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The Palestinian Argument for the Wall and Border Security — We all heard the Pro-Israeli or Zionist Argument for the Wall, and It is Time we heard the Palestinian and BDS perspective as well

We've all heard the argument for the Wall based on the national security needs of Israel. Whenever anti-wall critics(who happen to be disproportionately Jewish) decry Donald Trump's Wall Proposal as unrealistic, ineffectual, and/or immoral, the Pro-Wall advocates point to Israel and its powerfully effective walls. There is a factual and polemical aspect to naming Israel as Exhibit A in the usefulness(and indispensability) of Walls. First, it is true that Israel’s walls are among the most effective in the world and against not only Arabs but African migrant-invaders. So, anyone who says that walls don’t work is lying. The other reason is to shame Jewish anti-Wall opponents. It exposes their hypocrisy as the Tribe that insists on The Wall for the Jewish Nation-State but opposes it for any white-majority or Western nation. It’s an effective way to shame-face and silence Jews who are ardent Zionists and support extensive wall-building around Israel and Occupied Territories but nay-say walls for goy nations. How dare these Jews say walls are great for the Jewish Homeland but for no other people and nation? Also, both Political Parties in the US remind us over and over that Israel is wonderful and indeed the greatest ally of the US. Well, if Israel is so wonderful, whatever it does must be wonderful too, and these days, Israel is mainly known for its super-high and super-tough walls. So, if Israel is so great and its walls are so wonderful, maybe it makes good sense for other nations to also build walls for their own national security.

Now, we know why Jews are for Walls for Israel and No-Walls for goy nations. It’s the same reason why Jews are for Balls for Jews but No-Balls for white goyim. Jews want white goyim mentally castrated to serve the Jewish master. White Gelding is the main agenda of PC. And ever notice that Jews have contradictory positions on guns as well? Jews are all for guns in Israel, a nation that actually mandates gun-ownership for each and every Jewish family. But Jewish-Americans call for stringent gun-control and even gun-banning in the US. Why would Jews support universal gun-ownership in Israel but then push for gun-banning in the US? It’s because Israel is majority Jewish, and so, gun-ownership means a well-armed Jewish people. In contrast, Jews are only 2% of Americans, and that means Jews are out-gunned 50 to 1. Therefore, Jews want guns to be monopolized by the state that is controlled by Jews who have bought up most whore-politicians and appoint most judges. As with everything else, Jewish Logic all comes down to “Is it good for Jews?” Jews only feign ethics and morality in their argumentation, the main purpose of which is to ensure not only security but supremacy for the Jewish People. So, one should never listen to Jewish appeals to humanitarianism or what-must-be-done-for-the-children. They are all rhetorical smokescreen to push through an agenda that is really meant to consolidate Jewish Control and Power. Then, it becomes obvious why Jews are pro-guns in Israel. It means majority of Jews out-gunning Arabs. And it makes sense why Jews are anti-guns in the US. Gun ownership means goyim outgunning Jews. What goes for guns also goes for walls. Walls in Israel mean security for the Jewish state. Having extensive walls means Jews can keep out any people who are deemed hostile, burdensome, or troublesome. Thus, Jewish nationhood is secured, and hopefully, Israel can last forever as it favors a policy of Jewish-Immigration-Only while excluding non-Jews who might crash the Zionist Party.
But, when it comes to walls in goy nations, Jews think differently. After all, the Wall during WWII came to symbolize Jews trapped in the Warsaw Ghetto, a precursor to the current situation in Gaza according to pro-Palestinian advocates. In Europe during WWII, Jews didn’t get to control the walls and decide who got in and who remained out. Walls meant the Nazis got to keep Jews trapped in the ghetto, from which there was virtually no escape and no entry(except by the Germans who were often murderous). (Jews often bitch about how nationalism and anti-open-borders policy are like Nazi Evil, but if anything, it was Nazi Germany that enforced Open Borders and it was non-German nationalism that was the best bet against Nazi aggression. Hitler wanted an Open Europe where Germans could move in and out of any nation at their whim. Indeed, Jews were safest in nations that still had effective national barriers against Nazi pan-Europeanism. It was following Germany's Open Invasion of Poland and France that Jews in those places really came under tremendous heat. And Germany’s Open Invasion policy against Russia promised doom for countless millions of Slavs and Jews. What saved the Jews was the nationalist push-back by the Russians and others who resisted the Nazi German Open Invasion policy. Given what Open Invasion policies have done to Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen in recent years, why would any sane person oppose national sovereignty and secure borders? It was precisely because Iraq and Libya were unable to prevent foreign invasions that they ended up in the mess that they are. And there would have been no Syrian War if the Syrian regime could have controlled its borders. But Saudis, Turks, Israel, the US, and myriad Jihadi groups all worked together to breach Syrian borders and tear that country apart. Jews are willfully telling lies when they conflate nationalism and borders with Nazism and inhumanity. In nearly every case, erosion of national borders led to more tensions, conflicts, wars, and even genocides. Nazi Germany was not content to mind its own borders and respect the borders of other nations. It was all about Open Borders Imperialism, and when one ponders its effect on a nation like Syria in recent years, one would have to be stupid, ignorant, or evil to push for the erosion of borders.) Jews also hate the idea of Walls for Goy Nations because such symbolizes autonomy, independence, and sovereignty against Jewish-dominated globalism. It means limits on the Jewish Globalist penetration and takeover of those nations. It’s like the Portnoic Jewish penis hates the idea of well-protected goy vaginas. The Jewish Pud wants to freely penetrate and conquer white pooters.

