Friday, March 27, 2020

Goy Politicians are like so many Gladiators bashing each other to the Delight of Jewish Supremacists — And there is no Spartacus among them, not one

In the movie SPARTACUS(dir. Stanley Kubrick), Kirk Douglas plays Spartacus who leads a slave rebellion against the Imperial Roman overlords. These men who were trained to fight and massacre one another for the amusement of the Romans decide the turn the tables on their masters. Instead of fighting each other, they commit to unite and fight together against the Romans to regain their freedom. Their dream is to return to their homelands, whence they were wrested to toil, fight, and die as slaves in Italy. In the end, the rebellion fails, but it was a noble struggle for justice, freedom, dignity, and pride. One thing the rebels understood was that, as long as they remained gladiators, they could never win while the Romans always won regardless. Gladiator A might kill Gladiator B, and Gladiator C might kill Gladiator A, and Gladiator S might slay Gladiator Q who destroyed Gladiator C. But in the end, all gladiators lose because they have no agency. They are forced to fight one another. They have no choice. Furthermore, they can never fight the Romans, the power that is oppressing them. If anything, they must fight others just like themselves — they are all slaves after all — while the Romans watch and cheer/jeer for entertainment value. They are no better off than dogs in dogfights or cocks in cockfights. They slaughter others in the same boat while the very people who are oppressing them reap all the rewards. The gladiatorial combat was the most brazen and vulgar form of divide-and-conquer. Romans captured slaves from various parts of their domain and made them fight one another. As a gladiator’s chance to live for another day hinged on his luck in the arena, the mindset of ‘better you than me’ prevailed, and slaves killed other slaves for the chance to live for another day. It was a most miserable lot.

We might think, that was then, this is now. But in a way, US politics is nothing but a contest of gladiators. For the most part, the various goyim among the Democrats and Republicans battle it out but mainly to win the approval, blessing, and support from the Jewish Masters. While Goy A will attack Goy B while Goy C attacks Goy D who attacks Goy A or B and so on, the fact is, even as they viciously lambaste one another, they all sheepishly suck up to their Jewish Masters.
If politics is essentially a struggle for power and if a liberal democracy is one where politicians, as representatives of the people, speak truth to power that must come under heightened scrutiny and criticism, that is certainly not political scenario in the US. In the US, the most powerful elites, the Jews, come under least criticism and inspection. They are allowed to use the Deep State to spread hateful wars against ‘enemies of Israel and Jews’. They are allowed to use the Fed to bail out Wall Street’s Jewish banksters. They are allowed to monopolize so-called ‘mainstream media’, Hollywood, and social platforms without anyone making a fuss.
Indeed, the US is now a nation where far more attention is directed toward total fictions like Russia-Collusion-Hoax and the threat of ‘white supremacists’, as if KKK and Neo-Nazis are hiding behind every corner and under every bed. While super-Jewish crooks in the State Department and Wall Street are allowed to get away with all kinds of shenanigans, the Power is directed at the imagined threat of ‘white nationalist terrorism’ or funnier stuff like ‘Neo-Nazis spreading Corona Virus among Orthodox Jews’. Congressional Hearings are never about Zionist tyranny over Palestinians, Israel’s support of ISIS, Jewish economic rape of Russia, Jewish pornification of culture, Jewish peddling of opioids to the white working class, SPLC’s scummy ties, AIPAC’s promotion of Jewish Supremacism, and ADL’s gangster operations to shut down free speech. Instead, most of the attention is directed at the least-heard group in America: Those who dare to speak truth to Jewish power and those who call for White Liberation from Jewish Perfidy, Hatred, Contempt, and Supremacism.

If the US were truly the Land of the Free, the various political groups, the two main political parties, and most politicians should be talking about Jewish Power and its Globo-Homo Agenda. Even as they disagree with one another on key issues, they should be UNITED against Jewish Power, especially as it's shown itself to be so venal, vicious, toxic, and corrupting. Culturally, economically, technologically, and politically, Jews have been poisoning the well of Western Civilization for some time. While Jews have higher IQ and have the ability to do great things for humanity — and indeed countless Jews have contributed much to civilization — , most of today’s Jews are mainly in it for greed, arrogance, contempt, sadism, hatred, paranoia, and supremacism. Jews are never straight with us, just like adults are hardly straight with children. But unlike adults who sometimes bend the truth for the good of the children(who can’t as yet handle the truth), Jews lie and lie to keep swindling, robbing, and corrupting us. Jews know that the poor man’s ONLY advantages vis-a-vis the rich man are numbers and morality. There are many more regular folks than rich elites. And that's why Jews need to bring in Diversity so that the masses will be divided. Also, even those with little or nothing can possess moral wealth/capital and use it effectively against the rich who got the money but not necessarily moral capital. Look what happened to the Cuban elites who had lots of money but no moral dignity. They were swept aside by the Revolution. Indeed, it is the one ace card that George Bailey has against Mr. Potter in IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE. Potter is a lot richer than Bailey, but people respect Bailey because he’s a good guy. And Bailey stands up for the people because they’re decent folks and upright citizens. The people of Bedford Falls have moral capital whereas the people of hypothetical Pottersville do not. Jews are like Potter in that they fear Moral Capital among the goy have-nots and have-lesses. When a poor man with dignity and morality speaks up for justice, his words carry weight. But if a poor man has tattoos & piercings, raises his daughter like a hooker, has a son hooked on drugs, and has a skanky wife or girlfriend who acts like a guest on the JERRY SPRINGER SHOW, he has no moral capital and no respect. This is why Jews have sought to Potter-ize America. It’s not only because Vice Industries controlled by Jews are highly profitable but because the infestation by vice-lice robs the masses of have-nots of the dignity and moral pride they once possessed. The Joad Family in THE GRAPES OF WRATH have moral capital even though they’ve lost everything. But imagine Mama Joad with a nose ring and Papa Joad with an ass-tattoo. Imagine Tom Joad as a meth addict, and Ruthie Joad as a skankass whore-wanna-be. Indeed, capitalists not only seek to profit from mass vulgarity but rob the masses of moral pride that comes with restraint, sobriety, and maturity. In current America, how can we take any moral cause seriously when everything’s about wrong-and-wrong than right-or-wrong? How can we choose between Pussyhats and Lady Maga? It’s all a sad joke.

Now, it would be ridiculous to pretend that it’s all about Jews vs Goyim. Even if Jews were to vanish off the planet, goyim will have plenty of problems. Even in homogeneous nations untouched by Jewish influence, there are tons of corruption, abuse, and tyranny. Various factions of Muslims slaughtered each other without Jewish influence. Protestants and Catholics in Europe slaughtered each other of their own accord. It wasn’t Jews who forced Adolf Hitler to invade Russia. And so on. So, we must reject Utopian Antisemitism that assumes that the world will be put to right if we just deal with the Jews. Even among themselves, goyim will always have plenty of problems as life is problematic. And yet, it’d be just as stupid to pretend that Jewish Power does NOT play a disproportionate role in the demise of the West. Jews are immensely powerful, and the bulk of Jewish Power is hostile, paranoid, contemptuous, vengeful, and vicious when it comes to goyim. Jews bitch about the history of antisemitism, but Jews have had even a longer history of goy-mockery and goy-defamation. It is incontestable that Jews have spread gambling far and wide across the US. What is gambling but a form of organized mass theft? There is no doubt that Jews have orchestrated collusion between Wall Street and Washington to rig the system in favor of super-rich Jewish oligarchs. There is no doubt that Jews have played a key role in the pornification of popular culture, especially by spreading skanky harlotry among white girls whom Jewish men regard as sexual commodities.
Jewish feminists have long bitched about how MEN objectify women, but this was never a problem in the Christian West that, if anything, placed women on a pedestal. Such objectification of women, especially white women, has been spearheaded by Jews who were the leading agents of prostitution and pornography in both US and Europe — and in Israel, Jewish pimp-gangsters imported thousands of white Slavic women to be used as sex slaves for non-white men. Such is the history of race-mixing. Sordid and vile. If Jewish feminists are so opposed to the objectification of women, why are they so silent about Jewish men in entertainment turning white women into sexual commodities? It’s because Jewish Feminists are Jews first and feminists second. Jewish feminists have even lionized Marilyn Monroe, the 'shikse' whore whose entire career revolved around sucking Jewish cock. Indeed, Jewish Feminism, like Jewish anything-else, was really a means to boost and consolidate Jewish Power. Especially as Jewish women are insanely envious of ‘Aryan’ beauty, they take special delight in white girls being reduced to skanks who mate with Negro men and produce children with flat noses, fat lips, and nappy hair. Thus, white women produce kids that are even funnier-looking than Gabe Caplan and Eddie Deezen.
What was the main thrust of Jewish Feminism? It was to drive a wedge between white men and white women. Once white women were made to see white men as the ENEMY — notice all those Rape Narratives are about Blond Aryan Fratboys violating white girls, the kind pushed by the hideous Sabrina Rubin Erderly, even though the biggest rapists in the US are blacks, followed by illegal invaders — , Jewish men then worked on white women to turn them into skanks who should go with Jewish men or black men. Thus, white women went from comrades of white men to commodities of Jewish and black men.

