Friday, September 4, 2020

Notes on Jared Taylor's "Why America Has Gone Mad" — BLM Riots as Jewish Supremacist War on Whites and Donald Trump — The Need to PUSH BACK against Pushy Jewish Supremacists

George Floyd died in police custody on May 25. Since then, there have been demonstrations in his name in more than 2,000 American cities... It would be tempting to think this is just one more chapter in our dreary record of race riots; it isn’t... Whites are important participants and even instigators. For the first time in American history, many whites are thinking — and acting — like aggrieved blacks.

There is truth in this but not entirely. This is largely an anti-Trump campaign, and the reason why the riots and protests grew to such extent owed to coordination top-to-bottom. The Jewish-controlled mass media urged this. Democratic leaders called on the masses to go into attack mode, much like Mao Zedong signaled to his Red Guard minions to 'bombard the headquarters', meaning attack the political rivals of the Chairman, especially Liu Shao-Chi and his loyalists. As many mentioned, it had some of the features of the Color Revolution in Ukraine and use of Jihadi terror in Libya/Syria. While Red Guard violence seemed populist and spontaneous, it was largely coordinated and orchestrated... though it eventually burned out of control, much like the violence in the US this summer. Sometimes, even controlled fires can break out into raging forest fires.

If Donald Trump weren't president and if the Jewish-run media, the Democratic Party, and the Deep State hadn't colluded to sensationalize the death of Fentanyl Floyd, this would likely have been just another black race riot, with a few Antifa outbursts here and there. But as with the Cultural Revolution, the leading lights of the US elite class gave the Go-Ahead to the masses of blacks and white radicals. And in key respects, it was very useful to Jews and their cuck-allies. Under the cover of BLM hysterics, so many Confederate monuments and white monuments have not only been desecrated but officially removed. Also, when Trump used the military to restore peace in D.C., the deep state military-industrial-complex goons attacked Trump as a dictator and even made threats of a military coup(with the blessing of the Jewish-run media). Of course, Trump is scump and hardly an angel, but Jews hate him for having fueled populism, especially of the white variety. Though Trump and his supporters are vocally very pro-Israel, Jews perceive any sign of white consciousness, even if implicit, as threatening to Jewish Supremacism that thrives on White Submissivism.

Would these massive protests happened if Hillary Clinton were president? No, the powers-that-be would have done everything to keep it under lid. But the ruling elites and deep state saw an opportunity to disgrace Trump-America with mass protests and riots. They'd already destroyed the Trump Economy with Covid-19 Hysteria, and they figured the riots would bury Trump morally as well. In a way, it was a continuation of the political hysteria surrounding the 'Dreamers' and illegal immigrants. Trump's first order of business was to stem the tide of illegal immigration, and the Jewish-controlled media, deep state, and powers-that-be did everything to make Trump out to be a 'nazi' and to present illegals as akin to Jews fleeing from Nazi Germany. There were mass protests all over America in 2017 to rival what took place this summer. The difference is that most immigrant groups are not inherently violent. Even as they sided with Democrats and vilified Trump, they weren't into burning down buildings and looting stores. Their only transgression was violating US borders and breaking US laws. So, when the Democrats fanned the 'dreamer' hysteria, it generated a lot of political heat but no riots. White Progs marched in support of the illegals, and the illegals just wept a lot to plead for sympathy.
But blacks are different. Give the green light to black rage, and it invariably turns into "There's a Riot Goin' On." Naturally-genetically an uninhibited and aggressive race, once blacks are told that the Power will not stand in the way of them robbing, raping, rampaging, looting, and burning, they do just that. Surely, the ruling elites anticipated some violence, but living in their cocoon echo-chamber, they had no idea of how things would spiral out of control once blacks were ENCOURAGED to riot. But then, Mao had also underestimated the mania he unleashed with the Red Guards. And Bush, Cheney, and Neocons underestimated the extent to which Iraq would fall apart so fast following the toppling of Hussein.
Mass violence is worst when there is convergence of radical rage on the streets and approval/encouragement from the top. Cultural Revolution happened because of communist brainwashing of the young and Mao's blessing to youth violence. Kristallnacht happened because of mass antisemitism and approval of the Nazi regime. And the 2020 Summer of Loot happened because black rage and white radical passion were given the go-ahead by the Jewish elites and their cuck-allies. The elites probably hoped for mass protests with limited violence. They had no idea it would lead to wholesale looting of even Manhattan. Also, Jewish Power had pushed PC to make non-whites hate whites and make whites hate themselves; it valued PC as social control. But it failed to realize how crazy the young ones would become under such influence; but then, Mao was surprised by how crazy the Red Guards proved to be. It went from mind-control to mind-out-of-control. Instilling radicalism among kids is like playing with matches. It can burn out of control, and we've heard of stories of young firebrands in institutions and industries throwing hysterical fits and demanding 'justice'. Of course, Jews still see value in PC because most of this 'social justice' rhetoric is directed against whites while even most Antifa and BLM types remain mum about Jewish Supremacism that really governs the West.

This is because millions of ordinary whites have crossed the color line and adopted the prevailing black view that whites are exclusively and personally responsible for the failures of blacks... For centuries, whites believed that inherent limitations prevented blacks from succeeding as whites do. W.E.B Du Bois (1868 – 1963) played a key role in overthrowing that view, arguing that white achievement was 'built on black and brown and yellow suffering...' In Du Bois we therefore find the two central ideas of the broad movement that comes under the name of Black Lives Matter: Whites became rich through exploitation, and whites deserve our contempt. As whites adopted these views, they started thinking and acting like blacks.

