Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Jews are Hypocritical as Universal Moralists but Consistent as Tribal-Nihilist-Supremacists — Jewish Supremacism = Black Supremacism — Palestinian Nakba = White Nakba


Jewish Behavior is hypocritical or consistent depending on how one looks at it.

IF Jewish attitudes claim to be anti-supremacist and if Jews contend that they are championing the cause of downtrodden blacks against White Supremacism, especially as embodied by White Police Brutality, then they are indeed hypocritical, not to mention anti-factual, as there is no white supremacist 'genocide' being carried out against blacks and, furthermore, the racial violence and animus in the US is mainly black-on-white, black-on-non-black, and yes, black-on-black. Still, supposing that most Jews in the US are indeed 'liberal' and 'progressive' and that they're truly invested in the well-being of blacks as a historically oppressed group, one would think they'd have similar sympathies about other unfortunate groups all around the world. You'd think Jews would oppose the West's cruel sanctions against Iran and Syria that have cost so many lives and livelihoods. You'd think Jews would call on the West to distance itself from Saudi Arabia's truly genocidal war in Yemen.
But we don't see or hear any such. Though there are Jewish individuals who condemn Jewish/Zionist abuses, the bulk of Jewish Power and Population are indifferent or even downright hostile to the aforementioned nations and groups that are being destroyed by machinations of the West. Also, most Jews seem oblivious to or totally supportive of Zionism's cruelty and violence toward Palestinians. How could this be IF INDEED most Jews are 'liberal' and 'progressive', for the little guy, the underdog, the wretched of the earth? How could Jews claim to care so much for blacks in the US but then be so uncaring about other non-whites around the world who are truly crushed by the weight of Western Neo-Imperialism? How many unarmed blacks are killed in the US every year? A mere handful, and most of them provoked the police. By comparison, how many Arabs/Muslims have died in the Middle East and North Africa due to Western invasions, occupations, sanctions, and unconditional support for Israel? Too many to count. According to Madeleine Albright, even killing 500,000 Iraqi children was 'worth it'. Where is the Jewish sadness and despair? So, on those grounds, Jews would seem hypocritical. If indeed we conflate the Palestinians with blacks while conflating Jews/Zionists with whites(as the privileged and powerful folks), then Moral Logic would dictate that Jews condemn both White Supremacy over blacks and Jewish Supremacy over Palestinians. The Jewish hypocrisy should be most blatant and blaring.

And yet, Jewish attitude and behavior are consistent if seen within a different context. If we regard Jews as supremacists, then they are being totally consistent, even if publicly dishonest(as they claim to be 'liberal' — in a way, Jewish Liberalism, even where it exists, is founded on a basis totally different from White Liberalism. If White Liberalism is an outgrowth of white power, privilege, security, generosity, conscience, and magnanimity, Jewish Liberalism is an outgrowth of Jewish insecurity, anxiety, paranoia, defensiveness, and tribalism. White Liberalism is based on, "We whites are secure, powerful, and rich enough to make things more equal and fair with other groups", whereas Jewish Liberalism is based on "We Jews must stick together and work to undermine the solidarity of OTHER groups so that we Jews can prosper and gain more power." White Liberalism is about letting go of 'too much' white power, whereas Jewish Liberalism is about accumulating and consolidating more Jewish Power, which is never enough. Same goes for so-called Black Liberalism. Jews and Blacks are fixated on "What's in it for us?" whereas White Liberalism is about "What's in it for OTHER groups?" Now, this was understandable at one time as Christian White Power was truly dominant and there were discriminatory policies, often official in nature, for non-whites. Ideally, the powerful use liberalism to be more fair-minded and generous whereas, naturally, the weak look to liberalism to get a larger share of the pie. But things aren't so simple in our world where Jews are the MOST POWERFUL group in the West and when blacks enjoy so many legal favoritism and are nearly worshiped as a god-race. Indeed, White Liberalism went from one of generosity to one of obeisance. Jewish Demands destroyed whatever had been noble-if-naive about White Liberalism. It used to be White Liberalism tried to be fair to ALL non-white groups, and that included not just blacks and Jews but also Arabs, browns, yellows, and etc. There was a time when America tried to be fairer with the Palestinians. Even though the US fatally threw