Anyway, a healthy democracy must be focused on the power. It must be honest about the character and nature of that power not only in terms of its political machinations and economic impact but ethnic bias and elitist prejudices. There is no doubt that the current power is not only heavily Jewish but heavily CONSCIOUSLY Jewish. In other words, the men and women of power are not simply Americans with Jewish backgrounds who work for the common good but are, first and foremost, JEWISH-ZIONIST GLOBALISTS who use America for their own ethnic aggrandizement and enrichment. Jews are so rich and can pay out of their own pockets to aid Israel, but Jews force the US government to send goy tax dollars. It’s not only because Jews are stingy. Jews know that, even if the US government withdraws every last penny of aid to Israel, Jews worldwide have more than enough to shower Israel with gazillions. Then, why do Jews insist that the US government keep giving aid to Israel? The main reason is political than economic. It is to reinforce the message to ALL Americans that they must serve the US government that serves the Jews. You see, that is as American as apple pie... or bagel & cream cheese.
With such a risible elite ruling over us, sensible Americans expect their politicians to stand up to Jewish supremacist arrogance & contempt and do what is good for most Americans who are goyim. Alas, the Jewish Master class not only controls the media — though a tool of communication, the mass media are used to suppress key information and shut down honest debate than to facilitate free flow of facts and ideas to raise awareness about the true nature of power in America and the World — but used their money power like gangsters to make an offer that the goy politicians couldn’t refuse. Jews hold a gun to every politician and demands that he sign a pledge to Israel and AIPAC... or else... they will fund another candidate who will get favorable coverage from the Jew-run media. Thus, just about every goy politician comes to be owned by Jews. Even when a somewhat courageous and principled goy politician goes against Jewish power and interests, he or she can never mention the Jew. Tulsi Gabbard opposed the Jew-guided US imperialism in Syria, but she never mentioned that Jews were behind it. So, even dissenting politicians just blame Big Oil, the Military-Industrial Complex, Money-in-Politics, and etc. but fail to mention the Jews. And in rare instances when people do blame Zionists, it's usually the Christian Zionists. According to mendacious Jews and craven faux-dissidents, the reason why the US foreign policy is so skewed toward Israel and against Palestinians is because of crazed Evangelicals and Fundamentalists who forbid Jews from making peace with Palestinians. These dummy Fundies cannot even stop ‘gay marriage’, but they somehow control the US foreign policy. In truth, clowns like Pompeo and John Bolton go with crazy Philo-Zionism because they're totally owned by Jews.

With all such politicians, bureaucrats, and appointees being controlled by Jews directly or indirectly, they are little more than slaves. And their politics is just gladiatorial blood-sport. It’s goy dogs barking and biting at other goy dogs. It wouldn’t be so bad if goy dogs barked at Jewish dogs as well, but Jews are not dogs in the American Political Equation. They are the masters, and so goy dogs are not allowed to bark at them. And that means, US politics is utterly worthless. If two dogs in the household bark at each other for the master's affection and doggy biscuits, they get to decide NOTHING. No matter which dog out-barks or out-bites which dog, the master is fully in control of the house.
And that is why US politics must change from one of gladiatorial sports to slave rebellion. While various goyim have their differences and conflict-of-interests, they must all seek liberation from the Jew. They must unite like the gladiators in SPARTACUS who, for a time, threatened the might of Rome. Of course, this is easier said than done because Jews have been master strategists who play politics like a chess game. Jews know white power has been the defining determinant in American History, and so, it had to be checkmated first. Jews pinned down all white advantages. Thus, white pride has been paralyzed by white guilt. If whites try to make a move against mass-immigration-invasion, they are attacked by charges of ‘xenophobia’. If whites say Jews are behind Diversity-as-weapon-against-whiteness, Jews attack with charges of ‘antisemitism’. If whites bring up the issue of black crime and pathology, they are attacked by charges of ‘racism’. Also, the white king and queen have been separated and trapped accordingly. Every move that whites might make have been foreseen and forestalled by Jewish strategy.

Also, Jews are so rich and/or powerful that they’ve been able to buy off entire swaths of the goyim with gifts and bribery while threatening others with destruction. Of course, much of Jewish bribery is done with white money and wealth than with Jewish Money. For instance, when Jews bring over tons of foreigners and dump them on some white community, it’s white goyim who must pay. Jews take the credit for their ‘compassion’ but the buck is passed onto whites who must deal with Somalis in Ohio and Minnesota. For many non-white goyim around the world, their main dream is to come to the West for insta-material-improvement, and that means they will work with globalists against the native population. But Jews have also divided the white community by using carrots and sticks to control white elites who today are little more than comprador cucks like Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, and the Bush Family who can’t remind white folks enough that it’s so very wonderful for them to become minorities in their own nations like US, Canada, Australia, and all of Europe. White comprador elites know their position and privilege are incumbent on sucking up to Jewish super-elites and saying the kind of stuff Jews want to hear. But there are also plenty of white ‘idiologists’ — idiotic ideologists — who’ve stupidly bought into the White Guilt Narrative and believe it’s the obligation of whites to repent for their historical sins by sucking up to Jews, blacks, and Diversity. (If white guilt in the US were genuine and true, white people would feel most guilty about the American Indians and do their utmost to revive the Native-Indigenous community. But white morality lacks agency and autonomy. It isn't the product of deep white reflection on history but whatever theme was programmed into white minds by Jews who control media and academia. Incredibly enough, even though it was mass immigration of whites that destroyed native-indigenous cultures and tribes, white people ignore the dark side of immigration and regard it as the greatest good; furthermore, they feel they owe something to folks around the world whose lands whites didn't take. According to current 'white morality' cooked up by Jews, America owes more to Asian-Indians than to American-Indians. This goes to show white morality is really a sham. It's a matter of whites wanting to feel holier-than-thou about something and outsourcing the moral themes to Jews who concoct whatever to their own tribal advantage. Since Jewish American Identity is tied to immigration and because Diversity weakens goyim with divide-and-rule opportunity for Jews, mass-immigration has been of late been promoted as the Greatest Moral Good.) As people are naturally superiorist to some extent and as whites aren’t allowed to feel superior in terms of identity, they seek feelings of superiority via virtue-signaling, i.e. if whites can’t say they’re better than non-whites, they can still say they’re better than OTHER whites who aren’t sufficiently ‘woke’ or with the program. And of course, Jews have driven a wedge between goy men and goy women via feminism, male infantilism, and the spread of skank culture. Such divisions among goyim are to Jews what manure is to maggots. Jews feed on that stuff and get fat.

This is why the goy world needs truly inspired leaders of all stripes in all fields to spread the truth about Jewish supremacist perfidy so that America and the West can have True Politics once again. Not one of slave gladiators bashing each other in deference to the master caste but one of free men and women who dare to speak truth to power and to wield the hammer of justice against any individual or group that dares to violate norms of decency and abuse power & privilege for its own self-aggrandizement. In 2016, many foolishly saw Donald Trump as a Spartacus-like figure, and that’s why they stood by him during the years of Russia Collusion Hoax, but it turns out Trump is just another dog. Despite all the anti-Trump hatred of the Jews, all he did was suck up to Jews. He is a dog, not a man, like the rest of goy politicians. Jews accuse Trump of ‘white supremacism’, but Trump hasn't lifted a finger to aid White Liberation and, if anything, has enabled Jewish oligarchs in Big Tech and Big Finance to shut down white people who dare speak the truth. Of course, vile Jews defame White Liberation as ‘white supremacist’ or ‘neo-nazi’, and it is about time white liberationists shot back and pointed out that Jews are now the Judeo-Nazis or ‘Jewzis’ because their gangster-fascism now robs the world and ravages humanity.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Why We Cannot Expect Jews to Tell Us the TRUTH — Jews Talk to Us like Adults Talk to Children — We Need to Grow Up and Stop Acting like Children before Jews-as-Adults

When adults and children talk, do we expect adults to always speak the truth? No. Even as adults press upon children to speak truthfully to adults, they don’t feel obligated to always speak truthfully with children. Of course, decent adults try to be as truthful as possible, but they believe, with good reason, that children are intellectually and emotionally unprepared to deal with certain truths. The mind of a child that can believe in Santa Claus can be led to believe in just about anything. While lying-to-children as a policy isn't good, expecting children to handle the truth like adults would be foolish. And so, there are certain truths that we don’t share with children. And if children ask inconvenient questions, we resort to half-truths or explanations(or even concoct lies) that we feel to be appropriate given the circumstances. Only gradually do children mature into adults in their emotions and sophistication, and it takes time for children to grow into young adults who can handle more truth. It’s been that way forever among humans all around the world.

