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Negrolatry or Negro-Idolatry as It pertains to the Electronic Mind and the Common Thread — Reflections on Blackness as Unifying Jungle Faith, the Spiritual Corollary to Jungle Fever, in the Aftermath of Mass White Spiritual Cuckery to Blackness as Holiness

Negrolatry has something to do with the Electronic Mind and the Common Thread. It seems, if whites got Jungle Fever for black bodies, they now have Jungle Faith in black souls. Caucasians might as well be called 'Cuckasians'. But, why is Modern Consciousness so partial to this kind of thinking? Let's consider the transformations of consciousness resulting from Modernism and Electronica.

The rise of the Electronic Mind has fundamentally altered modern consciousness. In a way, it has erased or at least eclipsed consciousness as it had been understood. Prior to electronic communication, entertainment, and media, people generally processed one idea, idol, or icon at a time and for a duration. It might be awhile before they got another dose of information or indoctrination. It's like a meal that you consume and slowly digests throughout the day. It's no wonder the Novel caught on as a form of popular art because, when not working, people had lots of 'dead time'. Without the TV, radio, internet, and iphone as constant means of stimulation/distractions, people could immerse themselves in stories with many characters and extended plots. And if they wanted to read another book, they had to go to the book store or library on foot. And it took some time for books on order to arrive. So, there were always lots of 'dead time' BETWEEN social activities. Even many privileged people didn't have many books, and you had to live in a good-sized town to have access to any kind of real library. Most people had Bibles, Almanacs, and few works of ideas and fiction. Because non-stop bombardments on the senses and the mind were inconceivable in the pre-electronic age(which was most of human history), people developed more consistent and continuous views of their lives, values, and meaning. People became immersed in the Bible. Or, for meaning, they became involved in the family, the community. Or because the economy was labor-intensive and society had yet to provide much in the way of safety-nets, people spend a lot of time with work and derived meaning from production. When you eat a meal and wait awhile before the next one, you have ample time to digest all of it. In contrast, if you're snacking all the time and going from flavor to flavor to flavor, the body doesn't really know what to make of it, especially as you keep eating for the flavors than hunger and need. Your digestive process becomes inconsistent and incomplete, even contradictory, than consistent and complete.

Take the Electronic Mind in the experience of cinema, or the Movic Mind. A cinephile might, on the same day, take in a trashy Hollywood comedy, a crazy Hong Kong action flick, a b/w 'classic' of yesteryear that is relatively wholesome & sentimental, and a dour or solemn European art film. What happens when the mind experiences such drastic and total shifts and contrasts in tone, mood, and meaning in expression in rapid succession? Now, one may note that the human mind was always multi-faceted and shifted gears from one perspective to another. After all, people appreciated both comedy and tragedy in Shakespearean and Ancient Greek times. As human emotions have a wide range, everyone through the ages had something to laugh about, something to cry about, something to tickle his fancy, something to rouse him to fury, and etc. Even a stern priest might tell a bawdy joke or two. Still, he might say it underneath his breath. He would know it's just a morsel, not the main course, of life. For most of human history, there was more consistency and insistence on what was essential, crucial, and important as opposed to what was peripheral, trivial, or disposable. So, if a priest were to tell a dirty joke, he would say it in hushed tone with someone he's close to. His input with vulgarity wouldn't be the same as his investment in spirituality. Some things got more light and attention while other things remained in the shadows or hidden around the corner. Also, even if someone experienced two highly contrasting or contentious views around the same time, the chances were he would have had time to address the contradictions to some degree as the chances of yet another problematic idea or idolatry to cross his path would have been unlikely.

