Thursday, September 24, 2020

Modern Mind became so like the Mind in the Middle Ages — The Blinding Effect of Pride & Ego on 'Progressives' who, driven by Idolatry than Ideology, utterly lack Self-Awareness

For all the talk of progress and advancement, it's like we are living in the Middle Ages or even the Dark Ages. So many people harbor superstitions based on mindless faith. But it's worse in a way because, at least in the Old-Old Days, people worshiped God and Jesus, not the cult of identity-idolatry. The great irony is that the so-called 'progressive' community believes itself to be most learned, most intellectual, most rational, most scientific, and most sophisticated, but they are the most stupid, ignorant, hysterical, paranoid, and enraged. Fashion-Play is their passion play. While atheist and anti-religious voices believe religion or spirituality itself is dangerous for clouding human minds with faith over facts, treating religion as religion and God as God is far less egregious and demented than treating ideas as idols and human groups as sacred. When ideas are turned into idols, they are more battle flags than issues for discussion. So, 'democracy' is invoked to justify US aggression and imperialism. Israel's crimes and atrocities are always justified on account of it being a 'democracy'. The cult of democracy also obfuscates the fact that democracies aren't governed by the will of the people(who, by the way, are mostly saps and sheep shaped by big media controlled by corporate monopolies or big education controlled by the power-hungry elites) but machinations of the rich and the well-connected. In democracies, people vote for puppets chosen by oligarchs. The Deep State, the most anti-democratic force in society, often invokes 'democracy' to defend all its dirty tricks. It works behind the scenes but pretends it's for transparency. It cooks up total nonsense like Russia Collusion Hoax in the name of defending democracy from tyranny and foreign interference(Russia, Russia, Russia) and pushes the Narrative, especially in total collusion with the so-called Free Press that is nothing but the property of super-rich oligarchs. And most journalists fall into two categories: Whores for hire who will say and do anything to climb the ladder or true-believing PC fanatics who swallowed whole hog the BS taught in schools. Ideally, knowledge should mean more reflection and consideration of facts. And true knowledge means NO TABOOS on what one can pursue or discuss. But US media and academia operate under a cloud of taboos. Many subjects are no-go zones, and it's difficult for someone to get funding for research into certain topics. And on the occasion they do, the System has created armies of red-alert guards, young PC idiots who scream, pull hair, and threaten with violence any academic who strays from the party line. And when the dissident academic is under assault, he or she gets no support from fellow academics, most of whom are craven cowards or true-believing dolts, and from the administration dominated by careerists who will say and do anything to steer clear of controversy. Because of existing taboos, true knowledge isn't possible. Instead, we must lend our ears to the approved 'official narrative' and dogma passed off as 'social science'. So much of it is rubbish but because it comes with the conceit of 'science' or 'evidence', suckers fall for it. It's like communism was dogma but sold as 'scientific materialism', which was sufficient for true believers to feel they had history, reason, and moral truth on their side.
True knowledge needs critical thinking, but ironically, Critical Theory waged war on the critical faculty. Perhaps, the original Critical Theorists were more free-thinking, but over the years, the second- and third-raters took the Idea and turned it into set of mantras and certitudes. If the original Critical Theorists sought new ways of thinking about Marxism(in combination with Freudianism), the latter-day kind have turned it into mindless worship of mostly homos & blacks and blaming everything on whites and 'patriarchy', whatever that means. Thus, Critical Theory dictates what one may or may not be critical about. One MUST BE critical of whites but one MUST NOT BE critical of Jews, blacks, homos, and whatever else happens to be in political fashion. This is obviously anti-critical, but Labels fool a lot of people. After all, it is called 'Critical Theory', so it must be critical. Likewise, sell indoctrination as 'education', and people think they are being educated for having their minds stuffed with PC mush. So much of media and academia is now about being 'woke', i.e. not to think critically about subjects such as race, sex, class, power, and etc. but to mindlessly and obediently soak up the correct narratives & dogmas on those subjects as sacrosanct. Don't think, don't question, just listen, obey, BELIEVE, and spout. And the fact that so many people do just that(and have done so through the ages) says so much about humanity. But then, the Power wants just that because a genuinely critical community may pry into its affairs and denounce the hypocrisies. Of course, the Power knows that one way to divert people's attention from abuses, failures, and betrayals of the System is to present itself as the lesser-of-two-evils. Just like many Conservatives put up with the feckless GOP as the lesser of two evils, so many so-called 'liberals' support the Democrats and the Deep State as the last bulwark against Literally Hitler Trump, the puppet of Putin the Putler. This way, Jewish Power can always get away with its