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Tribalism vs Universalism. And then, there's 'TRIVERSALISM' where a Certain Tribe becomes the Universal Idol for Other Groups to Revere and Worship — BLM as 'Triversal' Identity — Imperialism of Guilt and Its Dangers — Universalization of White Guilt about Jews and Blacks

According to Dr. Steve Turley, there is a silver lining to the rise of BLM as the defining theme of 'leftism'. Unbeknownst to the so-called 'progressives', the hysterical emphasis on the sanctity of black lives uber alles may have a fracturing and alienating effect on the 'political left', especially as the modern left has roots in the universalist and individualist principles of the Enlightenment.

So, what will happen to the Diversity Coalition? Many Non-Black Minorities surely noticed that the Democratic Party and Establishment don’t care about them as black thugs and white antifa retards loot, riot, commit arson, and/or just destroy things, especially the properties and businesses of who rank lower in the Holy-Victim-Hierarchy. All they hear is that ONLY BLACK LIVES Matter from the prevailing mantric Narrative. And prior to BLM-mania, it had mostly been about homos and trannies uber alles. Will such selective favoritism lead to bitterness among Non-Black Minority groups? Will they feel betrayed by the 'Left' that is certainly not colorblind?

According to Steve Turley, the rise of BLM undermines leftism because black tribalism is at odds with the core principles of modernism. (Watch the Video Below.) Though rationalized as something akin to the Civil Rights Movement, a call for racial justice than black supremacism, the blind rage that fuels BLM's fantasy-narrative is inseparable from the blatancy of black identity and black pride. Following Turley’s logic, the rise of BLM will likely lead to fractures within Diversity as each group will cling closer to its own tribalism, just like blacks with BLM.


But what if that doesn’t happen? What if a certain tribalism becomes a kind of ‘triversalism’, one where a particular tribe becomes universally adulated by other tribes? In a way, the US was ‘triversal’ from the beginning. Non-Anglos looked up to Anglos as dominant, most powerful, and even most admirable. And so, non-Anglo whites revolved around Anglo identity and power. They sought to emulate Anglo-Americans and become Anglo-ized. This was true even of German Jews in the US; they aspired to be like the Boston Brahmins and Anglicized their Jewish-sounding names.
Anglo culture, language, habits, and values became the standard for other groups. Though sold as Americanism than Anglo-ism, to become an American was essentially to become Anglo-ized in one way or another: Anglo Way Matters. But because Anglo-Americans didn’t nail down Anglo-ness as the essence of Americanism, their star was bound to fade. (Though Islam is a universal faith, it did for Arab culture what Americanism did for Anglo culture, at least for quite a spell. To become a Muslim meant submitting to the ways and customs of the Arab peoples. For a time, Islam was disseminated only through Arabic, deemed a holy language of the Prophet.)
The rise of Jewish Power has been a kind of ‘triversalism’. If we follow Turley’s logic, Jewish ethnocentrism, tribal identity, and even supremacism should have led to rises of similar tribalism among other groups. Instead, what we’ve seen is just about every group in both parties hail Israel, praise Jews, and pledge to do everything for Zion. Instead of boosting their own identity to compete with the Jewish one, they pledged fealty and obedience to the power and prestige of Jews. Indeed, if Liberal homos and Conservative Evangelicals have one thing in common, it is total commitment to praising Jews, remembering the Holocaust, and supporting Israel(because it’s either God’s Land or the nation with the biggest homo ‘pride’ parade). Though the Shoah is remembered as a uniquely Jewish tragedy, it has been ‘universalized’ to the extent that all other peoples are to acknowledge Jews as the most tragic people on Earth, therefore deserving of the most sympathy from all corners of the world; otherwise, you are an 'Anti-Semite'!!

