Sunday, January 6, 2019

Jewish-Power-grown-cancerous is Destroying the World, but the Great Jew Taboo not only prohibits us from noticing the Cancer but insists We must see the Jewish Supremacist Cancer as a GOOD THING

There are so many dire problems facing the world, but the nature of their origins and trajectories go misunderstood because of the Great Jew Taboo. While not everything has to do with Jewish Power, the fact remains that whatever the US does has ripple effect on the rest of the world. US is at the center. And the Power that gets to throw stones into the center of the Pool is the Empire of Judea. People in the Dissident Right know it and say so. People in the Dissident Left know but would rather not say so. Too many are Jewish or fear the charge of 'antisemitism'. Still, a growing number of people on the Dissident Left are at least voicing opposition to Zionist overreach in West Bank and the Middle East(via Neocon foreign policies).

As for Establishment Conzos and Libby-dibs -- these cartoon characters don't even deserve to be called by the proper labels of 'conservatives' or 'liberals' -- , some of them MUST know what is really happening and why, but they remain silent about Jewish power out of cynical careerism or slavish cuckism(as some people just love to worship and put out to the ultimate power like groupies to Rock stars and athletes).
It used to be Jewish Power had its good side and bad side. But when a Power goes un-criticized, the bad side almost invariably overshadows the good side. The nature of power is to want more. It's like nature of hunger is to eat more and more, leading to gluttony or over-eating beyond what is necessary and healthy. The nature of sex is to want more action, leading to lust and 'sluttony'. The nature of self-interest is to become greedy as people want to have more and more. So, unless the natural drive isn't countered by other drives, a sense of balance is lost. The excessive gains over the moderate.
Generally, if there is balance in the world, it's not because it is favored and enforced as an ideal. It is because it is met with counter-force and is thus unable to realize its most excessive ambitions. After the end of the Cold War, the US didn't opt for balance of powers but strove to rule the world(mostly in service of narrow tribal agendas as Jews became the overlords of America). So, whatever world balance that had existed during the Cold War wasn't due to the ideal of compromise but because the two superpowers were in a stalemate. It's like Alexander the Great wanted to conquer all the world. He stopped only because his army just couldn't go on anymore. More often that not, the prevailing balance, if such exists, is not the hallowed ideal but the result of compromise among various forces, none of which has been able to gain decisive supremacy. The reason why rabbits and deer don't eat up all the forest and vegetation is not because they have an idealized appreciation of balance. They will go about multiplying and feeding to the fullest capacity. The natural balance is the result of predators keeping down the number of rabbits and deers. The natural balance isn't achieved by internal will among organisms. All organisms seek to multiply, spread, and feed as much as possible. Total dominance of one organism is prevented by external counter-violence of other organisms.
Granted, human organisms do have self-awareness and CAN rely on internal will to favor balance over excess. A man knows overeating leads to obesity and can control his appetite. And many people do regulate their drives. But then, many people don't. And people who tend to be ambitious almost never know when to stop. They want to conquer and gain everything regardless of the consequences upon rest of humanity. 'Enough' is not in their vocabulary. Look at It won't stop growing because nothing stands in its maniacal drive to swallow all of retail. Same with Google. It wants to acquire more and more and control everything. Ideally, various companies should compete in all sectors. But it seems like Amazon is trying to swallow all of retail(and much else). And Google not only monopolizes the search engine and online video but is moving to take over other industries. And, payment monopoly in the online world means that one or two companies get to decide who gets to earn/spend money and who can't.
This is why the government exists to control monopolies because, by their very nature, monopolies are out-of-control leviathans. They became monopolies by swallowing up all competitors, and they won't ever stop in trying to grab more and more of everything. But the current government does almost nothing about monopolies because there is such a comfy tribal, socio-cultural, and/or ideological amity between Big Industry and the Deep State. They all went to the same schools and scratch each other's back. Also, in our post-religious age, they all share in the worship of the same neo-idols, such as MLK and Mandela, and the Holy Three(of Jews, Negroes, and Homos, the three sacred groups). Thus, they even feel sanctimonious about their piggish monopolization of power, privilege, and influence. They deserve it, of course, because they worship the Holy Homo and dole out lavish sums for 'gay pride' parades. And there is, of course, a Jewish ethnic element in this collusion. After all, many of the biggest players in high-tech, gambling, media/entertainment, pharma, finance, law firms & courts, elite academia, and the Deep State are Jews. One might think that Jews would feel that they got more than enough as the 2% that owns something close to 50% of the wealth in the US. But no, they are like the Max character in ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA. They must have more and more. The world is ruled by gangsters.

