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How Globalists Hate Nationalism and Do Everything to Destroy It(except for Israel and Jewish Tribal Consciousness) but Shamelessly Invoke Nationalism to Rouse up the Populace against whatever They Hate

The above video is very telling about the Way of the World. It’s about how the Swedish elites in government, media, and education invoke Swedish Nationalism against the alleged Russian Threat. Now, one might say it’s reasonable for the political leaders and media elites of a nation to alert their people about foreign dangers. But this is Sweden we are talking about, a nation where the general policy is that there is no such thing as a Swedish people and culture. Accordingly, Sweden should go the way of America(as ‘reinvented’ by Jews) that supposedly has no core demography, core culture, core history. Indeed, Jews would have us believe that America doesn’t even have a core territory as all the world may illegally enter the US and demand to be accepted as ‘undocumented immigrants’ deserving to be called ‘Americans’. And of course, just as the world can invade the US demographically, the big institutions and industries of the US are supposed to have the license to invade, dominate, and control all the world. Sweden used to be a nice little nation, but it caught the globalist bug. It decided to become a Moral Superpower by sending tons of aid to Africa and taking in more ‘refugees’ and ‘migrants’ than any other nation, at least proportionately speaking. Sweden wasn't enough for the Swedish. Perhaps, things were too orderly, too quiet, and too civil. In other words, too boring. So, the Swedes decided to save Africa or have Africa come to Sweden and become New Swedes to spice things up a bit in frozen Scandinavia. Supposedly, the soulless Ice People need to be thawed and warmed by the Sun People. And Swedish women see most of the heat in the friction of the meat of white poon and black pud. Sweden, like Holland, dreams of Junglopolis.

Given the rise of New Sweden mentality, the elites have been telling the Swedish people that they can’t claim whatever that may be construed as uniquely Swedish. No one has any right to say he’s Swedish by blood, history, and culture. Anyone can be Swedish by coming to Sweden, and if any Swede says that foreigners cannot be real Swedes, he is a thought criminal to be fined and even imprisoned. If the state doesn’t get him, other Swedes will. As Swedes tend to be orderly, earnest, trusting, conformist, and group-conscientious, they readily soak up whatever globalist nonsense they are taught in schools and get from the media. Thus, almost overnight, they became like the Pod People of INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS and expect every Swede to think and speak the same way. Those who deviate from the Agenda and Narrative are shunned, hounded, and condemned. As Swedes are a cohesive and group-oriented people, they are super-sensitive to disapproval from their peers. So, even those who remain skeptical of the New Sweden Narrative just hunker down and go along lest they be targeted as renegades.
Anyway, since the official narrative says there is no Core Swedishness in territory, history, or people, anyone can become Swedish just by coming to Sweden. An African fresh off the boat with no ancestry or history in Sweden is put on fast-track to becoming Swedish and, soon enough, he is to be regarded as just as 'Swedish' as the real Swedish with ancient roots in the territory. (If Swedes really want to play this ‘white guilt’ BS, they should remember that their main acts of terror were carried out against fellow whites. Today, Swedish are like PC vikings who do everything to shame and castrate all Europeans.) A Swedish child is told there is no real man or real woman. Any man can become a woman, any woman can become a man. Indeed, boys who claim to be girls and girls who claim to be boys are favored over boys who know they are boys and girls who know they are girls. If any bunch of boys can be girls if they say so, then any bunch of Africans and Middle Eastern Muslims can become Swedes if they say so. Swedishness is treated as a mere accident of history: There is nothing there there. A bunch of people happened to build a society in a land that is now known as Sweden. So, Swedish identity is accidental, arbitrary, and trivial. It doesn’t mean anything. Also, Swedish can’t be said to have a culture because Christianity, Classical Art, and much else came from outside Sweden. (Of course, we can argue that a people, in practicing a foreign influence in their own way, make it their own. For example, even though Christianity didn’t originate in Europe, the European practice and development of Christianity was different from the direction and character of Christianity in the Near East and North Africa. Opera began in Italy, but German Wagner took it to new heights. Buddhism didn’t originate in Tibet or Japan, but each people did their special thing with the religion, and thus, Japanese Buddhism is distinctly Japanese, and Tibetan Buddhism is distinctly Tibetan.)

