Monday, July 1, 2019

Mayor Peter Buttegieg & the Blacks of South Bend — Pathologies of Identity-Idolatry & Self-Worship of Blacks and Homos(and of course Jews) — Idolatry renders Ideology, Left or Right, Useless — Need for Humanism & Nationalism against Animalism & Divinism and Petty-Tribalism & Imperialism

Try watching the first 5 minutes of the video below:

TV News Reader:

"At an emotional Town Hall last night, South Bend Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg heard from angry constituents after a police-involved shooting left a black man dead last night."

Pete Buttegieg:

"We have tried but not succeeded in increasing Diversity in the police department, and we need help."

Angry Black Man:

"You have racism inside your police department. How are we supposed to trust you."

Angry Black Woman:

"I’m raising a 7yr old grandson, and when he sees the police, he is afraid. That is not what’s supposed to happen."

TV News Reader:

"Racial tensions flared last week after a WHITE South Bend police officer shot and killed a BLACK man who was allegedly holding a knife. The officer was wearing a body camera, but it was not turned on."

Pete Buttegieg:

"If anyone who is on patrol is shown to be a racist or to do something racist, in a way that is substantiated, that is their last day on the street... Did you ask me ‘Do black lives matter?’ Of course, black lives matter." (Shaky emotion-laden voice)

Angry Black Woman and Pete Buttegieg:

"So, my question is, ‘are you really here cuz you care for the blacks, or are you here because you want to be the president?’... What WE gonna do? What YA gonna do. Don’t just talking. Be about it. Give us proof you can really do something about it."

"I’ll work on that."

"You running for president, and you want black people to vote for you. That’s not gonna happen."

The introductory segment of the video above is truly a wonder to behold. It’s a concentrated form of idiocy that should be rare but is all too common in the currently demented America where honesty, integrity, courage, and truth have been rendered taboo on matters where the Narrative and Iconography have been pre-written into holy writ, or Poli-Writ. Vague terms like 'Diversity', 'Inclusion', and 'Tolerance'(as defined and manipulated by Jewish Globo-Homo supremacists who see nothing wrong with the Zionist tyranny over Palestinians and the persecution of Christian bakers who refuse to bake 'gay wedding' cakes or those celebrating tranny penis-cutting) fill the air when what we really need is a social order where the paramount virtues are Honesty, Integrity, Truth, Courage, and Reality: HITCR.
As we all know, religions are both inspiring and infuriating because they don’t play by rules of facts and logic. While religious folks use reason to explain, justify, and/or reform their belief system, the ultimate source of their truth remains mysterious, a matter of blind conviction. At some point, faith is required in one’s devotion to the Power deemed to be great, wise, and eternal. Such convictions have elevated man’s imagination and given him hope & meaning. But religions have also led to willful blindness, pigheadedness, ignorance-as-pride, and holier-than-thou dogmatism. However, even in its negatives, the one saving grace of religion is that the holy and sacred are invested with God or gods, forces or beings deemed to be infinitely above the ways of man. Thus, in making the spiritual being the focus of faith and devotion, religions have had the way of suppressing the apotheosis of man or group of people as the beholders of ultimate truth, justice, and wisdom. In Judaism, a man can be a prophet, but even the greatest prophet is but a flea in the presence of God. Perhaps, Jews hated Christianity for elevating a Man to status of God, but Christians don’t believe Jesus was a Man who became God but was God who was born a Man. According to Muslims, Muhammad was the greatest and the final Prophet, but even the great one was a mere messenger of Allah, the one true God. Hinduism’s concept of holiness differs from the monotheistic Abrahamic Faiths in that gurus, via intense and prolonged meditation & virtuous life, can gain a kind of holiness. But because this path is open to any would-be-guru who seeks spiritual enlightenment, holiness cannot be hogged by one individual or a particular group. Even those who are born as Brahmins must undergo intensive training to be worthy of the caste; if they fail in their allotted roles, the souls within them could be demoted in the NEXT life. Also, in order for Brahmins to go beyond priestly duties and gain yogi status, they must make an even greater effort on the individual level to embark on the path of higher truth. It's not easy nor a given. Furthermore, the notion of reincarnation imbues the Hindu faithful with humility because, no matter how virtuous one’s soul may be in THIS LIFE, there is the chance that it will fall from grace in later manifestations... though there is always the hope that it may claw itself back to grace in further lives down the line. Furthermore, gaining holiness in Hinduism is a most arduous process requiring adherence to proper rituals, rejection of worldly pleasures, and intense commitment to meditation & self-purging. It has to be earned, like the tough climb to the top of the mountain.

The West is now in the post-religious era, but the result hasn’t been the triumph of reason, logic & facts, critical thinking, skepticism, and freedom of conscience. The problem is of modernity is that, even the fading of religious authority, the ‘spiritual’ nature of man remains, and this means a tireless & desperate search for ‘new gods’. Also, reason, logic, and facts are merely the tools of man. On their own, they have no will or agency. Will arises from ego, ambition, and lust for power. Men with stronger egos will gain over those with weaker egos, and groups that have more strong-willed individuals will gain dominance over groups with weaker-willed individuals. In many cases, a less-intelligent man of stronger ego gains advantage over more-intelligent man of weaker ego. The reason why the Jonathan Pryce character feels so helpless vis-a-vis the Al Pacino character in GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS owes less to difference in intelligence than in will. And the reason why the stupid woman in OLEANNA gains the upperhand over the smarter professor is because her newly chosen ideological commitment imbues her with a strong collective will.