One might argue that Jews are over-reacting when it comes to demand for border security among goy populations. After all, when Hungarians prevent foreign migrant-invaders from barging in, they are not shutting their nation to foreign travel, investment, and business. They just don’t want their lovely nation inundated with law-breaking marauders who will surely cause lots of social problems(as well as change the character of the nation were they to remain indefinitely). So, why do Jews condemn Hungary? It’s because any show of national assertiveness signifies desire for national autonomy and independence. And that means a nation like Hungary belongs to Hungarians first and foremost. Non-Hungarians, goyim or Jewish, must respect this fact of Hungary. Now, almost all goyim are willing to respect Hungarian national rights, so why are Jews so hellbent on insisting that Hungary doesn’t belong to Hungarians and that Hungarian-ness must be ‘fluid’(like 50 genders) and ‘inclusive’, i.e. recently arrived Muslims and Africans should be welcomed as New Hungarians. It’s because Jews are the premier globalist-imperialists in the world, and their power derives mainly from worldwide networking. After all, even though Jews do have a nation of their own, the fact is Israel, in and of itself, hardly constitutes a great power. The real basis of Jewish Power is that the Tribe has penetrated and taken over GOY nations and uses complex networking to coordinate Jewish-First Agenda from NY to London to Paris to Tel Avis to Moscow to etc. This is why Jews regard ANY sign of goy defiance against the Jewish Globo-Agenda with alarm.
After all, it is most unnatural and unjust for a tiny minority to wield such disproportionate power over nations where the overwhelming majority populations are composed of non-Jewish races and cultures.
Granted, Jews are playing with fire when they push for radical globalism in goy nations because of the danger of populist backlash. After all, the ONLY thing Hungary wanted was border security from the Muslim and African ‘refugees’. It was willing to work with EU and US on most things. But Jews like George Soros pushed so hard against Hungary over the ‘Refugee’ Crisis that Hungary ramped up their nationalism to not only keep out the invaders but to boot the Soros foundation out of the country. Jews have gotten so arrogant and so used to having their ass kissed(even by America, the most powerful country in the world) that they now seem incapable of the smallest compromise. Their attitude is ‘our way or the highway’.
Given that such chutzpah is bound to piss off any goy group, Jews go about promoting Diversity so that they can play divide-and-rule among the goyim. After all, no matter how rich and well-connected the Jewish minority may be, they are no match for a united majority goy population with guns and pitchforks. Once the goy majority break free of the programming and realize what Jews are really up to, they may rise up and really stick it to the Jews. Jews know this, and that is why they not only seek to deracinate every goy national identity(and spread decadence and degeneracy) but to diversify the population so that the various goyim will be at each other’s throats than go after Jews. Now, if Jews stopped acting crazy, none of this may be necessary. Most white goyim are willing to co-exist with Jews and respect much that is admirable about the Jewish community. But maybe there is something in the Jewish psyche that just can’t leave things alone. They just have to keep pushing for more and more. Ironically, Jews are rather like Adolf Hitler in this. Der Fuhrer just didn’t know when to stop with his insatiable ambition.

