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The First Step toward National Liberation is the Realization that Whites are the New Palestinians — When Jews Want Something, They Will Do Anything to Eventually Get What They Want

To understand what is really going on, whites must realize they are the New Palestinians. One of the reasons why Jewish Power got so arrogant and aggressive is because it was allowed to get away with the destruction of Palestine. Here was an innocent people minding their own business and never having done anything in the 20th century to wreck other peoples' nations. By 'innocent', I don't mean Palestinians are angels. Like rest of humanity, there are good and bad among Palestinians on the individual level. Instead, as a people, Palestinians have not constituted one of the major consequential powers of the 19th and 20th centuries. Their contribution to the world, positive or negative, has been nil. In contrast, Germans and British were very consequential, for both good and evil in the two centuries; same could be said of Jews.

Anyway, there were the Palestinians, minding their own business. They had nothing to do with European wars or imperialism. If anything, Arabs(Christian or Muslim) in that part of the world were under Ottoman domination until early 20th century when the British Imperialists took over. In the last century, Palestinians had nothing to do with World War I, Communism, rise of Fascism, Western Imperialism, World War II, and the Cold War. And yet, they were targeted for destruction simply because Zionist Jews wanted the land. Why Jews wanted it was understandable given its historical and spiritual significance. Even early Zionists who were non-religious or anti-religious understood that the support from World Jewry for a Jewish Homeland would be greater IF the main theme was about reclaiming the Holy Land for the Jews.

When the Zionist enterprise began, it was hardly a certainty that Palestine would one day become Israel. But when Jews fix their minds on a goal, they look for countless ways to achieve it against all odds. They don't give up until they get what they want... like Charles Grodin's character in THE HEARTBREAK KID won't give up until he gets the blonde goyess.
But then, with their massive fortunes and influence, Jews also had plenty of odds on their side. All manner of trickery and manipulations were used. Arabs in Palestine were assured that Jews would not replace them. Arabs were assured that Jews were coming in peace and merely wanted to co-exist as friendly neighbors. Jews courted Arab collaborators to the Zionist cause with massive bribes. Jews pleaded with Big Powers such as UK, USSR, the US, and even Nazi Germany to aid Jews in the gradual-to-dramatic takeover of Palestine. Jews manipulated Christians into believing that Jewish victory would constitute a Modern Crusade, reclamation of the Holy Land by the West(as Israel would be a 'Western Liberal Democracy' controlled by white European Jewry). Jews also milked the Shoah theme to guilt-bait the West into supporting the Jewish State, said to be a necessary bulwark against Another Holocaust. (But if Jews were concerned about survival above all, it's rather odd that their homeland would be situated as an island in a sea of resentful Arabs/Muslims as Israel was created by oppression and mass expulsion of Palestine's Arab/Muslim/Christian population.) So, the impossible dream became a potential plan and then an inevitable program. This is how Jews think. They ask themselves, "What do we want really badly? How difficult is our goal? If very difficult, what can we do to circumvent or overcome the obstacles to get what we want?" Most peoples, when faced with an impossible task, just give up and decide to live and let live. But when Jews really really want something, no matter how impossible it may seem, they maniacally go about looking for ways to finally achieve it by any means necessary. This is how Jews turned impossible into real with Zionism. Jews also did this with the Bolshevik Revolution. Jews also did it with the takeover of America's elite institutions. In the early 20th century, Jews dreamed of taking over the US from Wasps, but it was just a hope. But they never gave up and became the new masters. And who would have thought US would come to worship Globo-Homomania as the new religion? Few decades ago, people would have laughed at the notion of 'gay marriage', bakers destroyed for refusing to bake 'gay wedding cakes', hysteria of 'pride month', and entire cities shut down to celebrate homo fecal-penetration and tranny-penis cutting as rainbow pageants. (Jews have powerful personalities with hooks. Once they get a hold on something, they never let go. Could St. Paul and early Jewish Christians have achieved the seemingly impossible task of promoting and spreading the new religion if not for their powerful personalities that could never take NO for an answer? Even as they preached 'turn the other cheek', they insisted on preaching into every ear. Today's Jews preach 'turn the other ass cheek'.) But Jews wanted Homomania, and they went about pulling every dirty trick in the book to make it happen. They bought off all the politicians. They threatened and blackmailed philosemitic cuckservatives into obeisance. Jews not only got power of finance and media but have lots of intelligence(dirt) on everyone, and we know most GOP politicians have skeletons in their closets. Again, Jews made the impossible possible and then made it real(and then even holy). Now, Jews are targeting 1st Amendment and 2nd Amendment. Those are to be AINO or Amendments in Name Only. The Florida Law and many others that target BDS are clear violations of the First Amendment, but Jews got the power and the means to circumvent just about anything. Also, with Jewish monopoly of media and internet platforms(by direct ownership, financial favoritism, or moral threats/blackmail), Jews are shutting down free speech on Facebook, Google-Youtube, Wordpress, Twitter, and Amazon. Twitter and Amazon(and Apple and Microsoft) are not Jewish-owned but have Jewish ADL and Jewish-funded SPLC breathing down their necks.
Also, Jews have recruited the vain, fussy, and relentless homos to do their bidding. Tim Cook(of the 'my gay bung is adored by god' school) will collaborate with Jews who stoke the vapid narcissism of homos who want to be adored as fairy-gods over us all. Lately, ACLU seems to be pretty silent about all the shutdowns. So much for Jews being principled defenders of Free Speech and Civil Liberties. It all depends on Who/Whom.
By the way, this 'libertarian' talk that private companies have the right to shut down free speech is just a lot of hokum. First of all, different rules apply to monopolies. Second of all, the rules are not fair across the board but target mainly the dissident right, maverick conservatives, Palestinians, and whomever Jews & homos don't like. Notice Antifa is left alone to spread filth and bile on Twitter and Facebook. And FBI and local police departments let Antifa run amok. Certain groups are allowed to spew hatred. Again, it's a matter of who/whom. If blacks denounce whitey, that's okay, but if blacks denounce Jewish Power(as Nation of Islam has done), those 'crazy ni**ers' must be shut down, as with Amazon's banning of books by Farrakhan.
Furthermore, would any libertarian support an American company that denies service to Zionists on grounds that Israel is a terrorist state founded on ethnic cleansing and one that practices tyranny and mass-murder(directly against Palestinians and indirectly by spreading Wars for Israel)? Would David French and other such cucky ilk support any Arab-American owned monopoly that denies service to Jewish supporters of Zionism and Wars for Israel? Suppose Paypal were owned by Palestinian-Americans who claim that Zionism is hate speech and banned the likes of Bret Stephens and Jennifer Rubin from using the service. How many 'conservatives' and 'libertarians' would support such censorship or denial of service on grounds that private companies can do as they want? It's all bull.

