Thursday, May 30, 2019

UMS or Urban Moving Systems, the Company of the Dancing Israelis of 9/11 Infamy, is a Most Useful Acronym for Jewish Supremacist-Globalist Operational Power

Philip Giraldi:

The license plate number revealed that the van belonged to a New Jersey registered company called Urban Moving Systems. At 4 p.m. the vehicle was spotted and pulled over. Five men between the ages of 22 and 27 years old emerged and were detained at gunpoint and handcuffed. They were all Israelis... According to the initial police report, the driver identified as Sivan Kurzberg, stated “We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem.” ... The five Israelis were among 140 Israelis arrested after 9/11, most of whom had military backgrounds, including some who were trained in “intelligence.” The five were held in Brooklyn, initially on charges relating to visa fraud... The FBI also concluded that the Israelis had actually monitored the activities of at least two of the 9/11 hijackers... Inevitably, the George W. Bush White House intervened. After 71 days in detention, the five Israelis were released from prison by Attorney General John Ashcroft, put on a plane, and deported. Two of the men later spoke about their unpleasant experience in America on an Israeli talk show, one explaining that their filming the fall of the Twin Towers was to “document the event.” In 2004 the five men sued the United States government for damages...

A green network of Israeli Zionist-Supremacist spies operating in the US camouflaged themselves within a company called Urban Moving Systems that had been propped up as a front. They closely monitored the activities of 9/11 hijackers, and when the World Trade Center towers were hit, these Jews were dancing, celebrating, and congratulating one another. At this point, we are not sure to what degree these Israelis were involved in 9/11, but one thing for sure, powerful elements within the US government suppressed the investigation and allowed the Israeli suspects to depart for Israel where they were welcomed and protected by the government and showcased on Israeli TV. However cretinous and despicable these young Jewish spies may be, they are small fish who took orders from higher-ups in the Israeli and US governments. At the very least, it now seems clear that top Israelis and certain Jewish elements in the US knew something BIG was about to go down on 9/11 and how such a travesty/tragedy would present Zionist Globalist Supremacists with a golden opportunity to wage Wars for Israel all across the globe. Of course, it was all very ironic because the Muslim terrorists identified with involvement in 9/11 had nothing to do with Iran, Iraq, and Syria — three nations hated and targeted most by Israel — but had been, if anything, enabled(and even created) by the combination of the US and its allies Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Israel.
Indeed, the ‘war on terror’ was a rather amusing notion since the US had been instrumental in arming and using Islamic terrorists to undermine the Soviets in the 1980s and Russia/Iran in the 1990s. After all, virtually all terrorists have been extremist Sunnis, often indoctrinated and funded by Saudi Arabia, the #1 Arab ally of the Jewish-controlled US. Furthermore, Israel, that prides itself as ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’, is most closely aligned with neo-Medievalist Saudi Arabia while doing everything to subvert and destroy modernizing secular Arab nations. Just like Jews want nationalism only for Jews, they want modernity only for Israel in the Middle East. For all the Jewish talk of ‘spreading democracy’ and modernization in the Muslim World, the US and Israel have done everything to enable Islamists and puppet military-dictatorship(like the one in Egypt) against independent Arab efforts to modernize.

Consider the name of the company used by Israeli spies. Urban Moving Systems. ROTFL. How apt and fitting! Its acronym UMS perfectly encapsulates the character of Jewish globalist power in the world. It is certainly and overwhelmingly an URBAN phenomenon. And Jews are certainly MOVING all over the place. Even though they make a big fuss about how Israel must remain Jewish forever, they move in and out of any goy nation they can penetrate to plant spies, recruit collaborators(often homosexuals), subvert sovereignty, and spread degenerative filth. And of course, Jewish Strategy is highly systematized. It has developed into a formidable SYSTEM to manipulate and control the world. And it’s not just about government agencies but the media, academia, finance, entertainment, law firms, and much more that all coordinate their policies or campaigns to ultimately promote the Jewish Agenda of Globalist Hegemony. So, we have Jewish politicians and their cucks working with the Jew-run media to pressure Jew-run social networks to shut down ‘hate’(as defined by hateful Jewish Supremacists, of course). We have Jew-run banks working with Jewish-monopolized social networks to deny financial services to dissidents and truth-tellers, those who’d dare to speak truth to Jewish Power. We have academics silenced or fired for daring to criticize Israel. Cuck-goy-politicians, mere dogs of Jewish oligarchs, pass laws to criminalize speech critical of Israel & Jewish power. In states ‘blue’ and ‘red’, there are laws that prevent anyone who supports BDS from getting government contracts or being hired by the state.

If you were to call for boycott against Zionist apartheid & land-theft in the West Bank and call out against IDF death squads mowing down innocent Palestinian women and children in Gaza, the so-called ‘progressive’ state of New York will fire you, blacklist you, and destroy you. Zionarchy is 100x worse than McCarthyism. If you dare say NO to Zionist Jim Crowitz laws against Palestinians, you will be deplatformed and turned into a non-person in ‘blue’ New York, aka Jew York. New York is faux-progressive. It is really controlled by globalist-supremacist Zionists who will trample on free speech and dissident rights to further Zionist supremacy at every turn. New York is a Jewish Supremacist state that aids and abets the murder and oppression of Palestinians. If you champion justice for Palestinians, Jews paint a target on your back. Just like IDF death squads target Palestinian women and children, Zionarchic power in the US socially or financially guns down any opposition to Jewish supremacy.
Now, we know why Jews have chosen homos as their main allies. As Jews promoted vain homos to holy status and promised them the world, narcissistic homos work diligently to further Jewish globalism. And since homos are now regarded as holy by so many stupid goyim whose values are molded by Jew-homo-controlled Pop Culture, whatever homos do must be wonderful. Since homos say Israel is wonderful because it puts on what may be the biggest homo ‘pride’ festival in the world, homo-worshiping cuck-straights just bleat along.

Think of Jewish globalist supremacist power as ‘urban’, ‘moving’, and ‘systematic’. UMS or Urban Moving Systems is perfectly descriptive of how Jews do their bidding in the world. It’s especially delicious as the label is now associated with 9/11. The reason why we don’t know of the full extent of Jewish/Israel involvement in the 9/11 attacks is precisely because of the power of UMS. Before the truth could be ferreted out from Israeli suspects, the investigation was shut down by orders from above. John Ashcroft, Attorney General under George W. Bush, was himself a puppet who took orders from those higher above. By now, it should be obvious that Bush was a mental midget easily manipulated by Jews. As for goy-cucks like Ashcroft, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld, they were willing to do anything to win over Jews over to the GOP. After all, Jews were gaining the most money, influence, and power. But how could the GOP attract Jews when most Jews are comfortably on the Democratic side? Neocons assured Anglo-Cucks that more Jews might switch parties IF Bush II were to become the ‘Winston Churchill’ of the Middle East. It was a far-fetched idea but sufficiently attractive to Jewish Power, at least to the extent that even Democratic politicians were pressured to push the OK button on the Iraq War. And of course, the ‘liberal’ Jew-run media were overwhelmingly pro-war.
Perhaps, some of these Jews feared that unless the US targeted Iraq or some such nation as the main enemy, people might begin to piece together the puzzle and realize that maybe just maybe Israel and Jewish Power had a role in 9/11. But by fanning war fever against ‘terrorist’ Saddam Hussein(as New Hitler) and scaring Americans about WMD, maybe enough Americans would be distracted from the far more crucial issue of "What roles did Israel & Jewish globalists(and Saudi Arabia) play on 9/11?" To a certain extent, the Iraq War may have been smoke-and-mirrors to distract people from the Jewish role in 9/11.

Urban Moving Systems or UMS is also indicative of what we are dealing with when faced with Jewish Power. Jewish Power isn’t merely venal & nefarious but utterly shameless in its vileness, perfidy, and obnoxiousness. It wasn’t enough for Jewish Power that the Dancing Israelis were released and sent back to Israel. It wasn’t enough that the Mass Media soon buried all mentions of how Israeli spies were cavorting and celebrating the destruction of WTC towers in which 1000s of Americans died. It wasn’t enough that the investigation into Jewish-Israeli links to 9/11 were suppressed and forbidden. Those vile Jews got away scot-free, but Israelis(most probably with full backing of the Israeli state) have the temerity to SUE the US government for how the Dancing Israelis were treated. Here’s a bunch of Jews illegally staying in the US. They were monitoring(or perhaps 'nudging') the 9/11 terrorists and didn’t share information with the US government. They positioned themselves to observe the attacks even before the first plane struck, a strong hint that they had prior knowledge of the Plan. They were cheering and dancing while thousands of people were dying in the worst way imaginable. They obviously knew something, but due to orders from the Jew-run Deep State, they were set free and allowed to return to Israel. You’d think those Jews would count their blessings everyday. They’d be grateful for being the luckiest bunch of fellas who evaded the full brunt of justice simply because their Tribe controls the upper echelons of power in the US(whose real capital might as well be Israel). But these Jews who spat on American sovereignty, security, and honor(and even celebrated the deaths of thousands of Americans because the attacks might be good for the Tribe in laying the grounds for Wars for Israel) dare to sue the US government for having had their ‘rights’ violated. Wow just wow. US tax-payers send billions to Israel every year. US turns a blind eye to all the vile things done by Israel, whether it's lies & sanctions in regard to Iran, support of ISIS in Syria, and mass-oppression of Palestinians. Israeli spies are allowed to operate almost freely all across the US. Jewish Supremacists get special favors and VIP treatment in all elite institutions and industries. (Meanwhile, White National Liberationists who seek emancipation from Jewish Supremacism are denied freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and financial services. 'Uppity' whites are treated in the US like proud Palestinians are treated in Gaza and West Bank. And isn’t it funny how the ACLU does NOTHING to intervene. It has shown its true face that is Jewish and Supremacist. It was never about civil liberties. It only pretended to be in the past to legalize pornography and to provide cover for Jewish radicals and subversives who really did break the laws.)

Jewish vileness is the product of Jewish arrogance & contempt that are almost without limit. Take Alan Dershowitz being interviewed by worthless cuck John Stossel. Now, Stossel is right that US universities have become hotbeds of Political Correctness, Intolerance, virtue vanity, self-pitying self-aggrandizement, and mindless babytalk. But, it’s amusing that he would treat Alan Dershowitz as some paragon of free speech and civil liberty. Dershowitz pulled strings to have Norman Finkelstein fired from DePaul University. Dershowitz hasn’t done anything about the criminalization of BDS or the insane new law in Florida that bans criticism of Jewish Power and Israel. By the way, what does John Stossel the ‘libertarian’ have to say about the criminalization of BDS or the new Florida Law that bans speech critical of Jewish Power and Zionism in schools? Funny how these so-called ‘freedom-loving’ libertarians suddenly go silent on issues pertaining to Jewish power and privilege.

