Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Commentary on "NYT: Homophobic Racist Trump Supporters Try to Lynch Gay Black TV Star in Downtown Chicago"(by Steve Sailer)

Just like there is the Paranormal, there is something like Para-politics where strange things happen but are accepted as 'normal' within the Virtual Political Universe. It's like the Paranormal, though unsupported by science, is 'normal' within the social domain of such 'sightings', 'studies' and 'research'.

Often, the Paranormal has less(or nothing) to do with actual events or observable phenomena in the real world than with one's own fearful and/or fascinating projections onto the world. Often, these fantastic projections are fueled by 'sightings' or speculations by like-minded individuals(who are often naturally predisposed to hyperbole or exhibitionism). And the mass media can play a key role in the panic or hysteria. The UFO craze of the 50s to 70s wouldn't have taken off without the sensationalism pushed by MSM and Hollywood.
In time, a cult-community forms, and one alleged 'sighting' of a flying saucer turns into thousands. "Yeah, I saw one too!!" One 'sighting' of Big Foot(or Chupacabra) turns into literally hundreds upon hundreds. As sensationalism sells, media spread it far and wide, getting even more idiots, lunatics, pranksters, fantasists, and charlatans on-board.
 Then, it's hardly surprising that so many Progs, warped by comparable mental distortions of Parapolitics, should regard Donald Trump as the Abominable Snowman and that there have been all these sightings of MAGA-hat-wearing Big Foots(or Big Hats) everywhere. But even before Trump, let's not forget the hysteria about how the KKK was prowling the Libby-Dib community of Oberlin College. And who can forget the Crypto-Nazi blonde fratboy rapists(led by none other than Haven Monahan) of UVA.

Now, if memory serves us right, there has been many physical attacks on patriots and conservatives in big cities like and Chicago. Donald Trump had to cancel his speech in Chicago due to Mob Violence. Not pitchfork mob violence mind you but silverspoon mob violence, the type with the full blessing of the globo-homo Jewish elites. And, who attacked Tucker Carlson's home?

So much of what we are shown and told is Inverse Reality, the exact opposite of what is really going on. But then, Inverse Reality is nothing new. By the Middle Ages, the Christian West gained power over the pagans and went about massacring and stomping out every last vestige of paganism, BUT it freaked out over 'witches witches everywhere'. In America, whites settlers encroached on the Red Man's land. White man was clearly the aggressor, but the Narrative back then spoke of Red hostiles attacking whites. But really, did Indians conquer Europe or did Europeans conquer the Red Man's land?
Inverse Reality is all around us. Since the end of the Cold War, the US has been the aggressor against Russia, blatantly interfering in Russian politics and economics, BUT we are told Russia is the aggressor and violator of American Sovereignty. (By the way, if the US doesn't even have the right to protect its own borders, why should it enjoy sovereignty of any kind? If Open Borders are great, maybe American Power should be Open Politics or Open Corridors[of Power]. If US demography should be invaded and replaced by hordes from all over the world, maybe the US deep state elite institutions should also be taken over by foreigners.) More Inverse Reality: The US has military bases encircling China in Asia[a legacy of Western Imperialism], but somehow, China is painted as the aggressor. Israel has 300 nukes and violates international norms whereas Iran allows nuclear inspections and has no nukes, but Iran is the rogue nation while Israel is praised to the heavens by all US politicians who endless pontificate about International Law. Nationalism, borders, and security are said to be stupendous for Israel, but the very Jews who lionize Israel turn around and say Hungary is 'neo-nazi' and 'xenophobic' for wanting to preserve itself. Blacks are the toughest and most aggressive race, and they commit the most crimes and create most social problems in the US, but they are portrayed as hapless & innocent victims by the PC Jew-run Media. Zionists took land from Palestinians who now live under Occupation and Apartheid-like policies in West Bank, but American Policy would have us believe Jews need protection from Palestinians. Non-white Immigrants flee from their own kind and move to white nations to live with white people(whom they prefer over their own kind), but they blame whites of 'racism', rejecting them, or not being sufficiently welcoming of them. People who reject their own kind accuse whites of rejecting them: "I'm a Hindu who doesn't want to live with all those stinking Hindus, but whites better want to live with my Hindu self." All these vile Hindus do NOTHING for their own people who still shi* outdoors and lived in disease-ridden communities, but they come to the West and bitch about how whites aren't doing enough for them. What leeches and louts.

People need to re-watch FALLEN IDOL(written by Graham Greene and directed by Carol Reed). Lies may start out as a game but can turn addictive and mess things up royally. We are living in a Parapolitical world of Inverse Reality.
Now, it's good for white souls to confess what they've done wrong, but it makes no sense to confess to those who don't confess themselves. Under Stalinism, the 'heretics' were forced to confess by tyrants and goons with blood on their hands. The Stalinist mass-killers themselves never had to confess anything. PC isn't about inquiry for the truth but just another inquisition full of hysteria, lies, and lunacy... all with the backing of the Power.

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