But things are different in the Electronic Age. In a city with lots of movie theaters, one could go from one reality to another, one after the other. In the past, if one attended an opera, he would have the whole day or week to ponder and process what he'd seen and heard. But in the electronic age, one might encounter an artistic/intellectual experience of great depth but, even before processing it halfway, might take in other stuff — ones that utterly violate and demean the spirit of the work of depth —that jolts his senses on the same day. When the mind/senses are constantly taking in new stimuli without ever fully processing earlier ones, what happens? It's akin to people who keep shopping without ever using their purchases to proper use. It got even crazier with the rise of TV, then Cable TV and Video technology. And then, things got super-crazy with the coming of the internet followed by devices people carry around at all times. Even before one could properly ponder and process one consumption of entertainment/propaganda, he could be fed, even bombarded, with another and then another then another, all in quick succession.
Besides, the Electronic Mind has gotten so accustomed to endless sensory-stimulation that, like someone sitting before a slot machine, it feels compelled to absorb more and more sensory data in the manner of an addict than an autodidact. (US empire has become cancerous in this manner. It feels this constant need for more growth, more expansion, more power, more control, more hegemony, more wars, and etc. without ever fully formulating what it's all about and why. Shopaholic US empire must have more just to have more.) Just like many people need more and more sex without thought of relationship, emotional life, & commitment and just like too many people need to eat and eat without any meaningful relation to food, nutrition, & health, so many modern minds, Movic or Networkic, have become insatiable for endless streams of sensory data. Indeed, they can't handle 'dead time' because it would call upon them to sit still and finally process and think about what they've read, seen, or experienced. Their minds demand constant 'motion' as distraction from the meaning of existence.

One reason why the most popular works of literature happen to be in Teen Fiction or Stupid Sex(like in FIFTY SHADES OF GREY) is because people are reading fast for thrills than meaning, depth, or originality. It is the age when even adults talk seriously about HARRY POTTER and HUNGER GAMES. In Peter Weir's movie TRUMAN SHOW, the TV junkies are rooting for Truman to escape and break free from the TV world, but they are hooked to the TV even as they cheer on Truman. And when Truman finally breaks free, the movie ends with a TV junkie wondering what is next on TV. He was so into Truman's adventure but almost instantly forgets it as he channels-surfs for the next big thrill on the Tube. So, there isn't even much time BETWEEN the Truman Show and the Next Show. It's total insta-immersion in one thing followed by total insta-immersion in the next thing, even if the two things may be diametrically opposed in tone, style, tempo, message. Electronic Media isn't only instant but totalizing. A reverend may give a powerful sermon in a church, but he will tell a dirty joke behind closed doors or in the hallway with a friend or intimate. One thing is infinitely more important than the other. But, everything conveyed via electronic media has a totality of expression, an authority equal to any other. Nothing is a whisper, and everything is a shout. Indeed, the most outrageous, shameless, and 'dirty' things have an advantage as electronic media are the product of amplification, and loud stuff is more suited for electricity than quiet stuff is. A rock show or vulgar comedy comes through with greater force than a solemn sermon or reflective drama. No wonder superhero movies, rap videos, lewd comedies, general pornification of mainstream culture, and partisan-propagandizing of the news tend to dominate the airwaves and social networks.

