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An Anatomy of a Hate Hoax in the Age of Sabrina Rubin Erderly and Jussie Smollett: The Case of Michael Ron David Kadar & the Loop ‘Lawgic’(Lawyer-Logic) of the Disingenuous David Straub the Law Professor — How Jewish Power uses Hate Hysteria to Misdirect the Public from WHO REALLY RULES AMERICA & THE WORLD

Michael Ron David Kadar, the Jewish 'hate hoaxer' and Anti-White Defamer

In recent years, especially since the election of Donald Trump, the Jewish-dominated media have been running wild and crazy with Hate Hysteria, much of which is based on ‘Hate Hoaxes’(with Jews, blacks, and homos being the biggest and most shameless perpetrators). Yes, the media even tried to push the Jussie Smollett BS even though it smelled like a skunk from the get-go. And no amount of evidence seems to matter to the Reality-Challenged. Even now, so many Jews, blacks, and progs carry on with the nonsense that Michael Brown was killed by ‘racism’ or that black people have most to worry from white cops. In order for Jews to distract our attention from Zionist tyranny over Palestinians, Jewish globalist financial looting, Jewish selling of opioids to kill countless white working class, and Jewish promotion of Wars for Israel, Jews stir up endless hysteria to fool us into believing that the US has most to fear from KKK and Neo-Nazis(who are now just about anyone who voted for Donald Trump).
Of course, as far as the Jewish Supremacists are concerned, ‘hate’ is a one-way street where it only goes from white/straight to non-white/Jewish/Homo but hardly the other way around. If Jews, blacks, or other non-whites act hateful toward whites, it is ignored(with black thugs characterized as ‘teens’ or ‘youths’), rationalized(with pseudo-intellectual sophistry), or justified(on account that whites deserve the hate). And of course, the Jew-run Media never associate US support of Zionist Imperialis as ‘hate’ even though the Jewish-supremacist US foreign policy has led to innumerable deaths and tremendous devastation throughout the Middle East and North Africa. And the endless Jewish insults, berating, and baiting of whites, Christians, and conservatives are never denounced as ‘hateful’. And black-on-black hatred promoted by the thug-culture of Rap isn’t ‘hate’ either as far as Jewish music moguls are concerned. (They rake in billions from musical equivalent of pornography.) Indeed, white-baiting has become the Global Sport of America. Jews made Whiteness into a Therapeutic Punching Bag for the Diversity Coalition.
Of course, Jewish Hollywood has also promoted tons of anti-Muslim hatred with movies depicting Arabs/Muslims as little more than swarthy terrorists and white-slavers(despite the fact that Israel has been the capital of white slavery in the 21st century), but as the media, academia, and the state are run by Jewish supremacists, resentful non-whites, and simpering white cucks, Jews can get away with just about everything. Jews bitch about ‘hate’, but they employ the demented & deranged Antifa to crack skulls of anyone hated by Jews. But what the Antifa thugs do is apparently not ‘hate’ because they attack ‘fascists’ and ‘nazis’, who can be anyone hated by Jews. Jews would have us believe that they only hate ‘hate’, and hating-hate can’t be hate in the sense that a double negative is positive. But, even this is a total lie as Jews are not for denunciation of all forms of supremacism & hate but only of those that stand in the way of Jewish Supremacism. Indeed, the mere fact of white consciousness is deemed ‘hateful’ and ‘supremacist’ because Jews fear that any sense of white autonomy and white liberation may lead to whites saying NO to their Jewish masters. Jews say it's not okay to be white. To the slave-master, the problem is not that he is lord over his slaves but that some of the slaves might be too ‘uppity’ in daring to question why they can’t be free and autonomous and can’t say NO to their master.

Hate Hoaxes, which are really Anti-White-Defamation, will not go away any time soon because the Jewish-controlled power structure has decided Evil Whitey is to serve as useful scapegoat so as to divert public attention from the fact that the US is Jewish-Supremacist-controlled and exercises its hegemony over the world for the enrichment of Jews and to the detriment to most of humanity. By stirring up moral outrages about Evil Whitey, Jews effectively blind people to the fact that they are being ‘Palestianized’ just like the peoples in West Bank. Even though IDF death squads routinely mow down Palestinians in Gaza whose sole dream is return to their homeland, the Jews at New York Times would rather have Americans fixate about how the ghost of Emmitt Till is being murdered over and over and over by the KKK.
Now, why do so many affluent young whites believe such nonsense? It’s because they’ve been raised with a combination of privilege, PC, and Pop Culture. The decrease in black crime due to massive increase in incarceration meant that many white kids since the 1990s grew up without experiencing much in the way of black urban crime. The rise of PC meant that they were drilled with catechisms and instilled with iconography, especially those sanctifying Jews, blacks, and homos the Moral Superiors over all of mankind. And Pop Culture sensationalized black thuggery so that it came to be seen as ‘cool’ and 'badass' than dangerous and degrading. The New Normal for white kids in Jew-controlled America is for white girls to be jungle-feverish whores and for white boys to be sapheaded cucks.

One of the biggest Hate Hoax or Anti-White-Defamation scandals happened soon after Trump’s inauguration. At one point, Trump even surmised that the Bomb Threats sent to Jewish Centers across America might be hate-hoaxes pulled off by some rogue character who may himself be Jewish, but the entire Jewish Community jumped on his back for daring to suggest that the threats could have come from anyone but Neo-Nazis, KKK, or white supremacists. As it turned out, Trump’s intuition proved to be correct as the culprit turned out to be no other than some nasty vicious Zionist Jew living in Israel. Did the Jewish community offer an apology to Donald Trump and his supporters? Did it reflect on its pathological tendency toward paranoia and hysteria?
No, Jews don’t believe in apology or admitting wrongs. With their tribal ferocity & tenacity, they doubled-down and cooked up even more nonsense. Incredibly, Jews ran with the Russia Collusion Hoax Conspiracy for three years, all the while accusing Alex Jones of ‘conspiracy theories’ and having him deplatformed from various outlets. Jones is, of course, a kooky character and a clown, but it’s really rich that Jews of all people should be accusing others of deception and craziness. The main reason why the US became such a thoroughly corrupt and crazy culture & society owes to Jewish ethno-monopoly of so many institutions and industries.
At any rate, let us revisit the Hate Hoax perpetuated by some Zionist Jew-kid in Israel, the express purpose of which was to defame white Americans as a bunch of crazed ‘Nazis’. And let’s consider the twisted logic of the Jewish law professor David Schraub who argued that Jews were the victims of the Jewish Hate Hoaxer even though the bogus bomb threats were made specifically to defame and disparage White American Conservatives.

Here is David Schraub's unique specimen of legal logic on this site:

The article in The Tablet(a Jewish-centric & Zionist-nationalist news magazine) is proof that integrity counts for little in recruitment of legal scholars at elite universities. Or maybe there is a Judeo-centrism that allows lapses in logic for Jewish scholars that would otherwise be intolerable for other groups.

There was a time when logic such as this was reserved for vaudeville or comedy, a field dominated by Jewish wits. But Schraub's Houdinian pretzel logical tricks are meant to be taken seriously. We aren't supposed to laugh. No matter what happens, Jews like Schraub will twist, stretch, or squeeze anything, Procrustes-like, to fit the Iron Narrative. Never mind all the transformations around the world since the end of WWII. Never mind what once was is no longer. For Schraub, it's like Groundhog Day over and over and over like in the Harold Ramis/Bill Murray movie. Everything has to be reset(regardless of new developments) so that it's the same old PC song that plays over and over with the same tune and lyrics.

Just consider the pretzel logic of Schraub in his loopy article:

"On March 1, I penned a column excoriating Donald Trump and other mainstream conservatives for suggesting attacks on Jewish sites—bomb threats, vandalism, and otherwise—were false flag attacks designed to discredit the right. Later that week, Juan Thompson—a former journalist for the left-wing outlet The Intercept—became the first man arrested for calling in some of these threats, allegedly in the hopes that he could blame his ex-girlfriend for the crime. Clearly, I lack the gift of timing."

