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Accusations of 'Antisemitism' serve as Moral Cover for Jews who act out Antisemitic Stereotypes — Blacks use 'Racism' the same way — Jewish Supremacism requires more than mere Meritocracy — The Myth of Jewish Sainthood as Jews are after Worldly Power, not Spiritual Truth(except in worship of themselves as the new god)

The monstrous Sackler Family whose pharmaceuticals led to the deaths of 100,000s of white people, but NO ONE cares in the Media run by Jews

The Antisemitism Paradox is as follows: Jews accuse people of 'antisemitism' to get away with acting like 'antisemitic' stereotypes. There's also the 'Racism' Paradox. Blacks accuse people of 'racism' to get away with acting like 'racist' stereotypes. It's like bad people accusing others of defaming them as 'bad' in order to get away with acting bad.

While Anti-Jewish feelings and attitudes can get out of control(and even become cancerous as with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis), there's no getting around the fact that broad stereotypes about certain groups are based on reality. Indeed, something like Nazism was an extreme reaction to bad Jewish behavior. The radical character of this hatred was pathological, but it was not an animus based on insane fantasies that slandered totally innocent Jews. (Furthermore, Nazi evil had much in common with Jewish evil as both were expressions of racial supremacism and arrogance.) It's like communism was an extreme and dangerous reaction to capitalism, but many of its criticism and condemnations of capitalism were justified(and even defenders of capitalism noted its problems and saw the need for reform and some measure of socialism as counter-balance.)
If the dark tragedy of extreme antisemitism, such as Nazism, was that it could only see the BAD in Jews, thereby condemning all Jews into objects deserving of hatred and even elimination, the dark tragedy of the post-WWII period has been a mindless Philosemitism that could see only the GOOD in Jews. This wouldn't have mattered if Jews were a powerless people or a middling population, but it became the most dangerous mindset in a world where Jews have amassed supremacist power over the world. An attitude of willful naivete and sappy obeisance to the most powerful people in the world is dangerous, especially when the attitude of many Jews isn't much different from their arch-enemy of history, the Nazis. Jewish Power is based on Master Race contempt for goyim, though this aspect is obfuscated by Jewish-controlled media's mantras about 'social justice'. Right, all that talk of 'equity', that must be white Jews are in an equitable position vis-a-vis goyim. Notice that even in industries and institutions where white presence/power has been slashed to smithereens, there are cries of 'too many whites', but there can never be talk of 'too many Jews' even in fields where the 2% constitute the overwhelming majority as owners, managers, or influencers.

The problem for Jews is, even as they fear 'antisemitic' stereotypes or 'tropes' that cast them in a negative light, they are committed to and obsessed with(and even addicted to) doing the things associated with 'antisemitic stereotypes/tropes'. This is because too many Jews(especially at the top) aren't content merely to be good Jews who get along on equal footing with goyim. They aren't even satisfied with the surplus wealth, privilege, and power that come via meritocracy. As Jews have higher IQ, a purely meritocratic system will ensure that Jews will attain and control more; and as all barriers to Jewish access and ascension have faded over the years, Jews have much to gain from meritocracy alone. But even that isn't enough for Jews because meritocracy, properly applied, puts a limit even on the talented. While meritocracy favors the more talented group over others, it doesn't ensure total power for the advantaged group. Jews aren't content with mere over-representation; they must have overwhelming control over key institutions and industries, which is why Jewish finance sector is propped up by Jews in the justice department and deep state. (The notion of 'too big to fail' means Jews have more cards up their sleeve than mere meritocracy. Even when they gamble and lose, they are bailed out. And even when Neocon pundits were so wrong about the Iraq War, they are favored for hiring by Jewish-run media and think-tanks. Consider that miserable worm Max Boot.) And of course, Jewish finance sector favors Jewish ventures in Big Tech and other areas. If a Jew and a goy come up with the same great idea, guess who will receive favorable financing?

