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Why is Jewish Politics so dirty? — Does Jewish Power practice Foreign Policy within the American Body Politic? — What happens when National Politics takes on the coloring of Foreign Policy? — 'Mossad' and 'Palestinians' as Metaphors

The above essay by Ron Unz details the various acts of terror, assassinations, and other extra-legal measures taken by the Mossad and secret Jewish organizations. Most striking is how brazen Jewish Power has been even in nations that are thought to be supportive and protective of their lives, wealth & interests, and of course Israel. What is the mentality behind such an attitude and worldview among Jews? And what does this say about the nature of Jewish Politics in the West? Do Jews practice a kind of Foreign Policy in goy nations despite being national citizens in them?

Why is Jewish Politics so dirty? Perhaps because Jews regard all politics(except in Israel) to be a matter of Foreign Policy. (Of course, there's plenty of corruption and dirty dealings in Israel, but Israeli political dynamics is still a case of healthy national politics where rulers are mindful of the needs of the ruled as fellow Jews.) What is the striking feature about foreign policy as opposed to domestic policy? The former tends to be far more Machiavellian, cynical, opportunistic, and gangster-like. We can see this in the dichotomy of US national politics and US foreign policy. While there's plenty of foulness and filth to be found in both, there is a limit to bad behavior in national politics. No matter how much the President or the Deep State hates someone in the US, he or it cannot use drone strikes against him. George W. Bush could kill any number of Iraqis but couldn't send goons to take out Michael Moore. Trump cannot anyone in the US like he took out Soleimani the Iranian. The Democrats can't hire ISIS or 'moderate rebels'(as done in Syria) to slaughter American Conservatives. People of the nation have rights and/or voices, and the rulers and the ruling class must maintain legitimacy as elites with good intentions. Indeed, it is telling that both Joe Biden and Donald Trump got in hot water in relation to Ukraine. Apparently, both felt that they could get away with pulling some stunt in a FOREIGN country that wouldn't pass muster in the US. (Granted, there are nations where domestic politics is pretty brutal and lawless, but then, such regimes rule more by secret police and fear factor than with genuine legitimacy. North Korea would be a prime example. But in nations like the US, Russia, Iran, and China, the rulers must maintain some genuine measure of support and trust among the populace, the 'mandate of heaven' thing. And that means the elites can't just do ANYTHING and get away with it.)

It's been said the US president must abide by the Rule of Law in the US but can act almost like an imperial-dictator in relation to the world. Consider how Trump got away with assassinating Soleimani. And US tramples on feeble 'international law' as it continues to occupy Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. When it comes to foreign policy, the only rule is "If doable, we do it." So, Obama got away with wrecking Libya, engineering a coup in Ukraine, and aiding crazy terrorists in Syria. And US foreign policy in Latin America has been dismal overall, even supporting 'death squads' to prop up allies against the rise of the masses or Marxist insurgents. FBI has abused power in the US but nothing like what the CIA did overseas. National politics is like City Hall. Dirty and corrupt but within some limits of Rule of Law. Foreign policy is like gangsterism, and this is true of every nation. The CIA was all over the map. It funded modernist art in Eastern Europe and aided ultra-conservative Islamists in the Middle East. The only rule was 'enemy of my enemy is my friend', with former friends suddenly becoming enemies and vice versa. CIA worked with China to prop up remnants of Khmer Rouge against the Vietnamese who once occupied Cambodia. And of course, the foreign policies of nations like China, Russia, Iran, and etc. have also been gangsterish and even ghoulish at times. Foreign policy is like gangsterism plus the Wild Wild West. As different nations have different interest, different norms, and different conceptions of rules/laws, there is an absence of universal standards and values. And so, the US, in one moment, denounces Iran as a theocratic tyranny, and then turns around to embrace Saudi Arabia as a most valued ally. In America, when the elites say Segregation was wrong, they better mean it. But American morality is a game of smoke-and-mirrors outside the US as the very politicians who endlessly remind us of the bad ole days of Jim Crow have no issues with neo-apartheid in West Bank against Palestinians.
The problem with Jews is that they are minorities in all nations except in Israel. Now, if Jews hadn't gained great power in goy nations, none of this would matter. But in fact, Jews have gained power that ranges from considerable to tremendous to even dominant in goy nations. Jewish power is considerable in certain Eastern European and Latin American nations despite their tiny numbers. Jewish power is tremendous in France and UK, even in Russia. It is dominant in the US, the lone superpower. Now, if Jews in whatever goy nation primarily identified with the majority goy population, their politics might be more humane, considerate, normative, and responsible within respective national contexts. But many Jews regard goyim as The Other, and that means Jews regard just about all politics(except in Israel and within Jewish communities) as a matter of Foreign Policy. So, Jewish American elites think not in terms of National Politics but regard even US politics as just another game of Foreign Policy, a matter of Jews and Goyim or Jews vs Goyim. Jews regard goy Americans like US government regards nations like China, Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Ukraine, Poland, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Egypt, etc. Just like the US government acts the gangster in Foreign Policy, lawlessly going to any length to make or break alliances to maximize power and position, it seems Jewish American Power has few qualms about doing even the most outrageous things WITHIN the US in the name of "Is it good for Jews, Zionism, and Israel?"
This has huge repercussions for all of America because Jews are the ruling elites, and thus set the tenor of power for the rest of the people. If this style of politics continues in the US, there won't be any real National Politics left as the Foreign-Policy mindset will come to define and determine all aspects of power and relations. (In a similar vein, Latin American politics has been lousy because the white ruling elites always regarded the non-white majority as the Other, and of course vice versa. Despite all the flowery rhetoric of all Latin Americans being happily mixed, there have always been racial demarcations. Latin American elites regard the brown national masses as 'foreigners' and vice versa, and this accounts for why the politics there have especially been gangsterish. When dealing with 'foreigners', anything goes. It seems Jewish elites look upon goy Americans like how white elites in Latin America look upon brown masses. Thus, national politics turns into a kind of foreign policy where Machiavellian gangsterism takes precedence over any notion of Rule of Law or the Good of the Nation.)

Whether it was stealing US atomic secrets, assassinating Americans(and other goyim), planning terrorist attacks, crushing free speech, undermining border security, pushing tons of Africans & Arabs into Europe, abusing the most unscrupulous use of lawfare(which is mafia-like perversion of the law), using control of finance to destroy lives, springing Jewish crooks from jail, spreading the most outrageous lies via media monopoly -- just how can a nation that calls itself a 'liberal democracy' with a 'free press' get away with something as surreal as 'Russia Collusion' Hoax? -- , peddling opioids & other drugs that killed whites at near-genocidal levels, indulging in the rankest hypocrisy of denouncing nationalism & 'white supremacism' while compelling all Americans to praise & protect the Nation of Israel and praise Jews, Jews, Jews, and etc., the result has been that American Politics no longer resembles National Politics. We don't so much feel like Americans being guided by National Interest but as foreigners being terrorized or manipulated with the most cynical set of carrots-and-sticks by an alien entity.

Given the current state of affairs, the 'Mossad' can serve as a useful metaphor for Jewish Power in the US. While Jewish Power doesn't go around literally assassinating or bombing goy politicians, it has ways of destroying just about anyone, and the reasons have almost nothing to do with whether someone is good or bad for the nation but everything to do with whether he's good or bad for Jewish Power. When judged bad-for-Jews, he is destroyed by the combined drone-attack by media, deep state, and power of blackmail, as we learned from Jeffrey Epstein. And even when some Jews are outed and brought down, as with Bernie Madoff, the Jewish-mafia-media narrative is that Madoff mainly hurt poor poor fellow Jews and it's terribly 'antisemitic' for anyone to say otherwise. If Mossad is a useful metaphor for Jewish American Power in general, 'Palestinians' are a useful metaphor for the great masses of goyim. When the norms of Foreign Policy prevails over National Politics within the very nation, the name of the game is gansterism all around. In a way, globalism, by spreading Diversity all over the world and severing the jugular vein between the national elites and national masses, has facilitated the spread of gangster politics. When a predator attacks a larger prey, it attempts to bite the back of the neck to sever the nerves that connect head to body. Once severed, the body goes limp, paralyzed. America had a healthier national politics when the white head was connected and responsive to the white body.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

How Jewish Bagel Brains Came to Own Irish Potatoheads — How Jews Manipulated the Mis-Alignment of Self-Preservation and Self-Righteousness in Irish Politics, Values, and Spirituality.

There are two ways of responding to the world around us, two ways of feeling about who we are and how we relate to others, near and far. They define much of our lives as a constant struggle and/or exertion(and even excitement). One is about self-preservation and the other is about self-justification(that can easily turn into self-righteousness). Most ideal is when self-preservation is aligned with self-justification. Most dangerous is when self-justification comes to malign self-preservation. Consider Body and Soul(or Spirit). Consider Health and Sensation. Though the soul/spirit is an extension of the body, excessive indulgence of the body or excessive purification of the spirit can lead to misalignment of the two. A person who prioritizes only the needs of the body will neglect the spirit, and a person who seeks spiritual perfection will neglect the body. The narcissism of the body will conflate physical beauty with sanctity itself. The purist strains of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity have led to problematic, even pathological, rejection of the needs of the body. And even though sensations exist to preserve life and health — hunger makes us eat, cold leads us to warmth, pain alerts us to seek relief, sexual desire leads to birth of new life to perpetuate the species, etc — , they can take on a life of their own and deviate from their original/main purpose. Normally, pain and strain alert us that something is wrong, and pleasure assures us that health has been restored. Hunger is a kind of strain/pain and makes the organism seek out food that provides pleasure and ensures its preservation. But what if the organism overly fixates on pleasure of eating and keeps eating beyond what is necessary for health and preservation? Consider all the fatsos who keep eating and eating when they don’t need all that food. They’ve fallen into the Pleasure Trap where pleasure no longer serves its primary purpose of preservation but exists for its own sake. We see such behavior with sex, drugs, and leisure of all kinds. These kinds of pleasures aren’t correctives to Pain Alarms that something is wrong but sensations that demand more and more stimulation, titillation, and scintillation for an organism that has become addicted to excessive jolts of intense pleasure. This is most problematic with drugs such as crack, meth, and heroin. Pleasure offered by such drugs do NOTHING for preservation of health of the organism, but it is sought out by the organism that finds itself increasingly divorced from reality. It’s like the 1980s commercial of the monkey that became so addicted to cocaine that it neglected everything else to get more highs from the drug... even unto death. Same could be said of pleasures offered by vice industries such as gambling and prostitution, real-life or electronic(aka video-pornography).