in its lot with Zionism in 1948, there were attempts by John F. Kennedy, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton to broker some kind of deal for Palestinians. And there was a time when whites were as concerned about the plight of American Indians as about blacks. But as the Power in America shifted from whites to Jews and their main political allies, blacks and homos, the New Dominant Liberalism was less about white fairness to all than white/goy obeisance to Jewish demands, black megalomania, and homo vanity. Liberalism went from ideology based on principles to idolatry based on special identity. As Nancy Pelosi said, even if Washington D.C. burns to the ground, US will be there for Israel. As so many GOP cucks have pledged to AIPAC, they eat, drink, and think for Israel, Israel, Israel. And even as Jewish Power rams Donald Trump in the ass, his main plea is, "Can I suck your dic* that's been up my arse?" It's truly a sad state of affairs.) The CONSISTENCY of the Jewish position on BLM becomes clear when we regard Jewish power as supremacist. What fails as moralism succeeds as nihilism. Indeed, what Jews value about BLM is not that it is a genuine movement for black justice, which it most certainly is not, but that it is a black supremacist position partnered with the supremacist positions of Jews and homos.
Jews control the media and invert the truth into lies. Even though Blacks and Antifa minions, as allies of Jewish Power, destroy the cities, the Jew-run media and outlets push the Narrative of 'White Supremacist' Violence. It goes to show that Jewish Power is ugly and has no sense of honor or integrity. Jews as like gangster-lawyers.
Now, what do all three groups have in common despite their great differences? (Jews and blacks are very different, and if the two groups were placed on an island, they would not get along.) The commonality is their dependence on White Submissivism for them to get their goodies. Without white submission and support, Jews cannot use the West as the vessel for Jewish Hegemony. Without white submission and support, blacks can't have it so good. Indeed, compare blacks in the US with blacks in Africa. Why do all those blacks intend to move to US or EU? Because living with whites is an instant-ticket to a better life. But if, in the past, blacks just hoped to live UNDER whites, they now love lording OVER whites. Even though majority of blacks are economically below that of majority of whites, they enjoy superiority over whites in key ways. As top athletes, they are seen as 'heroes'. As music stars, they are seen as 'divas'. As sexual objects, they are seen as super-studs or super-ho's. And the historical narrative of black slavery, Jim Crow, and etc. makes blacks out to be the only equals of Jews in the White Guilt sweepstakes. (Of course, one could argue that blacks gained more under whites in a few centuries than on their own through the eons and, furthermore, other groups suffered even more under whites — especially the American Indians who lost their homelands forever and experienced something like 'genocide' — , but 'narratives' are not objective accounts but subjective and highly politicized storytelling to push a specific agenda.) So, both Jewish Supremacism and Black Supremacism are invested in belittling, berating, insulting, degrading, threatening, intimidating, and attacking any sign of white identity, white interests, white consciousness, white pride, and white okay-ness as UPPITY.

In a way, the current Jewish-Black attitude toward whites is not unlike that of white slave-masters over black slaves. Blacks were not supposed to be assertive; any black with a noticeable sense of self was deemed 'uppity'. At one time, Jews and blacks may have hoped for white kindness under white domination. Then, they may have hoped for equality with whites. But over the years, they've grown accustomed and addicted to supremacy over whites. In the past, Jews and blacks denounced white supremacist attitudes. Today, they demean ANY kind of white consciousness as 'nazi' or 'supremacist' or something to do with 'white fragility' borne of 'white privilege'. In other words, it's not enough for whites to call for equality among the races. Instead, whites must accept an inferior role vis-a-vis Jews and blacks(and homos). This is why even "It's Okay to be White" or "All Lives Matter" is threatening to Jewish and Black power. (One thing for sure, even most 'liberal' Jews do NOT want white Americans to be equal in their feelings toward Jews and Palestinians or toward Israel and Iran. For Jews, Zionist Lives Matter infinitely more than Arab/Muslim lives, as Madeleine Albright made so clear so eloquently.) Even white call for equality-for-all is deemed as 'uppity' from the perspective of Jewish/Black master-mentality. Whites must accept and celebrate their INFERIORITY before Jews and blacks.

