Thursday, July 19, 2018

Relativity of Treason — How Donald Trump is both a Traitor and a Patriot

Following the summit between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, the Jew-run Mass Media have gone bonkers in smearing Trump as some kind of unprecedented traitor. This was to be expected because the entire Russia-Collusion-Hysteria had been engineered from the get-go to prevent the meeting of Trump and Putin. But Trump being Trump, he decided to meet with Putin and discuss important matters as World Leaders. Trump knows(and we know and even enemies of Trump know deep in their hearts) that the Russian Collusion thing is the biggest hoax in US history. It was essentially concocted by Jews and MIC(military-industrial-complex) to prevent a rapprochement between the US and Russia. There are reasons why Jews and MIC want to antagonize Russia. For Jews, it’s ethnic hostility rooted in historical animus and tribal greed. As Jews control the media and Deep State, they control the Narrative and get to define ‘American Interests’ which essentially comes to "Is it good for Jewish supremacism?" and "All Americans must like whatever Jews like and hate whatever Jews hate." Jews get to decide our loves and hates, and that means we are to be denied Emotional Autonomy. We must be like dogs that take emotional cues from their master. As for the MIC, they need Russia as the Evil Enemy in order to justify their budget for warmongering. There are other anti-Russian elements too. Globo-Homo degenerates hate Russia because of its restoration of nationalism and traditionalism. Pathologically vain self-worshiping Homos and Trannies want all the world to honor, celebrate, and praise their fussy-fancy ilk. And power-porn elite-educated mafia just love the game of power, and they figure Russia is the most credible rival in the world, especially as Jews have given green light to hate and revile Russia. For them, what counts is the sheer nihilism of playing The Game.

Anyway, the question of Treason is never a simple one because the logic of Treason and Loyalty is always relative. Consider the film CHARIOTS OF FIRE. The Olympic runner must choose between God and King. In choosing God, he is seen by some as snubbing and disrespecting the king. But to the sprinter, it is a higher loyalty. Similar conflict unfolds in the film BECKET where Richard Burton as the eponymous character must choose between loyalty to his friend & king AND a higher sense of duty.

James Comey himself reiterated the problem of treason with his book HIGHER LOYALTY. Comey violated FBI rules and conspired against the President. As such, he is a traitor to the Bureau and to the President. But Comey insists he acted out of a higher loyalty. To what? Truth and justice? To globo-homo agenda? Or to the nihilism of Deep State wrapped in bogus moralizing? In the film THE WILD BUNCH, Pike Bishop(William Holden) defends his estranged ex-friend Deke Thorton(Robert Ryan). Though Thorton is on the hunt for his former outlaw partners, he’d given his word to the Law. Dutch Angstrom(Ernest Borgnine) counters Bishop’s defense of his old friend by insisting that the ‘word’ isn’t enough; it’s whom you give it to.

In RAN by Akira Kurosawa, there are multiple layers of meaning whereby apparent treason might be a deeper loyalty and seeming loyalty could be concealed treachery. The youngest son who’d spoken bluntly against his father was the loyal one. The older sons who spoke with devotion and respect were out for their own power and even willing to destroy their own father. The biggest traitor may be Lady Kaeda who conspires to have the (Hidetora) Ichimonji clan destroyed from within. But in another way, she is also the most loyal character as she’d remained true to her own clan that had been vanquished by the Ichimonjis. As the wife of lord of the Ichimonji clan, her machinations were clearly treasonous. But she’d never forgotten or forgiven the fact that the clan she’d married into destroyed her own family.

And in NIXON, Oliver Stone dramatizes how there are competing factions behind any politician, and each faction represents its own vision of what America should be. And as a politician relies on support from various factions with conflicting interests, his loyalty to one can easily appear as betrayals to others. Especially a nation as big and complex as the US cannot have a single easily definable formula of ‘America’ or ‘American Interests’. Usually, those at the Top(especially in media, academia, law, and politics) get to decide what America is all about. Indeed, Americans cannot even agree on the heroes and villains of history. If Jews can help it, all the monuments to White Southerners will be torn down while all white people must be made to worship MLK, the Negro who sold out the Palestinians because Jews filled his pocket with money.