In the past, such Jewish ambitions would have been pushed back and checked by various counter-forces in politics, the economy, the church, and various institutions. Jewish force was met with counter-force, and this required Jews to be somewhat mindful and try to put forth a positive image of themselves. There was some pressure on Jews to favor the good Jews or nobler Jews over the worst kinds of Jews. The worst Jews always existed, just like scum exists among all groups. But because of the pressures of 'antisemitism', the good Jews felt they had to do something to restrain some of the worst elements of their kind. After all, if bad Jews got out of control, then even good goyim will unleash the bad goyim to go after the Jews, in the melee hurting good Jews along with bad Jews. So, the bad Jews were always there but usually on a leash. But ever since Shoah became the quasi-religion of the West, Jews became the Holy Holocaust people, and just about any criticism of Jewish behavior, no matter how despicable, came to be regarded as 'rabid' and 'virulent'. So, the traditional goy critics of bad Jewish behavior either clammed up or were shut down. Still, there was the chance that good Jews could go on clamping down on the bad Jews, but as bad Jews cooked up ever more schemes to rake in tons of money for the Jewish community and advantage Zionism over its rivals -- through gambling, pornography, drugs, financial theft, media propaganda, warmongering, and etc -- , even good Jews became less and less critical of bad Jews. Bad Jews may be bad, but they sure know how to get things done and fast too. Before his downfall, Bernie Madoff made some serious money for his Jewish clientele; the good Jews couldn't get enough from bad Jew Madoff. Bad Jews among the Neocons and Liberal Zionists got the US to destroy entire nations perceived to be rivals of Israel. And Jewish control of gambling sent billions and billions into Jewish coffers. And the Sackler family sure made a killing with opioids. And monopoly capitalism allowed Jews to take over entire sectors of the internet via the close cooperation between Jewish-dominated finance and Jewish entrepreneurs. While guys like Mark Zuckerberg and Sergey Brin are obviously super-smart, they wouldn't have so easily attracted financial backing if they weren't Jewish. We know that people with wrong identity or ideology are willfully targeted by the System for exclusion. And so, over time, bad Jews grew out of control and pretty much came to define the essence of Jewish Power as it went about spreading more wars, degeneracy, addiction, lies and propaganda, invasion of the West by the Third World, and etc. The mass media that pushes Russia Collusion nonsense for over 2 yrs is truly chutzpah on steroids. In other words, Jewish power got cancerous. But it's actually worse because the prevailing PC tells us that we must admire, praise, and defend this Jewish GLOBlastoma as healthiest and holiest wonder in the world. Imagine that, the very power that is most responsible for the world's biggest crises is supposed to be most prized and protected. And yet, people can't help but notice its ill-effects in every corner of the world. People do notice the symptoms and report on them. The problem is they can never associate all those signs of sickness with the main source, the Jewish globo-homo cancer in America, the center of the world that takes orders from the cancerous worldwide network of the Empire of Judea. So, most people in media and academia just blame Russia, Iran, Assad, Putin, China, North Korea, Palestinians, 'white supremacists', populism, the 'far right', 'xenophobia', and etc. when, if anything, the aforementioned are, more often than not, victims of or reactors to Jewish supremacist moves toward hegemony. It's probably the case that Jews in media/academia peddle BS to protect the Tribe, but what about goyim? Are they hapless tools or eager dupes of Jewish Power? Either way, they are a pathetic lot.

