Thursday, January 31, 2019

Jews from Christ-Killers to Christianity-Killers — Death of Christianity and the Coming of a New Prophecy, or the Long Night and New Dawn of the West.

For much of Christian history, Jews were regarded as Christ-Killers. Whether Jews of Old were most responsible for the death of Jesus or not, Jews of Now can certainly take the title(with pride or shame) of Christianity-Killers. In the West, Christianity hasn’t just been weakened. It’s been effectively pimped, groomed, raped, and murdered(though there are holdouts in Orthodox parts of the world). What lingers as ‘Christianity’ is Zombie-Christianity. It’s like a conch. All shell but no meat. Christianity has been hollowed out into body without soul. But then, without soul, even body perishes eventually. Would Christianity be alive and well if not for the ascendancy of Jews? Perhaps not. Surely, advances in sciences and secular knowledge would have led to erosion of spiritual faith just the same. Also, the rise of prosperity and consumerism would have favored sensual pleasure over spiritual concern. Indeed, the rise of modernity led to weakening of religions everywhere. Furthermore, there were plenty of anti-religious and anti-clerical forces among Non-Jewish Humanity(or NJH). Still, there is a difference between the weakening of a culture/faith and its utter degradation, defilement, & death. It's the difference between an old man dying peacefully in bed or being tormented or mocked on his final day. The fact is Christianity has been dragged through the mud and effectively murdered in the Christian West, and much of the blame(or credit depending on how one looks at it) must fall on the Jews.
Furthermore, the impact of Killing Christianity will be far graver than the Killing of Christ. After all, Jesus needed to be killed or ‘sacrificed’ in order for His spiritual seed to take root and sprout, thereby offering the fruit of salvation to mankind. Thus, the Jewish Killing of Christ(if indeed they played the crucial role in His death as the Gospels tell us) had to have been part of God’s plan. Indeed, there would be no Christianity without the story of Jesus’ trial, Crucifixion, and Resurrection. Paradoxically then, the Jews, in killing Christ, birthed Christianity, a religion born of the ‘conservative’ Jewish ‘murder’ of the Son of God and the ‘liberal’ renegade-Jewish resurrection of His memory(to be molded into myth). Even though Judas, Jewish rabbis, and Jewish mobs were most cursed by Christianity for the death of Jesus, it was somewhat unfair because Jesus Himself knew that He would have to be sacrificed in order to realize God’s design for Him on earth. One might even say it was like a con-game where Jewish elites and mobs were manipulated into killing Jesus as heretic without realizing that their act would lead to His apotheosis as the Son of God, the Messiah, the greatest spiritual Houdini act of all time. Indeed, had the Jews left Jesus alone, there would have been no myth of the Resurrection, therefore no Christianity.

