Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Global Implications of the Low MasQ(or Masculine Quotient) among Asian Males and the Relativity of Manhood — The Lady-Boy-ization of Asian Males due to Globo-Homo Pressures of Ideology and Marketplace — Are White Males effectively 'asianized' when Integrated with Black Males?

It's been oft-repeated that Asian-Americans do well in schools and are among the most successful member of society. And the rise of Modern Asia has been much in the news. But how is the sexual health of Asian and Asian-American community? By all measures, it appears Asia and Asian-America are least-thriving in terms of sexual health. It's not merely a matter of less sexual activity among Asians, but the sexual asymmetry between Asian men and Asian women that undermines family-formations for the continuity of the race. Before anything else, humans are organisms created by life processes, and that means no amount of Asian success with books can prevent Asian implosion as people-and-culture if their sexual-health and sexual-unity are broken. But, as we live in a globalized world, what is happening among Asians has implications for the other races as well, not least because of rising Diversity in US and Canada but also in the ancestral homelands of the white race, Europe itself. For example, what will be the effect of the arrival of hundreds of millions of black Africans on the sexual ecology of Europeans? What will it mean for white manhood and white female fecundity(and with whom?) All things are connected under globalism, and lessons from one part of the world offer clues as to problems in other parts. So, what does Asian Sickness imply for the white race and the West?

Consider the Possibility: It's very likely that Homo Asian males, unlike straight Asian males, have high 'sexual' market value. So, the divergence of globo-sexual market value isn't only between Asian males and Asian females. It could also be between Homo Asian males and straight Asian males. Now, it's well known that Asian females have high globo-sexual market value, whereas Asian men may have the lowest(though perhaps higher than that of short indigenous brown peoples of Latin America, but they too are Asiatic in origin). So, we tend to think of Asian women as winners and Asian men as losers. (But then, when women of the race are winners over the men, the race loses as a whole because it means that the women-with-sexual-market-value seek out men of OTHER races who have higher sexual market value. When Asian women in the West go with non-Asian men, it's Asian-ness sexually submitting to the more dominant sexuality and identity of non-Asian races. Notice that just about every successful and/or famous Asian female goes with non-Asian male.)

But the dichotomy isn't merely between Asian males and Asian females because Asian homo males have far higher 'sexual' market value than straight Asian males. Straight Asian males have to depend on masculinity to attract women(of their own race or any other). But, Asian straight males are seen as having the lowest MasQ due to generally being shorter, less muscular, stockier, and having smaller genitals. If white males lose out in the Dong Factor to blacks, Asian males lose out to whites and blacks.
There is also the matter of aesthetics. Even Asians in Asia prefer the Western Look even though the media there are controlled by Asians. Japanese anime feature white-looking-characters as fantasy Japanese. Chinese women do everything to look more Western. And it's very easy for white men to find sexual mates in China because Chinese girls prefer white over yellow. And South Korea may be the champion in yellow-Michael-Jacksonism, what with 1/4 of people there having had plastic surgery. And they even dye their hair blonde and dream of coming to America and having kids with white men(or even black men). So, Asian males lose out aesthetically as well. Many Asians find themselves to be ugly and are trans-racial in their fantasy of looking 'more white' or having white-looking babies. Going with whites and producing whiter-looking babies is regarded as rising up the racial ladder. Just like lower class seek to move to middle class AND middle class aspire to move up to upper class, Asian race hopes to move up to the White race by plastic surgery/hair-dyeing or by race-mixing with the more desirable races. Notice that so many Asians prefer to permanently emigrate from their own peoples, cultures, and homelands to come to white-majority nations to be approved and accepted by whites. (Granted, this is more complicated due to PC and Afromania. PC tells all non-white immigrants to hate whitey, and yellow dogs like Sarah Jeong dutifully bark at Evil Whitey the behest of their Jewish masters for doggy biscuits. But the fact is they came to nations like the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada to be with white-majority populations. Asians don't want to move to non-white majority nations. So, even as Asians love whitey on the visceral level, they hate whitey on the ideological level because Asians are such servile dogs of the official dogma, which is anti-white PC in the Jew-run West. And there is also the factor of Afromania. Even though white aesthetics is still much prized -- many women still prefer white males uber alles, and most successful non-white and Jewish men desire white women, esp 'Aryan'-looking blondes -- , black domination of sports and sexualized pop music/culture has led to the globo-masses worshiping blacks as the defacto superior race of jocks, studs, and badass gangstaz. This is why we see so many pathetic yellow dork boys desperately imitating blackness to appear cool and badass when, if anything, the sheer discrepancy between their yellow dorkery and imitation-blackness just makes them look laughable like clowns.)