Given the Jewish record of tenaciously, ruthlessly, cunningly, and deceptively doing all they can by any means necessary to get what they want -- ethnic cleansing of Palestinians & creation of Israel, Bolshevik Revolution, takeover of the US, rape of Russian economy in the 90s, promotion of Homomania, mainstreamization of pornography, spread of PC, mass replacement in Europe, the New Cold War with Russia, Globo-Homomania as the new cult of the West, Shoah from historical tragedy to neo-spiritual dogma, proselytization of interracism(or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs), vilification of whiteness as Evil(unless redeemed by cucking to Jews, homos, Negroes, and immigrant-invaders), Wars for Israel, and etc. -- , we should NEVER underestimate the Jewish Will to Power. Jews never give up. Even when they seem peaceable, they are like dormant volcanoes burning with hot lava underneath. So, if Jews want to destroy Free Speech and Gun Rights -- and they've already done so halfway in the US -- , they may well get their wish.

Now, why do Palestinians matter so much in this equation? Because Jews got their first taste of achieving the impossible with the Zionist project. Some may argue that the Bolshevik Revolution was the first great Jewish victory in the modern era, but despite the significance of the Jewish role, it wasn't entirely a Jewish project, and some Jews paid a price under communism. In contrast, Zionism was a very Jewish project, and Jews were, incredibly enough, able to garner the support of the great gentile powers, both pro-Jewish and anti-Jewish, to make their dream come true. Also, the endless US and European support of(and eventually servility to) Zionism and Israel all through the years emboldened Jews to believe that they can do just about anything but still rely on the unconditional support of Western powers. Whether it was the Six Day War, USS Liberty attack, or myriad other malfeasance by Israel and its lobbying groups in US and Europe, Jews came to expect that they can get away with murder and still get all the prizes. They could be like Jack the Ripper and win the Jackpot at every turn. And the Zionist project was fulfilled at the expense of Palestinians, an innocent people.

