Zionist tyranny. Do you want to take part in this evil? Don’t you have any sympathy for Palestinians? No? Why you dirty heartless bastard. Crazy Jews run the US, and moving to the US to serve Jews is like moving to Nazi Germany to lend support to the Wehrmacht. If Jews want more Wars for Israel, America must deliver. If Jews want to wreck the economies of Iran and Russia, all Americans must comply because all politicians are shills for Zion. Why would you want to participate in this monstrous system? Not only was the US created by ‘racist’ imperialism against childish Indian savages and not only did it develop by slave labor, but the US continues to be an aggressive nation hellbent on world domination. If anything, it is worse today because at least the Anglo-American elites of yesteryear had some conscience, some sense of honor, some sense of limits, some sense of magnanimity, some sense of Christian grace. Also, they didn’t deny their power and listened to criticism and were self-critical. In contrast, the current Jewish elites are utterly neurotic, psychopathic, sociopathic, megalomaniacal, egotistical, chutzpahlsy, and delirious. Even though they cause the most harm around the world, they pontificate like they’re moral paragons or eternal victims of the Shoah. If you come to the US, you will be serving this evil power. Do you even know WHY the Jews are ‘welcoming’ non-white folks like you? They just want to set goyim against goyim. If you’re Muslim, you know Jews are making White Christians in the military bomb your nation and make your life hell. But these same Jews then ‘invite’ your kind to America and make you hate White Christians. It’s pure misdirection. It’s the Jews who make whites hate, invade, and destroy Muslim nations. Jews run Hollywood and made all these movies and TV shows with ‘Muzzie’ baddies. But when you come to America, Jews will pretend to love you and set you against white gentiles as 'Islamophobes'. Why do you want to be played and manipulated by Jews? You must be a freaking idiot to want to come to America and be used as globots by the heinous Jewish imperialists.
And then, there are the blacks or Negroes. They are the other people deemed holy by the American Narrative. But in fact, blacks commit the most crime, destroy entire cities, degrade academic standards, holler like lunatics, and tell lies upon lies. Even though most blacks have most to fear from other blacks, the insane BLM movement made believe that innocent law-abiding blacks were being gunned down by ‘racist’ white supremacist police. If you want to run some store in a big city, there’s a good chance some crazy ‘groids’ will loot it like they did in Ferguson in the name of justice for Michael Brown, a fat thug who got shot for charging a police officer who was only doing his duty. As blacks are revered as ‘kangz’ in America, rappers are treated like poet laureates and prophets. But all they yammer about is ‘biatches’, ‘muh gun’, ‘muh bling’, ‘muh dick’, ‘muh attitude’. Why would you want to bring your kids to a nation and raise them to imitate crazed blacks who imitate drunken apes?
And then, there’s the Homos. Maybe you know that some people are born homo and like to do ‘gay’ stuff. Okay, live and let live, I guess. But in the US, Jews via control of media-academia-finance-entertainment, have turned homos into the angels and saints of America. Even though HIV epidemic spread because homos were buggering one another in bathhouses from coast to coast, Americans are forced to believe that homos were just hapless and innocent victims, oh boo hoo hoo. And if you open a pastry shop, you better bake a cake to service a ‘gay wedding’. If you don’t, you will be sued and destroyed financially. And Antifa thugs will attack you in the streets while hideous Jews giggle with glee like the demon girl in Fellini’s TOBY DAMMIT. Do you still want to come to America? If yes, you must be some kind of disgusting freak yourself.

7. Do you care about the environment? If you do, why do you want to come to America, consume more energy than you are now, and add to the carbon footprint to the planet? Studies show that when people come to America, they drive bigger cars like SUV’s and live in McMansions. They use more energy of all kinds and add more CO2 into the air. Don’t you care about the planet? Also, as an American, you will likely eat a lot of beef, and that means more cattle, and that means more cow fart which adds lots of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Why would you want to become a stupid fat American eating all those burgers, driving an SUV, and living in a McMansion? It’s bad enough we have enough stupid Americans messing up the planet. Why would you want to be yet another fat stupid American? Why don’t you do us a favor and stay in your nation and live within your means and be more environmentally-minded. We have enough gross fat Americans who use excessive energy and befoul the planet with auto exhausts and cow flatulence.

8. Do you know that financial sector is the biggest share of the US economy? The US has manipulated, abused, and fleeced the world with Wall Street fraud and Dollar supremacism. If you come to America and if your kids do well in school, there’s a good chance they too will work in the financial sector and facilitate more predatory fraud around the world. Why don’t you stay in your own nation and make money the honest way than coming to America and goading your kids to go to business school, join Wall Street, learn dirty tricks, and make lots of money by making or producing nothing? The last thing the US needs is more financial sharks. It needs more Real Economy. The problem is immigrants come to the US and work to expand stupid bubbles that distort the economy for everyone. Consider all the Hindu dotkins who played a key role in the Bubble in the 1990s. And the Housing Bubble that nearly KO’ed the world economy owed much to providing easy loans to tons of immigrants and even illegal aliens who bought houses they couldn’t really afford. The US economy is seriously distorted and, in turn, distorts the entire world. The fact that you want to join this bubble economy means you’re sick in the head. Why don’t you want to stay in your own nation and build up some honest industries?