So, what is Treason? What is Loyalty? It’s all relative. Take Benedict Arnold, denounced as the biggest traitor of the American Revolution. But couldn’t one argue that the Revolution itself was an act of treason against the Mother Country of Britain and to the King? From that perspective, Arnold's treason was an act of loyalty to the Crown. (The Spanish Civil War was especially confused because the Leftists who were 'loyal' to the Power were radicals hellbent on turning Spain upside down with communism and anarchism, whereas the rebel forces were committed to maintaining Spanish Tradition.) Of course, the Founding Fathers argued that their higher loyalty was to independence, freedom, and dignity of man. Some have argued such were mere rosy words to cosmeticize what was essentially a naked power grab by the landed gentry of the Colonies who wanted supreme power in their own hands. Granted, the example of George Washington shows that the Founders weren't out to be the New King. Rather, what they envisioned was a new kind of aristocracy, the ‘natural aristocracy’, that would be made up mostly of themselves and their descendants who were deemed to be superior in intellect and knowledge. Though Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson are usually seen as ideological opposites, both were elitist in their own unique ways. The difference was Jefferson’s style was that of an agrarian aristocrat whereas Hamilton was more urban in his disposition and preference. Jefferson thought more like a nobleman whereas Hamilton thought more like a monarch. (Oddly enough, the two styles would be wedded together by Andrew Jackson, a crude man of low origin.)
The rise of modernity and rapidity of change made the issue of loyalty and treason increasingly more difficult to resolve. It's difficult to be loyal to anything when so much is changing so fast all around you. Constancy became obsolete.
The French Revolution was a rebellion against the King. Obviously, the Revolutionaries were traitors to the monarch, the nobility, and the Church that had defined France and French culture for so long. But the Revolution argued that the rulers no longer possessed the right to rule. The Enlightenment had revealed a higher form of justice. Also, rulers must serve the people than vice versa. To the extent that the Tradition made the French people serve the king, aristocrats, and the church(that were unresponsive to the needs of the people), it was in violation of the true Theory of Justice. Thus, treason against the Old System was necessary to bring forth a New System that was worthy of the loyalty of the people who were to be liberated and elevated. They would no longer be subjects and instead become free citizens of a republic. And then, of course the Revolutionaries fell into the lethal habit of accusing one another of treason to the spirit of the Revolution, a tragedy avoided by American Revolutionaries who were less radical and less threatened by foreign powers. Later, Russian Revolution would lead to tragedies that made the French Revolution’s failures look like a picnic.

Anyway, it isn't easy to ascertain who is traitorous or loyal because it depends on one’s perspective. Indeed, everyone could be said to be both traitorous and loyal. One’s loyalty to the Old Order is treason against the New Order, and one’s loyalty to the New Order is treason against the Old Order. And as the New Order soon becomes the Old Order, it also insists on blind loyalty and commitment. The issues of loyalty and treason have still not been resolved around the American Civil War. Though the North won the war, many in the South never accepted the Northern Narrative. Also, there had been a prolonged period when the North decided to effectively bury the hatchet and make cultural peace with the South, i.e. the North would maintain its favored Narrative and the South would its own. Live and let live. Let the North honor Lincoln and Grant. Let the South accept the fact of the Union but still honor men like Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. This noble understanding was subverted by Jews who, in seeking to totally cuck-castrate the white race into submission, have waged Total War on the Southern Narrative(which is ironic since Jews in the South had been mostly pro-Confederate).