Ideally, body and soul are united in purpose. Though body and soul are different, they must be complementary, like negative and positive charges of electricity. Likewise, pleasure associated with eating should primarily be associated with needs of health. When hungry, people should seek out good food and consume essential calories and nutrients. While a bit of junk food snacks like cookies and ice cream are okay in small amounts, they should be avoided as main course or staple diet. (Consider that much of the obesity and diabetes problem in the West has to do with people constantly munching on snacks of all kinds away from the meal table.) Even healthy activity such as exercise must be in sound coordination with the needs and limits of the body. Consider all the people who end up with chronic aches(or even debilitating injuries) because they pushed their bodies too hard in search of pathological narcissism or egotistical glory. Unless one is a professional athlete or adventurer, one should never push too hard. No sense in pushing oneself to become tougher and stronger only to end up crippled or dead.

The same rule applies to self-preservation and self-justification. They must be balanced and aligned with one another. One must serve the other with an understanding that they aren't synonymous. Just as it’s wrong to conflate self-preservation with self-justification, it’s wrong to risk self-preservation for sake of self-justification(morphed into self-righteousness). Nazi German soldiers fought to preserve themselves in Russia, and to that extent, they were working in the mode of self-preservation. But were they in the right to invade and terrorize another nation? At least on Russian soil, didn’t Russians have the priority of self-preservation against the German invaders. Thus, Russian self-preservation was aligned with Russian self-justification whereas, by normal standards of universal nationalism, German presence in Russia was not justified. Of course, there were Nazi radicals who argued that Germans had the racial right to invade and conquer Slavic territories since ‘Aryans’ are the superior and more deserving race. To be sure, it’s been a common justification all through the ages. For example, Latinos and Anglos certainly felt justified in conquering and taking the New World from the natives who were seen as savage, primitive, backward, inferior, or satanic(especially with the massive human sacrifices in South America and Mexico). Nazi Germans felt likewise justified in their invasion of Russia to create lebensraum for the Teutonic ubermensch. Humans certainly feel this way about animals and nature in general. Human races the world over have wiped out entire floras and faunas to create safer and securer habitats for themselves as the premium and more deserving species. And the West says the Jews were justified in carrying out Nakba Pogroms against lowly Arab Palestinians who were colonized, conquered, and expelled from their ancient homeland.
Still, while mankind has always been invasive, the defenders of blood & soil were always more justified in protection of homeland from invaders. And in cases where invaders did take over and put down roots, they went into defensive mode to protect their acquired territory from further invasion. And after many years passed, the descendants of the invaders came to regard the land they were born on as their homeland of blood and soil. History has always been complicated in this respect. Invaders become defenders, and defenders can become expansive and invade territories defended by others. History of imperialism has been like a football game where the only meaningful boundary is the latest scrimmage line. That said, the persistence of homeland often survived despite the anarchy of borders. For instance, even under Roman Imperial rule, the Jews regarded Jerusalem as their sacred city. And even after Poland was effectively wiped off the map, most Poles between Prussia/Germany and Russia had a general sense of their heritage and territory, which is why it was relatively easy to reconstitute Poland once Russian and German empires fell in World War I. And despite the vastness of the Soviet Empire, various ethnic groups maintained a sense of territorial integrity that emerged into full-fledged nationhood once USSR came to an end.
A people are most justified when their sense of self-preservation is paired with a powerful sense of self-justification. Indeed, such a people tend to be the fiercest fighters with the highest morale and determination. Take the Vietnamese under Ho Chi Minh. They believed in Vietnam as their motherland to take back from foreigners, be they French or Americans, and this sense of national self-preservation(or self-restoration) was almost synonymous with their sense of self-justification. They felt 100% justified in fighting for defense of their homeland. Justification = Preservation. They felt this so powerfully that they were willing to fight the French and then the Americans against all odds and despite losses of millions of lives. The Irish too were a fierce people at one time because their sense of self-preservation was one with their self-justification. They believed in national liberation and independence of Ireland from British Imperial rule. Their sense of nationhood was justification enough. Their sense of national memory & territoriality was powerfully wedded to their sense of political morality, historical necessity, and ideological commitment. Ireland for the Irish, the Irish for Ireland. Thus, despite the great military advantage of the British Empire, the greatest in the world at the time, the Irish independence struggle remained a major thorn on its side.
And of course, the reason why Jewish Power and Israel/Zionism are so mighty has to do with the complementary relation between Jewish self-preservation and Jewish self-justification. Jews don’t need to invoke GDP numbers or variety of -isms(and catchphrases and mantras about ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’) to justify the existence of Israel. The fact that it is the homeland of the Jews is justification enough for Jewish national self-preservation. Jews don’t need to ideologically defend their identity and territory. The mere fact of preserving Jewishness and Jewish homeland is more than sufficient. Then, it’s no wonder that Israel is so powerful and confident. (Granted, Israel was created by destroying Palestine. Indeed, Jewish-European imperialism kicked into gear just when Christo-European imperialism was beginning to recede from the Third World following the end of WWII, but Jews do have ancient roots in the land, the holiness of which wouldn’t make sense apart from Jewish ethno-spiritual narratives.) In a way, Israelis today feel as Irish did a century ago. Or, as the Vietnamese did as they struggled against the French & Americans. Algerians and Cubans also had a unity of self-preservation and self-justification in their struggles against imperialism/colonialism, respectively, of the French and Anglo-Jewish-Italo-Americans. And both Algerians and Cubans prevailed.

Still, it seems national identities have been fading all over the world, that is except for Jewish Identity. Part of the reason is Jewish Globalist agenda of weakening goy identities to make it harder for various goyim to unite into particular nationalities against Jewish globalist-imperialism. After all, even though Jews prize Israel as their sacred homeland, they also operate in neo-imperialist mode and derive most of their wealth and power from manipulating and exploiting goyim. Jews seek to flood the entire goy world with mass global migration while Israel alone remains afloat like Noah’s Ark in a mixed sea of miscegenationist confusion that shall engulf all goyim like the Sea of Reeds crashed upon Pharaoh’s chariots. Jews keep the crown and the rest of us drown. But, there is another reason for the fading of goy national identities. Many goyim around the world have artificial constructed identities, and ironically enough, their sense of nationality wouldn’t exist if not for European imperialism. After all, what is an ‘Indian’ or ‘Indonesian’? How did some Arabs end up as ‘Syrians’ while others ended up as ‘Saudis’ or ‘Iraqis’? How did some Kurds become ‘Iraqis’ while others became ‘Turks’, ‘Iranians’, or ‘Syrians’? While Arabs and Kurds pre-existed the coming of European Imperialism, they ended up in nation-states that resulted from often arbitrary lines drawn on the sand by the imperialists. To be sure, the line in the sand in the Middle East wasn’t certain even prior to European Imperialism.
What is the crucial difference between Israel and Ireland today? In Israel, there is virtual synthesis of Self-Preservation and Self-Justification whereas in Ireland the passion of Self-Justification has come unglued from Self-Preservation. There was a time when nothing was more just, necessary, and sacred in Irish hearts and minds than the independence and self-preservation of Irish people, land, and culture. But the great majority of Irish no longer feel that way. Indeed, many feel that the notion of Irish Self-Preservation is offensive, immoral, ‘racist’, ‘xenophobic’, and even downright evil. Their primary sense of Self-Justification comes from raving about Globo-Homomania, celebrating Diversity, welcoming ‘immigrants’(who are really invader-colonizers), Afro-worship(as Irish women got jungle fever, Irish men worship black athletes, and all Irish regard black music as the highest and deepest expression of soulful truth), and Jew-worship. (Many Irish still tend to be pro-Palestinian as legacy of past struggles when IRA and PLO were allies, but their anti-Zionist stance is ironically the consequence of their mindless Jew Worship. The Irish are so morally awed by Jews as the greatest victims of all time — the holy holocaust people — that it bothers their sensitivities to see wonderful Jews acting like a bunch of bullies against a powerless people such as Palestinians. Indeed, many Europeans have similar views. They are so committed to worshiping Jews as a holy people, the new christs who died for the sins of white folks, that they simply can’t digest the fact that powerful Jews in US and Israel are acting rather like Nazis.)

Because of the divergence between self-preservation and self-justification, the Irish are now a very schizo people. At the gut level, all organisms(which includes humans) instinctively want to secure their existence and ensure their continuance. So, even among Irish progs, there is some buried organismic want for survival. This side of them, no matter how repressed, is present in their drives and passion. But as Irish self-preservation has been ideologically and ‘idologically’ pathologized as ‘racist’, ‘far-right’, ‘exclusive’, and ‘xenophobic’, the majority of Irish now feel ashamed to harbor such nationalist passions. But because the feeling is there(as it’s natural), the Irish go out of their way to condemn it with even greater fury. If society deems something as sinful and if this sinful something happens to be ineradicable(as all natural feelings are no matter how repressed), extra measures must be taken to attack and condemn it day in and day out. It’s like the vilification of sexuality led to especially hysterical attempts to suppress natural passions in the witch-hunts of the Middle Ages. And communist societies had to be endlessly vigilant and alarmist about ‘greed’ precisely because self-interest is a permanent feature of human nature, even in the so-called New Man of Marxism-Leninism. Repressive hyper-virtue that runs against nature wants to be rid of all temptations and anything that reminds them of temptations. Then, it’s no wonder that campaigns against nationalism are so hysterical, relentless, fervent, and dogmatic. (Granted, human nature comprise opposites. Just as nationalism is natural, so is internationalism. Human nature is both naturally conservative and liberal, both cautious & wary and open & exploratory. Though the term ‘xenophobia’ is thrown around a lot, it should really apply only to societies where the order hysterically tries to suppress the natural inclination of humans to be curious, adventurous, and open to new experiences. North Korea would truly be a xenophobic nation. It is the mirror opposite of current Ireland. If North Korea ruthlessly suppresses the natural tendency of a people to look beyond their own domain, New Ireland fervently suppresses the natural tendency of a people to protect and preserve their own domain. Both are out of balance.) When people are pressured to do what goes against their nature, they must be drummed with constant reminders that the inquisition or purging is most necessary, desirable, and justified. Take the ritual of Seppuku in Japan, aka Harakiri. Suicide goes against organismic nature since life wants to live. People dread not only death but the pain involved. So, if samurai listened to their nature, they would have run like a mothafuc*a if expected to rip open their bellies. In order to counter such natural reaction, Japanese society devised an elaborate rules of duty and redemption whereby one’s honor could be restored ONLY BY MEANS of ritual suicide. To make the unnatural seem most natural and necessary(if circumstances demanded it), samurai from a young age were conditioned and tasked with an outlook that reminded them day in and day out that it was glorious to die an honorable death and that they must have absolutely no fear of it. The unnatural was made palatable through poetics and spirituality.

