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The Power of Iconography and Iconoclasm in the J-WOW or Jewish War on White

A basic concept that explains much fashionable moral reasoning in the current year is “Who? Whom?” While promoting the collectivization of agriculture in 1929, which led to the Ukrainian Holomodor, Stalin announced:

The fact is, we live according to Lenin’s formula: Kto–Kovo? [Who-Whom?]: will we knock them, the capitalists, flat and give them (as Lenin expresses it) the final, decisive battle, or will they knock us flat?

Other principles of morality believe in objective standards of behavior, but Stalinism assumed that something was good if the good people (e.g., Stalinists) did it, but bad if the bad people (i.e., those hated by Stalinists) did the same thing.

Similarly, under today’s rules of Identity Stalinism, while the aggressor, objectively, was obviously the man banging his drum in the boy’s face, that adult was nonwhite and leftist, while the child was white and a Trump supporter. So, by the rules of Who? Whom?, the assailant had to be the victim and the victim the attacker.

Identity Stalinism or Identity Hitlerism?

Stalinism was about class war. Who/Whom was determined mainly by class(though 'class' could be defined rather flexibly). After all, peoples of all ethnic backgrounds participated in the Soviet project. Josef Stalin himself was a Georgian working with many non-Russians to rule over the Russian Empire.

On the other hand, I suppose the current PC is Stalinist in the Orwellian sense because of political fluidity amidst ideological rigidity. In some ways, Stalinism was hard-leftist and Marxist-Leninist, but in the end, whatever Stalin said was the ultimate truth(until Stalin said something else). So, Nazi Germany was enemy forever prior to 1939, friend from 30 to 41, and enemy again from 41 to 45. Such discrepancy was less problematic with fascism that favored ideological 'creativity' and pluralism, aka the Third Position. In contrast, Stalinism claimed to be the highest achievement of Marxist-Leninist ideology but so often deviated from its ideals according to Stalin's whims. And, there is something similar in the politics of the current West. For one thing, the Truth is less about a set of values or principles that the whims of Jewish Personality. So, "Nationalism good for Israel, bad for Hungary. Nukes good for Israel, bad for Iran. Cheney bad for failed war in Iraq, but Trump also bad for wanting to pull out from Middle East."
In some ways, PC is about rigidity of passion. PC folks easily get triggered by the slightest deviance, and yet, rules change so fast that even many PC folks aren't sure of the latest trends and what they're supposed to bark at and when. One difference between Stalinism and Globo-Homo is there was genuine ideological underpinning to communism whereas Globo-Homo is less about ideology than iconography. A kind of ICON Curtain has descended on the West, and that is why the image of the white kid with 'smirk'(looked more like a bemused smile to me) was so triggering. According to PC, white male, esp with MAGA hat, is the Iconic Image of Evil. And that was enough for the Iconoclasmic rage. Iconoclasm is the Rage-Orgasm of the globo-homo progs. Iconography for the good, iconoclasm for the bad. Even the use of terminology is iconocentric in current PC. Marxists spoke of the proletariat and bourgeoisie, terms emphasizing economic stations of peoples. But a term like 'white privilege' conjures White Face as evil. And a term like 'people of color' creates a mental image of people of various races and colors. And it's telling that women are now so much into vagina and even wear 'pussy hats' or clothing shaped like actual poons. Icunts. And when we think of homos, we don't really think of ideas or values. We just think of homo-as-saint characters on TV shows, 'rainbow' flags, and 'gay pride' parades. And homoshering of food is more fun than koshering. We aren't sure which foods are 'kosher' or why, but look at those 'rainbow' pack of Oreo cookies. Right, I just love to bite into food thinking of homos buggering each other or a guy having his penis cut by Frankenstein Medicine.