Of course, it's complicated by history. Many Jews and blacks may sincerely believe they are for 'progress' and 'justice' because they'd been historically wronged by the White Christian/Gentile community. Even though things are so different now, the official narrative colors how people see the world around them. It's like Christians took over Europe and did horrible things to pagan heretics, but they kept with their official narrative of Christians being fed to the lions by the Roman pagans. The moral narrative of pagans killing Christians made Christians morally blind to their killing of pagans. (In our time, Antifa goons are blind to their own 'fascistic' behavior because they hunt down 'nazis'.) And even though Christian Europe often kept Jews down, the official Christian Narrative fixated on Jesus, the Son of God, murdered by Jews as a bunch of Judases. People live in the present but 'feel' in the past, or the Official Past as kept alive by the Narrative.
Indeed, this was also why whites in the past were more accepting of black slavery. Even though they knew that slavery went against American Principles, the official narrative of blacks-as-savages-being-elevated-by-white-stewardship sweetened the existence of the ignoble institution. It wasn't merely a case of People A enslaving and exploiting People B but a case of People B being elevated by enlightened enforcement by People A who knew better. Even in the 1960s, the National Review and William F. Buckley opposed the Civil Rights Movement on those grounds: Blacks were NOT READY for full participation in US power because they still had some ways to go in social and cultural advancement. Because Christians fixated on their own history of victimization under Jews and Romans, they became blind to their own supremacist oppression of others. And because of the American Narrative that white folks were creating a new and better world, even the 'genocide' of the American Indians and slavery of blacks seemed partly justified as contributing to the creation of the City on the Hill. Ends would justify the Means. Sure, the Indians had to be pushed aside and blacks would have to pick cotton, but all would benefit from white triumph in the end as, on their own, non-whites would be mired in their own savagery, backwardness, or childishness.
Do white goyim have minds of their own? Jews lead, goyim follow. To be 'educated' and 'informed' in a world of Jewish academia/media control means your minds are just clay to Jewish Hands. So, if Jews say 'gender' is 'fluid', and anyone can be anything, all these rootless and deracinated whites just go along like a bunch of kids believing in Santa and the Tooth Fairy. We laugh at the Middle Ages for ignorance and superstition, but the current era is truly ridiculous. Education = Indoctrination into Jewish Fantasies. 
Incidentally, the power-neuroses of Jews and blacks are different vis-a-vis whites because Jews got too much power whereas blacks feel they got too little. Paradoxically, Jews are more anxious and paranoid especially because they are richer and more powerful than ever. In some ways, such power makes Jews arrogant and confident, but it also makes them fearful that they will be found out and seen(and criticized) as the New Ruling Elites of the US and Empire. Jews want the dominant role but want to remain behind the curtains, much like Jewish Hollywood moguls run the place but use mostly goy actors as the Face of Hollywood. Most of Washington D.C. is like Jewish-run Hollywood with goy politicians as 'actors' reading scripts written by Jewish handlers. The excessive power of Jews has made them both paranoid and arrogant or 'parrogant'. Jews got so much money, control media and big tech, dominate finance, own Las Vegas, and control much of real estate. They dominate elite academia and think tanks that mold both elite minds and mass mentalities.