Still, as people cannot indulge in mindless trash all the time, they also seek out meaning. They go from 'porning' to mourning, shrieking to seeking, sensuality to spirituality, nihilism to moralism, and etc. Sometimes, one masquerades as the other. So, Quentin Tarantino's INGLORIOUS BASTERDS has been sold as both nihilistic celebration of sadism and a moral statement about World War II, a kind of Morality-Porn, which can also be said of RAMBO, a dumb trashy gung-ho fantasy masquerading as serious statement about 'Vietnam'. Rappers wallow in thuggery but pretend to be 'speaking truth to power'. The decadent hedonism of globo-homo vanity has become conflated with 'spiritual' redemption, especially as so many churches now fly the 'gay flag'. (In some ways, such spiritual-vandalization is worse than the physical destruction of churches under communism. After all, while physical attacks on churches ennobled Christianity as victim of barbaric violence, the church collaboration with globo-homo degeneracy is an utter betrayal at the spiritual level. A Christian may face physical defeat but still possess a victorious soul, which is the story of Jesus. But when the Christian spirit succumbs to the sickly and hollow vanity of neo-aristo homos who work in league with neo-imperialist deep state and super-capitalist oligarchy, it means the Faith is dead from within. Furthermore, communism's attack on the Church was, at the very least, not without moral and material justification. Communists wanted people to break free of the opiate of religion, especially as it had been controlled and manipulated by the ruling elites, and see reality for what it is and work to create a better society on Earth than dream of some fantastic Kingdom of Heaven. Though history judged communism to be more bad than good, there was genuine moral and philosophical reasons for its opposition to religion. In contrast, globo-homo-mania is utterly cynical and opportunistic in its infiltration and corruption of the Church. Even though it is ultimately the tool of Jewish globalist-supremacists whose objective is to destroy Christianity and the Goy Moral Order, the agenda pretends to represent the TRUE meaning of Christianity and all forms of spirituality... because what? The highest form of divination is to instruct humanity that nothing is more sacred than homo fecal-penetration and tranny penis-cutting?)

Because of endless barrages of contrasting and contradictory images, idols, and images in the electronic media — with each image, idol, icon, or idea vying for totality of the moment for the duration of its hold over the consumer — , the Electronic Mind is bound to be fractured and fragmentary. One minute, you could be watching an exciting TV cop drama about law-and-order heroes, next you could be watching a gangsta rap music video extolling the thug lifestyle. You could be sucked into a Zionist talking point on Youtube followed by a pro-BDS video. Even if you were to be politically partisan and choose only one ideological point of view, there is hardly any consistency on either the 'left'(or the 'right' for that matter) as the 'left' went from Mayday & the Workers to Gayday and the 'Wokers'. The so-called 'Intersectionality' is a constant clash of 'totalized' priorities and interests. And the 'right', though accused of 'white supremacism', goes out of its way to snuff white politics while promoting Zionism and Lady Maga. (Today's 'conservatives' are supposed to support Israel because it has maybe the biggest 'gay pride' parade in the world. Right, 'True Conservatism' is about praising the Jew for turning the Holy Land into Sodom and Gomorrah, so says Dennis Prager.)

Even in the political and cultural landscape where most of the Electronic Express — media, academia, entertainment, and state propaganda — is controlled by so-called 'Liberals' or 'Progressives', it is difficult to push a single, consistent, or unified line, message, or narrative because, whereas ideologies tend to be radical and purist, entertainment tends to be irreverent, hedonistic, and nihilistic. Even if every last vestige of conservative ideology/politics were to be banned from media and social network, the contrasts and contradictions between Liberal entertainment and Liberal ideology would be bewildering. A culture that promotes both MLK and David Chapelle, both TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD and DJANGO UNCHAINED, and both Mandela as saint and rappers as cool thugs will be all over the map. Such problems exist in China as well. Ruled by the CCP, China is far more ideologically monolithic than the West. But its often nihilistic-consumer-hedonist entertainment serves a very different vision of the world than the Official Morality & Consciousness promoted by the State. Even with total suppression of conservatism, Liberal States will end up with deep fissures inherent in what Sam Francis called 'Anarcho-Tyranny'. While the Power developed Anarcho-Tyranny as a means of control, it can run out of control, as has happened with BLM riots in both the US and EU.