But the adult-children dynamics often exist even among adults or between groups of adults. Some groups feel more intelligent, more knowing, and more deserving of power/influence. They believe they know and understand more. Therefore, while they themselves can ‘handle the truth’, they believe other groups cannot. Such group dynamics can be along educational, class, racial, religious, or ethnic lines. Obviously, those who attended and/or work for elite institutions feel they are smarter, more capable, and more deserving to know More Truth. In contrast, the less intelligent, less informed, and less sophisticated are deemed undeserving of the raw and unfiltered truth. They must be fed the official news processed by the so-called ‘mainstream media’ which is an industrial complex of the Deep State and oligarchic corporations. So much of state documents are redacted and kept secret. And Big Media are as much about hiding, twisting, or spinning the news as ferreting them out. New York Times and such publications may sometimes go the extra mile to expose secrets that the government wants suppressed, but more often than not, they work with the Power to decide what the people should or shouldn’t be told. Furthermore, even when the Big Media expose inconvenient secrets, they do so less for the public good or for truth-for-truth’s-sake than as a power game. When MSM broke the Watergate scandal, it was working with elements of the Deep State to oust Richard Nixon. And when the MSM pushed the Russia-Russia-Russia Hysteria, or Russysteria, to unseat Donald Trump, it was in collusion with the globalist Deep State that deems nationalism too petty for an empire like the US. So, the so-called Fourth Estate is less in service to the people than to the elites. Even when MSM spills the truth for the people to see and hear, it is less to inform the people and raise their political consciousness than to manipulate mass opinions so that one elite faction can undermine another elite faction. It's about using mass opinion to boost one elite faction against others.

People in the MSM believe they must be the gatekeepers of truth, facts, and opinions. They believe there are too many lies, falsehoods, fabrications, and ‘conspiracy theories’ in the alternative newsphere and online opinion world. And they are right about all the cranks, charlatans, looneys, and nutjobs on the internet spreading half-truths, false rumors, and fake news. And yet, it’s downright hilarious for MSM to sit atop the high horse when it’s been guilty of the same thing on a much bigger and more consequential scale. While liberal democracies offer more venues and outlets for news than totalitarian systems do, they are essentially ruled by oligarchies that are more concerned with power, prestige, and privilege than with truth, honesty, and integrity.
Elites have always regarded themselves as better and more deserving than the masses. They’ve seen themselves as the ‘adults in the room’ and sneered at the masses as ones who ‘cannot handle the truth’. Still, even such snobbery could be fused with genuine idealism, i.e. elites must strive to know more, understand more, and responsibly craft news & opinions for the good of the people. They may be vain and conceited but also sincere in their goodwill toward the people. Such is usually the case when the adult-children dichotomy among adults is only along class-lines. The higher classes with better education feel they should know more and have more power to do what is good for the lower classes, the hoi polloi. Such class dynamics plays out in the US, Russia, China, Iran, France, and etc. The US elites in NY, DC, and LA think they should tell us what to think and how to feel. The CCP believe it knows what is good for the Chinese people. The Russian government controls the news and narrative for the national interest. The leaders of Iran and France think they know best and suppress certain truths while highlighting or even exaggerating others.
But when class snobbery combines with racial supremacism, the adult-children dichotomy among adults becomes more problematic. Consider the Deep South where white elites considered blacks to be not only economic and cultural but racial inferiors. They believed the problem wasn’t merely that blacks had less education(if any) and knowledge but that blacks were innately less capable of thinking like adults. Blacks were regarded as childlike and naturally animal-primal in their emotions and thought-processes. As such, blacks could be told some truth but not all the truth. Blacks would not be able to process them, handle them. Besides, as blacks were bigger, stronger, and more aggressive, giving them the same rights and freedoms of white folks could be very dangerous. As history showed, a lot of white fears and anxieties about free blacks with equal rights proved to be valid. Biologically, it’s true that blacks are less inhibited, less rational, more impulsive, and wilder. As such, blacks aren’t capable of handling the truth in the same way as whites. (That said, the main problem was that white elites were not honest among themselves about the threat posed by blacks. Abraham Lincoln was candid about the black problem in private and hoped for a permanent separation of the races by means of repatriation or creation of a black republic. If white elites had spoken the truth about blacks to each other loud-and-clear and spread the same message to the white masses, the race problem could have been brought to an end. Imagine if white elites had spread the following message far-and-wide-and-loud-and-clear: "Blacks evolved to be more muscular, more aggressive, bigger-donged, and more psychopathic. Without separation, some may call for racial integration one of these days, and then blacks will destroy white manhood and conquer white women, and that will turn white guys into a bunch of 'faggot-maggots' and that will be the end of the white race. Also, as an idol is worth a million individuals in prestige & fame and as idols in America will be determined by athletic feats and musical prowess, blacks will likely take over as idols, and white boys and girls will effectively grow up worshiping Negroes as demigods." If white elites had spoken such truths, most whites would surely have agreed for radical measures to bring about racial separation when the US was still a virile and healthy race-ist nation.) Now, if blacks were smaller and weaker — like Gary Coleman or Emmanuel Lewis — , one might speak the whole truth to them and let it sink in. But as blacks are tougher, louder, and stronger, white folks are now scared half to death to say anything that might trigger blacks into flipping out. Still, even if white folks had good reasons to maintain an adult-children dynamics between themselves and blacks, many of their lies were self-serving. Worse, it’s often the case that those who lie to control others often come to half-believe in those lies for emotional comfort. The 'white lie' can become the official myth.

In the current US, Jews and Goyim are like whites and blacks in the Deep South prior to the Civil Rights Movement. Just like white elites in the South felt they deserved to rule because they were better educated, more cultivated, and more civilized, many Jews feel they should rule because they are more intelligent, more engaged, more informed, and wiser. So, Southern white elites were like the adults, and blacks(and ‘white trash’) were like the children(or chillun). Southern white elites were privy to certain truths whereas the blacks(and ‘white trash’) were fed simple narratives and fairytale-like myths... though in their vanity and self-aggrandizement, many Southern elites came to believe in the myth that the peddled to the masses — besides, most of the elites are too busy making money and leave it up to OTHERS to define the truth; as the cultural elites mostly write books for the public and as the children of the elites also read these books, they too come under the same kind of manipulation, the kind that prints legend as fact.
The childlike masses weren’t deemed as deserving of knowledge and privilege rightfully reserved for ‘adults in the room’ who know what is in the best interest for all of society. It’s like what parents say to each other, they keep from the children. It’s like the Movie Rating that forbids kids from watching R-rated movies without an adult guardian. It’s like special archives that are accessible only for those with credentials. The rest of us must rely on MSM and public libraries. Even the internet doesn’t allow access to state secrets and the like. Furthermore, monopolies like Google manipulate algorithms to favor Jewish-controlled 'mainstream news' over alternative sources that dare speak truth to power. Jews are like the Southern white elites in feeling that they know best and deserve special access to knowledge denied to most people. The rest of us, being childlike and insufficient in knowledge, should be controlled. We need to be told what to believe and how to feel. After all, Jews are the ‘adults in the room’ while we are ‘children in the romper room’. Jews feel that unless we are kept in the romper room with toys, we might go romper stomper.