Indeed, if anything, all these blacks and non-whites of all stripes are taking their cues of Victimhood Politics from Jews. After all, it’s Jews who turned the Shoah into some kind of secular religion that cannot be questioned. And so many Jews have fraudulently promoted themselves as ‘Holocaust Survivors’. And all Jews forever and ever are to be regarded as the Eternal People of the Holocaust. And ADL would have us believe that any criticism of Jewish Power is road to a New Holocaust. Jews like Chuck Schumer say that we must support Israel no matter how brutally it behaves because of the Holocaust even though Palestinians had nothing to do with World War II. Furthermore, why should Americans carry the cross of sucking up to Jews when it was the Germans who killed the Jews(and it was Americans who, along with UK and esp USSR, were most instrumental in defeating Germany)?
If there may indeed be another Holocaust in the future, it won’t have anything to do with so-called irrational ‘Anti-Semites’ but everything to do with Jewish arrogance, contemptuousness, megalomania, nihilism, lawlessness, supremacism, and hypocrisy that just gets worse by the day. If Jewish behavior continues in the present mode, Jews will once again be a universally reviled people.
If Jews figure there won’t be effective anti-Jewish movements if white power were permanently crushed in the West, they could eventually be met with non-white anti-Jewish movements that will be harder to control via ‘guilt-baiting’ because most non-whites, especially Muslims and blacks, lack the culture of guilt-driven conscience that’s been central to Northern European Protestant Thought. (Furthermore, if many whites are less resentful of Jewish success because they themselves are reasonably successful, the same cannot be said for the Rising Tide of Color in the West who may well come to regard Jews as Uber-Whites. Given that Jews have been using Diversity against whites, the smartest thing for whites would be to use Diversity against Jews. But as most white elites are in cuck-mode, their priority is not white pride and survival but getting goodies for their individual selves by cravenly cucking before Jews.) Judging by developments in places like Venezuela, it’s very possible that a white minority nation brimming with ‘Diversity’ can turn against Jews. Indeed, the ONLY reason why some non-white nations seem either pro-Israel or Jew-friendly is because they are under the thumb of what are still white-majority nations that happen to be very pro-Jewish. Without the financial and military pressure of white nations & populations, there is no reason for Diversity to be pro-Jewish anything. For example, we know that everyone in Egypt really hates Israel and Jews. So, why have the Egyptian elites been reasonably friendly with Israel? Because they depend on the financial aid of white-majority nations. But what would happen if the US were to turn into something like Venezuela? With white people/power on the wane, Jews will have to work with Diversity, but should Jews feel confident of support from the so-called People of Color? Diversity was an effective Jewish weapon to weaken White Power, but what is Jewish power without the support of whites? Also, if it required the smearing and vilification of white people to promote Diversity, how would Jewish Power appear in association with white support? Indeed, this is the Trump Conundrum. Jews have vilified Donald Trump as Literally Hitler and ‘racist’, but Trump is full of praise for Jews and Israel. Jews say Trump and Conservatives are subhuman bigots, but such types seem to be the most vociferous supporters of the Jewish State. Furthermore, if whiteness has been deconstructed and desecrated, white people can no long cling to whiteness for pride and justification. They must cling to some other identity for redemption, and it seems many whites have chosen to cling to Jewishness that, unlike whiteness, is currently associated with Holocaust-Holiness. But if, as Jews say, whiteness sucks and if whites(who suck so bad with their vile whiteness) flock to Jews as their favorite people, what does this imply about Jewishness? If whites suck so bad while Jews are so holy, why are whites so attracted to Jews(like flies are attracted to manure)?
On the one hand, Jews need to dehumanize whiteness so that whites will forsake their own identity & pride and instead suck up to Jewish Power and serve Jews. This is surely a great boost for Jewish Power. On the other hand, if whiteness has been dehumanized, it doesn’t make Jews look so good to have the unconditional love and support of the vilest race in the world. Again the Trump Conundrum. Jews are eager to suppress white consciousness and pride, and so, they denounce any white identitarian support for Trump as 'white supremacist'. They even went so far as to denounce Trump as a closet-Nazi. But one of the main reasons why Jews have defamed Trump’s implicitly pro-white politics is to steer him to serve Jewish interests: More Wars for Israel, anti-Russian stance, more sanctions against Iran. And Trump, thrashed and beaten by the Jews, has delivered. But then, what is the end-result of all this but the perception that Literally Hitler Trump is in love with Jews and Israel. It sort of suggests that Israel is a Nazi State because it has the full support of Literally Hitler Trump. But then, maybe Jews aren’t much worried about such wild contradictions because they figure most Americans are too dumb to connect the dots and arrive at the message: "Jews are the New Nazis."

Anyway, henceforth, Jewish Globalist Supremacist Power will be called UMS or Urban Moving Systems. The Dancing Israelis were a perfect microcosm of the real nature of Jewish Power whose true face has been revealed in the 21st Century. While Jews accumulated immense power in the past, especially in the 19th and 20th century, they didn’t quite have the near-absolute power to reveal their true nature. It’s the nature of power to hide its true character until it gains what it smugly feels to be absolute power. Adolf Hitler often presented himself as a moderate nationalist until he gained supreme power and then revealed his true nature as an Aryan Supremacist-Imperialist. Mao Zedong, prior to achieving power, presented himself as a humble agrarian reformer and nothing like a hardline communist. It was after he gained supreme power that he showed his true face as a radical Oriental Despot. And Jews artfully maneuvered themselves in the 19th and 20th centuries as mainly idealists, intellectuals, philosophers, thinkers, and theorists. And back then, many such Jews, feeling that the Tribe would never inherit the world, might have been more sincere in their universalist or abstract concerns. But as it became clear to Jews in the late 20th century that they could take over the US, the lone superpower(especially after the Cold War), Jews began to show their true face. And in the 21st century, with total Jewish mastery over the US, their true face has been bared, and its countenance is that of megalomania, supremacism, contempt, arrogance, obnoxiousness, perversity, nihilism, nastiness, and ruthlessness(as evidenced by the 'Globodomors' of mass deaths in Iraq, Libya, and Syria, all to serve Jewish-Zionist interests. Jewish financial policy in Russia of the 90s exposed an essentially tribal-supremacist agenda that was willing to sacrifice any number of lives to realize the objective of "Is it good for Jews?") Of course, not all Jews are like this, and there are sincere Jewish critics of Jewish Evil such as Brother Nathanael. But we’ve now seen the face of Jewish POWER, and it is foul, vicious, ugly, and cruel. But then, just ask yourself. Why would Jews treat your kind with any decency when they treat Palestinians like shit? Jews act nice only as a hustle. Jews certainly hustled the Palestinians, assuring the indigenous Arabs that Jewish immigration would NOT lead to erasure of Palestine. Well, look at the result. Palestinians who fell for the hustle paid dearly. Arrogant Jews feel contempt and arrogance for goyim and suckers. They don’t care about you or your kind. If they act nice, it’s just a hustle, like what the Joe Mantegna characters pulls in HOUSE OF GAMES by David Mamet, a revealing dramatist of Jewish neurosis of power, paranoia, and control.

Friday, May 17, 2019

The Irony of how Holocaust Remembrance Slipped in Jewish Supremacism under the Guise of Anti-Supremacism

Irving never directly addresses in either book the Holocaust. He does document the massacre of many Jews, but the picture that emerges from the factual evidence is that the holocaust of Jewish people was different from the official Zionist story.

One of the problems of Holocaust Remembrance(akin to Holocaust Worship, which leads to Worship of Jews) is that it 'esoterically' carries the seeds of Judeo-Nazism. In other words, it is supremacist, or yet another form of supremacism even as it denounces the 'master race' supremacism of Nazism. The rites and rituals of Holocaust Remembrance aren't really about the evil of mass murder, six million dead, or a people being targeted for mass extermination. It's really about the outrage that it was done to JEWS. The moral logic would suggest that Jews are the superior race, the true master race, the holy race. Therefore, the real crime of the Holocaust was that a false wanna-be master race(the Teutons) dared to mass murder the true master race, the Jews. In remembrance, what we hear is not the outrage of killing 6 million people(though some analyses point to numbers closer to 3 million) but 6 million JEWS. So, the real abomination of Nazi Criminality was that it targeted Holy Jews than mere humans. One gets the sense that the Holocaust wouldn't have been deemed so evil and unforgettable/unforgivable IF Nazi Germans and their collaborators had killed another people while sparing Jews. Abe Foxman was once recorded admonishing Ukrainian leaders NOT to conflate the 'Holodomor' with the Holocaust. The Shoah is a jealous god, and 'thou shall not worship no tragedy before(or alongside) it'. If Jews really regarded the Holocaust as a crime against Humanity, they would welcome comparisons of Jewish suffering in the Shoah with the sufferings of rest of humanity in similar tragedies. But Jews insist on maintaining the singularity of the Shoah because the victims weren't merely human but JEWS. Now, it's understandable why a people would be more upset with their own dead. After all, Armenians are more upset over what the Turks did. Chinese are more sensitive about the Nanking Massacre. The difference is that Jews don't merely grieve over their own dead among themselves but try to force all the world to feel that the Shoah was worse than any other tragedy because it was done to JEWS. Indeed, Jews want goyim to believe that suffering of Jews is worse than even the suffering of their own goy kind. Whites, it seems, have truly bought into this. They are so obsessed with protecting a single hair on a Jewish child in Israel but turn a blind eye to the grisly deaths of thousands of whites in South Africa(because whites expressing white identity will displease the holy Jews). As long as the super-rich Jewish diamond industrialists can rake in billions by bribing the black-run government, who cares if white gentiles get slaughtered on farms?

The 20th century has seen lots of bloodshed and mayhem. But most mass-killings have been forgotten, ignored, or suppressed. Even rationalized. Many will argue that the Holocaust was especially evil because it wasn't just mass-killing but a targeted genocide of a specific people. Fair enough. Still, one can't help but feel that the real outrage is over murder of JEWS than murder of mere people, the goyim. Suppose millions of Jews had died not by targeted genocide but by a broader movement, like forced collectivization in the USSR. Suppose a political campaign ended up killing millions of Jews by famine and starvation than by extermination squads. Would the deaths of those millions of Jews be mostly ignored like the deaths of millions of Ukrainians or Chinese(under communism)? I think not. The reason why Jews are far less harsh on communism is because most Jews greatly benefited in the USSR just when millions of Slavic Christians were being dispossessed and killed by starvation. It was good for Jews, and the victims were goyim. And do Jews feel even a smidgen of remorse or conscience about what they did in Russia in the 90s? Most Jews don't. If anything, they even make alliances with Neo-Nazi elements in Ukraine to undermine and eventually take over Russia, as if it belongs to them as well. Jews kvetch about one dead Jew in Israel but show NO feelings about countless dead Muslims resulting from Wars for Israel.