And there is so much confusion. Are white women 'fellow victims' along with POC of evil white men? Or are they modern witches, or 'Beckys', who call the police on innocent black men? Are Muslims to be welcomed as immigrants or blown to smithereens as terrorists? Should homos push globo-homo even further in big cities, OR should they apologize to blacks for taking the limelight away from black issues and BLM? Should Liberals insist on the equality of the races on grounds that 'race is just a social construct' or lionize blacks as special and superior on account of their tougher muscles, louder voices, bouncier buns, and bigger dongs? Who are More Woman, the 'Terfs' or the Trannies? Should good white 'liberals' prioritize Gentrification or the Gentle Giant? Or maybe the two can be combined by moving the Gentle Giants to the 'racist' Suburbs while the cities further gentrify? Or maybe white 'liberals' are afraid that blacks are beginning to catch onto the Blue Privilege Agenda.
All such contradictory positions or attitudes are pushed by Electronica, and each message vies for its totality. So, if one were to watch these views in succession in a single sitting, he will experience a kind of whiplash between one insta-totality to another and then another and then another. At the end of the day, he will have a cubist mind that feels disjointed, disoriented, perplexed, and neurotic. Such is the modernist mindset, but most people, even modernists, find it unsatisfying, confused, and difficult. It's like people may be provoked, fascinated, and challenged by the works of Pablo Picasso, but they don't really find enjoyment, any more than from Serial Music or other forms of Modern(ist) Music. Modernism may engage the mind/intellect but usually offers no assurance emotionally or spiritually. There is no common unifying theme, but the eternal mind/soul craves it. Then, the dominant 'idology'(something between idolatry and ideology) will be whatever or whichever that attains the semblance of the Common Thread in the realm of the Electronic Mind. And this is why, currently at least, there is Negrolatry, Jew Worship, and Holy Homo Reverence. The biggest power in Electronica, the Jews, have used all their means to create a web across electronic spaces to ensure that Jews, blacks, and homos are part of the Common Thread DESPITE all the contradictions inherent in the electronic system. Howard Stern once declared himself the 'King of All Media', and Jews would have us believe that Jewish Themes(along those of blacks and homos) are the unifying threads across all nations, cultures, and times.

Take, for example, the 'gay rainbow' as symbol, emblem, insignia, even battle regalia. It is no longer associated only with homos but with just about everything. You want to have some Oreos, grab a burger, or drink some soda? Well, look at the advertising, and there are 'pride cookies', 'pride burgers', and 'pride sodas'. You love Israel as the Holy Land? Well, the Holy Land is now inseparable from the mantra of 'Israel has the biggest gay pride parades'. You want to be a Good Conservative? Well, the new line according to Neocons who control Conservatism Inc. is that 'gay marriage is conservative values' and 'Lady Maga is special'. When BLM was all the rage during the final yrs of the Obama presidency, many of its rallies were peppered with 'gay pride' flags, indeed as if BLM and the 'gay rainbow' were part of the same Happy Meal package. The globo-homo logo has become so 'sacrosanct' in globalism that even Palestinians, though oppressed by Jews and globalist homos in the US deep state, try so hard to link their struggle with 'gay pride'. We live in a world of Logo over Logos. Even though globo-homo-mania is the neo-missionary project of Jewish-controlled US imperialism, those claiming to be anti-US-imperialist also wave the globo-homo banner. It's like 'With Gays on Our Side' is the new 'With God on Our Side'.
Of course, some nations have held out against globo-homo, but they tend to submit to another globo-enforced Common Thread, which is Jew Worship. So, even as Russia is constantly attacked by Jewish Power, it is always making noises about how the Russian state is good for Jews, how Russian values are justified ESPECIALLY because Russia defeated Nazi Germany that killed Jews. In the US, 'liberals' and 'conservatives' may growl at each other on certain issues, but both major parties are totally united on Jew Worship, support for Israel/Zionism, and shoveling more Fed money to Wall Street. And both parties are committed to shutting down BDS. The academia is supposed to be 'liberal' and critical of the Power, but most of it is amazingly silent about Jewish Power and the Zionist Question. While there are pockets of academia that do criticize Israeli policy, they are mostly ineffective and ignored by the MSM that is totally Jewish-controlled and by politicians who are totally owned by Jewish donor class. Donald Trump, like Russia, has been attacked by Jews from day one, but he's all about 'I Luv Jews and Israel'. Even as blacks bitch about 'white privilege' and 'police brutality', few prominent blacks dare mention that Jews played a big role in Gentrification and Israelization of the US police. (ADL played a role in turning US police in big cities into the Zionic-Bionic Men.) Thus, Jew-Worship is part of the Common Thread. Despite all the cacophony of Electronic Media with so many disparate and opposing views, most are united in sucking up to Jewish Power and 'Muh Holocaust'. The only truly vocal opposition to Jewish Power comes from the Dissident Right, but as Jews control the Platforms and Media(and as the US government and justice system haven't done much to control Jewish Monopoly), speaking-truth-to-Jewish-Power still has a long way to go before the Holy Jewish Spell is broken.