So, that begs the question: If Jews are capable of doing such a terrible thing to such an innocent people, what are they capable of doing to YOUR KIND? All peoples must ask this question as Jews control the US as the sole superpower with its hooks and claws into all parts of the world. If Jews treat Palestinians like shit, why would they treat your people any differently? And if they used deceit, terror, and tyranny(with lots of hypocrisy) against Palestinians, why wouldn't they do the same to your people? Jews at one time smiled at Palestinians and assured them that Zionism would NOT replace Palestinians with Jews. What a lie that was. Jews accuse Muslims of terrorism, but Israel was created by terrorist pioneers. Jews bitch about white 'racism', but Israel has been practicing Jim Crowitz and Chutzpartheid forever. Jews bitch about Nazis and Warsaw ghetto, but Gaza is an ghetto and IDF death squads mow down women and children. Incredibly, Jews say Africans and Muslims may replace Europeans and take over as 'New Europeans'(even though blacks and Arabs have no historical roots in the West), but Palestinians don't have the right to return to their lost homeland in what is now Israel.

To Jews, there are only two kinds of non-Jews: Palestinians and New Palestinians. All non-Palestinian gentiles are potentially New Palestinians. Granted, Jews will form alliances with some groups against others, but it's all in the name of "Is it good for Jews?" So, Jewish globalists will simultaneously encourage Polish and Ukrainian nationalism against Russia while, at the same time, using globo-homomania and Mandingo/Mandela Complex to undermine genuine ethno-nationalism in those nations. So, Polish and Ukrainian nationalisms are okay as long as they are anti-Russian but they cannot truly be pro-Polish or pro-Ukrainian against the forces of globalism. While they are encouraged to push against Big Bad Russia, they must put out to homos, blacks, and Jewish Power. In the end, all gentile nations are to be betrayed and discarded when the time comes... just like the Pigs in George Orwell's ANIMAL FARM send the horses to the glue factory after using them for all they're worth. The notion that Jews have any feeling for Ukrainians, Poles, or Saudis is a joke. They are all just temporary allies, just like Jews at one time used Christian Fundamentalists and Southern 'rednecks' as useful idiot supporters of Israel. But with globohomo as the new faith in the West, Jews are dumping on Christian Fundies and Southern Neo-Confederates. Jewish message to white southern Christians is "Help us erect our monuments to Jewish supremacism over the bones of Palestinians while we Jews aid blacks, Antifa, and Diversity to destroy Southern monuments to the Confederate dead.")

Even though Palestinians are more oppressed than whites as New Palestinians, in some ways the former are freer. Why? Because Palestinians have no illusions about Jews and Jewish Power. They've experienced it firsthand. They were lied to by Jews. They were victims of terror, war, Nakba Pogroms, and Chutzpartheid. They are slaves in body but free in soul. In contrast, even though whites as New Palestinians are physically & materially infinitely better off than most Palestinians(esp those in Gaza), they are mentally enslaved and pathetically shuck-and-jive before their Jewish massuhs like Negroes of the Old South.
One key difference between Jews and Whites-As-New-Palestinians or WANPs(as WASPs are finished and over) is that Jewish 'sympathy' for goyim is conditional and strategic, whereas WANP sympathy for Jews is blind and total. It's like master and dog. Jewish 'sympathy' is Kissingerian. Jews will even feign sympathy with Ukrainian Neo-Nazis or Muslims. Even as they berate the rise of 'white supremacism', they work with Neo-Nazi elements in Ukraine to hurt Russia. Even as they use Wars for Israel to destroy Muslim nations, they pretend to care for poor poor Muslims as victims of evil Nazi Trump. So, Jews can shake your hand or break it. It all depends on "Is it good for Jews?" In contrast, WANPs are unconditional in their slavish sympathy for Jews. Even when Jews do most to shut down conservative speech, white pride, moral decency, Christian values, and equal justice for all, WANPs are first and foremost all about "muh Israel, muh Holocaust, muh holy shmoly Jews". And whatever Jews want and demand, WANPs comply and give. If Jews say Negroes are magical and ACOWW(Afro-Colonization of White Wombs) must be the future of white race, WANPs are happy to be cucky-wucks. It's incredible that White Americans who take so much pride in how America has come a 'long way' since the bad ole days of Jim Crow are now so blind to the all the anti-white hysteria spread by Jews(and anti-white violence carried out by black thugs) and the US support of Jim Crowitz in the West Bank and Gaza. Also, a nation that takes so much pride in having played a role in crushing Evil Nazism is fully behind near-genocidal Wars for Israel that have turned much of Middle East into what looks like battlegrounds of World War II. But then, how about that Madeleine Albright who recently wrote a book called 'Fascism'? This is the same woman who said killing 500,000 kids was worth it. There you go. American Morality under Jewish Power. To condemn Hussein for his human rights abuses, the US was right to push policies that destroyed half a million kids(by some estimates). Of course, if US forced sanctions on Israel for its human rights violations & warmongering and IF just a 100 Jewish kids died, it'd be called the New Holocaust. Apparently, Jewish lives count for more than Arab lives. Sounds a lot like Nazi Aryan Supremacism. It's almost like Semites are Supremites.

