Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Jewish Supremacism, Not Leftism, is the Real Mover of Current Events — Globo-Homo as Extension of Jewish Power — The Real Long-Term Conflict is between Right vs Right, not Left vs Right

"You have to give the Left credit. They never take a day off. The eye of Sauron never blinks. They are frenzied and relentless in their attempts to overthrow our civilization. They softened us up for a long time, rotting away our character and identity by promoting vice, cynicism, and nihilism—all while playing the victim."

No, it's the Jews. It's the Jews, not the Left.

Two main ways by which our side has continued to stumble are:

1. Blaming the 'left' for problems since the End of the Cold War.

2. Using 'racist' as epithet.

Globo-Homo is 'leftist' only in label. In fact, it is the proxy of ultra-right Jewish Tribal Supremacism. The current 'left', totally dominated by Jews, is not True Leftism. It's really just a peekaboo game of ever-changing 'leftist' tropes to serve what are ultimately the ultra-right agenda of Jewish Supremacists.

Indeed, the current struggle is not about Right vs Left but Right vs Right, except that the Jewish Ultra-Right hides behind 'leftist' and 'progressive' labels to lend its agenda a 'universalist' sheen of 'liberal democracy', 'human rights', and 'equal justice'. But really, just ask the Palestinians and those who support BDS, aka justice for Palestinians.
In truth, there is no real difference between the likes of Trevor Lynch and the Jewish Power. Both are motivated by ultra-rightism and tribal supremacism. Lynch has Nazi sympathies(even while being critical of aspects of Nazism), whereas Jews are hellbent on world domination and tribal supremacy. If 'white nationalists' are less despicable, it's because they are honest in their tribalism whereas Jewish supremacists put on 'progressive' masks. That said, the Jewish Right is far more forthright in Israel where Jews make up a solid majority. There, Jews feel secure in their power & numbers and openly yammer about how they're #1. They even have openly ultra-nationalist politicians in government. But as Jews are a minority in Goy Nations, they know it'd be foolish to candidly air their core ultra-rightist convictions. So, they masquerade as 'liberals' and even 'leftists'. But it's all a fraud because the very Jews who shriek about 'white supremacism' do everything to suppress BDS and to pressure every goy politician into supporting Zionist-centrist US foreign policy that turns a blind eye to the plight of Palestinians and other victims of Jews. And the very Jews who call just about any white conservative a 'nazi' in the US will readily work with quasi-nazi elements in Ukraine. It call comes down to the tribal question of "Is it good for Jews?" And these supposedly compassionate Jewish Liberals who stand for modernity will support the most retrograde extreme Islamic terrorists against secular modernizers like Assad of Syria. Jews use 'leftism' much like the US used Red China against the USSR. Nixon met with Mao not to approve of the Chairman's ideology but to use China as leverage against the Soviet Union(even though Soviet Communism was, at the time, moderate compared to the virulent Maoist kind).

By characterizing this ultra-right Jewish Supremacism as 'leftist', our side is actually doing our enemies a favor. The last thing Jewish Supremacists want is to be is outed and exposed as ultra-rightist tribalists, which is what they really are. Jews may support homos coming out of the closet but remain very much in the closet as Jewish Supremacists. The face they show is that of 'Jewish Liberals' and 'Jewish Progressives'. But, it has always been tribalism-uber-alles with Jews. Why were Jews worried about Joe McCarthy? Too many suspected of radicalism were Jews. The very Jews who bitched about the Red Scare and the blacklist had NO problems with the much bigger blacklisting of pro-German individuals in Hollywood and culture; and of course, Jews didn't lift a finger for Japanese-Americans who were dispossessed and 'interned'.

Jews love being called 'leftist'. It gives cover to their ultra-tribal-rightism. It fools so many into believing that the great struggle is between reactionary rightists vs progressive leftists. Furthermore, super-capitalists — the top 1% is now richer than the entire middle class — also love being tagged as the Left because the last thing they want is for us to notice how super-privileged they are(and getting even super-richer). In the current retarded discourse, we have the middle class(and working class) being reduced to penury but attacking their super-rich neo-aristocratic overlords as 'leftists', or even as 'socialists' and 'communists'. The super-rich are cracking up at this. It's like some sadist beating someone with a stick but being accused of being a 'pacifist'. Billionaires like Bill Gates, Sergei Brin, Michael Bloomberg, and George Soros are 'leftists', ROTFL.

The True Left is hardly alive. No one in any position of power believes in universal justice or equal rights anymore because idolatry has replaced ideology. In a truly leftist system, people would be equally outraged by victimization at the hands of black thuggery as of white violence. But the idolatry favors black tribal supremacism. Blacks can do no wrong. Long ago, the Civil Rights Movement did run on leftist values: equality for whites and blacks under the law. But that was then, this is now. Today, blacks are deemed right simply because they're black. After the most thoroughgoing investigation of the Michael Brown case, it became obvious the white cop acted in self-defense against loathsome Brown. But to many people, Brown is still a saint while the white guy will never work as a policeman again; and no one pleads his case. This isn't leftism but tribal supremacism in favor of blacks. It is ultra-rightist, just the flipside of white supremacism. Of course, because of past history of racial discrimination and the Civil Rights Movement narrative, blacks still manage to disguise their tribal supremacist agenda with rhetoric about 'equal justice', but blacks, like Jews, are for idolatrous supremacy. They believe themselves to be the new thug-version of aristocrats: above the law.

