Monday, September 21, 2020

Richard 'Vader' Spencer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are Two Sides of the Same Coin: Tribal Supremacists at Gut Level pretending to be Individuals mainly concerned with World of Ideas and Principles

Jews like Ruth Bader Ginsburg can be better understood by comparison to figures like Richard 'Vader' Spencer. They seem to be ideological opposites, but they are merely two sides of the same coin. Ginsburg is thought to be a 'far-leftist' but, at her core, was essentially a die-hard Jewish Supremacist Zionist. The only true Jewish Liberals are those who apply the same rules to everyone and every group, Jews included. In contrast, Jewish 'liberals' like Alan Dershowitz and RBG use 'liberalism' as a ploy to undermine goy power(especially that of whites and Christians) in order to boost Jewish Power. They are essentially far-right Jewish Identitarians who merely use 'liberalism' as a tool, a weapon. So, in the political arena, we must ask if a certain person or group is using an idea as a mere tool or embracing it as a principle, a universal value system. There are genuine Jewish Liberals, but most Jewish 'liberals' are really Jewish Supremacist Zionists who've adopted 'progressive' values and agendas as the most effective weapon against goyim. Likewise, the US support of radical Islamists is merely a tool of foreign policy. The core of US values and worldview has NOTHING to do with Islam. But the Jewish-controlled US will support ISIS and Alqaeda elements when they're useful against the Syrian regime, Iraqi government, and Iran. Just because US worked with Red China during the Cold War against the USSR doesn't mean the US was Maoist. Rather, it merely used one form of communism against another, the one that seemed dominant in the world. Likewise, most Jewish 'liberals' merely use 'liberalism' as a tool to push deracination, guilt-complex, and host of other neuroses & pathology on goyim, especially whites. In the 60s, Jews ranted endlessly about Segregation in the South and white 'racism', but they rarely discussed Jewish-Black problems. Jews ripped off many blacks, and tougher blacks often terrorized Jews... which led to Jew Flew(or Jewish White Flight) that led to segregation between Jews and blacks far beyond anything in the Deep South. And speaking of 'racism', Jews hardly ever discussed the Zionist treatment of Palestinians. The very Jews who were so vocal in their condemnation of 'white racism' could be the most fanatical supporters of Zionism who felt zero sympathy for the plight of Palestinians. The very Jews who could go on and on about the burden of guilt among all Germans for what happened in World War II were utterly silent about Jewish Bolshevik mass killings of Christian Slavs. The very Jews who were hysterically calling for the condemnation and blacklisting of 'white supremacist' groups and other 'anti-American' elements were the ones defending both Jewish Zionist imperialists and Jewish communist subversives who slipped atomic secrets to Stalin. This is why Jewish Liberal Moral Outrage has been mostly bogus. Your typical Jewish 'liberal' is the kind to hound South Africa about its Apartheid Past while admonishing all of us to look the other way when Zionists crack heads in West Bank. Jews still kvetch about the McCarthy Era blacklist(because it affected some Jews), but they are so blase about the seemingly endless blacklists in US institutions and industries against pro-Palestinian voices and white voices that call for divorce from ugly Jewish supremacism. Indeed, what chance does someone have in Hollywood or Wall Street if he or she comes out in favor of Palestinians and wants to make a movie about the Nakba?
