Thursday, June 11, 2020

Notes on the Saker's "The Empire Takes a Knee. Let It. But We Don't Have to!" — Problems of Blacks Gone Wild or BGW — Idolatry > Ideology — Even if You Ignore the Reality of Race, It will NOT Ignore You

to the immense number of lynchings

Simply not true. Far fewer blacks were lynched than people were killed in a single major pogrom in Russia/Ukraine. From the end of the Civil War to the 1960s, a few thousand blacks were lynched and mostly for ghastly crimes. In any given year in the Soviet Union in the 1920s and 30s, countless innocents were executed for NOTHING. The evil of lynchings plays a prominent role in the US moral narrative only because Americans have an overly idealistic view of their historical project. But lynchings have been common in all places and all times. It was often the primary way of justice in societies without strict enforcement of Rule of Law. Lynchings are and always have been commonplace in Africa. You can find all sorts of videos of blacks being lynched for stealing stuff in places like Nigeria and the Congo. Blacks know that nasty violence is the ONLY thing that blacks understand. Honor killings are common in the Middle East, Caucasus, and other parts of the world, and they can be as brutal as lynchings. And what was the American Indian form of justice? They tortured people to death in the most horrific ways. They made their victims sit on anthills and burned them to death.
Now, none of this justifies the use of lynchings as means of justice. There should be courts and trials and all that. But much of US history was frontier history, and vigilantes sometimes took law into their own hands. Tragically, this led to innocents being killed or the guilty being killed in especially cruel ways. (But when we consider the fate of James Fields of Charlottesville notoriety, has American justice really improved? Talk about a kangaroo court. And what kind of a sane justice system allows 'gay marriage' while harassing bakeries to bankruptcy and ruin? And why aren't the war criminals and butchers of the US and Zion tried and executed like Saddam Hussein?) And in the South, whites resorted to lynching blacks because they knew blacks are tougher, stronger, and more aggressive. Whites felt that blacks needed a clear message that there will be serious repercussions for raping or murdering whites. Rough justice has been common in hard times. Take China. Big nation with lots of poor people. To keep the order, the government has been ruthless with crime. Executions by bullet to the back of the head have been common in China. In Philippines, the drug problem got so bad that Duterte promised to use death squads on drug gangs.

And while those who point out that there have been many race riots in the past are correct, they are fundamentally missing the key fact that the current 'race riots' are not 'just' race riots... The best proof of this... is that they have not only spread across the US... also spread to Europe and in Asia and Oceania... So what is going on here? ...we have to admit that what triggered this worldwide rash of protests is... second-hand exposure to a very specific narrative spread... by the legacy corporate ziomedia. I call this narrative 'Black is Beautiful'.

And this complicates matters. Outwardly, it would appear that good peoples of all colors and stripes around the world are standing up to the Evil Empire and calling out against American hegemony. They are resisting jingoistic White Supremacism! After all, they've been fed the Narrative that the US is controlled by White Privilege. For those who rely on the globalist Jewish Media, the Alt Right descended on Charlottesville and murdered innocent people. In truth, the US today isn't what it once was. Yes, the US was once ruled by what could be called 'white supremacists' by today's standards. (But give credit where it's due. The ONLY reason why people around the world want to come to America is because 'white supremacists' in the past conquered North America, imposed their will, and created a new order of industry, modernity, and rule of law. Who'd want to come to the US if it were still run by American Indians shooting arrows at bison or fleeing from Grizzlies? Or, who would want to come to the US if whites had allowed it to become like Peru or Venezuela, a mixed race hell-hole with whites as minority?) For some time now, the US has been controlled by Jewish Supremacists. But unlike the 'white supremacists' of yesteryear who said, 'We got the power', Jewish Supremacists are more like, "Yes, we have no bananas." It's like the fat Jewish guy in WOLF OF WALL STREET saying "It's not like that" to the question of whether he's married to his first cousin but then goes on to describe exactly that.

Woody Allen made a movie called BANANAS about a Banana Republic, but the US has turned into Yes-We-Have-No-Bananas-Republic.

Jews got the supreme power in the Empire, but they prop up the myth of White Supremacism. And that means so many dupes and minions around the world think Resistance amounts to railing against white supremacism as represented by the likes of Chauvin the cop when, if anything, those working-class cops(some of whom are indeed rent-a-thugs) are mere attack dogs of blue city urban elites(dominated by Jews and homos) who trained the police to be tough on crime, especially black crime, not least by learning a thing or two from Israeli handling of the Palestinian situation.

