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Jews have often said "My Jewish Relatives Died in the Holocaust" — We must ask, "What Else Did Your Jewish Relatives Do?" — Let’s Consider the Historical Record

Margaret Hodge, the Vile Vicious Jewess: "My relatives were murdered in the gas chamber’: Jewish Labour MP defends calling Corbyn a ‘f***ing anti-Semite"

The above is a very instructive article about the nature of Jewish Power, Duplicity, and Mendacity in the UK, but the article could apply to just about any nation in which Ashkenazi Jews have gained prominence. As a more self-aware Jew Yossi Sarid has said, “In these very moments, the protocols are being rewritten. Rich Jews are writing them in their own handwriting. They, in their wealth, are confirming with their own signatures what anti-Semites used to slander them with in days gone by: We, the elders of Zion, pull the strings of Congress, and the congressmen are nothing but marionettes who do our will. If they don’t understand our words, they’ll understand our threats. And if in the past, we ran the show from behind the scenes, now we’re doing it openly, from center stage. And if you forget our donations, the wellspring will run dry.” For much of my life, I thought ‘antisemitism’ was mostly a canard, and to be sure, there have been many anti-Jewish cranks and fantasists over the years. But upon observing Jewish Power in the here-and-now all around the world, I’ve been led to conclude that, all said and done, the ‘anti-Semites’ tended to be more right than wrong. They understood the character of Jewish Psychology and Culture and why Jews act the way they do. As these ethnic patterns have re-emerged over and over regardless of ideology — Jewish Leftists or Jewish Rights are equally subversive of the essential interests of non-Jewish populations — , critics and enemies of Jewish Power through the ages were more about facts than fantasy. And in a way, precisely because Jews have gained dominance in the US, the most powerful nation on Earth, and can’t restrain their chutzpah with too-much-money-and-power, more and more people everyday are waking up to the toxic impacts of Jewish arrogance, greed, venality, hatred, contempt, and supremacism. (That is precisely why Jews now HATE FREE SPEECH. Any honest discussion in an open forum will expose the ugly and pathological nature of Current Jewish Power. This is why Jews rig all search engines and platforms to favor Jew-concocted narratives. This is why Jews dumb-down and infantilize even elite culture because a thinking people who ask hard questions will come to see Jewish Power for what it is. Better for Jewish Power to turn Elites into Homo-Worshipers who stick with Jewish Power because it is seen as most homo-friendly.) It seems all the more perverse and weird because these Judeo-Nazis still(albeit increasingly comically) invoke the Shoah to cover up for their utter vileness. It’s like Madeleine Albright, the butcher of Iraq, giving us sermons about the dangers of ‘fascism’ taking over the US. These Jews got some nerves.

Anyway, one oft-repeated shtick pulled by Jews is to remind people that their RELATIVES died in the Shoah or were ‘Holocaust Survivors’, a term that has become nearly meaningless as it could apply to just about any Jew who lived in areas under German control during the war. When most people hear ‘Holocaust Survivor’, they think of people like in SCHINDLER’S LIST, men, women, and children who managed to make it out alive of Nazi Concentration Camps. But the term is so broadly defined that it could mean even Jews who lived with relative comfort in areas of German Occupation. While we can acknowledge that all Jews under German Occupation lived under severe duress and anxiety, it’s ridiculous to label as ‘Holocaust Survivor’ someone who was not even in the notorious Labor or Death Camps devised by the Nazis. In some nations, where the hunt for Jews was so extensive, such as in Poland and Hungary, one could argue that the entire Jewish population there were Holocaust Survivors. But the term becomes a stretch in nations where the great majority of Jews not only survived, not least because the local population resisted collaboration with the Germans. Even in Occupied France where Collaboration was commonplace, the fact is 75% of French Jews managed to survive the war.

Anyway, when Jews say "My relatives survived or died in the Holocaust", it gives a very skewed view of history. It implicitly surveys the world where Jews have been nothing but innocent victims of malevolent forces. It ignores context and other narratives. It’s like Japanese saying "My relatives survived Hiroshima or Nagasaki or Tokyo firebombing" while totally ignoring what their OTHER relatives may have done in China, Indonesia, and against the US naval fleet in Pearl Harbor. While many ‘innocent’ or ‘civilian’ Japanese were cruelly killed in WWII at the hands of the US Air Force, there was ANOTHER side to Japan’s role in the war. Japan was also an imperialist aggressor that visited unimaginable horrors upon China, Philippines, Indonesia, and etc. Also, Japan attacked the US first. So, while a Japanese wouldn’t be wrong to say that he or she knows relatives who were cruelly killed in the war, it’s also probably true that he or she has relatives who took part in the horrific Japanese Imperialist aggressions against other nations. He or she has relatives who were victims but also those who were villains(and in some cases, people can be villains and victims at the same time; surely Japanese colonists who were attacked by Chinese patriots were both villains[as imperialist migrants] and victims[of local acts of terror]).

