Thursday, June 13, 2019

Logic of 'Antisemitism' would Indicate Powerful Jews are Most 'Antisemitic' for their Actions Exhibiting Obscene Levels of Jewish Power and Influence

Is Alan Dershowitz an Anti-Semite for saying Jews indeed do possess disproportionate power and influence?


Jewish commentators and social critics often argue that Antisemitic Stereotypes or Tropes never seem to go away. What are their examples of 'Antisemitism'? The perception that Jews control the mass media. The suspicion that Jews control banking and finance. The accusation that Jews have inordinate controls of elite institutions of society and abused their power to make the US fight Wars for Israel. The impression that Jews are more loyal to other Jews around the world and to Israel than to the particular nation in which they reside. And there are other matters too: Jews control vice industries such as gambling. Jews promote drugs, illegal and legal, to demoralize and even destroy goy peoples. Jews push for Mass Migration-Invasion to increase Diversity to play divide-and-rule among fractured and contentious goyim. Jews promote prostitution, pornography, and sex slavery to exploit goy women as sexual commodities. Jews are two-faced and play both sides. Jews favor minority elitism over majority power. Jews are rank hypocrites in insisting that goyim support Jewish identity, territoriality, and nationality while doing everything to undermine national autonomy & sovereignty among gentiles. Jews seek to drive a wedge between goy men and goy women to weaken organic unity within the goy population. Jews invoke universal principles not to partake of them but to cynically disarm goy nationalists while strengthening their own identity and tribalism. While Jews are perfectly fine with well-armed tribal brethren in Jewish-majority Israel, Jews seek to take away the guns of American goyim so that the Jewish-controlled state will have monopoly of arms over the populace. And so on.

Now, if all such inklings, suspicions, impressions, perceptions, accusations, and convictions are 'antisemitic' and if we push its moral logic to conclusion, then one would have to admit that those who PRACTICE acts and behaviors that support 'antisemitic' THEORIZING are most guilty of 'antisemitism'. After all, if John commits murders and if I suspect that he is committing murders, who is more guilty of anti-Johnism, that is IF 'anti-Johnism' is defined as an unwarranted negative view of John as wicked character despite his virtue, nobility, and innocence? If John is indeed innocent and a wonderful fellow but if I suspect him of being a cretin and a killer, I would then surely be guilty of anti-Johnism. But suppose there is hard evidence that John is a serial killer and goes around murdering people. And suppose my suspicions/accusations are based on that evidence. Then, who is the real anti-Johnist? Isn't John the Killer the true anti-Johnist because his actions have destroyed the pro-Johnist position that John is a good guy and wouldn't hurt a fly? Actions speak louder than words, or Actions SHOULD speak louder than words(though too often they don't), and moral logic would place the burden of anti-Johnism on John's shoulders if he is the one who committed acts that betrayed the spirit of pro-Johnism that contends that John is a jolly good fellow.

Then, the same logic applies to the issue of antisemitism. If our perceptions of Jewish wealth, power, influence, corruption, abuse, crimes, perfidy, and nastiness aren't supported by evidence, then we would indeed be guilty of 'antisemitism', which is defined as irrational fantasizing and hyper-exaggeration of Jewish impact on society, much of it negative. To clarify this matter, let us consider Eskimos. We know Eskimos or Inuits have no power over us. They may be good at constructing igloos, walking on snowshoes, and lifting stuff with their ears, but they have no control of media, finance, Deep State, gambling, Hollywood, the Military-Industrial Complex, pornography, music industry, real estate, law firms, the courts, the universities, and etc. So, if we were to spread rumors about Eskimo power and how it harms society, we would indeed be delusional. We could be said to be Anti-Eskimoan, in this case defined as "Casting irrational and fantastical aspersions of power, influence, and problems on the Eskimo community." Now, if Jewish influence was on the level of Eskimos(or the Amish or West Virginia hillbillies), I could agree with those who sound the alarm about 'antisemitism'. It'd be ludicrous to ascribe so much of social, economic, and political phenomena to Jews when Jews are so feeble and ineffectual as a group. But seriously, are Jews comparable to Eskimos and the Amish? ROTFL. Of course not.
Jewish Power is real, and it is vastly disproportionate to their share of the population. Jews are only 2% of Americans, but Jews are seriously over-represented in elite institutions, upper echelons of finance, top law firms, Ivy League universities, State Department, most influential think-tanks, Big Tech monopolies, uppermost courts, vice industries of gambling-drugs-and-pornography(which should be called E-Prostitution or Electronic Prostitution, very useful to Jews after they lost the business of pimping to the lowly blacks), Big Pharma(such as the sinister Sackler Family, the 21st century counterpart to the Jewish Sassoon Family that dominated the opium trade in China), and etc.
Now, Jewish Power isn't necessarily evil or wicked. Power, like fire, can be used to do good or bad, and indeed, positive Jewish contributions to humanity in many fields such as medicine, arts & literature, philosophy, science, math, and etc. have been nothing less than astounding. Most human groups have been inconsequential, and only a handful have been consequential, and Jews have been among the most consequential if not the most. But as with all great consequential peoples, there has been much that was bad as good. No one would say Romans were all bad or all good. No one would say the Chinese or Hindus, very consequential in Asia, were all good or all bad. Same goes for the British, French, Germans, and Arabs(who spread Islam). Great power is such that it can never be about only the good. Just like the Force in STAR WARS has a dark side, all forms of Great Power are open to abuse and exploitation, and all great peoples and empires have done their share of wicked things. Then, this would apply to Jews as well.