I doubt if Du Bois has much to do with the current reality. How many blacks and whites even read Du Bois anymore? Granted, they surely read literature influenced by the works of Du Bois. Anyway, can we blame Du Bois for thinking as he did? In his time, there was blatant racial discrimination against blacks in all walks of life, in all parts of America, even in the North. So, if the likes of him felt that blacks were held back due to history of oppression and racial discrimination, it seemed plausible. And it was still the Age of Empire when a handful of white nations had conquered and colonized so much of the world. The West did extract raw materials and labor from non-whites, and this surely had much to do with the rise of Western Wealth. (Where Du Bois and like-minded thinkers were wrong is the notion that oppression/exploitation leads to super-wealth. If so, why didn't Africa, which had slavery for 10,000 yrs, build high civilization? China was oppressive by modern standards, but its progress had stalled long ago. The natives of the Americas were brutal and oppressive, but how come Mayans and the Aztecs didn't bring about the industrial revolution? Also, the concept of freedom, liberty, and rights that Du Bois espoused came from the West. By African and non-white standards of morality, American Slavery was hardly a special form of evil. After all, most non-white peoples enslaved their own kind and treated their own kind more brutally than whites treated black slaves in the US.)
The reason why whites have special hots for blacks is not simply due to the history of black poverty and backwardness, especially in the US. It is due to overwhelming black success in sports, music, oratory, and sex. Recently, there was the film ROMA by Alfonso Cuaron. Its main character is this short brown woman who works as a servant for a privileged white Latin-American-Mexican family. Her people were invaded, wiped out by diseases, and subsisted essentially as peons, helots, and servants for the lighter-skinned upper classes. And in the US, American Indians have it the worst. But where is the white passion for such people? It's close to non-existent because whites see them as perennial losers who suck at sports, music, and exciting stuff. But whites have had a love/hate thing with blacks, especially beginning with Jazz and Jack Johnson. Black music was both mocked/lampooned and imitated/prized by whites. While white men reacted with horror to beastly boxers like Jack Johnson, white women were flocking to them as superior sexual studs who beat up white guys and got bigger dongs. The rise of Rock-n-Roll meant Elvis as White Negro making white girls wet their pants. Over time, Rock gave way to Rap Culture where white girls wet their pants over blacks. And if the pride of white manhood once resisted black rise in sports, white males since the Muhammad Ali era have been cucky-wuck worshipers of black muscle as the true symbol of Western Manhood. Look at the French soccer team. Look at the British boxing champions. Look at the US Dream Team in basketball. And now, Hollywood and music industry push endless images of white women with black men. And in Jewish-controlled advertising too. The message is clear: Black men are superior to white men, and therefore, white women, the highest prize in beauty, should go to black kangz.

People like Jared Taylor prefer to talk about black failures as students and scientists. They focus on IQ, but most of what excites the masses isn't nerdy stuff but sports-stuff and entertainment-stuff. Also, as blacks have louder and deeper voices, their oratory, especially in the personage of MLK, has convinced secularized whites that Negro Talk is the voice of god. So, to properly understand white passion for blackness, one mustn't focus only on white guilt over black failures but white fever for black successes in the visceral spheres. It is precisely because whites are so enraptured about black successes in sports, music, sex, and oratory that they feel that blacks are indeed the superior race, the lions among the species, and therefore, blacks are deserving of the best of everything.
Of course, a rational and factually based person knows that a people can be good at some things but not-so-good at other things. Blacks are great at basketball but not so good at math. It's like black skin is better under the hot sun but not so good in extreme cold climates. But emotions often override reason. So many whites are so taken with black successes in the Cool Fields that they FEEL that blacks should be best at everything. When one sees geeks and gorks like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, one doesn't assume that they must be good at everything simply because they are good with brainy stuff. While we appreciate(and even envy) intelligence, we react to it rationally. It doesn't overcome our emotions. Even with giants like Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton, we don't FEEL that just because they were geniuses, they must have been great at everything else. In contrast, sports-music-oratory-sex affects people viscerally and emotionally. People may admire the ability of geeks, but they don't regard nerds as 'heroes'. But people regard pop stars, athletes, and orators as Heroes, larger-than-life beings, even godlike. Such individuals come to be not merely appreciated but revered and worshiped as demigods. White emotions override their reason. And because black successes affect white emotions, whites feel that Black Heroes, as superior folks, must succeed at EVERYTHING... or else it's INJUSTICE! If indeed blacks are a god-race, how could they be inferior in anything? The reason must be 'racist'! But, such feelings exist on the American 'Right' as well. Consider all the fulsome praise lavished on any black who is mildly 'conservative'. If some second-rate black guy or gal says, "Sheeeeiiiit, conservatism be cool", he's treated like the new rising star in the GOP firmament.
Now, white feelings toward blacks are especially weird due to various contradictions. Whites conquered blacks industrially and militarily, but blacks conquered whites athletically, musically, and sexually. In physical terms, whites defeated blacks collectively, but blacks defeated whites individually. The movie ZULU shows what a united team of whites could do to hordes of black savages. But Jack Johnson and Muhammad Ali showed what a lone black guy can do to a white man in the ring. The fact is wars are relatively rare and most soldiers remain faceless, whereas sports are a year-round thing and the winners develop personality cults as superstar celebrities. Who remembers any of the 400,000 Americans who died in World War II? But so many white kids collect cards of their favorite black basketball stars.