abuses and corruption by presenting itself as the enemy of 'White Supremacism', the worst of all evils. Then, it's no wonder that so many progs who are disturbed by the Deep State and Zionist Imperialism just go along with the machinations of the Democratic Party as the best defense/offense against 'white supremacism'. But then, many who feel betrayed by the mostly worthless Donald Trump nevertheless stick with him because they see him as the last hope against globalism. Democracy is overlooking garbage on your side to cry foul on garbage on the other side. Never mind that both sides are controlled by Jewish Power. Of course, dictatorships and autocracies also do this. They justify their rule by presenting it as the only bulwark against the foreign enemy or some dark dangerous force. Jews have long complained that Anti-Semites used the bogeyman of the Evil Jew this way, but they are now busy using the same trick against the white race, Christians, Russians, Iranians, and the ever-morphing definition of whoever is 'terrorist'. One thing for sure, if you convince enough people that something is 'sacred', they will defend it with unthinking passion. Even the profane can be consecrated as 'sacred', as with the case of LGBTQXYZ Globo-Homo-mania. Indeed, there are so many white idiots whose very meaning of life revolves around the cult of the holy homo. So, any rejection of the 'gay' agenda is downright 'satanic' in their eyes. It's tantamount to 'heresy'. So much of PC 'wokeness' works this way. It's about emotions of rapture and hysteria, especially among white women who were brainwashed to reject what comes naturally: Love, Marriage, Family, Tribe, Nation. Without a family, race, and nation to devote their energies to, they latch onto the latest fashions of outrage and chest-thumping. Without a noble race-ist and heroic white elite to lead and guide the white race, the white masses come under the spell of Jewish-controlled media and academia. And whatever white elites that do exist serve their Jewish Masters than the White Masses. They figure serving the Jews is the best way to serve themselves. And if their cuckery to the Jews brings ruin upon the white race? They figure it's too late to save the white ship, and so, it's every whitey for himself or herself. So, AS LONG AS they and their close ones get the lifeboats, they don't care if the white ship sinks to the bottom of the ocean. What do the Bush family, the Clintons, or the Bidens care as long as their own ilk are well-taken care of? Shabbos goyim(or the shabbies) are the New Collaborators. And Jews and Shabbies convinced so many white people that their desire for independence and liberation from Jewish Supremacism is 'white supremacism'. In other words, the ONLY proper way for whites is to be stuck to Jewish Power and serve it and its proxies, mainly blacks and homos.
Then, it is no wonder that our times are so much like the Middle Ages or Dark Ages. For all the science, technology, availability of literature, and relative freedom that define the modern world, the truth is so many people, elites and masses, are as irrational, ignorant, stupid, superstitious, dogmatic, hysterical, and deranged as inquisitors and witch-hunters eons ago. In the Middle Ages, people blamed Satan or Devil for whatever went wrong. And it was common for people to be accused of harboring demonic spirits, practicing witchcraft, or being possessed by dark forces. Their fears were based on ignorance, and their proposed cures had no basis in fact. They didn't know any better as knowledge was hard to come by, and it would be several centuries before science and critical inquiry became the basis of a new worldview. Today, people mock and laugh at the Old Times. Or they feel appalled by the violence used by witch-hunters and mobs. People today feel glibly superior as they feel themselves to be educated, knowledgeable, and committed to truth based on facts and logic. But just look at recent events, and we might as well be living in the Modern Middle Ages or the 'Moddle Ages'. It's bad enough that nonsense like LGBTQ globo-homo & tranny business and BLM have no basis in facts and logic. What's truly amazing is that so many people believe in them with delirium and dementia bordering on religious fanaticism. (And the supposedly best-and-brightest and most educated Americans believed in Russia Collusion Hoax for nearly three years.) It's one thing to be wrong but quite another to embrace the wrong with absolute faith. THAT is what makes the current era much like the Middle Ages. The 'Moddle Ages' of the here-and-now demonstrate that even though mankind as advanced in so many directions, the human mind is essentially more-or-less the same as it was many centuries ago. It still longs for the sacred and holy. It still prefers passion over reason. It favors faith over facts. Indeed, it fears facts lest they interfere with the faith, something that lends meaning to their lives. While progs may sneer at religious dummies who believe in angels, they have no problem revering homos and blacks as real-life angels. How else can one make sense of the holy cult of Fentanyl Floyd? To be sure, Negroes are more likely to be regarded as angel-like and saint-like if killed by whites, especially cops, than by other Negroes. If something is made holy in conflict with the unholy, then blacks are made holy by contact with whites as the unholy. A black killed by another black is just a mundane fact. But as whites are unholy, their harm to a black person works as a magic charm to make the Negro glow with holiness; he becomes a Neglow.