You have to give the Left credit. They never take a day off.

Such hasn't been the history of radical leftism. After the initial stages of violent campaigns and purges, the leftist system turned into rigidity and dogmatism. By the time Stalin consolidated power, leftism became a matter of the same old same old. Soviet Union was a mummy state under Brezhnev. It was like a broken record playing the same tune over and over. Socialism became static and resistant to change.

Restlessness is the product of capitalism, and what is called 'leftism' in the West reflects the fashion-obsession of consumerism. Just like popular culture pursues one fashion craze after another, Western consumer pop-politics is mostly about the latest fad, the hot thing. 'Pussy Hats' today, 'Migrant Kids in Cages' tomorrow, 'Saint George Floyd' the day after, etc. No wonder Big Capital is so in cahoots with this kind of bogus 'leftism'. I think Jean-Luc Godard called it 'Marx and Coca-Cola'. Antonio Gramsci and Calvin Klein.
It's not about class warfare against the global-capitalist oligarchs but about new vanity hysterics, mainly of homos and blacks, both in the pockets of Jews who control most institutions and industries. Even the so-called 'communist' Antifa got most of their ideas from pop culture: punk music and grunge. And they emulate pop icons and rappers. And by their very nature, homos tend toward narcissism, nihilism, aristocratism, and preening snobbery. No wonder Big Capital loves homos. No wonder just about every 'leftist' agenda or movement is branded with globo-homo symbols at the behest of the Big Jew who provides the funds for these movements. Just like all foods must be kosherized, all of politics must be homosherized. And, it's hardly surprising the Deep State is welcoming of homos because they've proven to be the most ruthless, cunning, nihilistic, and cold-blooded bunch of killers for the System. Homos cater to power, and they've been among the most loyal servants of Jewish Hegemonism that recruits and favors homos all over the world to serve Jewish Supremacism against national autonomy.

Once they have finished destroying us in effigy, the next logical step is destroying us in person, i.e., open genocide against whites, rather than the stealth genocide they instituted in the 1960s with multiculturalism and race-replacement immigration.

Not going to happen. If whites were gone from the face of the earth, Jewish Power would vanish also. Jews use 'leftism' against whites to make whites serve Jews. Sure, Jewish Power wouldn't mind killing millions if it had to, but it would be to teach a lesson, not to wipe whites out. Jewish Bolsheviks were ruthless and worked with Stalin to kill millions, but it wasn't to wipe out the Slavs but to teach them who's boss. It's like what Jews have done in the Middle East(with white goy support). Jews have waged Wars for Zion that have led to the destruction of millions of Arab/Muslim lives in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and etc. Jews are capable of mass murder, but their plan is not to wipe out the white race but to subjugate it.

But Leftists don’t just tear down idols. They are also both shameless and tireless in molding new idols from human excrement. George Floyd is just the latest and most ludicrous in a long line of fake heroes, saints, and martyrs: Lenin, Stalin, Martin Luther King . . .

This is absurd. Why would anyone compare George Floyd to Lenin or Stalin, or even MLK? Lenin was a highly intelligent revolutionary who devoted his life to the cause. Stalin was a tireless worker and transformed Russia into an industrial and military powerhouse. One could argue Lenin was evil and Stalin more so, but they were not molded from excrement. They were extraordinary human beings who changed history.
In contrast, George Floyd is a total joke because he did nothing in life. He was just some street scum turned into a saint by the Jewish-run media. He's even lower than Horst Wessel. Lenin and Stalin were genuine historical giants. They weren't nobodies molded into somebodies. Even MLK, for all his gross failings, had vision and skill as a movement leader and world shaker. It's like, however one may loathe Mussolini and Hitler, they were remarkable men of immense power and vision.

Jewish gay rights advocate Harvey Milk (1930–1978) is one such figure.

No, the Milk Cult has nothing to do with Lenin or Stalin. Or even MLK. As much as I loathe MLK and dislike blacks, they had a compelling case during the Civil Rights Era. In contrast, Harvey Milk was a second-rate scuzzo turned into a big deal by the Jewish-supremacist gangster state of mass advertisement, a total clown world. Whatever one thinks of Lenin or Stalin, one cannot overestimate their place in history. Milk, in contrast, would be nothing without the hype. His cult is a demonstration of the power of advertising and celebrity culture. The Milk Cult is really an expression of ultra-right Jewish Supremacism. Jews push globo-homo to recruit 'rainbow'-collaborators all over the world to work against their own nations/cultures. In addition, Jews favor homos-uber-alles because it's a case of minority-elite-supremacism, one that complements Jewish minority hegemony over goyim. Also, homos came to prominence under hyper-capitalism that encourages vanity, narcissism, privilege, greed, and neo-hierarchy. As homos are disproportionately energetic, ruthless, devious, and cunning in their ambition, even rich Republicans have become dependent on homo aids and agents.