So, we have a surreal situation where even the so-called displays of defiance and resistance against the Empire are really just extensions of the Empire's agenda. When so many idiots wave the globo-homo flag and indulge in Negrolatry as forms of resistance against Americanism, it's downright hilarious because the two main agendas of Jewish-run US empire is Anno Sodomini and Jungle Fever/Jungle Faith. If these 'anti-imperialists' were for real, they would have mobbed US embassies as retaliation for the economic rape of Russia, sanctions against Iran, Wars for Israel, tyranny over Palestinians, and etc. Instead, most of these people conceive of resistance against American Evil in terms of 'Orange Man Bad', Kiss the 'Gay' Butt, and Suck the Black Dic*, which are exactly what Jewish Power promotes via its media control, academic dominance, Hollywood, music industry, and pornification of culture. In a way, you gotta give Jews credit where it's due. They pulled off a brilliant trick on the dimwit goyim. They gained supreme power over the US empire and use American Power for nefarious Zionist-supremacist interests, BUT they managed to fool both proglodytes and the 'good peoples' of the world that US is ruled by the likes of evil 'racist' Chauvin while saintly Jews are on the side of the Resistance and 'Anti-Racism'. I mean the Anglo and Soviet imperialists were never this good in fooling the masses. They didn't fool half the world with their official tripe.

Still, Jews are playing with fire because Jewish Power depends on the prestige and legitimacy of American Power. By making Donald Trump look so bad and by spreading the image of the US as a hell-scape of police brutality and 'genocide' against blacks, the very justification with which the US enforces its will around the world is being called into question. If indeed the US is such a horrible place where white 'racist' cops routinely murder innocent and angelic black men, what right does the US have to serve as the Policeman of the World? Maybe someone will connect the dots and say US-Israel has its knee on the neck of Palestinians. (On the other hand, the Jewish moral preening about George Floyd has effectively given cover to Israel's current process of annexing West Bank. Jews feign sympathy for Floyd while IDF's knee is crushing West Bank to oblivion.) So, even though worldwide protests are going according to the Jewish globalist plan, it's not win-win for Jews as they are sullying the reputation of the US on the world stage, which plays to the advantage of Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, and the like that can exploit the current crisis as moral ammo against Big Bad US. After all, if even leaders and elites of the US must take the knee and grovel before the mob, maybe the US isn't such an 'exceptional' and 'indispensable' nation but a vile and vicious one. Still, the global protests are mostly not spontaneous but have been orchestrated by NGO's around the world that take money and orders from Jews. If Hillary were in the Oval Office, I highly doubt if the mass media and NGO's would have spread the hysteria so far and wide and fanned the flames of violence.

The pernicious 'Black if Beautiful' ideological dogma.
Black is beautiful began in the US in the 1960 and it has since become an integral part of the western doxa, an ideological dogma which cannot be challenged without immediately resulting in an accusation of 'racism'. Simultaneously, another ideological dogma was developed, the one which claims that 'all races are equal', but without ever really defining the terms 'race' or the term “equal”.

I disagree. Black Is Beautiful or BIB isn't pernicious, and its origins were justifiable and understandable. Also, it wasn't supremacist but egalitarian or perhaps nationalist. It wasn't saying blacks are MORE beautiful than other races. It was saying blacks should regard themselves as beautiful in their own way. Thus, it could be understood as egalitarian: all races are beautiful in unique ways, and this is no less true of blacks. Or it could be justified as a form of nationalism: blacks should prize and preserve blackness like other races prize and preserve what is special about themselves. 'White Is Beautiful' was deemed unnecessary because whiteness was the standard for beauty in movies, magazines, advertising, modeling, beauty pageants, and just about everything. 'White Is Beautiful' would have been redundant or overkill, like 'Sun Is Hot'. In contrast, 'Black Is Beautiful' was deemed necessary because blacks had been made to feel inferior for so long. Blacks themselves preferred light-skinned ones to dark ones. Black men and women used chemicals to straighten their hair. Blacks lost their original Sub-Saharan identities. Kunte Kintes were made into a bunch of Tobies. Cucumonga and Ugabuguga became Tyrone Smith and Leroy Jackson. For all its inaccuracies, the TV show ROOTS was a pretty decent dramatization of the Black Is Beautiful agenda. The stress was on the need for black identity, black pride, black memory, and black nobility. And a lot of soul music from the 60s and 70s could properly be called beautiful, like Marvin Gaye's album WHAT'S GOING ON, Lou Rawls' "You'll Never Find", and Chi-Lites' "Oh Girl".

But BIB went out of favor, and blacks got shameless in what could be called Black-Be-Ugly-Mugly-Badass-Crazy-Trashy-Savage-Wild-And-Shi*-And-Damn-Proud-of-the-Tomfoolery. This has especially been the case with the rise of Rap Culture when black youths took over the culture from black adults. While black communities were falling apart in the 60s and 70s, one saving grace was that black pop culture, especially in music, was controlled by adults than by kids. So, while white rock got stupid with ugly punk and demented heavy metal, black music was classier and more adult in emotions. But then, rap culture happened, and blackness got defined by young street punks of da Hood. They wore baggy pants, used 'ni**er', 'mothafuc*a', and 'bitchass ho' as primary lyrics and wallowed in wanton shameless vulgarity. Take a song like the 70s classic "Me and Mrs. Jones". It's racy but also stylish, subtle, and mature. But if a rapper had written it, it would have went, "Jones you bitchass ho, come suck muh dic*."