Anyone who cares about facts knows BLM is based on nonsense. The fact is blacks kill blacks. Few blacks are by white cops. And most blacks killed by white cops asked for it by acting crazy or violent. All the evidence is out there for anyone who cares to know the truth. And yet, our 'Moddle Ages' prefer the holy hysteria about innocent, angelic, and saintly Negroes being hunted down by White Demons. People still chant, "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" even though a thoroughgoing investigation exonerated the white cop who shot the big thug Michael Brown who was no 'gentle giant'. How is this mass mania any different from the superstitions that prevailed in the Dark/Middle Ages? Indeed, it is worse and more dispiriting because, whereas folks in the Dark/Middle Ages were truly uneducated, ignorant, and often illiterate, modern folks have access to all kinds of news and information. We live in the Age of Universal Education and Universal Information. And yet, THAT is precisely the problem. While mass education and mass media can be most useful in disseminating knowledge & news and encouraging critical thinking, they can also be used to spread mass panic, mass hysteria, mass deception, mass paranoia, and mass dementia. It all depends on what kind of people controls media and academia. While all elites and ruling elements have been far from perfect through the ages, the Anglo elites had emphasized empiricism, restraint, and logic. Even when facts, ideas, and certain truths undermined their privileges and hold on power, they were willing to consider them through careful debate. In contrast, Jews are far more obsessive about their power and supremacism, and therefore, they are willing to use the media and academia in ANY WAY to maintain their grip. And if this entails destroying free speech, critical thinking, dissident culture, independent media, and logical/factual approach to the world, so be it. If 'gay' lunacy can be used to overturn normal morality and Christianity to the advantage of Jewish minority elite power, it is done. If the masses can be fooled with Russia Collusion Hoax, push the big lie. If the 'Trump Economy' can be destroyed by Covid Hysteria, why not? (Indeed, the mindless nonsense about the dangers of Covid ranks up there with panics in the Middle Ages.) And spread the word that ICE agents are demonic Neo-Nazi thugs while every illegal trespasser is a 'New Jew fleeing from Nazis'. (Applying logic, what does this mean? An illegal Mexican is running from fellow Mexicans who are 'nazis'? If Trump is 'nazi', what sense does it make for those seeking refuge from 'nazis' to come to US with Trump as president? It'd be like Jews fleeing to Nazi Germany. Of course, when Jews yammer on and on about 'nazis', they really mean they need more non-whites in the US to decrease the power of White Americans whom Jews regard as potential nazis. 'Too many whites' is nazi, therefore Jews seek refuge from such danger by reducing the relative number of whites vis-a-vis non-whites. Jews feel this way about whites, but whites are sucking up to Jews like a bunch of tards.)
Indeed, what is most interesting about the BLM phenomenon is that many of the most deranged white advocates are among the 'best educated'. If all that education and 'knowledge' led to such ignorance, irrationality, superstition, and quasi-spiritual worship of Falsehood about Negroes, what does it say about American Society as a whole? To be sure, the Powerful who pushed the BLM nonsense know it's bogus. The Chuck Schumers of the world merely used it as white-guilt-bait against Donald Trump and the part of White America that still has some semblance of group identity and interests. They are the cynical and powerful who know it's a farce but exploited it for all its worth. Then, there are the elite commissars who are so committed to PC as state ideology that they are willing to be true-believers, just like soldiers surrender their bodies and souls to the state. College is mental boot-camp for these types who need to believe and serve something. As smart and educated as these types are, they were instilled from cradle with the religion of MLK, Mandela, and Magic Negro(along with cuck-worship of Mandingo among those who came of age as Millennials). Just like smart people raised as Muslims or Christians still manage to circumvent around fact and logic to maintain their faith, those raised on the worship of Jews, Negroes, and Homos have all sorts of mental coping mechanisms that suppress logic and facts when it comes to the holy three. Emotion, especially molded in their childhoods, overrides their reason. As the issues and themes concerning Jews and blacks are so charged with matters of justice and Good vs. Evil, objective thinking is nearly impossible for many people. Jews are, first and foremost, the Holy Holocaust People, and blacks are the Sacred Slavery People associated with MLK, regarded as the greatest god-man of all time. Also, Jews and Blacks are seen and 'sacralized' through the prism of White Evil. Apparently, only Evil White people committed genocide, and only Evil White people practiced slavery. Or, perhaps the real problem is that White Evil is the function of an essentially Jewish Supremacist and Black Supremacist viewpoint. After all, if Jews and blacks are not special or supreme, their sufferings would be 'generic', much like tragedies that befell all of mankind. But there is a sense that the Shoah was especially evil because it affected Jews, and black slavery was especially evil because whites enslaved the special/superior