Schraub says he lacks the 'gift of timing'. No, he lacks the gift of honesty in assessing the world. If 'hate hoaxes' were exceedingly rare and if Neo-Nazis routinely ran around bashing Jews, and Schraub would have been justified to be upset with Trump's suspicions. But that's not the world we live in. Either Schraub is wholly ignorant of the what's been happening OR willfully dishonest for the purpose of pushing a Narrative in the interests of his Tribe.

Hate Hoaxes have become a national pastime in America. It happens from top to bottom, but then, as the saying goes, fish rots from the top. In some institutions, the hoaxes are sanctioned by the authorities to serve as 'teachable moments'.

We live in a world that favors the Narrative over Reality. So, even though nearly all the real political violence have been directed at Trump supporters and Conservatives, the Narrative pushes the Myth of Neo-Nazis and KKK lurking around every corner to bash Jews and burn down black churches. Call it Narrative Fixation, Narrative Obsession, or Narrative Addiction. This Narco-Narrative has turned into a culture of Fan-fiction among so-called 'progressives' spoonfed on PC from cradle. Some of these 'hate fanfics' are downright hilarious in their stylistic conformity.

The power of narrative can distort our understanding of reality. For example, the US has been aiding Zionist imperialists & occupiers to bash and oppress Palestinians forever, but the Narrative pushed by the Jewish-controlled media has mostly portrayed Zionists as eternal-holocaust-survivors and Palestinians as dirty, barbaric, and crazy terrorists.
As to whether Jews control the media, that should be obvious by now, and to their credit, some honest Jews have admitted as much. They also admit AIPAC has an overbearing influence over American politics. (Simple logic: Jews control America that controls the world, therefore Jews control the world.) Sure, the likes of Abe Foxman squeal that it is 'antisemitic' to notice Jewish domination in media and much else. And people like Schraub stick with the Jews as Eternal-Victim-Narrative, but lies cannot be sustained forever, especially when some Jews do spill the beans on the reality:

Indeed, one of the great ironies of Jews-crying-'Nazi' is that 'white supremacism' or 'Aryan supremacism' is NOT the governing ideology of the West. If anything, Jews are the supremacist rulers of America, and the reason why Jews denounce 'white supremacism' is because they see any white political consciousness as a looming threat to Jewish supremacism. (After all, the rise of Russian nationalism put some brakes on Jewish power and control in that country. To past Jews, 'antisemitism' meant denying Jews equality under the law. To current Jews, 'antisemitism' means any check on Jewish supremacism and domination. Jews are well-protected and fabulously successful in Russia, but World Jewry hates Russia because Jews are not allowed to have total domination like they do in the US.) Jewish alarmism about Nazis is not unlike Erdogan's rants claiming that even Merkel's Germany and Holland are run by 'Nazis' despite their excessive generosity toward Muslims who've been welcomed and allowed to take over entire areas. Jews and Muslims hate one another, but they have 'intersectionality' in screaming 'Nazi' whenever they see an obstacle to their takeover of the West.

The governing ideology of the West and especially the US is not White Supremacism but Jewish Supremacism. It's ironic that Jews, who were once victims of racial supremacism, are now the main purveyors s of racial supremacism(of Jews) while berating others of supremacist tendencies.
How do Jews get away with this blatant hypocrisy? One obvious reason is money and power. Though Jews are only 2% of the population, by some estimates the top 1% of America is 43% Jewish, and 40% of all billionaires in the US are Jewish. It's been said Jews provide 60% of funds for the Democratic Party and 35% of funds for the GOP. That's a lot of campaign cash, and whore-politicians will do anything for dough, which could flow to their opponents if they don't put out to the donors. That means caving to Jewish demands that promote Israel and Jewish interests uber alles. There is also Jewish control of media and academia. It's been estimated that 90% of media are owned or controlled by Jewish oligarchs. And much of elite academia is dominated by Jews. According to some, Jews have even rigged the game to keep Jewish numbers high at elite colleges.

Indeed, one of the howling ironies of the US is that Jews, who make the most noise about 'equality' and 'justice', are the most unequal people vis-a-vis the rest. Some say this is due to Jewish tribal networking. Some say it's due to Jewish cultivation of education, business, and ambition. Others suggest it may be racial or genetic. Steven Pinker of Harvard and Charles Murray have both chimed in on Jewish intelligence being key to Jewish success:

Could Jews be smarter than other groups? They could be. It's said that East Asians have higher IQ than most groups except for White Europeans and Jews, and this accounts for East Asian success in catching up to the West. It is interesting that Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, though poor in natural resources, achieved much with human capital of intelligence and work ethic. But due to extreme low birthrates, massive immigration from low IQ nations, and race-mixing, the collective IQs of Japan and Korea are expected to plummet. It's like general IQ has been dropping fast in Sweden as masses of immigrants pour in from Third World nations. It's also been said that Jewish IQ is dropping because secular Jews, who generally have higher IQ's, tend to have fewer kids. Meanwhile. religious Jews, who tend to be lower in IQ, have more kids. IQ is also dropping among blacks because intelligent blacks, especially the women, tend not to get married while low IQ ones on welfare have more kids. Also, educated black women have trouble finding mates because many more black women than black men make the grade and enter into professions. Too many black men end up in prison or end up dead, and a large number of successful black men prefer white women or even Asian women to black women. Everyone repeats the mantra that 'race is just a social construct', but in what he or she actually DOES, everyone seems to be all too racially conscious and aware.

It was homogeneity, cohesiveness, and high-IQ that made nations like Sweden, Japan, Holland, and Korea successful and rise above the rest, but under current demographic trends, they are projected to become like the Third World as the native populations don't have children and rely on massive immigration to take care of the aging or dying population. Sweden is expected to look like Morocco in 40 yrs, and Japan and Korea will look like Indonesia or Philippines in several decades. Meanwhile, even though Jews tell the world that 'diversity is a strength', they make sure that ONLY JEWS immigrate to Israel. And Israel also implements policies that favors Jewish birthrates. There have also been controversial claims that Ethiopian 'Jewish' births have been suppressed.

Anyway, if America is about supremacism, it is Jewish Supremacism that occupies the throne. The great hypocrisy of America is as follows: Jews tell us that in Bad Old America, whites were favored over non-whites in social policy, immigration, and foreign affairs. The US was especially favorable to Great Britain. Jews say the Good New America is a nation of immigrants, and since immigrants of many races came from many nations all around the world, the New America treats all peoples equally and favors no single group or nation. Well, that would certainly come as a surprise to Palestinians and Palestinian-Americans. Every year at AIPAC rallies, American big-shots, elites, and politicians gather to pledge undying support for Zionists uber Palestinians. Mitt Romney was slammed for lots of things by Jews and Liberals but not for his heartless expression of contempt for a poor Palestinian-American man who pleaded for an ounce of justice.

Even 'progressives' remained silent about Romney's complete lack of sensitivity toward Palestinians, a people destroyed by American support and funding of Zionist imperialism. And even though Jews attack Trump's restriction of travel from certain Muslim nations, they never attack him for his virulent frothing at the mouth about Iran and Palestinians. If anything, Jews are utterly silent about Trump's genuinely Nazi-like stances: His rabid contempt for Palestinians and Iranians who never did Americans any wrong.

Below is like something out of Triumph of the Will.

America is a nation of hate-hoaxing on a grand scale. Hate Hoaxes are often perpetrated on college campuses by SJW provocateurs & radicals who were taught by their professors that even lies, pranks, propaganda, and twisted logic are justified IF they serve a 'good cause'. But Hate Hoaxes also come from the very top. Consider all the Russia Hysteria spread by the collusion of Deep State and Big Media.
During the Bush years, the whole WMD scaremongering was essentially a hate hoax. Jewish Neocons wanted another War for Israel and falsely tied Hussein to 9/11 and even cooked up nonsense about 'yellow cake' to drum up support for the war. And since the media are owned by Jews, they played along and did everything to scare-monger the public. Anything for Israel.