In a way, the history of black slavery, black poverty, and black backwardness(in Africa especially) tugs at white heart-strings. Whites see blacks as helpless children in need of white compassion. In this regard, white do-gooders look upon blacks as akin to orphaned lion cubs. Poor little kitty kats. But in another way, the reality of black domination in sports, rap, and sex makes whites turn into goo in awe of black prowess. According to GET OUT the movie, white Liberals are so enthralled with blackness that they want to inhabit black bodies. This part of whiteness looks upon blackness as a super-lion. So, whites look upon blacks as both helpless orphaned lion cubbies and fearsome lion-kings. There's compassion and combustion. There is both a condescending sense of superiority that whites must take care of these helpless blacks who can't take care of themselves AND a convulsive sense of inferiority that whites have been finally spiritually emancipated and bodily liberated by awesome blacks. According to Rock Critics like Dave Marsh and many others, white people owe their 'spiritual' freedom to blacks who came up with rhythm-and-blues and inspired guys like Elvis Presley and Bruce Springsteen. Prior to Rock n Roll, whites had a conceptual and legal notion of freedom, but they were still lame, uptight, or square. It was black music that loosened whites up and made them truly enjoy freedom, just like white women truly learned to enjoy sex with black men: As the saying goes, "If you black, you don't go back." Likewise, whites in UK feel as if England was all fog and ice before the coming of the African sun that brought light and joy to the land of Victorianesque shopkeepers. It's no wonder that the blues had an even bigger impact on UK than on the US. And of course, the Irish are a strange case. As part of their historical identity is as fellow-victims of the British Empire, they've come to regard blacks and others as their true moral brethren. (Also, the Irish consider themselves to be more wild and musical than the Anglos.) But the Irish also took part in the slave trade and benefited much from the Anglo-Empire, and so, the Irish are into 'white guilt'. So, as both soul-brethren of the Negroes and guilt-ridden participants of white-supremacism, the Irish are committed to Africanizing all of Ireland via mass black immigration and Afro-Colonization-of-White-Wombs.

In the US, white kids grow up weeping over Harriet Tubman & Emmett Till and wetting their pants over Lebron James and black rappers. They see blacks as most tragic and most triumphant. In a way, they find blacks to be more tragic precisely because blacks have proven to be triumphant in key visceral fields. Would there be so much white mania over blacks if blacks were like the browns of Mexico? The brown woman in ROMA is a nice creature but 'lame', hardly exciting to whites. In contrast, black women have this loud gorilla-howl voice that fill white folks with awe. White folks go, "what a set of pipes" and fall all over each other in praise of the gorilla-goddess-hollering. It's like "Gimme Shelter" and "Suspicious Minds", both 1969 songs, utilize the gorilla-goddess howl as backup vocals to add extra-energy. And Bob Dylan had Negresses supplying their gorilla-goddess howl to "Gotta Serve Somebody".
Because of this voodoo spell that blacks can have over whites, whites relied on race-ism in the past to keep things in balance. The white message was, "You Negroes sure can sing and dance, BUT our Western Civilization does not and cannot have jigro-jivery as the cultural foundation. Civilization is the product of much work and sobriety, more the product of ants than grasshoppers. So, while you Negro go tappity-tap, don't think all the jivery amounts to much. Be more like Mr. Bojangles."

The other white message was, "Look here, Negro. Jack Johnson proved he can beat up all the white guys and hump all those white women. So, if we dissolve racial barriers, you black guys will destroy white male pride and take white women. And so, we need racial barriers to secure white manhood and to keep white womenfolk. And it's all the more reason to segregate sports and for white boxers to duck black boxers who will surely kick their butts. Now, if a black man must be champion, let it be someone like Joe Louis the Brown Bomber who acted like a 'credit to his race', indeed as if he knocked out all those white guys by accident than intentionally."

Of course, this message was implicit than explicit, but that was the problem. It should have been explicit and even amended into the Constitution: New Amendment: "While the US is committed to equality under the law, the fact is there are racial differences between whites and blacks that lead to blacks kicking white male butt and taking white women, and so, there shall be laws limiting contacts between whites and blacks." Such an amendment based on facts and honesty may have saved the white race, but it's so difficult to be factual and honest in any social order. It's like Daffy Duck is more honest than Bugs Bunny, but the clever hare gets all the favors in Looney Tunes cartoons.

The larger shift in white thinking and behavior has created a bitter cleavage in American society that has taken on a religious intensity. It is leading towards antagonism and violence on a scale not seen since the Civil War... The change in white thinking is an intellectual revolution brought by ideas that had been quarantined in universities but spread to the whole country. The most important one sounds innocuous — a new definition of “racism” — but it is turning the country inside out. Americans used to think racism meant deliberate acts of hostility to others because of race.. Not anymore. Robin DeAngelo... scoffs at what she calls, “The simplistic idea that racism is limited to individual intentional acts committed by unkind people.” ... “the ubiquitous socializing power of white supremacy cannot be avoided. The messages circulate 24-7.”