The problem for Jews is they don't have much iconic status. They once did as comedians in a more inhibited and cerebral age. Back then, Jews as subversive agents had lots of iconic value as agents for greater liberty. Lenny Bruce wasn't a looker but his foul talk seemed daring. But we now live in a shameless age of cultural filth, and so, no Jewish guy can score points just by being subversive or going on and on about his pud like Philip Roth or Ron Jeremy. And as our culture is anti-intellectual, Jews won't gain much ground by being like Norman Mailer -- novelist and public intellectual -- and Susan Sontag, an essayist who wrote on difficult matters, the Jewish Mind gets less respect. There was a time when the culture made a big deal of Woody Allen trying to make serious movies, the American Bergman. While the culture has grown more uninhibited in terms of sex and violence, it has grown more stunted intellectually due to power of PC and idolatry(over ideology or as the new ideology). Things got so crazy that it takes real courage for someone like Jordan Peterson to say, "Wait a minute.. that man is a man, not a woman." The culture is retarded and anti-intellectual... or it is pseudo-intellectual or schizo-intellectual. It's not sane about anything. Jewish comedians used to score points by using wit to subvert sacred cows. It was easier to do in the past when Sacred Cows were associated with Power, thus 'punching up' to Wasps and White Christians. But now, the Sacred Cows are associated with Powerlessness even though Jews, homos, and blacks have lots of power. Comedians can still beat up on whites, but at this point, it's like beating a dead horse or feeding a fed horse. Norman Mailer warned of the 'fascism of the left' as more dangerous because, traditionally, the left defined itself as the power of freedom against tyranny and repression. But when the struggle itself turns dogmatic and hardline, there is no place to go for freedom. People went to the left for freedom it couldn't find on the right, but if the left is for dogma, then freedom is dead all around. Granted, the dangers of the Left were evident from the beginning with the French Revolution. And Orwell wrote the perfect book on Stalinism or radical leftism as tyranny beyond tyranny. Still, many people in the West chose to believe the failure of Eastern Communism had less to do with ideology than Oriental Despotism of Slavicism.

Because Jews have less iconic power now, they must maintain grip-and-whip on their proxies with the more iconic or 'idolic' power. They are blacks due to sports and music. And homos for their flaming narcissism. Most POC groups have no iconic power but, as the saying goes, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Diversity has been promoted as an iconic image of New America where All the World is drinking coke and singing(or maybe 'twerking') in perfect harmony. Because Jews control finance, academia, media, deep state, courts, law firms, and most whore politicians, they have lots of tricks to control the dogs. Jews are masters, and their proxies are like dogs. But, dogs are not always easy to train. Sure, you can make them track a scent, but dogs sometimes have a mind of their own.. or they might become distracted by something other than the scent. Or, what if the dogs mistake YOU for the scent. This is problematic for Jews because the 'scent' of whiteness is sometimes detected on Jews by non-whites. "No, bad doggy, my smell is holocausty-whitey, good. Go after nazi-whitey, bad." Also, it takes some time and effort to train dogs. Some of these immigrant groups come from nations where people have been trained to dislike Jews. Now, it's a tall order for Jews to re-train Muslims and such folks to love Jews. But maybe they can be trained to bark and bite so furiously at Bad-whitey that they won't bother with Jewish-whitey. This is why yellow dogs are especially useful. Yellows come with either neutral or pro-Jewish attitudes(because they love to suck up to power), and so, Jews can train them to be like Sarah Jeong. As for folks from Latin America, Jews know they can easily make them bark at Gringo. White Latinos have this envy for Anglo-Americans, and so, Latin whites and Jewish whites make common cause to take more from northern whites. As for the browns, they feel resentment against blanco. It doesn't matter whether it's Latin whites or gringo whites. Even as they want to live under richer gringos, they are filled with inferiority complex, and Jews play on that. But Muslims and blacks are problematic dogs to train. Muslims have a very proud religion that isn't about turn-the-other-cheek. Also, POC ideology actually favors them against Jews in a way. Many folks around the world see the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as WHITE Jewish colonialists vs brown oppressed. As for blacks, they are dawgs than dogs, or dogs-with-attitude. Unlike yellow dogs and brown dogs, blacks are not easy to train. They like to let the good rabbits run and chase after them. Also, as dawgs are semi-wolf-like in aggression, they get pissed if the master demands too much. Or black dawgs go too far with the aggression. When the Jewish master tells black dawgs to bark at whitey, he doesn't necessarily mean that they should run wild and burn down entire cities, messing things up for gentrification as well. But black dawgs often get out of control, as with BLM fiasco. (So, Jews have been trying to spin it as controlled by Russia.)