Anyway, if the Jewish Killing of Jesus actually birthed a religion, the Jewish Killing of Christianity really means the end of a religion that had a great run. Many Christians, upon realizing what Jews have done, may come to hate Jews. And even non-Christian atheists such as myself feel a certain revulsion for what the Jews have done. Even though I never followed any faith, who can deny the greatness of Christianity as a religion, history, and culture? To befoul such a religion as the Jews have done is unpardonable... and yet, maybe Jews are once again acting as a necessary agent in history. Perhaps, the time has finally come for Christianity to fade into the night and be replaced by something else of the new dawn. Maybe the Jewish Killing of Christianity(a kind of Negative-Prophecy or Anti-Prophecy) will herald a New Age of Prophets striving for a New Vision, New Foundation, and New Destiny for the West. When even a dunderhead like Mike Cernovich can read the writing on the wall — Christianity as moral/spiritual force is all but dead or zombified — , maybe it is time for the West to forge a new path.
People of the West mustn't forget Christianity and should always honor its memory, but what is dead is dead(unless someone conceives of such an inspired reformulation of Christianity that it can be resurrected as a spiritual force once again). What is dead must be buried and honored, but it makes no sense to pretend it is still alive. A dead horse is a dead horse. Even with the best taxidermy, the upright creature is stiff and soulless. Only a fool would saddle it and climb on top. The proof that Christianity is dead can be seen in its passive resignation and/or humiliating self-abasement before its enemies. Indeed, even though modernity has weakened religious authority all over the world, consider Islam’s muscular and proud push-back against some of the excesses of materialist society. Now, there is no doubt that some of the Islamic Reaction have been excessive, ugly, and even demented, but the fact that Muslims are still capable of being roused up by what they regard to be an affront to their faith is proof that Islam still has a pulse. Islam submits to Allah, not to the Other. In contrast, current Christianity is all about apologizing to the Other, atoning before the Other, aiding the Other, submitting to the Other, and appeasing the Other.
Now, the atoning & apologetic element in Christianity has mostly been a positive force through European and American history. After all, how could there have been moral progress, redress, and reform UNLESS one was capable of being confessional, self-critical, and mindful of others? There is no doubt that Christianity, like all credo-systems, has been guilty of many abuses and hypocrisies, and if the Christian world made more moral advancement than the Islamic one, it owed to a deeper sense of guilt, atonement, and redemption premised on a profounder understanding of morality and justice. While Muhammad was a political and pragmatic as well as spiritual and moral figure, Jesus pursued the purity of spiritual vision and died in practice of what He preached. Therefore, the element of guilt and conscience is more powerful in Christianity. (And yet, in some ways, Christianity has been more arrogant on the basis that its founder is the Son of God, the Messiah Himself, than merely the Prophet, what Muhammad claimed to be.) When Western Christians had command and control of their own social orders, narratives, spirituality, and moral/intellectual institutions, they could utilize Christian Morality in ways that suited them the most. It could be used as hammer against enemies & heretics or a moral whip to flagellate one's own moral betrayals. If Christianity could be more self-critical and reformist when the West was secure and confident, it could also be more judgmental and aggressive in rivalry with outsiders and other civilizations. But once Jews took over the institutions & industries of the West, gained control of information, and planted new narratives into elite goy minds(who, in trickle-down effect, passed them to mass minds as well), Christianity was no longer the sword & shield of the West. Not only were new breeds of Christians profoundly affected by Worldview enforced by Jews in media and academia but even those Christians who resisted the New Narrative came under tremendous social, cultural, economic, and political pressure to fall in line(or else). So, if any Christians still insisted that Jews killed Christ or that Jews will burn in Hell unless they accept Jesus, they were effectively turned into outcasts.
But, things got even worse. Christianity didn’t just become overly conscientious and pathologically burdened with guilt(vis-a-vis peoples, especially Jews, who generally lacked a sense of reciprocity and mutual understanding) but became utterly ‘cucked’ and corrupted in service of the New Boss. Though excessive conscientiousness is dangerous and suicidal, there is at least consistency in moral logic and sincerity(like with the raped nun in BAD LIEUTENANT by Abel Ferrara). If white Christians really do feel that they betrayed Jesus’ teachings by having committed all manner of ‘historical sins’ upon rest of humanity and need to atone and make amends, there is at least the saving grace of goodwill(no matter how naive, foolish, and suicidal it may well be). But much of Current Christianity is just as much about sucking up to the New Power and committing yet more(and potentially even greater) historical crimes to curry favor with it. Take scum like John Bolton and Mitt Romney. Both claim to be Good Christians and make noises about celebrating Diversity and rejecting White Consciousness to make up for past crimes of ‘white supremacism’. So, one might expect them to condemn ALL forms of supremacism and call upon the world to choose peace over war. But in fact, these servile dogs are so enamored of the awesomeness of Jewish Power that they will go to any length to bark & bite and destroy entire arts of the World to win doggy-biscuit wafers from the Masters of Zion. So many American Evangelicals claim to feel oh-so-very-sorry about Slavery and myriad other American ‘sins’. They say they love, love, and love Jews and condemn the slightest whiff of ‘antisemitism’ to make amends for centuries of Christian violence against Jews. But these very same people have been supportive of the Military-Industrial Complex that has been warmongering around the world and destroying any people hated by Jews(and homos). Also, is the promotion of Homomania(now even in Mormon and Evangelical churches) really about reforming Christianity to live up to Jesus’ true principles? Was Jesus and Disciples really about 'non-discrimination' against sexual deviants? Where does one find that in the Old or New Testament? And even if we were to argue that what matters more is the ‘spirit’ rather than the ‘letter’ of the Gospels and that the true message of Jesus was ‘love’, how can there be any religion or spiritual order without judgement, which necessitates some form of discrimination? After all, isn’t it more difficult to enter Heaven than Hell precisely because God discriminates against blasphemers and those who refuse to accept His Hand and Truth? While one could legitimately argue that Christianity is open to all sinners — even the worst and most depraved murderers — , it is on the condition that the sinners confess, repent, and try their best to be men and women of cleaner spirits. Without conditions, Christianity is useless, but then, that goes for any religion or ideology. Without conditions, Christianity might as well be open to polytheistic pagan witches. Or take Judaism. Without discrimination based on fusion of faith and blood, just about anyone could easily become a Jew. Then, what would happen to Judaism or the meaning of what it means to be ‘Jewish’? While religions do and indeed must come under reformist pressures — all religions progressed and changed over time — , there is a limit beyond which the thought-system will fall apart and lose meaning. It’s like an elite institution can bend the rules a bit and use stuff like ‘affirmative action’ to let in people who aren’t the smartest, but if gates were flung open to all comers, it would no longer be an elite institution, period.