So, what about Donald Trump? Is he a patriot or a traitor? If he is a traitor, we need to ask what he is a traitor to? Which America? After all, there is no single America. Surely, Palestinian-America differs from Jewish-America. Jewish-America sees BDS as traitorous, but Palestinian-America sees US support of Zionism as a betrayal of what 'America' should be about. And black-America hardly sees eye-to-eye with white America that has much at odds with Mexican-America. Many blacks revere men like Malcolm X who had harsh words for White America. And many whites in the South still feel affection for the Confederate flag that symbolized the South's rebellion against the Union. And whites and Mexicans(even Mexican-Americans) will remember the Alamo differently. Feminists, with the backing of Jew-run media, claim to represent Women's Interests. So, if women speak, act, or vote against the policies favored by Feminism Inc, they are said to be traitors to womynkind. Feminists say women must be more loyal to the Sisterhood than to their families. In reality, Power Feminists(like Elizabeth Holmes and Sheryl Sandberg) have more in common with Elite Men(especially Jews and globo-hustlers) than with lower class women without fancy careers, wealth, and privilege. The real conflict is between elite men/women and mass men/women. Feminists aren't out for equality. They want to rise high to be with and marry elite men.
And even within the same racial or ethnic community, there can be a wide divergence of interests. This is especially true among whites, among whom 59% generally vote Republican while the rest vote Democratic.Some white Republicans might see white Democrats as traitors to the race, while many white Democrats might see white Republicans as traitors to 'history' that will end when every corner of the world has been globalized with diversity and made Homo-Mulatto. Also, even though the US is a nation of 325 million people, only a relatively tiny share of the population has control over the media, academia, upper echelons of government, and the like. And they are the ones who usually get to decide what is what. They decide what ‘American Interests’ are. And they theorize what ‘America’ or ‘American values’ or ‘Western values’ are all about, and then they foist this formulation on all Americans via the mass media that are controlled mostly by Jews. Indeed, so much of the 'American' label is just a stamp or sticker for JEWISH power, privilege, and passions.
When we consider the people with the most power in the US(the Jews and Homos) and how they choose to define ‘America’, Trump is indeed a traitor to that ‘America’. The globo-homo elites are bored with nationhood. It's too petty and small for them. They want to play with and own all the world. They want the US to be not a fortress but an aircraft carrier. For them, Manifest Destiny continues with new wars, new propaganda, Homomania as the new missionary-crusade, Afro-worship as the New Cool, demographic imperialism, and spread of Jewish hegemony(with Anglos and Homos as favored sidekicks). Globalist elites of many nations pool their resources to gain control over the world, and all the masses of the world become mixed-up peons and helots with no right of identity, territory, or history. (Only Jews, especially in Israel, are to have that right.) The elites don't need a specified identity, territory, or history because they got what gives them the most jollies: Wealth, connections, privilege, and VIP status wherever they go. The elites speak of 'equality' and 'inclusion', but it's really just 'elititude', an invocation game of certain agreed-upon symbolism not unlike the practice of Christianity in aristocratic Europe; all those kings and noblemen hardly led lives that could be construed as genuinely Christian, but they didn't have to because they carried on with the symbolic rituals of sanctimony that shrouded them with the aura of piety. Elititude. Today, all those Western elites don't have to give up their wealth and rub shoulders with the wretched of the earth to be 'progressive'. They merely need to take selfies at a ceremony commemorating Nelson Mandela. How do you like them photo-ops by Bono with African children? After playing Pop Christ, he goes back to live in his mansion.

This ‘America’ that is favored by the Mass Media is not a sovereign nation but a jewel-in-the-crown of the real superpower in the world, the Empire of Judea(or EOJ) that has neo-imperialist globo-homo networks all over the world. Jewish power is connected via New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, London, Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, Moscow, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Tel Aviv, and etc. Jews have powerful presence even in nations that are deemed as the enemies of the US. Jews are so powerful that even Russia, a nation that is constantly defamed by vicious Jews, must allow a bunch of Jews to hold great wealth and power. (Russians are spectacular underachievers who are so lazy, stupid, and incompetent that a handful of Jews have run circles around them time and time again. Indeed, consider the difference between the Russian Revolution and the German Revolution. Both turned out to be evil, but German Revolution of the National Socialists gained power for Germans against the Semites whereas the Russian Revolution led to the Semitic & non-Russian minority domination over vast numbers of Russian Slavs. Germans, being more capable, outmaneuvered the Jews, whereas Russians, being drunk and stupid, came under the rule of Jews who made up a tiny cabal. Alas, even though Germans were more capable, their recklessness led to WWII and their downfall, and Germans have never been able to regain their footing since. In a way, German conscientiousness came to be a thorn on its side. Though conscientiousness is generally a good thing, the relative lack of such among Russians seems to maintain their resistance to the Jews. Ironically, both Germany’s choice of National Socialism and Shoah-Guilt[or National Shame-ism] were the product of German conscientiousness. Overwhelmed by mounting poverty and degradation during the Great Depression, National Socialism seemed to offer an opportunity for Germans to rise up and do something hard and constructive to repair and rebuild the nation. It was National Will in action, and a people without conscientiousness couldn’t have chosen such a path. Germans, unlike stupid and lazy Greeks in the financial crisis several years back, were not bitching and asking for easy fix. They were willing to unite and work hard to restore German greatness again. This called for lots of work, unity, and collective sacrifice, and Germans were up to the challenge. So far so good. But then, the man the Germans put in charge, Adolf Hitler, turned out to be a mad visionary and degenerate gambler with history. Hitler exploited the conscientiousness of the Germans. He promised them a New Beginning based on hard work, sacrifice, and unity. Germans trusted him, and things seemed to be going well... until Hitler decided on imperialism, and then all hell broke loose. After the war, Germans chose the path of conscientiousness once again. They came to realize that their blind trust in Hitler-as-savior-of-Germany had led to a catastrophic war that not only destroyed millions of German lives but millions of non-German lives as well. Among the great horrors was Shoah, the killing of millions of Jews. So, Germans decided to be mindful and redeem themselves. If in the 1930s they’d put all their trust in Hitler, after WWII Germans increasingly put their trust in Jews as a holy people. When Jews didn’t rule the world, it didn’t much matter, but as Jews increasingly became the masters of the US, the most powerful nation in the world, Germans came under greater pressure to prostrate themselves before Jews as the Holy Holocaust Race that must be obeyed and worshiped like gods. And as Jews gained even more power, they went from rulers of the US to the rulers of the Empire of Judea, of which the US was the main prize. Flush with all this power, Jews are now in supremacist Judeo-Nazi mode, and they’re rabid with power.)