BIB was a rejection of the "Credit to One's Race"(or COR) mentality that had once defined the respectable black bourgeoisie. COR was premised on black inferiority, i.e. blacks had to show that they could be as good as whites. Whites were high, blacks were low, and blacks had to make a special effort that they were worthy of respect and the same rights as those held by whites. BIB called for an independence of black identity and spirit. Still, it had one thing in common with COR in that it emphasized the need for black dignity and pride based on nobility of spirit. In other words, it had standards. It kept with the motto, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste" of the Negro College Fund.

But the Black-Be-Ugly-Mugly-Badass-Crazy-Trashy-Savage-Wild-And-Shi*-And-Damn-Proud-of-the-Tomfoolery mentality, or to put it more simply, the 'Blacks Gone Wild'(or BGW) mentality had no use for standards of any kind. Instead of 'a mind is a terrible thing to waste', the attitude became 'mind is a great thing to get WASTED'. Rollo-ism won out over Lamont-ism. In an episode of SANFORD AND SON, Lamont is worried about marijuana growing on his property. In contrast, Rollo just wants to smoke it.

Whatever one may say about BGW culture, it's not beautiful. It's not dignified. Granted, look closely at any people and culture, and they're pretty corrupt. MLK was really Fartin' Poother Bling. Sam Cooke who sang some wonderful songs and whose "Change Is Gonna Come" became an anthem of the times died running naked after a woman. She shot him. LBJ was a slime-ball. GOP, the family values party, has been a den of homos and degenerates. Mormons are really hypocritical Mammonites.
Still, civilization is about the effort and the struggle to favor the noble over the ignoble. Given humans are really hairless apes, they sure aren't angels. Still, they don't have to be shameless demons either. But black culture, given the innate savagery of black nature and with egging on by nasty Jews, became brazenly ugly, trashy, and demented to the max. The music turned filthy and obscene. And black dance went from bumping-and-grinding to 'twerking'. This surely isn't a continuation of BIB but a break from it. BIB favored the Afro and rejected blacks imitating whiteness, but BGW is all about the 'weave'. BIB favored black men sticking with black women in the name of racial solidarity and appreciation of black females, but BWG is all about "We ni**az now be masters over fa**oty ass white boys who cuck at our feet while white biatches suc* our dic*s". BIB was assertive but not supremacist. It was about changing black self-image, not about making the world see blacks as superior. BWG is vulgar supremacism that says, because blacks are kings of NBA, rap & holler, invent dances like 'twerking', worship theyselves, and got bigger dongs, they should be worshiped and emulated by the whole world. It's supremacism based mostly on things that used to be disdained by civilization.
Why do Jews promote it? Jews control black bodies like they control globo-homo. Jews figure they will serve as the minds of globalism while blacks will serve as the body and homos will serve as the fingers. Jews got the wit and vision. Blacks got the prowess. Homos or Tinkerbells got the style and flair. All three groups went from self-assertion to supremacism. Jews once insisted on a fair shake in the Western Order and an end to 'antisemitism'. Blacks demanded an end to 'white racism', and homos said they wanted the freedom to be 'gay'. But, the three groups couldn't be content with equality for long because they realized they have certain notable advantages. Jews, as the smarter people, got richer and more powerful and figured they have the right to rule over dimwit goyim. Blacks, as they gained prominence in sports, went from insistence on racial equality to looking upon whites as 'fa**oty ass white boys who should serve da black master'. And just like white G.I.'s in postwar Japan came to despise Japanese men when Japanese women became willing whores of American military men, black men began to despise white men with the rise of Jungle Fever and cuckery. As for homos, their advantages in design & creativity and concentration in elite fields put them in contact with lots of rich and powerful people. As such, their attitude became neo-aristocratic. As homos love to cater to the rich and powerful, they became the favorite darlings of the Jewish Elites.
But then, to understand these changes of consciousness, we need to consider HBD and the reality of race and group differences. The change in attitudes among Jews, blacks, and homos owes to genetics. After all, would Jews have moved into supremacist mode if their average IQ were 100 or 90? Would blacks have gone from BIB to BWG if their genetics didn't favor them in sports, funky music, and fighting? Imagine if most blacks were like Emmanuel Lewis or Gary Coleman. Would homos have become nasty and haughty pricks if they didn't possess an edge in design, aesthetics, and style? Suppose whites were smarter than Jews, stronger than blacks, and more arts/culture obsessed than homos. The Empire would essentially be white supremacist even if the official ideology were egalitarian. Ideology is shaped by the factors of quality and quantity. Jewish communists were committed to egalitarian principles, but their quality of talent led to Jewish-domination in the early period of the USSR. Later, Soviet Union became more Russian-dominated due to the demographic-quantity advantage of white Russians. In quality, Jews were better than Russians, but in quantity, there were more Russians who gradually wore down Jewish power.

Because far from promoting real 'equality' the modern liberal ideology really preaches Black superiority – a special status for Blacks which cannot be symmetrically granted to White (or any other) people.