But let's consider the Roth-Rosato rule. In THE GODFATHER PART 2, Hyman Roth says the Rosato Brothers had Pantangeli killed, but then Michael Corleone asks, "But, who gave the go-ahead?" People like Robin DeAngelo would be NOTHING without Jewish Power. Jewish intellectuals toyed with her feeble mind, and Jewish publishers promote her worthless nonsense. Most white 'intellectuals' are hacks indoctrinated, favored, and promoted by Jewish Power. They are like the official thinkers of the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany. Party hacks and official scribes. It's Jewish Power that gives the go-ahead to such morons who come to affect masses of white morons.
There is also the element of prestige. DeAngelo is promoted by New York Times, and that means her ideas carry weight! Ideally, the uppermost institutions and most influential media should favor truth, honesty, and integrity, and it may be so when it comes to non-political or non-ideological matters. If you stuck to pure science, you could rise to the top even in the Soviet Union. But on political and ideological matters, the Power always favors what is useful to its perpetuation, and every system has a problem with the truth. So, when it comes to social sciences and political science, the top institutions and media favor the hacks, partisans, and dogmatists than true free thinkers who may say something that rocks the foundations of the system. But because institutions like Harvard and New York Times are seen as most prestigious, even the nonsense they teach or spout gets special attention.
Of course, in many cases, people are not fooled but nevertheless go along with the Big Lie because they want status and privilege that is availed only to those who conform to the prevailing orthodoxy. Another appeal of the likes of DeAngelo is the pseudo-intellectualism. Her seemingly more probing and 'profound' interpretation of 'racism' is the kind that may appeal to those who love to feel smarter than others. After all, anyone can understand the simple meaning of 'racism', whereas only 'sophisticated' and 'subtle' individuals grasp DeAngelo's 'complicated' psychological examination of the roots of 'white supremacism'. Paradoxically, those who claim to champion equality love to espouse ideas that are opaque to most people. You see, 'simplistic' notions are for the hoi polloi. The 'ubiquitous socializing power of white supremacy' can be glimpsed only by those with a set of brains as fine as that of DeAngelo and her ilk. LOL.
Now, there is a kernel of truth to what DeAngelo is saying, and we see it all around us in everyday behavior that has nothing to do with 'racism'. After all, take school popularity. While almost all students will morally and consciously, with utmost honesty, say that they believe all students are equally valuable in their humanity and potential, the fact is people do have all sorts of inbuilt biases. Prettier students are treated better. Teachers favor smarter students to dumb ones. No one cares about uncool kids and ugly kids. Even feminists and male dorks who insist on total equality of the sexes find themselves feeling and reacting differently to men and women. And this goes for race too. Even if most Americans don't try to be actively hostile to other groups, in so many ways they find themselves to feel more favorable to certain groups than to others. Just ask the Palestinians. Also, there is the matter of legacy. If People A have been above People B for a long time, things are not going to change overnight even if all unequal laws are abolished and equality of opportunity prevails over the land.

So, if DeAngelo wants to discuss those subtleties and the lingering effects of past racial inequalities, that's one thing. Where she's an idiot is that she dogmatically assumes that the fault is entirely with 'white supremacism'. While white supremacism did oppress and exploit other races, let's weigh the positive sides. If not for white supremacism over black Africa, most blacks would be living in mud huts without written language and modern technology. If not for whites having brought over blacks to America, American blacks would be rotting in savage Africa. Even if blacks got less than whites throughout US history, they got a lot more than blacks in Africa and most non-whites around the world. Many blacks were better off in the US than whites in Europe who suffered through serfdom, endless conflicts, World War I and II, various forms of imperialism(esp Germanic and Russian), and communism. White supremacism, for all its faults, did more for blacks than blacks ever did for themselves. Also, if South Africa achieved more than other black African nations, it was because it maintained white supremacist rule well into the late 80s. It was because whites managed things that its economy grew and grew. Just about every worldwide black success was made possible via association with white power, be it supremacist or otherwise. It's not as if whites and blacks were at equal levels of development when the two peoples met. Whites were the most advanced whereas the blacks were among the most savage, backward, and primitive. So, even though white supremacists exploited black labor and oppressed blacks, blacks gained so much from being in contact with whites who had the supremacist power to force blacks to reject savagery. But then, this was always the case in history. Romans spread terror and oppression but also progress and growth when they conquered barbarian folks. Arabs enslaved blacks but also spread Islam and Civilization among the blacks.
So, white supremacism must be given its due. Not because it was nice and wonderful but because it was the product of white people having surpassed other peoples in science, technology, military, commerce, political organization, and the like. In the practice of white supremacism, whites committed lots of ugly violence around the world but also spread the seeds of modernity that lifted so many peoples around the world. Chinese and Indians have reasons to be bitter about white imperialism, but where would modern India and China be without whites having forced their civilizations open to accept new modes of economics? It was because whites were in supremacist mode that they felt emboldened to FORCE other peoples into joining modernity. Most peoples refused to do it voluntarily and only did so at gunpoint. Also, as white civilizations learned to be more mindful of liberty, rights, and justice, they spread these notions among non-whites. So, even as non-whites sought to throw off the yoke of white imperialism, they adopted Western modes of politics and justice to remold their societies into modern ones. Indeed, where did blacks learn the notion that slavery is wrong? It was because whites didn't enslave their own kind. Whites enslaved blacks but not whites. This was problematic for both whites and blacks. Whites began to wonder, "If slavery is so bad that we don't enslave whites, why should we enslave other folks?" And blacks began to wonder, "If white folks don't use each other as slaves, why they be using us as slaves?" If whites had enslaved whites as well as blacks, blacks would never have realized that slavery is wrong since "Everyone does it to everyone."
This is why blaming 'white supremacy' for everything is so idiotic. All progress begins somewhere and then spreads incrementally outward. Before there was universal suffrage, there was first elite suffrage, followed by universal male suffrage, followed by universal suffrage for men and women. Therefore, it'd be stupid for any woman to bitch about how the West once only allowed voting for men. But if it hadn't begun with men, would it have spread to women? Democracy began with the elites. In Polish democracy, only the noblemen could vote. In Ancient Greece, only free men of property. The thing is the idea begins somewhere and then gradually expands. It's like the notion of rights began with noblemen before it spread to the hoi polloi. Same with slavery. For slavery to be abolished around the world, abolition had to begin somewhere and then gradually expand outward. When whites stopped enslaving other whites, other races were still enslaving one another. While, at one time, whites who didn't enslave whites still enslaved blacks, the fact that whites didn't enslave whites served as the moral template for banning the enslavement of blacks as well. People who enslave their own kind will surely have no problem enslaving other kinds. But a people who don't enslave their own kind will run up against the moral conundrum of enslaving other kinds, which is precisely what happened in the US and the West. And so, slavery was ended in the West and then was ended around the world. Indeed, it was white supremacy or white domination that allowed the West to FORCE the non-white world to end slavery. So, white supremacy was a double-edged sword. It meant that whites, feeling superior, abused and exploited other peoples. There was certainly this side to white history. But, it also meant that whites, as the superior and dominant force around the world, could use their moral and military muscle to pressure the non-white world to conform more to advanced Western standards of morality, and this led to much social progress... that is until Jews took over the West and made celebration of black savagery and globo-homo degeneracy the new cornerstones of 'Western Values'.