While it may well be true that many Jews can claim to know relatives who were killed in the Holocaust or barely survived it, it’s no less true that many Jews have relatives who took part in some of the great crimes of the 20th century. When Jews say, "My relatives died in the Holocaust", we need to ask them, "What did your relatives do in Soviet Union? How many Christian Slavs did they kill? How many Christian Churches did they smash?" It’s now largely agreed that in the first two decades of Soviet Rule, close to 10 million people perished. Before Nazi Germany edged out the Soviet Union in industrial slaughter, the USSR was the international kingpin when it came to mass mayhem and destruction. And Jewish Bolsheviks played a huge role in the use of terror, slavery, and execution to bring about this so-called Workers’ Paradise. Many Jews took part in this State ruled by Fear and Terror. Many Jews were directly involved in the running of this state at the highest levels. But there were also many Jews in the West who indirectly aided the Soviet project, totally oblivious and indifferent to the death and destruction caused by Soviet Jews on the Slavic and other populations. Not only did millions die of starvation in Ukraine, but it’s estimated that a quarter of the population perished in Kazakhstan. And even for ones who didn’t die, there was the culture of tyranny and conformism, of total censorship and obedience, perhaps most powerfully satirized by George Orwell in 1984. If Soviet Jews in the USSR were controlling the media to spread propaganda to justify the Terror, Western Jews in the media did their best to deny that the Terror was even taking place. When millions of Slavic peasants were dying in the Great Famine, the great majority of Jews in the USSR and the West felt NOTHING. No pity, no heartache, no remorse. Indeed, Jews began to notice something wrong only with the Great Purge that targeted Soviet intellectuals and commissars. The Great Famine that killed millions had been about dirty goy peasants, so good riddance to them, thought the Jews. But the Great Purge targeted the class in which Jews were prominent. Even though the Great Purge, in killing around 450,000, was far less deadly than the Great Famine, it was the first time Jews began to wonder about the wisdom of the Soviet system. (But then, it’s always "Is it good for the Jews?" when it comes to Jewish ‘ethics’. We saw the same pattern in the US. For the longest time, Americans were led to believe that the Red Scare was the worst violation of civil liberties in the US when, in fact, it only led to the blacklisting of some Hollywood writers and folk singers for a few yrs. In contrast, the ‘internment’ of Japanese-in-America led to dispossession and relocation of over 100,000 people. So, why did the Jew-run media and academia care more about the victims of the Red Scare? It affected areas in which Jews were prominent.) As it turned out, the Great Purge didn’t end Jewish Power in the USSR. While Stalin removed most Jews from the highest echelons of power, many Jews(way disproportionate to their overall population) remained in the Soviet apparatus and continued to serve Stalin in his use of terror and mass executions to deal with ‘class enemies’.

At any rate, we need to stop playing the Jewish Game. When Jews bitch and whine ever so predictably, "My relatives blah blah blah...", we need to counter with the question, "What did your relatives do as commissars in the Soviet Union? What did your relatives do as Zionist Imperialists who wiped Palestine off the map?" And don’t let Jews bait you about ‘white racism’. Jews played a huge role in the Atlantic Slave Trade. And Jewish merchants sold guns to whites to kill Indians with on the Western frontier. So, if whites are guilty of American Slavery and American Genocide, so are the Jews. Also, so much of Western Imperialism was funded by Jewish bankers. And wherever whites conquered, Jews followed and profited. When the British Empire made inroads into China, the Jews were there to peddle opium to the Chinese. And in recent times, you bet that many relatives of Jews were involved in promoting Wars for Israel via the academia, media, Deep State, and finance. If you know a Jew, he will likely have Jewish relatives who took part in the Nakba pogroms, the Zionist occupation of West Bank, Neocon Wars for Israel(that killed close to a million people and reduced millions more to ‘refugee’ status), Jewish Rape of Russia in the 1990s that destroyed millions of lives, global White Slavery(in which Jews cajole mostly poor Slavic women into becoming sex slaves), Jewish control of Porn(where mostly white women are turned into ‘cumbuckets’ and sex meat for Negro men), and Cuck-castration of white men that has gelded white males into a bunch of wussy-pussified ‘white boys’ who suck up to Negroes who beat them up and hump their women. So, whenever some smarmy Jew bleats about "my relative blah blah Holocaust blah blah", you ask him about his OTHER relatives and what role they played in Soviet terror, Rape of Russia, Nakba pogroms, Opium trade, Slave trade, funding of imperialism, Wall Street mass theft, Las Vegas robbery, Opioid epidemic, pornification of society, cuck-castration of whites into wussy-boys who don’t even have the balls to stand up for their own people, land, and culture. According to Jews, whites own nothing that is their own. Everything white exists to serve Jews. So, if there is a white nation, the white people have no right to think, "We are white, this is our nation, this is our culture, and it belongs to us." No, they must think, "We whites have no culture and no identity. We exist to make Jews happy and must do anything to facilitate this... or else, we are Nazis or ‘anti-Semites’. And since we exist to serve the Other, the Jews, we must also put All the Others before our own interest. So, the UK is no longer the land of Britons, the real White Britons but must prioritize itself as a welcome mat for endless migration-invasions of Africans, Muslims, and Asians. Accordingly, white Britons exist only to make the rest of the world happy by welcoming them to take over white lands, white institutions, and even white women so that Negro men can colonize white wombs to create mulattos who identify as ‘black’ and accuse white people of ‘racism’. Yes, this is what the Relatives of Jews are up to.

