Thursday, December 2, 2021

Why American 'Conservatives', so craven and cowardly before the Tridolatry of Jewish-Black-Homo Power, have opted for Yellow Peril as the Bogeyman to bark at — Uselessness of White Comprador Leadership that serves Jewish Globo-Oligarchs than represents White America

Brain-dead American Peasants Say China is the Real Threat

Some are brain-dead and believe whatever pushed by Jewish-run media. Others are cowardly, and hating on China happens to be safer than naming the real power causing the biggest problems: Jews, with help of black thugs and homo degenerates. It's like honest people will blame Jewish Power on whatever's wrong with Google, but the cowards will point to the Hindu guy hired to serve as front.

Anti-China position matters more to conzos than libshitz. Libshitz have been supplied with Russia-Russia-Russia as the go-to-baddie for all that's wrong. So, whatever goes wrong, they can say Putin done it. For conzos, it's become China-China-China because, if one factor unites conzos with libshitz, it's the total fear of and obeisance to Jewish Power. It's like Donald Trump, after getting rammed in the ass by Jewish Power, does little but shill for Israel. The video below is so hilarious. Trump says Israel used to literally control Congress 10 yrs ago AND THAT WAS A GOOD THING but Jews now got no power because of Ilhan Omar and her 'squad' took over. ROTFL. And enough conzo dummies nod along.


As Jewish Power spread globo-homo as the new religion(limpwristianity over Christianity), libshitz are prone to be anti-Russian because they can't conceive of anything holier than associating sodomy with 'rainbow' flags. And even though there's a good deal of anti-yellow sentiments among libshitz, it can't be aired so openly because libshitz are supposed to be 'anti-racist', which means hatred must be reserved for whites. (That doesn't mean libshitz will lift a finger to spare Palestinians, Arabs, and/or Muslims from Zionist wrath. While libshitz are careful not to partake of overt anti-Arab-ism or anti-Islamism, they rarely get worked up about anything ignored or suppressed by the Jewish-run media. No libby-dib tears for the plight of Libyans or Syrians. No libby-dib outrage over Obama's support of Egyptian military coup that overthrew the democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood government. Libshitz outrage lacks agency and is always switched on/off by Jewish Power.)

Conzos, being less enamored of globo-homo, are less likely to be anti-Putin. While most conzos are generically anti-Russian, it's not an all-consuming passion. Besides, some even secretly like some of Putin's moves to bolster the church and fend off globo-homo stuff.
So, for conzos, something else must be made the object of hatred. During much of the post-Cold-War period, it was the 'Muzzies', and things got especially heated after 9/11 when Ann Coulter called for Christian Crusade to convert all Muslims at the point of the bayonet. (It was too much even for Zio-cuck National Review.) But after so many years of pointless wars and bomb-the-muzzie fatigue — and with a fair number of conzos realizing that Neocons are lowlife weasels —, the anti-muzzie angle doesn't work so well anymore. Conzos still dislike Muslims and Arabs(and don't care about Palestinians while continuing to suck up to Jews who push White Nakba — yes, conzos are dumb), but are tired of being chuck-norrised into more Wars for Israel that US never seems to win in the long run. (Of late, Neocon stooge Chuck Norris was seen with Viktor Orban in Hungary than scowling at Muslims, which goes to show that even he's inching off the Neocon reservation).
As neither Russians nor Mooslims do much to rouse conzo ire, what else is there? Of course, deep within its heart, the American Right is most worried about Jews(who push the anti-white globalist agenda), blacks(whose crime and thuggery victimize so many whites and whose muscles/aggression wussify white men into 'white boy' cucks), and homos/trannies(who not only push moral decadence & cultural degeneracy but elevate them as the new holiness), but conzos are nothing if not craven and cowardly. They suffer from Stockholm Syndrome and profusely praise Jews & Israel and go out of their way to prove they are not 'racist', which really means they are retarded cucky-wucks at the feet of blacks. Conzos are less effusive in homo-celebration(and still rather anti-tranny), but as worship of Jewish Power is the #1 priority among conzos, they mute their own anti-homo/tranny feelings lest the Great Awesome Jews take offense. Offending Jews directly is the biggest taboo among conzos; offending Jews indirectly is the second biggest taboo. Thus, even if a conzo praises Jews to high heaven for moral insurance, he fears giving offense to Jews by displeasing the ally of Jews. Jews tell conzos, "You must invite not only us to your dinner party but the homos too", and conzos comply like meek little mice.