Anyway, it’s pretty well-known among European patriots that Sweden is an example of PC-gone-wild. This is ironic because Swedes are a conscientious people. Being a good, sincere, and mindful people, they want to do the right thing. They want to be useful members of the community and be approved as Good and Worthy. Also, having abandoned religion, Swedes have come to worship secular gods, and they turned out to be Jews, Negroes, and Homos. Sweden is rich but a peripheral nation in terms of world influence. So, most Swedes get their information and ideas from elsewhere, and guess who controls world academia and media? Jews of course. Jewish Power made Holocaustianity the new religion of the West and made White Identity and Consciousness into the new Satan. Anything that is pro-white and white-conscious is ‘Nazi’ and the road to another Holocaust. Ridiculous, but Swedes found religion in Jew-Worship. Having come to see Jews as a holy race, Swedes earnestly and sincerely partook of Jewish advice as if it was manna from heaven. Jews not only promote themselves but Homos and Blacks. Jews value Homos as minority-elite allies, and Jews find blacks useful in destroying white manhood and in turning white women into ‘mudsharks’. Jews know that the unity of white man and white woman is the strongest source of white power. Jews know that white women will abandon white men if the latter are seen as weak and wussy, and it just so happens that NOTHING in the world is as effective in destroying white manhood as blacks are. As blacks got harder muscles, louder voices, and bigger dongs, white males are beaten to a pulp and reduced to pathetic cucks. Thus, white women come to feel contempt for wussy white men and go with Negroes, and thus Sweden is being turned into something like Africa, just like France that also worships Jews, Negroes, and Homos. To anyone with sense, Jewish hag Barbara Specter is a disgusting phony and liar, BUT so many Swedes fell for the BS of people like her because they came to worship Holocaustianity and came to view Jews as a holy race. Given Jewish Sacredness, it would be Nazi-like to harbor any skepticism of claims made by Jews. Specter's idea that ‘Europe will not survive’ unless is it repopulated with non-Europeans(as New Europeans?) is downright absurd, but look how Swedes pay rapt attention to her as if they’re in the presence of the divine. It goes to show that intelligence isn’t enough. Swedes are an intelligent people, but their personality is earnest, trusting, and good-willed. If intelligence equals criticality on the individual level, East Asia should have been the most critical-minded place on Earth. But given the East Asian personality, higher intelligence just led to more conformism, dogmatism, and authoritarianism. Also, intelligence doesn’t necessarily lead to more truth or honesty. Take Jews, for instance. Ashkenazi Jews are said to be among the smartest, if not the smartest, people on Earth, but so many of them are so dishonest and pathological. Jewish neurosis makes it difficult for many Jews to use their intelligence in the service of integrity and truth.