So, next time you meet a Jew who whines about how his or her ‘relatives died in the Holocaust’, you ask him or her about what his or her OTHER relatives have done to the world. Here’s a sample of what the OTHER Jewish relatives have done:,7340,L-3342999,00.html

Of course, as Jewish ethno-monopoly controls the internet, if you search for Jewish malfeasance, you mostly get search results that lead to Jewish-owned media outlets bitching about how it is ‘antisemitic’ to connect the dots between Jewish Power and Jewish abuses, such as the Financial Crisis.

Having turned ‘antisemitism’ into a taboo word, Jews can deflect responsibility for anything they do just by invoking the magic term. So, if a bunch of Jews beat up a Palestinian child to death and if you report what you saw, you can are denounced as an ‘anti-Semite’ for having mouthed an ‘antisemitic’ stereotype of Jews as exploitative oppressors. The way ‘antisemitism’ is employed, it means any observation or view that is critical of Jewish power and its abuses. According to this logic, Jews have always been pure as snow and blameless, and that means every negative aspersion about Jews all through the ages was wrong, wrong, and wrong, merely paranoia cooked up by ‘rabid and virulent’ looneys. So, if Jews were always right and ‘anti-Semites’ were always wrong, then it means that if YOU notice something bad about Jews in the here-and-now, YOU too are an ‘anti-Semite’ who is perpetuating the old ‘canard’ about blameless and pure-as-snow Jews. Of course, the Jew-run media are more than happy to prop up the Jewish Myth of Jewish Nobility even as Jewish elites collude behind the scenes to rake in everything for their own Tribe.
Even when Jews rob the entire world and cause havoc for all of mankind, the Jew-run media will tell us that Jews are saving the World. What a truly vile and wretched people.
Finally, Jews need to stop bitching about how OTHER nations didn't do enough to save Jews from the Shoah. Jews need to be more self-aware and ask themselves why (1) Germans came to hate Jews so much and (2) why other nations didn't care much about Jews.
The answer is obvious. Jews built up a reputation over the ages of being a vile, nasty, and subversive people. If Jews hadn't been such rapacious financial exploiters(on the capitalist side), such ruthless radicals(on the socialist side), and such degenerates(on the cultural front), there never would have been much in the way of 'antisemitism'. Just because Jews suffered the horrible Shoah doesn't cleanse Jews of their foulness, just like the horrific nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki doesn't expunge Japanese of their crimes in WWII. After the war, Japanese came to realize that they'd done terrible things but also came to be terribly victimized. There was some balance in Japan's remembrance of the war. But Jews remember 20th century only as 'We pure-as-snow Jews wronged by the world'. Jews think they have some divine right to mess up any part of the world, and if the local population rise up against Jews, OTHER nations must offer Jews refuge so that Jews can start the foul pattern of subversion all over again.
Even when the Soviet Experiment went badly for Jews in the end, Jews lacked the self-awareness to admit that THEIR project had failed them(and led to deaths of millions of Slavs and others). Instead, the Jew-run media spun it into SAVE SOVIET JEWS as if the Jews were always the main victims of Soviet Communism. Such lack of self-awareness. A hideous people. And yet, they rule the US and the world.

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