9. Do you want to aid and abet in Jewish Supremacism and oppression of Palestinians? While the US has many groups, some are more equal than others, and no group is as ‘more equal’ than the Jews. Jews use their great power to force all groups to support the Zionist Occupation and Oppression of Palestinians. What kind of lowlife sicko are you that you want to come to the US and aid in the oppression of Palestinians and other peoples? Why do you hate the Palestinians? Why do you want to work in the US and pay taxes into the system that funds the terrible Zionist tyranny over Palestinians. You must be a sadistic bully with a hole where there should be a soul. So, you’re the kind of lowlife who’s willing to come to America and pay taxes to support the oppression of Palestinians just because you want your SUV, McMansion, and 5 burgers per serving. Have you seen a spiritual counselor recently? You should because you are willing to take thirty pieces of silver and oppress Palestinians.

10. Why do you want to kill your own people? If you’re Chinese, there’s a chance that US and China will be at war. If that happens, you will have to support the US as it drops bombs and murders countless innocent dog-eaters and cat-torturers. Are you a Muslim? Then, you must surely know that Jewish-run America uses its military and economic sanctions to target, subvert, and destroy any Muslim or Arab nation hated by Israel. Are you some lowlife Muslim cuck(with brains rotted from too much cousin-mating) who takes pleasure in coming to America and paying taxes to support a system that drops bombs on Muslims, forcing them into refugee status?
Or if you’re from Latin America, you must know of the long US history of exploitation of nations and peoples south of the border. Look what Hyman Roth did to Havana in THE GODFATHER PART 2. Jews and Anglo-Americans have been using Latin America as their backyard. They’ve been invading, bullying, and exploiting Latin America. And yet, your dream is to come to the US and work for gringo and pay taxes into the Yanqui Empire so that the US will continue pushing around Latin American nations? Are you loco?
And if you’re African, why do you want to run from fellow blacks and come to a white-built nation? Are you a ‘racist’? In America, ‘racist’ whites take flight or white flight from black areas. That is deemed discriminatory or bigoted. And yet, you want to take flight from fellow blacks and come to white Europe or white-founded America. Are you a self-loathing black ‘racist’ who runs from fellow blacks and come to live with ‘whitey’? Are you really that disgustingly ‘racist’? If you got talent and brains, why don’t you work to improve and fix your ‘shithole’ nation? If you got shit all over, clean it up. Don’t run from your own shit. Are you too lazy to fix your own problems? Then, you are reinforcing ‘racist’ stereotypes of blacks being lazy, indolent, and irresponsible. There’s a ‘racist’ stereotype that black men are prone to getting women pregnant and then shirking their duties and running off to hump more whores. Do you see your own nation as a ‘whore’ to run from? Do you want to confirm the ‘racist’ stereotype of blacks as carefree ‘groids’ who won’t be their brothers’ keepers?

*Bonus Question. If you believe that white Americans should be replaced by non-white New Americans, do you support the same fate for your own nation? Should foreigners take over your own nation and fundamentally change its demography? Do you mind if that happens? What? You’re not worried about that since your nation sucks and no one wants to come to it anyway?

Anyway, if after considering all the above questions, if your answer is still, "Yes, I want to come to America", then our decision is NO, YOU CAN’T COME because the fact that you still want to come to America after being so warned means that you’re a trashy, shallow, and disgusting person. As the US has enough trashy, shallow, and disgusting people, it doesn’t need MORE.
So, stay home and fix up your own nation.

Contradictions of Universalism and Particularism among Ancient Greek, Jews, and Anglo-Americans

Greeks and Jews came to face the same conundrum. How to reconcile the universal resound of their ideas with the tribal ethno-centrism.

Greeks were awful proud and developed complex forms of science and governance. They conceived of political systems like democracy. It had universal implications, but Greeks had no intention of sharing the idea with barbarians. It was for Greek city-states only. But the idea eventually caught onto other civilizations.

Jews were awful proud and developed the idea of the one and only God. It had universal implications, but Jews wanted to own it for themselves. So, they came up with the Covenant that would bind God of all things to the Jewish tribe.

These two contradictions would come to shape much of Western History. West developed science and technology of universal import but sought to keep it to itself to gain power over others. West developed ideas of universal human rights but sought to restrict those rights to Western peoples.