But then, there is a Catch-22 kind of logic to Jewish Power over us. Jews say, because we don’t know enough, we must be kept from knowing too much. But if we don’t know enough, shouldn’t we be encouraged to know more so that we will be deserving to know the full truth one day? If a child must be kept from the truth because his mind isn’t ready for it yet, then shouldn’t he be intellectually and emotionally prepared so that he will be ready one day? Then, the same logic would apply to adult goyim. If too many adult goyim are currently too ill-informed and childlike to handle truth and nothing but the truth, then shouldn’t they be prepared and informed so that they will be more knowledgeable and understanding to handle the truth? And yet, the Jewish Paradox sets in that denies such possibility for growth among goyim. Jews say, because we don’t know enough, we must not be allowed to know more that may prepare us to know the full truth. Instead of urging us to know more to ultimately gain the truth, Jews say that because we don’t know enough, we should know even less. Indeed, our knowledge should be limited to what the Jewish-controlled MSM, entertainment, academia, and Deep State deem as 'acceptable'. For Jews, it's not a matter of truth vs falsehood but 'acceptable' vs 'unacceptable', with their ilk deciding what is acceptable or not. In a way, the way Jews see goyim is worse than how adults see children. At the very least, adults expect children to eventually grow up and handle the truth. In contrast, Jews want us to remain stupid children forever, all the better to control us emotionally and ideologically. Jews do not want us to think independently or attain autonomy of mind. Jews don’t want us to find and explore our own truth. They are to decide what is ‘extreme’ or ‘hateful’.
Now, if Jews were at least sincere in their commitment to justice and truth, their concerns would be more understandable. If Jews were truly moral and decent, I can understand why they would be concerned about young, impressionable, gullible, and immature people falling under the sway of stupid Neo-Nazi or white-supremacist nonsense that one does indeed encounter on the internet. While I’m for freedom of speech and free exchange of ideas, many young people have fallen under bad influence as the result of propaganda from both left and right. Whether one turns into a skinhead or an antifa goon, obviously such a person isn’t thinking. He is intellectually decrepit and emotionally crippled. But, in fact, even as Jews feign concern for justice and truth, they themselves are arch-tribal-supremacists and full of hateful extremism. Also, they not only oppose white supremacism or goy extremism but seek to suppress any healthy sign of white/goy consciousness lest it seek independence and liberation from Jewish Supremacism.
In this, Jews are like the white elites of the Old South. Even as the white elites made noise about how they needed to control the power, truth, and narrative to maintain a just and stable order over black savages and ‘white trash’, they were trying to keep it all for themselves. They wanted permanent privilege on both racial and class grounds. They not only felt that blacks and ‘white trash’ weren’t, as yet, ready for full power and truth but sought to maintain the existing power structure as long as possible. The lower elements deserved to know less because they knew less. Hardly an effort was made to urge the lower elements to know more so that they could know even more and eventually rise up the ladder. And yet, the white elites weren’t merely cunning and deceptive. Many of them came to believe in their own myths because it made them feel better. People justify power with myth, and then, if they aren’t careful, come to believe in the myth. It’s like getting high on one’s own supply.
Especially pertaining to blacks, the white elites in the South felt that the differences weren’t merely a matter of education and cultivation but race and blood. Even though some of them did mouth platitudes about blacks gradually rising up to higher civilizational standards, they mostly wished that blacks would always remain ‘children’ vis-a-vis the white ‘adults’ who knew what was in the best interest of the Negroes. Now, history has proven that blacks do indeed do better in societies ruled by whites who are more intelligent and even-tempered; black-run societies have gone to pots. And yet, such social dynamics, even if based on some degree of truth, was bound to be untenable in the long run because it demeaned black pride and contradicted American principles. While it seems factual that childlike blacks do fare better under whites in the role of ‘adults’, what people would want to believe that they are best off serving as obedient ‘children’ under the guidance of another race? This was especially tough for blacks to swallow since they are a very physical people who judge worth mainly in terms of who-can-whup-whose-ass? Because blacks ‘think’ so viscerally, they have a hard time accepting the fact that ‘faggoty-ass white boys’ are better than them in anything. Now, if white race were tougher, bigger, and stronger than blacks, then blacks would have less problem accepting the white race as the master race because black psycho-hierarchy gauges worth in terms of ass-whupping prowess. Indeed, the main sense of racial injustice among blacks isn’t so much that they were enslaved by whites. It’s that they were enslaved by a weaker and wussier race. As such, blacks feel that THEY should have been the master race over the whites: THEY should have been kicking white boys’ ass and humping white women. (In contrast, the short brown people of Latin America have been willing to regard the white Conquistador elites as the rightful rulers for being bigger and taller. The Aryan invaders of India also didn't have to worry about the physical threat because the Dravidians whom they conquered weren't bigger or stronger. Furthermore, the Aryans manipulated Hindu religion to 'sacralize' themselves as the more sacred class/race. By spiritualizing their power over the darker native folks, they made it a crime against the cosmos to challenge the existing social order. In a way, Jews see eye-to-eye with the Hindus because they are trying to create a caste system in the US with themselves as the Holiest Race based on the combination of Covenant myth and Shoah cult. Jews push a kind of 'Meritokarma' that would have us believe that Jews, with their superior intelligence and wisdom, deserve to be at the very top. And as many elite and wanna-be-elite Americans are obsessed about IQ and status — despite their bogus PC noises to the otherwise — , they do look upon Jews as the super-brahmin caste. Yet, not all Americans feel that way. White Nationalists, for instance, are more into aesthetics and beauty. While they believe Jews may be smarter, they believe whites are more attractive. And they believe that the white race has a right to preserve its beauty in white lands; as such, those most invested in the preservation of the white race and white beauty are most deserving to rule. This is why Jews see white beauty as something they must own, control, and commoditize. It must be turned from a racial preserve of the white race to a globalist product to be sold around the world by Jews.)

While Jews may be smarter than white goyim, the Jewish-white dynamics is very different from the white-black dynamics. While we can understand how the adult-children dynamics between whites and blacks was deeply offensive and hurtful to blacks(especially as it deemed whites to be racially more advanced than blacks), there is no denying that, without whites, blacks wouldn't have modern civilization, or much of civilization of any kind. Without whites, most blacks would be nothing but Jafro-Jivers chucking spears at hippos and running like mofos from lions or gorillas when not beating on bongo drums and shaking their booties. In contrast, despite higher Jewish intelligence and tremendous Jewish achievements, history has shown that whites can do just fine without Jews, indeed even better.
Paradoxically, higher Jewish achievements can be WORSE for white societies. Why? Because even though Jews use their high IQ for advancements in various fields, especially science, medicine, and technology, they use the profits not for the general good of the nation but to boost and reinforce Jewish Supremacism, and this entails the mental and emotional enslavement of the goy population. Jews will push any agenda or product, regardless of how harmful it may be to the general goy public, to strengthen themselves by weakening the Other. Take ACOWW or Afro-Colonization-of-White-Wombs for instance. Why are Jews using media, academia, entertainment, and advertising to push interracism, especially the kind where white wombs are to be colonized by black seed? It’s to demolish white male pride and white unity. Jews seek to turn the goyim into mulatto-mestizo who are so confused in identity that they won’t be able to unite against Jewish supremacist power. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that Jews will use their high IQ only for noble ends, such as finding cures for horrible diseases or exploring deeper philosophical truths. A lot of Jews are smart but shallow, and all they care about is money, money, money, and like gangsters and crooks, they will use ANY MEANS at their disposal to rake in more cash... like Jordan Belfort and his fellow Jewish pranksters who were the basis for the film THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. Of course, Hollywood being Jewish, Martin Scorsese took care to de-Jewify the story somewhat, but it’s pretty obvious what it’s all about.

In some ways, Jews are justified in feeling like ‘adults’ over white goy ‘children’. Even though the differences between Jews and white goyim aren’t as stark as the differences between the white race and the black race — Jews are Caucasian like the Arabs and, like the Europeans, a people with a deep history of civilization and achievements — , Jews(at least the Ashkenazi ones) are thought to be smarter than whites on average(and indeed even by one standard deviation). Also, Jewish personality is wilier and more cunning, crafty, clever, sneaky, and shifty. As such, Jews are more prone to be in the mind-game mode than whites are. Whites, especially those of Northern European stock, tend to be more obedient and simplistic in personality. In some ways, Jewish personality is to white personality what white personality is to East Asian personality. Jewish personality is more passive-aggressive, more multi-faceted. In a way, Jews had to develop such shifty Zeligish personality because they had to wear many masks. As a people who came to prominence with both prophecy and profiteering amongst various goy groups, Jews could never be just one thing. It’s like a salesman or a politician needs to have more of an adaptive personality than a farmer or truck driver. They must be chameleon-like; they must play different roles. Because Jews are more adept with a multi-faceted personality than white goyim are, they tend to look upon whites as overly earnest, trusting, or simple-minded. In other words, whites can be made simplemindedly antisemitic or simplemindedly philo-semitic. Whites can be made to go ‘full retard’ as either ‘nazis’ or ‘shabbos goyim’. Same is true of children. Children can be made to believe anything. They can be taught to be 100% Nazi or 100% Commie. Young ones can be made to believe in God or not believe in God. They can be made to believe in Santa or the Tooth Fairy. The Jewish Mind thinks strategically at all times and never lowers the guard. And it’s always looking for soft spots through which to thrust the blade. Jewish Mind is one with Jewish Pride, and this makes Jews defiant. So, it’s not easy for whites to convince or persuade Jews. Even when whites are correct and well-meaning in their interaction with Jews, the latter thinks, “What is the white goy REALLY after?” The Jew wonders, “Is the white goy trying to push his ‘truth’ onto me to control me?” And if the Jew realizes that the white goy is both correct in his truth and well-meaning in his sharing of the truth, he wonders, “Why is the white goy being SO DUMB and sharing this truth with me when I can remold and manipulate it against him?” The Jew is always asking questions, whereas the goy is not, at least not in relation to Jews.
In a way, the Jew-Goy dynamics is natural because it’s generally true that when a smart person is with a less-smart person, the former is more inquisitive whereas the latter is more trusting. The smarter person tries to figure out the ‘dummy’, whereas the less-smart person feels so flattered to be in the presence of the ‘genius’ that he gets all oh-goshy. Indeed, we see such uh-shucks-oh-goshiness among so many white goyim in the presence of Jews. Consider Charles Murray who wets his pants in the presence of Jewish Genius. Even Jared Taylor, though insulted, defamed, and excommunicated by Jews from social platforms and financial services, is always sucking up to Jews, deferring to them, and banning any criticism of Jewish Power & Israel on his site American Renaissance. The combination of higher IQ and wilier personality makes Jews feel more ‘adult’ in the presence of white goyim who seem less smart and less complex in emotional terms.
But of course, there is the added element of spiritual mythology and/or Holocaustianity. Among simpleminded Evangelicals, Jews are the original Chosen, the holy People of the Book. There was a time when Christianity said Jews killed Jesus and etc., but the New Narrative blamed it all on the Romans, and most Christian pastors are the biggest cucks of Jews in the world. For the secular goyim, there is the neo-spiritual faith in the Holy Holocaust that would have us believe no people suffered as much as the Jews and for NO GOOD REASON at all because, apparently according to the new historiography, Jews were pure-as-snow innocents all throughout history, and it was ALWAYS the goyim’s fault when Jews were met with explosions of violence. Jewish rationale is rather paradoxical. On the one hand, Jews denounce the superstitiousness of goyim who were prone to BLAME THE JEW. And yet, we are to believe that all those goyim in all those places all throughout history just lost their minds and went totally cuckoo in the presence of totally innocent Jews. So, who’s being superstitious? The real superstition is the Jewish Lie that Jews were always innocent and Goyim were always in the wrong. It’s statistically impossible that all throughout history, in all the outbreaks of violence between Jews and non-Jews, it was the Jews who were always innocent and it was the goyim who were always guilty. Unless Jews are a godlike people, there’s no way Jews were that good.