So, it is not true, as Turley argued, that the rise in tribalism of one group necessarily leads to counter-tribalism in other groups. Spanish insisted on the primacy of their culture, language, and identity in the New World, but this didn’t lead to the counter-emergence of indigenous identities. Instead, the native browns submitted to the stronger tribal-centrism of the Conquistadores, and Spanish Identity became the regional ‘universal’ in Latin America. After all, what do Italians in Argentina have in common with browns in some Mexican village? They are united by Latino ‘triversal’ identity.

And consider the rise of homos and the wider cultural consequences. While homos are not really a tribe, they constitute a much-hyped identity and interest group. As homos(and even truer of trannies) are a tiny minority in all nations, one might think their identity and ‘pride’ would mean NOTHING(or even something negative and hostile) to the overwhelming majorities that are straight. Or, in counter to homo identity, straight people should insist even more on their normal identity. But instead, homosexuality and even tranny business have become the unifying ‘universal theme’ among so many straight people the world over. Homos praise themselves, and straights praise homos… just like Jews praise themselves and goyim praise Jews. There are now ‘gay pride’ parades all over the world, not just in US vassal-states but even in Vietnam that lost 2 million in resistance to US imperialism. Even Cuba cucked to globo-homo-mania.

And this also seems to be the case with blacks. By Turley’s logic, the rise of BLM should lead to similar identity movements among other groups: Brown Lives Matter, Yellow Lives Matter, Red Lives Matter, White Lives Matter, and etc. But blacks have gained ‘triversal’ value. They are now seen as so special, tragic, magical, awesome, and/or whatever that so many non-black groups look to blacks as the people deserving of special love, sympathy, and concern by ALL the peoples of the world. Indeed, look at BLM protests and riots no both sides of the Atlantic, even among whites in Europe. Blacks dominate pop music and sports, and that means they are the main heroes and idols of youths all over the world. Chinese boys worship NBA stars as gods. Iranian youths and Vietnamese youths ape American rappers. White women got jungle fever for black dongs, and white male cucks have Jungle Faith in the Magic Negro. Jewish Media promoted black tragedy as the greatest tragedy of all time AFTER the Shoah. Even though the number of blacks killed by lynching is minuscule compared to other tragedies — more Poles died at Katyn in a single event than all the blacks who were lynched by whites over 100 yrs —, but Hollywood and World Media fill the eyes and ears of the world with ‘Muh Holocaust’ and ‘Muh Slavery’ narratives. The cult of White Guilt has been spread by none other than hegemonic US imperialism. And even though there is non-stop narrative about black suffering in US history, there is no discussion of how the US lifted blacks up from savagery in the Dark Continent where they didn’t even have written language and the wheel. Indeed, if the world now believes that slavery is evil, it’s only because hearts-and-minds in all five continents have been colonized with Western Values.
Anyway, the fact that so many non-Jews, non-homos, and non-blacks flock around those three groups as the holy trinity of globalism suggests that not all tribalisms are the same. If all tribes were of the same value, the rise in tribalism in one would likely lead to the rise of counter-tribalism in others. But if a particular tribe is deemed especially great, awesome, noble, and/or magical, its apotheosis might become the unifying idol for other tribes.
Indeed, it's similar among individuals, which is why individualism never leads to egalitarianism. The ascendant prestige of one individual doesn’t necessarily lead to similar or counter-consciousness in other individuals. Rather, the Great Individual becomes the focal point of admiration and fascination for the lesser individuals, a kind of human cenotaph around which other individuals encircle in a state of reverence or ecstasy. The rise of fuhrer-ism in Adolf Hitler didn’t lead to the rise of counter-fuhrer-ism among the German population. Hitler’s super-individuality led to the dissolution of individual agency and pride among other Germans who came to mindlessly shout ‘Heil Hitler’ and pledge undying allegiance to him.

It goes to show that idolatry can be bigger than any ideology. Jews, Negroes, and Homos have attained ‘triversal’ status in the West. As their stars burn brighter, the lesser stars of other groups don’t even aspire to burn equally as bright but slavishly accept the superior radiance of the Holy Three as the defining light of the galaxy.