Surely, if the Christian Church opens its arms to repentant murderers, it should be open to homos who repent also. The problem is that Homomaniacs refuse to regard their sexual deviancy as a sin and refuse to repent. If anything, they demand that the Church bend over and celebrate homosexuality as a blessing of God. Now, I suppose one could argue that being ‘gay’ is different from committing murder. Murder is an act whereas being homosexual is a condition which one has no control over. Since homos were born ‘gay’, they must have been ‘created’ that way by God. Since God made them that way, could one argue that homosexuality is a blessing of God, therefore to be valued? The problem with such argument is that all humans, straight or homo, are born with all sorts of dark, dangerous, and deranged drives. We have within us the capacity to kill, steal, rape, and/or revel in mayhem. It’s like even good little dogs can ‘go wolf’ and act like bloodthirsty predators. So, just because we were born with certain ‘conditions’ doesn’t mean those are good or the blessings of God. Some people are born with conditions that predispose them with greater likelihood to become compulsive liars, cheats, sadists, alcoholics, drug-addicts, thieves, rapists, and/or murderers. Most of us have the potential to be killers but are not natural-born killers. Some people are born with higher-level of killer-instinct and have a greater likelihood to become psychopaths, serial killers, or sociopathic gangster-mercenaries. They are born with such condition. Still, they can choose not to follow their natural instinct by the grace of God or, even if they do succumb to their dark instincts, they can still seek salvation through confession and repentance. It’s like studies show that most pedophiles are predisposed to be sexual perverts. It's not like, one day, they just freely chose to be degenerate. Something within them propels them to sexually approach children just like something within homos makes them search out butts to bugger. Still, condition isn’t the same as action. One can want to do something real bad but still not do it, perhaps with the grace of God. Or one can indulge in sin but still make an honest effort to confess and purge oneself. And in that sense, the Church must be and indeed is open to all. After all, Jesus looked upon even the mob that cheered His death with sadness than anger. He believed that even such wretches could have a change of heart and choose the righteous path(through Him). But the nasty and narcissistic homos won’t have any of that. They insist that homo fecal penetration, ass-buggery, and bung-donging are not only glorious but blessed by God and Jesus. Instead of homos repenting before God and Jesus, God and Jesus must pander to homo as if the Kingdom of Heaven is some catering company serving yummies to globalist elites, who really are just bunch of hipster-hicks with too much money and no taste. These scum are into self-worship. Just listen to that globo-homo demento-freak Tim Cook who says God blessed him with the desire to indulge in buggery. Right, God equipped him with a dong to be smeared with fecal matter and with a bung to be penetrated by the dongs of other homos. This vile disgusting freak has the temerity to preach to us about ‘sin’ and pledges(just like Mitt Romney and John Bolton) to work with Jewish globalist-supremacists to shut down dissident speech of those who’d speak truth to power. Needless to say, Tim Cook totally supports the Zionist tyranny over Palestinians and uses Apple to shut down BDS voices alongside Dissident Right voices. Homos prize their junior-partnership with Jews who use the globo-homo banner as the battle flag of the New-Jew-Supremacism. Globo-Homo is Shlomo indeed. Even a lifelong and committed atheist such as myself can’t stomach the sheer putridity of this orgiastic cabal of supremacist degenerates whose highest value is their own preening vanity and their flavor-of-the-month vices.
How did Christianity go from a religion that commanded sinners to prostrate and repent at its feet to a cuck-cult that bends over to homo dongs, elevates Negro demagogues, and sucks Zionist-supremacist cock? There are surely many reasons, but the most important is its having caved to Jewish demands and its all-too-willing self-transformation into a junior partner of the Jews(or Holy Holocaust people as a moral-spiritual voice in the world). Why was this fatal to Christianity? After all, didn’t Jews suffer greatly in World War II? Couldn’t one argue that some of the animus against Jews that made Shoah possible stemmed from centuries of Christian hostility toward the Tribe? Also, didn’t Jews make just a tiny minority in any goy-majority nation? So, why not indulge the Jews a bit and be 'nice'? Also, given the gravity of the Shoah, a historical madness on a scale that had few precedents in Western History, maybe Jews were a truly tragic people who deserve sympathy. And maybe their tragedy imbued the Jews with wisdom and understanding beyond that of goyim who also suffered a lot but maybe not as much(at least in the sense that Jews kept a deeper historical record of their sufferings, victimizations, and grievances).
But such assumptions were a huge mistake on the part of Christian goyim. Now, it made good moral sense for goyim to acknowledge the horror of Shoah and give Jews their due as one of the great tragic peoples of the 20th century. But over-defining Jewishness with the Shoah overshadowed the other side of Jewish history in the modern world. While 20th century had its dark and tragic moments for Jews, it was also an era of tremendous rise of Jewish Power. Same could be said of Germans, Japanese, and Chinese. They all suffered greatly, deservedly or not, but they also made tremendous gains. Furthermore, just as the Japanese, Germans, Chinese, and other goyim committed great evils as well as great good, Jews not only suffered horribly during World War II but played key roles in world events that led to the death and destruction of millions of innocents. And in the 21st century, Jews are, far and away, the greatest force of evil in the world. In other words, one should never go too easily on a great people, and Jews are a very great people, good or bad. Going easy on Jews is not like going easy on, say, Eskimos or Hawaiians. White folks can indulge Eskimos and Hawaiians all they want; the fact is Eskimos and Hawaiians will never amount to much to make a difference in the world. Your average Eskimo(or Inuit) just wants to drink cheap whiskey and chew on blubber. Or, he will make false teeth out of wolf bones to get a chick. A fat Hawaiian is content with a bag of Doritos, case of Pepsi, burnt pig, and TV in front of his couch-potato self.
In contrast, it’s hard to think of another people as driven, ambitious, intelligent, clever, energetic, paranoid, vengeful, nasty, vicious, vile, brilliant, inspired, insightful, penetrating, sadistic, cruel, neurotic, resentful, arrogant, envious, profound, exasperating, contemptuous, monomaniacal, egomaniacal, megalomaniacal, self-righteous, deceitful, visionary, prophetic, and manic-and-panic-prone as the Jews. Jews are quite a handful alright. So, if you give Jews an inch, they take a mile. If you give them a mile, they take a light year. Give them a light year, and they take the entire cosmos. This is why one should be warm of heart but cold of head. Sure, because of the tragedy of Shoah, amends had to be made. Jewish suffering had to be acknowledged and remembered. A cold heart is a dead heart. But then, a warm-fuzzy head is a dead head. The mind must always be cold, and the White West and Christian Church should have been cold in assessing the Way of the Jew. They should have pondered without mushiness and sentimentality, "Given what we know about the Jewish Tribal Character, what would they do IF we indulged them and elevated them as morally equal or even superior to us Christians?" This question wasn’t raised, and the result is the Globo-Homo-Shlomo World we see today. Christianity should NEVER have let go of its conviction of spiritual and moral superiority over Jews. Of course, Jews needn’t agree with anything the Christian Church says. From the Jewish Perspective, THEY THEMSELVES are morally and spiritually superior. After all, they are the Original People of the Book. They are the Chosen. They are the ones who made God known to other peoples. In order for Judaism and Jewish Identity to have any validity, Jews must cling to their own sense of specialness and superiority. If Jews decide to believe that their blood, culture, and religion are of equal value with all other peoples, cultures, and religions around the world, there would hardly be a compelling reason for Jews to cling to Jewishness. In order for Jews to preserve and maintain their blood, culture, history, and territory, they must believe in their own specialness. But then, this goes for Muslims too. Muslims must believe that their religion is superior, the final vision and message of the Last Great Prophet for Mankind. Otherwise, without such conviction and pride, what is the point of being Muslim or trying to convert others?
Then, the same logic applies to Christianity. Whatever Jews or Muslims(or Hindus or Buddhists) may think or feel, Christians must believe that their religion is the true religion. Their Messiah is the true Messiah. God and Fate are on their side. Without such conviction, could Christianity have lasted for so long since the Fall of the Roman Empire? Of course not.
Now, it’s necessary for peoples of different creeds and beliefs to tolerate one another and get along in the world. In the age of nuclear weapons, the last thing we need is one bunch of people trying to forcibly convert all others. Even among Christians, sectarian conflicts led to so many deaths, e.g. Thirty Years War in which it’s been estimated one-third of the German population perished. And Sunni-Shia conflict in the aftermath of the US invasion and ‘liberation’ of Iraq resulted in deaths in the 100,000s(though some estimates go as high as one million). History teaches us that differences will always exist, and wherever possible, it’s better for peoples to choose peace, tolerance, and accommodation than open conflict. So, let Christian minorities maintain their customs & worship in the Muslim world, and let Muslim minorities keep their faith & rituals in the West. That said, true conviction requires you to believe in the special and/or central meaning of your creed, faith, or value system. If not, why favor it and prize it over all others? Whenever you choose something of substance(than merely of style or flavor), it’s an act of preference based on your belief or feeling that it is somehow better or worthier. While it’s possible for individuals to choose and favor what they consciously deem to be inferior over the superior, most people usually choose what they deem to be better. So, while it’s possible that some will consciously choose silver or bronze over gold, most people choose gold in the conviction that it is better. Of course, what seems like ‘gold’ may differ in the eyes of the beholder. To Muslims, Islam is the gold standard