In contrast, blacks are especially bitter because they feel they don't have the wealth, power, and privilege that should be rightfully theirs as the superior race. Blacks don't care about equality and justice for all. If they did, why would they burn down the businesses and properties of immigrant groups, many of whom are not white, whenever "there's a riot going on"? Why do blacks join the US military when it invades and destroys other nations? How many blacks are like Muhammad Ali during the Vietnam War when he said, "Viet Cong didn't call me no ni**er"? Most blacks don't mind serving in the US military as long as they get money and promotions. Blacks don't care about non-blacks, and blacks don't care for socialism. Blacks make 'socialist' noises not because they want equality but because they are resentful that not all blacks can live like Obama, Oprah, and rich rappers. Blacks feel that they be the kangz, and therefore, everything should be given to them-as-natural-royalty. Blacks got the Meghan Markle Mentality. Even as she makes noises about 'justice', she married a prince and lives like a pig. If blacks are truly socialist, they should be denouncing rich blacks, but they can't get enough of other blacks having all the blings, mansions with swimming pools, limos, and the like. The problem is blacks succeed most in fields where ONLY A FEW can win. Sports is winner-takes-all. In pop entertainment, only a handful make all the dough while the rest barely make a living performing at small clubs. For every successful rapper or actor, there are countless others with nothing. Blacks have done well in government, but at the uppermost echelons, they serve as tokens to Jews, homos, and even white cucks.
The childish black mentality, being fixated on song-dong-strong-wrong, feels that blackness is the greatest thing in the world that should be revered and served by all other races, but black weakness in brainy fields keeps them far behind others who succeed in science, math, law, technology, medicine, business, and etc. ('Song-dong-strong-wrong' or SDSW refers to black fixation on rappers, sex, sports, and the narrative.) Now, the reasons for black failures in certain key fields is due to genetics and culture. Blacks are generally less intelligent and more impulsive. Also, black culture emphasizes acting the fool. But, black egotism or Negrotism makes it difficult for most blacks to be like Jesse Lee Peterson and reflect on the possibility that maybe not all black problems are due to 'dem honk*y-ass mothafuc*az'. So, even though most blacks die from black violence, everything is blamed on whitey. And of course, Jews encourage this by coming up with terms like 'systemic racism' — never mind the biggest form of 'systemic racism' in US is the unconditional support of Israel and turning a blind eye to every black degeneracy; black problem is more endemic than systemic, i.e. blackity-ness is inherent in blacks and makes them more impulsive, aggressive, funky, and jivey in a manner that isn't conducive to modern society. Something in the black gene pool makes them feel more along the lines of 'sheeeeeeeiiiiiit'.
In the Current West, the group that is most criminal and destructive, the blacks, are revered as paragons of  justice. The group that is most vapid and vain, the homos, are worshiped as 'spiritual' agents. And the group that is most supremacist and corrupt, the Jews, are praised as wise men. But then, in a world when men can claim to be 'women' and where marriage is a celebration of homo-fecal penetration and tranny-penis cutting, what else is new? 
Now, why do Jews encourage such blackity-ness? Why do Jews tell blacks to blame it all on whitey? Is it because Jews really care about blacks? Now, some Jewish women got jungle fever, and some Jewish guys make big bucks off black sports, music, sex, and comedy. But, privately, many Jews fear blacks and know the 'schvartzes are crazy'. But Jews go along with the Jewish-Black alliance charade because it's good for the Narrative and Maintenance of Jewish Supremacism over whites. While there is the Holocaust Narrative, which is mostly about 'white guilt', it is bolstered by White Guilt about Blacks. Besides, having blacks as symbolic allies gives moral cover to what Jews have done to Arabs and Muslims. As Jews love to say, MLK was pro-Zionist and friends with Jews. So, that settles it! Ironically, the more Jews treat Palestinians the way whites once treated blacks in the past in the US South and South Africa, the more they cling to blacks as symbolic allies. Jim Crowitz in West Bank and neo-imperialist violence in Gaza are given moral cover by Jews emoting about Emmett Till for the umpteenth time.