People like DeAngelo are easy to understand. There is Big Think and small think. Big Think is like the Big Tent, and small think is like so many flea market stalls under the Big Tent. Each stall has its own allotted space, but it, along with all the others, does business under the rules of the Big Tent. Robin DeAngelo's book is just small think in service to Big Think of Jewish Anti-Whiteness. All small thinks are like that. They are part of a bigger think or the Big Think. It's like Marxism spawned so many intellectuals and writers, but they all offered small think in service to the Big Think of Karl Marx's prophecy. DeAngelo works under the Tent Pole of Jewish Power. Consciously or unconsciously, her success is built on giving her Jewish Masters what they want to hear from white goyim. Same goes for blacks. Jewish Power will not tolerate blacks who blame Jews; it only favors blacks who blame 'white supremacy' for everything. Thus, Jewish Power uses white cucks, blacks, and various non-whites as proxies of Jewish Supremacism.
Jews have the money and the reach, but they don't have the numbers. They are only 2% of the US population, and therefore, the most valuable asset to Jewish Power is white obeisance and white cuckery. Whites may be less intelligent than Jews, but they are plenty smart, creative, capable, and talented. So, Jewish Masters need white servants. But it is natural for any people to prioritize their own identity and interests. The natural mode of whites would be white unity, white identity, white power. But uppity whites-for-whiteness won't be willing to cuck to Jewish Power. And this is why Jews need to keep whites in cuck mode. Jews used the Holocaust Card to morally intimidate and guilt-bait the whites of Europe, but it was never going to be particularly effective with white Americans because WWII happened in Europe and because white Americans helped defeat Nazism. And so, Jews pushed white guilt about American Indians and blacks since the 60s. But Jews dropped the American Indian stuff over the years because (1) mass immigration, favored by Jews, wiped out the Indians (2) Indians aren't profitable and cool in sports & pop culture and (3) Jewish Hollywood made tons of movies celebrating cowboys killing Indians. So, Jews have emphasized Jungle Fever and Jungle Faith. Make white Americans so guilt-ridden about blacks forever that whites dare not entertain notions of white identity. There was a time when white supremacism was something like KKK burning crosses or Neo-Nazis making trouble. Now, it's any sign of whiteness devoid of self-loathing and guilt. So, if a white person doesn't feel sick and grossed out about his/her whiteness, he or she is a vile cretin infected with tell-tale signs of 'white supremacy'. It's all a lot of hooey, but it's the Big Think under which all the small thinks operate in the current US. Dissident Cucks like Jared Taylor fixate on blacks, white cucks, and non-whites, but he's dealing with the small thinks, the Rosato Brothers. He's not confronting the Big Think, the Hyman Roth behind it all. Therefore, he's as useless as the rest of them. There's too much of Sal in Jared Taylor. Sal in THE GODFATHER wants to be IN with the power. He senses Barzini as overtaking the Corleones and sucks up to him. Taylor, for all his dissident credentials, wants approval from the Power. He regards Jews as smart, rich, and superior, and therefore clings to the hope that if he cucks enough to Jewish Power, a good number of Jews will magically come to his aid and welcome him into the Club. It's bullshit country-club mentality, utterly useless in a state of war. Jewish Power feels as Tim Wise toward whites. Against such hatred, whites must feel hatred and rage, not some aloof gentility affected by Taylor. This is war, not a game of golf. When Jews hate you, you got to fight the same way. The Jewish mentality was conveyed through Sean Connery with the words of arch-Zionist David Mamet: That's the JEWISH way.

There are two kinds of moral conflict. One based on reform and mutual understanding. Both sides agree that neither side is perfect. Both sides have grievances, both sides have done wrongs. So, both sides agree to bury the hatchet and move on and try to work it out. The current Russia-China relation is on such basis. Neither claims moral superiority over the other. They know they've had a troubled history, and it's not a case of angels vs demons.