And this madness never ends. Nobel Committee awarded Obama the peace prize in the hope that his approach might deviate from Bush's, but alas, he was groomed and 'advised' by the same kind of people -- Jewish globalist-supremacists -- , and so, he also expanded the Wars for Israel. He destroyed Libya on bogus pretext. He worked with Saudis and Turks to aid terrorists in Syria to damage secular modernizer Assad loathed by Zionists and Israeli-Firsters. If not for Russian intervention and support from Iran, Syria would now be like Libya that is pretty much controlled by Jihadis. At the behest of Jewish supremacists like Victoria Nuland, Obama also aided the coup in Ukraine where a democratically elected regime was brought down by Neo-Nazi goons. Imagine that. Jews will even cooperate with Neo-Nazis to get what they want.

According to Seymour Hersh, if it hadn't been for dissident elements in the military, Obama's plan to destroy Syria(in the manner of Libya) might have been realized, and Syria could now be an ISIS-run caliphate. Was it because Obama hates Syria personally? No, he never had real power. His Jewish masters ordered him to steer US foreign policy to fight more Wars for Israel. Jews fear modern secular Arab states far more than failed states overrun by medieval barbarians. Jews justify Israel's existence on grounds that it is 'modern' and 'western', but Jews often ally with the most Medievalist elements in the Middle East -- Saudis and Jihadis -- to subvert modern & secular Arab regimes.

Bush used hate hoaxes to agitate for war and destroy Iraq. And Obama & Hillary used hate hoaxes to destroy Libya, wreck Syria, and engineer a coup in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Jewish-controlled US, by far the most aggressive, invasive, and imperialist nation on earth since the end of the Cold War, has the audacity to accuse Iran, China, and Russia of aggression and ambition to rule the world. LOL. But then, such perfidy from Zionists is to be expected. After all, they still maintain that they are the victims and Palestinians are the aggressors even though it was the Jews who stole land from Palestinians --- like French once occupied Algeria, Japanese once colonized Korea & Manchuria, and Turks once owned Greece. If there's justice in the world, Bush-Obama-Hillary should be tried for War Crimes and given the Milosevic treatment. Indeed, Milosevic was small potatoes compared to US thugs and killers. Also, much that was said of him by the Jewish-run media turned out to be false.

What a crazy world we live in. Textbooks and documentaries have been telling us that Japan got what it deserved in World War II for its attack on Pearl Harbor. But the US gets away with all its crimes and aggression because it has the power, shapes the global narrative with its media monopoly, and controls many nations as its vassal-states. Also, as the elites of many nations send their kids to study in US universities(dominated by Jewish professors), they merely turn into mental slaves of the Zionist-American empire spouting the same cliches and dogmas.

As the result, the US can get away with just about anything without real consequences and repercussions. When Japan did Pearl Harbor, it got smashed and 2 million died. Its leaders were tried and were hanged. When US imperialism messed up Vietnam & Iraq and killed countless lives, the US heartland was never touched, all the dying happened overseas, and American War Criminals never had to face justice.
Madeleine Albright can do to Iraqi children(what Lazar Kaganovich did to Ukrainian children) and waltz around the world like a wise statesman. Lately, she declared herself an honorary 'Muslim' in protest of Trump's travel restrictions, but she didn't shed a single tear for the half-a-million Iraqi children killed by US sanctions under Bill Clinton who did the bidding of his Zionist masters. So, speaking of Nazi-like behavior, who are the mass-killers of the world today? Did the KKK or American Nazi Party wage all those wars and kill all those children? No, they happened at the behest of Jewish supremacists.

There was a time when the accusation of 'antisemitism' really meant something. In certain Christian communities, Jews were scapegoated for things they didn't do. Or everything Jews did --- even good things --- was impugned or maligned. According to Anti-Semites, everything bad must be the doing of Jews, and/or everything Jews do must be bad even if it's objectively good. It's like the Nazis dismissed even the great achievements of Jewish scientists and artists.
There was a time when Christians habitually cried 'Jew' in the same way that Jews now cry 'Russia' whenever something doesn't go their way. It's part of human nature to affix blame on some Other. It's like blacks have high crime rates, and most blacks are killed by other blacks, but blacks would rather blame the problem of Black Deaths on 'racist white police' than face up to the pathology of black culture and attitudes. So, BLM 'movement' had the result of increasing black deaths. With the misdiagnosis of the Law Enforcement as the main cause of black deaths, the police was forced to retreat from black areas... leading to even more blacks killing blacks. But then, much of politics is about Pride of Righteousness than being factually right about reality. Again, the logic of PC is more interested in ego, pride, and righteousness than being truthful about reality. As long as BLM is thought be for a 'good cause', it can spread lies and increase the number of dead blacks. What matters is the ego of righteous pride and moral vanity of those who prefer fantasy over truth.

Whatever meaning 'antisemitism' once had, we live in a much transformed world, and it makes no sense to pretend that the world is still as it had been. And this goes for Europe and Asia too. Chinese were once great victims of history, and their nation was torn apart by European imperialists, American imperialists, and Japanese imperialists. Many Chinese died as the result. But is current China what it had once been in the early 20th century? No, times change and nations change. China is now stronger than Japan. So, even though it's understandable that Chinese want to remember their suffering under the Japanese, it makes no sense for us to see today's Chinese as a victim race. Today, Japan is a whore nation and puppet of the US, just like Taiwan and South Korea, whereas China is the second most powerful nation on Earth. Likewise, Russia also isn't what it once was. During the Cold War, the Russian Empire controlled all of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Since the end of Cold War, Eastern European nations became independent and many joined NATO. And Central Asian republics are now independent. Russia has been much diminished in terms of world power status. The great irony is that Jewish liberals, who'd once ridiculed the 'Red Scare' when USSR really was a superpower, now go into hysterics about much reduced Russia whose economy is the size of Spain's. Since the end of Cold War, US has invaded and destroyed several nations without provocation. It has military bases in every corner of the world. In contrast, Russia invaded NO ONE. Its incursion into South Ossetia was in retaliation to Georgian aggression encouraged by Neocons. Russia was forced to reclaim Crimea because Jewish-run US engineered a coup in Kiev. And Russia lends support to Donetsk area because the population there is mostly ethnic Russian and have been shelled and bombed ceaselessly since the coup. But this is condemned as 'invasion' by the US that has genuinely invaded and destroyed one nation after another. Also, it's the US that encircles China and Russia. A whore nation like South Korea even allows THAAD missiles on its soil, ostensibly against North Korea but really aimed at China. And even though North Korean regime is vile, why does it want nukes? Well, what happened to Gaddafi after he surrendered his WMD in good will to turn a new leaf? How can anyone trust the US ruled by Zionist imperialists?

Let's continue with Schraub's diatribe:

"Today, Israeli officials announced the arrest of a 19-year-old with dual Israeli-American citizenship who is alleged to have been behind many of the remaining bomb calls. For anti-Semites, it is a glorious moment (indeed, the anti-Semites are not hard to identify: they’re the ones who are more ecstatic that the perpetrator was Jewish than they are relieved that he was caught.)"

ROTFL. Never mind that nothing is more glorious to anti-white Jews than to hunt and bag the next Great White Defendant. Jews sure love to project their own bigotry onto others. Nothing makes Jews happier than the next news story, real or fake, that has Evil Whitey as the villain. By the way, who were the men dancing and celebrating the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11? Those delirious Jews and many of their brethren around the world were privately celebrating the glorious prospect of new Wars for Israel against the entire Arab/Muslim World. Jews were SO HAPPY that Muslims done it. Of course, given the behavior of the Israeli Intelligence surrounding events tied to 9/11, it's reasonable to surmise that, at the very least, certain key Zionist figures in Israel and the US knew that Muslim radical elements were planning an attack.