Just as Greeks saw democracy as a Greek thing and Jews saw God as a Jewish thing, America’s Founding was also marked by a similar contradiction. It was, in a sense, a universal republic committed to principles transcending tribes and nations. And yet, it was also a nation of Anglo-Germanic stock where Christianity and English were the defacto official religion and language. It was both about big OURS encompassing all humanity and a small ours serving a specific ethnos. Thus, Anglo-Germanics would have a special place in the American experience. This was most obvious to Indians, blacks, and non-whites but even, to a lesser extent, to certain ethnic groups from Southern or Eastern Europe.

Universalism wasn’t the intention of the Greeks when they devised ideas of democracy and individuality. Similarly, Jews instinctively feared the consequences of monotheism as an abstraction. Abstractions, having been distilled from a particular reality, can pass to any people, culture, or nation. It’s like every fruit has its own sugars. So, apple sugars belong to the apple, peach sugars belong to the peach, and watermelon sugars belong to the watermelon. But when sugars are extracted from those fruits, they lose their unique attachments and just become ‘universal’ sugar that can be used to sweeten anything. It’s like when piles of wood are turned into charcoal, it no longer matters which tree they came from; they just exist to burn and provide heat.

Thus, to own and keep their own concept of God, Jews entwined the idea with the Covenant between God and Jews as the Chosen People. Thus, the Jewish God had features of a universal idea but was contractually bound to The Tribe. God was the Lord of all things, all peoples, and all everything; however, He’d chosen the Jewish People to keep the torch of greatness(like Zeus gave Athena the Aegis for safekeeping; it was her responsibility and privilege).

A similar kind of contractualism informed the founding of America as both a Republic premised on universal principles of human rights AND a Christian nation mainly of Anglo-Germanic stock.

But such contractualism — combination of universalism and particularism — tends to be unstable in the long run, especially if a people rub up against diverse groups of people either through imperialism or mass migration. Historically, Jews were never alone in their world like the Swedes in Sweden, Japanese in Japan, Hawaiian natives in Hawaii, and etc. They were always invading or being invaded by other peoples, always trading with other peoples, always bickering with other peoples, always hating and co-existing with other peoples. Thus, the potent bottle of Jewish nitroglycerin got shaken left and right, hither and thither, and the formula finally exploded into a truly universalized idea of God for all peoples of the Earth.

As for Anglo-Americans, their importation of large numbers of black Africans to toil as slaves and then huge numbers of ‘ethnic’ European immigrants — especially the feisty and pushy Jews — led to increasing pressures to transform America into a ‘proposition’. As long as America was overwhelmingly(and proudly) of Northern European stock, it could maintain both the ‘radicalism’ of the Revolution and the ‘racialism’ of the original Northern European stock.
But as America filled up with growing numbers of blacks(with high birthrate) and ethnic white Americans(who strove for the same rights and privileges as the Wasps), America lurched more toward abstract universal principles(though, for some reason, it also favors three groups for special praise and recognition: All Americans must support Israel, all Americans must worship Homomania or Queertianity as the new religion, all of Anglosphere must celebrate blackness for an entire month). Thus, even though the founding ideas of the American republic/democracy had once been almost synonymous with the Anglo-American people, their eventual universalization undermined Wasp power and then white power in general, with the exception of Jewish power.

But then, Jews didn’t so much destroy the Founding Contradiction/Hypocrisy as filch it for themselves. It’s like the pigs in ANIMAL FARM didn’t so much distribute human goodies equally among the animals as keep the choicest portions for themselves. The Founding Contradiction continues in altered form in favoring Jews as the quintessential Americans. After all, we are told that America is about both universal commitment to ‘tolerance’ & ‘diversity' AND total support of Israel as the ‘closest ally’ and 'best friend' of America. Thus, the core of Americanism continues to be about universalism + tribalism, i.e. Jews are ‘more equally’ American than other Americans. The crucial factor is that that tribalist element of Americanism passed from Wasps to Jews.

Consider that all Americans are NOT forced to praise or support Iran, Russia, China, Germany, Mexico, Egypt, and etc.(even though Americans come from those nations), but all Americans are forced to have their taxpayer money support Israel.

That has been the great Jewish Globalist Swindle. Jewish globalists would have us believe that Bad Old America betrayed its universal principles by favoring the Anglo-American Tribe, but thankfully, such favoritism is no longer viable in Good New America where no group is favored over others and where supremacism has no place.
But any cursory observation of American reality makes it plainly obvious that the system is rigged in favor of Jewish tribalism. American Universalism now means ALL Americans must support Israel and obey Jewish globalists.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Core Coding of the System Will Determine Its Future. The West Is Dying Because Its Central Coding has been Altered

Rule of Narrative changes the Rule of Law.

When the New Narrative is made sacrosanct, the Law succumbs to it because… it’s a ‘dream’, and who wants to defer a dream?