Some individuals have powerful individual will, but those with weak individual wills often compensate by joining a cause or movement that imbues each member with special meaning and sense of mission. It’s like what Tom Conti’s character says of the Japanese in MERRY CHRISTMAS MR. LAWRENCE. The Japanese, being weak of personal will, couldn’t do anything on their own as individuals; they had to surrender to the collective hive-mind to gain the courage to become a major imperialist power in the Pacific. Needless to say, many on the Religious Right and many on the ‘Social Justice Left’ have weak individual wills and feel confused by independent inquiry and thought. They need to belong to a church or some organization committed to a neo-holy crusade. What makes Jews so formidable is they have the combination of strong individual will and high intelligence — and furthermore, a powerful collective mentality rooted in the Covenant that fuses identity, history, and spirituality(as well as territoriality via Zionism) into a bundled fasces. Even though Jews gained much by the use of reason, logic, and facts, they aren't primarily about principled Liberal commitment to Free Speech and Free Thought. Their core essence is about Obsession with Tribal Power and Prestige, and this means Jews will mold and distort ‘liberalism’ in any shape or form to serve, first and foremost, the agenda of Jewish Supremacism.
This accounts for the current Jewish-Orwellian contortions of logic and meaning. It’s as if Jews are pulling Houdini-mind-tricks. They come up with stuff like "We believe in free speech, but ‘hate speech’ is not free speech." Or they claim to denounce supremacism, all the while demanding that every politician in the US and Europe support the Zionist supremacist erasure of Palestinians and Wars for Israel that have decimated 100,000s of Arabs(who are regarded by Jews as subhuman). And Jews play Kafkaesque mind-games with us. Just like Joseph K. had no idea what he was being tried for and why, many people on the Social Platforms are confused as to what the rules are, who are to be allowed or denied service. In a way, Jews are using ambiguity as a weapon to keep everyone guessing because clarity allows people to readjust their expressions so as to comply with the Terms of Service. If Google offers only vague-sounding rules & regulations, it means you or anyone could be the next to be disappeared from Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter(overseen by ADL, a Zionist-Supremacist outfit). Through much of the 20th century, scholars interpreted Franz Kafka’s THE TRIAL and THE CASTLE as about the alienated Jewish consciousness in an elaborate & hostile world, one that seeks both more modernity and arch-preservation of old privileges. (As modernity with its populism and meritocracy undermines the Old Order of privileged hierarchy, the Power has to seek ever more 'esoteric' means via bureaucracy and laws to keep the castle gates closed to all but a few.) But given the developments in the 21st century whereby Jewish Supremacism has come to define so much of finance, foreign policy, media, and law & courts, one is tempted to see Kafka’s works as esoteric neo-Machiavellian manuals on how to exercise power by keeping those-without-power anxious, confused, and disoriented. When Jews didn't have the ultimate power, Kafka's works were their manifesto of protest; but now that they do have the ultimate power, Kafka's works have become manuals of privilege for the Jews. When one is rendered constantly off-balance, one doesn’t know which way to turn, in which case he must look to the Power for advice and guidance. Of course, the Power never gives the full game away. As the Pacino character says in GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS, "You never open your mouth unless you know what the shot is." The Power will nudge you here and there. It will intimate that some things are more 'right' and some things are more 'wrong', but there is no final say or clear instruction on anything. After all, the trick of Power is to monopolize meaning, memory, and message. Consider how Jews sprung the vile Jonathan Pollard out of jail, furnished him a plush job, and sunk the whole sordid affair into a memory hole; meanwhile, James Field who, in a state of panic, plowed his car into a bunch of violent proglodyte thugs is sentenced to over 400 yrs behind bars. If meanings were clear and understood equally by the powerful and the powerless, then the powerful themselves would have to stick by the rules in the eyes of the powerless who would clearly understand right-and-wrong. But if the rules are never certain, the powerful get to change the goal-posts as they please and offer up legal jargon shrouded with banality such as ‘inclusion’, ‘hate’, ‘diversity’, and ‘social justice’(as defined by them, of course; notice how the Jewish Power ignores all the livid hatred among Jews and Zionists). The powerful are often arbitrary in their use of rules, but they also know the simpleminded can be led by the nose with sophistry and sacraments. Consider the countless opportunities of making some issue or cause seem noble and necessary by associating it with struggle against ‘racism’. (In the 1990s, the hot item was associating 'environmentalism' with 'racism'. Anything gets more traction by being deemed 'racist'.) Or how the term ‘Diversity’ has become such a catch-all mantra among the Proglob that anything, even the craziest policy, can be justified as its agent.
Even post-religious and anti-religious modern people have ‘spiritual’ longing for the sacred. The most important thing among today’s so-called ‘Liberals’ is not the objective neutrality of free speech, free inquiry, logic & facts, rationalism, individualism, or freedom of conscience. Many ‘liberals’ may be interested in ideas, intellectualism, and culture in a dry cerebral way. What really wets them with meaning is righteousness or self-righteousness of being holier-than-thou over others, especially those deemed by the Power to be Wicked and Deplorable. Reading about ideas & culture satisfies their curiosity and staves off boredom(and may tweak their egos as hipster-sophisticates), but there is no great moral or ‘spiritual’ satisfaction to be had from engagement with mere intellect and/or senses. For full emotional satisfaction, they must play angels against the devils of the age. As most of them are weak of will & agency, they out-source the definition of Good vs Evil to the Higher Powers, and of course, Jews control the ivory tower of media, academia, courts, and the Deep State. Jews are the hands, and ‘liberal’ goy minds are the clay.
For Jews, the most important thing is not universal freedom or justice. This goes for Jewish ‘liberals’ too. Just ask the Palestinians. They get the same shit from Jews, whether it’s ‘conservative’ William Kristol or ‘liberal’ Chuck Schumer. Whether it’s Max Boot or Ezra Klein, Jews regard ideology as a mere weapon/instrument of the deeper agenda that is Power for the Tribe. And this is why a Jewish-controlled Liberalism cannot last for long as true liberalism. Sooner than later, it turns into Liberalism-In-Name-Only or LINO as Jews come to violate too many Liberal Principles to serve what is essentially their Tribal-Centrism. Furthermore, true liberalism will also crumble with the neo-spiritualist cravings of Political Correctness or ‘Wokeness’ that will happily sacrifice Liberal Principles in favor of Raptures of Righteousness. Passion overrules Principles, just like water can wet a dry towel but a dry towel cannot dry the water; it can only absorb the water and become wet itself. Another threat to Liberalism comes from the rise of celebrity and idolatry — worship of famous people as demigods or superstars — that promote vulgarity, immaturity, and stupidity that degrade the culture of intellect, reason, and critical thought, all of which rely on self-control, balance, and sense of responsibility.

Anyway, if the saving grace of religion is that holiness is with God or gods than with Man, the problem of post-religious Political Correctness or ‘Wokeness’ is it has elevated certain individuals and certain groups to holy status. Worse, no effort is necessary among members of the ‘blessed’ group to retain their sacredness and indulge in uncritical, unreflective, & unexamined self-worship. At the very least, Hindu yogis must undergo long years of study, struggle, and self-denial to gain holy status as enlightened ones who've found the pathway to the divine. In contrast, no effort is required if you happen to be Jewish, black, or homo according to the current Idolatry-Ideology or ‘Idology’ of PC. (According to LGBTQXYZ logic, you can be Divine just by donning a wig and dress and shaking your fat butt.)