Anyway, there is Sweden that is now post-national and even anti-national. As Swedish academics and media people cannot think for themselves but rely on the Bigger World(dominated by the US that is controlled by Jews), the current Swedish Zeitgeist follows the New American Way. While European nations often take pride in being Anti-American(as Americans are seen as crude, vulgar, stupid, and childish), the fact is even their Anti-Americanism serves the New American Way. Europeans trying to be anti-American is like Conservatives trying to be ‘anti-Liberal’. Instead of attacking the very premise of Liberalism, Republicans argue along the lines of "Liberals are the real racists." In other words, instead of questioning the core tenets of Liberalism, Conservatives make the argument that they are more committed to core Liberal Principles. Europeans and Canadians practice anti-Americanism in a similar way. In some ways, they resent the bigger, richer, and more powerful USA. Since they cannot compete with the US in the area of economics, technology, and military, they want to seem BETTER than Americans in areas such as values, culture, and attitudes. But because so much of Canadian and EU media & academia have been influenced or purchased by Jews-in-America, the Idea of the Good among Canadians and Europeans are essentially along the lines of Jewish-American Agenda. Therefore, their brand of Anti-Americanism can only be "We are actually more committed to the American Proposition(as formulated by Jews) than Americans are." So, Europeans and Canadians, instead of identifying and defending what are uniquely theirs in terms of ethnicity, history, and territory, go all out to show the Bad Old Americans that they, Europeans and Canadians, are even more committed to Jew-Worship, Homo-worship, Negro-worship, Diversity-worship, and Mass-Invasion-worship than the US is. Indeed, Jews have a kind of Hydra-like hold over the world. Because Jews control so much of the information, news, narrative, and iconography, even apparently opposing sides all end up, one way or another, supporting The Globo-Agenda. Thus, Americanism and Anti-Americanism are merely two heads of the Jewish Hydra monster. It’s like the GOP and Democratic Party often bicker with one another, but at the end of the day, both parties push for policies that come to favor Jewish supremacist interests. Sweden and Canada’s idea of being Anti-American is not trying to avoid the problems of America caused by Jewish venality, black thuggery, homo degeneracy, and excessive Diversity. Instead, their idea of Anti-Americanism is to show that they are ‘more evolved’ by being even more pro-black, pro-Jewish, pro-homo, pro-Diversity, and etc. Thus for Jews, it’s "heads I win, tails you lose". Jews win with both Americanism and Anti-Americanism as both are about "We worship Jews, blacks, homos, and Diversity." Europeans’ main gripe with the US is not that it’s too far cucked but not cucked enough in the war on ‘racism’, ‘xenophobia’, ‘homophobia’, and etc. As Jews control the cues and hues of ‘right and wrong’, they control all sides of the debate. The world doesn’t debate "Diversity is good" versus "Diversity is bad". It debates "Diversity is holy and we are more diverse than you" versus "No, Diversity is super-holy, and WE are more diverse than you." Jews put Diversity out there as something to worship, and all the feeble-brained idiots around the world just swallowed the bait without really asking WHY Diversity is good. Hasn’t Diversity mainly been the product of invasion and imperialism? Because the world is filled with idiots, we have people claiming to be anti-imperialist but promoting Diversity, the main product of imperialism.

Anyway, never expect any kind of consistency or principles from the GLOB, aka forces of globalism. Even though the Jewish population of Sweden is tiny, Jews hold tremendous sway over Sweden for two reasons. Much of Swedish media are owned by Jewish networks. Of course we are not supposed to notice Jewish power. Consider this article: It doesn’t matter than a Swedish lawmaker told the truth — a Jewish Bonnier family controls so much of Swedish media — and that her proposal was a call for more fairness and justice in news and media — "No family, ethnic group or company should be allowed to control more than 5 percent of the media” market". She was denounced as a ‘racist’ and ‘anti-Semite’ because she noticed that Jews have so much power in a nation in which they make up a trifling minority. Now, Jews endlessly complain about how whites have too much ‘white privilege’ EVEN IN nations founded and built by whites — indeed, Jews especially love to incite non-white minorities into denouncing whites for being ‘over-represented’ in professions and power in their own white nations — , but Jews and their cuck-puppets freak out when a patriotic Swede notes that the tiny Jewish minority in Sweden owns much of the national media. This is a clear demonstration that Jews are regarded as a holy race. Facts don’t matter. We must admire and respect Jews simply on the faith that they are always so wonderful and holy. Rules that apply to others don’t apply to Jews. The standards by which Jews judge others cannot be used by goyim(especially whites) against Jews. No matter how much whites concede and give up their rights, wealth, and power, it’s never enough. They must give up more and more. But then, no matter how much wealth, power, and privileged Jews accumulate, it is never enough. They deserve more and more. So, whites must have less and less, and Jews must have more and more. Even as whites have less, Jews have the right to bitch that whites still have too much and must give up more. Even as Jews have more, whites have no right to complain that Jews are getting too much at the expense of others. Israel must be a JEWISH state so that Jews can have everything, even West Bank and Golan Heights that are occupied territories. But Sweden must not be a nation for Swedes because that would mean Jews have no right to control the media and political policy in Sweden.