But there is another kind of moral conflict, one that pits the totally good vs the totally evil. In such conflict, one side must win totally and the other side must be wiped out or completely subjugated. Jews have a long history of seeing the world in terms of Total Moral Wars. God and His Chosen Jews are totally right while other groups are totally wrong and must be rubbed off the face of the Earth to the last woman and child. It explains the sheer moral hatred of the likes of Tim Wise. Such Jewish view was emboldened by communism, Nazism, and Zionism. Communist Jews got to thinking that History was on their side and any mount of bloodletting could be done in the name of historical justice. Nazi Evil made Jews feel that they, as innocent angels, were mass-murdered by what was nothing but sheer evil. So, when Jews call whites 'nazis', it means whites must be totally defeated and morally enslaved. And Zionism restored Jewish messianic vision of anything-goes-for-the-fulfillment-of-prophecy. And there is also the matter of Jewish gangsterism. Once Jews became masters of US as the lone superpower, they got to thinking like insatiable gangsters for whom no amount of money was money enough and no amount of power was power enough. So, the Jewish Worldview is not one where Jews and Goyim can be both wrong and must work things out through mutual understanding and compromise. It is one where Jews are totally right and must have everything their way, and all those standing in the way must be crushed, humiliated, dehumanized, terrorized, and even mass-killed.

Of course, Jews can't admit as much because scales will fall from people's eyes, in which case Jewish Power will be seen for the rot that it is. So, instead of directly boosting Jewish Supremacism, Jews seek to weaken and destroy anything that is regarded as a stumbling block to Jewish-Zionist domination. So, Iranian economy must be destroyed in the name of 'preventing nuclear proliferation' even though Israel has tons of nukes aimed at Iran. Russian economy must be targeted because Russia said NO to globo-homo hegemony as proxy of Jewish Power. Mass-immigration must be pushed on white nations to prevent white unity. Whites, via media and academia, must be taught that the highest virtue among whites is self-hatred, 'white guilt', and hunting down 'nazis' who, by Jewish definition, means any white person who voted for Trump. Jewish Supremacist Power operates by control of finance, big tech, and whore-politicians who do the bidding of Jewish Power, and that includes Republicans. But lest people figure out who's really in control, Jews do this behind the scenes. What Jews do out in the open is to promote the likes of Robin DeAngelo and other small-think hacks as the authoritative voices peddling 'woke' PC within the Big Tent of Jewish Big Think that is all about War on White Supremacism to ensure the primacy of Jewish Supremacism. All such small thinks have the seal of approval of Jewish Big Think or Grand Strategy that, nowadays, can be boiled down to suppressing goy identity, especially that of whites, to bolster and secure Jewish Supremacism.
This is why Jewish regard for Palestinians and Whites is essentially the same. To Jews, both are goyim to subjugate, control, and manipulate. The odd thing is Palestinians are utterly powerless but have the pride of identity and memory. Palestinians don't rely on the Jewish-Zionist Narrative for their own identity and history. In contrast, white Americans are immeasurably more numerous, wealthier, and privileged than Palestinians(who live under Occupation) but now almost totally lack the pride of identity and autonomy of memory. White identity is what Jews say it is: Dirty and Foul. White memory is dependent on Jewish academia and media that boil it all down to 'white supremacy, white supremacy, therefore, whites must forever atone for white supremacy by cucking to other races, especially Jews and their favored allies, blacks and homos." Materially, whites are more powerful than Palestinian by light years, but morally Palestinians are more powerful than whites because they have an autonomous sense of identity and history in defiance of the Jewish Narrative. It's like the Palestinian-American Congresswoman Rashida Tlaid is just one lonely voice and outnumbered by white politicians who are richer and more connected, BUT she has pride of identity and history whereas nearly all white politicians are worthless cuck-maggots with tails between their legs when it comes to identity and pride. They suck up to Jews, homos, and blacks. And of course, Jared Taylor belongs in this cuck-league. Taylor's art of dissent is useless because he refuses to tackle the power that has been most instrumental in white dispossession. In this, he's like Alex Jones who, like Taylor, has been censored and deplatformed from internet venues but carps about 'Arabs owning Hollywood' and 'Chicoms censoring Americans'. But then, notice the BS of 'mainstream' white Liberal Cucks. If they are so appalled by Donald Trump's murderous bigotry, why don't they say one word about Trump's continuing wars in the Middle East, Trump's mindless support of Netanyahu's Judeo-Nazi Israel, Trump's hate-campaign against Iran, and etc.? Instead, they push totally inane conspiracy theories like the Russia Collusion Hoax. Both white American 'conservatives' and 'liberals' push the small narratives in service to the Big Narrative that all boils down to Jewish Supremacism. Jews attack Trump, but Trump and GOP support Israel even more. Trump's main bigotry is against Iranians and Palestinians, but White Liberals ignore all that and focus on nonsensical fantasy about Russian interference and Trump being Putin's puppet. What kind of country is this? Jared Taylor, being a dissident, ought to know better, but he remains a suckass cuck to Jewish Power. Jews got him censored, deplatformed, disgraced, smeared, and denied basic services like Paypal. Taylor got some Jews to appear at American Renaissance Conference, but they are not the Jews with power. Now, being anti-Jewish-Power doesn't mean whites should go nazi-like or hate all Jews. It means they must address the fact that the West is currently Jewish Supremacist, Jewish Power is virulently anti-white and utterly corrupt and nihilistic. Likewise, being anti-Nazi in WWII didn't mean you had to hate everything German. If Mormons ruled America and acted like a bunch of a**holes, opposing Mormon Power wouldn't mean you must hate everything about Mormons or the Mormon community. But the power must be exposed and countered.
The fact is Du Bois and his ilk are not to blame for the current state of affairs. It has to do with black success in sports, music, and sex on the one hand, and on the other, it has to do with Jewish control of academia and media to mold the minds of whites. While some whites are sincerely turned onto anti-white PC, most other whites go along with the Basic Narrative because they are bought by Jewish Money and fear Jewish Media power. Even the most ardently right-wing politician in Washington D.C. knows that Jewish Money can unseat him or Jewish Media power can drag him through the mud. Even as Jews insult whites and encourage their proxy minions to dump on whites, whites must always praise Jews, Jews, Jews. As long as whites live under these conditions, there is no hope.