There is this sense in the death of Jesus as well. According to Christian mythology, the human side of Jesus feared pain and torture of Crucifixion as any man would. It went against human nature for Jesus not to be like a Negro and run like a mothafuc*a. More human/natural would have been for Jesus to go with the ‘last temptation’ of Martin Scorsese’s film. So, why was Jesus willing to surrender His body to such agony, humiliation, and death? He spun a myth about Himself whereby self-justification demanded His body be sacrificed for the redemption/salvation of mankind. A powerful sense of mission for humanity. And there was the matter of His massive Jewish ego. Still, He agonized all night, even panicking at moments and bewailing God for having putting Him in a bad situation. Finally, He was able to go through with the plan because His sense of self-justification overpowered His sense of self-preservation. His spiritual sense convinced Him that His physical demise would open a way for spiritual resurrection and everlasting glory. He needed an elaborate mythology of spiritual justification to overpower the physical demand for self-preservation.
And something similar happens in wars too. Every soldier knows he could get killed or horribly wounded in battle, and a part of his human nature tells him to take flight than fight, especially if the war happens to be imperialist in nature and has nothing to do with national defense or survival. (No wonder so many Americans were demoralized in Vietnam. Why did they need to fight rice-eaters to protect the American Way? While most didn't desert, few felt eagerness to put their lives on the line for the sake of foreigners.) Still, most soldiers pick up their guns and charge into battle because there is also the fear of court-martial and/or contempt as a coward(and being killed by the other side of course). As humans are social animals sensitive to how others feel about them, their natural fear in one area could be overcome by natural fear of social opprobrium or legal sanction(that could even lead to execution. e.g. Soviet troops who retreated in WWII were summarily shot by commissars — more honorable to be killed a hero by the Germans than killed a coward by one’s own side).
In a similar way, there is a natural Irish will to survive. It wants to preserve the people, culture, and land of Ireland for the Irish. But the elite Irish powers-that-be, especially the media and academia that take cues from the US as the metropole of the Empire of Judea, have inculcated generations of Irish children that the highest goods are Diversity(created by mass-immigration), Homomania, Afromania, and Jew-Worship. Now, some degree of cosmopolitanism is good and natural — as humans are naturally expansive as they’re naturally defensive — , but current Political Correctness goes far beyond a healthy balance of nationalism and internationalism. Rather, it calls for total eradication of traditional nationalism in favor of turning one’s own nation into an interchangeable bloc in the World of Glob, world where globalism runs rampant like the broomsticks in SORCERER'S APPRENTICE with Mickey Mouse. As current globalism is utterly radical and crazy, the natural response among the Irish should be for More Nationalism and efforts at Self-Preservation. But this is proving difficult and even near-impossible as the ‘Poz’ has utterly disconnected Irish sense of Self-Justification from Self-Preservation. So, if past Irish felt most justified in struggling for preservation, they now feel most justified in working against it. And precisely because the current National Suicide(or Irish Harakiri) goes against human nature, the delusional Irish must make an especially rabid effort to convince themselves that it’s ALL FOR THE GOOD to turn Ireland into New Africa-India-Arabia. (It's like whites cheer with artificially heightened enthusiasm for the Great Replacement to drown out their natural fears that it will turn out to be disastrous as the 'evil racists' have warned. Or, it's like gamblers get especially excited as they place big bets to suppress the very natural fear that they will lose everything. Consider Julie Hagerty's delirium in LOST IN AMERICA as she hangs all her hopes on '22'. It's like the globalist whites are collectively betting and shouting for '22' while the odds are totally against them. Crash-22 here it comes.)

Just like a samurai on the eve of Seppuku mustered all his energy to convince himself he felt no fear and welcomed this most honorable death, the Irish are forcing themselves to believe they’re having the grandest time in utterly transforming their nation into the Third World. This is all very ironic considering that Ireland was once one of the poorest nations in Europe, indeed its own little bit of ‘third world’. Irish had to work extra hard to turn poor Ireland into a genuine First World Nation, but they now seem hellbent on turning it literally into a Third World nation by importing tons of blacks, Hindus, and Muslims at the behest of globalist intellectual elites who take their cues from Jews. And yet, it all makes sense in a way. Due to centuries of deprivation and backwardness, the Irish had always felt an inferiority complex vis-a-vis the most advanced nations of Europe, and once they really began to make money, they(like the Spaniards) went out of their way to prove that they are just as intellectually, culturally, and politically advanced as the most modernized nations. So, a mindset developed whereby status-seeking Irish elites came to crave, above all, the approval of the elites of nations like Germany, Sweden, France, Canada, the US, and even UK, its old enemy. If Irish Celtics and British Anglos now have one thing in common, it’s that they are both neo-colonial subjects of the Empire of Judea and, as such, desire nothing more than to win the approval of Jewish overlords and super-elites who rule the world. So, if Jews say Globo-Homo and Diversity are the highest goods for white goy nations, both Anglo and Celtic cuck-elites are eager to prove that they are more ‘pozzed’ than the other. It’s a race among dogs before the Jewish Master.
But then, the Irish mindset was always compromised as the Irish were both the biggest victims and biggest beneficiaries of Anglo Imperialism. They were the first victims of British expansionism and often treated harshly, not least because the British were appalled by all the drinking, wife-beating, and brawling among the ‘micks’. But, no non-Anglo people benefited for as long and as much as the Irish in sharing the spoils of Anglo imperialism. Wherever Anglos went, the Irish followed along as soldiers, traders, adventurers, and pillagers. The Irish sure gained a tremendous deal from the US, essentially the product of Anglo Imperialism and Colonization. So, the Irish were both tough resisters against and happy collaborators with the worldwide Anglo Empire. Then, maybe it’s not so difficult to understand why UK and Ireland are going down at the same time in the same manner for the same reasons. The Irish and Anglos have been more joined at the hip than any Irish or Briton would like to admit.
Any nation of people, culture, memory, and territory must have unity of self-preservation and self-justification if it is to secure any long-term survival strategy. It is simply not possible for a people to preserve themselves as a nation IF their main sense of self-justification is at odds with the demands of self-preservation. The danger could be spiritual, ideological, or ‘idological’. While spirituality lends deeper/higher meaning to a people, it can also divorce them from worldly demands of survival. Consider all the Hindu yogis who dropped out of society to beg for alms while they stuck needles into their noses and arses. If one takes Buddhism to its logical conclusion, he should cut all his ties, duties, & attachments and just meditate to reach Nirvana. This is why Buddhist societies that survived restricted the scope of Buddhist influence or somehow managed to associate Buddhism with tribalism, like the Tibetans. Likewise, if Christians decided to become spiritual purists and live by every letter of Jesus, they will end up dead like the hero-priest in Roland Joffe’s THE MISSION. Without spirituality, life becomes too mundane, but excessive spirituality can lead to loss of reality. This is why Judaism is favorable in many ways to Christianity. Its universalist spiritual content is balanced by the tribal element of the Covenant, and its moral concerns are tempered by demands of the real world is understood not to be a place for saints. Judaism is about conviction and commitment but not about sainthood that came with Christianity. It is moralistic but not sanctimonious, the element that makes Christianity insufferable at times in its holier-than-thou piousness.

Of course, even as Jews feared the power of Christianity, they closely examined its psycho-spiritual anatomy for its Achilles Heel and found it. Jews realized how they could own and manipulate the Guilt Complex of Christianity for their own ends. Manipulating the nerve centers of Christian Guilt was as effective as toying with erogenous zones as a means to gain sensory control over goyim. Is it any wonder that Jews are both masters of Holocaustianity and Pornography? Jews understood that there is a kind of spiritual-erogenous or ‘spirogenous’ zone within Christian Psychology, not least because Christianity, far more than Judaism and certainly more than Paganism, was repressive about sexual matters, what with the Catholic Church even saying you will burn in purgatory if you masturbate. So, sexually repressed Christians had to transfer their repressed sensual passions over to the the spiritual realm, and this explains why so many churches developed services where people go into fits of rapture that are like spiritual orgasms. Rapturous Christian bliss results from friction of guilt and redemption. The faithful arrive at church and feel as sinners who need saving. To be washed of their sins for the week, they holler and shake their bodies to be rid of the Devil, and they feel joy when the angels shower them with God’s glory. It’s about connecting with God, but it doesn’t work without the element of guilt, the sense that one’s body is filled with Devilish temptations.
Likewise, sexuality gains its power from friction of shame and release. If all people were naked all the time and could have sex with anyone anywhere anytime, sex would be nothing special. It’d be about as interesting as eating a bag of potato chips. But even in a libertine society, there is the fear of rejection, shame of reputation, suspicion of betrayal, and the reality of exclusion, especially by the most desirable members of society. So, when an average person finally arrives at a sexual union of sufficient quality, the sense of release is far greater than if sex were so easy all the time for all people. Jews understand the usefulness of controlling the ‘spirogenous’ and erogenous zones, and that’s why they pushed for Globo-Homo and Pornificaition of society. Via Globo-Homo, they’ve replaced inherently ‘antisemitic’ Christianity with Queertianity where one feels redeemed and most justified for having washed oneself of ‘homophobia’ and ‘transophobia’. Also Homomania is far easier than Christianity because it makes no arduous demands for sanctity other than waving the ‘gay’ flag and regarding trannies as new angels. And via pornography(and pornification of society in general), Jews gained direct control of erogenous zones of countless goyim. Also, by peddling stuff about incest and the like, Jews charge sexuality with that potent combination of shame and release. While pornography has been made readily available(even to young ones), it still maintains the aura of being forbidden fruit filled with dark themes of humiliation, incest, and miscegenation.
This is where the neo-spiritual meets the ‘idological’ where idolatry eclipses ideology. Idols can be either beneficial or harmful to the self-preservation of a people. Ideally, the idols of a people will feature heroic or vaunted members of the tribe. Greeks had Achilles as their hero. And Greek Olympics were limited to Greeks who became champions among the Greeks. When white people have white champions who become the basis for white idols, idolatry can become a potent symbol for the nation. But if, say, black idols replace white idols in a white nation, it will undermine self-preservation as white people will come to admire and even worship blacks as their heroes, champions, and top studs. It will lead to cuckery among white men and spread jungle fever among white women, and THIS is precisely what is happening all over the West under the hegemony of Jews who regard blackness as their surrogate body conjoined to the Jewish head. Jews could outwit whites but couldn’t beat them physically to win top trophy of manhood, but Jews could use blacks to beat down white manhood. Thus, whiteness could be both outwitted and out-muscled by a combination of Jewish brains and black brawn.