Unfortunately, Jews tend to fall into two categories. What both have in common is self-worship but in different ways. One group believes that Jews are indeed pure-as-snow and always right and so goody-good, and therefore, it really must have been the fault of goyim. These Jews believe that the Tribe is indeed holy because its members are indeed morally superior to the rest of humanity. Such Jews are Moral Supremacists. They do believe in morality but are blind to Jewish immorality toward goyim and only see the ‘evil’ of hostile goy reactions to Jewish bad behavior. Even though they call for Jewish unity in pride and prestige — all Jews deserve to share in the achievements of great and good Jews — , they are the first ones to say that the behavior of bad Jews do not reflect on the Jewish community as a whole. So, when Jews act good, all Jews deserve to share in the pride of goodness. But when Jews act bad, it is ‘evil’ and ‘antisemitic’ to notice certain patterns that pertain to the Jewish community in general. Still, the moral supremacist Jews do believe in some kind of code of ethics. In contrast, the other kind of Jews, the Nihilist Supremacists, believe Jews are superior just because. In other words, Jews are better, superior, and more deserving simply because they are Jews, the ultimate Tribesmen. Jews are right even when they do wrong because... they are Jews. So, it doesn’t matter if Jews do good or Jews do bad. As Jews, they can do as they please to lord over goyim and exploit them. They have the mentality not unlike that of the hoodlums in GOODFELLAS. They regard themselves as the Made Men, and the Covenant gives them license to act as the World Mafia.
While it’s inconceivable to imagine a social order in which all people are equally deserving of power and truth — even if such were offered to everyone, too many people will reject power and truth in favor of escapism and comforting myths — , we must nevertheless strive for a society where most people are adult-like and demand to know more and handle more responsibility. People must never be mindlessly trusting of the Power, and this goes for US, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and etc. There are no philosopher kings or wise-men among the ruling elites. Power has its own logic: Self-perpetuation by any means. Societies cannot do without concentrations of power, wealth, and influence, but the people must still insist on knowing more and ask tough questions. They must support a system of education, cultivation, and communication where people are encouraged to be more mature, rational, factual, and inquisitive. They need to be on the side of critical thinking, the will and courage to speak truth to power, or at least ask truth of power.
Jews know this is a threat to them. Why would they want people to think critically when, in the Current System, they are positioned as the ‘adults in the room’ while the goyim are relegated to ‘kindergarten’ status? Why would they want us to feel, think, and speak as adults when they prefer us to remain like children or cattle? This is why Jews push PC on schools at an early age. By pushing ‘anti-racism’, Jews seek to suppress white racial consciousness and identity. By pushing hysteria about ‘antisemitism’, Jews seek to suppress the truth that the main supremacist ideology of the West is Zionist tyranny over Palestinians, Wars for Israel, and nihilistic Jewish gangsterism throughout government & the economy. Jews are so clever. They pretend to be ‘anti-racist’ by denouncing ‘racism’ but then shield Jewish ‘racism’ or racial supremacism by invoking ‘antisemitism’ to suppress criticism of Jewish monstrosity against Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims. And of course, Jews push globo-homo to kids as early as possible in schools. Jews would have us ‘children’ believe that Homo-Mania is all about Human Rights and Justice, but it’s really about inculcating children with mindless worship of Minority Supremacism. After all, kids aren’t merely taught that homos are born that way and do odd ‘sexual’ things. They are taught that homos and trannies are the holy ‘rainbow’ people who deserve extra love and adoration. By making goyim worship homos as eternal minorities, Jews are trying to condition all goy minds to favor the minority-elite over the majority-norm. Sadly, the fact that SO MANY goyim have fallen for this shtick and even take their kids to libraries for reading sessions from trannies goes to show there is some truth to the notion of Jews as ‘adults’ and goyim as ‘children’. Adults lead, children follow. Jews lead, goyim follow.
But this is a habit goyim must break free of. Goyim must not be like Charlie Kirk the worthless cuck for whom ‘conservatism’ happens to be whatever Jews say it is. Kirk is more dog than human. He barks and rolls over accordingly. If Jews say NO WHITE IDENTITY, then Kirk says NO WHITE IDENTITY. If Jews say WHITES MUST SERVE JEWISH IDENTITY, then Kirks concurs and says WHITES MUST SERVE JEWISH IDENTITY. If Jews say ‘GAY MARRIAGE’ IS A CONSERVATIVE VALUE AND ‘LADY MAGA’ EPITOMIZES CONSERVATISM, then Charlie Cuck says the same. He really is a child. It could be he’s just an opportunist who says whatever to get a leg up in a Jewish-controlled system, but his childlike cuck-self really seems to believe in the ever-morphing ‘truth’ peddled by Jews who’ve taken control of Conservatism Inc. For such fools, truth is not a matter of what but of who. Truth is whatever said by Jews. So, if Jews say A is true, A is true. If Jews say B is true, then B is true. All that matters is WHO says it. If Jews say it, it must be true.
While not a genius, Kirk doesn’t seem like a retard either. So, why is he such a ‘child’, why is he such a dog? It’s because he has the emotions of an eight-year old who is so eager to please the ‘adults in the room’. Charlie Kirk the Cuck looks upon Jews as the holy ‘adult’ race and regards himself and fellow goyim as ‘children’ who must defer to the ‘grown-ups in the room and gain their approval’. It’s all so pathetic.

One of the most important projects among white goyim must be to create a culture of adulthood. There is a reason why adults are adults and children are children, but there is no good reason for a bunch of adults to remain childlike at the feet of other adults. It smacks of Oriental Despotism or Jerry-Springer-ism. Individualism used to be a means by which Western Man(and Woman) stood out and up from the herd and learned to think, feel, and act on his own. But over time, with the rise of Youth Culture and Pop Culture, individualism came to be degraded into mindless addiction to sensory overlord via electronica that promote impulsive behavior as being ‘liberated’. But liberated from what? Rational self-control, critical thought, skepticism, and restraint? It’s like a car being 'liberated' of its brakes. It will eventually go off the cliff. A truly free mind has control over both accelerator and brakes. Use of individualism to rise above the herd, gain self-autonomy, and question the Power is noble, but individualism to self-indulge in drugs, sex, and lunacy at the expense of responsibility is no freedom at all. It is enslavement of the mind to the senses, but such is the kind of individualism pushed by Jews who control most media, entertainment, casinos, and drug industries.
In the end, Americans mustn’t rely on Trumpism because its brand of populism ultimately infantilizes the populace with mindless slogans such as MAGA. That’s for the kids. The real adults should ask Trump, “If you’re so much about freedom and American nationalism, why do you keep sucking up to Jews who hate you and have done most to spread globalism all over the world?” Though Ann Coulter has a long way to go, she was adult enough to ask tough questions of Trumpism once Trump became president. He promised the Wall. So, where is it? And Michelle Malkin, though childish in many ways, took it upon herself to be more principled and truthful in challenging the bogus lies of Conservatism Inc with Charlie Kirks of the world as its fronts. Adults must ask tough questions, not just chant slogans like childish tards at Trump-Chump rallies. In the crazy present, while adults are urged to become more infantile and childlike, children like Greta Thunberg are elevated to guru status. Jews rule, and they want adults to be stupid 'children' and hand the mike to children who can be manipulated and mind-controlled. After all, what mind of her own does Thunberg really have? She believes whatever was told her by her parents who got all their worldview from the Jewish-run globalist media. In the Jew-controlled world, illegal is legal, and legal is illegal; sin is virtue, and virtue is sin; and adults are children, and children are adults. And even though Jews are the most powerful and most murderous force in the world, we are told we must look upon Jews as helpless victims in need of protection. But if you're a true adult, go ask the Palestinians about the true nature of Jewish Power. And if Jews treat Palestinians that way, why would they treat you any better?
In a way, goyim in elite circles and Deep State almost consider themselves as ersatz Jews. Though they consider themselves not as 'good, wise, and intelligent' as the super-Jews, the holy race of geniuses and Shoah tragedy, they nevertheless see themselves as good enough to have attended elite schools and reached upper ranks of power where they get to rub shoulders with the super-Jews. Deep State is utterly Philo-Semitic in this manner. Because they worship Jews and feel flattered to be working with and under Jews, there is a kind of super-adult-and-adult dynamics between Jews and elite goyim. Jews are super-adults and elite goyim are adults. And the rest of us are mere 'children' who must be managed by goy elite 'adults' who defer to Jewish 'super-adults'.
Because goy elites have access to the inner circles of power, they know the truth of Jewish Power and Perfidy. And yet, as they were instilled with Jew-Worship from cradle, they can't think rationally about the Jews(and blacks and homos, two other groups Jews have 'christened' or 'anti-christened' as especially holy). Also, those who are most eager to reach the top are less interested in truth, honesty, courage, and integrity than status, privilege, and power. Social climbers are really vain narcissists and nihilists at heart. They may flatter themselves that they want power and/or wealth for the higher/larger good, but it's mostly a self-justifying myth. Also, just like adults are often as foolish as children and believe in stupid things, there is no guarantee that the 'adults in the room', the so-called well-educated elites will favor truth, reason, and integrity over lies, cults, and mendacity. Most members of the elites won't dare say something true or do something courageous IF it means loss of status and reputation among peers, most of whom are vain social-climbers and status-preeners. This has always been the case with all peoples in all places at all times. So, even though it is generally true that the better-educated are more deserving to rule than the less-educated are, it's not a case of the good-and-wise ruling over the bad-and-dumb. Rather, it's fools with more education ruling over fools with less education. And for that reason, the elite justification for the suppression of truth is more often self-serving than for the common good.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Why are Americans getting Stupider? What the Jewish-controlled US has in Common with North Korea.