of spirituality. To Jews, it’s Judaism. To Christians, it’s Christianity. And of course, it must be that way. Now, some may argue that Christianity demands of its believers to favor the inferior over the superior. After all, Jesus preached that we should give up our comforts & wealth and go among the poor. Choose the inferior poor and wretched over the superior rich and privileged. But in the eyes of Jesus, being poor(especially in accepting poverty as a virtuous path to spiritual salvation) is superior to being rich, which may be superficially impressive but is hollow because wealth is the product of prioritizing one’s life toward material gain. Anyway, if most people don’t choose the very best, it’s because they can’t afford or make the cut. Most people in state colleges would prefer to attend elite colleges IF they could. Most people who drive a standard car would prefer to drive a luxury car if they could afford it. Because it doesn’t cost anything or much in material terms to become a Christian, Muslim, or Buddhist, one must choose or hold onto one's faith on the conviction that it is the best spirituality. If one is a Christian but sincerely believes Islam is the true faith, then he or she should convert to Islam. Why keep with a faith that one no longer believes or believes is inferior to another? Religion, especially a credo-religion, demands sincerity. It’s not like a marriage where a man or woman sticks with the spouse even though he or she could ‘do better’ by leaving him or her and going off with someone else. In marriage, there is something higher than the individuals involved. Their bond and pledge to another — ‘til death do us apart’ — count for most. In religion, what is most important is one’s sincerity of faith. Even in cases where one had sworn devotion to a certain god or set of gods, if he comes to believe in the greater truth of another god or another faith, it wouldn’t make much sense for him to remain faithful to(what he has come to regard as)the false god or inferior god. In a way, spirituality is both always promiscuous and always faithful. Many people switch faiths, going from one religion to another or from one sect to another, and in this, they are not being loyal. And yet, in their search for the highest eternal truth, they are always searching for the same thing. No matter which vehicle they get on, they are headed to the same destination: The Ultimate Truth.
Because of the nature of religion and spirituality, the ONLY kind of people who deserve respect are those with true conviction rooted in the foundation of their faith. So, even though I’m an atheist, I respect a Christian who believes there is no Salvation for me until I seek out Jesus. If the so-called Christian says that I don’t have to believe in God or Jesus to enter Heaven just because he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings, I would feel no respect for him. It’s like when a boxer enters a ring. He respects the opponent who also came to rumble and hungers to win. Win or lose, a boxer often hugs his opponent after the bout because both came with the will to settle things in the ring. No boxer would respect an opponent who entered the ring just to smile and hug on account that hitting back might hurt the other fella’s feelings. This is why, despite Jewish hatred for Muslims, there is still a grudging respect. Muslims mean business. They aren’t pathetic dogs who cuck to Jews. Okay, Saudis are dogs, and Jews don’t respect them much. But Jews do respect Iranians even though they feel much hatred. Why? Iranians don’t cuck. (As for the Saudis, even though they politically cuck to US and Israel, at the very least they don’t cuck to globo-homo degeneracy.)
In contrast, Jews feel nothing but contempt for Current Christianity because it’s no longer rooted in true conviction and determination but reliant on appeasing Jews, Negroes, and Homos above all. Today, MLK and Mandela are bigger than God and Jesus in the West. Worshiping Shoah and Israel is bigger than God and Jesus. Bending over to homo vanity and tranny narcissism is bigger than God and Jesus. Even most so-called Christians are more offended by ‘racism’, ‘homophobia’, or ‘antisemitism’ than by the worst kind of blasphemy against God and Jesus or the worst kind of defamation against Christians and the Church. Your average worthless Mormon or Mainline pansy will be more offended by a ‘gay joke’ than by vicious things said about God, Jesus, and the Church. If Jesus returned to Earth and if Jews spat on him & whipped him, Negroes ‘twerked’ in front of him and bump-n-grinded him, and Homos demanded he bend over and take it up the arse or bugger them in the ass, AND IF IN RESPONSE, Jesus condemned Jewish perfidy, black savagery, and homo degeneracy, THEN even most American Christians would pile on Jesus and condemn him of ‘antisemitism’, ‘racism’, and ‘homophobia’ than stand by his side. That is how much Christianity has degenerated and rotted into a pile of puss. And it is a sure sign that Jewish Power has indeed killed Christianity because no true living religion could submit to such levels of humiliation and degradation.
RISEN directed by Kevin Reynolds
Anyway, we were discussing why it was foolish for Christians to get fuzzy-wuzzy warm in the head about Jews. After WWII, they regarded Jews as a sorry and tragic people deserving of sympathy and in need of help. So, they figured it’d be no big deal to tone down Christianity and other goy beliefs to make things nice for Jews. This was naive wishful-thinking because Jews are not an ordinary people. They are a great people, both in the best and worst ways. Therefore, unless Jewish Power is pushed back, it will push and push until you’re gone over the cliff. It’s like there’s a difference between being nice to a dog or cat and being nice to a tiger or hippo. Or to weasels, a species that isn’t very big but, pound-for-pound, among the most powerful, tenacious, predatory, relentless, and resilient. And, not for nothing have Jews also been compared with rodents. Rats are a great species. Not the most pleasant but among the most adaptive, resilient, resourceful, ferocious, and maniacal. So many impressive species have gone extinct over the years, but rats still remain as powerful and numerous as ever. Unlike most species that are adapted to a specific environment, rats can live just about anywhere. Likewise, most goy cultures tend to fall apart when removed from its roots and roof. But Jews have been able to maintain their identity and culture even in diaspora over millenniums because of their concept of the Covenant that bonded blood with spirituality and history.
In contrast, Christianity doesn't guarantee, ensure, or demand the survival of any particular culture. If a Jew neglects his own history and identity, he can’t be Jewish. Jewishness isn’t merely a credo, a belief in abstract notions. It is about blood, history, and spirituality bound into a bundle, a fasces. In some ways, it is the ‘first fascism’, and this is why Jews feared fascism so much. It could serve as the foundation of the creation of covenants for particular goy folks. If a Jew mustn’t deny his identity and history if he wants to be a Jew, it doesn’t matter to Christianity if someone denies his blood and history. If an Irishman or Chinaman came to a Church and said, "I don’t care about my Irishness or Chineseness, I don’t care about my Irish or Chinese history & heritage, and all I care about is being a good generic Christian" the Church will welcome him(and even praise him for abandoning his particular identity). While Christianity doesn’t require that one give up one's identity or history, such is not crucial to being a Good Christian.
Furthermore, even though there is a history of Christian civilizations and the various Churches, there is no essential Christian history(as component of its spiritual validity). While it's nearly impossible to conceive of Judaism without taking into account the story of the Jews as told in the Torah, Christianity would be just as spiritually-and-morally valid without the slightest knowledge of its 2,000 yr history. The entirety of Christianity was embodied in the single lifetime of Jesus who died at the age of 33(oddly, the year in which Hitler came to power). Christianity is based on biography, Judaism on history. According to the Faith, Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of God, and He revealed the Final and Eternal Truth. So, there is no more need of the Old Testament or Old Histories. And there is no need to seek new future truths. He has blessed Mankind with The Truth, and that’s that. So, even as human history continues, there is no longer any need for the History of Spiritual truth-seeking. Why seek the Truth in the past, present, or future when it was revealed by Jesus in His lifetime? In contrast, History is crucial in regards to Truth for the Jews because the Torah is a history of Truth as revealed in increments by the Prophets. Torah is a puzzle, and the Talmud is a literary manual of working on the puzzle. And since Jews don’t believe the world has been visited by the Messiah(as true Christians believe) or by the Final Prophet(as Muslims believe), more truth is yet to be found in the future for the Jews. Because Jews are still in truth-seeking mode, they are intellectually and culturally more engaged than Christians and Muslims are. (Neo-Pagans of the Renaissance and 19th Century Romanticism in Europe were notably creative in ideas and expression because, instead of holding onto Christianity as the fount of eternal truth, they ventured into other sources to envision alternative visions inspired by ghosts from forgotten pagan past or by specters of an uncertain but fascinating future.)