You could be the most rotten Jew but still be holy because you’re one of the Holy Holocaust Tribe. Especially as the meaning of ‘Holocaust Survivor’ has become so comprehensive and ‘inclusive’ over the years — any Jew who lived in German-Occupied Territories during World War II can claim to be a ‘Holocaust Survivor’ even though he or she wasn’t anywhere near a Nazi concentration camp or in the Eastern blood-lands — , so many Jews today can claim to have some relative who was a ‘Holocaust Survivor’. And with the rise of Christian Zionism, there are plenty of Christian dummies who near-worship Jews as the Chosen People. As a self-anointed and self-deified holy people(as Jews control PC that bestows special blessings on peoples), Jews don’t need be good or even try. No matter how much money they steal, how many wars they instigate, how many Palestinians they kill, how many nations they subvert, and how many cultures they corrupt & destroy, Jews are to be revered and worshiped as the most tragic people of all time. Post-religious modernity didn't so much reject sacredness as realign it with worldly matters. Whether it was the Nazis or Jewish supremacists claiming moral immunity for their Special Kind(triumphant or chosen), it was a new kind of magical thinking. Though Nazi ideology was rooted in the cold science of Darwinism, it was also premised on Racial Romanticism of the Nietzschean Ubermensch. Jews also had their own racial-supremacist consciousness that goes way back to the concept of Chosen-ness, but Jewish ethno-arrogance was partly tempered or obfuscated by the moralism of their religion. Nazis claimed the right to conquer and kill simply because their kind was deemed superior. In contrast, Jews developed the habit of tirelessly rationalizing their power-moves and struggles for dominance as the will of God at odds with the sinfulness of mankind, usually more among the goyim than among the Jews. Thus, if the Nazi race war was clearly a race war, the Jewish race war was spun as something else, a moral-spiritual crusade by Jews against goyim who’d sinned in the eyes of God. This is why Jewish Supremacism has lasted for so long. Jews moralized and spiritualized their Will to Power and Acts of Conquest. Jewish racial agenda was given cover via references to the moral-sounding God. Jews today continue in this time-tested vein as their TALK(of 'Tolerance' and 'Inclusion') is really a moralistic means to cover up their WALK(of 'Is it good for Jews?').
Blacks and Homos are also members of The Blessed in our Age of PC as dominated by Jews. Like Jews, blacks don’t need to make an effort at being good. They are sacred simply because they are. Being Black means never having to say you’re sorry. You see, "it’s a black thing and you wouldn’t understand." It be magic and shit. As with Jews, the bestowal of sanctity to blacks has been most troublesome because blacks, like Jews, are among the most problematic peoples on Earth. Same goes for homos who constitute a group with neurotic levels of narcissism — how else can we explain the ass-o-ciation of the term ‘pride’ with homo fecal penetration, aka Poo-Ride. Now, if a group known to be nice, gentle, and kindly were elevated to sacred status, it would hardly matter to the world. Suppose Americans had very high regard for the Amish. Amish are a group that wants to be left alone and to leave other peoples alone. Thus, even if they were put atop the pedestal by rest of America, the chances are they would not try to exploit their vaunted status to rule the world. Suppose there's Nice Nancy and Nasty Nicole. Even if Nice Nancy were showered with love and affention, she is likely to remain nice; but if Nasty Nicole got the love, she would take full advantage and strut around as diva. Who/whom matters in social psychology. Unlike the hypothetically adulated Amish, Jews-as-new-messiahs demand that all of us suck up to them. Blacks demand that we see them as neo-pharaohs or something. And homos now display neo-aristocratic attitude toward the NSMFR — Normal, Straight, Male, Female, Real — folks who are most people. Homos see themselves as princelings who should lord over the straight peons, the ‘breeders’. Homo attitude is "Straight people undergo the drudgery of making life, and we homos cruise the dream-ship of enjoying life." And if homos want to play ‘family’, they take life created by heterosexuality and pretend that THEY, as homos, made life. It’s like humans take puppies from mother-dogs and pretend they are the ‘parents’ of the pupper. The way homos see it, straight people are chained to animal biological processes, whereas homos are ABOVE such essentialism. Homo ‘reality’ is as they imagine it, fantasize it, and dream it. Tranny fantasism is an offshoot of the homo stuff. This is why it’s dangerous to elevate such people to such high MORAL(and even spiritual) status. At least in traditional Judaism, the prophets were humble before God even as they talked like they knew more than everyone else. At least in Christianity, the most blessed people are the saints whose lives are about humility, selflessness, and piety. Sainthood can only be attained individually. It can’t be shared communally or passed down among relatives or friends. It doesn’t matter if someone in your community is a saint. You could still be a creep. It doesn’t matter if your uncle or best friend is saint. It doesn’t mean you get to share in his blessedness.
In contrast, in our post-God world, certain groups with particular strong egos & wills have made themselves into the new gods on an unconditional and collective basis. Without God above them, they think they are the center of the world. Indeed, even those who profess to be religious or ‘spiritual’ practice a kind of egocentrism or ethnocentrism whereby god revolves around them than other way around. For instance, anyone who is slightly acquainted with the Bible knows that it is NOT pro-homo and certainly not pro-Sodomite, but we have disgusting & vile homos like Buttegieg and Tim Cook of Apple saying that god blessed them with perverse desires to have penises rammed up their bungs and to suck other men’s penises. As for blacks, their reading of the Bible seems to amount to "God say white folks and all other folks better give us free stuff cuz we be da best and shit." And according to Jews, the entire world has to rotate around the axis of Jewish neurosis and megalomania. They have no understanding of humility. Homos see the whole world as their ass to buttfuc*. Blacks see the whole world as their hippo to hunt. Jews see the whole world as their milk-and-honey to be harvested by goy peons. Also, the neo-sanctity of Jews, blacks, and homos doesn’t operate like Christian Sainthood where individuals must follow the righteous path to attain the blessings of God. Instead, individual virtue be damned. All Jews, all homos, and all blacks are holy, sacred, and blessed according to ‘Wokonography’ & ‘Wokology’ simply for BEING Jewish, black, or homo.
Such has imbued all three groups with excessive, indeed noxious, levels of self-regard and arrogance, made all the worse by most Americans bending over backwards to suck up to one, two, or all three groups. Of course, it was the Jews who got to decide the holiness levels among various groups, and the result is Jews, blacks, and homos as the most emblematic or ‘talismanic’ identities. As other groups lack innate holiness, they must seek it from the radiance of others who have it, much like planets depend on the Sun for light and heat as they lack autonomous radiance.
In Catholicism, the faithful sought the relics(of holy saints) as spiritual vitamins. Christians, as sinners burdened with imperfection and compromise, worship the Perfect Being in the figure of Jesus Christ. People enter churches as holy spaces, something their own homes are not. In spirituality, few are 'warm-blooded' while most are 'cold-blooded'. God, Jesus, and angels don’t need humanity to be holy, but humanity needs God, Jesus, and angels to be blessed with holiness. God, Jesus, and angels have 'warm-blooded' spirituality that is self-generated. In contrast, humans are spiritually 'cold-blooded' and need the warm radiance of God, Jesus, and angels to be led on the righteous path, hopefully even to Heaven. Warm-blooded mammals generate inner-heat even in the cold. In contrast, fish, amphibians, and reptiles are cold-blooded and rely on outside environment to supply the heat, which is why we see turtles and snakes basking in the sun.
According to PC, the Holy Three of Jews, blacks, and homos are ‘spiritually’ warm-blooded, whereas most other groups, especially white folks, are cold-blooded. Jews don’t need the approval or adulation of others to be holy. Blacks are magic as Sun Folks. And for homos, ‘pride’ doesn’t have to be demonstrated and earned. A homo doesn’t have to find the cure for cancer and win the Nobel Prize to claim a bit of pride. All he has to do is prance around waving the homo ‘rainbow’ flag and take ‘pride’ in his practice of poo-ride, aka homo-fecal-penetration.
In contrast, other groups, especially whites, range from lukewarm-blooded to cold-blooded to ice-blooded. Muslims/Arabs, for instance, can be deemed as lukewarm ‘holy’ vis-a-vis ‘racist’, ‘xenophobic’, and ‘Islamophobic’ whites, but they are seen as dead-soul-cold vis-a-vis the holy Jews. Their ‘holiness’ is conditional and situational unlike the unconditional holiness of Jews, blacks, and homos according to Wokology. Because Jews, blacks, and homos are deemed to have intrinsic warmth whereas other groups(especially whites) do not, there is this obsession among whites and other groups to suck up to Jews, blacks, and homos to soak up some of the PC radiance. (Maybe Jews should come up with Philo-Semitic Soap for goyim. Rub your filthy goy body with some of that Jewish holiness.) This is why we see the phenomenon of NJBH(non-Jewish-black-homo) groups in America desperately trying to ally with Jews, blacks, and/or homos or to draw parallels between their own ‘plights’ or ‘struggles’ and with those of the JBH(Jew-black-Homo). So, pro-immigration-invasion advocates will say that illegals are the Southern Border are like the New Jews being persecuted by Nazis. Or various non-white NJBH groups will insist that their problems in the US are akin to blacks in the Civil Right Struggle. Sometimes, it gets kinda amusing, as when Palestinian-Americans argue they are the New Jews being tyrannized by Israeli Jews as the New Nazis.
If various lukewarm-blooded or cold-blooded NJBH & non-white groups seek alliances or associations with JBH to bask in the holiness, they also portray themselves as worthy of sympathy, compassion, and even a bit of extra serving of holy sunshine on the basis of their victimhood at the hands of Evil Whites. If Wokology says Jews, blacks, and homos are especially holy, it also says whites(especially if straight, male, and ‘right-wing’) are especially wicked. If some folks must be gods or angels, others must be made the Devil or demons. Thus, it’s morally advantageous to not only associate one’s own kind with JBH but to depict them as victims of EW or Evil Whitey. In religion, the devout seek salvation from God and delivery from the Devil. God is seen as life, Devil is seen as death. This is so EVEN IN CASES where God does the killings while the Devil offers shelter or sanctuary. The Bible is filled with stories with God killing lots of ‘innocent’ people and with Satan offering the temptation of relief. But even when God acts the ‘tyrant’, the devout seek the favors of God while denouncing the Devil. In the end, devotion > data. Even if the data showed that God killed more than Satan did and demonstrated the objective worth of Satan's offers, the devout must choose God because He is holy whereas the Devil, no matter how ‘generous’, is wicked and evil. This factor is what white folks never seem to understand about Wokology. It doesn’t matter how generous and good-hearted they are. It doesn’t matter how many overtures they make to other groups. The fact is Wokology paints whites as especially wicked and evil. So, even if white people give and give a lot, the takers will merely see the offerings as the gift of the Devil. In their hunger and greed, they will take the gifts of the White Devil but immediately denounce Evil Whitey just the same. Just look at the attitude of Somalis who’ve taken so much from whites but spit in the white face. Look how Jews act toward white Americans. Without Anglo-America, Jews would not control the world, but Jews feel nothing but contempt for Wasps. If a woman sees one man as handsome & wonderful while seeing another as ugly & gross, she will still want to be with the former than the latter, even as the latter offers her more gifts. She will take the stuff but still rebuff him. Love isn’t about materiality. One can love someone passionately even if he or she isn't objectively a 'good' person. One could find him or her to be especially beautiful, stylish, or dazzling. In contrast, one will not fall in love with someone who is gross but bears lots of gifts. Now, a woman may marry a rich gross man, or a man may marry an ugly gross daughter of a rich family, but there is no love there. One’s heart will never be with the gross person who offers plenty of stuff. Indeed, in such marriages, one is marrying the stuff than the person.
At any rate, wokology imbues certain groups with holiness and certain groups with wickedness. Of course, white People need not have become the Devil of the World. They became such because Jews took power of media/academia and because whites decided to suck up to Jews who hate them. Over time, a kind of Cycle of Contempt took hold in the Jewish-White relationship. The more Jews insulted, mocked, and berated whites, the more whites sucked and cucked up to Jews in the hope that, by demonstrating their fealty and devotion, Jews would stop being nasty and start loving whites. But white cuckery only emboldened Jews to be even nastier and more contemptuous toward whites. Then, whites tried even harder to cuck and suck up to Jews to gain their favor, and this made Jews feel even MORE contempt for sappy wussy whites. If you tell someone to lick your boot and if he does so, will you respect him all of a sudden because he sucked up to you? No, you will look down on him even further. Then, if you told him to open his mouth and peed into it, would you finally appreciate him because he is so loyal and servile to you? No, you would despise him even more. This is what whites fail to understand in their relation to Jews. The Cycle of Contempt must be broken IF Jews are to respect whites. Jews understand power, and unless whites make Jews fear White Power, Jews will continue to tell whites to open their mouths for golden showers and open up their bungholes for flagpoles bearing the Israeli flag.
Even though, Jews, blacks, and homos get to ‘morally’, ‘spiritually’, and ‘IDOL-ogically’ lord over the rest of humanity in the ‘Western’-Narrative-dominated World, things get a bit tricky and even testy when differences bubble up between the three holies, though the tensions are generally Jews vs blacks and Homos vs blacks than Jews vs Homos(as both groups are close and proximate in sensibility, outlook, profession, and cosmopolitanism). Jews and homos are also complementary in the way God and the Angels are. Jews are clearly many times more powerful than homos, but homos have their own advantages. Jewishness is fixed to Jews, and this factor limits the reach of Jewish power around the world. But every people have their share of homos, and in that sense, homo power is inherently more global than Jewish Power. Jewish Diaspora is worldwide, but there are many nations(even important ones)without a significant Jewish contingent. But even such nations have their homos who often feel bigger bond with homos around the world than with their own national kin. Unlike straight people whose real sexuality is about creating new life to carry on with culture and heritage, homos are all about indulging in a form of pseudo-sex — sodomy or homo-fecal-penetration — that can never produce life. So, homosexuality(or ‘inversexuality’ as homos invert all that is real) merely turns into a search of wild pleasure without thought of consequences. What does it matter into whose bung you stick your dong when sodomy cannot produce any life? So, if a lot of real-sexual or straight people approach sex as a means to mate with someone to produce children who will carry on with culture and heritage, homos approach their pseudo-sexual activity as a game of pleasure, or Game of Bones. It’s like Milo and Andrew Sullivan are perfectly happy with big black homo dongs up their soft white bungs. But because sodomy cannot produce life, homo identity is rather shallow.
While homos are horizontally advantaged over Jews because homos can be found in every nation, they are vertically disadvantaged because there is no such thing as homo lineage. Most homos are the children of straight parents, most of whom didn’t want to have homo children. (Today’s prog parents make a big fuss about how they are SO PROUD to have a son who takes dongs up his bung, but such strained enthusiasm suggests repression of their natural desire for non-homo kids. It’s like making an effort to enjoy spinach because you really don’t.) Not only are most homos the products of real sexuality by straight people, even when a homo man and a homo woman(lesbian) have a kid together, there is a much greater chance that the kid will be straight. As such, homo identity is more like mushrooms than trees; you never know where they will appear, and there’s no guarantee that new mushrooms will grow again on that spot. In contrast, the Jewish Community has a deep identity of Jews having Jewish kids who themselves grew up to have Jewish kids for thousands of years. Homos are like fungal spores, whereas Jews are like roots in their historical and ethnic consciousness. Thus, Jews wield more solid power. They have a clear sense of origin, place, and path. Jews and Homos are like Zeus and Hermes. Granted, Jews have been a mercurial people as well, and homo pagan-idolatry can be downright quasi-fascist & ‘Apollonian’ in vision, but Jewishness is rooted in patriarchy & continuity whereas queerness is flighty with pleasures of the moment. Thus, homos are useful to Jews in ways that angels are useful to God, or Hermes to Zeus(and Apollo). Jews are the prophets, and homos are the messengers. Jews are the producers, and homos are the players. But the relationship is as problematic as it is symbiotic, in the long run at least. After all, prior to the late modern era, it’s hard to think of a people who were more anti-homo than the Jews. If ‘reparations for homos’ ever become a thing, Jews should dole out most of the dough because because Judaism laid the foundation for the stringent anti-homo values of both Christianity and Islam. It was the Jews who regarded homosexuality as not merely weird, wrong, or gross but an abomination in the eyes of God Himself. But as Jews became post-religious and Jewishness became more about ethnicity than spirituality, Jews came to focus more on strategy for power and privilege than adherence to any higher moral value or spiritual command. Therefore, when Jews realized that a Judeo-Homo Axis could be very profitable(and even spawn a neo-religion in the form of cuckoo Globo-Homomania to push Christianity out of the nest of the West), they got over their traditional hangups. It’s also possible that homosexuality is more prevalent among Jews precisely because they were so anti-homo. In less anti-homo cultures, homos might have been allowed to do their homo things and not have children. But in the Jewish Community, being outed as a homo could lead to serious consequences, even death. So, Jewish homos likely gritted their teeth, got married, and had kids, thereby passing down their genes with homo tendencies.