We’ve been told endlessly that blacks need BLACK role models in prestigious areas because people identify with their own kind. If this is true of blacks, it must be no less true of whites. When white idols are replaced with black ones, it leads to white demoralization and white death, which has now reached near-genocidal levels in the West. In order for whites to feel self-justification in the name of self-preservation, they must write their own ideology that rejects the mindless mantras of ‘Diversity’ handed down by Jews as would-be-overlords. Whites must have their own idols in a world of their own that excludes other races, especially blacks who can beat up white men in sports and streets in an integrated social order. Just like human physical pride can exist only apart from wild animals — as humans are no match for wild boars, bears, tigers, rhinos, hippos, crocodiles, etc in physical confrontations — , white pride of manhood can ONLY EXIST apart from blackness that will defeat and humiliate white men because black men got longer limbs, harder muscles, faster reflexes, and bigger dongs. The world is truly diverse in that there are different races with different attributes and advantages. And every race should be wary of other races that pose a potential threat to them. This mania for Diversity is leading to a world of Universal Imperialism where every people, even the imperialists, are being drowned in non-stop floods of invasion, confusion, and alienation. But then, it all happened before with the Romans long long ago. The greatest conquerors the world had ever seen were overwhelmed by those they conquered, and in time, the empire was about every people conquering and being conquered by every other people until finally it all fell apart. If Jews get their wish, all nationalisms will be washed away EXCEPT for their own as the Noah’s Ark nationalism of all eternity. The US used to be a nation where white imperialists conquered others and then demanded that newcomers assimilate into Anglo-Americanism or accept its authority. There was once a sense of who the real masters and owners of America were. But now, non-whites come to America to lose their identities and heritages along with white American cucks who’ve lost all sense of identity, roots, and heritage. Indeed, their only concern regarding nationalism is "Muh Israel". What did Nancy Pelosi say? Even if the walls of Congress come tumbling down, the US will always be there for Israel! How pathetic can you get?

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Beware of the Electric-Trojan or Electrojan Horse — How the TV Became a Jewish Globalist Tool for Colonizing, Conquering, and Controlling Your Mind

We’ve all heard of the Trojan Horse, the wooden structure offered by the Greeks to the Trojans as a gesture of truce and end to hostilities. Both sides were weary of battle that had raged for ten years, with neither side gaining a decisive advantage. Greeks dominated offense whereas the Trojans were impenetrable in defense. Also, the gods were divided half and half in their support of the two parties. The Trojan War, like World War I and World War II, was particularly bloody because both sides were evenly matched. The Greeks, therefore, realized that the ONLY way to gain an advantage was by trickery. Odysseus, the cleverest among the Greeks, came up with the idea of making war by making peace. Greeks would trick the Trojans by offering them a gift symbolizing the end of the war and Greek departure. Even though the truce denied outright victory to either side, the fact of Greek retreat would signal greater glory for the Trojans. And so, the Trojans accepted the gift and rejoiced all day and all night to celebrate the departure of the Greeks and end of the war. Little did they know that the thing they’d come to possess would be their undoing. Hidden inside the Wooden Horse was a band of Greeks who waited til the Trojans were asleep and then climbed down to open the gates for the entire Greek army that ambushed the slumbering populace. And just like that, a ten-year war which neither side could win was over in a single night. Just like that, Greeks were masters over the Trojans who were to be either killed or enslaved. What no amount of bronze and muscle could achieve in years, wit with a bit of wood achieved in a single night. When we consider the Trojan Horse in the context of modernity, what comes to mind? The TV.
Jews are only 2% of the population. For several centuries, Jews had more money than goyim. Also, they gained substantial control of the media soon after the so-called Emancipation in the 19th century. With all the money accumulated from finance and retail, they figured investing in media control was the key to power. Still, Jewish influence was far from total prior to the coming of the TV. Even Jewish domination of the American Movie Industry, or Hollywood, didn’t ensure the kind of total power that came with their control of TV. After all, we go to the movies, but movies don’t come home with us. When away from the big screen in the pre-TV era, people filled up their time with other things. There was radio to be sure, but its power was nothing like the combination of Sound and Image. Now, if the TV had been controlled by another people, things might have panned out differently. Suppose one TV channel was run by Jewish Liberals, another by Christian Conservatives, another by Muslims, and another by secular nationalists. But, as it turned out, Jews controlled all TV channels from the very beginning. While TV shows have sometimes reflected reality, the reverse(where reality imitates TV) was always truer for two reasons. Most people watch TV for escapism and entertainment, and that meant they didn’t want to see too much reality on the TV screen; they wanted to see reality idealized, sensationalized, or melodramatized. The other reason was Jews sought to use the TV as a mass-mind-control box and therefore conveyed a kind of ‘reality’ that would be amenable to Jewish power, prestige, and privilege. For instance, consider the TV shows depicting in graphic details the realistic-seeming horrors of the Shoah or the brutal injustice of black slavery in the American South, both to play on ‘white guilt’, thereby paralyzing white identity/pride to the point where it shamefacedly seeks redemption on terms laid out by Jews. Notice not a single TV show has been made about the Zionist Nakba pogroms against Palestinians, Zionist use of IDF death squads to mow down helpless Palestinian women & children, or the Jewish role in communism that led to the deaths of millions of Christian Slavs. Or there won’t be any TV show or movie about how the Jewish Sacklers pushed opioids onto white working class to rake in billions in profits while knowing full well that it would lead to addiction and deaths of 100,000s of white people. Thus, even when TV shows do reflect grim reality, it is only what the Jews want to show us. Jews highlight, exaggerate, and sensationalize certain kinds of reality to cast a negative light on those whom they hate, fear, hold in contempt, and/or seek to control while pretending as if certain realities that involve Jewish perfidy don’t even exist. It’s like Jews notice black crime ONLY WHEN it affects Jews but then resort to some loopy logic to blame ‘white supremacists’ for what blacks to do Jews(and vice versa): Blacks brutalize Jews physically, Jews exploit blacks financially. The sad fact is too many people still uncritically rely on mass media for their understanding of reality. Even Americans who suspect mass media are lying to them day in and day out still haven't found the time and energy to seek out alternative ways to gain a truer sense of reality. As there is no definitive source of truth, 'right' or 'left' or 'elitist' or 'populist', the only way to gain a better understanding of the world by pondering the frictions & sparks of narrative-dialectics from various sides. But too many Americans believe 'my side' tells the truth while the other side is in the business of lying. So, there are Fox-News-dependents and MSNBC-News-dependents when, if anything, both sides are little more than news approved by Jewish supremacist power. Even Tucker Carlson, who is bit edgier and more independent-minded than most, won't step on the third rail of Jewish Power, preferring to refer to every bad Jewish behavior as 'leftist'.

Jews could not take over the white goy world by brute force or numbers. How could the 2% control the 98%? Also, unlike the British Imperialists who had superior technology and arms that could be used efficiently and ruthlessly against non-whites(and rival-whites such as the French, Russians, and Germans), Jews could not militarily conquer the white race that outnumbered them in Europe and owned tons of guns in the US. Jews could gain control over whites only mentally, and that meant control of media. But no media has been as effective as the TV in the Jewish colonization of white minds. After all, unlike the cinema, the TV is always in the house, in many cases in every room. And given the nature of the technology of TV, it favored concentration of ownership, management, and talent. Whereas it was conceivable for various localities to have their own newspapers and the like, the cost of visual production and infrastructure necessary to maintain a TV station meant that only a few players would dominate the industry. Even as Cable TV increased the number of channels, the number of media companies dwindled into fewer mega-monopolies. More channels usually meant More-of-the-Same.
Of course, Jews initially played it safe in their strategy to gain total control of TV in an overwhelmingly goy nation. In its inception, TV played a lot of programs that seemed patriotic, normal, clean-cut, and even traditional. Consider a time when airwaves were filled with programs like DONNA REED SHOW, LEAVE IT TO BEAVER, FATHER KNOWS BEST, GUNSMOKE, BONANZA, BRADY BUNCH, and etc. But look what happened to American TV, especially beginning in the 1990s. Also, the rise of Cable gave Jews an excuse to fill the airwaves with all sorts of filth. The degree to which the symbols and values of the great majority of Americans have been molded by TV cannot be exaggerated, and this is now truer than ever. A few decades ago, even though just about every home had a television set, many Americans were born BEFORE mass electronic media of TV. Therefore, their vision of America and their values had been molded by something other than what they saw on the TV. But beginning with the generation that came of age in the 1950s, not a day went by without most of them watching something on TV. Many people watched many hours of TV every day, and therefore, one could argue their main ‘experience’ of 'life' came from TV. Especially with decline of family culture & connection to ancestors/relatives, the atomization & alienation of individuals, fading of religious authority/community, and rise of single-parent households, the main ‘experience’ of culture for many people all through their lives was the TV. The generation that grew up in the 1950s and 1960s are now old people, and that means Americans, from old to young, have one thing in common where the TV has been the defining factor in their lives. The TV has also made people less patient and tolerant of life and people. After all, why bother with reality and its problems when what happens on TV is so much more fun or funny, thrilling & exciting, cool & ‘awesome’, and/or wild & sensational? People watch the TV to stave off boredom, but the TV has also made life much more boring because TV shows create the illusion of something always happening, indeed the dictum that something MUST happen at all times. It fills the air with vibes of something-happening-somewhere-all-the-time to which you are privy just by staring into the TV. Consider the TV addiction of Ellen Burstyn’s character in REQIEUM FOR A DREAM. Darren Aronofsky identified the electronic mass media as a kind of mass opiate, even an alternative-consciousness. Many people feel their consciousness is incomplete unless tuned to the TV or some electronic device. Their eyes and ears need be charged and channeled with ‘good vibrations’ or else they don't feel fully alive, as is the case with junkies who feel their lives are amiss unless they have another hit of their favorite drugs.