Of course, it's been made all the worse by the fact that Jewish Power has taken complete control of Conzo Leadership via bribery, blackmail, threats, and use of media to turn conzo youths into idiots who worship the same gods that the libshitz do. Just like sheep are directionless without the shepherd, it doesn't matter what the people feel, think, or want if there aren't leaders to embrace those views and lead the masses along shared principles and prejudices. With Jewish control of conzo leadership, the conzo masses are (mis)led by cuckservative whores of Zion who (1) never name the Jewish Power (2) never denounce homo influence and (3) dare not mention the blackness of American criminality and violence. (Rand Paul and his ilk will blame 'socialism' for Detroit's woes, LOL. And name one white conzo politician who has denounced black attacks on innocent whites and non-blacks. The sheer lack of inspired race-ist leadership in American Conservatism has been fatal for the white race.)

Jewish Power wants it this way. Why do Jews and elites-in-general disapprove of populism? Because it's about the elites being responsive to core demands of the common-sensical masses who, though not intellectual or sophisticated, take notice of some obvious problems and truths about what is to be done. The super-elites, especially if a minority-elite(like the Jews in the US or the British Imperial elites in Old India), want the leadership class to receive instructions from above, not take cues from below.
Just like the British Imperial authority wanted the Indian elites to serve as a collaborator class deferential to "God Save the Queen"(than become like Gandhi & Nehru and march in front of millions of masses demanding liberation), the Jewish super-elites, who effectively turned the US into Greater Israel, simply cannot tolerate white goy leadership that is responsive to the interests, demands, and the will of the white patriotic masses. (For the time being, Jewish Power can tolerate nonwhite goy identity politics, with the exception of the Palestinian kind & BDS, because those can be directed against whites. Indeed, the so-called 'left' in the US is really a coalition of ultra-right Jewish supremacism allied with tribal-rightist black power politics and various others instructed to blame whitey for everything. Tribalism is inherently right-wing, but Jewish and non-white tribalisms get a pass as 'leftist' in their supposed opposition to 'white supremacism' when the real power configuration in the US is about ultra-right Jewish supremacists using nonwhites and cuck-whites to suppress white liberation from Jewish tyranny.)

Because white conzo elites are cucked, they dare not stand against Jews, blacks, and homos. And plenty of conzo masses have been duped also. They genuinely think US will be blessed by God if they serve as Christian-Zionists(or Christian-Sodomists) in support of Israel that puts on super homo parades. And there are plenty of fools among conzo masses who really think Candace Owens is a sign that blacks are finally moving off the Democratic plantation or that blacks will stop acting thuggish and criminal if they embrace 'free enterprise'.
But even for the masses of white conservatives and patriots who know better and understand the true nature of the problem(stemming mostly from Jews, blacks, and homos), there's little they can do because there's hardly any leadership that names the Jewish Power, Black Thuggery, and Homo Lunacy. There's hardly anyone like a White Moses to lead the white masses to greener pastures of autonomy and liberty.
And when some outspoken individuals try to take on the mantle of such leadership, like Nicholas Fuentes, the Power Structure pulls every dirty trick in the book at the behest of the Jews to take away all the money, deny banking service, restrict air travel, and de-platform. And there is a widespread blacklisting of anyone who dares to be proudly white. Jews who continue to kvetch about bad ole Joe McCarthy and the Red Scare are totally supportive of the blacklisting of anyone who dares to give the middle finger to the Tri-Idolatry or Tridolatry of Jews, Blacks, and Homos.

And that means conzos must have something to hate, something to scapegoat, something to throw eggs at as a safety valve for their frustrations. And this is where China is useful. Unlike Russia, China is not Christian, and so the conzos can howl about China persecuting the poor poor Christians. (Never mind what Jews, homos, and cucks have done to Christianity in the West. Consider the Devil Pope Francis and look at the churches with sodomy or BLM symbols. Conzos who are too chicken to call foul on cucktianity in the West rather bitch about Christians in China. Never mind China has its own cultural and spiritual traditions, and Christianity came there by way of foreign intervention and imperialism. In a way, Christo-Conzos are rather like Jews and the 'woke' in one way. They push aggressively but cry 'victim' when pushed back. If conzos are really for nationalism than globalism, then why not respect China's own national traditions than demand that China expose itself to the spiritual aggression of foreign powers?)
Also, unlike Japan in the 1980s, a time when there was much alarmism about the Rising Sun as #1, China is a much bigger nation and politically independent of the US. And, with its alliances with Russia and Iran, China may become genuinely independent of possible US chokeholds(that were so effective in cutting the legs off Japanese power prior to and during WWII). Furthermore, unlike Japanese power that was limited to Japan itself, Chinese influence is the combination of mainland CCP rule and overseas Chinese business network. US hopes to steer the overseas Chinese against the mainland. Though Hong Kong and Taiwan don't count as 'overseas Chinese', their mentalities are similar to those in the diaspora, and it's no wonder CIA did much to foment unrest in Hong Kong, and the Jewish Regime(that uses Biden as senile puppet) is trying to turn Taiwan into a permanent US outpost. (Either that or it's trying to instigate war with China so as to use the loss of Taiwan as rationale to execute all manner of anti-China measures.)