There have always been whites who excused black rioters, but not in such sweeping terms. And mob violence has crossed a fateful line: instead of wrecking only their own neighborhoods, looters are sacking top retailers in the whitest parts of Manhattan, Beverly Hills, and Chicago. Astonishingly, the victims then promote the very ideas that inspire the violence. Target Corporation is a good example. Looters — most of them black — struck six of its stores: Oakland, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Minneapolis... Target’s response? Pledge $10 million to black organizations, and 10,000 free hours of consulting for “people of color” who own small businesses.

Businesses are about money, and money has no ideas. It only understands the bottom line and publicity. Generally, businesses will do whatever it takes to increase profits. But businesses are about publicity too. So, even if profits are sacrificed in the short-term, businesses will do whatever it takes for good publicity. But what are the terms of good publicity? Businesses don't decide because businessmen only understand money and profits. Money relies on Morality as determined by the spiritual and scholarly caste. After all, being associated with homosexuality was NOT good publicity for most of Western History, but now, businesses fall all over one another to push their 'homosher' (homo-kosher) products. Now, I highly doubt that market share will increase because a certain burger or cookies are associated with homo-rainbow. So, why do companies push such stuff? One reason is most of the industrial elites are products of PC academia and rub shoulders with the globo-homo crowd. Most elites just conform to the prevailing fashions to maintain their status. The other reason is advertising companies(dominated by Jews) often operate independently. So, advertisers push globo-homo as a marketing ploy. Creative types who work in advertising and entertainment don't have critical minds of their own. They soak up ideas pushed by Jewish Big Think and spout the same BS in the form of small think. Another reason is quasi-messianic and propagandistic. The elites feel that, even if sales won't increase via globo-homo advertising, the masses will become inculcated with 'good think' of homomania. What is called 'cultural marxism' is really Cultural Capitalism; according to this mindset, everything is political or must be politicized, which means everything from cookie commercials to kiddie program must be used to push the correct ideology; this is why even comic books and STAR WARS movies have been politicized to the max. Political Power grows out of a barrel of Fun. Finally, companies that push globo-homo advertising aren't so much signaling to the consumers as to the financiers. Jews control finance and media, and companies rely on financing and fear bad press. As Jews control money & media and push globo-homo, many companies feel compelled to signal with 'gay' symbols to be in good graces with Jewish Power. In Old Europe, Jews had to convert to Christianity to participate fully in government and business. In the New West, whites must signal globo-homo and now BLM to be in good graces with Jews, the fancy-pants urban crowd, the elites, and etc. While capitalism generates lots of money, money itself doesn't produce ideas or moral values. It's like, even though Jewish merchants made the big money, Jewish prophets and rabbis got to decide what is right and wrong. Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are worth gazillions, but they rely on ADL, SPLC, NYT, Ivy Leagues, and other Jewish-controlled institutions for right-or-wrong. Those with only money power will lose to those with both money power and moral power. Jews got both money power and moral power. Whites got lots of money power but no moral power. Whites used to have positive moral power. Then, they were reduced to zero moral power. And now, they have NEGATIVE moral power, what with Jewish Supremacism having pushed the 'white supremacist' and 'white privilege' narratives so deep into the American psyche. Of course, money does affect morality in that Big Money can choose to fund and favor certain schools of thought. Indeed, Jewish Money Power did just this. Rich Jews funded 'progressives' who were more into promoting globo-homo and gayday than proles and mayday. Jews funded MLK, a pro-Zionist, while doing everything to limit the power of Nation of Islam and figures like Malcolm X. By selective funding, Jewish Power made sure that American Morality would favor Zionism over Palestinian Liberation. Jewish Money Power made sure that Mandela would be elevated to sainthood while Arafat would be relegated to the dustbin of history.
Granted, it's easier to fund certain things depending on the prevailing narrative and dogma. For instance, it's hardly controversial for a US company to donate millions to AIPAC, ADL, or SPLC. But if Bill Gates were to give a mere $50 to American Renaissance, V-Dare, or BDS, he would find himself in deep doo-doo. The Jewish-controlled media will say "Bill Gates is a Nazi(or an Anti-Semite)", and all the elites brainwashed by or fearful of PC will avoid him like a plague. The fate of Chick-Fil-A demonstrates the difficulty of going against the prevailing morality, which is never a permanent or static thing. It was finally pressured to stop donating to pro-Christian charities hated by homosexual supremacists. At one point, it would have been scandalous for a company to fund some 'gay' agenda or be associated with homosexuals. And this was true even among Liberals. But now, it's the other way around. Jews used their power of advertising, Hollywood, and academia to spread the notion of homos as saintly angels or brilliant creative folks, and over time, the educated and sophisticated came to feel smugly superior because they were so pro-'gay'. And they pushed globo-homo in entertainment, and masses of American idiot TV viewers fell in love with homos, and so, the new prevailing morality became 'Gay Knows Best'.
The thing is, if something is pushed from one side without push-back from the other side, it will eventually take over everything. It doesn't matter if it is good, bad, sane, insane, factual, fantastical, genuine, bogus, or whatever. If anything is pushed to one side without push-back, it will eventually take over the other side. And this is why we have Jewish Supremacism, globo-homo, and BLM. But it began with Jewish Power because it was over the Jewish Question that white people stopped pushing back and just relented to everything demanded by Jews. Anything disliked by Jews was deemed 'antisemitic' or some such. If the American Left and American Right came to one shared understanding, it was the holiness of Jews, the moral perfection of Jews, the need to support Israel, and the obligation to condemn any voice critical of Jewish Power. This was easier done on the Left as it was Jewish-dominated. But the American Right, led by William F. Buckley, also got into this game of sucking up to Jews 100%. And it seems Jared Taylor still belongs to the suck-up-to-Jews school.