Jews, as the masters of globalism, play a dirty game. Like Bill Browder, they will say and do ANYTHING to get what they want. Integrity and principles mean nothing to these hideous Jews. Jews will denounce nationalism as the worst thing but then promote it selectively to rouse up a people against a power they don’t like. And this is the case with Sweden’s hysteria about Russia, which is not unlike what is going on in the US where Jews hype Russia-Hate as the New Patriotism. So, the very Jews who denounce any sign of nationalism in the EU urge Ukrainians to be ultra-nationalist in their confrontation with Russia. Jews did the same with Georgia. Of course, Jews always hedge their bets. Even as Jews promoted nationalism in Ukraine and Georgia, they also pushed Homomania there. Jews also allied with Neo-Nazi elements in Ukraine. You see how Jews will do just about anything to get what they want? Because they see Russia as the main enemy, they will join up with any group, even Neo-Nazis, to hurt Russia. And even as Jews usually denounce nationalism in white nations, they will fan the most extremist manifestations of nationalism in places like Georgia and Ukraine to drive the peoples there into a frenzy of hatred against Russia. And of course, Jews also encouraged Kurdish nationalism when it suited Zio-Globalist interests. So, in the end, it all comes down to "Is it good for the Jews?"

Now, if Jews act in their own self-interest, it may not be very principled but it’s at least understandable from a tribal-supremacist point of view. The thornier question is why do so many non-Jews go along with the Jewish Program? For many elites, it’s sheer ambition and cynicism. They know all about Dirty Jews, but they also know Jews control the US that controls the world. So, if you want a short-cut to success and influence, you have to suck up to Jews. If the World was like Hollywood, all those who want to be actors, writers, and directors must suck up to Jewish executives and moguls. All the would-be players around the world know that the surest and quickest way to power is to appease and suck up to Jewish globo-homo moguls. That is why Georgia and Ukraine ended up with ‘gay pride parades’. Jewish moguls demanded such in exchange for support and money. But, not all non-Jewish globo-homo agents are such cynical players. Many are sincere in their convictions mainly due to their culture and/or personality. Many of these people are well-educated and smart but are dupes due to their personality being earnest and lacking in requisite skepticism of the Power.
Also, Jewish Power works according to a perverse logic. Even though Jews are the most powerful people in the world, the Shoah-aura shrouds them with the ray of ‘eternal victim-hood’. So, even as Jewish Power is immense, it presents itself as an underdog. And because Jews attach their power to Diversity, there is the impression that Jewish Power is committed to helping the poor and downtrodden. This plays on ‘white guilt’. In truth, the ONLY reason why Jews encourage Mass Invasion of the Third World into the West is to use the Diversity Mobs as political/electoral armies against the white race. But if anyone points this out, he is denounced and attacked for 'xenophobia'. What really ails the West is what might be called 'Amynaphobia', or extreme fear of defense or defending/preserving one's own ethnos, land, and culture.