He says the outing of the real perpetrator of these hoaxes brought the 'anti-Semites' out of the woodwork, and these anti-Semites are gleeful that the hoaxer happened to be Jewish. But he doesn't explain what an Anti-Semite would be in the current context. After all, Jews have cried 'Anti-Semite' so often that its meaning went from "someone who cooks up stuff like Protocols of the Elders of Zion" to "just about anyone who (1) notices Jewish power and (2) notices that Jewish Power is not in the interest of his gentile people."
After all, Jews have been calling Palestinians anti-Semites forever. But don't Palestinians have legitimate reasons to be angry with Jews? According to the ADL and SPLC, noticing reality is an act of 'antisemitism'. So, if you notice that Jews, who are merely 2% of the population, have vastly disproportionate control of the media, you are an 'anti-Semite'. Meanwhile, Jews habitually point their fingers at other groups, nationalities, and religions as the fount of all problems. Jews love to scapegoat WASPs for everything that is wrong with America. And Jews love to bleat about White Privilege even though the most privileged white group in America are Jews by a huge margin. For a long time, Jews denied the fact of their mastery over America, but now, people like Alan Dershowitz are saying Jews do have supreme power and deserve it. So, the new narrative according to his ilk is the 2% has the right to rule over the 98%. It sure sounds like supremacism, not unlike British attitudes over natives in India and not unlike Latin-white attitudes over the indigenous peoples of South America and Mexico who were conquered, raped, and had 'diversity' forced on them.

Alan Dershowitz says Jews should NEVER APOLOGIZE for their power since they 'earned it'. He implies Jews have the divine right to rule over goyim who presumably have less right to power since they've done less to earn it. Now, it is true that many Jews have done much to advance science, math, and technology. But how much of Jewish wealth was earned justly or honestly? Consider Bernie Madoff who made billions through fraud. Consider how Wall Street wizards cooked up all sorts of financial schemes to rake in tons of money, and when the whole thing blew up and sunk the world economy, they got Obama to masquerade as a 'socialist' and funnel massive bailouts to Jewish bankers who then raked in tons more. I've heard George Soros made his billions by money-changing. And Paul Singer seems to be a shady character.

Sheldon Adelson is one of the richest man in the world, and how did he make his billions? By expanding the tawdry vice of gambling that sucks money from hardworking people. Alan Dershowitz says Jews have every right to amass great power for the sake of 'peace', but what kind of peace is he talking about? When Jews like Dershowitz pontificate about 'peace', they mean a World Order in which Jews have the means to violently 'impose' their Terms of Peace on everyone else. It doesn't matter if gentiles end up dying in great numbers from wars, famines, terror, invasions, and economic ruin. What matters is Jews got it all. It is Pax Judaica, a the imperialism of globalism.

As you may well know, Iran hasn't invaded any nation for as far as we can remember. Israel, in contrast, was created by the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians who still live under Occupation. Iran has passed every nuclear inspection with flying colors and has no plans for nukes. In contrast, Israel doesn't allow any inspections, never signed the non-proliferation treaty, and once even passed atomic secrets to South Africa in the Apartheid Era. Yet, Jewish-controlled America allows psychopaths like Sheldon Adelson to play a huge role in US elections. Adelson the nut urges the US government to drop a big one on Iran, a nation with no nukes.

We hear Jews screaming about how Trump is 'hitler', but why don't they sound the alarm about guys like Adelson who are truly like Hitler(or worse) and calls for the nuking of a nation that never attacked the US? What is surreal is how Jews accuse Trump of being Hitler-like on matters where he is most pro-peace while overlooking aspects of Trumpism that has genuine Nazi-like overtones. Trump's talk of peace with Russia is anti-Hitlerian. Hitler, as I recall, was for world hegemony. He was not satisfied with nationalism within Germany. He wanted to impose German imperialism over other nations. Globalism is Hitlerian because it tries to impose Jewish-dominated Americanism on the entire world with financial, military, and/or media power.
In contrast, nationalism is about respecting the sovereignty of all nations: Let the US mind US affairs, let Russia mind Russian affairs, let Mexico mind Mexican affairs, let China mind Chinese affairs. No need for one-world hegemony dominated by any nation. This side of Trump seems anti-Hitlerian. His good side wants every nation to be sovereign and autonomous and work together peacefully than invade one another or impose its will or agenda on others. Also, given US invasions and its support of terrorists in Syria, does it even have the right to be preaching right-and-wrong to other nations? Under Bush, the use of torture in Abu Gharib rendered America as just another violator of human rights, a nation of War Criminals. And as Edward Snowden has revealed, the Deep State, with full approval of the Obama administration, is spying on EVERYONE all the time. So, Trump's call for national autonomy and sovereignty for all nations is least Hitlerian. He's saying US should respect the differences in politics, cultures, and histories of all nations and NOT impose one-world hegemony on the world, especially since globalist foreign policy often leads to fiasco and tragedies such as in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, etc.
Where Trump is actually Hitlerian is on the issue of Iran and Palestinians. Trump is totally 'neo-conservative' in his animus toward the nationalist Iranian regime. If Obama did one laudable thing(after his crimes in Libya, Syria, and Ukraine), it was the easing of sanctions on Iran, a much-maligned-and-wronged nation because Israel-Firsters who control the US cannot tolerate any rival power in the Middle East. Trump has surrounded himself with Jewish hawks whose hatred of Iran isn't much different from Nazi hatred of Poland and Russia. And then, there is Trump's pro-Zionist contempt for Palestinians whose basic humanity continues to be denied by American politicians. This is the evil side of Trump, and it can even be called Hitlerian. But Jews are totally approving of this worst side of Trump. According to current political logic, when Trump respects other nations, calls for national sovereignty, and rails against one-world hegemony, Jews say he is 'nazi-like'. But when Trump is most belligerent toward Iran and supportive of Netanyahu's supremacist domination over Palestinians, Jews don't mind at all. So, when Trump talks peace, he is 'hitler'; when he talks war, he is un-hitler. That is Jewish logic for you.

Is Dershowitz's Jews-uber-alles worldview even valid? While it's true that Jews were more adept at making money, should power be decided by money? If a Jewish businessmen owned a factory and hired white/black/brown goyim, he would naturally have made more than his workers. Still, didn't his workers sweat and toil on the shop floor? Also, didn't the sons of those workers fight in wars and do most of the dying? Even though Jews have been vastly over-represented in government positions that decide on matters of war and peace, very Jews have died in recent Middle East Wars. Almost all the dead and maimed have been gentiles.
Jews tend to see gentiles as expendables and disposables. Gentiles are to be squeezed for juice and then tossed out like rinds. If Jews feel this way about white gentiles, they surely don't think too highly of other gentiles either. Just ask Palestinians and Arabs what Zionists think of them in the Middle East. Jews don't care if Palestinians are driven out of their homes. Jews don't care if half a million Arab kids are killed by starvation or disease in Iraq. As Madeline Albright said, "It was worth it."

Jews say ONLY Jews should be allowed to move to Israel and Israel should be a Jewish state forever -- furthermore, Jews insist all gentile nations must support Israel's right to remain a Jewish State -- , but then, Jews say all gentiles nations are to be mass-invaded and its native populations are to be replaced by other peoples. So, Jews alone are exceptional and indispensable, but all other peoples are disposable and replaceable. Sounds Nazi-like and supremacist to me.