Personally, I believe the concept of Antisemitism has moral validity if defined as follows: (1) Blaming Jews for just about everything, even for things they are not guilty of. (2) Noticing only the negative side of Jewishness and Jewish history without acknowledging the positives.
But 'antisemitism' is not defined thus in our age. Rather, the mere noticing of Jewish Power is said to be 'antisemitic'. Criticism of Jewish power & influence and even the state of Israel is said to be 'antisemitic'. The notion that Jews have been bad as well as good is also 'antisemitic'. We are to believe Jews have always been noble innocent victims even when they were the villains, bad actors, or oppressors. For example, Palestinians are accused of denying the right of Israel to exist while there's hardly any mention that Israel was created as a denial of Palestine to exist. We are bombarded with endless scare stories about how Iran is on the verge of getting nukes while ignoring Israel has 300 nukes(made from uranium stolen from the US), most of them aimed at Iran that could be wiped off the map by Zionist nuttery. We are also to believe that Holocaust Holiness passes down through the generations(as if in accordance to Old Testament logic). So, even descendants of European Jews of the World War II period are paid reparations from the German government. And it doesn't matter how nasty Jews may be as individuals. Never mind what they do. The mere state of BEING Jewish means they are washed of their sins. So, Jonathan Pollard was sprung from jail even though his treason led to the deaths of many. Jeffrey Epstein the pervert-psychopath is walking as a free man. And white-collar Jewish crooks can have their own luxury prisons whereas white goyim must be stuck in cells with Negroes who fuc* them in the ass. Such social arrangement would suggest that Jewish Semites are now Supremites, or Supremacist-Semites who believe that they, as the Chosen People or Holy Holocaust people, are god-men over us and live as VIP with a separate set of rules that privilege their ilk uber alles. In a way, it's as if the world is divided between Jews & 'Meta-Jews' and Palestinians & 'Meta-Palestinians'. Jews and 'Meta-Jews'(or'Other Jews') — groups favored by Jews, such as Homos/Trannies and American Negroes — are above the law and get special treatment... like Jussie Smollett recently. In contrast, white Americans and white Europeans are essentially the 'Meta-Palestinians'(or 'Other Palestinians') as their future has been ordained to follow the fate of Palestinians who were destroyed by dehumanization, deplatforming, unperson-ization, and mass-migration(of Jewish Zionist imperialist-immigrants). What is called 'antisemitism' in the current era is really Anti-Supremitism as those who call out on Jewish Power are not opposed to Jews or Jewishness per se but against Supremacist-Semitism or Supremitism.