So, Holocaust Remembrance isn't anti-supremacist. It is a sly program of slipping in Jewish Supremacism under the guise of anti-supremacism. Jewish dead in the Holocaust are portrayed as the greatest victims of racial supremacism, but the sheer inordinate emphasis on the victims being Jewish implies that Jewish Lives are more precious than any other lives. If German Nazis had spared Jews but tried to wipe out Hungarians or only Gypsies, I doubt there would be as much fuss about it.
One thing for sure, Hitler's plan for Russia was grim and brutal. He planned mass exterminations in the millions to be followed by mass enslavement. A Slavic-holocaust or Slavocaust was planned for Russians, and given that Germans conquered much territory during the war, one could argue that all the Slavs under German Occupation were also holocaust survivors(using the logic of the Jewish definition of 'holocaust survivor', who could be ANYONE who lived in zones under Nazi Occupation even if he or she never stepped inside a Nazi Concentration Camp). And yet, there is no World Remembrance of Russian deaths and sacrifices. Germans aren't pressured to feel guilty over their crimes against Slavs. If anything, the German government is pressured by Jewish-controlled US to wage economic war to spread misery in Russia. Germany is also silenced from noticing and denouncing the alliance of Jews and Neo-Nazi elements in Ukraine.
Also, if the great lesson learned by Germans from WWII and the Holocaust is the evil of Ethno-Supremacism, why are most Germans and Europeans silent about the obviously ethno-supremacist policy of Jewish-controlled US that favors Jews over Palestinians, Jews over Arabs/Muslims(whose nations have been devastated at the behest of Zionist power), Jews over Christians -- notice the total silence about all those Christian Arabs destroyed as the result of Wars for Israel -- , and Jews over Russians? In the end, the lesson of Holocaust Remembrance is not "It is evil for any people to claim superiority and commit mass-murder against another people deemed inferior" but "It is evil to target Jews for political violence because Jews are innately holier, superior, and more precious than any other race." Holocaust Remembrance logic implicitly posits that the Shoah was worse than a case of mere human-cide. It was closer to Deicide, the killing of god-men. It's a logic borrowed from Christianity. Why did the killing of Jesus matter so much? After all, Jews and Romans killed plenty of people. Jews stoned many deemed as heretics or blasphemers. Romans killed many deemed to be traitorous or dangerous to the empire. Then, why make such a big fuss about the killing of Jesus, some Jewish carpenter in Judea? Because, at least according to Christian Mythology, He was no ordinary man. Indeed, He was even more than a Great Man. He was God-Man. Thus, it wasn't murder of a human but the murder of the Son of God.
Similar logic underlies Holocaust Remembrance. The real crime is not mass murder of humans but the mass murder of JEWS, the holy race, the awesome race, the genius race, the ancient race, the super race, and etc. Granted, Jews are indeed one of history's great peoples, and surely, the mass killing of Jews will be more consequential than the mass deaths of, say, Bolivians or Burmese. If all Bolivians or Burmese were to disappear(or had never existed in history), the world be pretty much as it is. But if Jews had never existed, the world would be profoundly different, for good or ill. And if Jews were to vanish into the thin air, the world would be much affected by their absence. So, it's understandable why Jews(and their fans, admirers, cucks, and worshipers) would be so obsessed about the well-being and power of Jews in the world. But then, this is precisely why Holocaust Remembrance isn't ultimately anti-supremacist but neo-supremacist. It is less a condemnation of racial supremacism per se than a condemnation of false supremacism that dared to do violence to the true supreme people, the genuine master race of Jews.
Indeed, US politics cannot be understood apart from the fact that Jewish Supremacism is the core defining 'principle' of all that happens. Notice how US politics isn't essentially about Left vs Right but "Jews like?" vs "Jews don't like?" White Identity is suppressed(even if it isn't supremacist) because Jews fear ANY white consciousness will undermine blind obedience among whites to Jewish Supremacism. Slaves mustn't have pride or ego. Only the master deserves to have them. People with pride and ego do not want to serve others. Only when such are taken from them do they become servile to those who are allowed a sense of self. Jews hate the sight of 'uppity' whites who prefer to think for themselves about their own identity and history than be berated by Jews that they are so tainted by 'white privilege' and burdened by 'white guilt' that they must forsake white identity and serve another people, one that happens to be holy, to gain redemption. Of course, that Other People are Jews(even though Jewish money and skills played a big role in White Imperialism, Slave Trade, and conquest of non-whites). Jews bitch about 'white supremacism', but they are suppressing white national liberation from Jewish Supremacism. All this Russia, Russia, Russia hysteria is presented as 'progressive' resistance against Trump as Putin-Puppet, but it's all about Jews. Jews hate Russia because its national autonomy stands in the way of total Jewish World Hegemony. And they esp hate Russia because it says NO to Homomania, a proxy of Jewish World Imperialism. Jews push mass non-white immigration into the West on grounds of 'tolerance' and 'inclusion', but it's all about "Is it good for Jews?" It's obvious from so many New York Times op-eds that what Jews want is to destroy white majority power and create a crazy-quilt nation so that they can play divide-and-rule among goyim from above. That's all it's about. And notice how Jewish Power, both Republican and Democratic, work behind the scenes to shut down BDS even though it is mostly deemed a leftist movement. Why are Jewish 'progressives' working with Jewish Republicans(and cuck-christo-Goppers) to destroy BDS, a movement for justice for Palestinians? Because most Jewish Liberals are Jews first and Liberals second. Or, they are Jewish Supremacists first and Jewish humanists second. Even in the bluest states, powerful Jewish Liberals have worked with even hardline Republicans(worthless christo-cucks, the most of them) to shut down BDS. New York is said to be one of the most 'liberal' states, but its cuck-governor bans BDS. Texas and NY are seen as red vs blue, but when it comes to Jews uber Palestinians, both are totally agreed that the US must serve Jews no matter what. And in Florida, a bill is about to become law that would ban speech that notices Jewish power, Jewish supremacism, and Zionist tyranny over Palestinians. Such a law isn't about humans. It's about gods, premised on the notion that Jews are so holy, great, awesome, and wondrous that it would be downright blasphemous to cast negative aspersions on Jewish Power, notice wicked patterns of behavior among Jews, connect the dots of Jewish influence, condemn Wars for Israel, and call out on Zionist tyranny over Palestinians(and others). Jews say they are condemning 'hate speech', but they are pushing blasphemy laws with themselves as new gods.
Also, if Jews are so concerned about how 'Hate Speech' may lead to violence against powerless minorities, why were they so silent about all those 'liberal' Hollywood movies and TV shows that feature Muslims and Arabs as terrorist madmen or token 'good guys'(who are good ONLY WHEN they collaborate with the US empire against other Muslims)? If Jews are so sensitive about victim-hood, why do they promote violent rap music that celebrates gun violence, rape, & mayhem and call women 'bitches' and 'ho's'? If Jews are so worried about how 'hate speech' may lead to new atrocities and wars, why do the Jewish-run media spew so much Hate News against Iran, Syrians, Arabs, and Russians? Didn't Fake News and Hate News under Bush II and Obama lead to bloodbaths in Iraq, Libya, and Syria? And if Jews despise Trump as 'literally Hitler', why are they most silent and even supportive of him when he is most belligerent, demagogic, and warlike in his hysteria about Iran and Venezuela? It seems Jews don't mind Trump being 'literally Hitler' as long as it's against peoples and nations hated by Jews. Indeed, Jews even form alliances with Literally Nazi elements in Ukraine to get what they want. They even cheer on ISIS psychopaths to wreck Syria, an ally of Iran, IF it is deemed Good for Israel.

The 'moral' logic of Holocaust Remembrance is like that of Globo-Homo-Mania. Initially, the 'gay' agenda was sold as freedom for homosexuals. We didn't have to approve them or welcome them. It was based on the scientific truth that some people are born with homo tendencies, and it's not their fault. Also, as people have feelings, it's not good to insult and harm homosexuals. Just let them be. And most Americans went along with this. But, it soon turned out that this GloboHomo business wasn't just about tolerance of deviancy and freedom for perverts but a supremacist idolatry of homos(and even trannies) as an angel-like special people whom we must feel compelled to celebrate, praise, lionize, and rhapsodize over. As for those who refuse to do so and call out on the true nature of the 'gay' agenda, they are to be deemed as 'homophobic', or sick in the head and unfit to reach upper ranks of society where all the goodies are. Even a huge chain like Chick-Fil-A is to be denied access to cities like Chicago where mass celebrations of Anno Sodomini takes place annually. Apparently, Dick-Fill-Ass is what the US is really about.

Both Holocaust Remembrance and Globo-Homo have been sold as being about justice, equality, and anti-supremacism, but both are actually predicated on the supremacist notion that Jews and homos(their main allies and most tireless globalist agents) are special and deserve praise, adulation, and obedience above and beyond all other peoples. Clever Jews have coated the poison pill of Jewish supremacism with anti-supremacist sweetener. In the mouth, it tastes like 'equality and justice' but dissolves in the stomach to spread mindless support of Jewish Supremacism. At AIPAC rallies, Jews and cucks make big speeches about 'Never Again' and 'No to Hate', all the while pledging undying support for Zionist tyranny against Palestinians, Wars for Israel, mindless hatred against Iran, and defamation of whites who insist on having an identity emancipated from the clutches of the Shylock Doctrine.

Jews could have used Holocaust Remembrance to learn and teach a greater lesson for all mankind. It could have been about how it's wrong for ANY would-be supremacists to wipe out another people. Alas, the lesson has become just another form of Supremacism, i.e. we need to remember the Holocaust forever and ever because the victims were JEWS, the holy and superior race. The lesson became selective than universal.
Even the Jewish-controlled Narrative of the US is about "Is it good for Jews?" Jews say Immigration was noble because it was great for their own kind. But didn't Immigration of Europeans and Jews lead to the 'genocide' of native indigenous folks? Didn't Jewish Hollywood make tons of Westerns lionizing the white pioneers who rubbed out the Indians? Didn't immigration lead to Nakba Pogroms that wiped Palestine off the map? Never mind all that. Too inconvenient for the Judeo-centric Narrative.
Jews say they are for universal principles and reach for a global audience on that basis, but their ultimate message isn't "equal justice for all humans" but "all humans must agree to praise, worship, and serve Jews and furthermore ensure that all the world will be good for Jews". Jews are not surrendering to universalism but exploiting its reach to make humans serve Jews as the god-race.