Jewish Power is crucial in the equation because the elites get to call the shots through control of the Megaphone and Methadone. Jews can rouse people to hatred or soothe them with happy feely stuff. Take the Women's March. Why was it shut down for being 'antisemitic' but not 'anti-Palestinian'? After all, many Jewish women in feminism support Zionism that crushes Palestinians in West Bank. Also, lots of Jewish women in media, academia, and Deep State have pushed policies that spread Wars for Israel all over Middle East and North Africa. Why didn't anyone sound the alarm about how feminism and the Women's March movement have too many Zionist and Lesbian women who's been supporting neo-imperialism, Zionist tyranny over Palestinians, and globalist wars? It's because Jews control the means of discourse, the platforms, and the money. To put on massive events, you need money and good media coverage. Jewish Power is okay with Women's March being full of Zionist women and lesbians who support the Deep State and Neo-Imperialism, BUT my oh my, something must be done about all those 'anti-Semites'.
Consider the anti-BDS laws. It is the Jews who invaded Palestine, drove out native folks and who continue to occupy West Bank. Jews also violate international norms and have 300 nukes made from stolen uranium from the US. But the US sends billions in aid to Israel, and both Political Parties suck up to Jewish Power while Palestinian-Americans and their supporters are fired and blacklisted for standing up for justice for Palestinians. Now, it'd be one thing if one could choose to support or condemn Israel OR support or condemn Palestinians. A matter of personal conscience and liberty. But in the US, one has no choice but to favor Israel over Palestinians in all the institutions and industries that count. If you're homeless, you can use free speech. But if you're a person of any consequence, you will be utterly destroyed if you support BDS.

Jewish anti-whiteness has several facets to it.

1. There is fear based on actual history. There have been times when White Christians and Neo-Pagans did hurt Jews real bad. Jews have deep historical memory and know well that history can change fast. So, there is genuine Jewish fear of White Power.

2. There is whiteness as convenient scapegoat. This is especially useful for Jews because they are the new ruling class. Generally, those on top get the most criticism and abuse from below. Jews don't mind criticism of the elites in Israel because both elites and people are Jewish. So, the criticism of elite power in Israel isn't about 'antisemitism' but abuse and corruption. But in the US, Jews fear that criticism of Jewish elites can turn into anti-Jewish animus or call out on what is essentially Jewish supremacism. Then, it's convenient for Jews to have so many people blame 'white privilege' for all the problems. Even as or especially because Jews constantly vilify Wasps, Jews need them to stick around if only as Evil Icons or Straw Men for bashing. Wasps are the useful decoy or degoy. So, in Hollywood movies, the Face of Evil is usually some Waspy type who heads a corporation or department. Or some Russian-type.

3. Another reason why Jews are so anti-white is because they are so dependent on white. Even if whites don't become anti-Jewish, Jews hate the notion of white autonomy, or whites feeling pretty good to be white. "It's Okay to be White" pissed off so many Jews. If whites feel that way, they will gain pride and confidence. They would no longer need to atone by obeying a morally superior holy group for redemption. But the fact is Jewish Power is all head and no body. For example, how could the US military serve as the arm of Zionists IF white generals and soldiers feel that the US military exists mainly to serve and defend the US, not to serve in Middle East wars for Israel? So, Jews have to inject continuous doses of 'white guilt' to make whites lose pride and confidence. A guilty people feel they must serve others for atonement, and Jewish Power naturally says 'you must serve us'.
The Diversity Stuff is really just a ruse. If most Jews are really into Equal Justice for All Peoples, why do they insist the US support Israel against Palestinians, Syria, and Iran? The problem for Jews is that they are essentially pushing a tribal agenda spun as universal agenda. To fool us, Jews use terminology like 'diversity' and 'inclusion' AND iconography of People of Color, but when we look at the nitty-gritty details of globalism, it's always JEWS FIRST and ISRAEL FIRST. Look at US vs Russia, US vs Iran, US vs Palestinians, US vs Syria, US vs Libya, and etc, and the Surest Common Denominator is they are all designed to serve Jewish interests. I mean, what do Mexican-Americans care about Syria? What do black-Americans care about Iran? What do hillbillies in W. Virginia care about expanding NATO to Ukraine? What do Filipino-Americans care about Libya? What do Italian-Americans care about BDS? It's all about Jews, but Jews know they can't sell it as such... so we are told that a nuclear-armed Iran is going to blow up the US, Russia is out to grab the world, China is planning to take over everything, and other such nonsense. Now, I'm thinking that many POC at elite levels know that Jews are full of it, but they go along with the charade because it's their only ticket into the corridors of power and privilege. And this is why Jews love to parade around Obama. He's been a good boy who did the bidding of Jews and their homo allies. He was made president and was showered with millions and millions of money and glorious media coverage. Uncle Charm.
That said, there is something to admire about Jews. Just consider. Look at all those Muslims in the US military who take orders from the Zionist-controlled government to go destroy Muslim nations. If Muslim-Americans are ordered to drop bombs to kill Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East, they will do so. But imagine if Muslim-Americans have an average IQ of 130, take over much of media and elite institutions. Suppose they use their media and money power to vilify Israel as the greatest abuser of human rights, a 'New Nazi Nation'. Suppose the Muslim-American elites steer the US to use sanctions to kill 100,000s of Jewish kids and to employ shock-and-awe tactics to blow Israel to smithereens. How many Jewish-Americans would join in this massacre? Probably none. On that score, Jews are better than white cucks and Muslim morons.