It should be obvious by now that Jewish Liberalism is a myth. Jews are Triberals, not true Liberals. Jews use Liberal lingo to push what is essentially a Tribal agenda. End of History hasn't been the triumph for Liberalism but for Triberalism, esp that of Jews. When Jews push universalism, they don't intended it to serve as a template for both Jews and non-Jews. Rather, universalism is used to weaken tribalism among non-Jews so that they can be made to support the mono-tribalism of the Jews, apparently the ONLY People worthy of identity, territory, and history. If one were to deconstruct Jewishness and argue that all Arabs-as-Semites should be allowed to move to Israel because there is no clear racial or cultural distinction between Jewish Semites and Arab Semites, one would be condemned as 'antisemitic' by Jews. But these very same Jews argue that there is no such distinction as an Englishman or Frenchman. The English might as well believe that blacks were always a big part of Britain. And guess what? The Middle Ages in Europe wasn't white or European. It was multi-culti. Notice how Jew-run media feature great European men of history as blacks or non-whites. It was crazy enough for Sub-Saharan blacks to claim that Ancient Egyptians were black, but now, the New Historiography is claiming that even Northern Europe was filled with blacks and other such folks. In a way, Jews know that people are naturally tribal. So, when people's natural tribalism of ethnicity is removed, they clutch for neo-tribal identities. Once whites are made to believe that it's NOT okay to be white, they reach for new identities. They either go for globo-homo which is deracinating and demoralizing OR they identify with Zion and cheer on the Jews as God's Chosen People. Or they go with jungle fever and cuckery and put out to blacks as the new Master Race. Or they lionize Immigrant-Invaders as the New Hope, as people who are 'more American than Americans' or 'more European than Europeans'.

But, if there is any people Whites should identify with, it is the Palestinians. Whites have most to learn from Palestinians because the latter suffered the greatest setback at the hands of Jews. They lost their land. They were denied their right of identity and history. They were scattered to the winds. They are poised to lose even West Bank. If Jews could do such a thing to Palestinians, whites really need to ask why Jews wouldn't do it to whites or any other bunch of gentiles.

Also, whites need to identify with Palestinians as penance and atonement. While white sympathy for Jews after WWII made good sense as Jews suffered terribly at the hands of Nazis, support for Zionism as redress for the Shoah made NO SENSE because Palestinians had NO part in World War II and Nazi mass killings. White people who were entirely responsible for WWI, WWII, and their associated horrors just dumped the Burden of Guilt on the Palestinians who never did anything. Given all the empty land in US, Canada, Australia, and Latin America, it's interesting that white people couldn't offer a piece of territory for Jews to have a homeland in those huge land masses. No, it had to be Palestine. Granted, Jews basically took over New York and other power centers as New Jerusalems, and in some ways, the US is like greater Israel whose new anthem should be the Carly Simon song:

