Tuesday, June 11, 2019

LINO or Liberalism in Name Only — How Globalists mask Hate Actions with Vapid Talk of Combating 'Hate Speech' — According to Zionist-Globalists, the Youtuber Soph is a Bigger Threat to the World than Mass-Murderers like Madeleine Albright and Jewish-Supremacists Propagandists like Thomas Friedman

Liberalism can be about Thick Skins and Free Speech for all. That is true liberalism. Or it can be about Thin Skins and Control of Speech. But as not all groups have equal power, the one with the Most Power gets to decide what kinds of speech shall be controlled, suppressed, or forbidden. In the Jewish-run USA, hateful homosexual contempt and blasphemy against Christianity are allowed as 'free speech', but Christian denunciation of homo degeneracy is condemned as 'hate speech'. And blatant homosexual and/or tranny disregard for nature is deemed as 'science' and 'truth' — apparently, a homo anus is as much a sex organ as a vagina, surgery can turn a penis into a 'vagina', and a child can have 'two mommies' or 'two daddies' — , but honest speech about the truth of there being two sexes, male and female, is deemed 'homophobic' or 'transphobic', thereby 'hateful' and 'unhelpful'(as if it some kind of virtue to lend a help to degeneracy and lunacy).
The second kind of Liberalism, Thin Skin & Control, is LINO or Liberalism in Name Only as it relies on illiberal control of speech to maintain its hegemony. LINO is the dominant kind of Liberalism in our globo-homo era with Jewish Supremacism as the lord of all. (We are told religions are dying and that ours is a secular age, but the decline of Great Religions has led to rise of superstitions, witchcraft, cults, taboos, and manias. People's need for the sacred and 'spiritual' has been filled by the New Holy-Schmolies. While spirituality or sacro-consciousness can be a positive thing, it is problematic to the extent that sacrosanctness blinds people to the dark side of what they deem to be sacred and to the [partial]validity of what they deem to be sacrilegious. This is evident in the mindless celebration of laws allowing abortion UP TO childbirth. It's one thing to argue for abortion under certain circumstances and up to certain stage of the fetuses' development, but what's with the happy celebration over laws that allow unborn child be killed even when it's a fully developed baby about to be born? It's because the "The Woman's Right to Choose[to kill her own unborn child]" has been turned into a sacred mantra in our culture. It's so sacrosanct or secular-sanct that it must be totally good, indeed holy, to expand that 'right' to the fullest extent possible. And if the 'choice' is so holy, what does it matter that a 9 month unborn baby will be killed and mutilated? If anything, as the child-to-be-born stands in the way of the secular-sanct 'right to choose', the notion that it should be protected and allowed to live is deemed unholy and evil. Just like certain pagan cultures were blind to evils of child sacrifice because they were so sure of the holiness of the gods they worshiped, today's Abort-Again Child-Killers are so worshipful of Women's Choice that they don't even regard the deaths of fully developed unborn babies as tragic. Likewise, PC elevates certain groups upon the pedestal of holiness to such extent that even free speech, true speech, and honest speech must be sacrificed lest those godlike groups take offense or be blasphemed. Even humor must be proscribed, as with New York Times doing away with Political Cartoons in their global edition because too many opinion-makers around the world find Israel's behavior appalling.)
But more troubling in our Globo-Homo-Shlomo Supremacist Age is that so much of Hate Actions is covered up by the conceit of Anti-Hate Speech. This is especially telling with the mind-tricks of Jewish-controlled foreign policy. US foreign policy, heavily Zionist-imperialist, is clearly hateful and murderous toward many Arabs and Muslims. US policies have destroyed untold numbers of Arab/Muslim lives in the Middle East. They've been motivated by ethnic hostility and are indeed acts of hatred. And yet, they are not deemed as 'hateful' because the spoken US rhetoric has always been about 'spreading democracy', 'liberal values', 'fighting terrorism', and etc. These shameless globalist mass-killers of Arabs/Muslims will claim to have respect for Islam, Muslims, and Arabs, and they will condemn overt anti-Muslim speech as 'hateful' and even 'Islamophobic'(though Hollywood is never called out on all its movies and TV shows depicting Muslims and Arabs as little more than terrorist psychos). In fact, their actions are hateful and murderous, but their rhetoric is measured and diplomatic(even flowery at times). The end-result is the monstrous hateful actions of the Zionist-controlled US are veiled by its smiley-handshake rhetoric. In some ways, this is more dangerous than what the Nazis did. Nazis were overt in their hatred and contempt for certain nations and peoples. They were out to conquer and destroy, esp. certain Slavic nations. Nazis didn't hide much. Their hateful actions were backed by hateful rhetoric. In contrast, the so-called democratic empires have had a habit of masking their hateful actions with happy talk of how they are all about spreading peace and justice around the world.