Given who really rules America and gets to decide what is ‘American’ or what are ‘Western values’, one could say Trump is indeed a traitor to this ‘America’. In the Brother Nathanael video above, it’s obvious that many anti-Trump voices in the media are Jewish. But then, the media are owned mostly by Jews. It’s an incestuous and inbred Jew-owned-and-run Media that hire lots of Jews to tell us that whatever Jews hate, we must hate too. Whatever Jews like, we must like to. Jews dictate to us what to hate, what to love. If Jews say it is American-as-apple-pie to support IDF death squad's killing of Palestinian protesters(calling attention to the fact that 2018 is the 70th anniversary of Nakba Pogroms that wiped Palestine off the map thanks to Jewish mass migration-invasion), then cheering for Zionist killers must be red, white, and blue(or red, white, and Jew). The so-called Mass Media offer us endless ‘two-minutes of hatred’, and according to Jews, Putin is the New Goldstein or Goldputin. According to the PC Narrative, one's willful deviance from this Agenda constitutes 'treason'. It's like a master shaming a dog as 'bad doggy' for refusing to fetch the ball or fight another dog.

Basically, the Mass Media is Hate News against whatever Jews hate and is Love Media for whatever Jews love(or thinks is useful to their supremacist power). All this Russia brouhaha is so much nonsense, and the ONLY reason it exists is because Jewish globo-homo imperialism hates nationalism or national autonomy/independence/sovereignty of goy peoples, especially whites. Jews are viciously hostile toward white Americans whereas Putin & Russia feel no such hostility. Jews are also hostile toward Russians. Because Russia refuses to obey Jewish Supremacists, Jews feel that Russia is 'hostile' to the Jewish Agenda; therefore, all of us(as obedient dogs) are also supposed to see Russia as hostile to us. According to Jewish logic, refusal to obey the Jewish globo-homo agenda is 'hateful' and 'hostile'. It's like Harvey Weinstein's sexual logic. Any woman who said NO to him was offending him than he was offending her. Like they say, "Jews cry out in pain as he strikes you." Jews lie about Russian Collusion when, in fact, they are the ones who colluded with Deep State and EU to get Hillary, their bitch-whore, elected. According to Jews, the only approved 'allies' of the US are its bitch-whore puppets like Japan, Canada, UK, France, Sweden, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and etc. Any nation outside the orbit of US hegemony is friend or enemy depending on how JEWS feel about it. Jews are the final judge of which nations the US can be friendly with. Jews say Israel is America's closest ally, and that must be true because... Jews say so. Jews say Russia is the #1 enemy, and it must be so because... Jews say so. Jews are masters, we are dogs. Woof. Imagine someone who says he gets to decide who gets to be your friends or enemies. If you decided to find your own friends, he calls you a traitor to yourself. Jews are like the insane jealous lover in PLAY MISTY FOR ME who tries to claim the Clint Eastwood character all to herself. A truly vile people. Jews need to own the white race in order to sustain Jewish supremacism.