Jewish obnoxiousness on this matter is made all the worse because Jews hysterically indulge in the kind of hysteria, paranoia, and lunacy they accuse others of. Jews complain that Jewish Power is exaggerated, but it's the Jews who keep alive the fantasy that the KKK or Neo-Nazis have any power or influence in America. They do this by funding the SPLC and ADL that cook up mostly fake news about various KKK-sightings and incidents that turn out to be 'hate hoaxes'. Or, the cleverer Jews use the terminological net of 'white supremacism' in an 'inclusive' way to drag just about every Donald Trump voter into the 'Nazi' camp. Jews insist that even "It's Okay to be White" is 'white supremacist'. Jews also use guilt-by-association. So, since A is somehow connected to B who is connected to C who is connected to D who is connected to E, A must be in league with E. Using this logic, it's all too easy(and easier) to connect anyone in the Democratic side with extremists and radicals. If anything, Barack Obama had direct ties to Bill Ayers, and powerful Liberal institutions did much to rehabilitate some of the worst scoundrels of 60s radicalism. Certain cop-killers were hidden by their radical associates for decades. And given Jewish-American ties with Neo-Nazi elements in Ukraine, one can easily connect many influential Jews with extremists in Kiev. And given Thomas Friedman's close ties with Israel that has ties with ISIS, game of connect-the-dots can easily accuse Friedman of ties to terrorism. Or course, invocation of principles doesn't matter if you don't have power. Jews got the power, the megaphone for themselves and the mute-button for others, and they get to decide what is what... and too many people are sheeple and dummies to realize what is really happening.
The great irony of our era is that Jews, as the 'New Nazis', employ quasi-'antisemitic' tropes against certain peoples as the 'New Jews'. Jews do everything they accuse 'Anti-Semites' of doing to Jews. Notice how Jewish power often blames EVERYTHING on white goyim, the main scapegoat or scapegoy for all that is wicked in the world. If something is wrong, blame white men, white women, white this, or white that. It's as if whiteness is a disease and can only cured by extinction by non-breeding, race-mixing, or even murder(as in South Africa). Pathological Jewish Scholars push 'whiteness studies' that would have us believe that there is something innately sick or perverse about white identity and white consciousness.
Jews say it was wrong, even evil, for white Christians in the past to try to convert Jews, but Jews are hard at work converting whites to Political Correctness, 'Wokeness', Globo-Homomania(Queertianity as the new chrisianity), and white self-loathing as the only white virtue worth being proud about: "I'm proud of being ashamed of being white." But, it's not just whites, of course, who come under pathological Jewish ire. Jews also target Iran & Syria and spread all manner of hysteria, hatred, and paranoia on the basis of "Is it good for the Jews and Israel?" Scratch the ticket of any Jewish argument, and it comes down to "Is it good for Jews?" Why is non-Jewish immigration bad for Israel? Because it would demographically erase the Jewish State. Why is mass-immigration good for Hungary? Don't Hungarians have a right to preserve their territory and identity? No, because such right for Hungarians would undermine Jewish Power to use divide-and-rule to take over Hungary. George Soros apparently wants to play Sith Lord around the world, and that is just wonderful to Jewish Power as Jews stick up for other Jews.
To understand the psychology of Jewish and Goy relations, imagine a meeting between Yahweh and pagan gods. Suppose pagan gods of various peoples and cultures want to meet Yahweh halfway and arrive at a compromise. Would Yahweh accept? No and why not? Because Yahweh believes Himself to be the one and only God, the one true God whereas all other gods are false gods or wicked idols that must be destroyed. To the extent that spiritual space constitutes the mental landscape of a people, we need to remind ourselves that the Jewish Mind is essentially Yahwehisitic. And this mental habit is alive and well even among secular atheist Jews whose obsession is Mono-Tribalism and Mono-Nationalism for Jews. Even secular Jews will accept the validity of identity, territory, and history for Jews Only. Jews reject poly-nationalism and poly-tribalism that argues that every people have a land, legacy, and lineage worth preserving. As far as Jews are concerned, Jews and only Jews are deserving of uniqueness. In contrast, the goyim must be universalized in their worship of the Great Jews as Holy Holocaust neo-messiahs. Jewish body and blood are real. As for goyim, their identities are to be treated as baseball caps and t-shirts: Soulless objects, interchangeable and commodified. If white men controlled pornography and used Jewish women as sex meat for Arab men, how would Jews react? Jews would call it defamation and sexual imperialism. But Jews see nothing wrong with turning white women into sex meat for other men to be traded. If anything, Jews will deem it evil for white men to demand that Jews stop trading in white women as white meat.
One thing for sure, Jews are not to be trusted. Just consider the Russia Collusion hysteria spread by their control of media, academia, and Deep State. Jews claim that Russia has historically been guilty of antisemitism, but Jewish anti-Russianism seems to be many times worse(and eternal). Also, Jews don't believe in the middle ground or meeting people halfway. Alexander Solzenhitsyn, in his book TWO HUNDRED YEARS TOGETHER, called for both Russians and Jews to atone and bury the hatchet, but Jews have ignored the gesture because they want to own all of righteousness and dump all the blame on the Russkies whom they regard as subhumans who exist only to serve Jews. Like their God Yahweh who insist He and only He is the one true God, Jews must have it all. Jews may appear to haggle for compromise, but they're always aiming to have it all eventually. They are always plotting for total control. This is where Anglo-Americans miscalculated and failed in relation to Jews. They thought they could meet ascendant Jewish Power halfway, i.e. if declining Wasps welcome rising Bugs(Busy Urban Globalist Semites), then Jews would embrace Anglo-Americans as their bosom buddies. It'd be win-win for both sides. Jews didn't see it that way; they were out to make themselves the New Masters and turn Wasps into their running dogs... and that is the state of the world today. Russians learned the same thing in the 1990s. They thought Jews would act with honor and decency if given the reins over the economy, but Jews, whether Russian or American, conspired to take over just about everything and turn Russia into their fiefdom. The current Jewish hatred of Russia has NOTHING to do with past pogroms or Cossacks running wild. It's because Russia managed to thwart the Jewish Plot to take total control of Russia. Jews today aren't anxious about survival but obsessed about supremacism that they regard as their global right. Of course, the Jewish War on Russia isn't over, and it will never be over until Jews have it all. As long as Jewish Supremacism exists, it will seek to gain control of every part of the world, directly or indirectly. Jewish promotion of Globo-Homomania has one purpose: To weaken the moral and national integrity of every nation in favor of elite minority privilege. Homo elite-minorities in all nations love to hook up with elite-minority Jewish Power, especially as Jewish Power showers prizes on vain homos who choose to collaborate with Jews against their own national folks.