Anyway, the reason why homo Asian males have the advantage over straight Asian males is similar to why Asian females have the advantage over Asian males. Asian females don't need the MasQ or Masculine Quotient. If anything, they are higher in Feminine Quotient or FemQ than women of other races. So, even though white female aesthetics are still preferred over Asian female aesthetics, men of all races feel attraction to Asian females because yellow women are seen as more feminine and easier to 'dominate'. Men, even 'pozzed liberal' ones, still want to feel like a MAN in the company of women. Even white beta-male dorks who feel they can't impress white girls(who are now into jungle fever) feel that they might have a better chance impressing yellow girls because yellow boys are even dorkier than white boys. Also, especially because black male dominance has so emasculated and wussified white males(who notice that more and more white girls got jungle fever and go with black men), these white males seek to regain manhood by taking yellow women. They compensate their loss of manhood to black men by gaining manhood points from yellow men. White Guys can play the role of 'white negro' in relation to yellow boys.

What do Asian homo males have in common with Asian females? And how does this advantage them in the 'sexual' marketplace? Unlike straight Asian males, homo Asian males can play the 'bitch' or the 'pussy-boy'. They can prance around, twiddle their fingers, talk girly with a lisp, and flutter their eyes in pinky-wink fashion. Whereas straight male Asians only have their penises to rely on -- a disadvantage because black dong > white dong > yellow dong -- for sexual success, Asian homo males can rely on the bungholes as ersatz homo-pooters. So, while many females may pass on the yellow dong as insufficiently large for their liking, homo men of all races may be more than happy to bugger the 'tight' yellow homo bung as bitch-homo-pussy. Granted, Asian homo males will be favored mainly by macho-homos who want a submissive homo-bitch(like the top-thug in ROAD WARRIOR has a 'gay-bitch' sidekick).

Homos like Milo Yiannopoulos won't be much interested in Asian homos because they want to play the role of lushy-wushy 'bitch' in the equation. So, Milo(like Andrew Sullivan) prefers black guys with big dongs to fill up his Greco-Judeo-Homo bung. It seems like Homos come mainly in two kinds: Tough Homo and Tooty Homo. Tough Homos want to dominate and ram their dongs into 'gay bitches', whereas Tooty-Homos want to be treated like a 'bitch' and, more often than, not want to be buggered by the dominant macho homo or Machomo. And Asian homo males probably have great success as tooty-homos or 'gay bitches' to white men and black men. Because they rely on submission and the hole-factor(with their bungholes serving as equivalent of the yellow vagina) than stick-factor, their success in the 'sexual' marketplace may be comparable to that of Asian females. They merely need to bend over and offer their bungs to men of other races.