Anyway, against a people as strong-willed and prophetic-minded as the Jews, the Christian West needed a powerful push-back mechanism. It needn’t be insane like Nazism, but there had to be something. It’s like a lion-tamer needs a strong whip and sturdy chair to remind the lion not to get too aggressive. Without defenses against Jews, they will gnaw you into mincemeat like the rats that were about to carve up Winston Smith in 1984(by George Orwell). Without the cage to hold back the rats, Smith’s face would have devoured to the bone. This is why Christianity always needed a Cage against the Jews. It was the ONLY WAY to keep Jews from attacking and defiling everything. And Jews wanted to destroy Christianity because they regarded it as a stolen religion, and in a way, it was. Remember the movie TIME BANDITS(by Terry Gilliam) where god is pursuing a bunch of dwarfs who stole the Secret from him? Jews see Jesus and the Disciples(and especially St. Paul) in this manner. Them were renegade dwarf-Jews who stole the Jewish secret and passed it off to the God-forsaken gentiles.

And, in a way, Jews have a right to be upset because, not only was their God stolen from them via Christianity but the New Religion came to blame Jews of Deicide, condemned them, and even persecuted them at times. Now, suppose a non-European people stole European gods, such as Zeus or Odin or bunch of others, reformulated them in their own image, claimed true ownership, and then invoked them to wage wars on Europe. White pagans would have been upset.
A lot of white patriots are upset with the globo-homo media portraying Great European historical figures and mythic heroes with black actors; they feel this way because their own racial and cultural heroes are being ‘appropriated’ and ‘stolen’ to honor and embolden ANOTHER people, especially the blacks who pose the greatest racial-sexual threat to whites. Then, one can understand how Jews may have felt through the ages when their Book and their God were ‘stolen’ by Gentiles who claimed them as their own on the basis of the ‘New Covenant’ promised by St. Paul. Of course, some may argue that it makes no sense blaming the Gentiles since it was the renegade Jews who concocted the New Religion and proselytized them to non-Jews. If anyone did the 'stealing', it was the Jewish Early Christians. Gentiles only received contraband goods from Jews who stole from other Jews.
But then, Jewish Early Christians could have argued that they stole nothing. If anything, they first tried to share the New Truth with the Jews, but they not only wouldn’t listen but attacked and even killed many Jewish Early Christians, and that was why they, the Early Christians, had no choice but to take the New Faith to the Gentiles. Whatever the case, Jews have always hated Christianity as a Stolen Religion, and on the subconscious level, their Africanization of Western Mythology and History could be payback: "You whites made the Jewish Religion white-and-gentile, so we Jews will make Western Civilization black-and-African." Keep in mind that Martin Bernal, the notorious author of BLACK ATHENA, is a Jew.