Jews, like white Europeans, have an adventurous spirit. When white man looked at the peak of the tallest mountain or the Moon, he didn't give up the dream of getting to the top, no matter how impossible it seemed. No matter how long it took, he was going to find a way to fulfill the dream one way or another. But if whites lionized physical feats of courage and daring, the Jewish dream was always more cerebral. Jews weren't excited by risking life and limb to accomplish the 'impossible'. Unlike Anglos and such folks, they weren't clamoring to climb mountains or make it to the North Pole. Rather, they found ways of wit to make other peoples do the bidding of Jews so that Jews could both keep their limbs and inherit the world. Consider the Wars for Israel. In the 1980s, who would have thought the events of the 90s and 21st century would come to pass? But Jews pulled the strings of media, finance, and government to make them happen. And Jews made OTHER peoples kill and die for the Jews. In the opening of the movie PATTON, the great general says that wars are not won by dying for one's country but by making the other 'poor dumb bastard' die for his country. Jews got it even better: They win wars by making one bunch of poor dumb goy bastards slaughter another bunch of poor dumb goy bastards while Jews rake in the dough and turn white women and Arab women into a bunch of whores. (Jews turned white women into sex toys for Jews and black men, and Wars for Israel have forced so many Arab women, especially Christians, into prostitution.)
Anyway, even if we play the rules of 'Antisemitism' as defined by Jews themselves, honest moral logic would suggest that Jews are the biggest 'Anti-Semites' because their actions provide ample evidence for those who notice patterns of Jewish power and influence that increasingly grows abusive and corrupt because, as they say, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
If it is indeed 'antisemitic' to say that Jews control the mass media, then Jews who DO control the mass media must be 'Anti-Semites' because they provide evidence for the perception of Jewish Media Control. If it is indeed 'antisemitic' to say that Jews control much of Wall Street, then Jews who DO control financial industries must be 'Anti-Semites' because they provide evidence for the perception of Jewish Money Control. If it is indeed 'antisemitic' to say that Jews control Silicon Valley, then Jews who DO control companies like Google and Facebook must be 'Anti-Semites' because they provide evidence for the perception of Jewish Big Tech Control. If it is indeed 'antisemitic' to say that Jews control pornography, then Jews who DO control the porn industry must be 'Anti-Semites' because they provide evidence for the perception of Jewish Porn Dominance. If it is indeed 'antisemitic' to say that Jews use their power to nefariously suppress freedom and liberty, then Jews who DO push for censorship must be 'Anti-Semites' because they provide evidence for the perception of Jewish Speech Control. If it is indeed 'antisemitic' to say that Jews control foreign policy, then Jews who DO control the State Department must be 'Anti-Semites' because they provide evidence for the perception of Israel-First Policy. If it is indeed 'antisemitic' to say that Jews corrupt public morals and spread degeneracy, then Jews who DO spreads Homomania and Sexualization of children must be 'Anti-Semites' because they provide evidence for the perception of Jewish Moral Decrepitude. If it is indeed 'antisemitic' to say that Jews subvert Christianity & other spiritual-moral systems, then Jews who DO push 'gay rainbows' into Christian churches must be 'Anti-Semites' because they provide evidence for the perception of Jewish War on Christianity. If it is indeed 'antisemitic' to say that Jews commit genocide and wage wars, then Jews who DO oppress Palestinians & spread wars in Middle East & North Africa must be 'Anti-Semites' because they provide evidence for the perception of Jewish World Violence. If it is indeed 'antisemitic' to say that Jews seek to replace goy national populations, then Jews who DO push for mass immigration & great replacement must be 'Anti-Semites' because they provide evidence for the perception of Jewish strategy of demographic imperialism. (Soros must be one big Anti-Semite for making 'antisemitic tropes' come alive.) If it is indeed 'antisemitic' to say that Jews use their power to destroy the Second Amendment, then Jews who DO push for gun-banning must be 'Anti-Semites' because they provide evidence for the perception of Jewish Disarmament of goyim. If it is indeed 'antisemitic' to say that Jewish minorities in goy nations are more loyal to their own Tribe than to their fellow goy countrymen, then Jews who insist on Zionist & Jewish-First Policies must be 'Anti-Semites' because they provide evidence for the perception of Jewish In-Group Preference. Consider US foreign policy. Is it equally fair to both Jews and Palestinians? And look how the mass media endlessly remind about the 'plight' of Jews around the world while turning a blind eye to all the whites robbed, raped, and/or murdered by non-whites. In terms of what Jews DO, they are the biggest Anti-Semites because their policies and practices all illustrate the vast, venal, and abusive power of the Jews. Zionists say Israel is the victim of double-standard that doesn't apply to other Western Democracies, but this is more Jewish mendacity. Israel is fully supported by US and EU despite its direct support of terrorism, illegal possession of nukes, occupation of West Bank, and overt racial-supremacist ideology whereas all European democracies aren't even allowed to defend their nations on the basis of identity, history, and territory.