The Television Set has been like the Trojan Horse in that we bring it home as ours but it comes to own us. We buy and own the TV set, but we don’t control the programs. Even though each person has his or her own TV set, he or she is like countless millions of others who watch the same programs produced by a handful of media conglomerates, all of them owned and/or controlled by Jewish-Supremacist-Globalists. When the Trojans dragged the Wooden Horse into their city, they thought they owned the prized object symbolizing Trojan resilience and Greek departure(with tail between their legs). But what happened is the Greeks sneaked out of the Horse, went on the attack, and came to conquer Troy. Same goes for the TV. Everyone who buys a TV takes it home and feels "This is mine. I own this." But what he really ‘owns’ is a mental-colonization device of the Jews. Every time someone turns on "my TV", his eyes, ears, and mind are inundated with sights, sounds, and ideas that Jews push on the populace to manipulate and control them. In the film SERIOUS MAN, the father goes up on the roof to re-position the antennae to improve the signals. Where do those signals come from? It comes from far away, from the towers that send the same set of signals to millions of other Americans. With the advent of the TV, more people in inverse proportion came under the control of fewer people. Also, whereas the written word encouraged some degree of critical thinking, the beams and booms of the TV left many viewers watching blankly, as if under mass collective hypnosis. And if every reader can form his own images, everyone who sat before a TV watched and heard exactly the same images and sounds as everyone else. If Jews intended to use their control of TV medium in the spirit of fairness and truth, it wouldn’t have been so bad. But the very notion of 2% of Americans controlling nearly all of TV medium was intrinsically unfair. Imagine if a small number of Catholics, Mormons, or Muslims controlled most of the TV programming in Israel. No way Jews would stand for it. And yet, America allowed Jewish ethno-monopoly of the all-important electronic mass media and pretended as though nothing was inherently problematic with it. If anything, the main worry among Americans was that it might be ‘antisemitic’ if anyone noticed Jewish domination of TV and other forms of media. Well, just ask the Palestinians IF Jewish monopoly of media would make a difference. If Jews shamelessly used the media to sway Americans to side with Israel-Zionism-Jews against Palestinians-Arabs-Muslims, why wouldn’t they pull similar tricks on other goyim? Haven’t people figured out that Jews see all of humanity in two categories: Jews and ‘Palestinians’? Jews are themselves, and Palestinians-as-Metaphor are all of us. Just as Jews denied the right of identity, history, culture, land, and nationhood to the Palestinians, they mean to do the same to the rest of humanity via mass-migration-invasion, worship of globo-homo-mania, Afro-Mania, and Shoah-Worship(as if only Jewish Suffering deserves to be immortalized and eternalized for all of humanity to remember and honor). And possibly the most effective weapon that Jews have in creating the Jew World Order is the TV.
Most people just regard the TV as a box or screen that provides them with entertainment and news, but in fact, it’s a portal through which Jewish supremacist power colonizes, conquers, and controls their minds. Even those who watch TV critically and skeptically fall under its power to some degree because the sounds and images come at them at the irrational, emotional, and subliminal level. (It's like, even as we know horror movies are fake, we still feel the fright.) This is especially true in a world where family ties are weaker than ever, where religions have lost their authority, and where most people eschew community out of confusion caused by Diversity and/or of preference for the ersatz-community of the TV. It’s like Julie Christie’s character of the wife who virtually ‘lives’ through the TV set in Francois Truffaut’s adaptation of FAHRENHEIT 451. Even stupid TV shows and movies do something to us. It’s like junk food isn’t just junk food. We may not think much of it as we gobble it down, but that stuff does things to our bodies, and it ain’t good. Even things that seem trivial aren’t trivial in their effects, impact, or consequences. You may not think much of cigarettes as you smoke them, but they will mess up your heart and lungs. And if your body begins to suffer from excess of junk food and tobacco, it will mess with your mind and take a toll on your emotional well-being as well. Same goes for pop culture. Even though we may think little of it and dismiss it as just entertainment, the sights and sounds do affect us in some way and linger in the crevices of our minds. We are affected by them, especially if we consume them day in and day out. Consider how so many people have become inured to even wanton levels of graphic violence in movies & videogames and on TV. Even people who don’t want to become desensitized become desensitized to depictions of gore/violence, foul language, crude behavior, toxic levels of vulgarity, and all sorts of trashy expressions. Would so many people have tattoos and piercings if not for the effect of TV on the mass mind? In that sense, no movie is ‘just a movie’, and no TV show, no matter how seemingly trivial, is just a TV show. Also, considering that most people are dupes and idiots, what may not fool YOU may nevertheless fool a lot of people. Worse, even many smart people lack emotional maturity and critical mentality. There are plenty of smart people who, from a young age, were molded to just ‘study hard’ and get with the program. Consider the sheer lack of independent thought in elite colleges where so many nod in agreement to the same dogma and bow before the same sacred cows. In some ways, the dumb stuff are more dangerous than smart stuff. Smart stuff, the real stuff of art and philosophy, engages us to think harder and/or feel deeper. It doesn’t merely wash over us but confront us. In contrast, dumb stuff is meant to put us at ease, turn off our minds, and just soak it all in. Because our defenses are down while consuming dumb stuff, we could end up swallowing more than we expected. Of course, some dumb stuff is pretty ‘serious’ and ‘heavy’, the stuff of soap operas, melodramas, and message-movies. But it’s not the kind of seriousness that challenges us to explore, question, and think. Rather, it pushes a blunt message laced with simple emotions and demands that we accept the message in good faith because refusal on our part could mean we are cold, heartless bastards who simply don’t care. Such ‘serious’ works do the thinking and emoting for us. All we need to do is grab our handkerchiefs and weep as intended or learn to hate, hate, hate the cartoonish Evildoers. But then, why would Jews who control Hollywood make true works of art that challenge us to break out of the comfort-zone when (1) most people are too stupid to give such films a chance and (2) encouraging real thought and emotional honesty may inspire people to wonder about the true nature of reality, meaning, and justice? Notice that even works that purport to challenge us really keep us in the comfort zone of Jew-Worship, Negro-mania, and Homo reverence. The umpteenth movie about the Holocaust may be harrowing, but they ask no serious questions as to WHY Jews came to be hated so much by so many people. They are meant to keep us within the comfort zone of Jew-Worship.

Even as Jews inundate the airwaves with junk, trash, nonsense, propaganda, and idolatry, they are anxious about the dangers of TV. After all, there is always the danger of the pusher getting high on his own supply. Consider the TV anxiety in POLTERGEIST(a Steven Spielberg project directed by Tobe Hooper). Or the films of David Cronenberg, especially VIDEODROME. In the movie AVALON, Barry Levinson tells the story of a Jewish family gaining wealth by selling televison sets, but the final scene ends on an anxious note. An old man is in some nursing home while his great-grandchild blankly stares into the TV set. Prior to the coming of TV, the kids had grown up hearing stories of their parents & grandparents and partaking of the events and rituals of their cultural community. But the child in the final scene will get his worldview from the telly. Jews gained great power via control of Movies and the Television, but many Jews have also lost their way in the onrush of pop culture. This is why Jews understand the need for CULTURAL BRAKES in a world in accelerationist mode. There is a driving logic behind anything, and without brakes, people will just rush forward at breakneck speed and eventually go over the cliff. Jews push accelerationism on all of us, but they want some brakes for themselves as they don’t want to go over the cliff with us even as they lead us toward the cliff. It’s kind of like how American Indians hunted for bison by directing them toward a cliff. The stampeding bison would just follow the leaders and go over the cliff like lemmings. The Indians, of course, put on the ‘brakes’ and made sure their horses didn’t go over the cliff as well.
So, Jews use the TV to control goyim but also worry that their kind too might fall under the spell of TV as mind-control weapon. What is the main brake that Jews have against TV and Pop Culture in general? It is the Covenant and Rituals that remind them of who they are and root them in blood, soil, and memory. Catholics have Confirmation and Communion, but such rituals don’t root them in race, culture, soil, and history. After all, one can be a good Christian with mere faith alone. In contrast, the Jewish ritual of the Bar Mitzvah specifically grounds the Jew in his tribe, history, and ancient soil. When one is confirmed in the Catholic Church, one becomes one of they many Catholics around the world of many races, ethnic groups, nationalities, and etc. In contrast, to become a Jewish adult means the realization that you are special because you belong to a unique tribe.
The druggy Bar Mitzvah scene in SERIOUS MAN may have been inspired by the ritual in Aldous Huxley’s final novel, THE ISLAND where young ones are initiated into adulthood with a combination of hallucinogens and ancient wisdom. Inadvertently, the son in SERIOUS MAN has exactly that kind of moment where his druggy prank actually ends up enhancing the meaning of the ritual of passage from boyhood to manhood. Jews have such cultural brakes in the modern accelerationist world, but most goyim do not. Also, Jews, being smarter and more contemplative about power, think about their control of the media. Therefore, they know that the media are more than a platform for news and entertainment. They watch the electronic media on two levels: Image and Sub-Image, akin to Text and Sub-Text, like Jewish Psychologists pondered the Conscious and the Subconscious.
Jews know that the electronic media are an instrument of power that can never be objective because people control it, and every group of power has its own biases. After all, media controlled by Jews and media controlled by goyim are two different things. Indeed, imagine if Muslim-Americans controlled most of the media. Even if they claimed to be objective or fair, wouldn't their biased worldview be reflected in their media products? Now, this should be plain as day, but so many people in the West are under the illusion that they can rely on the media for the truth. One reason for such gullibility is the conceit that the West is a ‘liberal democracy’ with a ‘free press’. Never mind that the so-called ‘free press’ is owned by a handful of Jewish oligarchs with ties to the Deep State. No one gets that big just by telling the truth and standing for justice/fairness. You must collaborate, even conspire, with other power blocs. The other reason is the Jew Taboo. In other parts of the world, it’s fair game for people to point out who controls the media. Russians, for instance, know that much of Russian Media is state-run. People in China know that the CCP controls most of the media. Like it or not, they know who has power over the media. But in the West, there is such a taboo about Jewish Power that most people dare not discuss the JEWISH control of media, and this means that even as Jews palestinianize(or disenfranchise) the goy population with their biased manipulation of the media, no one says a word. And even when people do criticize or even condemn the media, they always blame ‘liberals’ or the ‘left’ without ever mentioning that it’s been the Jews all along.
Now, we cannot do without TV. Even those who don’t watch TV programs use the television screen to watch movies and the like, much of which is also produced by Jewish-owned corporations. We cannot return to a Luddite past. We can try to gain a foothold in arts and culture, but despite all the yammering about ‘free speech’, ‘liberal democracy’, and the like, we know that the West is really a kind of neo-theocracy or ideocracy that worships certain idols. In other words, the 'political' climate within arts & entertainment is such that if you don’t subscribe to Magic Negro myth, Holy Homo cult, and Wonderful Jew worship, you don't have much of a chance. And things have gotten worse over the years with even tighter Jewish control of elite institutions & industries and with the fading of white, Christian, and traditional moral authority(that had once stood up to and pushed back against Jewish perfidy and vileness). Just ask Sam Hyde and Gavin McInnes what it’s like to work in the mass media. There has been an emergence of amateur voices on Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook, but as those platforms are under Jewish ethno-monopolistic domination, dissenting voices among whites and Palestinians have increasingly been targeted and shut down. If Jews must choose between free speech & principles and tribal power & privilege, they will opt for the latter when push comes to shove. Also, as Jews control the finances of America, they shut down the flow of money to anyone they don’t like, usually white dissenters and voices for Palestinian justice. Jews who can force all Americans to sanction Russia and Iran can surely make it difficult for dissident voices to be heard in the US. Things wouldn’t be so bad if there were critical voices on the American Right that spoke truth to Jewish power, but virtually all of American Conservatism Inc. is about sucking up to Jews.
Take Mike Pence, the so-called Christian Conservative. Given that Jews have been the #1 power behind globo-homo that targets Christian America, you’d think he would speak up against Jews. But no, the dumb wussy cuck is a total toady before Jewish Power. And when he was insulted at a performance of HAMILTON, he responded in the most cravenly and cowardly manner. He talks tough about Russia, Iran, and North Korea, but he is totally meek before Jewish globo-homo power that is waging a war of destruction against Christian Conservatives. Jews own the declawed & neutered Conservatism Inc. but feel a real threat from amateur and youthful dissident voices who dare to be like the kid in the story EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES. These amateurs notice the reality and speak truth to power, and Jews can’t have that. It’d be more honest if Jews admitted that they are the new authoritarians and that the US is really a Jewish gangster-imperialist-fascist state(as opposed to a humanist-nationalist-fascist one), but even as Jews shut down free speech and free assembly, they posture as champions and defenders of ‘liberal democracy’ from authoritarian forces around the world. Of course, when Jews say ‘democracy’, they really mean ‘goyim sucking up to Soros and Zion’. After all, Jews don’t seem to respect democracy when it leads to the victory of men like Viktor Orban. They like 'democracy' ONLY WHEN it leads to the victory of wussy-cucks like Emmanuel Macron. Jews will even side with quasi-Nazi elements in Ukraine to bring down a democratically elected government. And even though Jews claim to be on the ‘left’, they turn against a man like Jeremy Corbyn on a dime. This is why calling Jewish Power ‘leftist’ is to miss the point. Jews use ‘rightism’ and ‘leftism’ to serve the axiom of "Is it good for Jews?" In other words, a Jewish ‘leftist’ has far more in common with a Jewish ‘rightist’ and vice versa than a Jewish ‘leftist’ has with goy leftists or a Jewish ‘rightist’ has with goy rightists. And so, Jews will claim to be for ‘free speech’ but come up with lawfare talk of ‘hate speech’(where they get to decide what is ‘hate’ against ‘protected groups’) to shut down debate. Of course, the very notion of ‘protected group’ is inherently ‘hateful’ since some groups are favored over others. After all, favoring Jews over Palestinians has led to a hate campaign against Palestinian Rights in the West Bank. The only way to have real free speech is to give all sides — Jews, Palestinians, whites, etc. — equal opportunity for speech. Now, some will argue that unfettered free speech among the powerful group can be dangerous to powerless groups because, after all, an angry mob of the powerful majority can do more harm to a weak minority. But if that’s true, then speech that should be most curtailed is Jewish Speech since Jews have supremacist power in the West. After all, the Zionist speech of Powerful Jews has led to tyranny over Palestinians. The neo-imperialist speech of Neocons, Jewish globalists, and the like has led to ‘new cold war’ with Russia, Wars for Israel, and many other crises around the world, directly and indirectly. Indeed, what is more dangerous than Jewish Speech in a world where the lone superpower, the US, is controlled by arrogant and contemptuous Jewish supremacist hegemonists? But according to Jewish Logic, Jews must forever be a ‘protected group’ whereas even poor white working class and Palestinians must be vilified and suppressed because they might blurt out the Truth that Jews hate and can't tolerate. When Jews say ‘hate speech’, it means they hate speech that speaks truth to Jewish Power. Of course, these vile Jews defame every speech critical of Jews as 'nazi' even though they are the ones who act like new Nazis with their racial supremacism and forever wars.
We cannot NOT own a TV. And even though many people have given up on TV, plenty of Americans are still glued to the screen. Many watch more than 4 hrs every night. Without TV, they would be lost. They are hooked. Still, even as a TV watcher, you can be smart or dumb. You can be childlike or adult-like. You can be gullible or critical. What’s the difference between a child and adult when they watch a program? The child is likely to believe anything whereas the adult is likely to be knowing. Also, the child is spellbound whereas the adult might ask WHO is behind the program and WHY is it conveying a certain message? Children see the program as the Answer, whereas adults watch the program with Questions. Granted, too many adults are like children and watch garbage without asking the pertinent questions. Also, many adults have little knowledge outside TV and pop culture. This is why they make poor cynics when they do break out of the ‘mainstream’ programming. Indeed, many cynics are really 'cynnocent', where cynical attitude is just a cover for their eternal innocence borne of ignorance for lack of genuine curiosity and patience to figure things out. Because of their habit of preferring simple truisms, they immediately fall for the Next Narrative after breaking free of the earlier one, much like the TV audience in THE TRUMAN SHOW hanker for the next show after Truman finally breaks free of the programming. For example, they go from totally believing the official 9/11 narrative to a totally crackpot one. Or they go from believing official lies to believing nonsense about the moon-landing having been faked. It’s a case of ‘out of the frying pan into the fire’. This is precisely what’s so dispiriting about certain folks in the dissident right. They went from believing in the official red-white-and-blue flag-waving nonsense to Neo-Nazi nonsense that says a pathological nut like Adolf Hitler was just a misunderstood humanitarian. And there are many such people on the so-called Left. Instead of going from conformity & deference to a critical questioning of the Power, they went from conformity to one ideology/system to conformity to another ideology/system. While total individualism is impossible(and undesirable), we need to develop a sense of selfhood that is independent of arch-truisms that come with any ideology or system. It does little for conscious development to go from a dogmatic religionist to a dogmatic atheist or vice versa. It makes little sense to go from an unquestioning communism to an unquestioning libertarianism, or vice versa. Even as we may agree more with one ideology/system than with another, we must always remind ourselves that no ideology offers all the answers and that every system generally tends to favor the vain, egotistical, arrogant, devious, sociopathic, and corrupt in the upper hierarchy. After all, it’s difficult to be an honest politician and win. And anyone seeking to climb the corporate hierarchy has to play the game, and that means lots of ass-kissing of those above you and betrayal of others.