Now, let’s consider the Pro-Wall argument from the Palestinian viewpoint. We know why walls have been good for Israel. We know that walls have effectively ended terrorist bombings in Israel. We know walls make Jewish occupiers/settlers in West Bank feel much safer. Combination of walls, Zio-Apartheid restrictions, and IDF presence allows Jews to live relatively safe even in areas where they are outnumbered by (justifiably)angry Palestinians. And Pro-Wall advocates in the US love to rub the faces of Jewish Anti-Wall activists and politicians in the facts about Israel and the Wall. But what goes unspoken is that the Pro-Wall argument is just as, if not more, compelling when we bring Palestinians into the equation. For starters, how was Palestine wiped off the map from the river to the sea to make way for the new nation of Israel? It was because Palestinians had no effective walls to keep the Jewish-Zionist migrant-colonizer-invaders out. If Palestinians had walls like Jews have today in Israel, there would be no Israel. The place would still be Palestine inhabited mostly by native Arabs. The destruction of Palestine by endless Jewish migration and finally by the Nakba Pogroms of 1948 goes to show that walls or some form of tough border security is necessary for any nation to survive. Indeed, the creation of Israel proves not only the importance of walls but the danger of mass-migration. The wholesale ‘immigration’ of Jews to Palestine eventually led to ethnic cleansing. Same had happened to Serbians of Kosovo, now owned by Albanian Muslims who'd migrated into the region under Ottoman Imperial rule. Granted, Serbians could argue that they are like the Jews on the subject of Kosovo because they long for their ancient homeland just like Jews had longed to reclaim the Holy Land over the centuries, a dream finally fulfilled in 1948. But apparently, only Jews have the right to reclaim ancient homelands. Jews (re)taking Palestine was great but Serbians better forget about retaking Kosovo, especially as World Jewry are totally on the side of Albanian Muslims there.

The importance of the walls is demonstrable not only with the recounting of Nakba and destruction of defenseless Palestine but by what is going on in West Bank right now. While Jews in Israel have effective walls against Palestinians in West Bank, Palestinians in West Bank have no effective walls against Jews in Israel. That means Israel can defend itself from Palestinian infiltrators and terrorists, but West Bank cannot protect itself from Jewish colonists, invaders, and settlers. So, which side has the advantage? Jews with effective Walls against Palestinians OR Palestinians with No-Walls against Jews? If two swordsmen square off, who has the advantage? The one with sword and shield or the one with only sword, a wooden one at that compared to the steel sword of the opponent? Walls mean security and survival. The ONLY reason Constantinople lasted as long as it did was because of its massive walls. When they were finally breached, it was all over. Ideally, walls would not be necessary in a world governed by Rule of Law or Rule of Honor, where all peoples respect the borders of other nations in deference to laws or the honor system. And many people do have a sense of honor and obey rules. But then, many people don’t. In the 21st Century, two peoples are least mindful of laws and honor: Jewish globalists at the very top and the masses of Third Worlders who act like zombies in WWZ. Now, why would the uppermost elites work with the barbarian masses to destroy the Great White Middle? One reason is that both the elites and the barbarians have no respect for rules. Barbarians think and act like animals driven by primitive drives and appetites. So, if Third World masses can invade the West and feed on freebies, that’s just fine as far as they’re concerned. As for the uppermost elites, they regard rules as for the ‘little guys’. They themselves feel as gods who are beyond the ‘petty’ conventions of ‘right and wrong’. Barbarians think in terms of ‘below the law’, whereas the Rulers, as globo-deities, think in terms of ‘above the law’. But a more practical reason for the alliance of uppermost Jews and Third World hordes is because Jewish elites are convinced that the ONLY SURE WAY to secure Jewish supremacist domination in the West for all time is via Diversity. Only Diversity will lead to conditions where the goyim are so divided that they will never be able to unite to challenge Jewish Dominance.