After all, Jewish supremacism depends on whites serving as horsey to the Jewish rider. Jews are to serve as the mind, and whites are to serve as the obedient body. Though Russia isn’t free of malevolent Jewish influence, it is freer than the US is. Paradoxically, Russians both fell under and resisted Jewish power more fully than White America did. If German conscientiousness made Germans both radically anti-Jewish under National Socialism and excessively pro-Jewish after WWII — in both cases, the Germans were trying so very hard to do the Right Thing — , the Russian lack of conscientiousness made them easily fall under Jewish Bolsheviks and later bluntly irreverent to Jewish power. After the fall of the Tsar and under the rule of the Provisional Government, the only thing Russians cared about was ‘land, bread, and peace’, or ‘what is in it for me?’ Most had no idea what was happening or didn’t care. They just wanted ‘my little thing’. So, Russian masses were willing to throw their lot with the Bolsheviks even though the latter was calling for national defeat to the Germans. Russian masses couldn't care less. They just wanted "what’s mine". Russian moral and intellectual laziness led to this morass, something that energetic and radical Jewish Bolsheviks took advantage of. Lack of Russian conscientiousness could be manipulated by Jews. But then later, this very trait worked against Jews. Upon Stalin's outmaneuvering the Jews and later when his heirs promised More Stuff to the Russians at the expense of Jews, the Russians readily accepted the bargain. Russians didn’t care if Soviet version of ‘affirmative action’ hurt smarter Jews. They were into "What’s mine?" than for higher principles and meritocratic fair play. Also, being less conscientious, Russians are harder to guilt-bait. Besides, communism made it difficult to guilt-bait most Russians. After all, communism said capitalism is evil. Most Russians never got to practice capitalism. If anything, even communist Jews had more savvy for enterprise and came to be associated with stuff like black markets. Also, WWII meant Soviet/Russian victory over Nazism. So, that meant Russians deserved moral pride over having defeated Nazi Germany. Against such mule-headed bluntness, it was difficult for Jews to guilt-bait and manipulate. It’s more constructive to work with ‘conscientious’ dogs than with boorish bears.
Post-Soviet Russia repeated this pattern once again. Because Russians were so lazy, stupid, and slovenly, clever and greedy Jews found it easy to manipulate the Russian economy and loot much of it in the 1990s while too many Russians were drunk on vodka or imitating American pop culture. If Russians had been more conscientious, like Germans or Japanese after WWII, it would have been more difficult for Jews to pull off such a stunt. But then, Russian boorishness and crudity turned into an advantage beginning in the 2000s. Emotionally gruff and rough-n-tumble in sensibility, Russians decided to say hell with Jews and their homo puppets. They said hell to 'liberal democracy' and what the globalists were hailing as the New Normal in the 'most evolved' progress. (Paradoxically, Anglos and Germanic types can fall for immorality-as-the-new-morality more easily because they are more conscientious. Most people don't think hard about right-and-wrong. They outsource such meanings to the elites and are mainly concerned with seeming to do the right thing in the eyes of the official power. They are more concerned with Moral Approval than Moral Thought. So, if the Power says 'gay marriage' is 'more evolved', Anglos and Germanic types try so very hard to appear More Moral and win status approval. In contrast, Russians, being less conscientious, are less concerned about seeming More Moral. So, they tend to be more oblivious to the latest Official Line. And yet, this outlook maintains genuine morality because it is less sensitive about keeping-up-with-the-joneses of morality-as-fashionable-virtue-signaling.) Russian rejection of globo-homo agenda was a morally important decision but not one that was made morally. Russians stumbled into moral action because things got so bad with Jews at the helm. They wanted a strong hand to rein in the oligarchs and gangsters, and that man was Vladimir Putin. Most Russians didn’t care what Putin did as long as he made things better. Lucky for them, Putin turned out to be rather sane and sound leader with good sense for things. Anyway, because Russians tend to be neanderthal in their ways and emotions, they are harder to psychologically or morally manipulate. Jews found it easier to gain power over lazy and stupid Russians but also more difficult to maintain control over them for the long haul because Russians are so disorganized, lazy, incompetent, and lacking in conscience. In contrast, Jews found it far more difficult to gain power over Anglos and Germans, a talented hardworking people with strong sense of moral pride. But once Jews gained an edge over them, they found it easier to manipulate them psychologically and morally because Anglos and Germans really care about the principles of right and wrong(or are obsessed about seeming to care about such things as a matter of status). In the short run, it was easier for Jews to take power in Russia but, in the long run, it was harder for Jews to keep the power because Russians just wouldn't play along as they’re too lazy, childish, boorish, and difficult. In contrast, Jews were met with truly stiff competition from talented Anglos and Germans. Thus, Jews required far more energy to gain dominance in their world. Jews gained supreme power in Russia in 1917. Jews gained comparable power only in the 1980s in the US. But once Jews gained power in the US, it was easier to keep because Anglos and Anglo-ized whites did a very good job of keeping things running for their Jewish masters.
After all, the very craziness of Russia in the 90s that enabled Jews to steal so much also led to the downfall or exile of many Jews. It’s one thing to grab a lot of loot, but unless there is law and order, it’s difficult for the looters to keep all their loot. Certain Jewish oligarchs of the 1990s met a fate similar to that of Jewish Bolsheviks in the 1930s in the Great Purge. Even though Jews grabbed so much power so fast in Russia following the October Revolution, the sheer lack of Rule of Law meant that what the Jews took violently and unscrupulously could be taken from them in the same manner by someone even more cunning and ruthless than them, and that man happened to be Josef Stalin the Georgian. Russia has always been a land of bandits, peasants, gamblers, and bear-wrestlers. Jews could get such people drunk and steal their wealth, but drunken mobs can easily turn on the very people who supplied them with the drink. Jews always played on lack of conscientiousness among Russians to gain power over Russians. Jews always saw Russians as idiots and boors to whom to sell vodka, either literally or metaphorically in the intoxication of the Revolution(communism) or Riches(privatization). But the danger was that Russians-as-boors might get pissed and go 'pogrom' on the nasty Jews.
In contrast, the US was the nation that once came up with Prohibition. And the Brits, even as they allowed the Jew David Sassoon to sell opium to China, banned the sale of opium in Britain itself. Therefore, if Jews played on lack of control and conscientiousness among Russians, they played on the strong sense of self-control and conscientiousness among Anglos and Anglo-Americans. Jews did the hustle on the Anglos. Initially, Jews were full of praise for White Anglo America. Jews flattered the Anglo-Americans for having created a nation better and more just than any in Europe. But that was a bait. After all, if the US was supposed to be so wonderful and great, why did it have such-and-such problems and why did US fail to live up to all its promises? So, what began as Jewish praise turned increasingly into Jewish condemnation of White America's failure to fulfill its true 'proposition'. And Anglo-Americans, especially the Episcopalian elites, being so conscientious and sensitive about their self-image as Good People, turned into moral putty in the hands of Jews(who rarely applied similar kind of critique on their own kind and power). Anyway, even though it was far more difficult climb for Jews to take over the US(than a nation like Russia), the victory has been more complete and total because (1) white Americans can maintain a system of Rule of Law that Jews can manipulate to their own advantage and (2) white Americans are earnest about their conscientious redemption and atonement to be ‘good people’ as, of course, to be defined by Jews who control the academia, media, and pop culture(which is the only remaining culture).