race. How dare they! And yet, this attack on whites has masochistic appeal to do-goody whites who are unconsciously closet-supremacists. They feel that white evil is worse than evils done by non-whites because whites, as the more elevated race, should be judged according to a higher standard. So, if Arabs enslaved blacks, it was because they were just a bunch of cutthroat desert barbarians; they didn't know any better, whereas whites should have known better because they are better. If many smart people were conditioned by upbringing and education to behold the sacred cults around Jews, blacks, and homos, there are the trashy dummies, the Antifa dregs of the streets, whose entire cultural outlook could be traced to pop culture, drugs, and financial crumbs from rich Jews. As stupid losers of society, they hook their claws onto whatever cause that makes them feel 'committed' and 'impassioned'. And 'cool' and 'hip'. As pop culture and sports have made homos and blacks the most celebrated groups, the Antifa loser types either wave the homo flag or chant pro-black slogans in the hope of having some of that homo angel dust and black magic rub off on them. What they, from top to bottom, all have in common is the commitment to a culture of taboo and hysterics than reason and sense. In this, their mentality has much in common with the cult of Hitler and the cult of Mao, tragic cases of 'Moddle Ages' in the 20th century. It's interesting that Jews, who suffered from the irrational rages & passions of Nazism(and also eventually came to a bad end with Soviet Communism) and therefore embarked on a critical enterprise to favor mind over mania, have turned into essentially Judeo-Nazis who rely on stirring up wild passions and witch-hunts regardless of evidence and reason. Shut off your minds and just believe and chant along. When it comes to Jews, blacks, and homos, there is no good or bad. We aren't to think in terms of good Jews or bad Jews, good blacks or bad blacks, good homos and bad homos. THEY ARE ALL GOOD no matter what they do. If Jews massacre Palestinians by the bushel, they are still good simply because they're Jews and Jewishness is a blessing(whereas Palestinian-ness is not). If blacks rob, rape, and murder, they are still good because they're black. If a decent white cop shoots a black thug who's causing trouble, the cop is evil because he is white and killed a Negro while the dead Negro is lionized simply because he was black. And we all know homos are honored as tragic victims of AIDS even though it was homo behavior that spread the diseases so far and wide in the 'gay' community. This is the privilege of the holy three of Jews, blacks, and homos. They aren't good-or-bad based on content of character or behavior but ALWAYS GOOD simply for what they are.
This goes to show that wealth isn't enough in society. Of course, Jews understood this through their long presence in Europe. Even though Jews were generally richer than goyim and could enjoy privileges & pleasures as individuals, they were tainted with the label of Christ-Killer. So, no matter how rich and well-connected a Jew might be, he was always under a cloud of suspicion. He was, on some level, always the condemned. Despite his riches, he was spiritually and morally less than the poorest European Christian. In contrast, the Christian aristocrats had noble blood. That blood alone meant they were special, superior, deserving of privilege. Jews could buy privilege but never deserved it because they were deemed 'Christ-Killers'. In our world, Jews are the neo-nobles. Their blood alone makes them special, sacred, and wonderful. They have 'holocaust blood' running through their veins. It's no wonder Jews invoke how such-and-such among their relatives/ancestors was a 'Holocaust survivor'. It's like tracing one's noble lineage. Jews have become the new christs, and whites have become the new-christ-killers because, apparently, every Jew killed during WWII was a mini-jesus. (In a way, Holocaustianity's condemnation of whites is worse than Christianity's condemnation of Jews. At the very least, Christianity was about Christians worshiping God and the Son of God, not themselves. When Christians urged upon Jews to convert, they weren't saying Jews should worship white Christian goyim but to accept the Son of God. In contrast, Holocaustianity is about goyim, especially whites, worshiping Jews as a bunch of new christs. Jews themselves are the object of worship.) And under Jewish Power, Negroes also have noble blood, that of Sacred Slavery. Just as a poor nobleman enjoyed a higher status than rich Jews in Old Europe, any Jew or Negro in our time, no matter how humble his station in life, enjoys higher status than the richest white goy. If Jews in the past, despite their vast individual wealth, still had the mark-of-cain of 'Christ Killer', whites today, no matter how rich and well-connected they may be, carry the mark-of-cain of 'racist', 'white supremacist', 'nazi', 'Anti-Semite', etc. This is why even the richest whites are always under the moral pressure to demonstrate redemptive 'white guilt'. "I'm trying so very hard to cleanse my sick evil white soul." And so, they donate tons of money to Jewish causes or those with the stamp of approval of Jews: ADL, SPLC, BLM, etc. So, Jeff Bezos' former wife doles out millions to BLM. She's filthy rich but her whiteness means NOTHING except in redemptive mode. (Besides, rich people tend to be vain and shallow, conforming to the Zeitgeist to win praise and plaudits. Their donations are more about status-signaling than carriage of justice.)
