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White Americans Are Not Free Individuals but Mere EXTENSIONS of Jewish Supremacist Power, mere Tentacles to the Jewish Octopus Mind and Will

Jews understand a crucial truth. People are Extensions than Individuals. As social creatures, people are more like ants than lone animals like tigers or bears. People constantly pick up signals, all the more so in our age of electronic media and gadgets. Every time someone uses 'my' device, he or she is being tuned to signals emanating from a center of power/influence. He or she thinks, "I'm a free individual with 'choice'", but in fact, the possible 'choices' are fed into his/her mind through electronic signals. In some ways, people became less individualistic with the rise of radio and TV. Prior to such technology, everyone in the US did something different on any given night. Some read books(countless different titles) and magazines, some went for social gathering, others went for a walk, some stared at the moon, and etc. If ANYTHING unified people in the US and the West prior to Radio and TV, it was the Bible. But with the TV, just about everyone in the US could be watching the same show at the same instant. Despite the 'participation' of countless millions, the shows were created by just a handful of people. As Jews gained control of the media, they were filling our minds with 'control' signals. A the guy in A SERIOUS MAN(by Coen Brothers) messes with the TV antennae, he senses the TV is exerting serious influence on his children, not all of it good. Still, Jews needed to worry less about TV & Radio as Jewish Media Masters were careful not to send signals that would be negative for Jews. Instead, signals instilled the mass public with the message that one's moral character is a measure of his/her 'philosemitism'. If animus, hostility, and hatred were spread by the electronic signals, they were aimed at whites because Jewish supremacist power needs white submission and obedience, the product of white shame, moral paralysis, and self-loathing. Jews need whites to be in forever-redemptive mode for their history of 'racism', 'antisemitism', and etc. because then they can exploit the white need for atonement by directing white actions toward Judeocentric goals. "Jews are so good and holy, whites are so vile and loathsome; therefore, in order for whites to cleanse their souls, they must look to Jews for wisdom and guidance."
In a way, libertarianism, especially the kind pushed by Ayn Rand, has been of great use to Jews. Libertarianism served as a loosening agent. It's like you must first weaken the bonds that hold a structure together; then, the structure can be dismantled brick by brick. But do you break things apart to keep them apart indefinitely? No, you take them apart to use as building blocks for a new structure based on YOUR blueprint. Libertarianism promised individuality, freedom, and choice to everyone. It was especially useful in disassociating the White Right from its bonds of conservatism. White Conservatism championed bonds to the past & heritage and bonds among white folks(and Christian folks). While Americanism(and Western Culture in general) had long been more individualistic than others, it rejected radical individualism. If one had to make a choice between unity/community and division/individuality, the former was prioritized. So, while American Conservatism wasn't anti-individualist, it put unity before the individual. Libertarianism was poised to reverse the formula. Among the more moderate libertarians, it was individuality and choice before unity and tradition, but they weren't hostile to latter. Ron Paul belongs to this school. (His is the school of Virtue Libertarianism, the idea that more freedom and individuality will mean more choice and means by which people can make better, saner, more rational, and sensible decisions. More freedom means more opportunity to be good and moral. In contrast, there is the school of Vice Libertarianism that looks upon traditional virtues as 'square' & 'lame' and argues that vices will cancel each other out and lead to a kind of balance. This might as well be the Anton LaVey school of individualism.) If moderate Libertarians placed individuality before unity(but still valued unity), the radical libertarians were opposed to any sense of unity and heritage. It was all a matter of 'me and my choice'. It's no wonder they oppose nationalism, which is about the consensus that favors policies thought to be good for the organic whole. Radical libertarians see such policies as standing between the individual