What about Jews/Homos and blacks? Surely, there are complementary factors here as well. Jews run most of music industry, sports franchises, and mass media, and this means they have much to profit from blacks. In turn, as blacks are bigger in brawn than brains, they rely on Jewish smarts to succeed as rappers or athletes. Also, Jews and blacks cleverly use the White Guilt Trope and combine their Narratives of Holocaust and Slavery to make it seem like white folks are especially stained with sin for having caused harm to the two holiest groups in the world, the Desert Tribe and the Jungle Tribe. In a way, a reason why so many white folks took to Globo-Homomania is that a WHITE GENTILE PERSON can be one of the Holy People by wanting homo dongs up his bung. Of course, as most whites are not homo, only a relative few get to claim this holiness, but it’s still exciting for white folks that a white gentile can own holiness simply on the basis of BEING... a fruiter. It’s like Jimmy(Robert De Niro) and Henry(Ray Liotta) can never be ‘made’ in GOODFELLAS because they are half-Irish, but they are so happy that one of the crew, Tommy(Joe Pesci), has been chosen to be a Made Man. White people are so ecstatic about Globo-Homo because one of their own can be ‘made’ by taking a Negro dong up his bung. Consider how the Boston Straight Pride chose none other than Milo(of all people) to be its man of the hour.