When we consider the US as a vassal of the real superpower in the world, the Empire of Judea, Trump is indeed a traitor. His rapport with Putin was an act of Treason to the ‘America’ as a prized colony of the Empire of Judea(or EOJ). While there are plenty of non-Jews who also denounce Trump’s summit with Putin, most of them take their talking points from Jews. In other words, Jews lead, others follow. If Jews were to change their tune tomorrow and say Russia is no longer a problem, most of these non-Jewish dogs will stop barking. In any power system, we must distinguish who’s the master and who’s the dog. In Stalin’s Soviet Union, it would have seemed that Stalin and all his men were equally united in their passion for or against something. But was it really a consensus? Or was it Stalin’s hatred that others had to agree with. So, if Stalin hated A, his henchmen also had to hate A. If Stalin then decided to love A and hate B, his henchmen would do likewise. Same logic applies to the US. Don’t mind the barking dogs. They lack agency. They will bark to the tune of their masters. As Jews rule the US, they get to decide what is to be hated. Jews hate Russia and Putin at the moment, so ALL OF US are supposed to hate along. And because most non-Jews in the Deep State and Mass Media won’t have a career unless they obey Jews, they also spout along. Sure, they sound sincere in their hatred, but so did the henchmen of Stalin and Mao. And of Hitler. Whatever the Fuhrer said, the Nazi henchmen had to go along with. Just about everyone in the American Deep State and Media has to APPEASE their Jewish Masters if he wants to have career, reputation, and status.

The rise of Russian Nationalism led to the slipping of Jewish monopoly power in Russia. The Russian masses decided to support Putin and Russian nationalism. Putin then lent special support to the Russian Church. Jews were alarmed by this and sought to counter the development with Pussy Riot and Homomania, but Russia said Nyet. This infuriated the Jews. In contrast, Jews were able to guilt-bait, castrate, browbeat, brainwash, and heart-worm American whites(and Western Europeans) into worshiping Magic Negroes, embracing cuckery, rejecting their own racial/cultural identity, remembering Holocaustianity, and celebrating Homomania. American Whites were told they have no identity or culture of their own, and even if they did, it must be bad because whiteness is ‘racist’ and must be destroyed. But Donald Trump, the Alt Right, and Populism began to turn the tide on the Jewish Supremacist Power. More Americans began to wake up to the Globo-Homo agenda. They came to be more aware of Jewish power. And even conservative white Americans who continue to have warm feelings for Jews and Israel increasingly said NO to social and political agendas favored by Jewish elites. And this is why Jews are all panicked about Russia. Jews are no longer worried about survival. They are addicted to supremacism. After all, Russia is friendly to Jews, and lots of Jews are fabulously rich there. Even as Jews denigrate Russia and spit on Putin, Russia and Putin have been nice, welcoming, and protective of Jews. While Putin moved against the nastiest Jewish oligarchs, he kept some of them around, and if anything, he’s come down hard on outspoken anti-Jewish elements in Russia. But that’s not enough for Jews who must have supremacism. Jews believe non-Jewish nations belong to them. Since Jews cannot take them over demographically like they took over Palestine, Jews promote mass invasion-immigration on all goy nations so that the native peoples will, under the Diversity regimen, lose their sense of identity, territory, and history. And then, Jewish globalist elites will find it much easier to penetrate and take over nation after nation, not least by exploiting the art of divide-and-rule among Diversity created by mass invasion-immigration.