It is for this reason that RBG and Richard Spencer are so much alike. Both RBG and Spencer could come across as rational, intellectual, logical, and even moderate. RBG could pass herself as a lawyer and judge who could hear all sides, judiciously weigh the evidence, and decide on the basis of the Constitution. A person who works with her mind than gives into her passions. Likewise, Richard Spencer arrived on the scene as a new kind of 'white nationalist'. Not the cliched neo-nazi skinhead type drunk on beer and screaming 'Sieg Heil' and making a fool of himself as a brain-dead street thug. Rather, he presented himself as an intellectual who, though committed to the right, could empathize with all sides, prioritize reason over rage, and come to terms with anyone who would talk with him, debate with him, or deal with him. But even as the Thought-Spencer was real to an extent — he seems reasonably intelligent and well-read/educated — , there was also the Gut Spencer. No matter how many books he read, how many ideas he could pontificate on, how many people he could debate with on basis of mutual respect, and how much he could at least empathize with opposing sides, he was at his core a white supremacist imperialist egotist(at times verging on megalomania depending on how many drinks or drugs he had). This Gut Spencer was a raging and resentful Anglo-White Supremacist who believes his kind should rule the world like Darth Vader. Richard the Id(or Idiot) wanted to be 007 + Hitler. (Jeffrey Epstein who wanted to seed the world with his semen was even nuttier.) Blacks and browns should look up at a face like his and ho-de-do and pick cotton. Jewish guys should kiss his ass and Jewish girls should suck his dic*. At most times, especially in dealing with the media, Spencer tried to come across as genteel, soft-spoken, curious, sympathetic, and reasonable to deal with. A gentleman diplomat, a counselor, even a scholar. But scratch the surface of Thought Spencer and there was this raging Gut Spencer, a steaming morass of egotism and rage against whatever stifled his individual and racial 'destiny'. And of course, as Jews controlled the media, they had a field day exposing this side of Spencer. The Id Spencer, the Gut Spencer, or Raging Richie, so at odds with the carefully rehearsed image of Thought Spencer, the man of reason and principles. (To Spencer's credit, he is somewhat more honest and even honorable that most Jews. At times, Spencer have admitted Power drives Principles. Jews know this too and practice it for all it's worth but still pretend they're guided mostly by principles. Yeah sure, JUST ASK THE PALESTINIANS.) But the same goes for Jews. Because of Jewish Media Control, most Americans have this image of Jews as a Thought People who are primarily guided by knowledge, thought, contemplation, curiosity, philosophy, wisdom, and commitment to principles of justice, equality, & fairness. Even the ghastly Jonathan Pollard was featured with a christ-like image in the Jewish-controlled Media. We've been led to believe most Jews are 'liberal', implying that Jews are a Mind People who reject and oppose the 'atavistic' and 'tribal' urges of mankind. (This is rather odd since Jews have been among the 'porniest' people on Earth, using vulgar Freudianism to argue that we are just animals driven by lusts emanating from the groins. In a way, 'sexual liberation' could be characterized as 'liberal' for allowing more freedom and choice, but it is also more bestial and 'atavistic' in leading to reversion to apelike behavior.) So, RBG has been made into an icon of 'progressive' values and concern for social justice for all, i.e. she's been associated with the cause of the underdogs who've been ill-served by the Power. But, this is bogus. RBG has been nothing more and nothing less than a zealous Jewish Supremacist Zionist. Her idea of morality was NEVER to point fingers at powerful Jews or Israeli imperialism but to always beat up on whites and Christians. And why? Because her ilk believes that whites must be browbeaten(and even literally beaten) into submission in order to be rendered useful to Jews as their new masters.
