Sunday, July 22, 2018

Commentary on "A Toronto School Where the Kindergarten Students Speak 40 Languages"

Whiteness -- white people and white-made institutions and economies -- is a magnet for the entire world. Diversity is not the product of people seeking Diversity. Rather, it's the accidental product of people around the world seeking whiteness.
As Canada is a white nation made by whites, countless non-whites want to move there(or to the US or EU). If people love diversity, they should stay in their own nations because most nations already have lots of diversity. Every African nation is tribally diverse. India and Pakistan are very diverse, as are Indonesia and Iran. Latin America is more diverse than the US in the sense that whites are already a minority in most of them. So, why do these people move away from their own diversity to nations like Canada or the US that are still white-majority? Or to EU nations, the homeland of whites? It's not because they are seeking Diversity. It's because they are attracted to Whiteness: White-run institutions, white-created industries, white beauty or white people as sex-partners, etc.

Diversity in the West is not the result of non-white Love of Diversity but of non-white attraction to Whiteness. If there were a nation filled with diversity -- lots of blacks, yellows, browns, reds, and etc -- but NO whites, most people would NOT want to go there. If most people were given a choice between moving to an all-white nation and Brazil(or India), they will go to an all-white nation. India is a very diverse nation but almost no white people. So, who'd want to move there on a permanent basis?

So, why do all these non-whites attack whiteness even as they want to be where white people are? Because in order to gain access to white lands, they must lower white defenses with 'white guilt' about 'racism'.

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