It’s difficult to think of another country more different from the United States than North Korea. United States is big, North Korea is small. United States is rich, North Korea is poor. United States is free and democratic, North Korea is totalitarian and repressive. United States is individualist, North Korea is collectivist. And yet, there are striking, even alarming, similarities between the two nations in the area of political psychology. It goes to show that even a ‘free’, ‘liberal’, and ‘democratic’ order can come under the same kind of controls that curse and bedevil a tyranny modeled on Stalinism and Oriental Despotism.

Why would this be so? It’s because both North Korea and the United States now have in common a kind of infantilization of the masses, quasi-spiritualization of tyrannical & parasitic forces, military muscle-flexing as substitute for genuine moral legitimacy, a politics of fear-mongering & scapegoating, radical witch-hunting hysteria, and the ‘cravenization’ of the managerial elites to the overlords & oligarchs.

Even though North Korea is a closed society of which even experts have limited knowledge, we know that (1) it is ruled by the Kim Clan (2) Kim dynasty isn’t merely dominant but deified and worshiped, therefore making it a ‘spiritual’ as well as political crime to dissent against the Power (3) rational discussion & factual inquiry are suppressed, often banned (4) emotional hysterics are instilled and encouraged among the masses in their support of the Kims (5) all the faults and problems of the system are blamed on OUTSIDE forces that aren’t merely denounced but demonized (6) pageantry and idol-worship dominate ideological ‘thought’ (7) historical victimization is exploited to justify whatever insane policy the regime concocts next, and furthermore, the pathology of self-pity blinds the nation to its own evils (8) there is an exaggerated sense of self-importance.

Now, such faults and problems are to be found in all nations and regimes around the world. It’s like greed and mendacity are a common feature of humanity. The world is not made up of sinners on the one side and saints on the other. All people have the sinner and the saint in them. It’s really a matter of degrees, and North Korea really takes the cake when it comes to political pathology, indeed so much so that many in the West glibly regard themselves in stark opposition to the lunacy that is North Korea.
Yet, even as the two nations are vastly different and there are many areas in which the United States is infinitely superior and more humane than North Korea(and other comparable nations) is, Americans mustn’t be too quick to congratulate themselves, especially given what has happened to America since the end of the Cold War and where it is headed in terms of politics, economics, culture, and demographics. Also, just because a nation happens to be ‘free’ and ‘democratic’ doesn’t mean that liberty and participatory politics are being utilized in the furtherance of freedom and democracy. ‘Freedom’ and ‘democracy’, under clever and sinister manipulation by the powers-that-be, can lead to less freedom and eventually tyranny, indeed where the West seems to be headed these days. (Worse, West may be headed toward civilizational collapse, in which case many Western nations may end up even worse than North Korea a hundred years from now.)

US is a ‘free’ and ‘liberal’ democracy, but a close inspection of the political process(which cannot be divorced from economic and media power) would indicate that the US is really an oligarchy. But in some ways, it is worse than the kind of oligarchy found in Latin American nations. After all, the European-descended elites in Latin America are not deified and ‘sacralized’; they are not beyond criticism and reproach. They remain in power because the brown populations tend to be rather hapless and pathetic, but it is fair game to speak truth to power in Latin America. It is fair to point out that the system isn’t particularly fair or just. The ruling elites, the oligarchs and barons of Latin America, don’t have a moral shield around them.
In contrast, the US is particularly in a precarious situation because the ruling elites, the Jews, have been ‘sacralized’ and near-defied as the Holy Holocaust people. Thus, any criticism of Jewish power(or even the mere notice of Jewish dominance and privilege) can lead to people being smeared and targeted as ‘antisemitic’ or ‘Neo-Nazi’. In this regard, the ruling elites of the US are more like the Kims of North Korea than the tycoons and overlords of Latin America. Indeed, Latin American elites often had to resort to brutal means to suppress dissent and the opposition precisely because they lacked a moral shield to mute criticism against them. In contrast, Jews merely need to use their media monopoly and control of deep state to say ‘Boo!’, and the uppity goyim who happened to displease the Jews, wittingly or not, are forced to grovel and beg forgiveness OR effectively excommunicated and exiled from institutions and industries that matter. What happened to the CNN newsman Rick Sanchez for having noticed Jewish domination of the media? He was blacklisted forever and finally got a gig at RT(Russia Today) because he’s been de-personed from the US media-scape. And what did Chris Christie, the fatso governor of New Jersey, do when he made a remark about the Occupied Territories in the presence of Sheldon Adelson, one of the great globo-Zionist barons of the GOP? It didn’t matter that Christie was praising Jews and Israel when he made the remark. The mere fact that he used the term ‘Occupied Territories’ displeased the Jews, and he was forced to grovel at the feet of a billionaire tycoon. Such behavior would be de rigeur in North Korea, but why do politicians act thus in the ‘liberal’ and ‘free’ United States?

Indeed, even whore politicians in Latin America don’t grovel at the feet of oligarchs in such manner. It’s easy to buy whore politicians in Latin America, Asia, and Africa, as most ‘democratic’ politicians are little more than paid-for-whores. In Kenya, many politicians belong in the pockets of Asian-Indian tycoons. Still, black whore-politicians in Kenya or other Africans don’t grovel before Indians or Chinese. Whore-politicians in Latin America ‘democracies’ will grab the money and do as told, but they don’t look upon their puppet-masters as god-men. It’s all about the money. In contrast, there is such a sickeningly servile deference among American politicians and managerial elites toward the Jewish overlords. It’s not just about the money but a quasi-spiritual fear-and-trembling before the Tribe as though Jews are truly holy and godlike. When Nancy Pelosi says the US will be standing right next to Israel even if the Congress building crumbles to the ground, it’s the sort of nutty sentiment one might expect from the servile dogs of North Korea. Jews are to the US what the Kims are to North Korea. They not only buy up whore-politicians but have the entire goy political(and economic) class looking up to Jews in the way that dogs look up to their masters.
This is truly a new development in American History. After all, even the Founding Fathers and Abraham Lincoln were not beyond criticism. Also, the Anglo-Americans or Wasps, the dominant elites throughout US history up to the end of the Cold War, were never objects of worship. They had much prestige and respect for their power and achievements, but they were not seen as god-men or holy people. They were often regarded with a critical eye, not least by their own kind who, if anything, encouraged more honest criticism of American Elite Power. In contrast, the current ruling elites of Jews are not to be criticized and exposed for what they are.
When humans are ‘sacralized’ and deified, the result is always a form of political nihilism. While we can conceive of a good or perfect god, it’d be foolish to entertain such notions about mankind because humans, neither as individuals nor groups, can be expected to be perfect or even all that good in the area of politics, which has always been a dirty and nasty business, at best a ‘necessary evil’. So, while people may worship whom they deem to be the perfect God, they would be crazy to revere a bunch of people as godlike or near-perfect. Such mind-set would willfully blind them to all the rottenness inherent in the object of their worship. Granted, it’s equally crazy to see only the bad about a certain group — as the Nazis were prone to do with Jews — , but the problem in the Current West is the mindless reverence of Jews that has made so many whites willfully blind to all the evils that Jews do. The psycho-political dynamics isn’t hardly different from what prevailed among Germans under National Socialism, Russians under Bolshevism, and Chinese under Maoism. As the personality cults of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, and Mao Zedong elevated them to demigod status, political morality became a matter of “our sacred leader, right or wrong”, or worse, “our sacred leader, right even when wrong” or “our sacred leader, always right, never wrong.” Thus, it didn’t matter what crazy policy the Great Leader pursued and how many lives were negatively affected; since the leaders were infallible and godlike, whatever they did had to have been good, beyond criticism and reproach, indeed worthy of celebration and praise to high heaven.
Now, one may argue that such cults existed under National Socialism and Communism because they were repressive or totalitarian tyrannies where power was concentrated in the iron fist of the regime. In contrast, liberal democracy, the political system that defines the West, is about free discourse, open criticism, and speaking truth to power. And yet, the deification of Jews(and along with them blacks and homos) indicates that the same dynamics can befall a so-called ‘free democracy’. Why would this be so? Because freedom doesn’t favor or guarantee freedom. If some people use their freedom to amass vast fortunes and attain near-monopolistic powers, they can buy up whore-politicians, gain control of media & academia, and gain dominance in finance. If such a people value their power above all else(even more than the principles of freedom and liberty), they will do whatever means at their disposal to chip away at the foundations of liberal democracy to better serve their tribal supremacism — consider what certain Italian-Americans in the Mafia did with freedom availed to them in the US; they didn't use freedom to serve freedom but used freedom to serve themselves at the expense of the Rule of Law and fair play.
Also, if extra-clever, they will use their power of media and academia to elevate themselves to holy sacred ‘victim group’ status, effectively transforming themselves into mini-jesuses. According to the Shoah Narrative, Six Million Jews Died for White Sins. Thus, Jews are like the Six-Million-Messiah-Men. Jews know that Jewish Supremacism alone will only lead to envy, resentment, fear, and anxiety. And so, they veil their supremacism with holy victimology, just like the Christian West masked so many of its horrors with the myth of the Son of God who died for the sins of mankind. That way, the West could conquer and pillage the world in the name of the Great Redeemer. Still, at least Christians didn’t make themselves into god-men. They were the first to admit that they themselves were not without sin and in need of atonement. In contrast, secular Jews have come to worship themselves as the rightful rulers of the world, and they shield their supremacism with the Anne Frank mask. With such a moral shield, Jews can pretty much do as they please and get away with it.
The nihilism at the center of American Politics is, in that regard, not all that different from the nihilism that defines the Kim Tyranny of North Korea. Even after Jews pushed the Great Replacement, Wars for Israel(that destroyed so many lives), White Death via Opioids, Wall Street robbery, pornification of society, desecration of marriage and Christianity with Globo-Homo-mania, vilification & dehumanization of whites, economic rape of Russia, the maniacal hate campaign against Iran, and the hoax about Russia Collusion, we still live in the same ole USA that sucks up to Jews as the holiest of the holy. Even after Jews dragged Donald Trump through the mud, the pathetic cuck-in-chief does little but praise and serve the Jews and Zionists. Even after Jews had Alex Jones deplatformed, the nutter blames the Chicoms and sucks up to Jews. Even after Jews have done everything to ruin Russia’s economy, Vladimir Putin goes the extra mile to support the Jewish community in Russia and to make nice with Netanyahu(despite Israel’s continued efforts to undermine Russia’s position in Syria). While Russia is relatively freer of Jewish Influence than the US is, it too is under the spell of Jewish Supremacist Power hiding behind the Anne Frank Mask.