But then, the very notion of Jewishness is essentially supremacist as it's based on the conviction that the one true God chose Jews to be masters over all humanity. Indeed, when so-called progressive Jews cling to Jewishness, they are sticking to an exclusionary identity-ideology that says Jews are special and more blessed than others. Even among secular Jews, this mental habit seems to remain. Some Jews argue that Jewishness is about Jews minding their own business and demanding to be left alone by goy bigots. But Jewishness isn't like being Amish, a culture that really just wants to be left alone. Jewishness is about Jews excluding goyim from their own world but making all the goy world include Jewish Power as the righteous master and ruler over all of humanity. It is a mad contradiction, a psycho-political dilemma at the root of the world's biggest problems and conflicts.

If Holocaust Remembrance really has a universal lesson to impart, it should be that ANY PEOPLE can act like Nazis and ANY PEOPLE can end up like Jewish victims. If the message is truly anti-supremacist, then no people are innately nobler than others & no people are innately more wicked than others. Germans who were once Nazis could suffer like Jews did under Nazi tyranny. Jews, who were once victimized, could become like Nazis and terrorize the world. In other words, any people, even Germans, could become 'Jews' in the metaphorical sense, and any people, even Jews, could become 'Nazis' in the metaphorical sense. But according to Holocaust Remembrance, we are to fixate on Jews as the Eternal Victims no matter what they do in the future. Such Moral Privilege is a form of supremacism. It implies that even if Jews were to act like Nazis, they shall always be morally shielded with the Anne Frank card. And even when Germans face replacement and extinction, they are to be regarded as 'Nazis' forever. This is crazy, and the Holocaust is now just a Holo-Curse.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Power of Racination vs the Weakness of Deracination. Tale of Two White Groups: The Racinating Jews and Deracinating European-Americans

Especially since the end of World War II(though the general process began much earlier), white people in America could be lumped into mainly two groups. European-Americans(or ‘whites’) and Jews. Jews have long been considered as white people in the US even though most ‘full-blooded’ Jews(Ashkenazim) tend to be 50% Semitic. One could argue that many Hispanics are more white than Jews are. ‘Hispanics’ in America can be of any race, color, or nationality as long as they are of Latin American descent. Given that Italians(especially from Southern Italy) and Greeks are genetically more similar to many Jews than to Northern Europeans, it may seem odd that they too are being lumped with ‘white people’ while Jews increasingly stand apart. Furthermore, due to acceleration of mixed-marriages among Jews since the 1960s, a good many of today’s Jews are more European than ever and look it. Apparently, many successful Jewish men in the past 50 yrs married European-American women. Indeed, Jewish-Americans range from almost entirely white to almost entirely Semitic, and the proof is in the looks. Some Jews look more Anglo or Nordic than Semitic, while some Jews look like Groucho Marx and Alan Dershowitz. Given these racial or interracial complications, why does it makes sense, politically and culturally, to speak of Two White Americas, Jewish and ‘white’? It has to do with the factor of ‘Racination’ vs ‘Deracination’.

While it’s true that race is real and even biologically based, everything human is also about consciousness. Consider blackness. It’s biologically real that black races evolved in Sub-Saharan Africa. And yet, consciousness about blackness can change from place to place, from period to period. This is further complicated by mixed-race-ness. How people with black blood respond to their blackness differs from Brazil to Venezuela to Mexico(where most blacks became mixed into the racial brew) to the US. A light-skinned person with some blackness may identify as mixed-race or quadroon or octaroon in Brazil as such response has been the general norm. But in the US, he or she may identify fully as black for reasons of racial pride or solidarity(or exaggerated self-aggrandizing self-pity). But that is in the NOW. In the past, when the US was more race-ist, a light-skinned black person might have considered himself/herself as superior to darker blacks. Or, if possible, a light-skinned black with mostly white looks would have tried to ‘pass’ as white’. Consciousness of blackness used to be of shame than pride in the slavery era. So, cultural-consciousness of the ideological Zeitgeist goes a long way to determine whether a people emphasize(and even exaggerate) their racial/ethnic consciousness OR suppress(and even erase & deny) it.
Perhaps the most famous(and maybe shameful) case was of Germans in the US and UK during World War I. Germans have many virtues, but their subordination to authority and anxiety for social approval have been problematic. On the positive side, it could make them more unified in politics and united in purpose. But it could also mean a herd-like willingness to do anything to GO ALONG. Ironically, both German hyper-deracination in the US & UK and ultra-racination in Nazi Germany have an underlying common psychological structure. In both cases, German masses were swayed by the prevailing authority. German-Americans and German-Britons folded under pressure and out of fear all too easily. Germans under German Nationalism rallied en masse in total devotion to Der Fuhrer, the Man of the Hour, the Man of Destiny. In one respect, one could say German-Americans blended easily into Anglo-America and Anglo-Britain because of racial likeness and also because Anglos accepted them as racial brethren, indeed more than any other people. But given the rich and proud history of German Civilization & Culture, it seems rather shameful that, under pressure of a few years, so many Germans were willing to erase and suppress so much of their rich identity and culture. It was one thing for Germans to learn English and become Good Americans and Good Britons in foreign lands. But to go so far as repress or reject so much of Germanness except ‘harmless’ cultural identifiers such as beer, sausage, sauerkraut, and pretzel seems almost incredible. There are so many Americans of German stock who have nothing German about them in historical or cultural consciousness(except maybe in Holocaust Guilt). If Germans had been a tiny minority, it wouldn’t matter. But, for a long time, they were the biggest ethnic minority and contributed so much to the building of the US.
From a political viewpoint, perhaps it was a good thing that German-Americans became nearly fully Anglo-Americanized for the sake of national unity. As European Conflicts pitted Anglos against Germans in the first half of the 20th century, perhaps the US avoided similar ethno-national tensions because German identity had been successfully suppressed and subsumed into Anglo-America, especially during World War I when harsh measures were taken against the German-American community. But politics aside, what’s rather depressing is that so many Germans really took it to heart and waged war on their own identity. Germans rejected their identity beyond what was called for. It’s like there were times when Jews, under social or political pressure, had to pretend to just along. But apart from their external behavior, Jews never surrendered their Core Identity of Jewishness. Jews went along in body, not in soul. But German-Americans rejected their identity like Lutherans purge their souls of the Devil.
Does this mean that religion is stronger than race or ethnicity? Not necessarily. More likely, race + religion is the strongest identity. Jews have held steadfast onto the idea of the Covenant with God. And this sense of the Covenant, more than any political policy by Jews or ‘whites’, may have been most crucial in the resilience of (sacro-)racial identity of Jews. Wherever, whenever, and whatever, Jews primarily see themselves as Jews. They may be ‘Americans’, ‘Frenchmen’, ‘Polish’, ‘Russian’, ‘Iranian’, ‘Egyptian’, or whatever, as there are Jews all over the world, BUT the goy nationality is merely the dress that Jews wear. In flesh and blood, Jews are Jews. If an American Jew was forced to choose between being only American(and not Jewish) OR Jewish(fixed to another goy nationality), he will choose the latter. Jews value Americanism as the vehicle that brought them to supreme power. But it’s a tool, not their heart and soul. Also, as just about anyone can become an ‘American’(in mere five yrs necessary for citizenship), it’s not a very meaningful identity anymore. It is a means to material success, privilege, opportunities, and power. If something is open to everyone, it doesn’t really belong to anyone. America has become a Globo-Cow for all the world to squeeze for milk. The teats for treats for the world. And Jews now have primary ownership of the cow. Just like a farmer doesn’t identify himself as a cow even though he profits handsomely from it, when a Jew says he’s an ‘American’, it means something like "I’m a dairy farmer." ‘American’, to a Jew, is more an occupation, status, or position than an identity. The Jew’s true identity is Jewishness, not least because it is richly rooted in deep history, and it belongs to Jews alone. It is immutable, therefore precious to Jews. It is Jewishness, the binding of religion and race, that has made Jews unique throughout history(though there are elements of that in Hinduism as well, another ethno-religion. But if caste-less Judaism bound all Jews together as one people, the powerful caste-element left behind a much divided and fractured India). Religion is powerful but mainly a matter of faith, of the heart. Also, universal religions are mutable and thus weaken tribal or racial identity. After all, no race or identity owns Christianity, Buddhism, or Islam. Religions can impart meaning and inspire people to noble deeds, but in emphasizing the heart over blood, it does little for identity, roots, and history.
As for tribalism, it too has its advantages and weaknesses. Naturally tribal, people like being part of a common community that comprises members of similar looks, alike temperaments, and shared signifiers. But tribalism as mere tribalism can be crude and ham-fisted, a vision of the world where it all boils down to ‘my tribe(or country), right or wrong’. Such emotions may be powerful but not very ennobling, and in worst cases, dark and despicable, as in wars when nations mercilessly kill countless civilians of one another in an orgy of tit-for-tat macro-tribal vendetta. The great advantage of Jewishness is that their religion is wedded to their race. So, when Jews think of God, He isn’t just a universal abstraction but their own God, the one and only Deity who made them the Chosen. Also, because Jews believe that their race is blessed by God and History, they regard serving their own tribe as a spiritual and moral endeavor. As far as Jews are concerned, the world can only be blessed by Jews, the Chosen. So, Jews must reach the top and gain the most power in order for the rest of humanity to be redeemed(by serving Jews). Indeed, rest of humanity must aid and abet Jews in this endeavor because Jews are the Chosen of God. Jews claim to be for universal justice, but Jewishness can only be about Jewish mastery & supremacism since it's premised on the conviction that humanity can't do without Jews, the only people who can redeem and bless the world. The logical conclusion is all goyim must praise and serve Jews as the Master Race because Jews and only Jews deliver justice to the world. But if Jews must be elevated above all of humanity to bring about a just world, isn't that unjust? Isn't it about Jewish supremacism and mastery? (This mentality characterized Jesus as well. He thought humanity could be saved only through Him. But at the very least, Christianity calls on Jews and Gentiles to be equal and alike. In contrast, Judaism posits that each and every Jew is like a messiah who must be obeyed, served, and praised by goyim. Thus, Jews and Gentiles can never be one people; Jews must be the master race over goyim, albeit one that promise justice to goyim. But if a people insist on having total power over you, would you trust them to administer justice on blind faith? US has been a most fascinating macro-experiment in Jewish Power. Jews got near-total power, and what are they doing with it in finance, gambling, entertainment, real estate, law, liberty, pornography, foreign policy, and culture?)
This is why the most important lesson of the 21st century may be that only peoples with their own covenants will survive and grow in power. As it stands, Jews are the ONLY PEOPLE with the Covenant. And that is why their power keeps growing while those of ‘whites’ keep diminishing. Covenant is like the freezer. Frosty the Snowman can survive in the Cold but not in warm weather. Covenant does to identity what freezer does to ice. It keeps it solid. Without the Covenant, identities melt into the puddle under the heat of globalism. White identities are melting like ice outside the freezer. Meanwhile, Jewish ice remains within their own freezer and grow harder and bigger. And this isn’t just a matter of blood but consciousness. While one must have Jewish blood to be Jewish, there is an added element of consciousness. In the US, someone who is 1/4(or even 1/8) Jewish may feel more strongly Jewish than a German-American or Swedish-American who is 100% of his ethnic-stock feels German or Swedish. Why would this be? Why would someone with a fraction of Jewish blood feel so powerfully Jewish while someone who is fully German feels hardly German? The Jewish Covenant, like a freezer, hardens identity. In contrast, even 100% Germans are consciously so deracinated that they don’t know what to make of their German blood, culture, and history. Even Germans in Germany have lost their sense of meaning and purpose. Many of them think German culture is just food, beverage, music, and books, products to be marketed to or shared with the world. And since holy Jews say German history and culture are tainted forever by Holocaust Guilt and ‘racism’, maybe the ONLY way to redeem Germanness is to fully expunge it of its ethno-racial component and turn it into a ‘world identity’, like the Bahai church or Mardi Gras festival in New Orleans.