The gloomy fate of America and Europe too is due to the fundamental change in the premise of the New Narrative that was pushed by Jews who gained total control of media and academia.

If whites had insisted that US and Europe are white lands and belong to white people BUT white people are nice enough to take in some non-whites, the new arrivals would have come with a sense of gratitude, appreciation, and respect. After all, they were magnanimously allowed in as guests in another people’s homeland.

So, the new arrivals always feel owed to the native people. They feel that the native folks, out of the kindness of their hearts, did something they didn’t have to do. They were nice enough to let in non-whites who have a chance of a better life.

But suppose the premise of white nations are changed. The new narrative is “white lands were always nations-of-immigrants” on the basis that there had been earlier invasion of peoples in prehistoric times. Also, suppose premise says that Diversity is magic and More Diversity is wonderful for a nation. And fundamental Change is what a nation should be all about.
Then, the corollary is homogeneity and continuity are bad things. Homogeneity must be replaced with magical Diversity, and continuity must be severed by ‘reinventing’ the nation in the spirit of Change.
So, the primary destiny of white nations comes to about increasing endless Diversity and to welcoming total Change.

Under reigning ideology of PC, not only are white people inculcated with such value system but non-whites in white lands no longer feel appreciative as lucky guests but as rightful owners of white nations. After all, the New Premise says Diversity and Change must take precedence over Homogeneity and Continuity(that are deemed ‘racist’, ‘hateful’, ‘extreme’, and ‘far right’).
Thus, foreigners who arrive in white lands don’t come with gratitude but with moral and ideological arrogance. They come to make demands to let more of their kind into white nations and for white institutions & industries to favor non-whites in high positions to make things more ‘just’ because, after all, white nations no longer belong to white people but to the World in the spirit of Diversity and Change.

Core ideas are that important. Changing the central idea of a nation is like changing the code of a computer. If a computer code is programmed to favor red dots and eliminate blue dots, red dots will be favored. Over time, there could be 1000 red dots and only 10 blue dots remaining. But suppose the code is changed to favor blue dots over red dots. Red dots may not worry since they greatly outnumber blue dots. I mean, how much harm could 10 blue dots do to 1000 red dots? But the altered code will mean that blue dots will gain with every passing hour until they will greatly outnumber the red dots. While red dots are eliminated one by one, the program allows blue dots to multiply.

When the Western code was altered, most white people didn’t react with alarm since they looked all around and saw white people and white power. So what if the New Laws & Values favored Diversity and Change? What could possibly happen?
Well, look around the big cities of Europe. It led to the invasion by tons of non-whites who cannot be expelled because the core code of the West now say they are what the West and its ‘values’ are all about.

Why do these Usurpers act with such arrogance and contempt for White America? Because the new code favors them. They no longer feel grateful and appreciative. They no longer plead for favors. No, they just make demands and act like the West is theirs to pilfer and plunder. All the great things created by Anglo whites and other whites exist to be claimed and taken by non-whites… or so the New Code says.

If you have title to your house, it’s your house. Now, suppose there’s a homeless person and you let him in. It’s still your house because you hold the title. The title encodes the house as yours. So, your act of kindness to the homeless person is your decision. It’s your decision to let him stay or to tell him to leave.
But suppose you decide that you’re gonna share the title with him. You tell him, “my house is your house”, and you expect the guy to be grateful and kiss your pinky. But instead, the guy feels that since he owns the title to the house just as much as you do, he will do whatever suits his fancy in the house. Also, he has friends and families who have much to gain by coming to the house. So, he calls them over. You protest, but the law no longer favors you since you shared the title with the guy. You find your house, which is no longer yours alone, filling up with more ‘new owners’ invited by the homeless guy(who is now co-owner of the house). In time, the house has a 100 people, and all those people don’t see themselves as guests but as co-owners. So, you went from owning the house to being 1/100th owner of the house. Boy, wasn’t that dumb?

Whites in the West have only ONE way to save itself. Take back the Title to their National Property. In Europe, this is totally justified since Europe is the ancient homeland of whites. Denounce Diversity and Change as the cult of neo-imperialism and colonization. Tell non-whites to return.
The change in the code was fatal to Europe. As Europe is so much richer than the Third World, what was likely to happen if the Code were changed? Naturally, the poor masses were gonna flock to the West for better material lives. And they were gonna call more of their kinds to share in the loot. If you feed animals, what do they do? They send out signals and more of them come. And if they initially came with gratitude and appreciation, they later come making demands for more and more and get angry if you don’t feed them.

Nothing can be saved without the Change in the Code. Sure, they will accuse the rise of nationalism as ‘racist’, but if nationalism was good enough for the Third World in driving out white/European colonists and imperialists, it’s good enough for white people to kick out Third World mobs of usurpers. White people must reclaim the Title to their lands. And if it means war and violence to topple the vile elites and kick out foreigners, so be it. Viet Cong didn’t just hold up signs. They fought. So did the Algerians resistance fighters to drive out the French.