Actually, the official ideology preaches equality and 'race is just a social construct'. What is behind the cult of black superiority is Liberal IDOLATRY. One may even argue that idolatry colors the ideology, turning it into 'idology'. Same was true in communist nations. By ideology, all were equal, even the leaders. But the idolatry or the cult of personality of Stalin(or later Mao, Castro, Kim Il Sung, etc.) meant that idol > ideal. Most people, even smart ones, are slaves to emotions and sensations. The Stalin cult was intoxicating to the millions who came to worship him as a god. So, it didn't matter that communist ideology said everyone was equal. Emotionally and viscerally, many in the USSR revered Stalin as a demi-god. Ideologically, so-called Liberals may believe all lives are equally precious, but why do they favor Jewish lives over Arab ones? Jewish lives have been idolized by the cult of Anne Frank and other famous Jews. Arab lives are faceless. Again, idol > ideal. What Jews learned from advertising and electronic propaganda is that idols often trump ideals. Jews came to realize that Christianity had one tremendous advantage over Judaism and Islam. Whereas Judaism and Islam forbade idolatry, Christianity(especially Catholicism and Orthodox) employed it as propagandist tools of the Faith. (One reason why Protestantism has fared worse in the electronic era could be due to its drabber nature.) So, secular Jews were mindful to take over the power of idolatry. Therefore, Hollywood became the new vatican of globalist idol-worship. And all nations have been impacted by Negrolatry and Globo-Homo as just about every TV show and movie now must feature holy homo or jungle fever/faith. And of course, there is the obligatory Holocaust movie every year, not only from Hollywood but European nations.

Now, why have Jews chosen blacks and homos as the main idols? It's because both groups have natural advantages that are especially appealing in our age of vulgarity and licentiousness. Homos are shameless in their vanity, narcissism, and hedonism. They are naturally exhibitionist. Just like aristocrats loved to wear fancy things and strut around at dance parties, homos love to take over streets and show off their high heels and act whoopsy-doopsy. Buns-and-Funs is the new bread-and-circuses. While the Jew-Homo alliance wasn't inevitable — Jewish culture was traditionally the most anti-homo in history, and there was a time when Jewish Leftists tagged Hitler as a fruit — , the two groups have common biases and interests. Both have seen Christianity and traditional morality(of goyim and straights) as obstacles to their liberty and/or power. Both are minorities in almost all societies but with special talents. Both are heavily represented in arts, letters, and creative areas. Both tend to be more shameless than other groups. The Jewish reaction to Russians saying NO to globo-homo gave the game away. LGBTQ nonsense is proxy-power of Jews. Jews supported lesbians and homos to destroy Christianity by befouling churches with 'gay' colors that celebrate homo fecal-penetration and tranny-penis-cutting. In a way, homos should be anti-Jewish. After all, the pagan cultures that were most tolerant of homos were the ones condemned most by traditional Jews. The anti-homo position of Christianity has its roots in Judaism. St. Paul denounced the homosexuality of the Greeks.
But times change, and Jews have gone from traditional faith in God to a kind of neo-Satanism where they are into self-worship and care only about Power. In some ways, homos today are a weird bunch. They are usually associated with the 'left' and 'diversity' and 'equality', but homos are nothing if not elitist. Homos, with their obsession with aesthetics, are closer to Nazi beauty cultists. Homo nature isn't in sync with egalitarianism or humanism. Homos want the very best. They are into caviar and fancy jewelry. This is, of course, why the corporate capitalist elites hired homos to transform 'leftism' from class struggle ideology to ass-hustle idolatry. Indeed, consider the ways of Andrew Sullivan and Milo. Why are both into getting bung-donged by Negroes? Because they see black men as superior studs, and so their white bungs must take black dongs. Indeed, the fact that Milo is Jewish, homo, and into Jungle-Bungle-Fever makes him a perfect representative of the current supremacy. Then, why was he attacked by the Establishment? Because he spelled it all out. The Power promotes supremacist Idolatry(that Milo so colorfully represents) but still maintains the smokescreen of egalitarian ideology. After all, if like Milo, the Power spilled the beans on what is really up, its message to the world would be, "Jews should rule over dimwit goyim cuz they're smarter, homos should lord over you lame straights cuz they're more creative, and blacks should be worshiped by inferior non-blacks cuz they got more muscle and bigger dongs." And then, peoples all over the world would have to think about the contradictions between supremacist idolatry and egalitarian ideology of globalism, and the scales would soon fall off their eyes. Why would the Power want that? The Power knows it's more effective to push equality ideologically while celebrating supremacism 'idolatrically'. Stalinism did the same thing. Soviet ideology said Stalin was a humble servant of the people. As such, he was no better than any Soviet citizen... ideologically, that is. He was a good communist. But in terms of idolatry, he was superman, he was god, he was the sun. Assure everyone ideologically but intoxicate them 'idolatrically'. Ideologically, we are told Jews and Arabs are equal in worth. But in terms of idolatry, it's always about Israel, Israel, Israel, Holocaust, Holocaust, Holocaust, Anne Frank, Anne Frank, Anne Frank. Idolatry gives Jews a face while leaving Arabs faceless.
Indeed, one reason why the US used to be 'white supremacist' even when its ideology sincerely strove to be 'egalitarian' was because whites were the main idols in advertising, movies, and etc. For much of Hollywood history, even non-white parts went to whites, e.g. Marlon Brando as an Okinawan in TEA HOUSE OF THE AUGUST MOON. And in Latin America, despite all the egalitarian ideological sermonizing, the idolatry is usually 'white supremacist', what with mostly white actors and stars hogging the TV shows, movies, and advertising. Part of the reason is white control of media there, but it could also be there's something about white aesthetics that has greater appeal the world over. In India, the 'Aryan'-looking types with lighter skin are usually favored in movies and advertising. Japanese culture is dominated by anime and manga where most characters are caricatures of whiteness idealized. South Korea has become plastic surgery capital of the world, and many dye their hair blonde. And blacks, despite all their yapping about black identity, go for hair-straightening or wigs. Black men prefer white women, and one reason why blacks welcome race-mixing is they want to appropriate more white looks for the black race. And Jewish men have long preferred blonde 'shikses'.