A perfect demonstration of how Jewishness has been empowered by Racination while whiteness has become dis-empowered(even disemboweled) by Deracination was evinced in Paul Ryan’s last year in Congress. He made much fuss about the need to reject and suppress white identity and white nationalism, but upon discovering through a DNA test that he is 3% Jewish, he was wild and ecstatic with joy that he had some precious Jewish blood. Racination of Jewishness has made even traces of Jewishness precious, like glimmers of gold. But Deracination of whiteness has convinced so many whites that their identity, blood, and roots have NO value. Paul Ryan reacted to the 3% Jewish side of him as if he found a gold nugget in a stream. As for the 97% of him that is white, he just treated it like dirt and sand to wash away. So, there we see the effects of Racination and Deracination on the Human Consciousness.
This is all the more ironic because, for most of the world(and even to Jews), whiteness is the ultimate gold to gain access to. Why do so many non-whites want to migrate(often permanently) to white nations, white-made nations, or white-majority nations? The reasons are many: Economic, political, moral, cultural, sexual, and material. Non-whites feel white people do things better, maintain superior social & economic systems, tend to be more fair-minded, and are more attractive as mates. And deep down inside, Jews know that they rode to supreme power on the Great White Horse. Without Europe and white-made US, would Jews be ruling the world? Could Jews have gained the kind of power and wealth they did on the backs of blacks, Muslims, Asians, or etc.? No, despite their problems with the Christian Europe/West, Jews gained most in association with white civilization that rose to heights of achievement and glory. But the relations between Jews and Europeans were tense, and not only because of religious issues but economic ones. Jews provided invaluable service as moneylenders, but it could also be parasitic and over time, Jews could amass fortunes in an almost exponential way. And Jewish loyalty was always questionable since they always regarded themselves as Jews first. Jews always bitch about discrimination, but their very identity was discriminatory, exclusionary, and even supremacist. Because of the relationship between Europeans and Jews that was, at once, productive & mutually beneficial AND wrought with mutual distrust & contempt — with Jews getting the worse of the conflict(due to numerical disadvantage) when things got out of hand — , Jews are worried that the current white-Jewish partnership may also end badly, even in bloodshed. Jews remember how they got expelled from so many nations as a beleaguered minority. (But then, when Jews had the power, they violently expelled Palestinians from their own homeland. It goes to show that Jewish expulsions were a matter of power, not noble Jewish victimhood. More numerous Europeans pushed out smaller numbers of Jews. What is amazing about the Nakba Pogroms is that the smaller Jewish population pushed out so much of the majority Palestinian population. When Jews got the power, they don’t choose to be noble victims. They prefer being ruthless victors. Of course, in their publicity campaigns, they still play ‘victim’ in the manner of ‘The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you’.) In order to maintain the partnership between Jews and whites, Jews insist on further racinating Jewishness(with pride of identity, nobility, tragedy, glory, spirituality, and awesomeness) and deracinating whiteness(as ‘nazi’, ‘white supremacist’, ‘evil’, ‘far-right’, ‘extremist’, etc). So, all US politicians singing hosannas to Israel, the US waging Wars for Israel, the media spreading Hate News against ‘enemies of Israel’ and any nation antagonized by Jews, and endless blather about Jewish This & Jewish That is perfectly ‘normal’ and ‘American as Apple Pie’. But, even the sentiment, "It’s Okay to be White" or a supposed ‘white power’ hand sign must be objects of witch-hunts. In other words, Jewishness is so awesome that we must praise and worship it uber alles, whereas whiteness is so wicked that even the slightest whiff of it must be treated like poison and sound the alarm.
And yet, people may wonder... if Jews hate whiteness so much, why don’t they just pick up their stuff and leave? Why don’t Jews depart from white nations and go resettle in non-white world of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and etc.? Get away from whites as far as possible. Indeed, if whites suck so bad, why were Jewish Immigration Patterns so often about GOING WHERE WHITE PEOPLE ARE GOING, GOING WHERE WHITE PEOPLE ARE? And why did Jewish bankers fund white imperialists who colonized other parts of the world? Why did Jews come to the US created by whites who committed ‘genocide’ against Indians? And why do Jews ask white nations above all to support Israel and praise Jews? If whites are so evil and wicked, why do Jews so heavily rely on whites as their main support system? Why do Jews want to associate Jewish interests with White Support? Why taint holy Jewishness with wicked whiteness? It’s like someone cursing Satan and then asking Satan to come to his aid at every turn. It makes no sense, at least on the surface.
What this indicates is that Jews have a love/hate thing with whites. Jews love whiteness as the gold standard of high civilization, social order, technological progress, political stability, and etc. They also lust after whites as the ‘best fuc*’. But this love of whiteness also makes them feel angry and envious. After all, if Jews are indeed the Chosen people, why are whites more attractive and more pleasant? Why do so many Jews look like Anthony Weiner(and act like him too)? Why do Jewish men prefer white women over Jewish women? Why do Jewish women prefer white men over Jewish men? Also, it angers Jews that their religion is relatively ‘petty’ and brutal compared to the loving and embracing universality of Christianity, historically the religion of whites. To resolve the issue, Jews maintain the exclusivity of Jewishness while appropriating the universal aura of Christianity that is more inspiring to all mankind. But how does one remain an exclusionary Jew while pontificating about equal justice for all mankind? How do you preach love and brotherhood while sticking to an identity that says, "WE are the Chosen, not you goy filth." Jews have been unable to resolve the issue, and that’s why we have a crazy kind of neo-universalism in the West. If Christianity offered the hope that ALL peoples could be equally precious in the eyes of God, Holocaustianity or Jew-Worship as universal-faith means All Peoples must bow down before the Jews as the Chosen(or Shoasen). It’s a total perversion of universalism whereby all peoples are made to reject their own tribalism so as to revere the uber-tribalism of the Jews. Same logic operates behind Homomania, a proxy of Jewish Power, the message of which is all the straight and normal people around the world must bend over to a tiny minority of vain sexual deviants whose idea of ‘sex’ is homo-fecal-penetration or whose idea of ‘gender’ is tranny penis-cutting. But then, consider the astronomical ascension of Jewish and Homo power precisely because their identities have been ‘racinated’ or ‘consecrated’ to such extent. Meanwhile, look at the dissipating identities of whites, Europeans, and Japanese who have accepted soulless consumerism and status-competition as their main fixations.
What this teaches us is that genuine universalism of equality is bound to fail. It has never worked. If anything, Jews have taken advantage of universalism to make all the world worship them. The lesson for each and every people is to define, shape, and guard their own identity in terms of race, range, and roots. Blood, soil, and history. Jews certainly gained power by doing just that. And finally, to turn one’s identity into a Covenant, a people need to create a visionary narrative that says they have a special contract with the Great Being, the Ultimate Power of the Universe. If Jews sought it out and got themselves the Covenant, other people can also attain a covenant for themselves through their own prophetic striving. This and only this will secure the existence of a people. It must be race, roots, and range BLESSED BY religion. As Christianity has finally come to an end, there must be an Age of White Prophets who seek the voice of the Ultimate Power, with whom a covenant can be written for the white race and for the white race alone. If Jews have their own Covenant, why shouldn’t whites have one of their own? Christianity failed for the white race in the end because its all-inclusive Covenant belongs to everyone. And if someone can be had by everyone, it belongs to no one in the end. It’s like air we breathe. It doesn’t belong to any of us but to all of us. You are not the air you breathe. You are your blood, your organs, your body, your brains with unique memories and thoughts. Christianity will continue to have meaning and purpose as a religion that preaches certain virtues and teaches certain values, but it has no value as an identity. It can be appreciated as universal oxygen for all the world that wants to breathe some blessed air. But if Europeans and whites are to survive as a people, they need a covenant that is about their particular place and purpose on Earth and in the universe. It is a covenant that must be the stuff of vision and depth but also devoid of hubris and vanity. It must be of both heroism and humility.
Anyway, why did all non-Jewish whites become deracinated in the US while Jews got more racinated? In a way, Jews were always racinated due to the nature of the Covenant. Indeed, Jewishness was always more than a matter of religious faith but of ancestry and memory. But another factor was Jews talked and read more. More talk means Jewish kids heard more from grandparents and parents about past history and heritage. Jews also read more, and they also produced much of their own literature. So, they not only learned much about history and the world but through their own lenses. Also, Jewishness vis-a-vis Christianity had a doubly reinforcing effect. Not only did Jews insist on excluding goyim from their own community but the Christian community regarded Jews as the Other. Even in the US where anti-Jewish feelings were less pronounced, there was a sense of Jewish-Christian Divide that Jews cleverly manipulated because Jews wanted to gain access to the white(esp Wasp) world but didn’t want whites to pry into the Jewish World. The formula has become dangerous in a world shaped by Jewish Supremacism. When Jews weren’t yet dominant in elite fields, the notion of 'Jewish community' simply meant their ethnic enclave or cultural community(like the one featured in Woody Allen's RADIO DAYS or Neil Simon's BRIGHTON BEACH MEMOIRS). As such, there was no reason for non-Jews to stick their noses into Jewish affairs, just like Jews didn’t stick their noses into what was happening in Chinatown or Polish Town. But what happened as the result of more and more Jews entering elite fields to the point where entire elite spheres turned into Jewish Communities? When elite institutions were ruled by Wasps, the Jewish Community was a about neighborhoods and distinct Jewish organizations. A handful of Jews within elite circles didn’t change the equation. But when so many college departments, courts, media outlets, law firms, financial firms, and etc. are so dominated by Jews, it means the elite sphere itself has turned into a Jewish Community. Why is this dangerous? Because elite power has not only been tribalized into Jewish supremacism but into one that cannot be criticized. For example, it’s one thing to let Chinese be Chinese and do their own Chinesey things in dinky Chinatown. People in such a Chinese Community are not going to have power over us. But, suppose this convention of Leaving the Chinese Community Alone is extended to Chinese Power that hypothetically takes over the elite institution and industries of America. Those powerful Chinese will have power over us, but they will be protected from criticism on account that they constitute a 'Chinese Community'. Jewish Community now comprises the globalist-imperialist rulers over us, but we are to pretend that it still constitutes some hapless Jews eking out a living in a poverty-stricken shtetl. Jews in the Jewish Community can do their Jewish things for Jewish reasons. But as elites of a multi-racial and multi-ethnic empire, Jews in high places must take leave of the Jewish-Community-Mentality, but they haven't. They play the New Romans but while eating bagels among themselves than breaking bread with all Americans and humanity.
Jewish Community has gone from Rags to Riches, but we are supposed to see just the rags. Paradoxically, it is Jewish riches that make us see Jews in rags. Jews expend great sums to keep cranking out Holocaust movies that, GROUNDHOG-DAY-like, remind us that Jews are always poor victims of the Holy Holocaust. Jews buy off politicians to give speeches about how Jews are a hapless and powerless people in need of protection. Jews steal land from Palestinians and use IDF death squads to mow down women and children in Gaza, but the Jew-run US narrative is "We must protect Jews from Hamas."