To expose this state of affairs, we need to discuss the Hate Actions of the Globalist Empire. Take Google. It's owned by hateful Zionist Jews who work hand in glove with hateful Zionist Israelis who kill Palestinians in Gaza, occupy West Bank and steal more land, enforce Apartheid policies against Arabs, and sponsor terrorism in Syria & other nations. Google's Jewish oligarchs are hateful Zionists joined at the hip with murderous and tyrannical Zionist imperialists of Israel. Google Jews are the kissing cousins of Israeli Jews who dehumanize Palestinians and wreak murderous violence on its neighbors. Google has tons of operations in Israel that uses IDF death squads to mow down Palestinian women and children in Gaza. Furthermore, Google Jews work with Jewish-controlled Mass Media to promote deranged, hysterical, paranoid, and hateful foreign policies against Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Syria, Yemen, and other nations that won't obey the Empire of Judea. In private, Google Jews must know that they themselves are a bunch of supremacists, hegemonists, imperialists, and mass-killers. They are not harmless geeks but globalist overlords of corporate monopolies. (As for most journalists, they are just a bunch of corpornalists. After all, they are hired and can be fired by a handful of corporations that oligopolize most of the media in the West. Incidentally, notice how clever Google Jews got themselves a Hindu shill Sundar Pichai to serve as the Face of the company to create the impression that Google's dirty tricks are the brainchild of the People of Dot.) Google Jews are not innocents. They are world hegemonists. They know they got blood on their hands. They've worked with Deep State to spread Zionist-US imperialism all over. They've spread globo-homo propaganda to weaken national sovereignty around the world. They've worked intimately with Israel, a terrorist-tyrannical imperialist state that has forsaken sensible nationalism and decided to embark on the Imperial Project of Greater Israel by totally wiping out Palestine.
So, how do these Google Jews hide their true character? How do they distract us from their Hateful Actions against the World Community? How do they divert our attention from the fact that Google has extremely close ties with imperialist and now near-genocidal Israel? How do they suppress the fact that Jews control the US as lone superpower to carry out foreign policies designed to destroy any nation or people on the basis of "Is it good for the Jews?"
This is how: Google Jews, along with ADL and SPLC, make a big fuss about how they are fighting 'hate speech'. So, even as they are engaged in hatefully destroying Muslim nations and Arab peoples in ACTUAL DEED or ACTION, they pretend they are trying to protect powerless peoples from 'hateful speech'. But how many Arabs or Muslims died because someone on Twitter or Facebook used the term 'muzzie' or 'raghead'? Or 'camel jockey'? People like Madeleine Albright, Max Boot, Paul Wolfowicz, Richard Perle, William Kristol, Cass Sunstein, Thomas Friedman, Paul Krugman, and etc. will never use a term like 'Sand Ni**er', but they support the kind of policies that really destroy populations and wreck entire nations. They are the ones with blood on their hands, and their ACTIONS are motivated by Jewish Supremacist hatred and contempt for goyim, be they Arabs(to be killed) or white Christians(to be used as cannon fodder). But notice how they pretend to be innocent and indeed virtuous because they oppose 'hate speech' of some Youtubers or Twitterers who have No power and Zero influence in US government or foreign policy. Apparently, a goofy girl named 'Soph' poking fun at Islam is MORE DANGEROUS than Jewish-controlled US foreign policy that turned Libya, Syria, and Yemen into wastelands.

BE NOT AFRAID by Soph: https://www.bitchute.com/video/OdaUDeAGIck/

In the video below, look at the disgusting Tranny interviewing Sundar Pichai. The vile Tranny never mentions the fact that Google is very close with murderous Israel that is in the process of wiping West Bank off the map. There is no mention that Zionists have been using US foreign policy to destroy Arab nations and Muslims. No mention of US support of Zionist supremacism and its hateful policy against Iran, a nation with no nukes even as it is targeted by 200 nukes by Israel. Instead, his/her/its focus is on someone like Soph, a youtuber who made a funny video about Muslim culture and practices. The trashy tranny pretends to speak up for Muslims and against hateful 'Islamophobia', but it never occurs to the idiot that Globo-Homo is anti-Islam(as well as hateful against Christianity and all other great religions and to morality, sense, and normality). Even if homos and trannies don't explicitly say "Muhammad sucks" or "We hate Muslims", the kind of garbage they promote and disseminate is deeply offensive and contemptuous of great religions, sanity, and normality. Globo-Homo means never having to say you're sorry. You can ACT hatefully as long as you window dress your vile hateful & contemptuous actions with friendly TALK. It's like rednecks in the South being allowed to freely lynch blacks as long as they don't say 'ni**er' and instead sing praises to blacks.