At any rate, what we all need to do is develop a stronger immunity to TV and pop culture. Why do we remain healthy despite being surrounded by germs and toxins all around us? It’s because our bodies have developed immunity against all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and poisons. Without such immunity, we end up like AIDS patients who could be killed by something as mild as the common cold or minor infection. Given the cultural pollution and toxicity of so much of what’s on TV and in pop culture, we need to develop immunities. Otherwise, the cultural germs and poisons will overpower our minds, and our souls will be colonized by Jewish filth and globo-homo wickedness. We will be overwhelmed by evil and a new kind of satanism. However, if we develop the mental immunity of critical thinking and asking-the-right-questions, then we will be able to see TV programs for what they are, and that very knowledge will only strengthen our resolve against their creators. After all, if you don’t question the moral legitimacy of communism, you will likely fall under the sway of communist propaganda. But if you know communism for what it is, know of its bloody history, and know what kind of people rule over communist societies, you will see communist propaganda for what it is. Most likely, you won’t be fooled by communist claims because you will see through the propaganda(made transparent by your critical and questioning faculties) at the power that is behind the machinery of deception. Though MATRIX is a dumb movie, there is a telling scene when Neo(Keanu Reeves) gains the power to see through the illusion all around him; he sees the hidden codes propping up false reality. Now, MATRIX is a bogus movie that, while pretending to take us from fantasy to reality, merely takes us to another fantasy, indeed a proto-‘woke’ one pushed by the Jewish globo-homo powers-that-be whereby Negroes are magical, women are badass, and Diversity is Our Strength. It was made by Wachowski Brothers who became Wachowski 'Sisters'(and later did SPEED RACER movie), and that ought to tell you what kind of 'reality' these freaks are attached to. Still, the message of MATRIX is like that of THE WIZARD OF OZ, i.e. seeing through the curtain of deception at the real wizard behind the power, or the illusion of power. Why do Jews fear the loss of this illusion? Because once a person stops believing, it’s impossible to make him believe again. A child who learns Santa isn’t real can’t be made to believe again. The Genie can’t be put back in the bottle, no more than virginity can be regained after sex. Jews fear that the programming is wearing off on a lot of people. This is why they push for PC-training for children at an even younger age. If adults are beginning to realize the truth, then young children must be conditioned from earliest age to BELIEVE in the Jewish globo-homo PC. Instill them with PC faith as young as possible in the hope that such conditioning will last a lifetime. And this seems to have worked among Millennials, surely the stupidest generation that ever was. They grew up with PC from cradle, and their parents, either lackadaisical late boomers or libertine early Gen-X-ers, did little to instill their children with a critical mind-set or cultural roots that could hunker down against the barrage of PC ballistics.

But there is a way for children to be acculturated and conditioned in the proper way to develop into thinking adults whose core existence isn’t about mindless consumerism as meaning of life and mindless trigger-unhappy hysterics of PC idiocy predicated on the assumption that the most sacred truths for all humanity are Jew-Worship, Magic Negro cult, and Globo-Homo celebration. At this point in history, one has to be an idiot parent to allow children to just watch TV. While most TV shows were always low in quality, there was a time when most of them were not toxic. If kids spent hours watching FATHER KNOWS BEST, BRADY BUNCH, EIGHT IS ENOUGH, LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, GUNSMOKE, RIFLEMAN, HONEYMOONERS, or even THREE’S COMPANY or SANFORD AND SON, they would miss out on worthier activities, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Also, there was a time when Court TV used to be something like PEOPLE’S COURT where Joseph Wapner did a creditable job as a dignified judge. And the Phil Donahue Show wasn't the worst thing in the world. But over the years, vulgarity and cult of personality defined Court TV where the new judges were egotist showmen(or women) who combined scold-ism with sensationalism. As for Talk Shows, it went from somewhat interesting Donahue to the brazen trashiness of JERRY SPRINGER SHOW and new age fakery & cult of personality of OPRAH. The relative ‘innocence’ of THREE’S COMPANY(which relied mostly on double entendres) gave way to the open filth of MARRIED WITH CHILDREN. And today, just about every TV ad is about globo-homo propaganda, jungle fever, cultural deviance, or white male cucky-wuckery. Just about every TV show about the American Family must have some ‘gay’ or ‘tranny’ child or relative even though only 2% of Americans are of the LGBTQXYX orientation/persuasion. And that is why it makes no sense to just allow kids to watch hours and hours of TV. Even so-called reality-based shows are willfully misleading about the world. Most interracial crimes are black-on-white or black-on-non-black, but notice the Jew-run media perpetuates the false impression that innocent blacks are set upon by evil white cops or white ‘supremacists’. And notice there hasn’t been a single TV show about the Nakba or what Palestinians are suffering under Zionists. There are tons of Russian villains, but there hasn’t been a single show about Jewish role in Soviet communism and Jewish role in the mass looting of Russia in the 90s. The Power gets to decide who are the 'Cowboys' and who are the 'Indians', even to the point where 'Cowboys' are the 'New Indians' and the 'Indians' are the 'New Cowboys'. Nothing is essential in a world where Jewish Power renders everything malleable except for the eternal truth of "Is it good for Jews?" Jews promoted plastic surgery and extreme-narcissism on shows such as THE SWAN where 'ugly ducklings' were sold on the dream that anyone can be 'beautiful', and such idiot mentality laid the groundwork for acceptance of homo vanity and tranny narcissism. Now, even big fat ugly men can pretend to be 'beautiful women', and we are to praise such lunacy with a straight face. Being sexually straight is suspect, but you better be totally straight in accepting globo-homo as the New Normal.