Imagine a world where people are told by doctors that there is nothing more healthy and wonderful than cancer. Indeed, the official message says all people should aspire to get cancer, and once they get it, they must make sure it spreads faster because having cancer makes you healthier. Cancer has healing powers, almost like a miracle. So, never entertain negative thoughts about cancer. It is good, and you better believe it or else you are soul-sick anti-cancerite.
But what happens as the cancer spreads? It obviously leads to a host of health issues that get worse by the day. So, you notice the worsening condition and go to the doctor. He agrees that those are illnesses and something must be done. He offers you all sorts of drugs and treatments, BUT he never says that your ailments have anything to do with cancer. If anything, he tells you that you should feel so lucky to have cancer because, without it, you'd be sicker than you already are. So, the main reason you have a good chance of recovery is because you have miraculous cancer inside of you that does everything to keep you healthy and fight off disease.
Of course, it is the Cancer that is really causing the other illnesses. Cancer is the source of the other problems. And it is total quackery to say that cancer is wonderful and has NOTHING to do with the sickness. One thing for sure, if the quackery continues and if the doctor and the patient carry on with the charade that the cancer is the cure than the cause of the worsening condition, the patient is doomed. Quackery always kills.

Now, anything can become cancerous. Germans grew cancerous with Nazism, which overwhelmed what was good about Germany and made all of Germany serve a great evil, leading to WWII and deaths of tens of millions. And today, it appears the bad Jews have gained over the good Jews, and the Jewish cancer is spreading rapidly all over. But most people say nothing because PC has instilled them with irrational quasi-spiritual feelings about Jews(ALL Jews) as Holy Holocaust people, the implication being that noticing anything bad about Jews is a form of soul-disease called 'antisemitism'.
In fact, both Antisemitism and Philosemitism can become out-of-control cancerous. Nazism was antisemitism gone cancerous. It went way beyond calling out on bad Jews. Its ideological quackery said that even good Jews are bad Jews and that the pathological Hitler-Himmler Cancer is the best cure for Germany and all the world. While radical cancerous Antisemitism can do great harm, so can cancerous Philosemitism. Now, excessive Philosemitism wouldn't matter if Jews were a dumb, weak, and powerless people. I mean, what harm could come to the world if all of humanity were to excessively fawn over Eskimos, Tibetans, or fat native Hawaiians? Unlike those insignificant folks, Jews are a great people(like the Germans once were) and capable of much good and much evil. And because of their greatness, when they go bad, they can blanket the entire world with tremendous evil. It's like, when a massive volcano blows up, its ashes and toxins affect vast expanses of land and sea. Jewish Power has grown monstrous and cancerous, but PC Narrative tells us to forever see Jews as a bunch of Anne Franks and emaciated survivors straggling out of Death Camps at the end of WWII. The effect is the Jewish cancer only gets more out-of-control as the logic of cancer is to spread faster and further. The more we carry on with the philosemitic charade, the cancer will accelerate. And then, it will finally reach a stage when it will destroy humanity and the world because cancer always ultimately kills. Or, if people finally and properly diagnose the cancer as a disease when it's too late, their anger may be such that their solution might be something like radical surgery and heavy-duty chemo & radiation treatment, in which case Jews and goyim will suffer greatly, even if they survive.

We must call a cancer a cancer. This doesn't mean that Jews or Jewishness per se are cancers. Any people, any ideology, or any movement can become cancerous, whereupon the 'bad cells' are no longer contained by the 'good cells' and just spread and run wild, overtaking the 'good cells' that become helpless to stop the rampage of the 'bad cells'. In the end, even the 'good cells' just come to support a sick system that has effectively been overtaken by the 'bad cells'. Current Jewish Power is obviously one where the Bad Jews have taken control over the farm. Sure, there are Good Jews like Stephen Cohen and Oliver Stone who call out on the madness of the current Jewish-driven anti-Russian policy, but two swallows don't make a summer.