Though the Narrative is victimological in nature, it is to give moral support to Jewish Supremacism in the Present. By making Jews and their black allies into Eternal Moral Paragons who suffered under 'antisemitism' and 'racism', it has become nearly impossible to criticize those two groups and put them under any kind of fair-minded scrutiny. Why, that would be 'antisemitic' or 'racist', the two greatest sins in the present(along with 'homophobia')!! Just like the peons couldn't criticize kings and noblemen, whites as neo-peons cannot criticize Jews and blacks. When a group cannot be criticized, it is enjoying a supremacist position in society. Of course, Jews get richer while many blacks become even poorer, but Power isn't about most people but about the elites exploiting symbolism to gain more power for themselves. It's like the communist 'dictatorship of the proletariat' didn't mean the actual proles got the power. They remained peons while the intellectual class ruled as representatives of the Workers of the World; they were like the pigs in ANIMAL FARM. So, Jews don't care about most blacks. Deep down inside, most Jews know that black problems are intractable because of black genetics. The only thing that matters is Jews preserving their own supremacist power by radicalizing the politics of 'white guilt'. By blaming 'systemic racism', Jews make blacks and white cucky-wucks fixate on White Evil as the source of all problems. This means blacks(and Jews and homos) get to make more demands on whites while whites must keep groveling and wash/kiss the stinking feet of Negroes. Jews and blacks make-believe that Fentanyl Floyd was some kind of a saint, and white cucks get on their knees and go boo-hoo-hoo and cry like babies while babbling, "Saint George, I wish you were alive so I could kiss your sacred black ass."
In the Current West where Jews control the media, whore-politicians, think-tanks, and internet platforms(that censor people for speaking the truth), 'reality' is whatever Jews say it is. We are all like Palestinians trapped in a Jewish Supremacist version of Alice in Wonderland.
Of course, unlike the situation of Palestinians, blacks in the US are not facing any kind of racial violence. If anything, the police, especially white ones, are extra-mindful not to mistreat blacks lest there be another riot. Also, if blacks are getting gunned down, it's by other blacks who are into gangsta culture, egotism, and drug trade. As blacks know they are stronger and tougher than other races, the interracial violence is usually black-on-non-black, even against Jews, but Jewish Power overlooks black-on-Jewish violence to maintain what they deem to be far more crucial to the perpetuation of Jewish Supremacism: White Obeisance fueled by 'white guilt', especially regarding blacks. So, it's the Jewish Gambit: Indulge black stupidity and destructiveness, which even harms Jews on occasion, to make blacks blame Evil Whitey, therefore keeping whites morally ashamed and browbeaten(and redemptive and 'saved' ONLY WHEN they revere and serve the Other).
If Jews and whites were to pool their resources to be honest about the Black Problem, blacks might come under pressure to behave better and wreak less havoc, but it would also mean the ebbing away of 'white guilt', and that would mean whites would be more assertive of their own identity, leading to whites asking, "Why should we whites be subservient to Jewish identity and interests when we have our own?" That is what Jews fear most, and so, they carry on with the politics of black lunacy and stuff like 1619 Project, Emmett-Till-Forever, and BLM propaganda to keep whites feeling morally paralyzed with 'guilt'. Of course, such has the added advantage of steering black rage from Jewish Power to 'white privilege'. It's like Jewish Power pushed the Russia-Russia-Russia Narrative to distract Americans from the fact that the main 'alien' interference in US politics is Jewish Globalist Power.

Many on the Real Left tend to think in terms of Blacks = Palestinians / Whites = Zionist Jews. But most Jews in supremacist mode see it differently: Whites = Palestinians / Jews = Blacks.
Just like the existence of Israel as a Jewish-Supremacist State depends on Jewish domination over Palestinians and Arabs/Muslims cowering in fear or accepting of inferior roles, the continuation of Jewish Supremacism in the West depends on white submission, obeisance, and inferiority.