In a way, the demise of reason in the culture is the result of mass-mind-control via media and academia(in the hands of Jews). But, it also seems to have resulted from the dire tendency to rest on one's laurels. In the story of the hare and the tortoise, the hare takes its speed so much for granted that it slouches off and fails to realize the tortoise passed it by. Mike Tyson was so sure of his power that he didn't train for the fight with Buster Douglas. A person who thinks himself so smart may not properly prepare for the exam... and fail. It seems the so-called 'liberal' and 'progressive' community has been making so much noise about being intellectual, rational, educated, erudite, curious, critical, skeptical, and sophisticated that they took those things for granted. Why make an effort when your kind is SO SURE that it's so smart, knowing, and 'enlightened'? Why worry about freedom and fairness when your kind is SO SURE that it's all about 'liberal values'? It's like conservatives took for granted their commitment to heritage and hardly made an effort to be truly conservative. They just got lazy with the habit of invoking Ronald Reagan at every turn. Since the 1980s, the so-called conservatives managed to conserve nothing but still call themselves 'conservatives'. Today, so-called liberals have betrayed all their liberal values and principles but still continue with the conceit of being for freedom and 'liberal democracy' when, in fact, they are idiotic dupes of Deep State tyranny.
One thing for sure, people today should no longer look upon the Middle Ages and laugh. They should look in the mirror. For all their modern conceits, they are riddled with taboos, prone to superstition(especially with witchcraft making a comeback among women with green hair & nose-rings), infested with faith against facts(such as BLM nonsense & shrines to Fentanyl Floyd), driven by mob passion, and barbaric in sadism & violence. Evidence counts for nothing in this world. Even though most racial violence is black on white(or non-black), the cult of Magic Negro would have us believe innocent blacks are hunted down by evil 'racists'. Even though progs profess to care about equal justice and insist that 'silence is violence', they don't care about victims of black violence and the countless casualties of Jewish-supremacist violence around the world. Their SILENCE about Palestinians is truly VIOLENCE. Of course, with the boorish Donald Trump and worthless GOP as the face of American Conservatism, it is all too easy for Jews and Progs to see themselves as the 'resistance'. But the fact is they're either no better or even worse. Indeed, they seem to be driven more by pride and ego than truth and justice. As bad as Trump is, his not having embroiled the US in another war is deeply threatening and shaming to the so-called progs. After all, if indeed Trump and his supporters stand for jingoism, imperialism, 'racism', and hatred while the Democrats and Progs represent justice, peace, and harmony, why is it that Obama and Hillary were just as big warmongers as George W. Bush? Then, it's no wonder that Progs, as tools of Jewish Supremacists, were eager to torpedo every effort by Trump to end wars in the Middle East or come to terms with North Korea. As their pride and ego matter more than anything, they are willing to push any lie or pull any stunt to sustain their self-image as 'good compassionate liberals'. If they were to admit that Obama/Hillary were bigger warmongers and mass-killers than Trump, they would have to reassess their self-image and swallow some hard truths. They don't wanna, and so, they live in the Middle Ages of the Mind.


  1. The poison-laced Kool-Aid of BLM currently being force fed into White America, is a huge red flag, expressly designed to divert our awareness of the fact that Black men and women are much more prone to violence than Whites. The Kool-Aid also numbs our sensitivity to the bullet currently headed towards our head.

  2. "Woke" = fully indoctrinated. Under the influence of the Jewish Kool-Aid poison, faithfully copied from an old Rev. Jim Jones recipe.