Now, Jews had good reasons to push against White Power(as nothing is perfect and can be reformed by criticism), but whites should also have pushed back against Jews(as Jews themselves are not perfect and have lots of power, which must always be criticized and countered). But especially beginning with the creation of Israel, whites increasingly relented under Jewish Pressure and then even got into the habit of praising, celebrating, and worshiping Jews at every turn. Clearly, Jews had done wrong to Palestinians, but white Americans fully supported the Zionists. White Americans ignored all pleas from Palestinians and just went with Jews Know Best. This template that was perfected in Zion came to be used by Jews in US and the West. Just like Jews are always right no matter what they do to Palestinians, Jews are always right no matter what they do to whites. So, Jews pushed and pushed and pushed, but there was no push-back from whites on grounds that any push-back against Jews is akin to 'Nazism' or 'Antisemitism'. So, American Politics became a case of Jews bashing whites, and then whites praising Jews to prove that they, the whites, aren't so bad. Jew: "You white scumbags stink like a pile of maggots and should crawl off to die in misery and pain!!" White: "But we whites love you Jews, so we can't be THAT bad." That's about the gist of white/Jewish relations in the US. Jews bash whites by promoting black thuggery and Diversity, but the white response is, "We are so worried about the harm that may come to you wonderful Jews from blacks and Diversity."

So, Jews push and push and push, and whites never push back. And so, whites came to worship Jews because Jews demanded it. Jews pushed the cult of Jewish Holiness, but whites didn't push back with reminders that Jews are humans too and, as such, can be as bad as good. And then, the same happened with LGBT and BLM, both of which were promoted and pushed by Jews. Again, there was no push-back because the white/Jewish dynamics is founded on JEWS PUSH but WHITES DON'T PUSH BACK. Why was there no push-back against the homo agenda? Word got around that it was a Jewish Baby, and it just won't do for whites to say NO to a Jewish Agenda. Also, Jews pushed 'racism' as the worst possible 'sin', and whites didn't push back.
In truth, no people and culture can survive without some degree of rational race-ism. What would happen to Israel if it dropped the notion of it being a Jewish State? And Palestinian struggle and resistance are predicated on Palestinian Identity and Interests taking priority. And yet, if any European nation had a policy like that of Jewish Israel, Jews would call it 'racist'. What Jews do is not 'racist', but if any other people do it, it is 'racist'. So, if a European Liberal Democracy were to demand that Israel change its policies and adopt multi-culturalism like France or Holland, Jews will condemn it as a policy of erasure against the Jewish nation. Jews will say it'd be a policy of great replacement, a demographic imperialism against Jews. Indeed, an act of 'racism' against Jews. However, if a European nation were to reject mass immigration, diversity cult, and the great replacement, it would be condemned as 'racist' for prioritizing the native people and culture. So, whatever Jews do is correct and not 'racist'. Jews securing a Jewish homeland is not 'racist', but it is 'racist' if a white nation does it. And Jewish pushing demographic replacement on white nations isn't 'racist', but it is 'racist' to push for non-Jewish migration into Israel. It's like Marx Brothers logic, and indeed, current Jewish Power has more to do with Groucho, Chico, and Harpo than Karl.

Another trait of the revolution is a shocking level of bullying. Roving bands of BLM swarm restaurants and demand that patrons raise their fists in solidarity. In both these clips, mobs — mostly white — scream ferociously at the few white diners who refuse. Here, a crowd barges into a Kenosha grocery store and harangues white patrons with a bullhorn. In this video, another mostly white crowd parades through a peaceful white neighborhood, swearing and shouting obscenities in the fight against “racism.” In Portland, BLM marched in a white neighborhood late at night, leaning on car horns shouting “Wake up, motherfu**er.” Cultural-Revolution-style hectoring will not heal a “deeply racist society,” but is typical of revolutionary zealots convinced that only they can be right and that anyone who is not an ally is an enemy.

That I rather like. I like it for two reasons. All those glib and smug white progs in urban centers are forced to get a taste of their own medicine. Those types love to turn up their noses at 'rednecks' in the South and pretend that blacks are innocent angels, but what are they to do when the Mob comes after them? ROTFL.
Another reason why we should appreciate such mob violence is it has a red-pilling effect on many Americans. I mean, who wants to be harangued in a restaurant by a bunch of imbecilic morons? Indeed, nothing turned off the Chinese to Maoism than the Cultural Revolution. I hope these crazed mobs go around creating havoc all over America. They'll do a great job of waking people up to the sheer idiocy of PC as pushed by media, academia, and the Jews. As for Manhattan in the current state, what's not to like? Those NY scum have been funding and protecting Antifa. Let Antifa mess up their cities. And NY scum have been utterly hypocritical about blacks. NY used stop-and-frisk and other drastic measures to curb black crime and violence, but it never admitted to the full implications of this: Blacks commit most crimes, and tough policing is needed to control blacks. Instead, NYers enjoyed a much safer city without admitting what made it so much safer. They pretended blacks are innocent angels and cops are evil, and so they pushed BLM, and well, just look at the result. It's beautiful. LOL. Burn Baby Burn.

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