This is why parents today shouldn’t let kids watch whatever’s on TV. Rather, the TV should be used as a discriminating device than an open device. As an open device, it is totally a one-way street/stream whereby Jewish globalists who own all the channels beam their messages to countless Americans(and others around the world). At least with the internet, one can interact and express one’s own views in counter to the official line. With the TV, the power speaks to us and shows us, and we have no choice but to be passive consumers. However, there are quality TV shows, usually nature documentaries and some made-for-TV movies and mini-series, and these are available on dvd or by streaming services. And of course, the TV set can be hooked to the internet, and one can access content created by independent and dissident voices. It makes more sense to expose children to the best critical dissident voices than to the official megaphone, that is unless parents' soulless dream is to have their children parrot official dogma for access to privilege. Such parents are no different than the opportunists through the ages for whom the highest good isn’t truth or justice but power or privilege. As such, their only conception of ‘justice’ is what the Power tells them. So, they will even agree that bakeries need to be destroyed if they won’t bake ‘gay wedding’ cakes in the hope that it will win them some ‘wokemon’ points with the Power. For those who care about real truth and real justice, they must cultivate within themselves a critical faculty and then impart it to children(and friends, parents, and associates). One must ask the question of TV and electronic-media, WHO OWNS THE INDUSTRY AND WHO MADE THESE PROGRAMS? WHAT IS THE REAL AGENDA BEHIND THE PROGRAMS? WHY DO THE MAKERS THINK AND FEEL THUS? WHAT RELATION DOES WHAT-IS-SHOWN HAVE WITH THE REAL WORLD? WHAT IS THE DISCREPANCY BETWEEN WHAT THE POWER CLAIMS AND WHAT IT REALLY DOES? Unless one asks those questions, one is no better than a child watching cartoons about fairies and Santa. We all need to grow up some. And this goes for Conservatives as well as Liberals. If Liberals are blind of their foolishness because of their conceit of being rational, skeptical, and open-minded free-thinkers(when, in fact, they are brainwashed and indoctrinated idiots whose new religion is Jew-Worship, Afromania, and Globo-Homomania), Conservatives can’t break out of their shell of stupidity because they’re stuck in USA-USA-USA mode supportive of anything wrapped in the American Flag, which today represents little but Israel-First, Globo-Homo cultural imperialism, and mass cult of Black Athletes. If Liberals are brainwashed, Conservatives are braindead with their ‘support the troops’ mentality of cheering on any war as long as it makes them feel PROUD as Americans with the biggest guns. Idiots will always be manipulated and controlled by the clever, and it’s no wonder that brainwashed goy Liberals and braindead goy Conservatives are such putty in the hands of smart Jews. Next time you watch TV, ask the necessary questions(and raise more questions), and thereby develop an immunity. And spread this mental vaccine to others you know. Inoculate them with the habit of watching with genuine curiosity, true criticality, and the power to ask questions. Just remember that Jews, via ethno-monopolistic control of the electronic media, have gained SCANNER-power over our minds, the kind in David Cronenberg's horror movie SCANNERS. And with Google, Jews seek to track what we do and where we are at all times. There was a period when the platforms were relatively fair, a time when Google’s motto was "Don’t be Evil", and we were allowed to ‘scan’ the Power as the Power was ‘scanning’ us. But now, Jewish monopolists have rigged the game in cahoots with gangster-operations like ADL & SPLC and the Deep State so that the Power can ‘scan’ us but we can’t ‘scan’ back and speak truth to power. Consider all the Youtube channels and videos that were shut down for speaking truth to Power.

David Duke ‘scans’ the power and speaks truth to power. Duke is far from perfect, but when he speaks truth to Jewish Power, more often than not he hits the bull’s eye.

Brother Nathanael has been invaluable in ‘scanning’ Jewish Power for its abuses and hypocrisies, and even though Youtube had tolerated him for years, he was finally removed from the platform as a means to bolster Jewish-Zionist supremacism. Jews hustled us. They made assurances of objectivity and fairness to gain monopoly, but once their power was total and secure, they shut down dissident voices in the name of combating ‘hate speech’, and of course, American Conservatism Inc. remains mum because its main sole purpose is about serving Jewish Power as the top power. One way of defining ‘conservatism’ is "deference to authority, hierarchy, and power". As Jews are at the very top, the deferential conservative mindset sucks up to Jews as the overlords in our ever Kafka-esque universe where the definition of 'hate' has gotten surreal and absurd. If Jews hate the truth but you speak it, you are accused of 'hate speech' and shut down for reasons that make no sense in relation to reality. Goy is now Joseph K, and Jews are the shadowy masters and overlords with power of judge and jury over our speech, money, guns, and freedom. But as so many minds have been colonized by Jew-run TV, they just nod along like so many sheeple. Jews vilified white people especially and then associated whatever they don't like with 'white supremacism'. So, free speech is now 'white supremacist', and this has been an effective way to make white cucks and POC support curtailment of free speech that shall, needless to say, be carried out by Jews in ADL and SPLC, two gangster-extortion operations enabled by Jew-run Media and the Deep State.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Would It be Justifiable to Kill and Sacrifice Half-Million Jewish Children for Whatever Reason? A Moral Twist on the Madeleine Albright Question.

Madeline Albright, Secretary of State under Billy Boy Clinton, said in an interview with Leslie Stahl that it was WORTH IT to kill and sacrifice 500,000 Iraqi children for the sake of the New World Order, one in which the US-Israel Axis gets to determine what is ‘evil’ and what is ‘justice’. She framed her remark in moralistic terms, i.e. though tragic, the killing of all those Arab children via Zionist-US sanctions is a lesser evil compared to the greater evil of Saddam Hussein or expansionist Iraq that must be contained by any means necessary. While it’s true that Hussein was a scumbag and Iraqis were no angels — indeed, what people are? — , we know Albright and her cronies were full of BS. The New World Order took shape as the Jew World Order, especially as Jewish elites edged out the traditional Wasps for top power, privilege, prestige, and authority(and even sanctity as Jews elevated themselves as the eternal Holy Holocaust People). So, the US policy since the end of the Cold War has essentially been about "Is it good for Jewish Supremacist Power?" In other words, all those Iraqi children were murdered and sacrificed for the Satan Prince of Jewish Hegemony. We might call this wicked prince ‘Paimon’, the evil but triumphant Anti-Christ presence in Ari Aster’s HEREDITARY, an esoteric work that really heralds the emergence and rise of the Jewish Man as the lord of all humanity.

Though Jews speak in moralistic terms — as did the communists and even the Nazis at times — , their sermonizing is merely a cover for their main priority, which is to create a world order in which all of goyim serve, obey, and worship Jews... or else. Unlike Christianity, the ultimate objective of which is to bless all of mankind equally with the love of God and Jesus, Judaism and Jewishness are about the Covenant that says Jews are the best people, most sacred race, and most worthy tribe to lord over all of humanity. Thus, if Christian moralism ultimately works against one’s racial/tribal interests, Jewish ‘moralism’ ultimately works to the advantage of Jews. Notice that when white Christians moralize, it’s about their own failures as Good Christians and the need to redeem themselves in the eyes of God and humanity. In contrast, when Jews moralize, it’s about how OTHER peoples did wrong to Jews and, therefore, must make amends by serving and sucking up to Jews forever and ever. Christian moralism is all-serving, whereas Jewish moralism is, like Nazism, self-serving.
In the past, Christian moralism applied the same moral rules to Jews, and that served as a buffer against Jewish perfidy, but current Christian moralism worships Jews(and homos & Negroes) as higher than God and Jesus; as such it is now empty calories devoid of genuine spiritual content.
Indeed, Anti-Christianity is the new christianity. (Jews take umbrage at the notion that the Anti-Christ will be a Jewish Man, but in a way, it’s fitting. After all, if Christ was a Jew, it makes sense that Anti-Christ will also be a Jew. Both Christ and Anti-Christ as Jews would demonstrate that Jews have greater prophetic reach and imagination, for good or ill.) Personally, being a non-believer and lifelong atheist, I have no faith in God, Jesus, Heaven, Hell, Christ, or Anti-Christ. Still, there is no question that the great religions raised profound moral questions, and spirituality is a part of human nature. Therefore, the great religions must be respected(as well as critiqued by modern man) and defended from forces of Satanism. Now, what do I mean by ‘satanism’ when I don’t believe Satan exists? Even for a non-believer, certain ideas and things are clearly sick, demented, wicked, vile, and ‘evil’. When we say something is ‘evil’ or ‘satanic’, we don’t merely mean it’s bad. Indeed, most bad stuff isn’t evil. It’s just unpleasant and wrong. When someone steals, it’s bad but very much a part of human nature as humans evolved from animals who live by the ‘law of the jungle’. Also, lying and cheating come naturally to humans. They shouldn’t do it, but violating rules and codes of conduct doesn’t make one evil or satanic. Evil is much deeper, mysterious, and insidious in its vileness. It’s the difference between killing animals to eat and killing animals just for the sadistic joy of it. We know it’s always bad to kill animals. Even meat-lovers must know it’s ugly business to kill and slaughter so many animals. Still, life lives by consuming other life, and it’s just the way it is. But suppose someone decides to douse an animal with gasoline, light it on fire, and giggle with sadistic glee at the horrible sight. That would be evil. Even more evil would be if such a horrible deed was elevated to sacred status. That would be beyond even evil. It would be satanic, the deification of what is wicked.
Aztec human sacrifice was satanic, beyond even evil. If the Aztecs had rounded up lots of people and had them killed for the fun of it — like the Romans with their horrible gladiatorial fights and bloodbaths — , that would have been plenty evil. But they went further and spiritualized their slaughter as an offering to their gods, as a sacred exercise. They must have worshiped the dark lords because only satanic anti-deities would make such demands. Likewise, such is why we are living in the Satanic Age in the current West. It’d be bad enough or plenty evil if the US went around killing scores of people for no good reason, but things are worse because so many Americans are convinced that their mass slaughter of other peoples is all for the good. It’s really a kind of human sacrifice. According to the likes of Albright, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and now even Donald Trump, it is to fight terrorism and spread ‘human rights’ & ‘democracy’ to other nations, but in truth, it really amounts to human sacrifice to appease Paimon, the demonic Jewish overlord. The US, as cuck-servant of satanic Paimon, is willing to go to any lengths to destroy any number of nations & people to gain approval from Jewish Supremacist Power. Serving Jewish Wickedness out of mere opportunism or sadism would be bad enough, indeed evil. But when Jewish Wickedness is worshiped and appeased day in and day out, the so-called New World Order is truly satanic.
Same goes for the Globo-Homo nuttery. Sodomy or Homo-Fecal-Penetration is not good and can never be good. They have no health benefits and serve no biological purpose. They spread disease and lead to all sorts of health problems. And yet, because some men are born-that-way, modern society has decided to tolerate homos and decriminalize their life-style. That was mere badness. But then, this obvious badness was said to be just as (new)normal, rational, and natural as real sexuality. In other words, a dong-up-a-bung was no less legitimate as a sexual act than penis-into-vagina. And we were told a fake ‘penis’ molded from a mutilated vagina or a fake ‘vagina’ molded from a mutilated penis was just as good as the real thing. This was globo-homomania lurching into Evil territory. And then, homosexuality and tranny nonsense — so-called LGBTQ — were said to be deserving of matrimonial consecration and spiritual blessing, and this is where the whole thing became fully satanic. The West went from tolerating to worshiping the obviously bad. Anyone who worships the bad is under a satanic spell. It’d be like eating feces as the most delicious meal. Ironically, Jews who’d historically rejected idolatry made full use of it to sway the goy masses into worshiping Globo-Homomania. Unlike ideas and values that must be argued rationally and/or demonstrated morally, idolatry works merely by sensory association. If you associate homosexuality and tranny-stuff with ‘rainbow’ colors enough times, the idolatrously-inclined will feel and believe, "Gayness is a rainbow!"