and choice. The GROUP representing National Interest prevents individuals from acting freely vis-a-vis the rest of the world. Anyway, unbeknownst to most goy libertarians, Jewish elements pushed libertarianism as a means to an end, not as the end itself. Consciously or subconsciously, Ayn Rand and other Jews would have sensed that Jewish Power will grow immeasurably if whites could be made more individualistic while Jews are made more tribalist, more pro-unity. Unity creates a gravitational core whereas individuality scatters force in all directions. The universe is filled with stardust, but stardust remains adrift in the dark. Bright suns are created by the unity of stardust into great concentrations of matter that generate tremendous energy. No wonder cities rule over the countryside. Cities concentrate power, countryside scatters it far and wide. Even Mao Zedong, who called for 'surround the cities from the countryside', got his education in the cities and, when his side won the war, made sure that the communists controlled all cities with a tight grip. Paradoxically, city life is more rootless and individualistic, yet power is concentrated into a singular unity. In contrast, country life is more rooted and communal, but people are smaller in number and separated across great distances. Perhaps, city folks could be more individualistic because they can take their systemic unity for granted. They live in such an elaborate and elevated form of social order that they don't have to work so hard at basic survival. Anyway, dimwit goy libertarians thought that individualism was for everyone. Everyone would become deracinated and come to regard himself or herself primarily as an individual, as a 'me' or 'myself'. Everything else — national loyalty, racial identity, religious affiliation, kinship, or etc. — would be secondary or nonexistent. All groups would move in this direction. Not only whites but Jews, blacks, browns, and the rest. But just when whites were moving toward an identity based solely on the individual, Jews were playing up the Holocaust Cult, Zionist Ideology, and Yiddish sensibility. Jews were reminded to never forget their Jewish history and unique ALL-TOO-JEWISH suffering. So, even though Jews prized individualism, it came AFTER unity. Philip Roth, for example, could be an individual and write 'porny' stuff, but all said and done, he was praised for his Jewish pride and Zionism. Jews were JEWISH individuals, not generic individuals, which is what Jews urged whites to become. For non-whites, Jews had a different agenda. Jews did everything to weaken the identities of Muslims, Asians, Hindus, Latin Americans, and Africans. After all, mass immigration is about the Melting Pot. Jews pushed for more immigration and in order for all immigrants to get along, they must put aside their identities/loyalties of origin and become 'good Americans'. And yet, if non-whites were urged to be just like whites, 'generic individuals', they wouldn't be of much use to Jews. Indeed, whites and non-whites as 'generic individuals' might come to see eye-to-eye on lots of things. But Jews needed to use non-whites against whites. But what kind of identity could non-whites have if they were urged to become part of the melting pot? Jews pushed Negative Identity on non-whites, an identity based on hostility toward whites. Thus, being non-white, be it black, brown, yellow, Hindu, Muslim, or whatever, is less a matter of positive connection to one's racial or cultural background than a matter of being AGAINST whites. Blackness is essentially about 'victims of white supremacist racism'. Brownness is mostly about resentment at the Gringo. And yellowness is about proving one's credentials that Asians are not a 'model minority' and also 'victimized' by whites on a daily basis — I mean, it could be a micro-aggression! While Jews also have a powerful sense of Negative Identity — "Evil White goyim did pogroms on us and threw us into gas chambers" — , they also have a powerful sense of Positive Identity rooted in history, heritage, and remembrance. In contrast, as most non-white goyim have weaker cultures and identities, all they have left as identifier is the 'moral pride' of being wronged and victimized by White 'racists' and 'supremacists'. It's like Jews tell Muslims, "Forget about Islam, let your daughters grow up to 'twerk' & act like sluts, let your sons ape black rappers, and wave the 'gay pride' flag." So, what would be the meaning of being a Muslim in America? It would be as a member of People of Color who are forever 'victimized' by nasty 'white supremacists'.