Anyway, in order for Christianity to maintain its pride and prestige in the modern world, it had to remain anti-Judaic, which isn’t the same thing as being anti-Jewish or ‘antisemitic’. Even though Christianity was right to warn Christians not to harm Jews(at least not for the hell of it), it had to uphold a spiritual and moral doctrine preaching Christianity as an advancement over Judaism. Thus, even as Christianity had a ethical duty to denounce physical violence against Jews(at least those who didn’t cause trouble), it had a spiritual and moral duty to preach against what it believed to be the moribund or past-expiration-date religion of the Jews. (Again, Jews in their own domain had every right and obligation to preach against Christianity as a heretical deviation from Judaism, the one true faith for the Chosen.) Without such an adverse position on Judaism, Christianity had no real leg to stand on. After all, it came into existence in rebellion against Judaism like Zeus arose in rebellion against Cronus. Though, in some ways, a continuation of Cronus, Zeus was also a usurper who took the title from his father. If Christianity cannot claim to be better than Judaism, it has no justification. After all, if indeed Jews are just as blessed as Christians and can enter Heaven without accepting Jesus, what is the whole point of Christianity? If Jews are blessed without accepting Jesus, then it implies anyone can be blessed or enter Heaven without accepting Jesus. It renders the life of Jesus, His Sacrifice, and Resurrection all superfluous because the implication is that you don’t really need Jesus to have blessing and ticket to Heaven. If Jews are just as blessed as Christians and can enter Heaven without accepting Jesus, then Christianity’s claim as the True Faith has had its heart cut out. It means its entire premise was wrong for the entirety of its existence.
Now, some may argue that only Jews and Christians are blessed by God and Jesus. Jews are blessed because they are the Original People of God, and Christians are blessed because they are the New Peoples of God. But, this goes against the true meaning of Christianity that was something more than ‘Judaism for non-Jews’. If indeed the main point of Christianity was to offer a kind of extended membership to non-Jews into the Jewish House of God, then one could say Jews don’t need Jesus to have God’s blessing. After all, they had the blessing already, and only non-Jews needed Jesus to serve as spiritual middleman. But the Jesus myth and Paul’s message took hold in opposition to Jewish traditions. Gospels say Jews not only rejected Jesus but called for His death. And after His death, Jews sought to chase His followers down and kill them too. Then, Paul came along and formulated an idea to universalize the Jesus Myth in profound opposition to Jewish dogma, rituals, and customs. Thus, New Testament was something much more than a Universalized Judaism or Judaism-for-Dummies. It was far more than generic copies of the original art work to be sold to tourists. It was a new beginning that claimed that the Jews had lost their way, forsaken the blessing of God, and became most guilty in the eyes of the Lord for having killed Jesus, the Son of God and Messiah, and then for not atoning for what they’d done. According to Christian Myth, Jews had been awaiting the coming of the Messiah, but when He finally came, the bloody idiots had Him killed instead of welcoming Him. They had a second chance as Jesus called for forgiveness and love. But Jews didn’t just kill Jesus but tried to chase down every Jewish Early Christian who preached the Gospel. There may have been a time when Jews could have remained Jewish even as they accepted Jesus. But Jewish sins were so grave that the ONLY way left for Jews to be saved is by wholeheartedly accepting Jesus and becoming Christians. Such Anti-Judaicism is crucial to Christianity. Without it, Christian Myth has far less value. If the Church says that Jews, despite what the Gospels say about them and their role in the killing of Jesus and persecution of His followers, are just as blessed and headed to Heaven as the Christians are, then it means Christianity has been based on what was, at best, a conceit and, at worst, a mendacious lie that defamed a wholly innocent people, the Jews. Thus, Christianity goes from a religion-as-advancement from Judaism to a religion-as-abomination against Judaism. If Jews without Jesus are so blessed and guaranteed a place in Heaven, what were all the troubles over Christianity for? Christian history had its great ups and downs, triumphs and tragedies, but Christians felt it was all worth it(even the darkest moments) because Christianity was the one true faith through which Mankind could be saved and redeemed. That knowledge and conviction made it all seem worthwhile through thick and thin. But now, the church says Jews don’t need Jesus to have blessing and entry into Heaven. And in order not to offend yet others, many churches say even Muslims, Buddhists, Agnostics, and Atheists are Okay if they are ‘good’ people and have good hearts. At this point, the church might as well even embrace Satan Worshipers lest it be not ‘inclusive’ enough.
Now, I’m all for Christians being kindly and polite with non-Christian communities. There’s no reason for Christians to holler all day and night that heathens will burn in Hell. I personally despise self-righteous Christian types who get thrills by holding up signs like ‘God Hates Fags’. But Christian Doctrine is what it is. Without it, there is no religion. It’s the same with Buddhism that believes in reincarnation. According to the laws of Karma, eating meat is a transgression against cosmic justice. So, a meat-eater like myself could be reincarnated into a goat or spider in the next life. Should a Buddhist reject the theory of Karma that punishes meat-eaters because my feelings may be hurt? Then, he’s a wuss and wimp, not a real Buddhist. Or should a Jew water down his idea of the Covenant because it might offend me as one of the Un-Chosen? Of course not. While Jews need to make an effort to get along better with non-Jews, they must preserve the Covenant IF they are to survive and remain as a viable ethnic, spiritual, and cultural community.
What history teaches us is that we shouldn’t always act on our beliefs. Catholics and Protestants did that for awhile, and they bled each other dry in some of the bloodiest conflicts in Europe. We mustn’t expect the Kingdom of Man to ever become our vision of the Kingdom of Heaven. Still, the point of having creeds and convictions is to take them seriously and be true to them, and this requires courage. Most people don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings, and that’s a good thing, but if we mold our core beliefs on sensitivity, there can’t be any depth or real meaning. Tolerance is necessity but a very weak virtue. Or, it has social value as a matter of ‘business’, a means to facilitate interaction among people with different ideas and values. After all, if people lack even this modicum of civility guided by tolerance, we end up with self-righteous deranged mobs that attacked Charles Murray at Middlebury College. But when it comes to true conviction, one must hold steadfast to what he believes in.
Morons protesting Charles Murray at Middlebury College. Self-Righteous Supremacists vape Virtue Vanity.
Because Jews are such an intense people driven by ego, passion, intellect, ambition, vision, hatred, and contempt, you need something powerful to hold them back. You need a dam against the Jews. It’s like the quarterback in football is helpless without the offensive linemen who push against the defensive linemen whose main objective is to sack the quarterback or smother the running back. What was so useful about Christianity was its powerful sense of moral superiority over Jews. Because it was staked on the Narrative that said Jews rejected the Son of God and even pressured Romans to have Him killed, it put Jews on the moral defensive. Also, because it said all those who accept Jesus, regardless of their race or color, are the new-and-true blessed of God, it advantaged Christians over Jews who ‘stingily’ clung to the Old Concept of God as tribal property instead of sharing God with all of humanity on an equal basis. Christianity accused Jews of being scrooge-like hoarders of God; Jews were all about property-rights when it came to spirituality. In contrast, Christianity was spiritual socialism where God and His Truth would be equally shared by ALL, master-mister-or-slave, who would accept His blessings, confess, and repent.
Now, from their own perspective, Jews had totally legitimate and admirable reasons for defending their own religion and customs, and indeed such were necessary in order to maintain Jewish pride and power. After all, if Jews had joined the Church, they would have faded as a people & culture and just become part of generic Christian and Goy community. So, I don’t begrudge the Jews — if anything I admire them — for rejecting Christianity. That said, from the Christo-Gentile point of view, the New Faith was so inspiring and appealing precisely because it promised the faithful that THEY were the new flock of God. They were the community of the New and Improved Religion, whereas Jews obstinately clung to an obsolete faith overburdened with outmoded ideas and attitudes. Jesus, as the Messiah, had realized the final synthesis and resolution of the countless contradictions in the Torah, but Jews, out of either pride, vanity, or arrogance, chose to stick with the Old Ways.