Indeed, if we focus on Hate Actions(as opposed to wussy 'hate speech', most of which are silly and/or harmless 'memes' on the net), Jewish supremacists are the masters of HATE. (By the way, when it comes to Russia, even outright paranoid Hate Speech is allowed, what with NYT and WAPO running articles suggesting that it's in the Russian DNA to lie and cheat. Jews go into 'antisemitic' mode against certain non-Semites with special fervor. Past Russian operatives who wrote the Protocols of the Elders of Zion were amateurs compared to the Jews who came up with the "Trump is Putin's Puppet" paranoia and Russia Collusion hysteria.)
In truth, Youtube Terms of Service have been violated most by powerful Jews if we judge people by their ACTIONS. Google itself, by cooperating with the Deep State and Zionist-imperialist Israel, has indulged in tons of hateful, dehumanizing, and murderous policies. Youtube allows and encourages tons of Zionists, Deep State shills, and MSM to spread their propaganda, conspiracy theories, hysteria, and disinformation. Zionists and Zionist-Christ-cucks are all about Jewish supremacism. Deep State takes its orders from Jewish oligarchs and commissars. Media are almost totally run by Jewish globalist-supremacists. Much of academia is Jewish-controlled as well, and too many Jewish academics are hardly honest players.

Actions speak louder than words, or at least they should. In reality, however, so much of Action goes hidden by Words. Those who control the Words(and Images & Idols) can hide the Action. We have a Jewish supremacist Zionist-terrorist elite that rules the US, and it goes about using Hate Actions to wreck entire nations and peoples or increasing hostility against nations that insist on their sovereignty. If Google's Terms of Service are anti-hate, they should focus more on Actions than on Words because Actions get things done. And what have the Jewish Supremacists have done in Action and Deed? They've committed mass murder, brought about the destruction of nations, and spread the culture of drugs, pornography, and cultural degeneracy(esp with homos and trannies). If Google is opposed to hate, it should ban all those whose actions have done so much harm to the world. But as long as these Hate Actors carefully dress their rhetoric with flowery speech about 'spreading democracy' and 'justice'(and combating 'hate', such as silly humor by Soph and her ilk), they are guaranteed full access to platforms and financial services. In the US, a mass-murderer who professes to love humanity gets special treatment whereas a non-killer who calls a mass-murderer a mass-murderer is denounced and silenced for 'hate speech'. Take Google and other platforms' constant censorship of Ryan Dawson whose apparent crime is he's been calling out on Zionist tyranny and terror.
So, Jewish supremacists can go on killing and destroying as long as they mask their actions with nice speech. But if you call out Jewish Supremacists for what they are and denounce their murderous actions, you are guilty of 'hate speech' or 'antisemitism' against Jews(who pretend to be weak and vulnerable) and must be shut down, shadowbanned, deplatformed, or destroyed in one form or another. Same logic operates with Antifa and SPLC, both Jewish-funded outfits. As long as those hateful and deranged organizations mask their Hate Actions with righteous speech about 'fighting hate' and opposing 'nazis', they can literally get away with murder. Word conceals Sword.
And notice how Google protects those of 'immigrant status' but not those of indigenous or native status. Why? It's an imperialist enterprise, and migrations & immigrations are forms of invasion, colonization, and replacement. It was so when white Western Imperialists did it on a massive scale in Africa, Asia, and the New World(leading to 'genocide' of native American Indians and other indigenous populations). Immigration was demographic imperialism that replaced Palestinians with Zionists. The idea that immigrants are to be favored over natives is a pro-imperialist screed. It deceptively portrays the invaders as the 'victim' class, much like the American Western Narrative where the White Man encroached on the land of the Red Man but presented Indians as 'hostiles' and whites as mere 'victims' resisting Indian savagery. And of course, Zionists pulled the same trick. Even as they wiped Palestine off the map to create Israel, they accuse Palestinians of trying to wipe Israel off the map and not recognizing Israel's 'right to exist'. Total inversion of truth.
Now, America and Israel are political realities and must be recognized as national entities. We can't turn back the clock and undo mega-history. And one may find much that is impressive and admirable about those two nations. But both were founded on the tragic history of mass immigration and great replacement. Given the tragic side of immigration-invasion, one would think the post-imperialist world order would be opposed to Mass Immigration as policy or ideal in favor of national independence and sovereignty.

But Jews took over the West and figured it'd be better for them to increase Diversity to play divide-and-rule among goyim. Given how Jewish Power has done so much harm to gentiles of all stripes, one would hope whites and non-whites would form a Gentile Alliance against Jewish Power, but the Invade-Invite strategy has made this difficult. White elites, with their imperialist legacy, are so addicted to world power & hegemony that they will gladly cooperate with Jewish globalists to indulge in neo-imperialism. And non-whites are so obsessed about making it to white nations to improve their material lot(by leeching off White Wealth) that they will happily cooperate with Jewish globalists in mass-migration and great replacement in the West. This is why Gentile Liberation from Jewish Power is hard to come by. White elites are addicts of Big Powers gamesmanship, and non-whites(elites and masses) are obsessives about migrating to the West as the Land of Milk and Honey.

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