So, at the end of the day, Jews got positive and negative identities, non-whites got negative identities, and whites got generic identities. Jews have a sense of history and unity(separate from whites) and a sense of moral outrage(in negative opposition to white 'Anti-Semites'). Non-whites, in their amnesia, lose all sense of who they are independent of whites, and as such, their only identity is in relation to whites: "White racists did us wrong." And whites have no sense of who they are and where they came from. Whites are discouraged from looking into their racial, historical, mythical, and spiritual roots. Whites are now utterly post-cultural. If the European past is invoked, it is to willfully misinform whites that Vikings and Romans were black and that Europe was ALWAYS about mass immigration and 'diversity'. (If so, why do Jews say Europe was so 'racist'?) So, can whites at least be free individuals who are left alone to do as they please, like the fellas in Richard Linklater's DAZED AND CONFUSED? No, not even that. Whites too must have an identity that operates on a reverse moral dynamics as the non-white Negative Identity. If non-whites define themselves with Moral Pride vis-a-vis whites, whites must define themselves with Moral Shame/Guilt vis-a-vis non-whites(and Jews of course). Non-whites see themselves as "people who were always wronged by whites", whereas whites are to see themselves as "people who always wronged non-whites". Thus, both non-white identity and white identity lack autonomy and independence. Jews have a sense of who they are apart from their relations with whites, but non-whites, having far weaker memories, only have a sense of 'victimization' under whites. It is a Negative Identity of Moral Pride. Whites have a Negative Identity of Moral Shame. As whites have no sense of who they are independent of the rest of humanity — the mantra of 'Diversity Is Our Strength' across both North America and Europe has made it taboo for whites to conceive of a world unto their own, past, present, or future — , whites have been conditioned to always think of themselves in relation to the Other. According to this logic, there is no whiteness independent of non-whiteness. White Identity is always a function of its relational dynamics with Jews and non-whites. Now, can one say that whites sometimes did wrong to others and vice versa? After all, whites were invaded by Huns, Moors, Mongols, Arabs, Turks, and etc... and they are being invaded today by Third World hordes. And weren't whites victimized by Jewish money-lenders and weren't countless Christian Slavs killed by Jewish communists? No, such thinking is taboo and forbidden. Whites must only focus on the wrongs they did to others, that is unless whites did it for Jewish Supremacists. Whites need not dwell on the guilt of having supported Zionist wars on Palestinians, Iraqis, Iranians, Syrians, etc. Of course, when the 'refugees' from the Wars for Israel end up on European and American shores, THEN whites must feel shame and guilt for not taking in more of them. When it comes to smashing Arab/Muslim nations, Jews urge white military men to be like ruthless and heartless Nazis. But when, the 'refugees' come knocking on the doors of the EU and US, the faceless victims suddenly take on the aura of 'New Jews escaping the holocaust'.
In the 1960s and 70s, when Jews were preaching Free Speech and youth culture, it seemed as though most of them just wanted all Americans to be freer and less hung up about race, culture, and identity. And yet, what Jews were really doing was using libertarianism to loosen white bonds from white heritage and white unity. Once loosened and taken apart, there was no way Jews were just going to let whites remain as independent bricks. And they sure as hell weren't going to become like whites and turn generic and 'white bread' as rootless individuals. (If Jews seemed rootless to goyim, it was because they refused to become rooted to goy conventions. They insisted on being rooted to the much deeper history and identity of their own Tribe.) Once white unity was dissolved and whites were turned into atomized individuals, Jewish Power planned to construct them into a new sense of whiteness, the Negative Identity of Guilt & Shame. And this was to be realized through PC permeating not only education but entertainment, advertisement, endless crusades, new purges, and ceaseless public announcements. In a way, Jews did it to mold whiteness into a useful tool for Jewish Power. But it was also because Jews sensed that arch-individualism is not natural to humans who are social creatures. Indeed, there were signs of a Christian Revival and counter-revolutionary Conservative tide in the 1980s after the tumultuous Sixties and the Me-Decade of the Seventies. It was a high water mark for Evangelicals in the post-war era. Against them, Jews concocted Political Correctness, Magic Negro, Globo-Homo, Diversity-mania, and Holocaust Cult as the new secular religions. Jews figured that whites would feel too lonely as mere individuals and would want to coalesce into some kind of 'spiritual' community. But what kind of community? The kind that is about white pride, Christian values, conservatism, family values, and nationalism? If whites were to be steered away from individualism toward some kind of unity and identity, it had to be one where white sense of goodness derived from their atonement scorecard. Whites feeling good about being white was absolutely unacceptable. Whites could only feel good about atoning at the feet of Jews and blacks, celebrating Diversity, cheering globo-homo, and praising white female race-traitors who go for Afro-Colonization of White Wombs. Over time, this mentality even spread to once conservative American suburbs and small towns. After all, no matter where you live, you have a TV set that emits signals from Jewish-controlled centers of news, information, and entertainment. As Joe Biden said, Jewish media made America accepting of 'gay marriage'. All those electronic signals beamed into the eyes and ears of Americans made them regard homos, the proxies of Jewish Power, as 'angels' while despising anyone opposed to the 'gay agenda' as a subhuman 'homophobe', the face of which became the Greensboro 'church', which might as well be a Jewish Front(just like all those phony Neo-Nazi groups led by Jewish hucksters).