The example of Sweden shows how even a highly intelligent people — white Swedes have among the highest IQ in the world — can be easily suckered by heinous Jews. To be intelligent doesn’t assure independent thought. Also, being intelligent in an orderly and efficient nation means you are likely to trust the system since it seems to run so smoothly. It's like one trusts a train system in which the trains arrive on time. So, intelligent Swedes, like intelligent white Canadians, just took it for granted that the academia and media were telling them the truth. Also, as nations like Canada and Sweden were so peaceful, orderly, and with low crime rates — and because the Jewish globo-homo media ‘white-washed’ the truth about black criminality and thuggery — , the peoples there were deer-in-the-headlights when it came to Diversity. Especially because of the mindless mantra ‘race is just a social construct’, white Canadians and Swedes came to believe that all the human misery around the world must be the result of ‘racism’, ‘white imperialism’, ‘greed’, religion, and etc. So, all those blacks in Africa are suffering due to ‘legacy of imperialism’, and the non-whites in Latin America suffer from ‘Yanqui imperialism’. Therefore, if those people were brought to the Magic Dirt of Northern Nations, they could transform overnight into brown version of successful Canadians and Swedes. LOL.
Of course, the reason why many non-whites do far worse in their own nations has to do with racial differences, but most people in Canada and Sweden will not entertain such thoughts since they’ve been raised since cradle with the mantra, "Race is a social construct". Now, considering that the GLOB say Europeans need more Africans because blacks are better at sports, one would think people would wake up to the fact of racial differences. After all, if indeed race is just about skin color and nothing else, why would blacks do better in sports? (And if blacks do better in sports, it means they are physically tougher, and that means blacks will pose a physical and sexual threat to the white race.) Now, it may be possible for Canadians and Swedes to wake up to the truth, but such isn’t possible without free thought. Problem is free thinking is nearly impossible in a climate of Moral Panic about this-ism, that-ism, whatever-ism. When so much of the truth is denounced and dismissed instantly as ‘racist’ or ‘antisemitic’, free thought is hard to come by. Take the example of Rick Sanchez who once said CNN and most of media are run by Jews who are very powerful and privileged and NOT a weak minority in the US. Now, in a climate of free thought, we could discuss the matter and come to some sound conclusion. Instead, the hysteria of Moral Panic soon consumed Rick Sanchez, and almost overnight, he found himself a non-person. This is how Jews run the West. They claim to be for ‘liberal democracy’ where we can discuss anything freely, BUT they set off hysteria after hysteria to make sound and rational discussion/debate on certain issues nearly impossible. For example, honest discussion of black thuggery is rare because any negative observation about blacks is immediately shot down with the alarmist term ‘racist’ that has a kind of dark-magic power over so many people.