In the Middle East, Jews send a clear message to Palestinians that the latter is a subject people who must do as the Jews say. Jews constantly bomb Syria and threaten Iran. And Jews use their control of the US to pressure key Arab nations like Saudi Arabia and UAE to suck up to Israel. And of course, the Arabs/Muslims are too divided among themselves to unite against Jewish Supremacism. Saudi Arabia is anti-Iran, not anti-Israel.
In the West, Jews use their media, legal, financial, and political power to send a message to whites, "If you don't kiss our Jewish ass, you are toast." Also, Jews use the 'spiritual' power of the Narrative to tag whiteness with forever-holocaust-guilt and forever-slavery-guilt. Whites who strive for individual success and status play along and go along. And their children come under Jewish influence via media and academia. No wonder then that so many young whites are going boo-hoo about Fentanyl Floyd as one of the greatest saints of all time. And like the Arabs/Muslims, whites are so divided along 'liberal' and 'conservative' lines, though to be sure, the feckless and craven 'conservatives' are useless while the 'liberal' ones, for all their anti-supremacist rhetoric, seem invested in the elevation of only three groups at the expense of all else: Jews, blacks, and homos. Has any bunch of 'liberals' painted their streets with 'Palestinian Lives Matter' or held up placards with 'End Wars for Israel and Say NO to Zionist Genocide of Palestinians'?
Of course, in the Age of PC, to be 'educated' means to be indoctrinated in the superstitious voodoo of Holy Jew-Worship, Globo-Homo Celebration, and Magic Negro Idolatry. Critical Thinking is dead in media and academia. There is only mindless regurgitation of 'woke' cliches.
Jews and blacks share in their supremacist attitudes toward whites, and that's why, despite essential differences between them, they are natural allies AS LONG AS they live in a white majority nation. In an island with only Jews and blacks, they would NOT get along. Jews feel superior for being brainier than whites, blacks feel superior for being brawnier than whites. And both have staked their collective identities on the Narrative of Evil Whitey. Polls show that for most Jews, the Shoah is what defines them most in the 'spiritual' sense. And blacks, increasingly even in Europe and Africa, center their identity on the American Experience(as if savagery, slavery, and other horrors didn't exist in black Africa). Black African Immigrants in the US immediately adopt the Black American attitude of victimization(even though their own ancestors captured and sold black slaves to whites and Arabs); black African actors take up roles as historic American blacks. Black Africans listen to rap and pick up Black American attitudes about Whitey. And blacks in Europe assimilate less to European values and culture than to Black American ones based on rap music, gangsta culture, and the evil of 'white racism', esp of the KKK kind. But then, even white European values of late are parallels or reflections of white American cuckery to blacks, homos, and Jews. The current Irish are like a bunch of globo-homo 'whiggers' invested in remaking Ireland into Afro-Homo-Diversitopia. They have little sense of Irish history, culture, or values except for being lame. U2 songs might as well be anthems of New Ireland.

So, when Jews feel that both whites and Palestinians must be morally browbeaten and even physically beaten to keep them intimidated and submissive to Jewish Domination, there is great consistency in the Art of Jewish Supremacism. The truly outrageous hypocrisy and even greater stupidity are with whites who are treated like Palestinians by Jewish Power but identify far more with Jews than with Palestinians. Likewise, so many white 'conservatives' are so anti-socialist and pro-capitalist when it is the Jewish-dominated capitalist class that is so heavily invested in anti-white vitriol, anti-white campaigns, anti-nationalism, anti-populism, anti-tradition, anti-morality, anti-normality, and etc. While whites should reject communism, it would make more sense than ever for whites to adopt a nationalist version of social-democracy. White 'conservatives' are so dumb because they (1) abandoned all socialist principles and (2) were abandoned by the capitalist class that is for LGBT, BLM, ADL, and SPLC. If at least white conzos gave up all vestiges of socialism in exchange for support from the capitalist rich, it wouldn't be so bad. But whites gave up social-democracy and state power only to be insulted, demeaned, deplatformed, and blacklisted by Big Capital also. Given the nature of Jewish Power and its influence on Big Capital and Elite Institutions, the vast majority of whites would have done better with a nationalist version of social-democracy — without the nationalist element, Social-Democracy turns into worthless cuckery of Sweden and Minnesota — and with identifying with Palestinians who've been resisting Jewish Power since the great tragedy of Nakba. But even as whites face White Nakba, the great majority of them from Donald Trump to some MAGA-hat wearing 'white trash' are into "Muh Israel" and "Socialism sucks".