Indeed, the Jewish use the term 'far right' is illuminating as to their true agenda. If any gentile nation seeks control of its borders and preservation of its racial stock & cultural heritage, it is denounced as 'far right'. But when Israel enforces far more stringent forms of nationalism(that spill over into imperialism), it is NEVER referred to as 'far right'. If something like Likud party existed in a gentile nation, Jews would scream 'nazi' and 'fascist'.
The hypocrisy is obvious. Jewish power has been most instrumental in setting the Middle East on fire and unleashing the terrible refugee crisis, but Israel won't take any refugees. Jews won't even open up Golan Heights(stolen from Syria) as temporary haven for Syrian refugees. But these very same Jews virtue-signal as friends of Muslim refugees as they pressure OTHER nations to take in the refugees. So, Jews privatize the virtue and socialize(onto gentile nations) the cost of Zio-globalism. Incredibly, Jews, who never pressure Israel to take in refugees, pressure even Japan to take them, even though Japan had NOTHING to do with the mess in the Middle East.

Anyway, to continue with Schraub:

"For Jews, by contrast, this is agonizing. First having to endure these threats, we must now also deal with the painful knowledge that many of them were acts of betrayal. Likewise, all of us know we will as a class lose credibility for the actions of one deranged member. It is difficult to fathom a greater act of treason against the Jewish people than what this man did. It was all I could do not to keep thinking of Cynthia Ozick’s curse against Simon Wiesenthal’s SS officer in The Sunflower: 'Let [him] die unshriven. Let him go to hell. Sooner the fly to God than he.'"

Schraub says Jews had to 'endure these threats'. But the threats were bogus and, as things turned out, carried out by a Jew. So, how are Jews the victims of this? If anything, Jews got tons of undeserved sympathy from all quarters of society. Jewish-dominated media were sensationalizing these incidents(than 'enduring' them) and wallowing in righteous self-aggrandizement to hurt Trump and boost fanfare for Jews as eternal victims.
If anyone and any people had to endure the bad vibes from this controversy, it was Trump and white Americans. After all, the fetid swamp of Jewish Imagination has been having fever dreams about "Trump is Hitler and about his supporters as Nazis romping around committing hate crimes everywhere." Indeed, the Jewish perpetrator almost certainly carried out the hoax to serve this very Narrative pushed by Jews like Schraub. What better way than to cook up 'hate hoaxes' to lend the impression that Nazis are lurking under every bed.
So, if anything, it was the Jewish anti-Gentilites who were having the time of their lives over the manufactured panic. They loved to posture as victims and smear Trump and white Americans as 'nazis'. Surely, Jews were hoping that the perpetrator would either turn out to be a Trump supporter OR never get caught(to give the impression that the Nazi bogeyman is still somewhere out there).
Jews love these Hate Panics because they can play the victim, plead for sympathy, and blame their enemies, real-perceived-or-imagined, as the likely baddies. So, I don't believe that Schraub was really upset over these bomb threats or vandalism or whatever. I believe people like him eat, drink, and excrete the holy cult of Jewish victimhood. It's like ADL cooks up data about all these 'antisemitic' incidents, most of which turn out to be totally bogus.

If anything, people like Schraub tirelessly fan the flames of these hate hoaxes by pushing the crazy narrative that Trump is Hitler, closet-Nazis are everywhere, and anyone who opposes globalism is a Neo-Nazi. (And when it comes to actual violence, like Richard Spencer getting sucker-punched, Jews crack jokes or, worse, endorse more such thuggery and violence. Hopefully, Spencer will identify with Palestinians as they must deal with Jewish-Zionist perfidy on a daily basis. Just as Jews denied identity and nationhood to Palestinians, they now do the same to all gentile nations by encouraging all nations to be 'Palestinianized' and 'Israelized', whereby the native peoples -- the 'palestinians' -- are to be replaced by New Peoples -- the 'israelis'. So, masses of Muslims are to invade Europe and become 'israelis' over the Europeans who are turned into 'palestinians'.) Naturally, some people come under the influence of the Narrative and play along. It's like the Middle Ages when people joined in the fray of tracking down 'witches'. In a world where you earn pokemon points for exposing and punishing witches, people will begin to see witches everywhere. It's like kids will eagerly hunt for Easter Eggs or lynch a Pinata as the officially sanctioned activity by adults.

When a certain political/cultural climate or hysteria is created to serve a certain Narrative, people eager for attention or recognition will either hallucinate stuff or make things up to win affirmation from the mavens of the Narrative. It's like the scene in LA DOLCE VITA with the bogus sightings of the madonna. Or the fake KKK sightings at Oberlin and some other university. In a way, it's a hunting instinct. Cats will kill prey and bring it to their masters for approval. Dogs will hunt whatever to please their masters. Warriors will go after designated enemies and bring back trophies to win approval from the clan or tribe.

And consider the case of UVA rape hoax. Anti-white hack Jewish reporter Sabrina Rubin Erderly, with a history of lies and deception, was given a plum job at Rolling Stone to write a hit piece on 'Aryan blonde' rapists. She found a willing accomplice in the deranged Jackie Coakley who fantasized something more outlandish than lunacies in GIRL WITH A DRAGON TATTOO.
Why did Coakley cook up such a lie? Because it was precisely the kind of nonsense that the anti-white Jews who run the media want to hear. They are often nobodies eager for attention & affection from figures of authority play to the official narrative. It's like kids will often tell adults what adults want to hear to win approval. It's the psychological dynamics of power. Since Jews control the power and narrative, those hungry for attention and approval will cook up stuff that powerful Jews want to hear and give special coverage to.

What is amazing is that, prior to her stint at Rolling Stone, Erderly had already racked up a record of deception and fraud. But none of it mattered when it came to her favorable employment. Apparently, Jewish tribal networking washed away her sins so she could commit fresh ones.

Anyway, Schraub continues.

"But now we must deal with the aftermath. I am grateful that the perpetrator has been caught; I hope it signals the end of this terrible moment in Jewish history. Still, there continues to be much we don’t know. In particular, the suspect’s motive has not been revealed; there is some talk that he is mentally ill. But even at this juncture, there is something we can say with absolute confidence: The man who did this was anti-Semitic."

I don't believe for a minute that Schraub is happy that the perpetrator has been caught. I suspect Schraub would have been gloriously happy ONLY IF the suspect turned out to be some blonde Trump supporter. Also, Schraub must have known, given the bogus nature of so many alleged 'hate crimes', that the latest incident could very well have been the work of Jews or non-whites. Indeed, most 'hate incidents' are hoaxes. And it's not just this incident and Juan Thompson the black guy.

Another black guy turned a menorah into swastika.

Another Jewish guy pulled this stunt:

But people like Schraub will go Ground-Hog-Day, insist on collective amnesia, and re-impose the Narrative of Nazis-lurking-everywhere-to-get-innocent-Jews.  In other words, it is unconscionable for anyone to suspect that these incidents are faux-hysteria cooked up by attention-hogs or defamers beholden to the Narrative perpetrated by people none other than Schraub's ilk. Indeed, one could argue that Schraub himself is a kind of hate hoaxer despite his lofty academic title. People like him need not resort to anything so crude, vulgar, or illegal as vandalizing property or making threatening phone calls. No, all they need do is promote the bogus Narrative in the academia and media that encourages mass hysteria that inspires rogue elements to vandalize, make threats, or defame. (Come to think of it, the Anti-Defamation League's modus operandi is to fight defamation of Jews by defaming anyone who is even slightly critical or cognizant of Jewish power as a 'Nazi' or 'anti-Semite'.) The Narrative hyped and disseminated by his ilk would have us believe that Trump is Hitler(for wanting peace with Russia), Putin rules America, any news that goes against the official narrative is 'fake news', and white supremacists are roaming through college towns to rape girls and hold KKK rallies. People like Schraub have created the very poisoned climate that instigates pranks like this:

Of late Jews have funded movies like GET OUT(made by a mulatto), a kind of "Protocols of Elders of Whites" that features whites as harvesters of black bodies. Imagine if white Catholics funded a movie portraying a Jewish family doing this to a gentile. Jews tend to project all their hatreds and paranoia onto others.