The re-coding of the West to favor Diversity and Change over Solidarity and Continuity was the fatal flaw. Every society is a system, like a computer is a system. And just like a computer follows its codes, a social system functions in accordance to its legal coding and narrative drives. As long as the Code favors Diversity and Change, we can kiss the West goodbye. Diversity and Change must be properly identified and diagnosed as virus and cancer embedded into the Western DNA by vile globalist elites. They must be treated like disease that must eradicated from the core DNA of the West. Diversity and Change are like HIV. They are meant to weaken and destroy the Immune system of the West by brainwashing whites into thinking that any thought and action for self-preservation is Evil. Nationalism is an immune system to defend and conserve the social system of a people. When nationalism is attacked by globalist cancer, the immune system fails because the people are made to believe that there is nothing more evil than their desire for solidarity and continuity as a people and culture.

White folks must rise up and attack Diversity as Demise and Change as Extinction. A great people don’t need to be replaced and ‘reinvented’. Diversity-and-Change was a case of fixing something that was not broken. The idea of ‘fixing’ the rich and stable West with dysfunctional Third World morons who wrecked or degraded their own nations was too funny, but no one got the joke because white people were ‘guilt-baited’ with Shoah and made to feel that Nationalism was the root of all evil in WWI and WWII when, in fact, both wars were the result of imperialism that violated the national sovereignty of weaker peoples.
The real reason for the rapid recovery of the West and Japan owed to restoration of nationalism. Nazi and Japanese imperialism was defeated, and nations could be free and sovereign again.
The new danger was that the Cold War gave rise to Soviet and American empires. But then, with the fall of communism, it seemed as though every nation in Europe would be sovereign and free. Then, there would be peace and prosperity predicated on security and stability. But then, there was globalism that led to EU neo-hegemony and expansion of US as the hyper-power that treats other nations as vassals, but then, US itself is the vassal state of a bigger power of globalist networks dominated by Zionists.

It is because Zionists want to control the entire world that they push Diversity and Change on all nations(except Israel). With Diversity and Change as the elite mantra in every nation, nationalism will weaken as native elites will not defend their nations but serve the globalist elites who offer them lots of money and prizes if they go along. And then, every nation can be infiltrated and taken over by foreign capital and New Cosmopolitanism whose only truths are Homo Worship and Rap music.

Fascist-Democracies are the Best Bet for the Future

A Facist-Democracy in Action
Though ‘democracy’ is pegged as a quintessential ‘Western Value’, the fact is most of Western History was not marked by democracy or even republican forms of government. Most Greek city-states were not democratic in the manner of Athens, and even Athens underwent profound changes in its forms of governance. Roman Republic soon gave to imperial rule, and the long stretch of Western European history from the Fall of Rome to the early 20th century was characterized by feudalism, aristocracy, theocracy, and monarchy than by ‘democracy’.

Does this mean that most of Western History was not ‘western’ since it wasn’t ‘democratic’ and 'liberal', supposedly the quintessential attributes of the West?
Furthermore, Byzantine and Russian Europe hardly experienced any democracy at all except in the late modern period. And huge swaths of what had been Byzantium came under Turkish, Kurdish, or Arab rule where democracy is either non-existent or practiced differently from ‘Western’ standards. If a people-and-culture are defined by a set of ideas, are they no longer that people-and-culture if the ideas were to change? If we say the samurai system and ethos are the indispensable essence of what it means to be Japanese, then are we to assume that the Japanese stopped being Japanese once they abandoned the samurai order and embarked on the path of Westernization? While it is true that samurai culture and mindset left a huge imprint on Japanese history, isn't the core essence of Japanese-ness the story of Japanese people in their homeland? Likewise, while it's true that political democracy & individualism originated and came to fruition in the West, the core essence of the West goes far deeper than any philosophy or set of ideals. More than anything, it's about the people, the land, and their sense of history REGARDLESS of whatever ideas or values they may have espoused. Thus, barbarian Vikings were no less a part of the West than Republican Romans. And Spanish living under autocratic Franco were no less part of the West than Swedes living under Social-Democracy. France was just as much a part of West under monarchy as under revolutionary populist ideals. So, the notion of distilling the entirety of the Western Experience into a bottle of 'democracy' is rather glib and shallow.

Also, there is no need to fetishize democracy. The historical lesson of democracy has been as much about failure as success, doom as well as hope. Democracy, by its ruthless autistic-logic, has often led to rootlessness, confusion, decadence, and demise.