Behind the facade of Jewish Moral Hypocrisy, there is the consistency of Jewish Supremacism. And it plays it smart, which is why it wins against the Great White Stupidity that still favors capitalism over socialism and favors Jews/Zionists over Palestinians/Syrians/Iranians.

Jews as moralists are a total fraud. Jewish morality, unlike white morality, is almost never about "Did we do something wrong to others?" but invariably about "How OTHERS wronged us." True morality is about both being wronged and doing wrong. Jews only fixate on being wronged, all the while fixating on what wrongs whites and Arabs/Muslims did to Jews. Same with Russian History. Jews will go on and on about the pogroms and 'antisemitism' but hardly discuss Jewish role in Bolshevism and 1990s pirate-capitalism that destroyed countless Slavic and other lives. True morality requires consistency. If group A does something and if it is bad, it is also bad when group B does it. But according to Jewish morality, apartheid policy was wrong in South Africa but is A-Okay in West Bank. Israeli Police can use any amount of brute force against Palestinians, but the US police is to be condemned for 'racism' even when blacks are in the wrong. Also, when Stop-and-Frisk was used in Jewish-dominated NY to bring down crime rates, Jews were hardly outraged. But the same Jews were throwing fits about what happened to Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, even though it was 'gentle giant' Brown who attacked the white police officer. Jewish morality is that of crooked lawyers and card sharks. It is worthless.

But Jews aren't realists either. Realism has problems, and some see it as a form of gangsterism in its Machiavellian extremes. But in a world where so many nations and peoples, the West included, often overlook or violate the rules(or where agreed-upon enforceable rules hardly exist), people must be pragmatic and realistic on grounds of "what's in it for us?" For example, US foreign policy should forsake utopian dreams for the world, especially when US itself has tons of failings and problems. But to play this game of realism, the US must be honest with itself and the world. Honest, that is the saving grace of realism. Oftentimes, a honest gangster is easier to deal with than a hypocritical sermonizer. But even that isn't possible in the US because national interest and the majority no longer matter. The question is never about what is good for America as a nation or for Most Americans because US is Jewish Supremacist and Jews make up only 2% of US population. Just like India under British Imperialism could not be about "What is good for most Indians?" as the priority was "What was good for the British Empire?", the US cannot hope for any kind of realist policy as the politics, finance, and military are all fixated on "Is it great for Jewish Supremacist Power?"
Under this conditions, any white person, even if on the Dissident Right, is useless UNLESS he makes White Liberation from Jewish Supremacism the primary goal of white folks, especially by exposing the true extent of Jewish Power and condemning all forms of Jewish supremacist hatred, arrogance, and murderousness, especially against Palestinians, Syrians, and Iranians. What has cucking to Jewish Power ever done for White Americans? "Cuck! What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing." Denazification will end when whites push for De-Zionazification. Whites must push back and dig into all the dirty laundry of the Jews and their history. Fight fire with Fire. Against White Nakba, whites need the policy of White Mitzvah. Hunt down Jewish criminals, Jewish gangsters, Jewish supremacist killers. And expose all that is evil and dirty about Jewish Power.


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