Sunday, July 22, 2018

Commentary on "San Francisco is a Sh*thole" by Paul Joseph Watson

More cognitive dissonance or cogdis. Problems of 'Progilege' or Proggy-Privilege. People who live and work in San Francisco are obviously elitists who love their privilege and advantages. Okay, nothing wrong with that. People want the good things in life. More money, more luxury, more fancy stuff. And SF has lots of that, the kind of lifestyle affordable only to those who got credentials, connections, and/or money. But SF elites are not only materially vain but morally vain. They are proggy as well as privileged. As the most sacred values of current proggism are ‘diversity, tolerance, and inclusion’, these rich SF’ers not only want to enjoy exclusive material advantages but come across as ‘inclusive’ and welcoming. So, they make the right noises about how 'more evolved' they are. But the fact is SF is only affordable with those with money. So, what happens to all the derelicts, losers, lunatics, and ‘migrants’ who heed the call of SF’s welcoming tolerance? They end up in the streets. Tentrification follows Gentrification because the elites are doubly vain, materially and morally. In truth, they want material exclusivity and only want to virtue-signal without paying the price of their espoused ideas. But those ideas have real-life consequences as more and more bums hear about how SF is so welcoming and tolerant. They flock there(and also Portland, which is becoming Portosan-land) and make a mess of things in OCCUPY SAN FRANCISCO style. And even though SF elites really want to evict these bums, they don’t have the heart to take action because it would expose their ‘inclusive’ values as phony. SF elites were deviously clever in using economic power to gentrify and muscle out those who couldn't afford the rent, let alone home prices. It’s been an effective way to expel law-abiding lower class people, but what about those who don’t mind living in the streets? They can’t be priced out via gentrification because they’ll just put up tents or sleep on park benches. So, the Summer of Pooper Scooper. Looks like they got a black woman to be the front of taking tough measures to clean things up. If a black person does it, at least it’s not ‘racist’.

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