Anyway, white people need to wake up. They must realize that they are the New Palestinians. In some perverse ways, whites are also the 'New Jews' in the sense that they are blamed and scapegoated for everything. David Cole wrote as much in a Takimag article:

What Cole leaves out is the question, "IF whites are like the 'new Jews'(the new 'Christ Killers' as the new christs are Jews of Shoah), THEN who are the New Nazis?" Ironically, Jews are the New Nazis as anti-white venom and vitriol are mainly the product of Jewish academics, media people, bankers, gangsters, psychopaths, and globalist agents. Some Jews hate whites so much that they want white lands to be Carthagenized with mass invasion, mass replacement, and colonization of white wombs by blacks. Those Jews are like Nazis in genocidal mode. Other Jews(such as David Cole) aren't so hostile. While not pro-white, they see the value of whiteness as crucial support system for Jews. Their attitude is like that of Nazis toward Hungarians, Italians, Croatians, and Romanians: Not as good as Aryan-Germans but useful and even essential as satellites and support system for Germany as the 1000 YR REICH. Some Jews as New Nazis look upon whites as New Jews to be effectively 'genocided' by Great Replacement and Race-mixing. Other Jews as New Nazis look upon whites as a lesser but useful race to keep the Jewish World Hegemony going. Jewish Power is divided between Jews who see whites as New Jews(deserving of dehumanization and destruction) and Jews who regard whites as Nazis regarded Romanians or Hungarians. Either way, Jewish attitude is supremacist. One bunch of Jews mean to destroy whites, and another bunch of Jews mean to use whites.

In the Israel/Palestine conflict, Jews are the New Nazis and Palestinians are the New Jews. (Granted, the notion of Old Jews or Real Jews of Old as pure-as-snow victims of white Christian evil is a cartoonish over-simplification. Contrary to David Cole's piece, there were legitimate reasons why Jews were hated in Europe. Not only did Jews play a role in the slave trade that sent countless Europeans to Muslim lands but Jews collaborated time and time again with Muslim invaders.) When we say 'New Jews', we refer to the condition of Jews when they were indeed punished and victimized beyond the breadth of their sins/crimes. Nazi excesses did place Jews in a position of special victimization. Though, in retrospect, much of antisemitism in the past seems somewhat valid and justifiable -- if Jews act the way they do today, there's a good chance they acted likewise in the past -- , Nazi horrors, like the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, were clearly disproportionate and crazy. Granted, it was only in the late 20th century and 21st century that we've come to see the Real Jew at last. It is when people have great power that they reveal their true face. Notice how Hitler pretended to be moderate and reasonable at times and showed his true face only when he'd amassed great power. Mao often presented himself as a humble 'agrarian reformer' to useful idiots of Western Journalism. But with great power, he eventually showed his true face with the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution. And with their dominant position in the world, Jews are now showing their true face. It's like the Bob Dylan song, "Seeing the Real You at Last". Jewish arrogance backed by awesome power is showing the Real Jew at last, what with globo-homomania, war on Christianity, war on whites, total takeover of West Bank, destruction of Middle East, new Cold War, total pornification of society, spread of gambling, finance as just a huge casino, and endless movies promoting anti-Muslim hatred and dehumanization so that duped whites will fight Wars for Israel.

The most effective way to resist Jewish Power is to go on the moral offensive. And the Palestinian issue is key to putting Jewish Power on the moral defensive because there was NO justification whatsoever for what was done to the Palestinians. While Jews suffered more in WWII than Palestinians did in the Nakba, in some ways the crime against Palestinians was worse. Why? Because Jews, along with many others, got burned for playing with fire. In the first half of the 20th century, nations such as Germany, Britain, France, Russia, US, and Japan were playing a dangerous game of empire. And Jews were among the great powers. Though they didn't have a nation of their own, the Jewish World Network was extensive from New York to London to Paris to Berlin to Moscow. As Jews played financial games, pushed radical movements, and spread degeneracy during the Weimar period, they were key players in the events that led to great wars and destruction. Same goes for the Japanese. They played with fire and got burned real bad. So did the Germans.
But what did the Palestinians do? They did nothing but lost their nation and were dehumanized. Worse, as if to rub salt in Palestinian wounds, most Americans, both conservative and liberal, fully supported Zionism against Palestinians who were treated as a bunch of faceless nobodies. And even now, in states red and blue, Palestinian-Americans are denied rights and dismissed from jobs because they won't pledge to support Israel's oppression of their people.