Typical Dumbosity:

The conzo mentality is sort of schizo. You see this in Pat Buchanan. One side of Buchananism calls for 'republic, not an empire'. It calls for withdrawing US troops from Asia and focusing on Fortress America. But another side of conzo mentality is so accustomed to the hubris of US as #1, the lone superpower, God's Country uber alles, the exceptional nation, and etc., that it goes into alarmist mode about the rising prominence of any other country. Worse, the US mindset, libby-dib and conzo, has a tendency of projecting its own political neurosis on other nations. So, if Putin is reasserting Russian interests in the region, it must be because Russia wants to be the new super-power. And if China seeks to expand its business interests, it must be motivated by a quasi-missionary zeal like that of America. Right, Xi Jinping is trying to spread a blend of Maoism, Confucianism, and Taoism to Mexico and Nigeria, ROTFL. And I suppose China plans to surround the US coastline with submarines and air craft carriers like the US has been doing in the Asian Pacific since the end of WWII.

It's all so laughable, but the Jewish-run media will push such nonsense because (1) it distracts the populace from the truth of Jewish domination of the West and (2) Chinese don't have any means to stop such despite all the nonsense about Joe Biden and the Democratic Party being owned by Beijing. Jewish Democrats love this. They rule the US and do most to harm white Americans, but dumb conzos are howling about Biden getting his marching orders from Beijing and Shanghai. US, a 'nation' of dummies.

Furthermore, as East Asians are yellow dogs whose default position is to suck up to the top power, most Chinese in the US(and Canada) soon become servile tools of Jews and homos. Notice that, even as blacks attack Chinese in cities across the US, the yellows do nothing but spout the politically correct narrative about Trump and 'white supremacists' being to blame. Jews are surely laughing.
Of course, Jews play it both ways, as they did with Muslims. Recall how Jews used media and entertainment to portray the Arab/Muslim world as a den of terrorists that must be Dirty-Dozened back into the stone age. So, all those white conzo soldiers went over to the Middle East to blow up nation after nation. But Jews also welcomed all those displaced Arabs/Muslims as 'refugees' and coddled them against 'Islamophobic' White Christian America. Jews do the same with the Chinese. On the one hand, Jewish Media smear China as Dragon-like Oriental Despot Land. All Americans are encouraged to feel hostility toward China and Chinese in general. At the same time, Jewish globalists meet with Chinese officials behind closed doors and ensure them that, despite 'racist' American hostility toward China, the good decent Jews are doing all they can to discourage such hatreds and prejudice. Good cop and bad cop, the oldest trick in the book.

Of course, there is a racial reason as well as for the American unease about Chinese power. Americanism is about individualism, and Americans believe or at least feel that worthiness must be expressed via individuality. In other words, worth must be visceral, charismatic, dynamic, colorful, showy, and etc. Winner groups should be full of winner-like-individuals.
For this reason, despite white Christian America's historical resistance to or trepidation about Jewish Power, Black Power, Homo Power, and the like, most Americans have come to accept and even celebrate the success of Jews, blacks, and homos(and even Hindus with their colorful accents). Americans associate Jewish power with Jewish wit, especially of comedians and other celebrities. Jewish pushiness, backed by humor, has been a boon under competitive, individualist, and winner-takes-all game of Americanism. And even though White Americans negatively reacted to Jack Johnson in boxing, black prowess in sports and music eventually wore down white resistance and made White America accept the Negro as the champion, the 'better man' in the sports field(where manhood is decided), on stage(where music is played), and in the bedroom(where, now, black men are seen as more deserving of white ho's). And when homos became the face of success, professionalism, and creativity in so many TV shows and movies, Americans came to regard homos as the Artist-Professionals of America; and indeed, homos are nothing without their flamboyance. Jews, blacks, and homos seem like winners in their winning.

In contrast, despite all the news of yellow success in US education and the rise of China, the yellow style seems faceless, colorless, voiceless, personality-less, and etc: Dorky and loser-like. Indeed, it's telling that the most successful Asian export to the West has been Japanese animation that are fantasies of Japanese resembling long-legged blonde whites with super-big eyes. And of course, video games that mostly feature 'aryan-looking' characters. This discrepancy between yellow lack of individuality and the success of yellows(in US education and in global trade) seems wrong somehow or cosmically unjust by American Individualist criteria. It hasn't been articulated but is nevertheless strongly felt by many Americans, even by yellows themselves in their timid deference to other races and refusal to stand up for their own tribal interests, as if it's shameful to be proud of something so shamefully lacking in individual color. And that makes Chinese and Yellows a useful target for Americans who see problems all around and want to blame SOMETHING but are too afraid or programmed to speak any truth about Jews, blacks, and homos.

A BRAVER NEW WORLD - Brother Nathanael

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