Homos and blacks also have common interests. Homos are obsessed with idolatry, and because blacks dominate sports and music, many homos are totally enthralled with blackness, and many white homo men’s main desire is to take Negro dongs up their bungs. Also, as blacks are likely the most self-centered, self-aggrandizing, and megalomaniacal people on earth, they appreciate how homos in fashion and pop culture have done so much for the Black Image.
Still, there are major tensions between Jews/Homos and blacks as well. Jews and Homos tend to be intellectual, cultured, and sophisticated, whereas blacks tend to be rough, brutish, and wild. Jews and Homos prefer the Black Image over the Black Reality. They like to take aspects of blackness and fashion them into an idealized-idolatry, or ‘idealotry’, and indeed, much of the world knows blackness mainly in this ‘idealotrous’ form(via Hollywood, Music Industry, and Sports Celebrity) than in its raw form in the streets, which is usually ugly and demented(as tirelessly documented by Colin Flaherty). Jews and Homos prefer the Negro on TV than Negro in Reality, not least because Jews and Homos get to mold the Black Image in the media whereas blacks of raw reality insist on being unruly & ghastly and resist attempts to 'ennoble' them). Jews and Homos are experts at white-collar crime and cultural decadence, but they are not thugs in the streets, and they don’t destroy cities with rioting and looting. When it comes to crime, blacks are tops because evolution in hot Sub-Saharan Africa favored the hunter-warrior gene. So, despite the rhetorical unity among Jews, homos, and blacks, the fact remains that many Jews and homos fear black thugs and don’t want live in places with Too Many Blacks. Also, as blacks are often wild and unruly, their demented rages at whites in general can sometimes turn against Jews and homos, not least because both groups are seen essentially as ‘white’ by blacks. Furthermore, lack of black reflectiveness has them enraged over the fact that Jews and white homos are so much better off than blacks. (Of late, increasing numbers of blacks are envious and resentful of the fact that the elite-favored homo idolatry has knocked a few pegs off black holiness.) As far as blacks are concerned, they should have the most of everything since they be so ‘bad’ and ‘cool’ in stuff like sports and rapping, the ONLY things most blacks care about. Blacks think in primitive hunter-warrior terms. Among savages, the toughest warrior who can chuck the spear the farthest gets the most booty. Black view of reality is one-on-one. For hunters in a state of savagery, it’s Me and the Kill. In the modern world, things are far more complicated as it takes lots of brains, organizational skills, and expertise to write laws, manage enterprises, and maintain elaborate systems. The Negro mind has no patience for such things. It just thinks, "I’s the baddest mofo, so I’s deserve the most blings and shit." But Jews and homos have more gold than Negroes do, and this makes a lot of Negroes angry. While Negroes approach Jews and Homos as useful allies for the time being, they nevertheless regard them as The Enemy(and Whitey). As a result, Jews/Homos and Blacks often don't see eye to eye, made worse by the fact that blacks, especially in colleges, have plenty of ‘cold-blooded’ white supporters who, lacking self-generated heat of holiness, lean on ‘warm-blooded’ blacks to bask in the sunshine. Whenever blacks flip out, even to the detriment for Jewish power & privilege, white progs join in the stampede of rage and fury. In a way, these white progs are as vampiric as subservient vis-a-vis blacks. Because blacks are seen as ‘moral’ & ‘spiritual’ superiors, white progs get all sappy & servile at the feet of blacks as holy icons. But precisely because their cold-blooded selves lack innate sanctity, they try to absorb the holy heat of the Magic Negro. If white women got jungle fever, too many whites(even conservatives) need the Jungle Blanket to warm up their souls. Thus, many whites think nothing is more righteous than siding with holy blacks on ANY issue. Whenever there is another Hate Hoax, white progs are among the first ones to throw themselves into the fray, sometimes with bad results:

With the reality of black thuggery/criminality and the preponderance of ‘hate hoaxes’, one would think white progs would wake up to reality, but apparently, being ‘woke’ means to fall under hypnotic spell of Negro Worship as if everything is a 'civil rights struggle', the holiest event in US history that today's millennials missed out on and can relive only through new 'injustices' to fume over. Hate Hoaxes with the usual props of nooses and swastikas are part of the Halloweening of the Civil Rights Narrative. The psychology of spirituality is such that even all the evidence in the world cannot override one’s need for faith. Kevin Michael Grace is a smart and erudite person, but he feels a need to believe in the Gospels and their supernatural narrative of the Resurrection. There have been so many Catholic hoax-miracles, but the faithful were always eager to dispense with the latest fraud and witness the next miracle. Hate Hoaxes are like 'Smearicles'
that are meant to prove once again that Jews, blacks, and homos are pure-souled saints, angels, and gods who must be protected from Evil Whitey or Evil 'Homophobe'.
The psychology of holiness, like the psychology of hedonism, can easily overcome any supply of reason and facts. Gambling addicts rationally know the odds are against them, but they keep playing in the hope that the Next roll of dice will be the Big One, the jackpot miracle. Likewise, even when the faithful are presented with science(that disprove religion) and informed of the many frauds & corruptions of the church, they hold steadfast for the next miracle. In a similar vein, the reason why so many white progs are so blind to reality is they’re under the spell of magical thinking. From an early age, they’ve been instilled with the ‘idology’ of the Magic Negro, Holy Homo, and Wise Jew. Thus, they are incapable of holding rational views on the Holy Three of Jews, Negroes, and Homos. No matter the latest revelation of Jewish crookedness, black thuggery, or homo degeneracy — and no matter how many ‘hate hoaxes’ come our way — , their magical thinking continues to HOPE for the ‘miracle’ or 'smearicle' that confirms their faith that Jews, blacks, and homos are so holy-schmoly.
Of course, this allows Jews, blacks, and homos to doubly victimize the rest of the populace. Consider the Jews. Jews can do us wrong and then attack us of ‘antisemitism’ for noticing that they did us wrong. Thus, not only do Jews get to do us wrong but get to wrong us again by accusing us of feeling wronged by them, the Jews. Imagine that. Suppose Bob not only gets to steal from you but gets to condemn you for noticing that he stole from you. You’d be doubly wronged by Bob. Given the official holiness of Jews, blacks, and homos, they get to doubly do us wrong. Blacks commit lots of crime but also accuse us of ‘racism’ for noticing that they commit a lot of crime. So, not only are lots of whites victimized by blacks but they are forced to pretend they were not victimized by blacks. Call the thugs ‘teens’ or ‘youths’ or chant along to ‘Black Lives Matter’ when, in fact, too many blacks see no value in the lives of others, black or non-black. Jews can rob us blind and push for the Great Replacement. Indeed, Jews sometimes even brag about how they are at the center of demographic transformations in the West. But, lest you speak up about Jewish role in financial malfeasance and demographic imperialism, you are condemned as potentially ‘antisemitic’ if you dare entertain the thought of Jewish role in all this. So, you must suffer silently. You are victimized doubly by Jewish deed and Jewish decree. Jews not only get to burn your house down but get to shut you up lest you dare say Jews did it(which would be 'antisemitic'): As Jews are deemed holy, they couldn’t have done such a thing even if they did it. If a Jew burns your house down, the real crime according to Wokology is not that he torched your house but you might have noticed that HE, the Jew, did it. After all, if Jews are holy, then they can’t do unholy things, and that implies only an ‘irrational Anti-Semite’ would dare accuse the Jew. Or, if Jews do admit they burned the house, it must have been most justified(and even noble) because, being holy, whatever Jews do must be good and righteous. Then, it is not surprising that, on the issue of the Great Replacement, we get two narratives from Jews: "Only crazy Anti-Semites would believe that Jews engineered the Great Replacement of whites in the West" and "Yeah, we Jews did push for the Great Replacement, and it is most justified because you evil white Christian scum deserve to be conquered, humiliated, and owned." As for the holy homos, we have to pretend that they were NOT responsible for the HIV disaster since the 1980s. If anything, we have to tell our selves that homos were innocent victims of both HIV and uncaring ‘homophobia’. And of course, we have to pretend that the gross, sick, and ugly displays of ‘gay pride’ every year are akin to blessings from heaven. It’s all so demented.
When it comes to Jews-blacks-homos AND everyone else, the holy trio has the upperhand. It’s like kings and serfs, gods and mortals. But what about the intra-acrimony that sometimes flares among the Holy Three? It is like a parody of the war of the gods or the clash of the titans. A Jew can easily shut others down as ‘antisemitic’, blacks can shut down others as ‘racist’, and homos can shut down others as ‘homophobic’. The three cardinals sins according to PC are ‘antisemitism’, ‘racism’, and ‘homophobia’. But what happens when Jews, homos, and blacks are at loggerheads?
Consider the Zionists vs Ilhan Omar debacle. How was it ultimately resolved? By blaming WHITE PEOPLE in Congress over the feud between Jewish Zionists and Somali-black-Muslims. Generally, Jews and homos get along, but things may change as Homo Power goes from white to non-white. As the Muslim World remains mostly anti-homo, Homo power is mainly with Jews, but if non-whites become more prominent around the world in defining the Pink Agenda, the result may be a homo-tug-of-war whereby both Jews and their enemies will claim the right to the ‘rainbow’ banner. So far, Jews have found globo-homo very useful as a lubricant in their power game. Indeed, imagine a world without globo-homomania. Jews would have to exert their power AS JEWS upon goyim, and many peoples around the world would recognize this Power Move as JEWISH and ALIEN. While Jew-Worship is holy writ in the West, it has far less traction in the Non-West. Furthermore, many non-white nations have no taboos against bashing Jewish power and Zionism. Then, it’s no wonder Jews craved and concocted a proxy means to use their influence around the world, and their strategy was to ‘sacralize’ the homos in every nation and then use them as quasi-angels, heralds, and envoys of the Jewish god-men. But just like Christianity went from a Jewish thing to a Gentile thing, it’s possible that the Jewish-created Globo-Homo may truly go ‘universal’(or ‘buniversal’) and come to see Jewish Power as problematic. Already, there are homo Muslims in the US who denounce Zionism. And Ilhan Omar, despite her devotion to Muhammad, is an eager-waver of the globo-homo flag, though it could just be a case of opportunism.