When we take white women, there is no Common Thread of their goodness, wonderfulness, or holiness. While white women are promoted as victims of white fratboy rapists in colleges or the 'pussy-grabbing' Orange Man, they are evil Beckys if they dare to call the police on illegal or dubious black behavior. White women as pro-globo-homo feminists are good, but white women as TERFS are bad. So, white women could be virtuous in one thread but villainous in another. Same goes for Muslims. As immigrants, they are holy victims of evil Donald Trump and 'white supremacist Islamophobes'. But as Iranians or Syrians who resist Jewish Supremacist Power, they might as well be subhuman who should be blown to smithereens.

But there is a Common Thread about blacks, possibly even more than for Jews and Homos. Upon closer scrutiny, the common thread of Globo-Homo across so many sectors and spheres is artificial and even antithetical. After all, what does homosexuality have to do with Oreo cookies or a hamburger? What exactly is a 'pride burger'? Why must Burger King bill itself as Bugger King? Food has NOTHING to do with homosexuality. (Even Jack Tripper of THREE'S COMPANY only pretended to be homo.) And what does BLM have to do with globo-homo? What do black protests about imagined White Police Brutality have to do with homo pride or tranny celebration, especially when the police has used extra force against blacks precisely to keep cities safe for Jews and HOMOS? And why did Christianity cave to Queertianity? What do God, Jesus, and Salvation have to do with men buggering another or a man with a wig pretending to be a 'woman'? And why do sports franchises celebrate globo-homo? What does Football or Basketball have to do with fruits and fairies, especially as sports are about machismo disdaining sissy boys? So, the common thread of globo-homo isn't natural. It's been enforced by Jewish Power.
In contrast, the Common Thread of Negrolatry is more understandable and more natural as blacks dominate the fields that get most people excited, thrilled, or hyper. Rap and Hip-Hop are the most popular musical forms around the world, and so naturally, many peoples of all races are madly into Negrolatry in pop music. Also, sports make people lose their minds. Globalization and mass migration have led to black athletic colonization even in non-black nations. Britons, French, Dutch, and other Europeans look to blacks as their New National Heroes. Black Idol Imperialism has reached even Japan. In China, yellow boys hug their basketballs like women hug pregnant bellies as they watch the NBA, the bastion of Negro athletes who are the most revered 'heroes' for many young Chinese. So, blacks got pop music and sports. Also, the internet has pretty much made pornography accessible to all the world, and something like 1/3 of all internet traffic is pornographic. And this led to the spread of Negro Dong Fetish around the world. The other black fetish among non-blacks is 'twerking'. Even college-educated women in US, Canada, Australia, Russia, Japan, and Europe are 'twerking' their buns like black women. What were black women thinking when they came up with 'twerking'? It's really 'sex with negro dongs' dance. There was a time when pornography was a Red Light district affair or kept to adults. Nowadays, even young boys and girls grow up to porny images that are easily accessible through smartphones. Also, as the culture-at-large has been pornified, there is hardly any shame or opprobrium associated with overt sexuality. White female singers and white actresses now regularly appear in music videos, TV shows, and movies as the sexual interests of Negro men who are now promoted over white men. So, Negroes not only got sports and pop music but the pornographic imagination, the three big thrills of globalism. That's a lot of Common Thread in pop culture/entertainment.
But Negroes are not only objects of worship as Victors but as Victims. Unlike the Narrative about Homo Victimization, which is mostly bogus as homos were never a specific group — besides, even when homosexuality was held in contempt or criminalized, plenty of homos were born into privilege and abused power in all sorts of ways — , the Narrative of Black Victimization in the West is true enough. As a backward savage people, they were preyed upon by fellow blacks, Arabs, and whites as slave labor. The Atlantic Slave Trade was truly a horror, and blacks did struggle as slaves in the New World. (Though black slavery in the US gets the worst rap, it was far worse in Latin America.) Also, there was the Civil Rights Movement, which had a certain greatness to it but for the fact that the 'racists' were, to a large extent, justified in their Fear of the Tougher, More Aggressive, and More Thuggish Negroes. It wasn't just about the color of the skin but tone of the muscle as Negro men, with equal freedom with white men, were bound to eventually kick the white boys' ass — blacks call white men 'white boys' — and colonize white wombs as women naturally drop loser men and go with winner men. Especially as blacks have louder and more booming voices, the black holler for truth and justice felt more powerful and compelling in the white imagination. So, blacks came to dominate the Common Thread as both high-fiving Victors in sports/entertainment and holy Victims in a spiritualized vision of History that said whites must atone for 'racism'. (Even as modernism billed itself as avant-garde and more evolved, its contradictions led to obsessions with the primitive. In its confusion and obfuscation, it sought out the elementary and vital in, say, African Art and nude Tahitian women. Initially, the fascination was intellectual, but as the years passed and as modernism lost its luster and was eclipsed by an uninhibited pop culture, the primitive went from a cultural artifact to the main fuel of post-Western Imagination.) Because whites worship blacks as natural victors, their guilt about blacks as victims was bound to be greater. With Negro-hood dominating the Common Thread as both dominant victor bodies in sports/entertainment and main victim souls of oppression/injustice, the resulting Mandela/Mandingo Complex among whites is surely a sight to behold. Ridiculous but spectacularly so.