And Jews want to control the icons and idols that ensure irrational emotions in favor of Jewish Agenda. Manipulation of icons means Jews get to control the gods, and then Jews can preach: Jews = Holocaust = Holiness. Yet, 'sacralization' of Jews, far from ensuring saintly Jewish behavior, has only encouraged Jewish gangster behavior. Shielded by the aura of holiness(whereby any critical view of Jewish people, power, and/or culture could be deemed 'antisemitic', thereby 'nazi'), Jews became the 'made men' of America.
It's the law of human nature that, 99 times out of 100, more exaltation leads to more execrable behavior. Why were so many princes and princesses such spoiled snotty louts? All the adulation made Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, and Mao Zedong more megalomaniacal, arrogant, and tyrannical. (No wonder the Christian Mythology of Man ascending to God-status in Heaven necessitated that He be dragged through the mud and pay the dues. But then, the mythology says Jesus was God to begin with.) When man is allowed god-status, his ego is filled up with arrogance and a sense of entitlement, which leads to hubris. Apotheosis leads to appalling behavior.

This is why saints and holy men are expected to relinquish worldly power and wealth. To gain higher spiritual worth, one must abandon material ambition in the world of man. But Jews paint themselves as the new christs on account of the Shoah Narrative, and then use their sham-holiness as moral shield to amass more wealth, privilege, and power than mankind has ever before. Thus, Jewish saintliness is a fraud. While there are surely individual Jews who, as survivors or historians, tried to derive wisdom from the tragedy, too many Jews have used the Shoah as Shoah-business or a moral license to cheat, lie, steal, and even commit mass-murders against peoples deemed as enemies or rivals of Jews.
And this is what's so frustrating about the lectures, sermons, and warnings about 'Antisemitism'. Instead of cautioning goyim about the dangers of 'antisemitic' stereotypes while, at the same time, reminding Jews not to confirm them by practice, anti-antisemitism has come down to Jews doing whatever they please(thus certifying some of the hoariest 'antisemitic' cliches) regardless of morality or decency while the rest of us must forgo any criticism of Jewish power & abuses lest it be 'antisemitic'. It's turned into a sick game of 'Heads We Win, Tails You Lose'. Thus emboldened, Jewish behavior has gotten worse and worse, culminating in the dark year of 2020 when Jewish Power paralyzed the world economy with Covid Hysteria nonsense and terrorized the Western World with BLM madness to bully the white race into shame and submission. Of course, when it comes to sheer death and mayhem, the biggest victims of Jewish Insanity have been the Arabs and/or Muslims in the Middle East, at least those who live under regimes that refuse to be puppet-partners of the Zionist-controlled US.

Jews and blacks are the biggest destroyers of the West with their use of moral outrage as cover for outrageous immorality. So, blacks will say there's this 'racist' stereotype of blacks as criminals, implying that anyone who notices reality is a 'racist'. And if one can't help noticing it despite the admonition, just pretend it's 'teens' or 'youths' who are doing it. And on occasion that blacks do admit the criminality, it is blamed on systemic racism or 'history of white supremacism', which means black crime is reparations-by-other-means or rightful-revenge against Evil Whitey. Of course, blacks coast on such delusions with crucial support from Jews who are experts at moral sophistry. Because of Jewish support(and use of blacks), status-aspiring blacks tend to develop a moral blind spot where Jewish Power is concerned. If blacks are indeed opposed to all forms of supremacism, they would call out on Zionism but know all-too-well that they'll be relegated to Field Ni--er status whereas those who denounce Evil Whitey but overlook Evil Jew will be awarded with House Negro status, and of course, Oprah and Obama were mega-advertisers in this regard.