For democracy to thrive and ensure survival of the civilization it serves, it must be fascist. This is why the fascist-democracies of Iran, Israel, and Turkey face more secure futures that the decadent-democracies of the West that are now prone to spouting such sentiments such as “there is no such thing as French Culture” or “Great Britain has always been a ‘nation of immigrants’.” In Iran, Israel, and Turkey, the democratic institutions serve, respectively, Iran-ness, Jewishness, and Turkishness. Democracy serves than dissolves nationalism. (A fascist-democracy allows liberal freedoms and free elections BUT enshrines the core fascist themes into the Constitution whose primary function is to secure the survival and well-being of a particular ethnos on a specific territory justified by a certain narrative. The danger of autocracies is the power becomes concentrated in the hands of a few that grow increasingly paternalistic and corrupt. The danger of democracies is the people become fractured into atomized individuals succumbing to appetites and alienation, thus allowing cynical elites to gain plutocratic power behind the scenes. In contrast, a fascist-democracy provides direction & meaning to freedoms that ultimately go to preserving the ethnos and mythos. Thus, people do enjoy freedoms and choices as individuals but are inculcated from cradle to find meaning as organic members of a larger community of blood-and-soil. Too many people tend to see politics in terms of right-wing aristocracy vs left-wing democracy, but democracy can be made to serve nationalism via fascism, which also allows for compromise between capitalism and socialism.)

America’s rise to prominence owed to its being a fascist-democracy, a land of liberty and freedom bound to powerful sense of racial identity, cultural heritage, and core moral values. A democracy without fascist themes to keep it loyal to a people & culture will eventually dissipate because an idea serving an idea(instead of something specific and tangible) will grow weak and decadent. In time, the people are made to value the idea more than the realness of their own existence as ethnos and culture upon a territory. Thus, French people no longer believe their political system exists to defend and preserve the French nation. Instead, the French people and nation now exist to serve the Idea that, in a state of abstraction, becomes universal and is no longer specifically bound to the national interests of France as blood-and-soil. (While the cosmopolitan ideal of the French Enlightenment is not a new one, its corrosive impact had been tempered in the past by nationalism, traditionalism, and chauvinism that favored the French over their colonial subjects who, furthermore, had little chance of moving to France. Today, it's so easy for millions of non-whites to invade white nations every year. What had been the privilege of the affluent has become the tangible dream of countless mobs in the Third World. The practice of cosmopolitan universalism went from rich & educated white Europeans traveling to exotic places to millions of Africans and Muslims arriving in France and UK to shake their booties to rap and shake down whitey for free gibs.)

Just imagine the future of Israel if Jews were to adopt the autistic-logic of abstract democracy over the current fascist-democracy. Israeli democracy would go from freedom & liberty for Jews in a proud Jewish State to ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’ for all of humanity that may want to migrate to Israel to enjoy ‘universal rights’. Since the Iron Law of Human Organismic Behavior is “poorer folks move to richer folks”, Israel will soon be swamped by Africans and Arabs from less developed parts of the world.

That is precisely what is happening in the decadent-democracies of Europe, and if current trends are left unchecked, the future of Europe will be doom and demise.

A fascist-democracy uses freedom and liberty to protect and strengthen the people & culture of a nation.

A decadent-democracy offers freedom and liberty to foreign invaders to take over and destroy the native population that has been demoralized and deracinated by PC. If some native people do remain idealistic and passionate in a decadent-democracy, it's only in welcoming racial and national suicide in the name of serving the ideas of 'democracy' and 'openness'... and 'diversity', another essential 'Western Value' recently discovered or invented by PC. It goes to show that 'Western Values' are really dictated by whomever wields the power to control the narrative. Deracinators or 'Deracists' are the biggest danger to the Advanced World.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Nations Can Survive Decadence & Dementia But Cannot Survive 'Demodence' and 'Demomise'

Nations can survive Decadence as all civilizations have cycles of rise and fall. The fall of the old dynasties in Turkey, Iran, and China didn’t end those civilizations as people and culture.
But current Decadence in the West is accompanied with 'Demodence' and 'Demomise', or demise of native populations. There is NO recovery from such disaster. If France becomes Africanized, it is no longer France and will never regain its true identity and heritage. It will forever be neo-savage land of Africans speaking French and colonizing white wombs(infected with jungle fever) to create more black babies who grow up to be ravenous savages. If Australia is repopulated with Hindus, Chinese, Arabs, and Africans, it will no longer be Anglo-Australia, the real Australia.

A nation or community can survive bad(even horrible) ideas or trends. Russia survived communism, even after losing millions of lives. China survived cultural decay, wars, and communism(and other disasters) too. Nevertheless, Russia remained Russian and China remained Chinese throughout the disasters, and they were able to re-emerge on the world stage as sovereign nations.