Anyway, the Blacks vs Buttegieg confrontation was one of the most amusing instances of the ‘clash of the titans’. We know Buttegieg(who looks like a cross between Anthony Perkins, Bob Denver, and Howdy Doody) thinks he’s hot stuff simply because he’s a homo. He has imbibed homo-narcissism so fully that he believes even the Biblical God must revise His sacred laws to appease the homo community. Imagine that. Homos expect god in heaven to say, "Yes, I designed your anus, aka fecal hole, to be used as a sex organ, and there are few things more wonderful than the sight and smell of a ‘gay’ penis that’s been up the poopchute of another man." I suppose cancer is also a blessing because God meant us to have it. One cannot have a reasonable conversation with men like Buttegieg who are so full of themselves. With the backing of Jews as godmen, homos now have an easy time condemning and destroying anyone who is suspected of the heresy of ‘homophobia’, but, and it’s a Big But, things aren't so easy when a homo is confronted with the supposedly Noble Negroes. Just like homos think they’re hot stuff simply because they’re homo, blacks think they’re magical simply because they’re black. After all, the media, education, and state propaganda remind us constantly to love, respect, revere, and near-worship the Negroes because they are most magical-and-tragical-and-badassical-and-most-musical. Blacks have soaked this all up and filled themselves to the gills with boundless self-regard, and this means they never have to face the music or look in the mirror to understand their failings and realize what they must do to rectify the situation in places like St. Louis and Baltimore. Then, it’s hardly surprising that the blacks who confronted Buttegieg and the South Bend police department weren’t capable of thinking or expressing anything but "We totally right" and "You totally racist." Blacks bitch about ‘racism’ in the police department while overlooking the fact that most black deaths are at the hands of other blacks who are equally thug-like. A black grandmother yaps about her grand-kid being scare of cops, but why is SHE raising the kid? Where is the mother? The father? And of course, kids will believe anything they’re told. As too many black adults are idiots and morons, they tell their kids that white KKKops are out to kill them when, if anything, black-on-black murder rates go UP when the police retreat from black communities. And notice how the blacks always demand that OTHERS fix the problems that blacks caused. Now, it’s possible that MORE could be done by the government and society-at-large for the black community, but it is impossible when so many blacks just keep acting crazy and pathological even when more aid and programs come their way. Just consider the attitude of black students in well-funded schools with good teachers and high-tech equipment. Most of them just want to fool around and howl like apes.
In a sane and rational society that cares about the truth, we should be able to discuss these problems, but ours is not a sane/rational society but one with a perverted secular-sense of neo-spirituality that decided to elevate certain key identities as the new gods. Blacks being one of the god-races, they never need to examine themselves and their failings. Why should they? Blacks have been told over the years that they’re holy, magical, and awesome in every way. So, if anything goes wrong, it MUST be the fault of others. What a sick state of affairs. When the most pathologically savage race has been elevated to the highest spiritual status(along with Jews and Homos), it was bound to lead to all sorts of problems. Of course, this was one reason why Mass Immigration was welcomed as a buffer against dangerous blacks. Even as blacks were elevated ‘spiritually’, cities got worse with black gang/criminal activity. If whites had honesty and courage, they would have acknowledged the truth of racial differences and sought some kind of separation of the races(as Abraham Lincoln proposed), but the Magic Negro trope became so sacrosanct that, even after the L.A. Riots and OJ Simpson fiasco, whites refused to face the reality and continued to believe in the holiness of blacks, incredibly even as they took to white flight from black areas; it just goes to show the power of idolatry over reality. Besides, no matter how much crime and violence blacks commit in any given year, there is the new Rap hit, the new Oprah episode, the new PBS documentary about MLK & Civil Rights, the new basketball and football seasons that have countless whites screaming at the top of their lungs for their black gods and heroes. And white women came down with jungle fever, and white men got used to cuckery and even came to see it as necessary to bring about racial reconciliation via the Afro-Colonization-of-White-Wombs or ACOWW.
Besides, gods are supposed to be above the law, right? The laws of man don’t apply to the gods who live with their own laws. The rise of celebrity culture centered around a**hole-athletes and thug-rappers especially led to the notion that morality and laws are for little people, the lame losers. As blacks are the ‘cool’ god-race, they don’t have to play by ‘white’ rules, and indeed their transgression is all the more ‘badass’ for its taunting nigga-nihilism. It’s a kind of ‘Nigzscheanism’. And Jews and homos feel the same way. Jews now think and act like god-men with the power and right to subvert, loot, destroy, and/or transform any society by whatever means available. Consider the creep George Soros or the monster Sheldon Adelson who says a nuke should be lobbed at Iran. According to Jews, Israel can ignore international inspections and make nukes whereas Iran, a nation with no nukes, must be sanctioned and wrecked economically. As for Palestinians, just forget about it. Jews are holy, Palestinians are shit, and as far as Jews are concerned, white folks in Europe and US are just More Palestinians to degrade, dehumanize, and exploit. And we are all familiar with how nihilistic the homo and tranny communities are. For them, ‘morality’ or the ‘good’ is whatever that flatters and celebrates them as the new angels. They even took over many churches that now have clergy with homo colors preaching that Jesus died on the Cross so that homos can claim sodomy as godly and trannies can cut their dicks off & read stories to young children.
Then, it is most fascinating to observe the clash of nihilisms among groups that would be gods. Buttegieg, who is so full of himself(when his howdy-doody bung is not filled with homo dongs), walks around straight white people like he’s the second coming or something — after all, being homo makes him holy whereas straight white people are without innate sanctity — , but he finds himself perplexed, disoriented, and even afraid among blacks, the other god-race. If angry whites got aggressive with him, he could just dismiss them as ‘homophobes’ or ‘bigots’, but he’s flustered among Noble Negroes(even though blacks act noble only in Hollywood movies). On the one hand, as a white homo, he has achieved much more than most blacks, many of whom are poor and even desperate in the run-down black parts of South Bend. Also, he is the darling of powerful Jews and the elite class. In contrast, the blacks who are hollering at him in the video are the dregs of society with no prospects. And yet, because they are black and what blackness symbolizes in the American PC discourse, Buttegieg’s magical powers as a holy homo is much diminished in the presence of angry, nasty, and unruly Magic Negroes(who act more like Manic Niggaz). Blacks in South Bend won't south-bend-over to Buttegieg's homo holiness. In some ways, it’s even funnier than Ilhan Omar vs the Zionists on Twitter over who has more Wokemon Intersectional Points. Especially hilarious is the moment when Butt-Plug is grilled by blacks as to whether he believes 'black lives matter', and the butter-butt-boy's voice cracks with emotions like he wants to cry or something. It reminds us of George W. Bush saying that the WORST moment of his presidency was when trashy Kanye West said Bush doesn't like black people. Never mind blacks don't value the lives of fellow blacks. Whether in black Africa, Haiti, Jamaica, UK, or US, blacks love to kill other blacks because the core mentality among blacks is not "Is it good for the blacks?" but "Is it good for ME?" As cunning and lowdown as Jews can be, at least they hold onto the value of Honor Among Jewish Thieves. Blacks will destroy other blacks just to get 'what is mine'. While Bush could have done more in the wake of Katrina, the real problem was blacks either sat around for OTHERS to solve all the problem or, worse, went on looting rampages and reveled in chaos during the crisis. For blacks, 'never let a crisis go to waste' means rob, rape, and rampage all you want while the lights are out. And based on reports of the death in South Bend, it seems to be another case of the police taking drastic measures to put down a crazed thug or criminal. But, it never registers among blacks that maybe-just-maybe their behavior is at the root of these problems. And the Jew-run media that follow the PC script portray blacks as perennial victims even when they're the perpetrators of most of the violence in America. And jerks like Mayor Buttplug and George W. Bush are more triggered and distraught by accusations of "You don't care about black folks"(that has the effect of "You don't believe in God" in a devout religious community) in our dumb-dumb culture that takes cues from the church of wokology. If Mayor Buttplug had real integrity in a society that valued it, he would have shot back to the blacks, "Look, you blacks wallow in trash culture, threaten each other, act like thugs, and do the most slaughtering of blacks in this town and across the country. So, why don't you black shits stare in the mirror and face the music for a change instead of twerking your asses to trashy rap music." In current US, blacks act like apes but we are supposed to see them as angels. Ape-Angels or Apegels are what blacks have become.
This really has to end. We can’t have an honest and truthful debate about things that really matter in a nation where certain groups get to play gods over the rest. It is disconcerting and dangerous, not to mention deeply corrupting, not least because Jews, blacks, and homos are especially problematic groups. Jews, with their higher IQ, strong personality, & tribal heritage, are favored by circumstances to gain great wealth and power. Such a powerful and influential people must be scrutinized and criticized honestly, or their power will grow cancerous and pathological, as it certainly has already in our world. And blacks, with their greater aggression and muscle power, can cause lots of harm as thugs, criminals, bullies, and lunatics. Unless we discuss the Black Problem honestly, we’ll just end up with more Fergusons. Screaming BLM when blacks are the ones who are committing the most robberies, rapes, and murders is a sign that the US has fallen into the vortex of inverse reality. And homos have special talents in arts & design, and many of them have become rich and powerful. But their vanity can get the best of them, and we now live in a world where homos aren’t satisfied with tolerance & individual freedom but demand and mandate that we all bend over to their self-image as new angels of some ‘rainbow’ fantasy world. It’s like we’ve all been sucked into the fantasy dream of Liberace and Michael Jackson through the cocaine-laced anus of Elton John. Homos not only claimed the term ‘gay’ but ‘pride’, and the West allowed this to happen without any moral, political, and spiritual resistance because our world has been so corrupted by the lies, egos, vanities, and sick prides of devious Jews, demented blacks, and degenerate homos.