At any rate, the group doing the most harm to the West from above is the Jews, and the one doing the most harm from below is the blacks. If Jewish finance won't get you, black fist will. And yet, both groups are shielded from criticism because of the taboos of 'antisemitism' and 'racism', which are designed less to suppress unthinking bigotry against Jews and blacks than to protect truly bad Jewish and black behaviors from exposure and criticism. In other words, Jews privately know they are addicted to supremacist power and ethno-arrogance; they want everything and know that they must play dirty to get it; only playing clean according to principles won't do it. That means Jews must often act like 'antisemitic' stereotypes to get what they want, and what better way to shield this behavior from scrutiny than by howling about 'antisemitism' at every turn?
Same goes with blacks. Blacks are no longer content with promises of equality and freedom. They savor being the thug and acting like dey be kangz and shi*. They love to thump people in the streets, rob & loot, rape & pillage, and howl like idiots. They are addicted to acting like crazyass ni--az. So, just like Jews with their constant alarmism over 'antisemitism', what better way to shield bad black behavior from pushback than by hollering about 'racism' at every turn?

So, neither 'antisemitism' taboo nor 'racism' taboo exists to remind us that there are good Jews along with bad Jews(as the case is with all other groups) but to silence our noticing of bad Jews and bad blacks. Normal morality would lead us to praise the good about a people while condemning the bad. So, good things done by whites deserve admiration whereas bad things done by whites are reason for condemnation. And this should apply to every group. But with Jews and blacks, normal morality doesn't apply. Even the bad things done by Jews must either be praised(as somehow 'good') or ignored. Same with blacks.
Of course, normal morality doesn't apply to whites either as even the good things they've done must come under hyper-scrutiny and somehow be spun to seem 'bad' or at least questionable or marred. It's as if Jews are observed through the telescope whereas whites through a microscope. Jews are like gods in heaven who are far above us, and we must peer through a telescope for a glimpse of their greatness. In contrast, whites are pored through a microscope for every blemish. It's like Jews as diamond merchants. They examine the diamond for the slightest flaw and emphasize it over the soundness of the diamond as a whole. We are supposed to see radiant holocaust-holiness even in a Jew covered in muck whereas note the slightest blemish(of 'micro-aggression') even in a white of great achievement. This way, even a terrible Jew seen through a telescope will seem better than a good white seen through a microscope. Whiteness is like the stained fork in the Monty Python restaurant skit. No matter how trivial, it is cause for guilt, shame, and self-annihilation. Fork politics against Folk politics.

Examples of Jews using the 'antisemitic' card to cover up actions confirming 'antisemitic' stereotypes abound. Consider Jews and Pat Buchanan. In the runup to the Gulf War in 1990, Buchanan wrote a column noting that the biggest promoters for war were Israeli Firsters whereas most of the casualties will come from whites and blacks. Abe Rosenthal of New York Times howled 'antisemitism' and accused Buchanan of Blood Libel, i.e. Buchanan suggested Jewish sacrifice of gentile blood for Jewish interests. Soon after, even William F. Buckley Jr. was piling on Pat Buchanan who, in a few years, would become persona non grata in the GOP, especially as he reversed his support of 'free trade'.

Now, what is Neocon Foreign Policy but a case of exploiting goy muscle and sacrificing goy blood for Jewish ends? If anything, Buchanan's criticism wasn't strong enough. Indeed, US foreign policy as Blood Libel has been true whether Democrats or Republicans were in control of government(as US politics is a game of who-gets-to-be-top-puppets-of-Jews). Puppet Bill Clinton appointed heartless Madeleine Albright who said it was 'worth it' to sacrifice countless Arab lives. George W. Bush and his Neocon crew waged wars in which many thousands of American soldiers were killed or wounded and countless more Arab lives were destroyed, and these conflicts were essentially Wars for Israel. And Barack Obama was no better, laying Libya and Syria to waste at the behest of Jews who gave him money.
So, Abe Rosenthal's shrieking about 'antisemitism' wasn't to prove the falsehood of 'antisemitic' stereotypes but to give moral cover to Jewish behavior that all-too-often validates those stereotypes.
It's like blacks going on a looting spree and then bitching about how it's 'racist' to stereotype blacks as robbers and looters. That the West has willingly succumbed to such foulness is a sure sign of soul-sickness at the core, not least because cancerous Jewish Power has taken over the institutions. The sheer disregard for goyim is evident in what the Sackler dynasty did to white working class by addicting them to opioids. But even the GOP, the so-called white party, was deathly silent on that matter. One worthless Negro, George Floyd, dies from drug overdose, and Jews turn him into the biggest thing since Anne Frank, but when hundreds of thousands of whites died from dangerously addictive drugs peddled by Jewish crooks, and no one cared, and of course, white working class demise continued under Trump who, to save his own skin from Jewish attacks, had little to say but 'Muh Israel'.