Anyway, how funny that globalists who tell people to surrender their own identities, territories, and histories in the name of Diversity and Inclusion(which is euphemism for invasion) also tell people to be patriotic and nationalist against threats posed by nations like Russia and Iran. So, white Americans are supposed to give up what they'd inherited from their ancestors to endless tides of Third World mob BUT they are also supposed to get all gung-ho red-white-and-blue about saving the US from Russia. It makes no sense... until we factor in the Jewish Influence and the question, "Is it good for the Jews?" Indeed, what do the propositions "white Americans should surrender to Diversity" and "White Americans must be patriotic against Russia" have in common? Both positions are good for Jewish supremacist Power. If whites become a minority in the US(and in European nations), then whites cannot electorally challenge Jewish Power. Jews can play divide-and-rule among the various goyim and set them against one another. And anti-Russian stance is good for Jews because Jews, being a Jealous People, want to break the will of Russia and take over that nation like they took over US, UK, France, Sweden, and etc.
Also, even though Russia has ZERO intention of invading any nation, its example of nationalism, majoritarianism, implicit white consciousness, resurgent Christianity, and defiance of Zio-US globalism constitutes a kind of soft power that Jews fear. What if the Russian Example spreads to other nations? This ‘example’ doesn’t mean that other nations will adopt Russian language & culture or take orders from the Kremlin. Rather, it means that, maybe just maybe, they too can say NO to the demands of Zio-US globalism. Furthermore, when push comes to shove, they have a nation that is willing to back them up. After all, could Syria have survived the Jewish globo-terrorist onslaught if not for backing from Russia(and Iran)? Also, the cultural traditionalism and moralism that Putin has favored for Russia is threatening to the globo-homo cultural agenda of LGBTQ and Homomania, which is now the new religion in the West. In terms of aesthetics, traditionalism is far more beautiful and dignified than decadent trashy perversion though generally less fun-and-wild. In a world where so many people have been over-exposed to decadence and degeneracy, the Russian example(and even the Iranian example) may have a certain appeal. After all, should Rap and Pornography be the main cultural expression of a people? Sure, Russia has tons of trash culture, and lots of rap and porn too, but the fact that the national elites are trying to steer the populace away from stuff like Pussy Riot and Homomania indicates that Russia resists the End of History as favored by Jews. Russians are correct that the so-called End of History has brought about a new order that isn’t about war of ideologies but of idolatry and iconography. It’s about symbols and identities. Jewish identity matters most, and Jews will incite any identity they can use against whites. Are Jews totally trying to destroy whites? No, if whites were to vanish, Jewish power would vanish too. Jewish master must ride the white horse. Jews are really hellbent on keeping white power saddled and obedient, which means Jews must bait whites with Guilt and Fever, especially in relation to blacks. Whites are to feel ‘white guilt’ about slavery, and whites are to feel fever for Jungle Supremacy. Cucky-wucked white boys are supposed to worship black athletes, and white girls with jungle-lust are supposed to put out to them. It is time that American Schools replaced TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD with MANDINGO, which was made into a 1970s movie with Ken Norton humping some white woman. Jews use Mandela to bait whites with Guilt and Mandingo to infect whites with Fever. Mandela-Mandingo Complex is like the new Madonna-Whore Complex.

Anyway, we have anti-nationalist globalism encouraging nationalism against certain nations(especially Russia) to bolster the tribal-supremacism of Jews. If globalism is anti-nationalist, why should it matter if Sweden or any nation comes under undue influence of Russia? After all, doesn’t Open Borders mean cross-border invasions and influence? We've been told endlessly that Mexicans and Central Americans have the right to cross over into the US in any quantity. We are told Israel can infiltrate and play all sorts of games with EU and US. We are told EU must open its borders to endless tides of Muslims and Africans. Peoples of all nations(except Israel) are told that it will be GREAT if their nation is ‘reinvented’ and taken over by other peoples, just like Palestine was taken over by Zionists. If that is so, who cares if Russians take over your nation? If you must give up your nation to others, why not Russians?
Jews care because THEY want to take over all nations. Jews see Russia as a threat not because Russia is a competitor. Russia is NOT trying to invade or gain undue influence over other nations; it isn’t even interested in moving into Estonian or Lithuania. Jews see Russia as a threat because it gained a measure of national sovereignty from Jewish globo-homo power. Jews fear that other nations might take cues from Russia. Even if Russia pledges not to meddle in any nation and keeps its word to the letter, Jews would still panic about Russia because it regained national independence from Jewish Power. Jews fear that such defiance may spread to other nations, and we are seeing some of that in nations like Italy and Austria.
And that is why Jews, who usually tell white nations to just surrender everything to globalism, fan the nationalist flames in those nations with nonsensical trumped-up charges about Russia. Jews vilify Russia in the hope that no white American or European will ever look upon the Russian example as a positive, especially against globalist Jewish Power.
It gets even funnier when Jews try to persuade Europeans that the idea of ‘Western Values’ means Europe surrendering to endless tides of Africans and Muslims in the name of ‘tolerance’, ‘diversity’, and ‘inclusion’? Did Western philosophers through the ages really spout off such insipid baby-talk? Or, Jews will say there is nothing more patriotic in America than the Proposition that there is NO CORE America. So, white Americans are supposed to surrender their posterity and give up everything and even fight and die for their own demise because their defeat is the New Patriotism, the kind worth hating and fighting Russia for. Ann Coulter certainly saw through the BS of such Jewish Logic:

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