The Palestinian issue will expose the supremacist character of Jewish Power. The question, "If Jews treat Palestinians that way, why would they treat your people any differently?" Another question, "If your people support Jewish dehumanization of Palestinians, an innocent people, what right do they have to complain when Jews do the same to them?" It all began with Palestinians. When whites allowed, enabled, and encouraged Jews to murder Palestinians and get away with it, Jewish blood-lust just grew and grew and began to target the rest of humanity as New Palestinians.
Saying NO to Jewish dehumanization of Palestinians is the first step for whites to seek national liberation from Jewish supremacism. Also, by recognizing that they are the New Palestinians, whites will come to realize their true status in the world, i.e. they are not seeking 'white supremacism' but white national liberation from Jewish globalist hegemony. In some ways, Jewish supremacism is most problematic because Jewish Power tends to be hidden, ironically by the fact that Jews control the media that are supposed to serve as the window to the world and truth. But Jews have gained power of windows, screens, and tablets to project falsehoods on a massive scale. As Niall Ferguson wrote in his book about the square and the tower, the Elites are now working to shut down the Voice of the People.
It's elitism uber populism. (Only nationalism can bridge elitism and populism, but Jews deny nationalism to goyim.) Of course, Ferguson, being an ardent pro-Zionist cuck, will not mention that Jews control the Tower. Still, Jewish Power is in a precarious state despite its awesomeness. On the one hand, it has to sensationalize White Power/Privilege as the real danger to the world(when not hyperventilating about Iran, Russia, and China as yellow peril), and yet, without white support and servility, Jewish Power has no legs to stand on. How to keep the white horse strong and sturdy but also mindlessly obedient and hostile to the idea of its own freedom. Jewish Power has indoctrinated whites into believing 'slavery is freedom'. Whites have been made freephobic. Why? Because PC says whites are innately born 'racist' and evil, and therefore, white freedom will lead to white evils. Therefore, the only way to ensure white goodness is by making whites cucking to Other peoples as the Master Race.
On the other hand, we shouldn't fall for notions such as White Altruism, pathological or not. White people are not really more altruistic. That's just a myth. Rather, they are servile suckers to the power. Notice how so-called white altruism always operates in accordance to what the Power dictates. Where has white altruism been for Palestinians? Why is white altruism in the current year all about being pro-immigrant but almost nothing about American Indians? Hasn't white altruism figured out that mass immigration led to 'genocides' that wiped out the native indigenous cultures of the New World? If white altruism were real, whites would feel sympathy for all non-whites equally, but this isn't so. White sympathy is totally molded by the Power. Where was white altruism when Obama was killing all those Muslims? German Guilt is also a myth. Now, it may well be that many Germans are sincerely guilt-ridden over WWII and Holocaust, but it has nothing to do with innate white altruism or genuine individual conscience. One thing for sure, Germans were certainly without altruism during World War II. German Guilt is purely the product of mass indoctrination by the powers-that-be. If German Guilt was real, then why are Germans so lacking in guilt about Russians and Poles? Germans killed more Russians than Jews. Poland was ravaged by Germany. But while Germans suck up to Jews, they work with the West to destroy Russia and feel no guilt about doing so. And Germans berate Poles to be invaded by Africans and Muslims. So much for German Guilt. Germans are just sucking up to Power that is now Jewish... just like East Germans once sucked up to the Soviets. When black slaves were under white rule, many were raised to believe that they exist to serve the Great White Master. Back then, blacks seemed 'pathologically altruistic'. It was just social control.