Another thing that Jew-run US has in common with North Korea is the scapegoating of the foreigner and outsider. Now, all nations and groups indulge in this, and again, it is a matter of degrees. North Korea is extreme in blaming all its woes on outsiders. While nations like the US and groups like Jews have been especially instrumental in undermining the North Korean economy(along with those of Russia, Iran, Syria, and Venezuela), many of North Korea’s problems are self-made as the regime’s priority isn’t what is good for the nation but what is good for the Kim Clan. But as the Kim Clan is never self-critical and doesn’t allow domestic criticism of its power and policies, the blame must always fall on outsiders.
But we see a similar kind of mindset among Americans, especially ‘conservatives’ though increasingly among ‘liberals’ too — RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA! Why are American ‘conservatives’ so eager to blame America’s problems on foreigners and outsiders? It’s because Jews control the US and made it taboo for white ‘conservatives’ to blame anything on Jews, blacks, homos, and immigrants. (Notice that Jew-run Hollywood allows 'liberal' movies and TV shows where the villains are white American conservatives, but 'conservatives' movies and TV shows must always feature FOREIGN bad guys.) Indeed, American cuckservatives must chant the mantra of ‘Diversity Is Our Strength’ or DIOS day in and day out. So, even though over 80% of Jews are Democratic and stridently push anti-white policies — and even though most Jewish ‘conservatives’ are neocons who care about Jewish Power & Israel and merely regard whites as their useful idiot dogs and cattle — , whites can’t say anything about Jews. Why, it’d be ‘antisemitic’, or heretical in the Current Year. Another group that causes tremendous problems in the US are blacks, the champions of criminality and thuggery. But as ‘racism’(a ‘sin’ that pertains mostly to attitudes about blacks) is also taboo, white ‘conservatives’ must keep mum about black problems. Even though over 90% of blacks vote Democratic, white ‘conservatives’ have little to say but 'We love blacks' and ‘Democrats are the real racists’. Cuckservatives say NOTHING of whites victimized by black brutality and merely bleat about how blacks are being done wrong by the Democrats. Supposedly, the reason for high rates of crime in cities like Detroit and Baltimore is because they are ‘socialist’ and run by Democrats. There was a time when Republicans used to make some noise about Family Values and at least stood up to the homo agenda. But once GOP became the party that begs for money from Casino moguls and Wall Street sharks, its morality went soulless libertarian and its revamped notion of ‘family values’ became ‘gay marriage is a conservative value’. Besides, as Jews are holy, whatever they demand must be holy too. Since holy Jews insisted, “Homos are our best buddies”, cuckservatives backed down from pushing back against globo-homo as well. It’s rather like North Koreans not being able to say anything negative or critical about the Kims, the tyrants of the nation. So, just like North Koreans must assuage their frustrations by blaming outsiders and foreigners, American ‘conservatives’ must channel their repressed fury at the Other. For John McCain and John Bolton, it was Evil Russia and Terrible Iran. Never mind Russia and Iran played no part in the demise of White America. If any group should be blamed, it should be Jews and soulless Wasps who pledged their loyalty to Jewish sharks. But no, Jews are holy, and white elites became worthless and craven toadies of Jews. As white goy elites couldn’t blame the domestic enemies & oppressors of the white race and as they didn’t feel like blaming themselves as hapless cucks of Jewish Power, they had to make do with barking at foreign enemies who always happened to be nations and groups either hated by Jews or green-lit by Jews for permissible hatred(as Jews would rather have Americans growl at the Other than at Jews). So, if one bunch of American ‘conservatives’ call for New Cold War with Russia, Russia, Russia, another bunch of American ‘conservatives’ try to blame it all on China. Bolton and McCain foamed at the mouth about Russia and Iran especially, and Donald Trump, Alex Jones, and Tucker Carlson blame most of America’s woes on China. In this, they are hardly better than the sad minions of North Korea who must suck up to the Kim Clan while mindlessly barking at any nation designated for hatred by the regime. Likewise, even though Jews pushed the Russia Collusion Hoax, brought about White Death via opioids, call for the Great Replacement, plan to seize guns, suppress free speech for nationalists, and dehumanize whites in popular culture, there are Jones, Trump, and Carlson praising Israel to high heaven while growling at China as the source of most of America’s problems. (In our crazy times, the very ‘liberals’ who denounce ‘racist, xenophobic, and Islamophobic conservatives’ for scapegoating the Other go out of their way to blame Russia, Russia, Russia for everything. These very ‘liberals’ who are so full of ‘tolerance’ and ‘empathy’ totally looked the other way while the Democrats spread wars and destruction to Middle East, North Africa, and Ukraine. The truly sad thing is so many Americans are utterly unaware of their own hypocrisies.)
Another thing that North Korea and the US have in common is the exaggerated self-image. Now, this is far more comical with North Korea, a third-rate power saber-rattling its ramshackle nuclear program. Also, the Kim Clan is an object of ridicule all over the world, which makes it even funnier for North Korea propaganda to push the cult of personality of the fat loathsome Kim Jong-Un. In contrast, US is the lone superpower, and its might around the world is incontestable(if not invincible). Still, self-image is a relative matter. While a wealthy person has more justification to feel rich than a poor person(for whom such would be delusional and pathetic) does, a millionaire who feels himself a billionaire would also be a fool. Or a billionaire who considers himself a super-billionaire would also be deluded. Worse, if a rich person thinks himself a GOOD person simply because he surrounded himself with yes-men who sing his praises, he would be an idiot. Consider Michael Bloomberg who conflated his vast riches with political prestige and moral legitimacy, only to discover that people saw him for what he is: An unscrupulous oligarch trying to buy himself the presidency.
In a similar vein, while the US is truly the lone superpower, its self-delusions are now downright laughable. According to current American Mythos, the US is an ‘exceptional’ nation, the beacon of freedom, liberty, and human rights around the world. This from a nation that has pornification for pop culture, where 100,000s of people were allowed to die of drug overdose without any concern from elites, where the borders are all but broken, where the elites & ‘sophisticated’ urban dwellers worship globo-homo-mania as the new religion, where antifa thugs are allowed to run riot & randomly attack law-abiding people, where the ideology is policed by green-haired wenches with tattoos & trinkets through their noses, where the tiny Jewish minority controls nearly all media & internet, where the Deep State can get away with a criminal coup attempt against the president, where the foreign policy consists of destroying any nation hated by Jewish Supremacists, and etc. After what the US has done to Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine, where do these American goons get the idea that the US is a force for good around the world? And where is the Rule of Law when just about the only law that seems to matter is “Is it good for Jews?” Where is human rights in a nation where bakers are destroyed because they won’t make ‘gay wedding cakes’? And what kind of a sane nation conflates marriage with homo fecal penetration and tranny-penis-cutting? What kind of conservative movement has ‘Lady Maga’ for its mascot?