In contrast to Jews, white Americans of all stripes have become deracinated. Because Judaism is about identity + religion, Jews still feel as Jews even as they become secularized. Even if they no longer literally believe in the Torah, they feel Jewish in the ethnic sense. In contrast, because Christianity is a matter of the heart, once the Faith begins to fade, it comes to mean very little to the ex-faithful. One can be an atheist and still feel powerfully Jewish because Judaism has a powerful historical-and-ethnic component. But once a Christian begins to feel doubt about God and Jesus, his loss of faith is near total, and there is nothing of meaning left. As Christianity once mattered so much to white folks in Europe and the US, the fading of Faith struck them much harder than such did to Jews. Even without faith in God, Jews got ethno-identity and history from Judaism. But without Faith, whites got nothing from Christianity.
That being the case, in an increasingly irreligious modern world, could whites recover their identities on ethnic, cultural, and historical grounds? This was doable in Europe with distinct ethno-states, but this ran into problems due to imperialism, communism, National Socialism, and war. Imperialism of various kind suppressed many form of ethno-nationalism. National Socialism and WWII gave white forms of nationalism a bad name. Communism suppressed national identity in the Soviet Union. But it was even more problematic in the US. Anglo-Americans, German-Americans, and Ethnic-White Americans, in order to get along together, all settled upon a very generic sense of Americanism. In order to accommodate non-Anglo-whites, Anglo-America had to water down an already rather bland Anglo-American culture even further. As a result, Anglo-American identity became near-anemic. Also, the American Myth of having broken free of the Mother Country to forge a new civilization created a blank-slate mentality among too many Anglo-American elites. As for Irish-Americans and even more problematic arrivals from Eastern and esp Southern Europe, their assimilation into Anglo-American necessitated the loss, repression, or neglect of entire aspects of their original cultures that grew weaker down the generations. Ian Buruma said that the problem of Singapore is that no single language — Chinese, English, Hindi, Malay, etc — is spoken well because everyone tries to accommodate other groups and get along. Likewise, because so many kinds of whites had to get along together in the US, White-American-ness is both everything and nothing. It was flexible and practical enough to accommodate so many white ethnic groups, and as such, was a very successful formula. But the end result was that all these White Americans came to lack a sense of distinct roots, history, and identity. Anglo-Americans with deeper roots had to pretend that late-arrivals from Eastern and Southern Europe were also part of American Civilization. And Italian-Americans, Greek-Americans, and Polish-Americans had to pretend George Washington was the ‘father of my country’ when their ancestors arrived a full century later after the American Republic was founded and played no role in the creation of the essentials of American Civilization. So much depended on make-believe and consensus-thinking than on blood-and-soil and true ancestry. Same problems now exist in France where Arabs & Africans are expected to embrace French history as THEIR OWN history while the white French(the real French) are made to believe that Arabs & Africans are(and always have been) part of Core French Civilization. Such things don’t work out well. Look what happened to the Roman Empire.

Of course, there are other reasons why white identity, along with racial and national identities all over the world, grew weak in the hyper-modernizing world of the 20th and 21st centuries. Rapid urbanization that led to atomization and individualism, followed by suburbanization that led to genericism, boredom, and mall culture. While suburbs had the look of small-town-living, they were extensions of urban life, not rooted communities that developed from the soil. Also, consumerism and non-stop barrage of electronica that turned culture mainly into one of fashion and celebrity than community, values, and remembrance. And the sheer vastness of America and mobility of Americans made it difficult for many to maintain their sense of identity and togetherness. In the US, Italian-Americans could be in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and etc. Chinese-Americans could be East Coast or West Coast. Or they could be in Texas. Anglos in the West have often been at odds with Anglos in the East. According to Woody Allens’ ANNIE HALL, NY Jews and LA Jews don’t see eye to eye.
That said, the fact that Jews were able to not only maintain but, in many respects, strengthen their Jewishness despite urbanization, globalization, and modernization goes to show that a people can control their consciousness despite all material transformations. Karl Marx said material conditions determine consciousness, but Jews have certainly been an outlier in this insofar as they managed to preserve and empower their identity despite the widely held belief that globalist trends are bound to weaken all ethnic & national ties in favor of global hubbub where all people are, more than anything, atomized individuals in pursuit of pleasure, happiness, and opportunity. Then, how is it that Jews, the most globalized and modernistic people on Earth, are also the most rooted in cultural heritage, historical memory, and ethnic loyalty? It goes to show what the power of will and consciousness is capable of. Of course, plenty of Jews have fallen by the wayside. And there is no guarantee that Jewish Identity or Power will last forever. But the fact that Jews have both immersed themselves in modernity and identity demonstrates that it is POSSIBLE for other peoples IF they were to summon the will, imagination, and vision to do likewise(and with more decency and principles).

Now, we know why Jews insist on racination for Jews and deracination for whites. As Jews are a minority, their power depends on blind loyalty and obedience of whites. Jews know that whites are far less likely to obey and serve Jews IF whites have a proud and powerful identity of their own. Just like the ego of the slave must be broken in order for him to serve the master(the sole owner of ego), the identity of whites must be erased in order for them to serve the master-identity of the Jews.
But as the current morality is against slavery and master-race ideology, Jews have cleverly shaped the Narrative to suggest that it’s all about whites suppressing their own ‘supremacist’ and ‘extremist’ tendencies to lend a hand and offer protection to poor, hapless, and beleaguered Jews who are beset on all sides by irrational ‘Anti-Semites’ and ‘Nazis’. So, we are to believe that White Supremacy is still the Way of the World, and therefore, Good Whites must make an extra effort to keep the Nazis and KKK down to protect Jews and prevent another Holocaust. In truth, we know that Nazis and KKK have zero power. We know that sporadic acts of violence toward Jews in the US and EU are reactions to Jewish Supremacism and Zionist Imperialism. While these acts of violence are often unpleasant and even contemptible, Jews have the power and hold most of the cards. And Jews have abused the power in so many ways. They angered Muslims with the Nakba and Wars for Israel. Jews have angered Eastern Europeans by pushing the Great Replacement. And many Americans are angry due to policies pushed by Jews, but many of them still do not know the full truth because the media they rely on for news & info are controlled by Jews who scapegoat everyone but themselves for all the social, economic, and political problems. Because many white people don’t know what is really going on, some of them turn to dumb or crazy ideas that reek of Neo-Nazism or KKK-ism out of desperation. Why? Because they are confused with lack of information. If they were truly woke to the truth, they’d realize that the US and EU are now colonies of the Empire of Judea, much like India was once the colony of the British and like Vietnam & Algeria were once the colonies of France.

If whites really knew what was up, they’d opt for White National Liberation movements against the Jewish Empire. If they are asked what they seek liberation from, they’d say from the Empire of Judea or EOJ(aka ZOG). But because many whites are confused and ill-informed and don’t know what to think or say, some of them stupidly fall into crazy Neo-Nazi strains of thought-and-expression, which are advantageous to Jews who can point to it and say, "Looky here! Didn’t we tell you? It’s the Nazis all over again." Thus, these fools hand moral advantage to Jewish Supremacists once again.
In contrast, if they characterized their movement as White National Liberation, people would ask, ‘liberation from what?’ The very notion of LIBERATION would imply that whites are under a supremacist power from which it seeks autonomy, emancipation, and independence. And this power is the Empire of Judea. White National Liberationists want liberation from Wars for Israel, from immoral support of Zionist-Imperialism, and from Jewish Hatred toward Russia, Jewish Hatred toward Iran, Jewish Hatred toward Syria, & Jewish Hatred toward Arabs. White National Liberationists want freedom from Homomania as the new-satanic-christianity, or Queertianity, all of it invented and employed by Jews. White National Liberationists want freedom from sexual colonization by blacks, aka ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs being pushed by blacks.
There are many ways a people can be colonized. Their land can be taken and colonized by others. Their women can be taken and their wombs can be colonized by others. Their children can be taken(as Greek boys who were recruited and indoctrinated to become Janissary to the Turks, a form of mental and soul-colonization). White National Liberationists want freedom from white sports being colonized by blacks, white history being retro-colonized by blacks & Diversity who were NOT a crucial part of European history. And above all, White National Liberationists want freedom from the demands of the Jewish Master Race. White National Liberationists dare to be uppity against the Jews unlike all those cuck-collaborator House Honkey or House Goy whites who ho-de-do before their Jewish Massuhs.