Anyway, would you rather be Israelis with powerful walls against Palestinians in West Bank OR Palestinians with powerless No-Walls against Jews in Israel? Who are invading whom? Are Palestinians in West Bank invading and colonizing Israel OR are Jews in Israel(and around the world) invading and colonizing West Bank? Which side has the force of walls? The answer is, of course, obvious as day. But because Jews want to monopolize the power of walls for themselves, we are fed endless propaganda by the media(another power source monopolized by Jews) that walls are bad for goyim. Funny that whatever is good for Jews is bad for goyim. And whatever is bad for goyim is good for Jews. It’d be like Jews telling us that money is bad, but the moment we toss away our dough, they pick it up and pocket it. The fact that so many white goyim have been persuaded by Jews to see walls as a bad thing(despite the fact that Jews keep building more walls for Israel) is sad proof that a lot of whites are real dummies or idiots. Haven’t they figured it out that Jews are playing them like a fiddle and setting them against fellow white folks who happen to be patriotic or slowly shaking free from the hypnosis(or virulent hysteria) of PC? Isn’t it interesting that both ‘right-wing’ Jews and ‘left-wing’ Jews are agreed on the necessity of Israel’s walls, but the white population is divided between those who see the value of walls and those who think it’s an evil symbol of ‘xenophobia’?

But the fact that even relatively 'red-pilled' people like Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson argue in favor of the Wall by invoking only Israel goes to show that they have yet to fully awaken from what is really going on. They are still under the impression that Jews may accept them as partners(if not equals) even though Jews regard ‘fellow whites’, the dimwit goyim, as sheeple to mess with. Patriots go to great lengths to demonstrate that they like Jews and want to be like the Jews(especially the proud ones in Israel), but the fact is most Jews in the West look upon white goyim in the manner that Jews in Israel & West Bank look upon Palestinians: An inferior people to subjugate, humiliate, and castrate. White Patriots flatter themselves as akin to White Zionists when, if anything, their condition is more akin to that of White Palestinians. Indeed, every day, it seems more like what Jews are now doing to West Bank is merely a dress rehearsal for what they intend to do with all the West. If Jews have the numbers to take over West Bank for Greater Israel, they intend to use hordes of Third World masses as proxy-armies of Jews. Of course, these Third Worlders have no love for Jews, but they don’t have the brainpower to challenge Jewish power once they enter the West. Also, as the main conflict will be between whites and non-whites, Jews can play off both sides. It’s like Jews cajoled white Christian soldiers into invading and destroying the land of the ‘muzzies’ and then encouraged Muslim migration-invasion to the West to use them as dreamy-eyed immigrants against white ‘racist-supremacist xenophobes’. What people like Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson need to start doing is make a case for the Wall by invoking the history and plight of Palestinians. Palestinians lost their homeland in the Nakba Pogroms because they had no effective walls or border security against the Jews who were favored by the Great Powers like UK, US, and USSR. And Palestinians in West Bank are now losing what little remains of their homeland because they have no effective wall against Jews. In contrast, Jews have effective walls against Palestinians(and others), and that means Israel remains secure as the homeland for Jews. Walls mean power, security, and survival. No Walls means no power, no security, and extinction. It should be obvious by now that World Jewry work to deny the right of walls to white nations. Also, by promoting Afromania, Jungle Fever, Homomania, and Feminism, Jews also seek to rob white men of balls. No walls and balls for the white race if the Jewish Globalist Hegemonists can help it. Because American Jews regard whites not unlike how Israeli Jews regard Palestinians — and because the Jewish Plan for the white race is White Nakba on a massive scale — , it is about time white Americans came to identify more with Palestinians than with Jews. After all, with whom do white Americans(and Europeans) have more in common? Jews have the power of walls and balls in Israel. Palestinians have no power of walls and balls. Do white people in EU and US have walls and balls OR no walls and balls? They have no walls and balls. Well, which people did most(via their monopoly of key institutions and industries) to rob white people of walls and balls? Jews of course. Then, it is about time that white people began to feel, think, and act in terms of WE ARE ALL PALESTINIANS. Not White Zionists but White Palestinians. Just like it’d be great for Palestinians to have walls and balls, it’d be great for whites regain have walls and balls. Well, which people are denying both Palestinians and whites the advantages of walls and balls? It's the Jews. Whites keep thinking they are partners and allies of Jews when, if anything, Jews regard whites like they do Palestinians: Slaves, servants, serfs, peons, or cattle. After all, what do Palestinians in West Bank and Anglos in Texas have in common? Day by day, they continue to lose the demographic struggle against invasive populations. What Jewish colonizers do in West Bank, Mexicans and Central Americans do in Texas and Southwest territories. Now, do Jews side with Anglos OR with Mexicans & Central Americans? Isn’t it surreal that while Anglo-Texans root for Jewish colonizers in West Bank, Jews root for Mexican & Central American colonizers of Texas? Whites root for Jews against Arabs, but Jews root for browns against whites. Geez, no wonder whites are losing. Texas has anti-BDS laws that forbids government workers to stand against the Zionist Occupation of West Bank, but the great irony is that Jews are hellbent on doing to Anglo-Texans what they did to Palestinians.