Promoting BLM all over the world is an example of the Imperialism of Guilt.

Western Powers used to practice an Imperialism of Pride: “We whites are awful proud, and you lesser non-whites must serve our greatness.” In other words, non-white identities should universally serve the higher white identity. Thus, Western Enlightenment Universalism was less the abandonment of all identities and cultures than the suppression or subsuming of lesser identities in service to the greater ones, the peaks of human achievement that all of humanity must universally admire, revere, and serve. And it was whiteness and Western Civilization. And even among those who emphasized Religion or Rationalism than white identity, there was an overwhelming sense that Christianity and Modernity were both nearly synonymous with white greatness and power.

As of now, Western Powers are under Jewish Rule, and they export the Imperialism of Guilt. “We whites are awfully ashamed, and ALL OF HUMANITY must share in our white guilt… even if you peoples had nothing to do with the Shoah or slavery in America.”

So, it went from All the World should follow Whites because Whites have so much to be Proud of … TO… All the World should follow Whites because Whites have so much to Atone for.

Why is this dangerous? Because it forces the particular Guilt of Whites on the entire world. Palestinians were among the greatest victims of this mindset. The Imperialism of Guilt argued “Because whites feel guilty about what was done to Jews in WWII, all the world must share in the guilt and pay the price.” So, Palestinians were made to pay the price of ‘white guilt’ even thought they had NOTHING to do with World War II or the Shoah. And what was said when Palestinians resisted Zionist Imperialism? They were judged in accordance to the logic of the Imperialism of Guilt. They were branded as ‘Anti-Semites’ even though their reason for anti-Jewish resistance had NOTHING to do with European Antisemitism. According to that craven sniveling cuck-historian Andrew Roberts, the ENTIRE WORLD was guilty for not having done enough about the Shoah. How laughable. Most of the world had NOTHING to do with European affairs or the machinations behind WWII. Why should the world share in the European 'guilt' over what befell Jews in WWII? Should the whole world share in the guilt of Mongols who once invaded China, Persia, and Russia?
After the Cold War, the Imperialism of Guilt led to Wars for Israel that killed or destroyed countless lives in the Middle East and North Afrca. But such wars and aggression were justified on grounds of the Imperialism of Guilt. If 'white guilt' means white indebtedness to Jews, all of humanity must share in the moral/financial debt, even though most of the world had nothing to do with ‘antisemitism’. Not only must Germans pay reparations to Jews but so must Palestinians who, indeed, lost their homeland to Jews on grounds that the World owes Jews something. The Imperialism of Guilt imposed the Western Burden of Guilt on the Palestinians even though they had nothing to do with the tragic events of Western History. Not supporting Zionism and Israeli interests would constitute a new antisemitism, the rise of new hitlers, and new holocausts. So, the West feels compelled to support More Jewish Wars. And even though Israel is the most powerful and aggressive nation in the region, we must all stick with the Western Guilt narrative that says Jews are always scrappy underdogs struggling to survive against ‘hate’.

And now, the Imperialism of Guilt is spreading Negrolatry all around. Most nations had nothing to do with blacks, let alone the Atlantic Slave Trade. But the White Guilt Narrative about blacks is being made standard all around the world. Many nations have been made to worship Mandela above their own national heroes, idols, and leaders. They know more about the Negro Victim Narrative than about their own peoples.
So, even browns, yellows, Hindus, and etc. must all share in the special sympathy for blacks. If not, they are ‘racist’. (Indeed, the financial burden of reparations for blacks will largely fall on the non-white immigrant populations who arrived in the US a hundred years AFTER the Civil War. Imperialism of Guilt in action.) What applies to whites due to their ‘historical guilt’ now applies to the whole world. Japan never conquered Africa or brought over black slaves. But if Japan doesn’t open up to blacks, it is deemed ‘racist’. It's as if Japanese must be just as servile to blacks as whites have become. Of course, Cuckpan is doing just that, and its sports idols are being taken over by blacks, and so Japan is over in the long term. In Europe, the result of the Imperialism of Guilt(or more specifically the Imperialism of White American Guilt) is already evident and very dire. Even European nations that had NOTHING to do with overseas imperialism, Atlantic Slave Trade, and the like now share in the White American Guilt. Swedes and Finns feel a need to sympathize with the Noble Negro and open their nations to Africans. If not, they are ‘racist’ just like Southern rednecks.