In a way, whites and modern folks have always craved a Common Thread because Modernity and Modernism created such a fractured world of ideas and senses. Modernism insisted that such alienating and anxious consciousness of modernism was good as the necessary price for real freedom. It laid the ground for existentialism whereby individuals must seek their own meaning. Traditional societies put forth essential truths that were meant to be embraced and valued by all. But modernism meant freedom, and that meant the clashing of so many ideas, information, idols, and icons, and therefore, it was up to the alienated and anxious individual to seek his own meaning from the constant melee. So, even as modernity was bewildering and even though modernism wasn't emotionally satisfying, they were challenging and compelling us to think for ourselves. We must all become more 'cubist' in thinking and worldview, so claimed the modernists. But, the human mind craves some kind of essence, some kind of truth that runs as a common thread through all spheres and domains of thought, feeling, and experience. Then, it's no wonder that so many people in the modern world gravitated toward Marxism that did offer a Common Thread of dialectical materialist class analysis that supposedly explained all the past and all the future through an ideology that united philosophy, science, spirituality, and meaning. But in the end, Marxism was the god that failed.

So, what is left as the Common Thread? Jews tried globo-homo, and it has had great success as everything, even Chick-Fil-A(which is now Dic*-Fill-Ass) has been globo-homo-genized, but it's really artificial, more the product of massive promotion via advertising. So many things associated with globo-homo actually have NO relation to homosexuality. Who really thinks of sodomy while sipping Coke? What does the beautiful rainbow have to do with men with wigs who plan to have their penises cut off?
In contrast, blacks are naturally dominant in sports, pop music, and sexual fetishes of whites, what with Emmanuel Macron calling on Europeans to welcome 100s of millions of blacks so that European wombs will be Africanized as white men go cucky-wuck. One would think Viktor Orban would be seen as the sane leader in Europe, but he is denounced as an 'autocratic dictator' whereas a collaborationist cuck who kowtows to Jews and blacks(and homos) is praised as what 'liberal democracy' is all about.