Whites have become such worthless cucks. Among the elite whites, it’s just a case of craven greed as all they care is about more shekels from Jewish Power. Among white masses, too many are dimwit Evangelicals who worship Jews-as-the-Chosen or moronic gun-huggers whose worldview came from Hollywood-produced Chuck Norris movies where gung-ho Americans mow down a bunch of subhuman terrorist ‘muzzies’. They seem to have no idea that Jews have no more regard for them than they do for Palestinians.
According to Jewish Logic, White Christian Soldiers exist to be shipped off to the Middle East to fight Wars for Israel and kill tons of 'Muzzies'. These Jewish-instigated wars lead much havoc and Muslims moving to the West. Then, Jews hug Muslims as 'refugees' and 'immigrants' and use them to berate white Americans as 'xenophobes' and 'Islamophobes'.
Incidentally, the US-and-Mexico situation is the reverse of the one in Israel-and-West-Bank. In the case of Israel and West Bank, it is the bigger, richer, and more powerful party(Israel of course) that gets to defend itself while also invading the weaker territory. Palestinians in West Bank can’t intrude into Israel, but Jews in Israel sure can enter West Bank as they please and grab more territory. Tragic as it is for Palestinians, it seems natural because, historically speaking, the greater power gets to defend its domain while invading other domains. The basic law of imperialism.

But between the US and Mexico, things seem to go against the grain of historical norms. After all, the US is far bigger, richer, and more powerful than Mexico, but almost all the invasions are from south to north... and the US seems helpless to do anything about it.
If anything, Mexico has a tougher and more effective border policy(except when it willfully wants to serve as conduit for the Caravandals between Central America and the US) than does the US where migration/immigration policy is all but broken. Donald Trump talks tough but has been unable to enforce any effective border policy as the courts are dominated by Jews or their globo-homo commissars.

Why is the bigger, richer, and stronger nation weaker in the equation? Why is the US like the West Bank vis-a-vis Mexico/Central America that act like Israel with their endless reserves of invader-settlers? In the past, it was the big tough US that not only defended itself from non-white foreigners but invaded and took SW territories from Mexico(as well as other parts of the world). Back then, the US was like Israel, and Mexican territories were like West Bank.

Today, US is still many times richer and more powerful than Mexico but weaker when it comes to border security. Why is the US like West Bank in its utter impotence to stop the invasion of migrant-settlers from the South? Well, we know why. The elite institutions of America are ruled by Jewish supremacist hegemonists and their globo-homo cuck-dogs. The real problem isn’t that the US is unable to stop the migration-invasion due to lack of manpower or materials but that it is hamstrung due to dictates from ABOVE. Big tough body of America is now animated by the Jewish head. Globalism says, "Jews can invade West Bank, and browns/blacks can invade US & EU, but whites in EU and US better just give up and take it up the ass like the helpless Palestinians in the West Bank."

In a strange way, Jews support massive non-white immigration-invasion as their own Pro-Wall policy. From the Judeo-Hegemonic Perspective, a huge mass of non-whites amounts to a Human Wall or River-like Barrier against White Power. Non-white masses are the demographic-electoral-economic moat around the globo-homo Jewish Supremacist castle to keep out the white populist-nationalists with pitchforks. In war, flooding is sometimes used to hold back the enemy. Dams are blown-up to let the water flow between your side and the approaching enemy. Jewish elites regard the non-white demographic flooding of the West as akin to the crashing waves that engulfed Pharaoh's cavalry and spared the Hebrews from Egyptian wrath.

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