Scratch the surface of most Thought Jews and you get the Gut Jew. It could be Alan Dershowitz, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Woody Allen, Chuck Schumer, Rachel Maddow, Jeffrey Epstein, Philip Roth, Victor Maymudes, Barbra Streisand, Harvey Weinstein, editors at NYT and most magazines, and etc. And when Jews pretend to be 'conservatives', it has NOTHING to do with preserving White/Christian America. Most Neocons work hand in glove with Jewish 'liberals' to push the interests of Zionism and Jewish Hegemony. Neocons' only role is to fool American Conservatives that Holy Holocaust Jews are on THEIR SIDE. If indeed ALL Jews were Democratic and 'liberal', the GOP and American Conservatives would have no choice but to be anti-Jewish. But as long as SOME 'conservative' Jews pretend to side with the American Right, so many white sucker conzos have this fantastical idea that, golly gee, maybe Jews will embrace their whiteness and become fellow whites if the GOP goes all out for Israel. In reality, the ONLY thing Jewish 'conservatives' are truly conservative about is the preservation of Jewishness and expansion of Jewish power, wealth, privilege, and advantages. Also, Jewish 'conservatives' don't believe that a stronger white conservatism is synonymous with stronger Jewish conservatism. Rather, the White Right must be weakened in order for the Jewish Right to be strengthened. Jews understand that rightism is essentially -centric, so white right would be naturally white-centric. But if white rightists were white-centric, they would favor white interests over Jewish ones and indeed may even see Jews as HOSTILE to whites. So, Jewish rightists feel they must weaken the white right into generic individual libertarianism of cucks and then steer these cucky-wucks to support Israel Uber Alles. (Again, most Jewish 'liberals' are really part of the Jewish Right as their core Gut Passion is about "Is it good for Jews?") Hollywood passes itself as 'liberal', but how many movies has it made about the plight of Palestinians? How many movies about the Nakba? How many movies about the horrible suffering of Russians in the 1990s at the hands of ultra-capitalist Jewish oligarchs? How many movies about Israel's alliance with Apartheid South Africa and provision of atomic secrets to the latter? Jewish 'liberals' would have us believe that they are Great Americans who were falsely accused of communist subversion, but when will Jewish Hollywood admit that many commie spies and agents were Jews and that these people worked for mass killer Josef Stalin? If 'antisemitic' forces controlled the Media, they could expose the Gut Jew behind the veil of all these phony Jewish 'liberals', just like Jewish-controlled media exposed the Gut Spencer that hid behind the facade of Thought Spencer. Now, this isn't to say that Jewish 'liberals' like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the likes of Richard Spencer are not interested in ideas or lacking in basic curiosity about the world. Most surely, they are not all about the Gut. But when push comes to shove, when passions run high, and when the mask comes off, we need to acknowledge that RBG and Spencer are the same kind of creature. They are driven by Gut Feelings that fuel and shape their rational faculties. So, the ultimate motivator of Ginsburg's decisions as both individual and judge was "Is it good for Jews?" Why do Jews like her want to take rifles away from white people when most gun deaths are by handguns, often by blacks? It's because Jewish Power fears a well-armed white goy public that may rise up and resist when the Jewish Power push things too far. Notice these Jews have no problem with guns and other weapons used by Antifa Janissary thugs. Jewish-controlled media called it 'mostly peaceful protests'. (If whites held mass protests against Jewish Power and 10% were violent, would the Jewish-run media call it 'mostly peaceful protests'?) And why did Jews like RBG push the 'gay' agenda? LGBTQXYZ nonsense was nothing but a Jewish proxy culture war on the world. Homos are vain toadies who suck up to power, and naturally many homos work for Jews, the richest people who dominate media, entertainment, finance, fashion, and the Deep State that is in ultra-imperialist mode.
Anyway, just like the Jewish media effectively exposed the Gut Spencer hiding behind Thought Spencer, it is imperative for goyim to expose the Gut Jew behind the Thought Jew. Whenever Jewish 'liberals' and Neocons yammer about 'justice', 'equality', 'fighting hate', and yadda yadda, confront them with the problem of Jewish Privilege, Jewish Wealth, Jewish Gentrification, Jewish use of Stop-and-Frisk, Jewish involvement in communism & mass-killings, Zionist Nakba pogroms, IDF death squads mowing down Palestinian children, Israel's support of ISIS & Alqaeda, the history of Jewish organized crime, Jewish exploitation of black athletes & entertainers, and etc. Ask the Jews why they don't bring up THOSE matters as issues of injustice, unfairness, and evils? Against Mitzvah, there must be Counter-Mitzvah. Mitzvah is the Blitzvah or Mitzkrieg of the Jews against whites and rest of humanity, especially Arabs and Iranians. Whites can change things ONLY IF they cut ties with the Jews and side with Iranians and Palestinians who should be hailed by all White Liberationists as "America's greatest allies". GINSBERG GONE. DEMS ELECTION SKULDUGGERY IN DISARRAY

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