As such, all those white people became mere EXTENSIONS of Jewish Power. Even though they feel themselves to be free and independent, they are bombarded by Jewish electronic signals on a daily basis. The airwaves are essentially mental whips, rods, and leashes. They tell us what is 'true' and 'false'. They work on our emotions. Consider all the stupid white people who were led to believe it is 'Nazi-like' to support or enforce border security. Getting their news and opinions from Jewish-controlled sources, they're like dogs on a leash. They are like horses with blinders on, constantly goaded with cracking whips. They consider themselves to be free individuals who seek out the news, but most of the news they absorb comes from a handful of Jewish-owned-or-controlled conglomerates that work hand-in-glove with the Deep State. Instead of them seeking out the news, it's more like Jewish Propaganda and Mind-Control seeping into them through the devices that they own. (Those devices are like crack pipes. You may own the pipes, but the drugs are supplied by the pushers. You own the crack pipes, but the drugs own you, and the drugs are sold by the kingpins.) If they're truly free and independent, they would be for Free Speech and more options, but having been so brainwashed and conditioned by Jewish Power, they support speech control and censorship lest they see or hear something that runs counter to the Official Narrative that they've been fed. Because PC dogma makes them feel good for parading their 'white guilt' but feel bad for being critical about Jews and non-whites, they'd rather have censorship than be 'triggered' and psychologically threatened from their 'safe spaces'. It's funny how these idiot whites oppose border security that makes for physical safe spaces but support speech restriction to maintain their psychological safe spaces. They confuse mind with matter. But as the recent BLM riots have shown, what makes for psychological safe spaces makes for physical danger zones, which eventually destroy the psychological safe space as well. So many whites feel psychologically 'safe' with the conceit of Magic Negro and struggle against 'white supremacist racism'. They scream and shout at those who object to such fantasies. They feel psychologically threatened by the truth and demand their mental 'safe spaces'. And yet, what did the ideas emanating from their psychological safe spaces lead to? It led to 'defunding the police' and blacks acting badly with the support of Antifa thugs. The end result has been many more actual dangerous spaces and zones for both blacks and whites. Ideally, psychological safe space should be in sync with physical safe space. Indeed, that's how the suburbs grew and expanded. Whites knew that moving away from blacks would make for safer neighborhoods. They knew it in their minds and felt it in their feet. But over time, the Jewish media-control filled white minds with the notion of Magic Negro vs Evil White 'Racist'. So, blacks were always good and true, whites were always bad and false. Saddled with such PC notions, even whites in white communities came to regard Diversity and Blackness as holy while feeling disgust at whiteness. So, instead of trying to defend and preserve their communities, they chipped away at the foundations of their own physical well-being in subservience to the demands of psychological safe spaces deluded with PC soma. Consider white idiots in the suburbs holding rallies in honor of Fentanyl Floyd. In a way, it's fitting that the druggy Floyd has been 'canonized' by secular progs in search for new gods. In a way, psychological safe space is like addiction to opium. Someone sucking on an opium pipe is in his la-la land. He thinks he's in heaven, and even though his habit is actually ruining his physical and material well-being, he prioritizes mental bliss over physical reality. Of course, it's only a matter of time before deteriorating material reality catches up to him and drags him down to the gutter in the most unceremonious way. So, in the end, white people didn't become individuals but mere EXTENSIONS of Jewish Power. Of course, they are too ignorant or stupid to realize they're being thus manipulated and led around by the nose. Or, having been instilled with Jew-Worship, Homo-Mania, and Magic Negro Reverence, maybe they feel virtuous in being so servile and obeisant to the Power. But then, are American 'conservatives' any better? The essence of current 'conservatism' can be