Globalism is more dangerous than bad ideologies or trends of the past because it uses decadence to weaken the pride and will of a people and then drives a stake through the nation’s weakened heart with demographic invasion and replacement.
To undermine national solidarity based on morality and values, globalism pushes a kind of sacro-decadence that conflates diversionary fun with divine faith. Decadence is no longer something to be tolerated and enjoyed(with guilty pleasure) but the very foundation of New Spirituality. Notice homomania is no longer just street celebrations & colorful parades but the new holy symbols in churches and the new sacred text in schools & libraries. Even the National Church in Washington D.C. hoisted the 'rainbow' flag.

If this madness were just a case of bad ideology or trend, it will blow away in due time. But in the age of globalism where countless peoples are on the move all over the world to invade & plunder wealthier nations, sacro-decadence weakens a people's pride & power to defend their domain and instead strengthens their passion for racial/national suicide as the highest expression of virtue. With debased values, weakened wills, and/or corrupted passions, the native/established peoples increasingly lack the courage and confidence to say NO to the invasion and push back. Worse, their moral vigor, as such may still exist, welcome the invasion and replacement as a spiritual prerogative.

When falsehood is the 'new truth', the most positive & affirmative emotions will honor and serve what is self-destructive while reviling what is most self-protective.

While it would be nice if positive emotions were always on the side of sanity, health, and truth, the problem is emotions always follow the programming of minds & senses. Through indoctrination and iconography, people's minds and senses can be made to affirm the false and insane. And then, their positive emotions flow toward revering those ideas and icons. People have wondered why so many seemingly sane people had positive passions for psychopaths like Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Obama. Are so many people evil or insane? How could they have felt so positive about figures who were so demented?
It was because emotions follow the programming. It's like the positive affections of a dog can go to serve and love the most demented person. Emotions are blind. If a dog is made to believe that such-and-such person is the rightful master, its affections will flow toward that person. Likewise, if the people are made to believe in the 'greatness' or 'holiness' of a certain figure via manipulation of ideas and icons, their emotions will flow that way.
Emotions are 'innocent', earnest, and childlike. So, positive emotions don't automatically choose what is objectively or morally positive, and negative emotions don't automatically reject what is objectively or morally negative. As with dogs(that can be made to love bad people and hate good people), people can be made to associate their positive emotions to what is negative and their negative emotions to what is positive.

Demented ideology of PC and decadent iconography of Pop Culture have brainwashed so many white minds to revile white identity, interests, security, & survival as ugly and pathological while welcoming non-white invasion, moral degeneration, and homomania as the paragons of virtue and redemption.

So, what Western nations face today isn’t just decadence. It is decadence that leads to defenselessness against massive invasion, leading to'demomise' or demographic demise and 'demodence', the decay of an entire people as identity and culture.

In the UK, the BBC now regularly feature blacks and non-whites as British historical figures in movies and series. These aren't just bad ideas and icons but weapons to facilitate the massive invasion of UK by blacks and other non-whites who will turn Great Britain into European Africa, Pakistan, and Arabia.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Without Immigration as Meal Ticket, the Jewish-Homo Alliance with Non-Whites Will Weaken

Would Jews support mass non-white immigration IF the general will of non-whites were to direct US policy at the top? Suppose non-whites do become the majority of America and suppose their combined general will came to define American foreign policy and socio-economic policy. How would Jews feel about this? I don't think they would like it.

Jews value non-white immigration because most non-whites have no chance of reaching the top. Blacks have long remained on the bottom. Browns remain as helots, laborers, and servants. Asians to reach higher, but they lack agency and just go along with the prevailing power and official narrative. Since Jews rule, Asians just follow or marry into Jews. As for white Hispanics, they go along with Jews too. Feeling resentment for Anglos who bettered them in America, white Hispanics will gladly side with Jews for bigger slice of the globalist pie.
Muslim numbers are rising, and Muslims will eventually outnumber Jews. But not many Muslims make it to the top. For every Muslim who reaches elite level, a thousand Jews do.

Some say that non-white immigration is dangerous to Jews because non-whites are more hostile to Jews or indifferent to Zionism(that has passionate support only among whites apart from Jews). But non-whites won't rise to elite power and influence. They will remain on the bottom. And Asians who do reach higher are malleable and servile to the Top Power.

So,for Jews, non-white masses are useful for their electoral numbers(and as cheap labor). Even as non-white numbers swell, they will never dictate policy since only those at the top have that opportunity. As for non-white tokens who are allowed into the elite realm, they become servile to Jews because Jewish money and support favored them. Obama and Nikki Haley are both total servants of Zionists. Jews don't depend on black or non-white wealth, but blacks and non-whites often rely on Jewish favors to reach the top.

As far as Jews are concerned, rising numbers of non-whites just provide more body and muscle for the Jewish mind. Jews play the role of the Mind while non-whites serve as muscle to wrestle and defeat the white body.