But there is still a problem. What does it mean to be white? Even without(and before) PC and anti-white propaganda, the notion of whiteness in America was useful and practical enough to maintain unity & order but not strong enough to constitute a united identity of depth and meaning. It is precisely that lack of substance in cultural and historical meaning that makes ‘white power’ sound more rude & abrasive than, say, the power of rooted identity. For instance, Irish Power or Greek Power has some resonance with history and culture. It’s not just about power for power’s sake but power to defend a tradition and community. But because whiteness is so vague, both too narrow and too broad, it comes across as a nihilism of power. It’s like refined sugar, which packs lots of calories but has zero nutrients. In contrast, Jewish Power isn’t just about power-for-power’s-sake but power to defend a history and culture. It has nutrients and fiber along with the calories. As for Black Culture, it has gained an element of nobility as an identity of resistance against racial oppression. So, even though blackness is as vague as whiteness — what do blacks in the US know or care about real black cultures of Africa? — , it seems more justified as empowerment in search for justice and equality. In contrast, because whiteness has been synonymous with power and domination in the US, the notion of ‘white power’ seems redundant, like ‘power power’. What’s the point of calling for more power for what is already powerful? In the past, such an argument would have been valid. But in the much-transformed and fast-changing America, it is no longer so. History doesn’t remain the same. At one time, China was the richest and most powerful civilization on Earth. Then, it was the Sick Man of Asia beset by imperialist powers. Then, it was a poor communist nation, united but backward. Now, it is on the rise, and it would be foolish to pretend today’s China is like China of 100 yrs ago. Just as Chinese changed so much in 100 yrs — along with Jews and their status in the world — , whites today are not what they were 100 yrs ago, and this goes for both those in US and EU. Jews know very well that history is always in a state of flux(more than ever in the turbulent age of globalism), but they want to fix the Narrative and Iconography permanently with Jews as Eternal Victims and Whites as Eternal Victors NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. This way, Jews get to guilt-bait whites and manipulate them into serving the poor, noble, and hapless Jews FOREVER. And many whites prefer to go along with this Narrative because even though they must act as servants, they get to play the master. Cuck whites serve Powerful Jews, but the Drama they put on is of noble white knights defending poor noble Jews from the Dragon of Hate. It’s so much like Hollywood. Jews own the place and hold all the cards, but the movies are of Great White Knights fighting forces of White Hate and Bad Muslims to ‘save the world’.

In order for whiteness to be something other than political sugar, it has to gain in nutrients. While Jews seek to deconstruct whiteness, White National Liberationists must seek to construct whiteness into a meaning. This doesn’t mean this constructed whiteness must replace European identities such as Polishness, Hungarianness, Irishness, Russianness, and etc. Rather, it would be another plane of identity. Identity can be multi-layered or -leveled. Before there were many European peoples, there was the white race. White Race biologically and 'mytho-spiritually' pre-existed all European cultures, ethnicities, and nationalities. It is the root, truly of blood and soil. And in the US, even as so many European identities have faded and been forgotten, there remains whiteness as a biological and genetic presence. What can be done with this identity that cannot be done away by ideology or propaganda? Jews seek to deconstruct and invalidate it. But WNL or White National Liberators can construct whiteness into a meaning of depth and substance. One of blood and soil, of one history and continuity, one of evolution and environment. A Book can be written on the subject, and it can be shared and read. And then, whiteness will have justification for power and revival. It may even gain a covenant.

Monday, May 13, 2019


Victors(or the Official Scribes) write the history. Scholars also write the history. Victors prefer their own 'good war' narrative. This is true of all sides. As for scholars, they are not necessarily on the side of victors, especially in a system that is relatively free, like in a democracy. There have been plenty of dissident or alternative scholars in the West, even in elite institutions. But scholars have tended to be on the Left. Furthermore, especially after revelations of Nazi atrocities in WWII(and because the West felt the direct fury of Nazi Germany but not of the Soviet Union), it had become increasingly difficult to be a right-wing scholar(except from the most defensive or Philo-Semitic position, self-defeating since Jewish Power is the main force against the Gentile Right). So, not only were most official scholars on the Liberal side of the spectrum but even most dissident scholars were on the Left. Naturally, they emphasized the crimes of Nazi Germany while tending to overlook the atrocities of the Liberation. In Italy as in France, the Left took to revenge with a fury. One could argue that the leftists acted worse than the Right(during the Occupation), but absent law and order(in a time of chaos and flux), mobs(of any stripe) can easily get out of hand. And it wasn't just the Left. Many Frenchmen who felt humiliation of defeat and occupation just took it out on anyone, not least on French women who had affairs with German soldiers. And there had been plenty of collaborators, big and small. And even though German Occupiers were reasonably tolerant and humane toward most Frenchmen, they came down hard on the far-left and Jews, and the Left remembered and sought revenge. In Spain in the wake of Right-wing victory, many on the Left were brutalized and killed as well. Not all of it was done by the state. Conservative and clerical forces rounded up suspected communists and anarchists and butchered them. In Indonesia, upon Sukarno's ouster upon the failed communist coup, a reign of terror engulfed the nation in which 100,000s, maybe a million, were butchered by mobs, often on economic or ethnic than ideological grounds: Chinese were often targeted.

There are many other inconvenient truths about the 'Good War'. US bombing of French towns in preparation of invasion of Normandy killed lots of French civilians. Much of US bombing of Japan was punitive and/or vengeful than strategic. Also, contrary to the belief that the US was hesitant to use nukes and was compelled to do so only to 'save lives', it was prepared to nuke 10 to 12 more cities if Japan didn't surrender. In other words, US was willing to go 'full Nazi' against a nation that was all but defeated and crippled just to push for total unconditional surrender. When I grew up, the term 'fascist' had such negative connotations that I thought Mussolini must have been just as evil as Hitler. Reading his biographies, I was surprised by how mild(relatively) his rule was compared to others. And contrary to the romantic myths about the Spanish Civil War, the Left was just as ruthless and murderous as the Right. Though made famous by Picasso's painting, the bombing of Guernica was a minor event. Indeed, all of history is a simplification or distortion. In discussion of the Vietnam War, people tend to blame LBJ or Nixon the most. For some reason, Eisenhower gets a break because he warned of the Military-Industrial Complex. But it was Eisenhower's administration that sowed the seeds of discord in Vietnam and messed up Guatemala and Iran that would have huge repercussions later.
Also, it's ironic when people say Hitler planned to 'conquer the world'. Untrue but even if true, the world was already conquered by imperialists, mainly British and French that were hardly 'liberal democracies' around the world but, in fact, often-brutal colonial powers. Accusing Nazi Germany of preparing to do what the Western Imperialists had done already is rather amusing. Though Hitler admired the imperialists, esp the British, his actions inadvertently 'saved' the Third World by bankrupting France and UK even more than after WWI. Furthermore, once UK and France redefined themselves as nations that resisted foreign tyranny, the template spread to the Third World that defined itself as the Resistance against Western 'Nazi-Like' Imperialists.

As for Operation Pike, historians focus mainly on what happened that what-might-have-happened. For example, if Hitler had planned the Shoah but didn't carry it out, it would be discussed far less. If the US had planned using atomic bombs on Japan but finally decided not to, it would be treated as a footnote. There are surely political and ideological reasons as to why Operation Pike would rather not be mentioned by scholars, but it didn't happen in the end. It was talk, not walk.
Was Josef Stalin preparing to conquer all of Europe? Could he have? I just don't see Stalin being so reckless. If Soviets(and that is a Big If) did set up offensive posture against Germany, it was likely to force Germany into a defensive posture, thus thwarting any first attack on Germany's part. Given Stalin's nature -- consider his ambiguous position on Korea -- , it's difficult to believe he planned to conquer all of Europe. Maybe just maybe, he hoped that France and Germany would weaken each other as in WWI and then, if the opportunity was ripe, the Soviets would sweep in to take it all(as the Soviets did with Eastern Europe). But Germany's victory over France was so swift and commanding that Stalin was in awe of Germany, and the last thing he wanted was a war. Stalin had expected the Franco-German War to last several yrs, bleeding both the republic and Reich as in the previous war. He had no idea that it would end so quickly and dramatically.
However, he may have feared that Hitler would then move against the USSR, and therefore set up 'offensive' positions along the border to send a strong message that Soviets are not to be threatened.
Consider that part of the reason why France lost was it thought ONLY in terms of defense. Even though it declared war on Germany and not vice versa, France was dug in for defense and had no capacity or will for offense. Stalin may have thought that the ONLY way to stop Hitler was put up an offensive posture. Also, it's hard to believe that Hitler and his men prepared such a vast undertaking(total war on Russia) at the last moment in panic and desperation. It had all the hallmarks of a well-thought-out plan. And the timing was near perfect as it was around summer solstice, the longest day of the year.
While Stalin might have had big plans -- he was a Marxist after all -- , he was not a dreamer like Hitler who thought more like an artist than an intellectual. More than anything, Wagner's operas were the inspiration of Hitler's vision of history. Thus, he saw himself as a Man of Destiny. Also, his initial gains pumped him full of hubris. And then, his swift victory over France made him feel near-invincible.
According to John Lukacs and Pat Buchanan, the main reason for Hitler's attack on the USSR was to bring UK to the table. This theory sounds absurd, but it makes sense from a psychological point of view. From a practical point of view, it makes little sense. If Hitler was having such a hard time defeating UK, why enter into a two-front war that also involves USSR? That seems utterly stupid. But if we consider that Hitler loved and admired the UK while loathing the 'subhuman Slavs', then what he ultimately wanted was an alliance with the British while subjugating the Slavs. So, by taking the USSR out, Germany would demonstrate to the UK that it alone is the undisputed ruler of Europe, and there is NOTHING the UK could do about it except to come to the table and form a partnership with Germany. As Lukacs wrote, Hitler's main ideology was not Germanism but Aryanism. He regarded Britons as fellow Aryans, and so, British Empire was Aryan rule over the world. Though Hitler had alliances with Italy, France(which had no choice), Spain(in a willy-nilly way), Eastern European nations, and Russia prior to Operation Barbarossa, he didn't prize them as much as he did the hypothetical one between Germany and Britain, the World Empire. That would have been Aryan + Aryan. Could such have been possible if not for Jewish influence in Britain? Or, was the culture of class and manners too important to the British elites to side with a 'vulgar' demagogue like Hitler, gutter trash who rose to the top by ranting like a lunatic?
Great Britain had played a moon-like influence on Continental Europe. A balancing effect. Just like the moon steadies the rotation of Earth and ocean waves, British influence maintained balance of power on the Continent by forging alliances against whatever power was most dominant. Indeed, had it not been for Britain, perhaps a Continental Empire might have formed. But in WWI, British influence went awry and made things much worse by intervening on the side of France. Its effect was more like that of an asteroid than the moon. As for Hitler, he was a super-volcano that just erupted out of nowhere. British asteroid and German volcano undid Europe in the 20th century.

I can believe that Jacob Schiff played a role in Bolshevism. Not out of ideology but tribal loyalty and hatred against 'bad goyim'. We see the same patterns today, what with Jewish Oligarchs even siding with Neo-Nazi elements in Ukraine against Russia. And Israel works with extreme Muslim elements to subvert secular Arab regimes(that are regarded as bigger threat to Israel). Also, George Soros throws his money around at ANYTHING to get what he wants. Given the level of hatred Jews felt toward Russia in the 19th and early 20th century, it seems likely that a Jewish banker like Schiff and others would aid JEWISH Bolsheviks against Traditional Russia. It was mainly about JEWISH capitalists aiding JEWISH communists. If a conflict was about GOY communists vs JEWISH traditionalists, I'm sure men like Schiff would have funded the latter. Blood matters sometimes. Though both China and Vietnam were communist while the Chinese minority in Vietnam was capitalist, the Boat People tragedy(that targeted capitalist Chinese) angered China(though communist), partially accounting for the brief Sino-Vietnam War. And there are plenty of capitalist Chinese who loathe communism but still side with Mainland out of tribal loyalty.