We need HUMANISM that sees all peoples as humans with potential for good and bad. Being human doesn’t mean you’re innately good or bad. It means you can be good, you can be bad. At any rate, you must try to understand the world and yourself. And everyday, you must make an effort to be a good person and learn to be self-critical as critical of the world around you. Nazism and Communism failed because they both rejected or failed humanism. Nazism elevated the Aryan-Europeans as the Noble Superior Race, and that meant they were above the norms of rest of humanity. So, just like Jewish supremacists so full of themselves think any number of Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, Russians, and white people may be sacrificed at the altar of "Is it good for Jews?", the Nazi Aryanists believed than any number of Slavs in Russia could be sacrificed to make way for the superior Teutons. Ironically, what Jewish Hegemonists and Nazis have in common is the conceit of Racial Supremacism. Jewish globalists claim to be anti-supremacist, but all their berating of ‘white supremacism’ is to distract us from the undeniable fact that US essentially operates as a Jewish-Supremacist warship. If indeed Jews are all about equality, why don’t they support BDS and demand that the US government treat Israeli Jews and Palestinians equally? Why don’t Jews demand that Israel be sanctioned for having nukes while Iran be rewarded for NOT having nukes? Why don’t Jews complain that Jews are vastly over-represented in elite industries and institutions? Jews use the ‘social justice’ Talk to hide the tribal-supremacist Walk.
Anyway, whether it’s the Nazis honestly yapping about racial supremacism and practicing it OR Jewish globalists dishonestly yapping about racial equality while practicing the opposite, the notion of the holy races is deeply corrupting to humanity, morality, and public discourse. Just like serfs could never talk freely with kings, the less holy or unholy peoples cannot speak honestly with or about holy peoples because anything deemed offensive to the holies is TABOO. The result is the scenario in "Emperor’s New Clothes". It is anti-humanist. Now, humanism doesn’t say all humans, as individuals or groups, are equal in intelligence, ability, or integrity. However, it does say that even the lowest human is still human and deserving of some recognition as a member of the human species. Also, it says even the smartest and/or most capable person in whatever(science, arts, athletics, philosophy, spirituality, etc.) is ultimately nothing more than human. He may be an impressive human but still a human, not a god or superhero. Humanism grounds us in reality. It reminds us that even humans with seemingly godlike powers -- Beethoven, Shakespeare, Newton -- were, in the end, mortal, limited, and flawed. The Germans and Japanese in World War II got to thinking and behaving as if they were made of god-dust. Nazis relied more on pseudo-science whereas Japanese relied more on myth, but the end-result was the same. Both vastly overestimated themselves and underestimated the rest of humanity. Now, communism, in its emphasis on the justice for the proles, had something of a humanist streak, but it failed because genuine humanism was compromised and swept asunder by the deification of History as embodied by the Great Man(such as Stalin or Mao as god-men). As communism had little use for the individual, it had a tendency to see humanity as a mass than a collection of fragile and vulnerable persons. In the name of history, it came to regard humanity as cannon fodder for the revolution, which explains why Stalin and Mao were willing to expend millions of lives to realize their grand visions. While humanism doesn’t reject grand history, it never loses sight of individuals who make up humanity. These individuals are fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, cousins, friends, neighbors, and comrades. They are not mere pawns in some sick game of power played by men who would be gods.