And this may be the reason for the Rise of the Herbivore Man in Japan and K-Pop-Gay-Pop Boy in South Korea. Especially as the Internet has globalized the youths of Japan and South Korea(in ways that was not possible for earlier generations of men there), both Asian boys and girls grew up connected to winner-takes-all globalist media where black males dominate sports/song and white males dominate popularity but where Asian males are all but invisible. (Localism allows whites to win in white lands, yellows to win in yellow lands, browns to win in brown lands. Each people have local heroes, like the Ancient Greek Olympics were about Greek heroes for Greek peoples. But globalism chooses one set of winners for all the globe. As blacks can beat all in sports, they are the only ones who matter in globo-sports-manhood, which is why even Chinese boys grow up worshiping black NBA stars, why South Korea imports African sprinters to run as 'New Koreans', and why Japanese sports are being taken over by mulatto kids of Japanese women and black men. One look at the French Soccer Team, and black manhood is now the only thing that matters in France and much of Europe. In UK media, black males are used as idols of manhood while white men are now usually featured as dorks or cucks.) Asian males are still everywhere in Asian media, but Asian Media is NOT globalist media as most people around the world have no interest in Asian TV, Asian Movies, Asian sports, or Asian pop music. The ONLY Asian pop culture that became global is Anime, but it's about yellow fantasy of being White. Prior to the internet, most Asian boys and girls would have known mostly Asian culture. But via the internet, they can see the whole world, and they realize that while Asian women got global market value, Asian men do not. The psycho-social effect of this is what? Asian males realize that Asianness-as-femininity has value but Asianness-as-masculinity has no value. So, the ONLY way Asian males can gain global currency is by becoming feminized themselves. Japanese herbivore men are like effete eunuchs. Those soyboys might as well lose their penises and take of plastic vaginas.

And K-pop boys are essentially gay-pop boys. Even straight boys in K-Pop are so gayish and girlish, but then K-pop fashion and choreography are designed by globo-homo Asian men who've been rammed in the ass by white and black guys. THAT is the premier expression of South Korean culture these days: Fantasies of yellow boys as girly men devised and dressed up by yellow homos who play 'bitch' to men of other races. But then, it's rather fitting as it's hard to think of a bigger 'bitch' nation on Earth. Even with an economy 40 times and population twice that of North Korea, the cowards and wussies of South Korea hide behind US power to protect them from Monster Kim. An infantilized and wussified nation, a land where the older generation are mindless dogs of Pentagon and the younger generation are mindless monkeys of Western globo-homo PC.

But if any Asian nation pioneered the Triumph of the Girly Men as THE REPRESENTATIVE MEN OF ASIA, it is Thailand, which should be called Thigh-Land, with a capital that aptly sounds like 'Bang-Cock' to Western ears. All Asian nations have been known as the Vaginas to the world, or Asian Beavers. In sexual terms, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and etc. have all been discussed in the West(and globosphere) as where men should go for the women. The idea is that yellow women are easy to get in places in Philippines and Vietnam because they're poor and you can get a lot of bang for the buck. But even in richer nations like Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, the idea is that the yellow women are so dissatisfied with their loser-men that they see foreign men as white-knights(or even black-pirates) who will liberate yellow women from being chained to loser yellow men. Such has been a universal trope for Asian nations.
This was also true of Thailand, of course, where prostitution wasn't only a big part of the economy but state-sanctioned as well. But Thailand was big for something else: the Lady Boy. And variants of this lady-boy-ism seems to have spread to other parts of Asia because Asia is becoming globalized, and that means Asian boys and Asian girls grow up with the realization that Asian masculinity has zero market value whereas Asian femininity has high market value. When Japan was a closed-off nation, its men didn't need to compete with other men of the world. Even short yellow runts could feel like king of the hill, the masters of their own nation. And Japanese women only had access to Japanese men, the only men they knew. But as the TV mini-series SHOGUN showed, when Japanese women gain access to taller gaijin, they go ga-ga and lose all interest in runty Japanese men(who are now so ronri and ronri and turning to rovots, aka love-robots while more Japanese women go white or black).

There was a time when most people in Asia would have laughed at the Lady Boys phenomenon of Thailand or found it ridiculous. But now, Lady-Boyism is becoming the dominant mode of maleness in Asian. The signals that Asian boys receive from the globo-homo command central is, "Yellow girls or yellow femininity got worth, but yellow boys or yellow masculinity got no worth. So, if yellow boys want worth, they must be more like yellow girls because Asian worth is only with femininity." The other reason for spread of Lady-Boy-ism through much of Asia is because many of the Asian elites are educated in the West that pushes Jewish-dominated Homomaniacal propaganda. Because the servile Asian Mind is incapable of asking questions and tends to submit to the Prevailing Dogma, so many Western-educated or Western-influenced Asian elites in media and academia have spread globo-homo propaganda in their own nations. Another reason is that Asian elites, like globalist elites all over the world, no longer identify and connect with their own national folks. Their main identification and status-obsession are about being accepted into the globo-homo Davos world, and they are eager to conform to ANY set of 'most evolved values' to be accepted. Needless to say, globo-homos value are essentially about worshiping Judeos, Negroes, and Homos.