While Trump is clearly a traitor to the Empire of Judea, he could be seen as a patriot to America that has been envisioned as a sovereign nation with a specific history, core demography, core cultural themes(mostly rooted in Europe), and well-established borders. According to this view, the Core Americans are the European settlers who conquered, founded, and built the nation. While non-whites did their part in the development of the US, America is essentially an extension of European Civilization, and in order for the US to remain that way, its core must be white-European, especially Northern European. Patriots believe that this America must be preserved. After all, America was not founded and built by the world. Rather, it was founded by a specific group of Europeans, and later, other kinds of Europeans adapted and assimilated to this Core America that was essentially Anglo-Germanic. It has been this success story that made the US a magnet for the rest of the world that was far less successful in creating nice societies. If indeed the US belongs to all the world and must become all the world, why should people of the world have to come to the US? If the US is not a specific nation but The World, then people around the world should just stay put because US, as the World, would hardly be different from the rest of the world. On the one hand, the globo-homo-pushers say the US is an ‘exceptional’ nation, but then they say the US must become like the rest of the world. If US is so exceptional, why must it become so much like the rest of the world? Or are they saying the world is made better if they come to the US and become ‘Americans’? But what would this ‘American’ be? If US no longer has a core demography, no core culture, and no core anything and if US is always reinventing itself with more and more Mass Immigration, what would make it so ‘exceptional’? Indeed, the US narrative went from 'immigrants from the world must assimilate to American-ness' to 'American-ness must assimilate to the world'.
Of course, Jews have it all figured out. The reason why Jews welcome more Mass Invasion-Immigration is because they believe themselves to the be smartest people. If Jews really believed that newcomers could take power from them, they would say NO to more Mass Immigration. Suppose Mexicans and Muslims have an average IQ of 130 and very pushy personalities. Suppose they were to come to the US, outsmart the Jews, and take over as New Elites. Would Jews really want More Immigration then? Of course not. Jews welcome more Mass Invasion-Immigration because they know the newcomers will only be their helots, servants, and new voters. Jews know the newcomers won’t be able to compete with Jews. Asians are smarter than most immigrant groups, but East Asians are too dull-in-personality to win against Jews-with-chutzpah. And Hindus are too exotic and weird for most Americans to accept as the New Elites. Indeed, Jewish Power works a perverse duality vis-a-vis whites. On the one hand, Jews berate and shame whiteness. Jews tell whites to know their place and not act uppity. But Jews also count as ‘white’, and that means they are more acceptable to whites as elites than other groups are. So, even though many whites may increasingly sense that Jews are pretty nasty toward them, they still regard Jews-in-power as whites-in-power since Jews officially count as whites. But many whites wouldn't feel likewise if a bunch of Hindus took elite power in the US. Hindus are just too exotic. And of course, Jews understand this psychology, which is why they don’t fear Hindus very much. And Hindus understand this too. They know that whites(and blacks and browns) are less likely to accept the 'dotkins' as New Elites. For one thing, it would be seen as cutting in front of the line as most Hindus in the US are relative newcomers. So, Hindus stick close to Jews in their attainment of power and privilege. They dare not try to gain the upper-hand over Jews. In this Jewish vision of America, more and more ‘immigrants’ means more underlings of Jews. While Mexicans can out-compete ‘white trash’ and Asians can out-compete white middle class, neither will be able to out-compete Jews. Jews are too smart. They are too well-connected. They are too tribal and viciously chutzpahstic. Also, even if they shit all over whites, whites would still prefer Jewish masters than non-white masters. At the very least, white Christians can remind themselves of Judeo-Christian Values and go on pretending that Jews and White Christians are brothers-under-the-skin even though Jews continue to kick them in the balls. Jews as New Elites seem like an alien power but not entirely because Jews and white Christians go back a long time. But if the US were to come under the power of non-whites, there would be far less support for the new elites among whites. Whites will take shit from Jews(and from blacks as Magic Negroes) but not from any other people. Even as Jews berate whites for not being sufficiently welcoming to MORE non-white immigration, they aren’t looking for to parity and equality between Jews and non-white immigrants. As far as Jews are concerned, the non-whites are merely Diversity army to be used against whites. Now, what if whites side with non-whites against Jews? Jews figure that won’t happen because whites, especially white conservatives, will always favor white Jews(no matter how nasty they are) to non-whites. This is the conundrum facing the American Right. Its racial consciousness leads to preference of ‘fellow white’ Jews over non-whites, but no group is as hostile and vicious toward whites in the West than Jews are. It’s like black bears siding with brown bears in the spirit of fellowship-of-the-bear against wolves and coyotes but being attacked most by brown bears that also welcome coyotes and wolves to beat on black bears too. Jews denounce white-consciousness as 'racist' but also rely on this 'racism' as it makes whites favor Jews over others. After all, most white conservatives tend to see Israelis as WHITE Jews and Palestinians as BROWN 'ragheads'. And it is why whites generally favor Jewish power over other kinds of power. Whites aren't bothered by College admission policies that favor Jews over Asians because Jews are seen as fellow whites. So, Jews are playing a contradictory game. They revile white consciousness as 'racist' but also subtly appeal to it to keep whites favoring Jews over non-whites(such as Palestinians in the Middle East and Asians in competition for colleges).