Now, some people may welcome the Imperialism of White Guilt as a case of the US undermining its own legitimacy and power. After all, if white America is confessing before the world how evil and lowly it is, wouldn’t the self-flagellation undermine the American Hegemonic enterprise? Yes, but ONLY IF the US were still ruled by whites and ONLY IF White Guilt applied equally to all groups, e.g. Palestinians, Syrians, Russians, Iranians, etc.

But the fact is the US is not white-ruled. It is Jewish-ruled, and BLM is merely a Jewish Power Ploy to boost the cult of White Guilt to keep whites subservient to Jewish Supremacist Power. After all, the Narrative of BLM doesn’t focus on Jewish exploitation of blacks, Jewish role in the slave trade, Jewish use of gentrification, Jewish push for the Israelization of US police force, Jewish use of globo-homo to send black interests to the back of the bus, and etc. BLM narrative is all about white working class police ‘brutality’ and ‘white legacy of slavery’. So, BLM is less about black power than about Jewish supremacist power exploiting ‘white guilt’ about blacks to keep whites browbeaten. Jewish Power is saying to whites, “We Jews are holy, whereas you whites are vile and guilty. So, to redeem your ugly white souls that oppressed all those innocent blacks, you whites need to serve us Holy Holocaust Jews in securing Imperialist Hegemony over the world.”
Notice US embassies are not putting up signs that say “Palestinian Lives Matter” or “Syrian Lives Matter” or “Libyan Lives Matter”. Or considering how many Russians died in the privatization or piratization schemes of the 1990s pushed by Jewish-Americans, “Russian Lives Matter.” No, Jews only push Black Lives Matter as a tool of ‘white guilt’ to keep white folks subservient as the cuck-race that blindly supports Jewish supremacist imperialism around the world that has killed or destroyed millions of lives through wars, sanctions, and financial piracy.
This is why those who see the BLM as being fatal to US imperialism are wrong. Sure, it does tarnish America’s reputation by making it seem a ‘racist’ country. But it is a Jewish gambit. Jews know that the MOST IMPORTANT element in the maintenance of Jewish Supremacist Hegemony is white submission to Jewish Power. As BLM will further shame whites, whites will feel even more compelled to serve the Holy Peoples: Jews, blacks, and homos. Indeed, look at Donald Trump. He’s cucking to Jews and siding with the Negroes against the Police.

In some ways, the Imperialism of White Guilt about Blacks will be even more damaging than the Imperialism of White Guilt about Jews. Whereas the latter led to the destruction mainly of North Africa and the Middle East, the Universalization of the Guilt about Blacks will lead to the junglization of entire nations around the world. Canada and UK used to be mostly black-free, but now, it’s deemed ‘racist’ for anyone there to say NO MORE BLACKS. Even though blacks commit the most crimes and cause the most problems, the Imperialism of Guilt about Blacks ensures that the global media will ignore stories of black thuggery/savagery while amplifying any story of a Dead Innocent Negro because Black Lives Matter More, or BLMM according to the Imperialism of Guilt. After all, black military men have been known to rape and even murder Japanese women in Okinawa. But has the US embassy ever held up a sign saying ‘Japanese Lives Matter’? No. Japan and other nations are constantly excoriated for their, as yet, less-than-ecstatic perception of blacks whereas so little is made of out-of-control bad black behavior around the world. The Ugly African makes the Ugly American look mild by comparison… but Jews control the global media and narrative, and Negroes be Holy.

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