But then, race-ism, in one form or another, is baked into everything. So-called 'progressives' or progs are really just a bunch of 'progracists'. They too have their 'intersectional' hierarchies of which groups deserve more Pokemon Points. Jews are favored over Arabs by both Democrats and Republicans. Nancy Pelosi says even if Congress were to burn to the ground, US will be there for Israel. She hasn't uttered a word about Palestinians. Trump and Trumptards suck up to Jews and dump on Palestinians even as Jews treat them like New Palestinians. Jungle Feverists and Cucks worship blacks as the master-mandingo race while Ken Burns and his ilk worship Magic Negroes as a race of Nelson Mandelas. No such sympathy exists for Arabs and Arafat, even though literally 100,000s of Arabs have been killed by Wars for Israel(what with Christian Arabs getting it especially bad). Black crime is terminologically whitewashed because truth about blacks is 'racist'. Apparently, blacks are so holy that news media must pretend blackness had no relation to heightened criminality. Jews denounce Old White America as 'racist' & 'white supremacist' and celebrate New America as an equal place for ALL, but then they say ALL Americans must support Israel Uber Alles and never criticize Jewish Power even as Jews never stop badmouthing Russians, Iranians, Palestinians, whites, Christians, and etc. Liberal Jews bitch about Trump's 'Islamophobia' while filling the airwaves and movie screens with anti-Arab tropes that depict Muslims as little more than crazed terrorists. Too Many Blacks in sports or entertainment is never a problem, but Too Many Asians in certain academies in NY is a huge problem to progracists. Progracists laugh, talk, and act like rednecks of old in their mindless progotry that would have us believe that they are more 'woke' because they worship a penis into the bung, penis cut off to make for fake 'vagina', or black supremacist emasculation of whitey. As for Jews, they see white women as sexual commodities that exist to be bought and sold among Jews, blacks, and non-whites than loyal members of the White Racial Family as wives and mothers. Jewish-run BBC promote the New 'Idealatry' of Black Male and White Female. And, Jews regard white men as just mercenaries to be used and expended in Wars for Israel, that is white men insist on being manly. For other white men, cuckery is the only option. Jews promote Miley Cyrus-ism and ACOWW to white girls. White males are supposed to cuck before black guys; the only way they can be manly is by putting on army boots and fighting the nations and peoples hated by Jews. Jews look upon white men as dogs. Like John McCain, they may bark and bite at Iran and Russia(or anyone hated by Jews), but they mustn't ever bark at the Jewish master. If they do, they are to be muzzled. Fight the Muzzie over there and be Muzzled over here. The Muzzie-Muzzle Decree. Anyway, Jews say it's 'supremacist' for whites to believe that it's okay to be white. Whites must be submissivist to Jewish supremacist. White men exist to cuck to Jews. White women exist to offer their wombs to black seed. White lands exist to be colonized by blacks, Muslims, Hindus, yellows, browns, etc. White wealth exist to be squeezed mostly by Jews and their Diversity allies. Even white history doesn't belong to whites. Ancient Greece, Middle Ages, Renaissance, and European History were never white but belong equally to all other races. Yeah, Amazonian Indians, Japanese, and African Bushmen had a huge role in the development of France and Britain!

Progracism isn't about racial equality but merely replaces old hierarchies with new ones where some groups are more equal than others. And the biggest progracists are Jews who, while endlessly denouncing white supremacism, demand that Jewish supremacism never be questioned and that all Americans must support Zionists over Palestinians. Google Jews and Youtube Jews bitch about 'hate' but they work hand-in-glove with Zionist killers, tyrants, and terrorists. And they work with Deep State to spread hate news and hate mania against Russia, Iran, Syria, and White Christians. And what is globo-homomania but a hate campaign against normality, decency, morality, nature, health, balance, and sense. It's one thing to tolerate homos and trannies and let them do their thing, but it's quite another to compel the whole world to participate in the worship of homo fecal penetration painted with rainbow colors.

It's not enough for truth-tellers to defend Free Speech as such a position is morally defensive. After all, free speech can allow good speech and bad speech, some of it gross and vile. What white national liberationists must do is demand the right of True Speech. They need the freedom to speak truth to power. And as offense is the best defense, they should call for banning of Zionist speech as hate speech against Palestinians and other Arabs/Muslims. They should call for banning of hateful conspiracy theories against Russia and Iran. Russia Collusion was a fantasy of Deep State and Jewish Media. And all this nonsense about Iran being a year away from having the Bomb and planning to wipe Israel off the map is defamation and conspiracy theorizing by Netanyahu and AIPAC. Only when Jews are put on the moral defensive and fear for their own speech will they value free speech for all.

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