Recently, Jews have been accusing Trump and his supporters of being anti-Muslim, but why did Americans become so anti-Muslim in the first place? It has a lot to do with Jewish control of Hollywood and government. Jews needed US support against Arabs and Palestinians, and so, it became routine for Hollywood movies to feature Muslims as terrorists, sex slavers, kidnappers, and worse. One particularly odious movie is called TAKEN, and it stars Liam Neeson as the white father mowing down bad guys right and left to rescue his pure white daughter from Muslim sex slavers. Jews accuse movies like BIRTH OF A NATION and THE SEARCHERS as 'racist' for depicting white man defending white women from non-whites, but apparently, white male sexual fury is justified(as gungho, heroic, and All-American) IF it targets Muslims-as-lechers.

Jews sought American support against Palestinians(dehumanized as terrorists) and against Muslim nations hated by Israel and Zionists. Since the US needed to fight most of these Wars for Israel against Arabs and Muslims, Jews naturally used media power to portray Muslims in a bad light. And who controls Hollywood? All honest people know.
When it's not Evil Muslims, Hollywood will feature evil Russians or Yellow Peril, mostly Chinese. With Jews making movies in this vein, is it any wonder why so many Americans develop crazy notions about the world? Hollywood never makes a movie about Nakba or how Israelis/Zionists/AIPAC controls so much of US politics. Some Jews are honest enough to mention the fact of Jewish power, but even they will obfuscate their observations. For example, the New Yorker article admits that AIPAC controls much of Congress but then wonders if Jewish-American support for Israel is slipping when it certainly isn't.

One of the crazy facts of American life is Jews SAY one thing but blatantly DO another when it comes to US relations with the world. Jews love to remind us of the bad ole days when the US used to be Eurocentric, Anglocentric, and especially favorable to Great Britain, the mother country. Jews say such an arrangement was unfair because the US should be a 'nation of immigrants'(whose destiny was to take lands from Indians) that treats all peoples and all nations equally and impartially. After all, if Americans come from ALL nations around the world, it shouldn't favor one particular nation or people over others. Jews say such things, but in actual practice, they've rigged everything so that the US favors Jews and Israel over all other nations and peoples. After all, the legal authorities are far more likely to pursue cases of anti-Jewish transgressions than any other kind. Ironically, this advantage can be an albatross around Jewish necks because the vast resources allocated to tracking down anti-Jewish perpetrators may well lead to suspects who happen to be Jewish. Indeed, if less effort had been expended toward catching the latest 'antisemitic perpetrators', we still might not know who did it, and then, Jews can make believe that 'Nazis' or 'Trumper's did it and scare-monger some more.
Anyway, even though Americans come from all nations around the world, US favors Israel for aid, support, protection, and just about everything. But how could this be? I thought Jews don't believe in the US playing favorites among nations and peoples. Hypocritically, Jews tell gentiles that they must regard Israel as America's best friend and closest ally; and for the sake of Israel 'security', any act of violence by the US is justified. Now, why should any gentile agree with this tribal-favoritism of Jews, especially if that gentile happens to be a Palestinian-American? Why should the US favor Israelis over Palestinians and favor Jewish-Americans over Palestinian-Americans? What happened to equality and impartiality of justice?

If anything about Trump is hitlerian, it is in his blind devotion to Israel ruled by the demagogue Netanyahu. But even the most 'liberal' Jews are totally mum on this key issue. If anything, they are most angry about Trump trying to improve relations between US and Russia. These same Jews lauded Richard Nixon when he met with Mao Zedong, the totalitarian killer of 50 million. But for some reason, Vladimir Putin is the 'new hitler' and the most dangerous man on Earth. Why do Jews hate Putin with such rabid virulence? It has everything to do with Jewish obsession with supremacism. In the 1990s, Jews nearly had all of Russia in the palm of their hands. But Putin restored some measure of national sovereignty, and Jews have been frothing at the mouth ever since. Putin's Russia is a welcome place for Jews, but that isn't enough for Jews. Jews believe they must control and gain supremacy over every nation, especially white ones. So, Jews cannot forgive Putin for restoring national sovereignty that places Russian people and culture at the center of Russia. That is why Jews blew their top over Russia's rejection of homosexual agenda. Jews regard homosexual propaganda as a proxy of Jewish globalist domination. Jews see homosexuals in every nation as willing collaborators with Hollywood, Wall Street, Ivy League, and Las Vegas, all controlled by Jews. Because Jews are the ruling elite minority in gentile majority nations, they feel nervous about the prospect of the national-and-moral-majority waking up to challenge elite minority power. So, by spreading homo-mania and tranny-mania, Jews hope to legitimize elite minority domination/privilege as the New Normal. Jews figure that a spineless people who cower before decadent homos will surely cower before Jews.,7340,L-4382986,00.html

Because Jews control the media, they control the Narrative. What Jews did to Russia in the 1990s was one of the great peacetime crimes of the 20th century. Not only was the economy looted BUT millions of Russians were condemned to premature deaths resulting from the catastrophe that was 10x worse than the Great Depression of the Weimar Era. If anything, Jews should be grateful that a sane and sober man like Putin rose to power than a Russian Hitler.

Here is a passage about Amy Chua's discovery of what had really transpired in Russia:

"Her chapter on the Russian oligarchs has the politically incorrect subtitle 'The Jewish Billionaires of Post-Communist Russia' because, she notes, "six out of seven of Russia's wealthiest tycoons are Jewish". It requires courage to make such an observation, even from a Harvard law professor with a Jewish husband - the latter a biographical detail inserted rather wisely in the chapter. Professor Chua describes the difficulty she faced in discussing her observations with colleagues: 'In the spring of 2000, a professor whom I'll call Jerry White was furiously trying to finish an article on the debacle of Russian privatisation. Jerry and his co-authors had served as legal advisers to the Russian Government during the country's mass privatisation process in the late 1990s. The article described how Russia's pro-market reforms had gone horribly awry. Instead of dispersing ownership and creating functioning markets, these reforms had allowed a small group of industrialists and bankers to plunder Russia, turning themselves almost overnight into the billionaire owners of Russia's crown jewels while the country spiralled into chaos and lawlessness. It seemed to me that most of the key players in the privatisation of Russia were Jewish. 'Oh, no,' Jerry replied instantly. 'I don't think so.' 'Are you sure?' I pressed him. 'If you look at their names…'. 'You can't tell anything from names,' Jerry snapped, clearly not wanting to discuss the topic any further'."

You notice how the Jewish 'Jerry White' was very angry with Amy Chua for honestly probing into Jewish machinations and malfeasance in Russia of the 90s? Jews only support Free Speech when it serves their agenda. Otherwise, they try to shut it down with means fair or foul. In EU, there are laws that fine and penalize free speech. In the US, Jews have means of destroying careers by branding anyone who notices Jewish Power as 'antisemitic'.

The problem with crying 'Anti-Semite' all the time is the presumption that Jews are always noble, innocent, & wonderful, whereas their critics and opponents are always deranged, paranoid, and delusional. Some believe Jews deserve special consideration because of their great suffering in WWII. But by that token, we should shut up about Chinese who suffered horribly since the Opium Wars. Surely, from the age of imperialism to end of Mao's era, close to 100 million Chinese died unnatural deaths. And we should never criticize Russia since so many were killed by communism and in WWII(by some estimates, 25 million). And we should never criticize Armenians who suffered genocide at the hands of Turks. Or Cambodians who suffered the ravages of the Maoist Khmer Rouge.
But, that kind of logic is untenable. Just because a people were powerless victims at a certain time and place, it doesn't follow that they are powerless & innocent victims forever. At one time, the people of the British Isles were invaded and enslaved by Romans. Later, Brits became great imperialists. At one time, China was conquered and humiliated by great white powers and Japan. Today, China is the second most powerful nation on earth. Surely, the China-Japan dynamics today isn't what it had been in the 1930s and 1940s, and to pretend otherwise is crazy. Times change, and the once-powerful become the now-weak, and once-weak can become the now-powerful. Once the Byzantine Empire was great, but it was taken over by Turks eventually.