found in Chris Christie's groveling at the feet of Sheldon Adelson, Mitt Romney shuffling before his massuhs at AIPAC, or Marco Rubio playing his turn as the wooden dummy of The Lobby. They are mere Extensions. Now, it's natural to be an extension, but of what? Of white identity/interests or Jewish interests/identity? It's like the Bob Dylan's song(during his Christian phase) called "Gotta Serve Somebody". It could be the Devil or the Lord, but you gotta serve somebody. Ants on their own are nothing. But then, the queen ant would be nothing too if not for the fact that all the other ants are essentially extensions of her role in the order. They protect and feed her, and she produces the offspring that keeps the species alive. In the case of slave-taking, the ants of one colony can be made to serve another. The raiding ants take the larvae of another ant colony, and the baby ants are raised to serve the former. Of course, they don't know it, even as they dutifully serve as the Extensions of the colony that raided and/or destroyed their colony of origin. Whites brought over black slaves to serve as Extensions of whites. Because whites were far more advanced, blacks(even as slaves) had much to gain, but the fact is they were no longer serving their own tribe but working for the white tribe. And even as a free people, blacks in the US military continue to serve as Extensions of the US Empire, now controlled by Jews who are most hellbent on Wars for Israel and Judaic Hegemony. Still, if blacks always knew they were slaves because their subjugation was so visible and physical, most whites don't know that they are essentially mental slaves of Jewish Massuhs(who use blacks, Diversity, and Antifa Janissary idiots as overseers to attack and intimidate the white masses). If whites enslaved blacks physically, Jews stole the hearts and minds of Jews. Jews stole the white soul. In a way, what Jews have done to whites is worse than what was done to blacks. Blacks were savages and, despite physical slavery, were given souls with Christianity. Even as whites made blacks pick cotton, they spread the notion among blacks that God is bigger than any number of white folks with guns & whips, and that Jesus, the Son of God, loves the wretched of the Earth, the poor, and the oppressed. So, even as whites shackled blacks physically, they freed black souls from the depths of jungle savagery. And in time, black Christians would use a powerful spiritual argument for freedom and dignity. In contrast, Jewish Power used media and academia to rob whites of their hearts and minds that make up the soul. Jews, the masters of psychology, studied what methods are most effective in slipping into the subliminal and subconscious zones of people. Having thus sneaked in, they set all sorts of traps and spread all sorts of poisons in the white minds so that whites would feel nauseous at any thought of 'white pride'(like Alex in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE) and would feel nervous at entertaining any thought that might offend Jews, blacks, and homos. Jewish mind-control crept into the hearts of white goyim and convinced them that the essence of Christianity is worship of sodomy and a Negro druggy. Every man, no matter how smart or strong, isn't much on his own. He is just one person. He gains power by turning other men into Extensions of himself. Their bodies serve as extensions of his mind, will, and vision. He is the will-to-power. Under Adolf Hitler, it was like all Germans were extensions of the Fuhrer's own arms and legs. And under Mao, countless Chinese were carriers of his will. More Extensions means more Power. This is what Jews had in mind. In a world governed by power, people exist as Extensions. There are many more Extensions than Extenders, just like there is one Sun but many planets. THE GODFATHER is not about individuals but about a handful of characters, Vito and Michael(and Barzini), who are Extenders while the rest are mostly Extensions or Buffers of one kind or another. And in THE GODFATHER PART 2, even the witnesses at the Congressional Hearing are Extensions of one side or another. They either belong to Michael Corleone or to Hyman Roth. Most people belong and serve. On their own, they are nothing or with protection. At one time, Jews rose up the ranks in the US as Extensions of Wasp Power, but the tables were turned, and now Wasps serve as Extensions of Jewish Power. The difference is that, even when Jews were playing the role