It is bad enough to ignore cancer, but it's far worse to elevate cancer to the status of good health. Bad Jews stole the mantle of Shoah and put on Anne Frank masks to carry out one heist after another against the wealth and health of nations. The US media was never trustworthy, but today's mainstream news are more surreal than Soviet propaganda during the Cold War. And the current hysteria about Russia makes people like Joe McCarthy seem downright sober. At the very least, Soviet Espionage in the 40s and 50s was a fact. Signs of Jewish perfidy were evident all throughout the Cold War. After all, one of the great canards of the Cold War era was that anti-communism or 'Red Scare' was mostly unfounded hysteria and paranoia about noble 'progressives' as champions of civil liberties and freedom. In fact, the leftists of the 40s and 50s were apologists of Stalinism, supported the Iron Curtain, and were ruthless in silencing renegades in their own circle. They invoked 'free speech' and 'constitutional rights' only because they got caught red-handed as either spies or members of the Communist Party. The fact that such a big lie was pushed on the public during the Cold War indicates that there was a cancer growing in the Jewish community long before Jews gained dominant power in the US. Still, prior to the 1990s, there were still enough counter-forces(even among Jews) that prevented the worst elements of Jewish Power from getting totally out of control. But since the 1990s, Jewish power in finance, gambling, high-tech, big pharma, law firms, and etc PLUS the Holy Holocaust Cult made it possible for Jews to do as they pleased(even to excess) while being seen by the world as the saintly hapless innocents in SCHINDLER'S LIST. The very people who were swallowing up the world came to be fawned upon as the weakest of the weak. Even as Jews were building new casinos and banks(and looting the economy of Russia), they were also erecting the Holocaust Museum in the Mall and filling billions of minds around the world with the new genre of the Holocaust Movie. The Holocaust became an effective hologramic moral shield for Jewish Power as it penetrated into every corner of the globe for opportunities to plunder nations and peoples.

While it'd be wrong to say Jews = cancer, we need to call it like it is when the power of a particular group grows cancerous. And it is all the more important when that group happens to be powerful. And it is deadly important when that group happens to be the MOST powerful and holds the world in its palms. Jewish Power has grown cancerous. New York Times, the premier mouthpiece of Jewish globalist supremacist power, puts forth a sack of shit like Thomas Friedman as some wise worldly sage. If anything, Friedman is a tribal-supremacist who even supports ISIS tearing Syria apart as long as it serves Israel. He is a total cretin hiding behind highfalutin talk. So, even as we can agree that no particular people = cancer, we can acknowledge that any people/power can grow cancerous... just like any individual can go from health to cancer. An individual grows cancerous when the bad cells gain over the good cells. And a people/power grow cancerous when the good(or at least better or saner) members can no longer hold back the radical and/or criminal impulses of the bad(or worse or crazier) members. Good Jews made a fatal mistake when, push come to shove, they stuck with Bad Jews than with Good Goyim. Even as Jews urged upon Good Goyim to reject Bad Goyim, they prioritized the union of all Jews, even evil and crazy ones. Notice how most Jews got together to get Jonathan Pollard sprung from prison even though his betrayal led to the deaths of hundreds of people. Just like it makes no sense to speak of good cells and bad cells in a person in whom cancer has taken over -- existing good cells have become powerless to stop the spread of bad cells --, it is becoming meaningless to speak of Good Jews and Bad Jews because both are now so joined at the hip. After all, if the Good works with the Bad, the Good also becomes the Bad by enabling the Bad. A cop who works with crooks becomes a crook himself despite his badge as officer of the law. Granted, there are a few hopeful signs that some Jews are trying to restore some measure of goodness. The NBC journalist who resigned in protest is one such Jew, Willam Arkin.

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