America is rich and powerful, and it will be dominant for the foreseeable future, but its prestige as a world power is a joke. No one respects or trusts America. All nations fear America like people fear gangsters, but there is no real respect. Also, even though most nations dare not say so publicly, they know that US is ruled by the Jewish Cabal, and they look upon White Managerial elites as little more than running dogs of the Jews. White goy elites are to Jews what Japan is to the US. Japan is a whore-geisha to the American Empire, and white goyim are now errand-boys to the Jewish masters. It’s no wonder the likes of John Bolton and John McCain were so eager to act TOUGH. Deep down inside, they know that everyone around the world knows they’re nothing but dogs of their Jewish Masters. Listening to the likes of Bolton, McCain, and Romney is rather like listening to the Kim regime’s minions. And even though Trump made himself out to be a different kind of candidate in 2016, as president he's been the same old same old. A mere dog of Jews. And Trump’s barking at Iran, Venezuela, and China makes him seem tough only to idiot MAGA ‘conservatives’. For much of the world, Trump’s tirades against foreign nations is really a sign of his weakness. After all, his main tormentors have been Jews and the Deep State. It wasn’t Iran that pushed Russia Collusion Hoax. It wasn’t China that got him impeached over Ukraine. It was the Jews, and if Trump were truly tough, he would have taken them on. But he is surrounded by Jewish handlers, and he knows full well that GOP is controlled and owned by the likes of Sheldon Adelson and Paul Singer, both globo-homo neocon scum. Jews kick his ass, but he kisses Jewish ass. He’s so weak where it really counts, and so, to burnish his credentials as a Tough Guy, he makes a lot of stupid noises about China and Iran especially and to a lesser extent Venezuela.

But where the US is most like North Korea is in the infantilization of ideology into ‘idology’. Any tyrannical regime fears free thought and free speech above all else. After all, free-thinking people with right of free speech will speak truth to power. They will use reason and facts to expose the problems of the nation under current rulership. Naturally, tyrannical regimes prefer dogma to free thought because dogma is about training minds to believe without thinking. Still, even dogma can be problematic to a regime because it comes with a set of principles and inner logic. For example, communism is about equality and dictatorship of the proletariat. As such, a highly unequal nation that calls itself communist will have many citizens wondering about the contrast between what the official ideology proclaims and what the reality reveals. Therefore, what is most useful to the ruling elites is a mindless worship of certain groups, symbols, and idols/icons as holy, sacred, fantastic, awesome, and super. We see this in the cult of personality around celebrities. The fans just adore the star because he or she is their idol. It didn’t matter that Michael Jackson was surrounded by controversy after controversy. For his many fans, he could do no wrong because... he was Michael Jackson. And even when it was plain as day that Elvis Presley was ruining his health and sanity with drugs, his fans revered him to the day he died, and there have been so many Elvis Impersonators. Bruce Lee met a sordid death with adultery and drugs, but to his legions of fans he is the immortal kung fu master. To the very end of his life, Adolf Hitler was served by Germans who were willing to go to hell and back for the Fuhrer. Unlike ideology, ‘idology’ is truly mindless. It’s an emotional and ‘spiritual’ quality, an intensely primal and subliminal attachment to something or someone as near-sacred.
Over the years, North Korea gave up on all pretenses of ideological principles. The only thing that came to matter was the power of the Kim clan. If Stalin and Mao were still sufficiently ideological not to hand over power to family members, the Kims turned communism into a family affair. Indeed, that is what North Korea is about. It’s not about ideology or nationalism but about Kim dynasticism. To perpetuate this, North Korean political culture got even dumber over the years. If in the past the Kims were revered as the ideal practitioners of Marxism-Leninism with a Korean accent, they are now obeyed and worshiped simply because they’re the Kims.

And yet, we see parallels in the US under Jewish Supremacist rule. If in the past, Jews associated themselves with certain ideologies or principles — socialism, communism, anarchism, libertarianism, free speech absolutism, universal human rights, and etc. — , they are now all about Jews, Jews, Jews. What are all those AIPAC rallies about but OBEY THE JEWS BECAUSE JEWS ARE JEWS AND JEWS ARE HOLY? And why should we hate Russia? Because holy Jews hate Russia. If Jews are holy and if holy Jews hate Russia, it must be holy to hate Russia. Why should we hate Iran? Because holy Jews hate Iran. If Jews are holy and if holy Jews hate Iran, it must be holy to hate Iran. It no longer matters what Jews stand for in terms of ideology. The only thing that matters the idolatry of Jews as Jews. So, even as American ‘conservatives’ claim to oppose liberalism, they suck up to Jewish Liberals. And even as American ‘liberals’ claim to loathe conservatism, they suck up to Jewish Neocons. Jews are holy regardless of party affiliations. We must all serve the Jews. The likes of Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden may say shit about Trump and other such goyim, but they don’t have a negative word for the likes of Sheldon Adelson, just like the likes of Mitt Romney and John Bolton don’t have a bad word for the likes of George Soros. Jews can be ‘left’, ‘right’, ‘Zionist’, or ‘socialist’. It doesn’t matter. What matters is they are Jewish, and that means they are the ‘made men’ of American Power. And as the favored allies of Jews, homos have the same privileges. There used to be some rational argument for ‘gay rights’, but no longer. Now, it’s more like the ‘gay religion’ or ‘gay rites’. We must worship Globo-Homo or Queertianity. Why, look at all those churches with ‘gay’ flags! (Why don’t churches fly the Palestinian flag to show solidarity with the victims of tribal-supremacist Zionism? It goes to show that American Christianity, 'mainline' or 'Evangelical', are mere tools of the Jews. Mainline churches worship globo-homo, the proxy of Jewish Power, and Evangelicals zealously support Zionist tyranny over Palestinians, even Christian ones.) Also, to make sure that Americans grow up worshiping globo-homo, the homo propaganda is pushed full swing onto kids from the youngest age possible. Libraries and schools push for sessions where trannies read to little children. As kids will believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy, why not get them while they’re young?

Any society that respects reason and facts will not push politics onto kids who are too young for critical thinking. But Jew-run US is all about total mind-control over goyim, and that means indoctrinating and inculcating young ones as soon as possible. It also means the infantilization of adults so that they will respond more with emotions and sensations than intellect and thought. Ideally, adults should take a deep breath, listen to all sides, and critically draw conclusions. But if they did that, they might actually see the Power for what it is and speak truth to power. So, it’s more useful to keep them in an emotional than rational state. That way, they can be manipulated by sounds and images of the Jew-run mass media without their minds serving as a critical shield. There was a time when Jews used to denounce such tactics as ‘fascist’ and ‘irrational’. Back then, Jews argued that, whereas socialism and liberalism were rationalist or scientific, fascism was grounded in the irrational, sensual, and atavistic. After all, what mattered most in National Socialist Germany was not any consistent set of ideological principles but the sense that FUHRER KNOWS BEST. But that was then, this is now. With near-total monopoly of mass media, entertainment, advertising, deep state propaganda, and finance, Jews are now in the position to control all images and sounds. So, just by associating homosexuality with the ‘rainbow’ and spreading the 'iconic' image far and wide, Jews managed to persuade so many infantilized Americans that ‘gay’ is not only the New Normal but the New Sacred. With endless conflation of US flag with the Israeli flag at political rallies and news propaganda, Jews have convinced countless Americans that Zionism is as American as Apple Pie. The globo-homo pageantry in the US is not unlike the obnoxious parades in North Korea. They are both devised to override reason & mind and overwhelm people with the sheer power of spectacle, what Chris Hedges calls the Empire of Illusion(though he too is under the globo-homo and Sacred Negro spell).
It is for this reason that Americans need to stop taking things for granted. It’s true that there’s a lot of freedom in the US, and this freedom can be used for much good. But the fact is Jews used their own freedom, intelligence, cunning, and tribal supremacism to create a new order that, day in and day out, chips away at American freedoms, liberty, faculties of reason & thought, and virtues of honesty, courage, & integrity. Just like the Nazis used democratic freedoms to gain power only to do away with democracy, Jews have used freedom to gain power to undo the freedom of the goyim. One saving grace of the Nazis was they were, sooner than later, honest about what their goals were. It wasn’t long before Hitler sneered at democracy and ruled as supremacist fuhrer.
In contrast, Jews are far more insidious because they mean to do away with democracy and reduce American goyim to the status of Palestinians in the West Bank. Unlike honest Nazis who had no use for Free Speech, Jews fool people with mendacity such as “We believe in free speech but not hate speech”, with ‘hate’ to be determined by Jewish groups. In other words, Zionism that destroyed the Palestinians isn’t ‘hate speech’. Jewish agenda of the Great Replacement and White Nakba isn’t ‘hate speech’. However, white people who want to preserve the geographic and demographic integrity of their nations must be shut down for ‘hate speech’. Jewish hatred against Russia, Iran, Palestinians, and white Christians isn’t ‘hate’, but anyone who notices and calls out Jewish Power for what it is is deemed as ‘hateful’ and must be shut down.
And Jews will say they don’t want to take away our guns. Oh no, we can keep guns to hunt for ducks and deer. We only need to hand over guns that are designed to fight tyranny. Now, was the Second Amendment about hunting ducks and squirrels? Or was it about the right to bear arms to protect oneself and one’s loved ones from tyranny? By letting people own guns meant to shoot ducks but taking away guns meant to fight tyranny, Jews pretend they respect the Second Amendment. Only dummies would trust such weasels. US is still a democracy that is far far freer than North Korea, but under Jewish Supremacist control, freedom and liberty are being chipped away for white goyim on a daily basis. White people need to wake up. If the fate of White America is the Californization of America, then the fate of whites will be worse than North Korea. Cult of Personality is bad enough, but the Cult of Ethnicity(around Jews) is downright deadly. After all, even the biggest tyrants eventually die, but a Tribe can stick around forever. Jews are not gods.