One thing for sure, Trump’s meeting with Putin sure smoked out the true nature of the Deep State. It is so totally Jewish or cucky-wuck. All this alarm about ‘evil Putin’ and Trump’s treason is about Jewish Supremacists demanding that the US remain as part of Empire of Judea than regain independence as a sovereign nation, like Russia and Iran. Jewish supergroup supremacist imperialism hates Russian nationalism and American nationalism because nationalism is anti-imperialist. Nationalism seeks autonomy and independence from imperialist domination. The Thirteen Colonies once belonged to the British Empire. When the Colonies declared independence, the British Crown and Parliament howled TREASON. The Colonies relied on the aid of the French to fight the British. (If Russia wants to help American patriots like the France aided the American Revolutionaries, why should we care? Did the Founding Fathers say NO to French aid on the basis that France was a monarchy?) At this point, the US is no longer a free nation. After the Cold War, Jews cemented their power as the supremacist element in the US, and they steadily and surely incorporated the US into the Worldwide Network of Jewish Supremacist Power. The US is now a colony of the Empire of Judea just as the Thirteen Colonies were once the possession of the British Empire. Just as the British Empire was furious with the uppity daring of the American Revolutionaries who declared independence, Jewish supremacists are freaking out over the fact that Trump and patriotic Americans(who’ve emerged from Jewish hypnosis) are effectively demanding independence and emancipation from the Jewish Supremacist Imperialism. According to Jews, ‘America’ must remain in the Image of Jewish Power. America must obey Jews. And especially White Americans must hate their own race & culture and cuck out to blacks and be ‘inclusive’ of unceasing non-white mass invasion that will reduce the historic core population of the US into a permanent minority. This is the Jewish vision of America, and it can only see Trump’s effort at rapprochement with Russia as a threat to Jewish domination. After all, Russia was once a part of the Empire of Judea but managed to tear itself free(though not entirely) from Jewish claws. If Russia could do it, why not the US? Why not the nations of the EU? If Russia is no longer a part of EOJ, why should the US remain a vassal? EOJ, more than NATO and EU, is the real curse of the world. Though Trump is coming under lots of fire, the sheer hysteria of the Jews is giving us a clear picture of who really rules America and what their real agenda is.
All patriots must be willing to be treasonous to the Empire of Judea. To be loyal to one's nation and people requires one to commit treason against the alien overlords. For Gandhi and Nehru to be loyal to the idea of Indian Independence, they had to be treasonous to the British Empire and refuse to serve as subjects and agents of British Imperialism.

Indeed, imagine the chutzpah of these Jews who make up 2% of the US population but deign to define what is 'America' and shove this concoction down our throats and up our anuses. These Jews, so nasty and lacking in self-awareness, seem to believe that America exists to serve Jewish vanity. Any vision of America that says NO THANKS to Jewish domination is deemed as 'treason'. Well, loyalty to nation calls for treason against globo-homo empire. Such is true patriotism. And we must praise Donald Trump for having tried against all odds against the vile and vicious Jews. He is wrong on many things, but his counter-chutzpah can be amazing.

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