Abe Foxman the Jew and Joe Biden the Goy: Master and Dog

Of course, the Neocon Wars validate yet another 'antisemitic' stereotype. Not only are Jews willing to sacrifice goy blood for Jewish ends but Jews use the power of money to control goy politicians and deep state goons like so many puppets and dogs. What honest person, in this day and age, can deny that Jewish Power controls virtually all politicians in a dog-and-pony show? Even Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor, though vilified 24/7 by Jews high and low, have little to say but "Muh Israel" and "I gladly sucked Netanyahu's pud." The relationship between US politicians and Jewish donors is like that between Hollywood celebrities and Jewish moguls. If you want to be a star, you have to get on your knees, suck, and make sure to swallow. There's truth to the notion of D.C. as Hollywood for Ugly People(though Hollywood isn't exactly pretty either these days).

The 'antisemitic trope' of Jewish Money in politics leads us to another 'antisemitic trope'(that too is demonstrated as truer than false by Jewish behavior). Jews throw a lot of money around, but why are they so rich? Now, Jews are bound to be richer than other groups because they are smarter and thrive in a meritocratic system. It explains why there are so many Jewish doctors, lawyers, accountants, consultants, professors, and etc. But it's not Jewish doctors and lawyers who dominate money in politics. It's the billionaires and mega-billionaires. Did all those billionaire Jews on Wall Street really rake in all that cash by brilliance alone? Or is there a New Boys Network?
Worse, if the Old Boys Network dominated by Wasps could be called out(because there was no taboo against anti-Wasp sentiments and, furthermore, plenty of reform-minded whites were committed to self-criticism), the New Boys Network is a closed system because of the taboo against calling out on bad Jewish behavior(why, it'd be 'antisemitic'!) and the knee-jerk tribalism among Jews to circle the wagons against goyim. And with Jews in law firms & courts with further support from Jews in the Fed and Deep State, Wall Street Jews can play a rigged game and rake in countless billions... and if their reckless gambles were to fail, they could always count on bail-outs premised on 'Too Big To Fail', which really means 'Too Jew to be Through'.
And even legal means by which some Jews got stinking rich only validate 'antisemitic tropes' of Jews and their close association with the vice industry. Take gambling, which became cancerous and spread all over America as Jews consolidated elite power in the US(and of course, Jews have also spearheaded marijuana legalization and are positioned to dominate the business). Gambling is really mass-theft, and it has utterly degraded the 'family values' theme of the GOP that relies on Vegas money. What do Jewish casino moguls do with all that money? They turn politicians into servants of Mammon and puppets of Israel. That the GOP profusely eulogized a cretin like Sheldon Adelson illustrates how far the cancer has spread.

Another 'antisemitic' stereotype is the suspicion that Jews care more about their own kind, aka World Jewry, than about any goy-majority nation in which they are citizens. But who can deny this? Jewish behavior has been signaling this forever. Who can deny that Jews in Russia, Jews in Poland, Jews in Germany, Jews in UK, Jews in the US, Jews in Mexico, and etc. all feel closer to one another than to goy folks in the respective nations? How else can the New Cold War with Russia be explained except as a case of Russian Jews, US Jews, and World Jewry in general conspiring to gain total control of that nation, much like Jews have already done so in the US and UK?
One thing for sure, the last thing a Jew in a goy nation wants to see is goy nationalism. Now, if a Jew in Poland were indeed a Polish patriot(without 'dual loyalty'), he would welcome Polish nationalism, that is, if indeed, the 'antisemitic trope' of Jews being unpatriotic and/or treasonous is untrue. But, Jews in Poland hate Polish patriotism, and Jews in Hungary hate Hungarian nationalism. Not only do they want nothing to do with goy national pride but they seek to suppress it. Now, some Jews will say that they oppose goy nationalism because it's small-minded and potentially prejudiced. Therefore, Jews support a colorblind value system where no one is judged by the color of his skin or the label of his ethnicity, i.e. all the world must be turned into the brotherhood-of-man. Jews have especially made this argument in the US, supposedly a nation founded on universal principles of liberty and justice. Thus, even if it's true that Jews are disloyal to goy patriotism in any given nation, it's not out of wickedness or treachery(as 'Anti-Semites' charge) but out of higher idealism and humanitarian principles. But such self-justification yet proves another 'antisemitic trope', that of the two-faced weasely Jew.