This is why we have a strange phenom in both US and EU. All these non-white arrivals aren't socio-culturally 'progressive' or into homo stuff. In many cases, they are more conservative or resistant to 'progressive' values and Western decadence favored by Liberals. And yet, their swelling numbers can be instrumental in increasing the power of the globalist elites who push decadent values. All those Somalis in Minnesota don't care about homo stuff. Many Mexicans in California and many non-whites in NY are not into 'progressive' values or homo stuff. But they don't have elite power. All they can do is vote, but their votes go to elect 'progressive' leaders who take donations and cues from globalist Jews.

So, we have growing numbers of non-whites who don't care for homo stuff voting for politicians who push more homo stuff. How can this be? How can so many anti-homo people be voting for politicians who push more homo stuff? Because while non-whites can only supply votes, it's the Jews who, with vast wealth and connections, get to choose the candidates and script the agenda.
It's like ANIMAL FARM. Most animals provided the labor; it was the pigs that got to decide what was done with the fruits of that labor. It's like a ship's destiny is decided not by the entire crew but by the person with his hands on the steering. So, 1000 crew members may want to Place A, but if the person with control of steering wants to go to Place B, the ship will go to Place B.

Jews know that in a white nation, there is a good chance that conservative whites will prevail over liberal ones. A conservative white society will be more about majority power than minority privilege. Jews, as a minority elite, obviously dislike white conservatives for this reason. Time may favor white conservatives because conservatives generally outbreed liberals. So, in order for Jews to keep pushing their agenda, they need New People who will combine their votes with diminishing number of White Liberals. These New People may dislike Jews or be offended by cultural decadence and 'progressivism'. But most of them are not intellectual or concerned about issues and ideas. Their main concern is a Better Life, and they know they can have it in the West via immigration. So, their #1 priority is access to the West. To have that for themselves, their relatives, and others of their kind, they will make a bargain with the devil. So, even Muslims will vote for the pro-homo party if it lets more of them in. And even though these non-whites may be anti-Jewish and anti-homo, they vote for the Jewish-and-Homo party because it offers greater assurance of more immigration.

Now, Jews would think differently about immigrants IF the new arrivals were super-smart, super-ambitious, and hostile to Jewish interests and agenda. Suppose Muslim arrivals have an average IQ of 130 and are bursting with ambition. Suppose in a couple of generations, they can dominate elite circles and shape The Agenda of the party. And suppose these Muslims favor Palestinians and Iran over Israel. Jews would certainly not want that kind of immigration. Fortunately for Jews, such Muslims don't exist. Even the supposedly smart Asians are mostly servile and keep their heads low and take orders than show agency. So, Jews prize more non-white immigration as more muscle for the Democratic Party. The mind of the party remains with Jewish power. Immigration is steroids for Jews. It bulks up the muscle that is to be controlled by the Jewish mind. Without immigration, conservative white muscle can beat liberal white muscle. Trump would have won by a landslide if US were all-white. But he barely won because non-white votes were overwhelmingly Democratic.

Anyway, if non-whites disagree with Jews and homos on so many issues, why do they vote for the Jewish-Homo party? Why would non-whites, whose moral and cultural values are closer to white conservatives, vote for the party that offends their moral or cultural sensibilities? There is one answer. The bribery of the Ticket to the West. Jews fooled conservatives into believing that culture trumps material interest among immigrants, i.e. immigrants are 'natural conservatives' because they are culturally more conservative than average Americans. But Jews knew that immigrants would favor material interest over cultural values. If the Liberal party offers them more material goods via immigration and government services, non-whites will cast their votes that way. Also, in our globalized world, even non-whites around the world have become pretty Americanized and degenerate. Even their conservatism is suspect.

This is why Jews are so obsessed about immigration. Jews need non-whites as muscle against whites. And the ONLY reason why non-whites will vote for the Jewish-Homo party is if Jews can offer them something of material value. And that is the Ticket to the West. Without that access, there is no reason for non-whites to vote for the Jewish-Homo party that pushes social and cultural agendas that many non-whites don't care for. Same in Canada. Why would Muslims vote for a homo-crazy nut like Justin Trudeau? He hands out Free Tickets.

If Jews can't offer non-whites the Ticket, non-whites may stop voting for the Jewish-Homo party. It's the Deal and the Seal.
Suppose all immigration were to end in US and Canada. Suppose non-whites can't bring over more of their relatives and must try to assimilate. In time, many of them will likely gravitate to the conservative party since it seems saner and sounder than the Liberal Party whose agenda is dictated by neurotic Jews and ridiculous homos.

Even among white ethnics, many of them turned conservative and Republican when mass immigration came to a halt in the 1920s. Unable to bring more of their own kind and having to settle in American society, they found the Conservatives saner, more sober, and more appealing that the Liberals who got sillier and crazier. This is when many Italian-Americans went from Democratic Party to Republican Party.