As for David Irving, yes, he was targeted for taking on sacred cows, but it was also the way he did it. An abrasive and difficult personality, he relished the role of playing enfant terrible just too much. Also, he has a double standard when it comes to history. When it comes to Hitler's crimes, he insists on total documentary proof. But on other matters, he's willing to go with established narrative, flimsy evidence, or wild exaggerations if it makes the Allies, esp Churchill, 'just as bad as Germany'. His suggestion of moral equivalence that Allies were just as bad as Nazi Germany is going too far. In war, both sides did horrible things, but does anyone really think Germany would have treated the vanquished like the Allies treated Germany? Once the dust settled, Germany was treated like a normal nation by the Allies, but what would a victorious Germany have done? If Germany had won over Britain, humane treatment was likely. But against Russia, it would have been horrors on a scale unimaginable. And as it would have been on racial than ideological grounds, it would have been far worse. (Germany was treated reasonably fairly by Allies after WWII, though in the immediate aftermath, there was a period of unspeakable atrocities against Germans, esp the women by Soviet troops. If things got worse for Germany over the years, it has to do with Jewish Power taking over the US and turning Shoah into a secular religion, thus turning German Guilt from a historical matter to a spiritual one. But then, this Sacred Cow that comes with powerful taboos applies to all of Europe, as well as Canada and US and beyond. The Shoah Narrative is nearly as harsh on France, Poland, UK, Sweden, and etc. as on Germany. If Germans are to apologize forever as the killers, other Europeans are to apologize forever as collaborators or craven cowards who failed to stand up to Hitler. As EU is a US satellite and as the US is controlled by Jewish Power, much of the 'free world' is occupied zone of Jewish Supremacism that, while calling on whites to atone for their own past supremacism, also insists that whites must support Jewish Supremacism against Palestinians, Arabs, Iran, and Russia.)
Was Kaiser Wilhelm a 'peacemaker'? The article says Wilhelm was once praised by the New York Times as a rational and sound leader, but what does that mean? NYT was and is full of shit. During the Newt Gingrich and then George W. Bush II era, NYT often praised John McCain as the Good Republican, moderate and balanced. But in the 2008 campaign, he was made out to be a moron, nutjob, and loon in contrast to messiah Obama. And then in the Trump era, he's been rehabilitated and praised once again as a voice of reason by NYT and rest of 'Liberal' Media. In the 70s, US media were full of high praise for Mao. In the 80s, US media called Jihadis in Afghanistan 'freedom fighters', and Saddam Hussein wasn't such a bad guy because he was fighting Iran. But then, he was 'new Hitler' in the early 90s. So, it doesn't matter how NYT may have characterized Wilhelm before WWI. NYT is a political rag of the moneyed class, and it's been all over the map. Also, when even if something was printed in the NYT, it was either one writer or a handful of people on the editorial board. It doesn't mean everyone working for the paper agreed. Many newspapers offer varying points of views.
The fact is Wilhelm was vain, arrogant, and conceited. And when it mattered most, he failed miserably, but then so did the idiot Czar of Russia and the French Republic in revanchist mode(going back to 1870 defeat to Prussia-Germany). WWI was a case of "It takes two to tango" or "It takes a bunch to start a barroom brawl." UK didn't make things any better as it hoped German defeat would thwart its global ambitions, esp as Germany had surpassed UK as the #1 industrial power in Europe.
Viktor Suvorov
Did FDR want a war with Germany to save his presidency? And was Adolf Hitler not so bad? The notion that FDR was itching for war just to have another term sounds far-fetched. Also, even if was true, Hitler was the one who was driving events. He could have avoided much trouble by not moving on Czech territory, for which he was forgiven and accommodated(or 'appeased'). And then, whatever problems he had with Poland, the joint German-Soviet invasion was pure evil. But even then, his victory over France meant he had domination over all the continent except the Soviet Union. He could have kept the peace with USSR and run out the clock against the UK.
Now, Viktor Suvorov argues that the USSR was about to attack Germany and that Hitler didn't have a choice, but this is still conjecture and speculation, a matter open to debate, one that I still don't believe. If indeed, Stalin did amass military formations against Germany, he took a huge gamble. Likely, he was using a mental strategy against Hitler. A show of force from the position of strength to psych Hitler out and prevent Germans from attacking. But maybe Hitler read things differently and really believed a Soviet threat was imminent, in which case Stalin's bluff failed(or succeeded to well in convincing the Germans). Now, given the endless lies we've gotten from the media -- and bogus books on Israeli History, such as the notion that Palestinians abandoned their homes voluntarily during the Jewish-Arab War in 1948 -- , it's possible that there's far more to WWII than we'd been told so far. But psychology matters in history, and Stalin's psychology just doesn't indicate 'Invade all of Europe'. Also, the big difference between Stalin and Hitler was that the former already had vast areas and vast populations under direct control. Even without taking another inch, the USSR was an empire unto itself. Stalin already had what it took to be an emperor. In contrast, Hitler's ego was just as big or even bigger, but he only ruled over 'tiny' Germany. Germany had dominion over satellite states, but it was far from what Stalin had. From that perspective, Stalin was content without taking further territory. He was content to nibble on parts of Finland(though he could have taken it all) and Baltic states. Also, even if the Soviet offensive against Germany might have been successful, it would have been at huge cost, and I highly doubt if Stalin was willing to risk that.

German economy did better under Hitler than US economy under FDR, but then that was one of the advantages of a centralized state. Hitler didn't have to deal with democratic brakes for his plans that were implemented overnight and at vast scale. In contrast, FDR's New Deal was hampered by opposition from the other party and capitalists(and American individualism). So, it's understandable why he wanted to be wartime president because war(and hate), like nothing else, unites a nation together for a single purpose. While the notion that FDR provoked Japan into aggression to facilitate US entry into the war is maybe plausible, he would have had to been a super 4D chess player to foresee and manipulate events in Europe. Also, considering that he won his terms by promising peace than war, a mere outbreak of war in Europe would NOT have guaranteed US entry unless US it was itself attacked(and that took Japan).
As for Hitler not being 'Hitler' of Villainy, this is true enough up to 1939. It's like what Joachim Fest wrote in his biography: Had Hitler died in 1939, he would have been remembered as one of Germany's greatest leaders. But there were events following 39 and esp 41, and they revealed the dark side of him. That dark side had always been there, but it truly emerged as he gained greater power and means to do as he wished. Given his ideology and worldview, Hitler could be reasonably humane among his own kind and those whom he respected(like the French). He regarded them with affection and fondness. It's like Jews in Israel are wonderfully nice to other Jews but virulently murderous to those in Gaza. But his racial ideology meant he could be incredibly uncaring and even hostile/murderous toward certain others. He didn't merely dislike the Slavs. He despised them as a people. His hatred of Jews was understandable given Jewish role in communism and Weimar decadence, but it went beyond human hatred toward something monstrous that led to atrocities that even David Irving admits. Irving never said Germans didn't commit atrocities against Jews. He said he found no evidence that Hitler directly gave those orders, but this is rather incredible. While Hitler surely didn't order every instance of mass-killing of Jews, he presided over a system and appointed the kind of men who would gladly do such things.
Morality depends on context. A chimp can be a capital fellow among his own tribe. He can be a good friend and leader. But against an enemy tribe, he can be most vicious, commit all sorts of mayhem, and bite off the genitals of the Other. So, Hitler's rather decent behavior among Germans says nothing of his behavior among Russians or Jews. Likewise, white Americans who could be so nice among themselves could ruthlessly wipe out Indians or kill tons of Filipinos or Vietnamese. Americans, who talk of law & order and democracy, turn a blind eye to all those dead Muslims killed by Wars for Israel. In the American Way of Thinking, a fellow American is a capital fellow and becoming America is ennobling, but 'muzzies' in the Middle East are just cannon-fodder for "Support the Troops" mentality. Americans have affection for Jews and praise them highly, but when it comes to Palestinians, it's like a Brahmin sneering at an Untouchable. Farrakhan is so loving and forgiving of his black brothers and sisters... but feels contempt for rest of humanity. Israeli Jews are brothers and sisters, but they don't care how many Syrians are slaughtered as long as it's 'good for Israel'. Hitler was no different.

From observation of current Jewish mindset and attitude, I wouldn't be surprised if Jewish globalists harbored a supremacist outlook in the early 20th century(as did the French and Anglos who also vied for world supremacy) and that was a factor in German resistance against Weimar-ism.
Indeed, most of Western Europe was in imperialist hegemonic mode, and Jews were a part of it. Whether it was military supremacy, financial supremacy, intellectual/ideological supremacy, cultural supremacy, religious supremacy, racial supremacy, and etc., it was a real game of thrones. As Jewish money and involvement were inseparably intertwined with Western Imperialism, it's likely Jews had a similarly supremacist outlook. In some ways, Jewish hegemonism may have been stronger because of their ancient pedigree of the Chosen rooted in the Covenant.

The tragedy of National Socialist Germany was it didn't counter Jewish supremacism with German Nationalism and Humanism. Alas, it countered Jewish Supremacism with 'Aryan' supremacism and thus forfeited whatever moral credibility it could have possessed. Indeed, one moral advantage of communism was it cleverly framed the global conflict in terms of capitalist-imperialists vs social justice for all of humanity.

But then, it's hardly surprising why Hitler thought as he did since most of the world was already under one form of supremacist domination or other. So-called democracies were the biggest imperialist powers who'd secured dominance over the world. If they felt threatened by Hitler, the reasons weren't merely militaristic but rhetorical. His brazen racial theories bared naked the true nature of imperialism. In essence, it wasn't about enlightenment, Christianity, and spreading progress but about the supremacist hegemony of one group of people(mostly Europeans, Anglos, and Jews) over the rest of mankind. Hitler was blunt and 'rude' enough to spell out what other white elites really thinking but wouldn't say, or at least didn't shout for all to hear. Hitler was too much of a 'cowboy' who called attention to the true gangster-nature of Western Power. Gangsters like to keep things orderly and cordial on the surface: Keep it respectable and gentlemanly. If dirty business has to be done, use the goons, but leave the talking to Men with Manners. In contrast, Hitler did a lot of goonish hollering. In the gangster world, anyone who causes too much stir and spills the beans on what it's really about must be wiped out. Like Tommy in GOODFELLAS.