After all, if American Jews were indeed committed to colorblindness and universal justice, they would reject Jewish identity & interests as they demand and expect whites to abandon white identity & interests. But the very Jews who tell whites to give up their own identity & interests in favor of universality & equality then turn around and say whites must favor Jews & Israel uber alles. It's two-faced and weasely. So, whites must give up white identity in favor of universality but then betray universality in favor of Jewish identity. It's just bait-and-switch. It's enough to drive a people schizo, and perhaps it explains why so many white people today seem to be totally nutsoid. Under the spell of Jews, their minds are filled with an unresolvable contradiction but must carry on as if it all makes sense because the 'antisemitism' taboo is too powerful. After all, if you question Jews, you must be a 'Nazi', and there's nothing worse than that. In a nation where even Donald Trump and white conservatives(who are much-abused and constantly mocked by Jews) go out of their way to bleat 'Muh Israel', questioning Jewish Power is simply out of the question. In a way, white conzos who are being destroyed by Jews are like the victims of Stalin. Even as the latter were sent to the Gulag or condemned for execution, they continued to believe in Stalin and sang praises to him... to their last breath.

So, if we examine the Jewish con-game, it goes as follows. Jews say Goy Nationalism is bad. Jews say Universalism is good. So, Goyim give up their own nationalism in favor of universalism. But then, Jews say goy must favor Jewish Identity-Politics(or Jewish Idolatry) over universalism. Why? Because... it's the 'patriotic' thing to do. In other words, American Patriotism is fundamentally about sucking up to Jews. Imagine that. The trick is really to make goyim reject their own identity to favor Jewish identity. But then, precisely because Jews fear that some goyim might catch on to the BS, they use media, academia, and whore politicians to fool the masses that praising Jews and supporting Israel are the highest form of patriotism.
Now, why would the case of a goy people of a goy majority nation championing Israel, a foreign nation, be the highest expression of patriotism? Since when is the celebration of the Other a matter of 'true patriotism'? After all, patriotism is about Our People and Our Nation, not Those People and Their Nation(or Empire). Imagine British Imperialists telling Hindus in India that the highest form of Indian patriotism is allegiance to England and the British Empire. Sadly, the collaborator elites can be bought with money and/or threatened with disgrace/destruction, and the masses are just dumb enough to fall under mantric sway. When something is said over and over and over by authorities of both 'left' and 'right', it just becomes one of those New Normals that no one really thinks about. Jews toy with the goy as if they are god messing with Job.

Some members of the Italian Mafia once tried to pull the same stunt that Jews have pulled over America. To protect Mafia or Cosa Nostra activities from scrutiny and criticism, they fronted Italian-American 'civil rights' organizations that complained it was prejudiced against Italian-Americans to cast light on organized crime within the community. So, exposing the mafia or Italian-American criminality was tantamount to defamation against the Italian-American community as a whole. But, this shtickolini was really to protect those very criminal activities from investigation. But just like the Rosato Brothers and Pantengeli were small potatoes to Hyman Roth in THE GODFATHER PART 2, the Italian-Americans didn't have the mental sparks, financial firepower, tribal unity(as family loyalty divided the Italian-Americans into warring clans), and spiritual inspiration(such as Shoah Business that proved to be invaluable to Jews as moral shield and cudgel) to gain power over America, especially by ousting Wasps from the top position.


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