Of course, the greatest irony is that Jews can insist that we pretend they have no power precisely because they got the most power. In history, Jews were sometimes the mouse trying to survive among elephants. Today, Jews are like the elephant that insists on being noticed as a mouse. The effect on society has been downright surreal. It gets even more surreal and twisted when so-called 'Antisemitic Tropes' are easily converted into Philosemitic Tributes via verbal trickery. For instance, if you said Jews played a key role in pushing the 'gay agenda' sometime ago, you would have been smeared as an 'antisemitic conspiracy theorist'. But now that elevation of Homomania or Queertianity as the neo-religion of the West is considered fait accompli, what with worship of Holy Homo being the most important faith in so many people's lives, there are now Jews who brag that their ilk had indeed done most to push the agenda. And it's okay for Joe Biden to say that, yes of course, Jews did play the most important role in the triumph of holy-and-wonderful 'gay agenda'. So, thumbs go up or down on whether something is 'antisemitic' or philosemitic depending on one's attitude toward Jews. If you say Jews control Hollywood and spread much filth, you're an 'Anti-Semite'. But if you say Jews control Hollywood and deserve much praise for their ingenuity and enterprise, then you may be deemed Philosemitic. As nervous as Jews are about goyim discussing Jewish power, it's permissible in some cases IF you praise Jews for their wise and wonderful use of their influence. Whether something is 'antisemitic' or Philosemitic also depends on who/whom and who-said-it. So, if Alan Dershowitz says that Jews indeed have lots of power and DESERVE TO HAVE IT, all is fine and well. But if someone like Kevin MacDonald notices the same power, he must be delusional and having hallucinations. Powerful Jews? Where? The fact that Jews can lie so much and get away with it goes to show that most people are dupes or idiots.

Granted, Jewishness always posed a great contradiction. Even as a mouse-people, they worshiped an elephant-sized God. In contrast, the pagan empires, even as elephant-powers, worshiped mouse-sized gods. Much of Jewish history is about a weak people with a strong God surrounded by strong peoples with weak gods. The Covenant is a powerful thing. In more modern times, Jewish History has been about people with weak bodies but strong minds surrounded by peoples with strong bodies but weak minds. In the end, the minds win over body. Man controls horse, not vice versa. And all goyim need to be mindful of that.

Following the logic of today's 'Antisemitism', Steven Pinker must be a rabid 'Anti-Semite' for noticing so much Jewish power, privilege, wealth, and representation:

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