Ask yourself this question. Would it be justifiable to sacrifice 500,000 Jewish kids in Israel in the name of global justice? After all, a powerful argument can be made against Israel as a massive violator of human rights. Israel was founded by grand imperialist conspiracy, extensive terrorism, and Nakba pogroms against Palestinians. Israel stole nuclear secrets from the US to build 200 to 300 illegal nukes. Though taking massive amounts of aid from the US, Israel has passed secrets to enemies and rivals of the US. In the 1980s, Jonathan Pollard didn’t act alone. He spied for Israel, and Israel used the stolen secrets to cut a deal with the USSR, then the arch-enemy of the US. Israel also began the Six Day War and occupied Palestinian territories that they still continue to occupy and fill up with Zionist caravans of illegal invaders. There was the bloody business with the USS Liberty. Jewish Neocons and other Zionists have manipulated the US to turn much of the Arab/Muslim world into a hell-hole. In other words, much of inhumane US foreign policy was cooked up by Israel Firsters working in the Deep State. Israel routinely lobs bombs and missiles into Syria and other neighboring nations. Israel also has the Samson option and threatens all of Europe with nuclear destruction if Israel were to fall. Indeed, even the inhuman sanctions levied against Iraq, Iran, and other nations have their origins in Jewish supremacist hatred for any nation or people that might rival Israel's status as the lone superpower in the Middle East. Israel has also worked with Saudi Arabia to aid and arm ISIS and other terrorists in the region. And Israel was once the closest ally of South Africa when Apartheid was still around. Israel even sent nuclear secrets to South Africa, the secrets it had stolen from the US. Jews in the US overlooked the close ties between South Africa and Israel even as they berated South Africa for ‘racism’, all the while ignoring the greater injustice meted out to Palestinians by Zionist supremacists. (Apparently, injustice for Palestinians is okay whereas injustice for blacks by whites is intolerable.)

So, given all these facts about Jews and Israel, would it be morally justified for the US and the world to economically sanction Israel to the point where 500,000 Israeli children are killed by malnutrition, starvation, and disease? If we believe in universal justice, and if good decent humanitarians like Madeleine Albright believe it was worth it to kill a half-million Arab kids(as a lesser evil) to counter the much bigger evil of Saddam Hussein, then shouldn’t the same moral logic apply to Israel? If killing 500,000 Arab kids was 'worth it' to pressure Iraq to become a better nation, then wouldn't it be worth it to kill 500,000 Jewish kids in the hope that Israel will be a nicer and kinder place for Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims in Israel, West Bank, and neighboring nations(as so much of the violence in that part of the world in recent years originated from Jewish agenda that more-or-less guides the totality of US foreign policy)? But if someone were to suggest that even 50,000 or 5,000 or 500 Jewish kids should be sacrificed for the greater good of the region, most people in the West will scream ‘Another Holocaust!’ Such mindset suggests that a Jewish life is at least worth 1,000 or 10,000 Arab lives. Believing it’s justifiable to kill 500,000 Arab kids for a better Iraqi future while believing it’s horrific to kill just 500 Jewish kids fora better Israeli/Palestinian future would be a case of brazen hypocrisy and moral blindness. If indeed all lives are of equal worth, why is it okay to sacrifice countless Arab lives but unacceptable to ponder even sacrificing a few Jewish lives for a better future?
But there is something even worse in the whole equation. All those dead Iraqi kids weren’t really the result of a humanitarian policy, however misguided it may have been. It was not like the US(and Israel) were willing to use ‘necessary evil’ to bring about a greater good in the region. Zionists wanted Hussein crippled or gone, but they had no desire to see a powerful and prosperous Iraq as a democracy. After all, even a prosperous democracy can be anti-Zionist. The fact that the US developed as a democracy didn’t make it any less war-mongering than most autocratic empires. And this is why what we consider a failure in Iraq, Libya, and Syria are really successes in the eyes of Yinon-ist Jews who want to see the Arab/Muslim world in constant turmoil. That means all those Iraqi kids perished not due to some flawed humanitarian foreign policy but due to Jewish Supremacist plan to sacrifice any number of goy lives to gain greater advantages for Israel and Jewish globalist power.
It would have been tragic enough if all those Iraqi kids died on the altar of misguided humanitarianism, but the truth is their deaths were the result of diabolical satanism of Zionist megalomania. I call it satanic because what is brazenly Jewish Supremacism is revered and worshiped as the highest form of humanitarianism by idiotic Americans. Jews spread horror in the Middle East, North Africa, and Ukraine; they use their influence to force sanctions on Iran and to restart a ‘new cold war’ with Russia. They do all this in the service of Jewish Supremacism that is as repulsive as Nazi-German supremacism during World War II, but they’ve managed to wrap their demonic agenda with the veneer of ‘humanitarianism’, ‘war on terror’, and ‘spreading democracy’ that so many childish Americans have come to worship. With their control of media, cuck goy politicians, finance, and academia, Jews can create a false narrative for countless suckers. If Nazis ruled Current US and spun all their supremacism and imperialist wars as ‘spreading democracy’, ‘fighting terror’, and some such nonsense, the chances are so many Americans would swallow it hook, line, and sinker.

If it was justifiable to kill 500,000 Iraq kids for a better tomorrow, then it’s justifiable to kill 500,000 Jewish kids for a better future. If you say it’s absolutely unconscionable to sacrifice Jewish kids — 5,000 or 50,000, let alone 500,000 — for some higher ‘humanitarian’ objective, then the same logic must apply to Arab children. And yet, the very people who wouldn’t abide the killing of 500 Jewish kids shrug their shoulders about the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi kids. (By some estimates, the number of dead Iraqi kids is considerably smaller, but let’s keep in mind that Monster Albright accepted those figures when she said it was WORTH IT to kill so many.)
There is tremendous cognitive dissonance in the Jewish-controlled West. We are told that the Shoah taught us that life is precious and sacred, but in emphasizing Jewish tragedy uber alles, the end-result has been that Jewish lives are deemed 'more equal than others' and especially precious. Thus, all efforts must be made to 'save' and 'protect' Jewish lives. Furthermore, any number of goy lives may be sacrificed if doing so is deemed beneficial to Jewish lives. So, ironically, the anti-supremacist lesson drawn from the horrors of WWII became perverted into Jewish supremacist idolatry. The lesson Jews took from the tragedy is not "Having suffered so much, we Jews want to make sure that same thing doesn’t happen to other peoples" but instead, "Having suffered horribly and having gained moral status as the greatest victims of all time, ANY MEANS is justified to prevent another Jewish Holocaust." And so, if Jews see Hitlers and New Nazis everywhere, the West led by the US as lone superpower must do everything in its means to crush the new Axis of Evil, even if it means 100,000s or even millions of goyim are ruined, destroyed, or left dead. Paradoxically, ‘preventing another holocaust’ has led to more holocausts around the world. To save and protect the precious Jews, we must take their warnings seriously about ‘new hitlers’ and ‘new nazis’ and use endless sanctions and military might to starve, bomb, and terrorize people on Earth as sacrificial offering to the holy-schmoly Jews. How truly sickening.

How long can Jews and the world carry on like this? Also, aren’t Jews aware that they're are antagonizing all the world? Muslims and Arabs hate them. Even Saudis who are allied with Israelis hate them and carry on with the charade because of Sunni-Shia rivalry. As time passes and as more Europeans wake up to what Jews are up to, there will be a return of ‘antisemitism’ on the Continent. And given Jewish perfidy, there are more and more people on both the Left and Right who are noticing that it’s the JEWS who are behind the curtain in the Land of Poz. Also, the anti-white propaganda pushed by Jews have led to blacks hating Jews. Blacks may be stupid, but they are not dumb; they see that Jews are the most powerful and privileged among the privileged whites. And even though Vladimir Putin is good to Jews and protects them, most Russians surely feel bitter about Jews as they know what happened in the 1990s, and they know it was the Jews who were behind the ‘new cold war’, the sanctions, and the mess in Ukraine.
As time passes, who will like the Jews? Wouldn’t Jews be liked IF they chose to be decent and stop with their supremacism, imperialism, and hegemonism? But apparently not. Jews are now so addicted to power and wealth that, deep down inside, they probably feel that they can’t be good Jews. Sure, they use media to project the image of the Holy Jews, but their behavior and attitude are totally contrary to the human spirit. Thus, Jews will continue to act the Big A**hole and prepare for a world where they will be resented and even hated by most groups.
In other words, Jews have wagered on a future world of anti-Jewish hate than pro-Jewish sympathy. Jews feel that their insatiable egotism and powerlust will eventually drive various goyim against Jews. After all, if Jews decided to act good and decent, they will lose much of their ill-gotten wealth and greedy power. So, Jews must continue to act like George Soros, and that means increasingly alienating just about all of goy humanity.
Then, how could Jewish Power survive in a world of increasing anti-Jewish animus? This is where Jewish Satanism kicks into high gear and conceives of all sorts of policies and agendas — mass immigration, divide-and-rule via Diversity, globo-homo, jungle fever, interracism, white cuckery, emasculation of Western Man and Eastern Man, endless wars in the Middle East, mass deaths by opioids, skankery, and etc. — to create a world of such chaos, disorder, and confusion that the goyim the world over won’t be able to be sober, serious, and united in their resolve to finally do something about the radical evil of Jewish Power. And of course, their mountain of money means they can buy up all the hacks in the valley. By now, most US politicians must know that Jewish Power is vile and venal. But they want more shekels thrown their way, so they go along with Jews-as-holy-schmoly act. Buying all that influence is very expensive, but money is something Jews are never in shortage of.