In the past, the ideology had no problem with white idolatry as the West was mostly white and proud of it. The problem today is whiteness is much denounced by the Narrative — "White Privilege is the product of whites having had it too good by exploiting and oppressing others(even though, in truth, widespread white affluence only became a reality AFTER World War II)" — but still remains the most desirable traits in the world. For example, despite the rise of Jungle Fever and black male idolatry, white males are still most sought after. (Affluent women of all races who seek sperm donors usually go for Nordic men.) And despite the success of black women in pop music, white women still top the charts in female desirability. Even non-whites who bitch about the white race all the time often seek out white mates. So, some black guy who is howling about evil whiteness could have a white ho or wife. A nasty yellow bitch spewing filth at whites could have a white boyfriend. Or a Latino who poses as a person-of-color and rails against the Gringo could actually be as ivory as any European. Furthermore, when we look at immigration patterns, the movement of countless feet indicates only one thing: Non-whites prefer to live as minorities in white worlds than as majorities in their own. So, they are closet-white-supremacists who prefer whiteness over their own kind, and so, their anti-whiteness is paradoxically a therapeutic exercise to conceal their slavish pro-whiteness. They are ashamed to admit they prefer whitey over their own kind. It's the same with Jews. They carry on and on about how 'whites suck, whites are bad, whiteness is evil, and etc', but if they really feel that way, why don't they all emigrate to non-white nations and live in harmony with wonderful non-whites? Whiteness in so many areas is most desired but also most derided. Indeed, it is most derided because those who desire it most are shamed to admit it. It's about time whites sang the Fleetwood Mac song to non-whites: "You Can Go Your Own Way". But of course, they don't want to because non-whites know they never had it so good as under or with whites. Sure, whites did lots of bad things around the world, but the reason why even savages in Africa have cell phones is due to whites. The only reason why China and India are now modern nations with airplanes and electronic communication is because of the West. And where would Jews be if they'd never moved to white nations?

Those who have read me in the past know that I don’t even accept the notion of “race” which, in my opinion, is wholly non-scientific.

That's insane. While the theory of race is problematic as the definition varies widely(and has yet to develop a scientific meaning), who can deny the existence of general human groups? Europeans and Asians evolved separately, and there are noticeable differences in appearance and temperament. Even among blacks in Africa, we can tell general differences among Somalis, Bushmen, and Nigerian Bantus. The peoples of the Americas may have originated in Asia, but over time, developed into separate 'races'. Scientifically, we can define race to mean 'subspecies', but unfortunately, 'race' is often used to mean just about anything. It is sometimes used as 'species', as in 'human race'. Sometimes, different nationalities are called races. Race isn't an exact category because subspecies can mate with one another. Whites and blacks can mate and produce mulattoes. Does that mean whites and blacks don't exist as races? But mulattoes are possible only because different races exist. You can't create a mulatto by mating a Swede with a Swede or by mating a Nigerian with a Nigerian. Likewise, Mestizo is the product of white mating with browns. Polar bears and brown bears can mate and produce fertile offspring. So, should we not consider polar bears and brown bears as different races of bears? Though they are categorized as different species of bears, they are really different subspecies because they can mate and produce fertile offspring. This is also true of wolves, dogs, and coyotes.
Racial differences are real and deeply impact the world. Chinese are rising in power because their racial characteristics allow for education, industry, and development. It's not just geography but geo-genetics. Different geographies and conditions led to different genetics. Why do Jews control the West? Ashkenazi Jews have higher IQ due to cultural selection that favored scholar and merchant genes. Why do blacks now dominate sports in France and UK, and what are the ramifications of white worship of black idols in athletics and music? It's Jungle Fever/Jungle Faith. Why do Jews own NFL teams while blacks play in them? Why did Simon Mol, one Negro, spread HIV around so many Polish women? How did one Negro Mol nearly turned Poland into Moland? Because races are different, and Negroes got bigger dongs that turn on white ho's. If Russia let in tons of blacks, blacks would soon take over Russian sports, and Russian boys and girls would be like white boys and girls in the US, UK, and France who now worship black idols. RACE IS REAL.
Even among white groups, we can tell general differences due to genetic separation. Though Russians are white, why are they more likely to have Sluggo-heads than other white groups? Genetics. Look at the heads of Vladimir Putin, Fedor Emelianenko, and Yuri Gagarin. Though not only Russians have Sluggo-heads, more of them do than even other Slavs like the Poles. Why did Jews dominate the Russian economy in the 90s? They are smarter and savvier. What will happen if Russians take in lots of blacks? Blacks will become the idols of Russia, and Russians will become Russcucks. It's the truth.