Modern Christians, especially after WWII, hoped that Jews could reciprocate in kind IF Christians offered their hand in the spirit of friendship. Granted, Christians didn’t have much to apologize for. The great horror against the Jews, the Shoah, had been perpetrated by Neo-Pagan National Socialists. Also, Jews(at least the radicals, perverts, and gangsters among them) had driven many Europeans toward either supporting or tolerating far-right movements. After all, prior to Nazi madness and WWII, the biggest bloodbaths in Europe had been carried out by the Bolsheviks in the Inter-War period. Though not all communists were Jewish, Jews played a prominent role on the ruthless & remorseless Radical Left. Also, Jews were significant figures in the cultural decay of the Weimar years(and now we are seeing a repeat of this in our time). Jews were also heavily involved in organized crime, sexual degeneracy & exploitation, and financial fraud, something so many vicious Jews repeated all over against in post-communist Russia. So, it was not like Europeans just went crazy one day and decided to pile on innocent saintly Jews. Jews, along with Germans, Russians, Poles, British, French, and etc., had done their part in driving Europe to the edge of the cliff... though any honest person must blame Hitler and his Nazi cohorts for pushing it off the cliff.
It would have been promising if indeed Jews and Christians could have arrived at some deeper understanding after World War II. Christians and Goyim could have acknowledged the tragic side of the Jewish experience(especially during WWII), and in turn, Jews could have realized their responsibility in radicalism, crime, and corruption had driven so many non-Jews into fits of fury. But unfortunately, only the Christians worked in good faith while Jews, nasty as ever, decided to exploit this kindness as weakness, an Achilles Heel. Now, one could argue that it made more sense for Christians to be nicer since they outnumbered Jews by a huge margin. Also, the West was then firmly in control by goyim, and besides, so many Jews had perished in the conflagration of World War II and Shoah.
But, one cannot judge everything by size. Great Britain is a small nation, but it once came to dominate a third of the world. A tarantula is many times bigger than a hornet, but the latter’s sting usually paralyzes the big spider. A tiny thorn in a lion’s paw can incapacitate it. Just a small cluster of cancer cells can spread and destroy the entire body. A small poisonous snake can bring down a big animal. David beat Goliath. In quantity, Jews were no match for goyim. But in quality, Jews were pound-for-pound the most potent and intense people in the world. Indeed, Jews evolved culturally and genetically to be POP or People of Power.
Another thing we need to consider is the Context of Power. Just like different organisms have advantage in certain realms but are disadvantaged(even rendered helpless) in other realms, human power operates in similar ways. A polar bear is many times bigger than a seal, and indeed, polar bears feed on seals. Bears do this by dragging seals out of water-holes onto the snow. But in the water, even the smallest seal has advantage over the bigger bear. While polar bears are good swimmers, their aquatic ability is nothing compared to that of seals. A great white shark is one of the most frightening creatures in the sea. But on land, even a small dog can tear into it. Human power works the same way. Blacks can beat whites in the sporting field. Whites can beat blacks in the classroom. Because Jews weren’t numerous or physically imposing, their advantages were in elite fields of business, science & math, media, academia, and other endeavors involving brain power. So, Jews understood that their power would have to start at the top than at the bottom. Because Jews had no chance of demographic takeover(except in Palestine via massive Jewish migration-invasion), they had to focus on elite seizure of power. And because Jews had higher IQ, more drive(& resentment), and more pride(going back to the Covenant), they worked very hard to take over the ivory towers and gold vaults. Because of such intensity and potency(and even hostility) among Jews, European nations had instituted policies and erected barriers to prevent Jewish takeover of uppermost elite institutions.
This is why Jews came to favor communism and Americanism in reaction to European-Christian norms. Communism eradicated cultural distinctions in the name of equality. So, Jews didn't face discrimination in the Soviet Union. And because Americanism was about individualism and meritocracy, Jews could make a legal and ethical case against any form of racial or ethnic discrimination in the US, thereby clearing the path to Jewish ascent to the very top. In time, why did Jews come to favor Americanism over Sovietism? Stalinism turned out to be tyrannical and brutal, especially after Leon Trotsky was purged and exiled. Also, as communism is about equality, Jews could be equal with goyim but couldn’t really rise high above them. Even though communist systems did have hierarchies, there was a severe limit as to how much wealth and privilege one could accumulate. Communism was about equality of outcomes. In contrast, Americanism was about equality of opportunity, and that meant that the smart, clever, enterprising, resourceful, and cunning could use meritocracy to accumulate tremendous amounts of wealth(and then use that wealth to favor one’s own kind over others, thus subverting the very meritocracy that had allowed them to rise so high; while many Jews in high positions are the best talents in the field, there are also a lot of Jews who were favored for their identity — Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook who is smart but not THAT smart).
Anyway, Jews knew that the elite fields were their realm of choice. To gain power, even supremacy, their only chance was to shoot straight for the top. Of course, gaining control of the top also meant holding sway over the masses. After all, head controls the body, and elite institutions and industries, via control of academia-media-and-state, function as the mind, eyes, and ears of the System. When elite Jews take over mass media, they are in the position to shape the hearts, minds, eyes, and ears of the masses. Still, as Abraham Lincoln said, you can’t fool All the People All the Time.
Also, there are times when the body has a way of defying and rebelling against the wishes of the mind. If someone wants to sit on the couch and watch TV all day and neglects his bladder, eventually the body is going to force him to go to the john even if his mind wants to sit and watch TV. This is why Jews fear mass-power more than elite-power. Even though Jews resented goy elites such as the Wasps, their problem was not with elitism per se because they knew that, under individualism and meritocracy, they could seize it from the Wasps who, though talented than most groups, weren’t going to hold their own against Jews(just like white athletes were bound to lose to blacks in meritocratic matches). Jews knew it was only a matter of time before they take near-complete control of elite positions. And indeed they did. But Jews could never gain mass power because there weren’t enough of them. Jews totally kicked Wasp elite ass and reduced Wasps to a bunch of pansies, wussies, gimps, and cucks, BUT Jews could never gain control of the masses like they did with the Wasp elites. For one thing, the masses tend to be unruly. Also, unlike Wasp elites who are well-read and well-educated(therefore easily indoctrinated by Jewish-controlled ideas and narratives), the masses tend to read less and rely more on gut instinct. On ALL IN THE FAMILY, Michael is a ‘Polack’ but an intellectual who reads all the time, and so, just like Wasp elites, he’s fallen under the sway of the Jew-run media and academia. In contrast, Archie Bunker, though ignorant and bigoted, has an instinctive sense of reality. He's better at bullshit-detecting. Because the masses don’t read much and aren't swayed by Big Ideas, Jews sought to undermine them with mass idolatry. Make whites lose racial pride with a combination of Mandela and Mandingo. White Guilt and White Cuckery. Have ‘white trash’ worship black rappers and black saints. (Or divert white masculine aggression toward hating Muslims and Arabs through Hollywood movies where 'Muzzies' were often the bad guys.) Still, the fact remains that white masses have been far more difficult to quell, control, and manipulate than the white elites(who just cuck to PC ‘intellectualism’). This is why Jews push for mass-immigration-invasion. Jews had the talent and the numbers to take over the elite realm, but they just couldn’t always control the goy masses who sometimes went against elite wishes. Among the white elites, the cucky-wucks are totally supportive of Wars for Israel, but notice how so many among the white masses were thrilled to hear Donald Trump denounce the Iraq War and the Neocons who'd pushed it. Jews fear that, one day, the masses will connect the dots and come to realize that Jews have been the ‘Barzini’ in the equation. "It was Barzini all along" or "It was the Jews all along."