Humanism and Nationalism go together because they both understand the need for limits. Beyond humanism is the nihilism of god-ism or Divinism, which is most dangerous because humans can never be gods. (We’ll leave it up to Cuckoo Michio Kaku to cook up some technology to turn us into ‘gods’ like in the AKIRA anime.) Beyond nationalism is imperialism where one nation comes to regard itself as so great and awesome that it has a might-is-right claim to conquer and dominate other peoples. Humanism and Nationalism are the Goldilocks Rule between the extremes of high and low. Below humanism is animalism, an outlook that says humans should surrender to the most vulgar and base desires of the Id. Paradoxically, god-ism and animalism seem to reinforce each other in the modern world. Why would this be if one aims high while the other one aims low? When people regard themselves as godly, they feel they are above the law and get to do as they wish. After all, what is the point of being gods if you can’t indulge in your power? So, those who regard themselves as godly come to indulge in all sorts of piggish vices that make the animal-like. This was a problem with both Greek and Germanic gods. Zeus and Odin were great noble gods, but all that power also led them to indulge in all sorts of vices and pleasures, especially in wooing lots of women to the fury of their wives. It was when men like Stalin, Hitler, and Mao gained godly amounts of power that they became most dangerous as brute-tyrants. Nazis and Japanese regarded themselves as quasi-divine races, but this led them to carry out some of the most barbaric acts in World War II. Why would godly men do such things? Because being godly, they are above the law and free to indulge in their arrogance and powerlust. So, feeling godly can be the pathway to acting like animals. It’s also true the other way around. Consider the trashy rappers who shamelessly indulge in crude, ugly, and vulgar animalistic behavior. But being so lowly, why would they be so full of themselves as the demigods of our age? Because animalism is all about unfettered aggression and domination, and this leads to mad adrenaline rushes to be the ‘baddest mothafuc*a in the world’. Winning at boxing surely got Muhammad Ali to thinking he is the ‘greatest’.

We don’t need animalism or god-ism(or Divinism). We need humanism. And we need nationalism as the Goldilocks Rule between insane individualism or petty tribalism(on the clan-kin-gang level) AND imperialism that has no sense of limits. If imperialism is too arrogant & ambitious, individualism/tribalism is too small-minded and limited to serve as the basis of a complex modern society. But it seems our age is ill-suited to accept the Golden Middle as ideal for most peoples and the world. Eric Hobsbawm’s book on the 20th Century was called THE AGE OF EXTREMES, and the 21st Century seems like an Age of Excesses. The idea of ‘middle’ is attacked from all sides. Anti-Middle-ism is the rule of the day. Middle Class is to be sacrificed on the altar of globalism. Nationalism as Middle-Political-Arrangement is to be swept aside to make way for the excesses of globalist-imperialism and tribal-animalism. Look at the US and EU, and we see the rise of both intensified globalism and increased tribalism. London has become more globalized under Jewish globo-homo imperialist hegemony, but it’s also becoming more animalized & tribalized with black crime, ethnic tensions, social distrust, and gang behavior.
Same in France, a post-nation that is more globalized by the day but also torn asunder by religious, ethnic, and class divisions. Even though the Hungarian Model of the nation-state is the sane middle-position, both the globalist-imperialists and animalist-tribalists denounce it as ‘far-right’ and ‘extreme’. Apparently, the Sorosian Jewish-globalist model of radical macro-demographic transformations and the Neo-African model of invading other nations to practice micro-animalist behaviors such as ‘twerking’, running around with machetes, and tossing acid at people’s faces is the New Normal. (When Europe was homogeneous, the reactions against the middle by the extremes of left and right might have fueled greater progress. Left pushes society forward, and the right offers necessary respite that stabilizes society for another round of revolutions. The stabler 80s were necessary for the nation to recover from the excesses of the late 60s and 70s. The constant push and pull between the left and right led to more dynamism. The social pendulum of Modern Europe was more active than in the Traditional East that favored the notion of the Middle Road that grew overly static and stagnant. In a homogeneous nation, the forces of both right and left can be as infuriating as inspiring, but there is one constant in that both the right and the left share in the national identity, history, and territoriality. Left or Right, it's national vs national. But when globalism diversifies a nation, the back-and-forth swing between left and right is no longer a family affair but becomes a game of the Other vs Us, and this is bound to be destructive than constructive. The 'pendulic' swing on the national level between left and right gave the West an advantage over the Middle-centrist Orient, but the anti-middle-ist mode may prove to be fatal to the West because the ideological debate is not between 'leftism is better for OUR people' and 'rightism is better for OUR people' but between 'others should take over our nation' and 'we should keep our own nation'. Swedish left vs right used to be about 'good for Swedes' vs 'good for Swedes'. If two nations are both nationalist-homogeneous, the one with left-right dynamism may gain over the middle-stable one as creative sparks are more likely to result from friction of controversy than inaction of conformity. But when the left-right dynamism is about whether a people should keep their nation or surrender it to foreigners, especially black-African savages, that nation is in real danger, and the safer bet is the nation that seeks the middle-ground despite its stasis. Of course, neo-fascism offers a formula of left-right friction on the national level.)
Homos can’t stand the Golden Middle either. There used to be a time when it seemed possible that society could meet homos halfway. Let homos be homo and do their own thing and let us tolerate them for what they are. But that was not enough for homos. With the backing of Jews, homos demanded that they be elevated to god-status and be celebrated. Entire city blocks had to be shut down for mass ‘gay pride’ parades. Homo flags and colors had to be shown on massive buildings. Churches must fly the homo flag, and if you don’t bake the ‘gay wedding’ cake, you must be destroyed by lawfare. The lesson to take from this is that you can arrive at the Goldilocks Rule ONLY WITH people who have a sense of limits and give-and-take. Just like Hitler was impossible to negotiate with since he wanted everything his way, one should be careful about negotiating with peoples such as Jews, blacks, and homos who are naturally disposed to be egotistical, megalomaniacal, narcissistic, and/or vain to the max. In a way, it’s most fitting that our age has seen the destruction of much of the Middle East, the cradle of civilization from which so much history, culture, and arts emanated. The middle of the world between north and south, east and west, could not be left alone. It had to be destroyed and turned upside down at the behest of Jews who are now addicted to excessive megalomania.
To regain equilibrium in the world, we need to demote the new would-be god-races of Jews, homos, and blacks. If we are to deal with them as humans, as people, we must take away their mythic ‘made’ status as holy groups who are above the laws and norms that apply to the rest of us. It’s telling that Jussie Smollett is a Jewgromo, a Jew-Negro-Homo. He has so many holy-schmoly Wokemon points that he could pull off a obvious hoax, be showered with sympathy from celebrities & politicians, and then have his case dismissed after his stunt was indisputably exposed as a hoax meant to defame the white race. The end result of the deification of the Holy Three of Jews, Negroes, and Homos is the Folly of Jussie Smollett. In him we saw Jewish perfidy, black obnoxiousness, and homo vanity. As Jews, blacks, and homos have tremendous power of one kind or another over the US that controls the world, we cannot allow them to keep playacting as gods above us. What sane person wants to kiss the ass of Jussie Smollett and his ilk? And yet, that is what the US does and makes the rest of the world do. Needless to say, the Jewish supremacists at Google rigs search results to suppress stories about Smollett's shameless hoax. Divinism among Jews, blacks, and homos means that they play by their own rules in contemptuous disregard for the truth.

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