The Empire is universally hated, and not just for its (very real) racism.
This would all be rather harmless and even comical if it weren’t for the 'other side of the ideological coin': the AngloZionist Empire has totally and comprehensively lost any kind of moral or political authority, both in the US and in the EU (as well as in the 5 Eyes nations and other US colonies like Germany or Japan).

But has it? Aren't you contradicting yourself? If the new religion of the Anglo-Zionist West is Negro-Worship, then George-Floyd riots all around the empire would seem to be validations of Imperial Authority. If the ruling elites of the US, the Donald included, honor the Tragic Magic Negro and IF all those subjects of vassal states do LIKEWISE, it suggests the US empire remains the trend-setter for minions all over the world. In a way, what we are seeing is akin to Roman Empire going from pagan rule to Christian rule. Romans used to be pagan and oppressive toward Christians. But when the Roman elites knelt before Jesus as the King of Kings, the new narrative/message was spread far and wide throughout the empire, and everyone had to bow down to the Messiah(who'd once been derided as a dead Jew on a stick). US power was once about Anglo-American prestige and Christian missionary might. But Jews took over and made themselves, blacks, and homos the new holy trinity. And it seems the US is very effective in disseminating this new official state religion. So, when all those in vassal states go into hysterics over the Magic Negro, they are really just bowing down to the Anglo-Zionist Empire. Of course, some sovereign nations — like China, Iran, and Venezuela — are cynically fanning the crisis, but that's not the case in nations like UK, Japan, Germany, France, and etc. If the ruling elites in China and Iran are merely exploiting the crisis to their advantage, the masses of brainwashed minions in vassal states are pouring into the streets in mindless worship of the Tragic-Magic Negro as the new christ. Thus, their supposed Resistance is just Obeisance to the Empire and its Deep State that is hellbent on totally destroying white America and Trump.

Btw, Zio-Angluck(or Anglo-Cuck) is a more accurate characterization of the US empire than 'Anglo-Zionist' because, while Jews constantly demonize 'white supremacism'(and even mere white identity, as in "It's Okay to be White"), whites and Wasps are always sucking up to Jewish identity, Jewish heritage, Zionism, and Israeli hegemonism. When blacks accuse whites of 'white supremacism', Jews cheer them on, and so do the white cucks in the GOP. But when blacks make a fuss about Jewish Power, white cucks are the first ones to bark at blacks. White dogs get riled up at blacks ONLY WHEN black dawgs bark at the Jewish Master. When lack dawgs attack white dogs, the Jewish Master rewards the former with doggy biscuits, but when black dawgs yap at the Jewish Master, white dogs are the first to come to the defense of the Jewish Master. Anglos are now Anglucks. Pathetic.

In the past, the AngloZionist Empire was just as evil as it is today, but at least it had the means to provide a high degree of material welfare to its citizens, but now that the Empire is falling apart and in a major economic crisis, more and more people are turning their rage against their own government or, maybe even more accurately, against the obscenely wealthy ruling classes which have a total control of the US and/or EU political scene.

Not so. Blacks are rioting for free video games and gym shoes. Antifa are just degenerates who like to smash things, even when times are good. Blacks have been acting blackity-black forever, and most white protesters are not acting like Antifa. They are mostly cucks who just love to virtue-signal. There is NOTHING genuinely moral about their sanctimony. If they are truly moral, why were they silent about all those working class folks killed by opioids? Or all those innocents killed by Wars of Israel under Obama? For many of them, it's just another opportunistic political rally against Trump.

Also, due to dollar supremacy, high-tech dominance, tons of natural resources, and best farmlands in the world, Americans will never starve. Unlike past empires that were threatened with loss of empire, the US can lose all its imperial holdings around the world and still have a good life just by living off the fat of the American land.

Remember how George Orwell wrote in his masterpiece 1984 "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever"? I believe that a lot of people, Black and White, felt something similar when they saw the appalling footage of the slow murder of George Floyd by a gang of clearly stupid White cops.