4. Another reason why Jews and POC are so anti-white is they are addicted to whiteness. Despite all the anti-white iconoclasm, the fact is whiteness still has tremendous iconic value. Black athletes want blonde white women. Look at Tiger Woods. He was celebrated for his mixed-race-ness but he never went for mixed-race women but for Aryan-looking women. Look at silly Asians with their hair-dyeing and plastic surgery, or their videogames with white-looking characters. Hayao Miyazaki's movies were all set in some white fantasy lands before TORORO, and even there, Asian characters are drawn with features that look more Caucasian. And in Latin America, brown folks are addicted to Soap Opera with mostly white characters. And men in Turkey and Middle East got the Natasha Syndrome.

Because all the world wants whiteness -- good governance, personable-ness, ability & competence, sexual attraction, balance of reason and emotion, etc -- , they hate the idea of whites owning whiteness. If whites own whiteness, then whites would get to decide what to do with their lands, passion, abilities, sex appeal, legacy, and etc. What's the difference between a woman of dignity and a whore? Woman of dignity has control over her body and decides who can be with her. In contrast, a whore is open to anyone with a few bucks. (Odd thing about Abortion Rights is it's sold as women's control over her own body but actually promotes behavior where she has less self-control because she can always negate the unwanted pregnancy with sucking out the fetus. She can act like a whore without suffering the consequence.) A woman of dignity owns herself and her own body. She gets to determine who can be with her. A whore, on the other hand, has to do what the pimp tells her to. Her body must put out to all comers willing to pay.
Similarly, white dignity and autonomy would mean that whiteness has value in and of itself. It has meaning as heredity, legacy, heritage, and history. If whites are unique and have dignity, they can decide their own destiny and say NO to non-whites who want to partake of whiteness.
Then, the ONLY way to make whiteness accessible to all the world is to commoditize it into a product, and the end-logic of this is the pornification of whiteness as meat. And it won't be long before globo-homo forces will call for legalization of prostitution.
In a way, what was done to Slavic women in Israeli and Arab brothels was hardly different from what is being done to whiteness as a whole all around the world. Whites are being told that they don't own their whiteness. White lands are not white. White history is not white. Ancient Greece was not white. Medieval Europe was not white. White heroes are not white. (Let's cast blacks as Achilles, Julius Caesar, Lancelot, and Hamilton.) White bodies are not white and put out to other races as servings and offerings. So, if 100 million black African men move to Europe, each is deserving of a white womb to produce black babies. And the US as white-envisioned and white-made nation? No way, that's 'racist'. Just let tons of browns from south of the border barge in and grab SWPM or Stuff White People Made. Even though the psycho who killed the plastic surgeon for passing 'white features' to Asians was a nutter, he had a point. Another race was appropriating specific features of whiteness for itself. He was accused of 'white supremacism', but aren't Asians the Real White Supremacists by undergoing surgery to replace 'ugly' Asian features with 'beautiful' white ones? And all these immigration patterns have one thing in common: We want to be with white than with our own kind. Jewish immigration always preferred whiteness.

So, this aspect of anti-whiteness is really a paradox. Jews and non-whites beat up on whitey to destroy the notion that proud whites own whiteness. That way, ashamed whites will market whiteness as just a commodity for all of humanity to buy or partake of.

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