Soviet Union was a superpower, but today, Russia is a mere regional power with an economy that of Spain. So, why is there so much hysteria about the Russian threat? It has nothing to do with most of the world. It has everything to do with the Judeo-centric worldview. Jews fear gentile nationalism in any nation because nationalism serves as barrier to Jewish elite globalist penetration and domination. So, the problem is not that Russia is a threat to other nations. It isn't. The problem is that the Russian example of national sovereignty might spread to other gentile nations, in which case it will be more difficult for Jewish globalists like George Soros and Paul Singer to amass control and power. That is why Jews are hysterical about Russia. It is all about their addiction to supremacist control over key nations, especially the US and those of EU. Jewish Power is the most invasive and aggressive force in the world. If anything, it's Russia that's been playing defense, as against the Nazis in WWII.
Because Jews will have a tough time recruiting gentile allies against Russia on the basis of their tribal greed, they cook up paranoid nonsense(that would have made Joe McCarthy blush) about Russia hacking, Putin as Trump's puppet-master, Russia about to invade EU, and other such fantasies. And dumb Americans whose minds have been warped by Hollywood movies, sensationalist TV shows, and Jewish-controlled propaganda news often fall for this nonsense... even though alternative news sources on the internet are breaking the monopolistic stranglehold of Zionist globalists. Jews mask their tribal interests with generalities such as 'liberal democracy' vs 'autocracy'. Supposedly, the West is about 'liberal democracy' whereas Russia is about 'autocracy'. But notice how, when the US democracy elected Trump, Jews lost their bearings and went into full neo-McCarthyite mode. Some even called for military coup or Deep State subversion of the new administration. So much for Jewish commitment to 'liberal democracy', 'Rule of Law', respect for due process, and electoral politics.

Another thing we need to understand about Jews is that they weren't only victims but among the great movers and shakers of modern history. Even though one would have to be demented to say Jews deserved the Holocaust as punishment for their historical crimes, it cannot be denied that Jews had a hand in events that led to the rise of Hitler and breakout of WWII. After all, why did the so many in Europe turn to the Far Right? Because of the threat from the radical left, much of it generated by Jews. The failed Communist putsch in Germany was led by Jews. Bela Kun who ruled Hungary with an iron fist for a spell was Jewish. And Jews played a crucial role in Soviet communism that killed millions of Christian Slavs and destroyed so much of traditional culture. Jews have been disingenuously selective in their historiography, highlighting only those facts and factors that shine a light on Jews as innocents or wise-men while overlooking those details that point to the dark side of Jewish history. The fact is Jews were among the biggest mass-murderers of the 20th century along with Germans, Japanese, Turks, Chinese(under Mao), and Americans(especially in Philippines, Korea, and Vietnam).,7340,L-3342999,00.html

Also, Jews played a key role in the financial manipulations that wrecked many nations and lives. This contributed to the rise of radical regimes of both left and right in Europe. In recent times, we've seen what Jewish financial crimes can do the world. George Soros is known as the man who broke the Bank of England.

How did Bernie Madoff get away with his scheme for as long as he did? He had protection from fellow tribesmen, for whom he was making great fortunes as long as the going was good. And, who led the financial deregulation of Wall Street that led to 2008 collapse? Jews like Lawrence Summer and Robert Rubin. And if Wall Street was responsible for the mess, why didn't the banksters go to jail? Why were they bailed out? Why weren't the banks nationalized? It's because of the collusion of power among Jews who run the banks, Jews who run the courts, Jews who run the media, and Jews who own politicians like Bush and Obama and even Trump. Eric Holder admitted he's not going after the bankers who funded Obama to serve as their pet dog.

So, while the likes of Schraub spread panic about bogus hate hoaxes(mostly carried out by Jews), they won't touch on the real power that is destroying America and the world. He would rather have us worry about phantom nazis or KKK than focus on Jewish power that destroyed Iraq, Libya, Syria, and looted Russia dry in the 90s(a crime against humanity that makes Wall Street corruption look like child's play). If Jews are a people of conscience, they will face up to what they did to Russia in the 90s(and in the Soviet Revolution that led to so much destruction of people and culture).

Jews have every right and obligation to remember the Holocaust and say Never Again and teach the world about the dangers of racial supremacist theory. But Jews must also remember and atone for their own great crimes against humanity. It's like Japanese have every right to lament Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but they must also remember Nanking. And Chinese need to remember Nanking but also remind themselves that they are the ones who carried out the crazy Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution(and aided the horrible Khmer Rouge in Cambodia).

Jews need to look in the mirror and own up to the fact that the ONLY supremacism that matters in current US is Jewish supremacism, to the tune of which all politicians of both parties must dance.

And let's not forget Zionism and Nakba. Zionism as an idea isn't necessarily evil. There is nothing wrong with Jews wanting a homeland. But Israel was founded by fomenting war and ethnically cleansing Palestinians from their homeland. And no less unconscionable has been the Jewish use of media and political power to steer American sympathy almost entirely to Jews at the tragic expense of Palestinians. This is all very interesting because American Jews condemned Apartheid South Africa while Israel was its closest ally and even provided it with atomic secrets. Also, Arafat was much admired by Mandela. Both used terror to gain their objectives. But Jews idolize Mandela but sunk Arafat into the blackhole of history. But this is what Mandela said of Arafat.

More disturbing is the Jewish tendency to see gentiles as objects, cattle, and commodity. I find it incredible that the biggest funeral in Israel was for a man who said gentiles exist only to serve Jews.

Also, Jews have controlled pornography and spread the pornification of mainstream culture to the point where white girls are encouraged to serve as sex meat. Is that a proper way to see and treat womankind? To encourage entire populations to dress and act like hookers? Should parents raise their daughters to end up like Miley Cyrus and her braindead fans? Is the ultimate purpose of marriage, family formation, giving birth, and raising children to offer up one's daughters as sexual commodities for Jews?

Schraub says this:

"Still, there continues to be much we don’t know. In particular, the suspect’s motive has not been revealed."

That is so disingenuous. Aren't his motives obvious? It was to defame Trump and white people. It was to perpetuate the myth that white Americans are a bunch of closet-Nazis. Jews are hooked on their holy victimhood and want to pretend there are Nazis everywhere. Also, Jews have spread lies before to garner sympathy and boost solidarity. Consider the lie about Russian Tsar and pogroms, an article of faith among Jews as fanciful as the Protocols of Elders of Zion.

I think the hate-hoaxer's motive was pretty simple. It was to defame white gentiles. It was no different from, say, a Christian hate-hoaxer poisoning a Christian well and making it seem as if Jews did it. Using Schraub's logic, the Christian hoaxer would be anti-Christian since he poisoned a Christian well. But in fact, his act would have been really been anti-Jewish since his motive was to defame Jews and win sympathy for Christians. So, the Jewish hate hoaxer is no 'anti-semite'. He is a Jewish supremacist and anti-gentilist who tried to defame white gentiles as 'Nazis' and claim sympathy for his Tribe. Some Jews will even lie about the Holocaust gain sympathy and fortune.

Israel also pulled 'hate hoax' in Egypt that came to be known as the Lavon Affair.

Israel also attacked USS Liberty and tried to make it seem like Egypt did it. But did Israel or Jewish Lobby ever own up to it? Nope.