This makes little sense. After all, those who make the biggest fuss about George Floyd are on the side of the Deep State, more repression, more censorship, more suppression of freedom, more Political Correctness, more witch-hunts. They were the ones who were FOR Covid-lockdowns and attacking those who called BS on the mass panic. Blacks, Antifa, and globalists are not for more freedom. They want the state to pull a coup on Trump, take guns away from whites, deny financial services to people they disagree with, shut down free speech(as 'hate speech'), and force globo-homo propaganda up everyone's bung. They are the red guards of Zio-Angluck capitalism. These are the same people who denounced Trump for daring to pull troops out of Syria. They didn't shed a tear for all the dead in Libya. They are for the BOOT. They want the BOOT to be on the face of whites forever. Steven Spielberg began LINCOLN with a black man's foot on the face of a dead white soldier. That is the message of these progs who cheer on Antifa that actually does the bidding of the Power.

Here's a foot on someone's face. Does anyone care? No. People care about George Floyd because a Negro turns magic when killed by a white cop.

The Empire is taking a knee.
This is not unlike what happened to the Soviet Union in the late 1980s when basically the entire ruling elite felt that it had lost any will to stand up against the opposition and when it became trendy to bash everything Soviet (much of which very much deserved such bashing, but not everything!). That state of affairs led to, first, the collapse of the soviet society Soviet Union in 1991 and, second, the collapse of the Russian society in 1993.

The Empire is taking a knee to whom? No, the empire is trying to knee Trump's balls by making him out to be the 'racist' bad guy, thus making blacks stick with the Democratic Party. Also, the Jewish elites, by pretending to care about George Floyd, are trying to cover up the fact that Jews led the way in tougher policing and gentrification to make cities safer from black crime. And they are getting away with this BS. The Deep State and Zionists aren't taking the knee to anyone. They are just pulling a Color Revolution against Trump. They are just indulging and manipulating the childish black mind. The really goofy thing is Trump himself is a puppet of Zion, but Jews will not tolerate a 99% puppet. They demand a 100% one. The worldwide unrest is being used by Jews and globalists to push the Narrative, "Good peoples all protest Evil Trump and the white 'racists' who support him." And so many people, even Trump, are cucking to this Narrative.

The comparison with the fall of the USSR doesn't make much sense. After all, the problem of the USSR wasn't merely political. It was EVERYTHING. The store shelves were empty or stocked with inferior goods. People came to rely on the black market for essentials. The entire system was in turmoil and disarray, especially as Gorbachev's reforms only made things worse by localizing the economy without proper incentive structures. Under Gorby, Soviet people found out that half-hearted communism is worse than full communism, and they had yet to figure out a way to transition to a market economy with property rights backed by rule of law.
In contrast, the US has no problems with production. If anything, the current problem around the world is glut. Too much of everything. For all the talk of poverty, obesity among the poor is a bigger problem than hunger. There would have been no riots if the store shelves were empty. Negroes looted cuz there were lots to steal... and it's only a matter of time before the shelves will be filled with goods again. So, any comparison with the USSR is dubious.
The problem with the US is the crisis of authority. Jews got the power but won't admit it. Whites cuck to Jews, and one of the Jewish Demands is that the myth of 'white supremacy' be perpetuated. Jews need the myth to (1) hide their dominant power and (2) to keep whites paralyzed with shame & guilt, therefore subservient to Jews(and their allies). But this arrangement is close to surreal. Even though Jews got supremacist control over whites in reality, whites who cuck to Jews like pathetic dogs must pretend they got white privilege built on white supremacism that must be expunged from American politics and society. Whites must play the roles of both 'white supremacists' and hapless toadies to Jews. The problem is further complicated by Negrolatry that says blacks got the most moral authority due to American History(never mind the American Indians) and therefore deserve to rule as the children of MLK, BUT they seem unable to. The real reason for the black lag is, of course, that too many blacks aren't high enough in IQ or apply themselves to schoolwork, but the official reason is always 'white supremacism', even though whites spiritually cuck at the altar of Jungle Faith and grovel at the feet of Jewish Supremacists.

For all the financial problems, the US economy still produces more than enough food. The global economy fills American shelves with all sorts of stuff, cheaper than ever due to low labor costs in China, India, Mexico, and world over. However, there is a crisis of authority and accountability because so many people are clueless about who has the real power and what is really going on. Consider. There was three yrs of totally nonsensical Russia Collusion Hoax, but so many people, from deep state elites to cat ladies watching Rachel Maddow, either pushed it or swallowed it. When Obama was the puppet monkey of the Jews, whole bunch of conservatives worried that he might be a 'Stealth Muslim'. Right, a 'stealth muslim' who pushed 'gay marriage' and waged more Wars for Israel. At the very least, the people of the Soviet Union knew who were in charge during communist rule. Today, too many people have no idea who is in control. It's certainly not the Orange Man who got just about nothing done except to shovel more money at Wall Street. The official narrative says Blacks are so wonderful and should rule, but most prominent blacks are either puppets, tokens, or symbols. So much is said of the specter of 'white supremacy' haunting every facet of American Society, but whites in deep state and elite institutions are worthless cucks who do as Jews order them to. If white supremacy really did rule America, people would at least know who's in control. But despite all the talk of 'white supremacy', all we see is white cuckery. Maybe the homos are in control, but homos are nothing without Jewish Power. Jews are, of course, in control, but they use their power to hide their power. With such political Houdinism, there is bound to be a crisis of authority in the US. And in Europe as well. Even though European nations seem led by European leaders, they are all vassals of the US empire that is the property of the Empire of Judea. If white Americans are cucks, Europeans are double-cucks who must cuck to white Americans who cuck to Jews. But since the Narrative says that whites suck while blacks are holy, all these white cuck elites make a big show of 'checking white privilege' while extolling the virtues of blacks who, as yet, haven't shown the proficiency to rule or govern anything. So, the power game in the West is like the scene in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST where no one wants to come out and take the blame for the ruckus.

