Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Commentary on "Turning Turk"


“Continentalism,” a modern version of the old concept of Christendom, appears to appeal to virtually none today. Which might be too bad.

Problem of continentalism is it is prone to momentum-ism.

Some ideas have momentum, some do not. Some ideas are fixed and limited. Some ideas, by their very nature, build into a momentum. It's the mentality of game shows vs a specific task.
Suppose you're supposed to do a certain job for certain sum of money. It's a fixed proposal or idea. You'd make $1,000 and walk away after it's over. But game shows work on momentum-ism. Psychologically, it makes you want more. So, if you won a 1,000, it teases you with 10,000, then with 50,000, then with 100,000, etc.

This is why continentalism has been problematic for Europe. It set off a momentum that went from nationalism to Europeanism to something even bigger. Once the momentum is for something bigger, the elites want to think ever bigger and play for greater stakes. First, weaken national sovereignty for European Unity, and then weaken European Unity for Euro-Arabo-African Unity. The logic of the Romans. Once it went from Republic to Empire, the momentum just sought more and more.

Now, European cooperation is a good and necessary thing. But it must be based on nationalism or national sovereignty. It must be an agreement and collaboration among free and independent nations. But what happened with EU? It led to the megalomania of bureaucrats and elites(mostly from the top three nations, Germany-UK-France) who just wanted to play a bigger and bigger game.

European Unity than European Union should be the goal. Union means a literal unification of all of Europe under single auspices of power and control. It is political. In contrast, Unity is essentially of the spirit and sense. Free independent European nations should, in good spirit, work for greater unity and cooperation. But this should be realized by respecting national rights than trampling on them.
Indeed, without nationalism to act as counter-balance, the momentum for continentalism will lead to elites seeking to play an ever bigger game. EU began with much promise but went sour when it went from unity of free nations to the suppression of national rights and freedoms by globalism.

Also, as globalism in the EU is largely dominated by the US that is dominated by Jews, there was greater pressure -- intellectually, morally, ideologically, politically, financially -- for cucky-wuck post-European Elites to wage war on ideas of nation, identity, history, and territory. Also, the elites of smaller and poorer nations could easily be bribed to piss away national sovereignty for thirty pieces of silver. But populism led to rise of leaders who wouldn't or couldn't just take the thirty pieces of silver. This makes men like Viktor Orban truly remarkable in our time.

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