of Extensions of Wasp Power, they had a powerful sense of who they are and planned for the day when they would rule. In contrast, today's Wasp Extensions of Jews are truly a sorry and pathetic lot. They are without identity or pride and happily servile as minions of Jews. They are like ants-taken-to-serve-as-slaves. They are 'white uncle toms' or 'white toms'. And if Wasps in the past thought it was rather uncouth to be overly 'antisemitic', Jews today are utterly shameless and relentless in insulting, humiliating, and dehumanizing whites in every possible way. And what do whites do? They beg the Jews, "Can I suck your dic*?" At most, some whites will plead with Jews, "Please oh please, don't be so mean to us? I mean, you wouldn't like it if we did it to you. So, please oh please, be nice to us, and we will kiss your behind." How utterly pathetic. In the movie MY BODYGUARD, the small kid is bullied by tougher kids and recruits a much bigger guy to serve as his Extension. Jews are nothing without their Extensions. Ironically, the most valued Extensions of Jewish Power is white people even though Jews also believe they need Diversity as bulwark against the White Threat. Jews see whites as the most useful horse but also the most dangerous that may throw off the Jewish rider and kick him in the skull and run off to be free. So, Jews need Diversity as added baggage on the horse so that it won't be able to jump and be wild. Of course, if Diversity serves as the straw that broke the white horse's back, Jews will have nothing. With whites, it's a game of carrot and sticks. If a white person collaborates fully with Jews, he gets lots of carrots. If they deviate from the Plan, they are attacked with big sticks. (It's like Leon Wieseltier's formula for dealing with Muslims. Total ruthlessness OVER THERE where they pose a threat to Israel and kindness OVER HERE where they can used as part of the coalition against whites.) Jews use Diversity to tame whites but fear that too much anti-white bashing may lead to diminished white energies, in which case whites won't be so useful as managers and foot-soldiers of the empire. In MY BODYGUARD, we naturally sympathize with the small kid because we don't like bullies. And we would like to believe that the good weakling uses his wits to hire good muscle as Extensions to push back against bad bullies. But the kid is also a smart-ass and a jerk. In a way, the dark version of him is Sean Penn's character of Davey Kleinfeld in CARLITO'S WAY. Here's a brainy guy who isn't good with fists and guns, but he knows the law and has connections. He can get people to do all kinds of things for him. And yet, he is a crook and an arch-criminal in the making. Over the years, many Americans got to thinking that Jews, while not the toughest and hardiest men around, are the smartest, wisest, most decent, most judicious, and most understanding, not least because they suffered the Shoah and have been the People of the Book, the greatest ever written. So, why not have Jews take over elite institutions? Why not be guided by Jewish wise-men, philosophers, big thinkers, and teachers? What better kind of elites can one hope for? Let the US be led by such sterling people and let the rest of us be happy and lucky Extensions of Jewish Power. The problem with this view is it misunderstands the nature of power. It may well be that there are wise, smart, and judicious Jews, but such people almost never gain power. Power almost always ends up with the cunning, devious, egotistical, ruthless, greedy, vain, nasty, vicious, corrupt, unscrupulous, and/or decrepit. So, what kind of Jews gained power? The likes of Norman Finkelstein(who, for all his faults, is sincere in trying to come to terms with the Palestinian issue) or a sleazebag like Chuck Schumer? Thus, letting Jews take power didn't end up with US being ruled by wise-men but by gangsters with law degrees, business degrees, or high-tech know-how, the geeksters. George Soros, Paul Singer, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. The Question is, "Do you want to be an Extension of this Power, or do you want to cut free and become an Extension of the forces that defend, support, and preserve YOUR OWN race, culture, and history?" Choose the Proper Extensionism for yourself.

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  1. Very good analogy you've made between atomized stardust, floating aimlessly, versus the strong, unifying gravitational pull of the Tribe.