So what can decent people do next?
Well, for one thing we don’t have to chose between White and Black racism. In fact, the only logical (and moral) stance today is to reject any and all forms of racism, very much including the Hollywood-promoted anti-White (and, I would add, anti-family, anti-male and anti-Christian) and pro-Black racism.

What people need to do is choose nationalism over globalism. They need to choose rational race-ism and reject radical racism. If you're white, you should have white racial consciousness while respecting other races and their identities. The real and realistic choice is not between 'racism' and no-racism but between radical/supremacist racism and sane/rational race-ism. First of all, whites must reject the term 'racism'. So much confusion owes to the misuse of the term. If people understand 'race-ism' to mean belief in the reality of race and racial differences, scales will fall from their eyes. For instance, there is so much talk about how so many blacks fail in American schools because of 'racism'. Liberals and blacks blame the system, while many Conservatives say, "No, blacks fail not because of racism but because they don't apply themselves or because Liberals pushed bad values on the black community." Or, dissident right will say, "No, it's not due to racism but due to lower IQ and less impulse control among blacks." Such unnecessary confusion is due to using 'racism' in a misguided way.
Ism means belief, so why should race + ism mean "evil white supremacists making it worse for other races"? Race + Ism should mean belief in the reality of races and the differences among races.
So, in response to the charge that too many blacks fail in school due to 'racism', the answer should be YES, the reasons are race-ist. Races are real. Racial differences are real. Evolution made black genetics more oriented to warrior, hunter, and thug activities. Evolution is race-ist because it led to the rise of different races. Why else do blacks dominate French sports? It's evolution that made for racial differences. Why else do Jews dominate Wall Street? It's race-ist evolution. Why do blacks act more violently in schools? Because race-ism is true. Blacks are racially different and more prone to fighting and aggression. Ism means belief, Ism means belief, and Race + Ism, properly understood, explains so much. But the term has been willfully misconstrued to sow confusion in our minds.

The thing about race-ism is it will not ignore you even if you ignore it. Race-ism is the truth. Race-ism is what nature would believe if it had a mind. Nature practices race-ism because evolution is about divergences. A single species can diverge into various subspecies(races) that, over time, can develop into separate species. At one time, the apes that eventually evolved into humans were a different race within the same ape species that spawned the chimpanzees. The apes that eventually became humans and the apes that eventually became chimpanzees belong to the same species. But over time, they diverged further and further and became separate species. One bunch of apes became the chimps and another bunch of apes became the proto-human apes that eventually became human. So, race-ism is a process within evolution. As one species cannot instantly turn into another species, it must go through intermediary processes of 'raciation' that eventually lead to the rise of a new species. Though all human races still belong within the same species, the differences are as notable as the differences between brown bears and polar bears or among wolves, coyotes, and various breeds of dogs. Compare the Lapps of Finland with the ghastly Negroes of South Africa or Sudan. Compare the Swedes with the Amazonian Indians. Compare the Tibetans with Australian Aborigines. Compare the Japanese runts with the Maori savages. So, we can ignore race all we want, but it will not ignore us. Europeans can ignore the factor of race as rising numbers of monstrous black African savages flood into Europe. But it won't be long before they realize the impact of Africanization. It's like one can ignore cancer as reality but it won't ignore the one once it begins to spread.

All peoples must know these facts: Jews are smarter. Blacks are tougher. So, if your nation takes in Jews and blacks and then allows inter-meritocracy for all peoples, the result will NOT be equality but domination of elite institutions/industries by Jews and domination of sports, pop music, & sex culture by blacks. Don't we see this pattern all around? Do Gypsies control finance in UK? Do Vietnamese dominate sports in France? Every people should know of their own race, its advantages and disadvantages vis-a-vis other races. And they should do whatever is necessary to protect their institutions, industries, iconography, and idols from the Other.

What must whites seek above all? Liberation. Whites are so used to ruling and dominating the world that their mindset is still stuck in old habits and old ways. In that way, there is still a legacy of 'white privilege'. But today, whites must think more like Algerians & Vietnamese under French rule, Hindus under British rule, Poles under Russian rule, Russians under Mongol rule, Greeks under Turkish rule, and etc. They must think in terms of liberation, or white liberation or white national liberation. Best way to counter the charges of 'white supremacism' is that your side is seeking white liberation. Liberation from what? That is when you explain that whites are now under the tyranny of Jewish globalist finance-media-deep-state and black thuggery, terror, & violence. There is no other way.

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