So, Jews have decided that the ONLY SURE WAY to deal with the white masses is to weaken their mass-power with Mass-Immigration-Invasion. The voting bloc of non-whites and white proggies who’ve been suckered by the Jew-run Media will destroy white majority power forever. Also, intersectionality is prized by Jews because it really means gridlock among goyim, thereby making it impossible for goyim to unite against elite Jewish Power.

But that is not the ONLY reason why Jews won. Sure, Jews were bound to win in the elite realm because of their intelligence, drive, and pride. But as Power and Privilege are magnet for criticism and condemnation — just consider the hostility aimed at Wasp elites by the working class, ethnics, blacks, Jews, and etc. in the past — , Jews knew that talent and money alone wouldn’t secure the future for them. So, they had to compete and operate in the Moral Realm of their own choosing, one where they'd be favored to thrive more than their rivals, especially whites. Imagine a fish tank with a certain chemical. Suppose this chemical allows Organism A to take in more oxygen from the water while having the exact opposite effect on Organism B. So, while members of Organism A are absorbing much oxygen and feeling energized, members of Organism B are taking in less oxygen and feeling enervated. Indeed, in order for members of Organism B to take in more oxygen, they need to buy special tablets from members of Organism A. Suppose Organism A offers tablets only to members of Organism B that obey the commands of A. In such a chemically laced realm, members of Organism A would have decisive edge over members of Organism B.

How did Jews ‘chemically’ alter the Moral Atmosphere of the West so that the Narrative, Culture, and Icons(and Idols) became ‘tonic’ for Jews while toxic for Whites? How was the West turned into one huge gas chamber for the White Race? (If whites want gas-masks in this atmosphere laced with Zio-Klon B, they better do as the Jews say.) Jews filled the air with sounds, images, and stories that all pointed to ‘white evil’, ‘white guilt’, ‘white privilege’, and ‘white-must-kiss-Jewish-black-and-homo-ass-forever’. Jewish elites with control of academia, media, and state employed selective ‘narrativity’ to make Jews and blacks(and homos) seem totally innocent and wonderful while making whites seem as the worst monsters of history, that is UNLESS they suck up to Jews, blacks, and homos, the only way to obtain gas-masks in an air that is increasingly toxic for white people. The current air morally invigorates Jews while morally poisoning whites. Then, it is no wonder that Jews keep kicking white ass since the very cultural, intellectual, and ideological air that we breathe has been chemically altered to favor some people over others. It's a Ziosphere. It’s like a certain additive will do wonders for some creatures in the fish tank while weakening and even killing others. It’s like Frosty the Snowman is finished without winter cold. The fatal mistake of whites was to allow Jews to control the chemicals in the air to favor Jews over whites. Once the moral equation in the West became Jews > Whites, the Power Politics turned into one of Jews aggressively accusing whites and whites defensively apologizing before Jews. This is why Jews do everything to suppress stuff like BDS movement, the true history of Communism, and Jewish role in Cultural Corruption. If those truths come to define the Narrative, the moral chemistry of the air won’t favor Jews so much.

Anyway, Christianity after World War II handed the plate of Moral Superiority to the Jews. It declared that Jews are just as blessed as the Christians and don’t have to accept Jesus to enter Heaven. But Jews didn’t reciprocate by saying Christians are just as chosen by God(or History) as His(or its) favorite people. So, even as Jews clung to their Covenant and tribal sense of superiority, Christians forsook the ONE FACTOR that made them morally and spiritually advantaged over Jews. Christians effectively declared that Jews don’t have to play by Christian rules — convert, accept Jesus as savior, embrace all of humanity as equally blessed by God — in order to be the moral and spiritual equals of Christians, but Jews kept to their own Judaic rules that maintained that Jews are the Chosen, the superior people whose destiny is to lord over goyim. This total lack of reciprocity is seen in political discourse too. Jews demand that white goyim must support and defend the right of Israel to be a Jewish state, but Jews insist that they are not obligated to support the right of any goy nation to maintain its identity, culture, and territory. So, Hungary and Poland better support Israel, but Jews don’t have to support Hungary and Poland. So, the US better support secure borders for Israel, but hell with the borders of Iraq, Libya, and Syria; they may be breached any which way to spread Wars for Israel.

Though Christianity and Western Politics aren’t one and the same, what happened with Christianity itself has been a useful bellwether for rest of the West. It’s like the saying, "As California goes, so goes the rest of the country." Because Christianity has been the core foundation of Western morality and spirituality for so long, trends within it have often portended larger cultural phenomena. After all, if the most spiritually and morally rooted institution of the West since the fall of the Roman Empire cannot say NO to Jewish power, what can? If it can’t say NO to homo power, what can? And if Christianity cannot define the rewards and meanings of being a true Christian, it sets a similar conceptual template for secular society. So, in a world in which Christianity says Jews who reject Jesus are just as blessed as Christians and deserve to be embraced as brothers and sisters, is it any wonder that white Europeans are now saying non-whites are just as ‘European’ as real Europeans and should be welcomed by the bushel, indeed in the hundreds of millions?

Just look all around. What has been the socio-political ramifications of Christianity’s abandonment of its moral-spiritual edge over the Jews who, furthermore, came to be collectively consecrated and canonized as a race of new messiahs resurrected from the ashes of the Holy Holocaust? The result has been corruption and decay in every corner of the West. Because both Christianity and the Secular West have come to worship Jews as a Holy People, the new Medicine Men of the West, nothing the Jews ever do can be honestly and critically scrutinized, countered, or condemned. If anything, we are to believe that even Jewish foulness must be blamed on Whites. So, never mind the role of Jewish Neocons in the Iraq War. The movie VICE tells us to blame it all on Dick Cheney and Big Oil(that did not support the war, btw). Giving Holy-Schmoly Jews free rein to run amok has led to the spread of wanton pornography even to kids, jungle fever among white women, pitiful cucky-wuckery among white boys, horrendous Wars for Israel, rise of Vice Industries such as gambling, poisoning of millions of white working class with opioids peddled by the sinister Sackler family, utter mendacity of the media(that push nonsense like Russia Collusion Conspiracy), mass-invasion of the West, ‘new cold war’ with Russia that wants peace, apotheosis of Homomania or Queertianity as replacement for Christianity, harlot-ization of white girls, celebration of trannies as ‘women’, first stirring for legitimization of pedophilia, vagina-mania, and etc.

Christianity as a force is all but dead in the West. Jews killed it. (There is still the Orthodox Church, but it’s always been too heavy, lethargic, and drowsy to be a living force. In both Byzantium and Russia, the Orthodox Church always played an ultra-conservative role as an addendum of the State.) Jews who’d been accused of killing Christ finally went one better and killed the religion founded on His name. This is a great tragedy.
But in a way, the night brings forth a new day. The night of Christianity may herald the dawn of something bold and new, an original prophecy for the white race. And perhaps that is necessary because Christianity, as great as it has been as a religion and tradition, was founded on the prophecy of a Semite than an Aryan, thereby preventing the rise of Aryan Prophets putting forth visions for his race independent of the Jew. In that sense, perhaps, Jews did the white race a favor by finally killing the religion founded by ‘renegade’ members of their Tribe.

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