How about Jews as a Common Thread? After all, Jewish Money controls so much, and Holocaust Movies are now a genre unto themselves. But even as so many goyim suck up to Jewish Money and Power, Jews are loathe to make a big deal about their influence and wealth, Alan Dershowitz's chutzpah notwithstanding. As for the Holocaust Narrative, it's too depressing. Jews used to have much cultural capital as comedians, but Jews now seem almost allergic to comedy as satire has always been threatening to the dominant ruling power. Also, Jews aren't great orators(though verbally gifted), great athletes, or great singers. (Bob Dylan lucked out as he came to prominence when people still approached music intellectually and seriously.) Jews may have bigger dongs on average if Ron Jeremy is a realistic representation of Portnoic lusts, but Jewish men lack muscle power. Even if a Jewish Portnoy and Negro with equal-sized dongs stood side by side, the Negro would seem more dominant. This explains why even Jewish men are beginning to fret about all those NY Jewish women going with Negroes. Indeed, it may be the Negro sexuality that finally destroys the unity of Jews as Jewish women tend to be pretty nutty. Just like Jewish men were wildly chasing after blonde 'shikses' in the 70s and 80s, we know have Jewish women chasing after black shakas(or shaka-zulus) in the 21st century.

So, from the most secular-spiritual iconography to salacious pop cultural idolatry, there is the Common Thread of the Negro. It's telling that George Pretty Boy Floyd(or Ugly Boy Floyd as the case may be) the Knee-Groid once acted in porn and is now called a saint. In other words, St. George could be Saint George or Stud George, but in our age, the Mandela/Mandingo Complex have conflated the two. Besides, if Christianity has cucked to Queertianity and now conflates god and jesus with ass-buggery and tranny-penis-cutting, who's to say a drug-addled porn actor can't be a saint as well? To push this logic further, who's to say counterfeit money(like the one held by saint-stud George) isn't real money? If the Fed can print gazillions for Jewish Wall Street, maybe Negroes in the street should be allowed to print their own money too. Trans-money. If tranny men are 'women', let trans-money be real money. In the modern world with so little in the way of Common Thread — made all the worse by baffling Diversity — , so many people are grateful for the Common Thread of Black Celebration because it's the one thing that naturally or 'organically' exists across the cultural landscape, from high to low, to moral narratives to sensual experiences.

In other words, Welcome to Clown World.
Ben Shapiro said, 'Facts don't care about your feelings', and he's right, but therein lies the problem. Facts don't care about ANY feelings, good or bad. Facts are just cold data. A computer drive could be filled with tons of facts, but computers feel nothing. So, having facts on your side doesn't matter as long as you don't FEEL for the facts. Against the current false Narrative of Negro Martyrdom, many on the Right have been spouting off facts about black crime in the genteel manner of Jared Taylor. But those facts, even if true, are uttered without feeling. Those facts will matter ONLY IF whites invest them with feeling, with passion, with rage, with anger. It's not enough to mention that blacks commit more crime and attack and murder more whites. The fact that whites can mention such facts WITHOUT righteous rage means whites are either cold automatons or cucked maggots. When blacks are attacking your race on a daily basis, you should be angry. You should be shouting out every day, 'blacks rob our kind, blacks rape our kind, blacks murder our kind'. Whites should be saying BLM stands for 'burn, loot, and murder' as some have noted. But whites, even in the Dissident Right, are often about the facts without the feelings. Blacks attack whites but only angrily shout 'black lives matter', but whites are likely to either cuck and say 'blacks lives matter' or speak defensively and say 'all lives matter' when, if they had any balls and rage, they would say 'white lives matter', and 'we are not gonna tolerate anymore savage black violence against whites'. In other words, it's time for Race War.

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