Anyway, it's not difficult to understand why Asian homo males now have such cultural currency in all of Asia(minus China and North Korea that aren't, as yet, part of globo-homo imperium). In Asian nations where globalism reigns supreme, those Asians who possess globo-worth have more prestige than those without. Asian women and Asian homo males are gaining fast in power, prestige, and privilege because they have globo-worth. Yellow women are much sought after by men of all races. And yellow homo males are popular as 'gay bitches' to rich & powerful homos all around the world. So, both groups have popularity points in the globalist marketplaces. But Asian males have no value because their MasQ is so low. Because Asian femininity and homosexuality have more globo-worth, even straight Asian men(who can't score any points due to their inferior masculinity) are jumping on the bandwagon of femininity or metro-sexual homo-fashions to score some points. That must be why 10% of young S. Korean men now use cosmetics in imitation of K-Pop Gay-Pop pussy-boys who can hardly be distinguished from Asian female pop-idols.

What this proves is that manhood is relative. Japanese men once felt like tough guys when Japan was isolated from the world. But once Japan was pried open, year after year, decade after decade, and now century after century, Japanese men are losing confidence as males and turning into asexual 'herbivores'. In contrast, Japanese women, who once used to respect Japanese men, are turning more aggressive and slutty and going with non-Japanese men, esp white and even black. And we see the same pattern in South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Now, while white manhood faces NO THREAT from Asian males, it faces existential and sexistential threat from black men who are more muscular, thicker-voiced, and have larger genitals. It is all the more dire for white males because Jews control the Western Media and are hellbent on breaking the spine of white manhood because Jewish Power finds pathetic cucks like Paul Ryan, John Bolton, Joe Biden, and Gavin Newsom far more useful as obedient running dogs. What better way to destroy white manhood than by castrating it? And what better way to castrate white manhood than by making the white boy submit to the black man as the Superior Male who deserves to have white women as his trophies? Of course, if the top white males cucks go along with the Jewish Supremacist program, they are handsomely rewarded with vaunted positions(as puppets) and lots of cash prizes.

A people are finished when the men have effectively been stripped of manhood. It's like taking stripes away from a military officer. Jews used Feminism and Black Machismo to strip white men of manhood. Feminism in America is essentially a Jewish tool to brainwash white women into hating white men as their worst enemies and oppressors. Thus, white unity of male and female is undermined. But even more effective has been Black Machismo. After all, biology > sociology. No matter how much Jews use feminism to make white women hate white men, the fact is biology still makes many white women attracted to white men as objects of love and devotion. Feminism is ideological sociology used against the biological truth of attraction between white men and white women. But Black Machismo or Jungle Fever is genuinely threatening to white men because it is a case of Biology + Sociology. Biology says women prefer the tougher men over the weaker men. And in schools, streets, and sports, white women see that black men are the REAL MEN while white guys are benchwarmer-losers who get pushed around by tougher black guys. In the past, this biology of jungle fever was counter-balanced by white-dominated sociology that pressured white women to stick with white men. But now, Jews control the tools of sociological messaging, and they promote black-supremacist Jungle Fever far-and-wide to all white girls from the youngest age possible. And while white girls are told there is nothing more wonderful than lusting after black boys, white boys are told that there is nothing nobler for white boys than to be either homo or admiring of homos(and trannies). Manhood is relative, no less for whites than for yellows. When Tom Cruise, the biggest white male star, lost both of his wives to Negroes, one begins to wonder about the future of the white race.

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