So, the recent incident was just an amateur 'false flag operation' carried out by an over-zealous Jewish supremacist. He is no anti-semite, and Schraub knows it. He is no more an anti-semite than a Christian who poisons a Christian water-well(to make it seem as if Jews did it) is anti-Christian. The problem with Jews like Schraub is they lack integrity, honesty, and courage to face up to the character flaws of their pride, ego, and chutzpah. According to Schraub's Procrustean view, Jews must always be the victims. So, even when a Jew does something dirty to defame gentiles and garner sympathy for Jews, it is a case of 'antisemitism'. With people like Schraub teaching law, it's no wonder so many universities are producing dishonest people like Sabrina Rubin Erdely.
According to the article below, Victor Navasky of Columbia journalism school and so many Jews refused to own up to the truth even when it stared them right in the face. (The irony of the article is that Martin Peretz himself has trouble with the truth, especially as it pertains to Israel and Palestinians.) I don't care how intelligent or erudite Schraub may be about the law. The fact is he is a moron or midget when it comes to honesty, integrity, and common decency. A person so deficient in character should not be teaching students.

Eventually, Schraub ponders the possibility that the hate hoaxer did it to defame Trump and his supporters:

"If he did this because he wanted to discredit Donald Trump and the American political right, he is an anti-Semite who also did a grave injustice to President Trump and his supporters."

This is what is called lawyer-logic or lawgic. Tragicomicly, the US is a nation of Rule of Lawyers than Rule of Law. Lawyer-logic or lawgic is really a sleight-of-hand trick to hoodwink us. It's not real logic. If the Jewish guy pulled the stunt to discredit Trump(perceived by many Jews as 'literally Hitler) and to serve Jewish interests, he could be called many things but certainly 'anti-semite' is not it. An anti-Semite is someone who hates Jews for no good reason and is out to defame them. Not everyone who hates Jews is an anti-Semite. We can understand why Palestinians might hate Zionists. We can understand why Russians would be bitter about what Jews did in the 90s, just as Jews are forever bitter about the Spanish who looted Jewish wealth in the Inquisition.

The hate hoaxer of this incident is certainly not a Jew-hater. He did it to serve Jewish interests and to damage the perceived enemy of Jews. He faked an antisemitic incident to boost Jewish power and defame others. Now, one could argue that he is a stupid or crazy Jewish supremacist, but, first and foremost, he is a Jewish supremacist, not an anti-Semite. If he is anti-anything, he is anti-gentile, anti-white, anti-Christian,and anti-American.
But according to Schraub's lawyer logic, even when a Jew sets out to defame others, Jews are the primary victims of 'antisemitism'. Unfortunately, this is a common attitude among Jews. No matter what happens, even when Jews pull something dirty, they spin the narrative to portray their own kind as the primary victims. Consider the Bernie Madoff affair. That guy stole tons of wealth from gentiles and spread them around to fellow Jews. He'd been doing this for decades. Take from gentiles and give to Jews. But eventually, his empire collapsed and even his Jewish clients got burned and lost a lot. So, how did the Jewish-run media spin it? BERNIE MADOFF RIPPED OFF JEWS WHO ARE HIS MAIN VICTIMS, and JEWS MAY BE HARMED BY THE STEREOTYPE OF THE DEVIOUS JEW AS EMBODIED BY MADOFF AND HIS ILK. In other words, the biggest problem is not that too many Jews act crooked from positions of power but that Jewish crookedness may make gentiles take notice of Jewish perfidy and lose trust in the Jewish Community. Imagine Nazis invading Poland and then griping that the biggest injustice is that the world may 'unfairly' stereotype Nazi Germany as imperialist and aggressive. So, just forget about all the gentiles who'd been fleeced to enrich the Jews before the Jews also got it in the neck. Even though Jews like Bernie Madoff and Jordan Belfort have been disproportionately involved in financial scandals, the Jewish narrative overlooks the preponderance of the Tribesmen in the scams & frauds and only hyperventilates about gentiles connecting the dots to a possibly 'antisemitic' conclusion. So, if a lot of Jews do bad things, the main concern of Jews is that gentiles might notice the pattern of Jews doing bad things. The fact that lots of Jews do bad things doesn't disturb most Jews.

What is deemed 'antisemitic' in today's world is the noticing of patterns that doesn't reflect well on the Jews. No matter what Jews do, we are obliged to see them in a positive light. If Jews burn down your house, you should thank them for providing heat. So, even as Jewish supremacists cook up total nonsense about the Iranian nuclear program or Russian hacking, they condemn anyone who notices all-too-common fact that Jewish power spreads lies to hoodwink us into serving Jews.
Why has Jewish Power become so corrupt? Because of the twisted concept of 'antisemitism' and Holocaust-worship. When Jews emerged from Nazi camps, humanity understood the value of the term 'antisemitism'. But today when Jews hold and abuse so much power, the term merely prevents us from noticing and criticizing the most powerful force in the world.
Imagine an earlier America where people would have been forbidden to notice or criticize Wasp power and its abuses. Naturally, that power would have just grown more corrupt. All power needs to be confronted and challenged, but the sacrosanct notion of 'antisemitism' prevents honest discussion of Jewish power. If you notice Jewish power, you're a Nazi. If, like Trump, you sensibly surmise that recent incidents may be 'hate hoxes' -- because Jews and others have pulled so many of them in recent yrs -- , then the likes of Schraub will be barking and growling at your feet. And when the perpetrator happens to be a Jewish supremacist, people like Schraub insist that he too is an 'Anti-Semite', therefore 'anti-semitism' is still a problem. So, even when Jews do something bad, it's not the fault of Jews but the 'Anti-Semite' within the Jew. That's like creating a notion of 'evil Jew', and if some gentile does something bad, the 'evil Jew' inside him is blamed than he himself as a gentile.

"I play no favorites when it comes to anti-Semitism; it is equally despicable no matter who the perpetrator is. Nor do I apologize for declaring that these were anti-Semitic attacks, because they were anti-Semitic attacks. They just happened also to be acts of betrayal as well."

Schraub is clearly a pathological liar. He plays no favorites when it comes to 'antisemitism'? Indeed, what does that even mean? The fact is Schraub does play favorites when it comes to Tribalism, and he's all for his Jewish Tribe. And in calling the Jewish perpetrator an 'anti-semite', he is playing favorites. He is trying to turn a case of Jewish supremacism into a case of 'antisemitism''. He is trying to flip a case where a Jew clearly defamed gentiles into a case of a Jew defaming Jews. If Schraub really plays no favorites when it comes to the Politics of Hate, would he then argue that a Christian who poisons a Christian well(to make it seem as if Jews did it) is primarily an anti-Christian than an antisemitic? Of course not. If a Christian did such thing, Schraub would say he is an anti-Semite, and if a Christian apologist tried to argue otherwise -- that Christians were the main victims of the Christian hate hoaxer -- Schraub would seethe with rage and accuse him of being an anti-Semite too.

Also, the stunt pulled by the Jewish hoaxer was NOT an act of 'betrayal'. An act of ineptness maybe. But his motive was to help Jews, not hurt them. His motive was to hurt and defame gentiles. One can accuse of him having been overzealous in his Tribal Loyalty but not of betrayal. Or, does Schraub even know the meaning of betrayal?

Now, there are Jews who 'hate' Jews. Some Jews call them self-loathing Jews. While some Jews might have neurotic self-hatred, some Jews have grown critical of Jews and Jewish power for the same reason that some Germans came to loathe aspects of German history and some Wasps became critical of Wasp power. Also, such Jews don't resort to hate hoaxes but honestly state why they turned away from Jewish identity. Norman Finkelstein is forthright in his feelings about Jewish paranoia and Zionist imperialism. So is Philip Weiss. So, is Gilad Atzmon. So is Brother Nathanael. They are appalled by how corrupt, abusive, devious, and obnoxious Jewish power has become.

Speaking of Jews acting like 'Anti-Semites', which people were most antisemitic? The Nazis, right? And in what respect are Jews most Nazi-like? In their tyranny over Palestinians who've been hit with Blitzkrieg attacks by Zionists. So, the cases of Jews acting like 'anti-Semites' happen mostly in Israel-Palestine itself. Just ask the Palestinians who are the New Jews resisting Jewish Zionists who are the New Nazis. But don't expect Schraub to address this bit of howling irony.

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