Finally, this wholesale attack on the Left is self-defeating. The whole point of fascism is to combine the Right and the Left. Mussolini began on the Left and moved to the Right but never became a reactionary seeking to turn back the clock. Adolf Hitler was the head of Nationalism + Socialism. Instead of falling for the fatal dichotomy of Right vs Left, the new way forward must be neo-fascist in fusing the good of the left with the good of the right as neither side offers all the answers or holds all the secrets to History.

And let's remember that it's the Jews than the Left who are tireless. It could be Democratic Jews or Neocon Jews. It could be Jews who pretend to be 'liberal' like Jerry Nadler or Chuck Schumer. Or it could be the openly ultra-rightist Netanyahu, a very tireless Jew. Notice Jewish 'conservatives' are more tireless than white goy liberals, and Jewish 'liberals' are more tireless than white goy conservatives. It's an ethnic thing. It's like homos are generally more energized than straight people. And blacks are louder and more aggressive than non-blacks. Genetics. Alan Dershowitz has drifted from liberalism to conservatism but is the same tireless Jew. Many Neocons were Jews who went from Left to Right, but they never lost their energy and soon enough took over the GOP, purged all 'Arabists', and steered US foreign policy toward serving Wars for Israel and Jewish hegemonism.

Now, there are some genuine leftists in the West, but they don't have much power. They tend to support BDS but get nowhere. They are as hopeless as MAGA people. Tulsi Gabbard had the most leftist anti-imperialist foreign policy among the Democratic candidates, but she was soon booted out by the power(and regular 'progressives' mostly ignored her).

One thing for sure, most goy 'leftists' today are completely without agency. For them, what counts as 'justice' or 'sacred' must be handed to them from above by the Jews. Take the 'gender pronoun' thing. Goy 'leftists' couldn't have cooked up such nonsense on their own. They became obsessed with it because Jews concocted and hyped the nuttery via media and academia(and statist institutions).
This points to a deeper problem among goyim. They lack the autonomous power of prophecy and vision. They want to feel passionate about something but lack the inner fuel to start their own fires. So, they rely on others to supply the heat. Consider the spread of Christianity in Europe. All those white folks failed to create their own lasting god(s) and came to rely on a Jewish source.

If whites are to be free of Jewish Supremacism, they must learn to ignite a prophetic fire within their own hearts. Today, as even Christianity has run its course and gone cold, so many Christians turn to the new gods of globo-homo and BLM. Look at the churches with BLM and globo-homo symbols. Why? Because having lost the messianic and missionary zeal of the Faith, white Christians are drawn to the warmth of the new fire(or flashing lights): Holy Homo and Noble Negro.

Comedy offers a glimpse into the Jewish Way. No entertainment format requires as much nonstop energy as comedy does. Sitcoms must produce laugh-a-minute. Stand-up comic must always keep the audience laughing(just like salesmen must 'always be closing' in GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS or do something else). In the long run, leftism was too earnest and humorless(and even relatively witless) for Jewish Energy that needs constant outlet. No wonder then that real Jewish Global Supremacy came not by the way of communism but capitalism. Whereas communism is highly charged in its early radical phase, once the system is in place it's all dogma and stability, like a religious theocracy. In contrast, capitalism is always about rolling the dice, the constant process of creative destruction. In the end, Jewish Energy is more Marx Brothers than Karl Marx. And as long as Jews control 'leftism', it can't be about equality because who in his right mind believes Jews want to be equal with goyim? Just ask the Palestinians.

In the long run, all struggles are about Right vs Right than Right vs Left. While leftist ideology can burn like wild fire and transform the world, eventually ideology gives way to identity. Ideology is about what's in the mind. It's like air and lacks grounding. In the end, ideas must serve something, which is why Russian Communism, Chinese Communism, Yugoslavian Communism, Vietnamese Communism, and Cuban Communism all turned nationalist. When tensions flared up between Russia and China, it was really about identity/territory despite the ideological rhetoric about the other side being 'bourgeois'.
Likewise, while many Jews did indeed become genuine leftists in the late 19th century and first half of the 20th century, their ideals eventually burned out or attached to identity: Many early Zionists combined nationalism with socialism, even with communism. They were even willing to work with their ideological enemies, Jewish capitalists, because they shared commonality in identity. And when communist China punitively struck communist Vietnam in the late 70s, it was partly to avenge the persecution of Chinese capitalists in Vietnam. Identity over ideology. So, the larger arc of history is really about Right vs Right. And that is precisely the true nature of the conflict today. It's about Jewish ultra-right(in 'leftist' or 'liberal' clothing) vs the rightisms(or identity-centered politics) of goyim, such as Palestinians, Syrians, Russians, Hungarians, Poles, and now, even China, as Jews figure Yellow Peril is useful in distracting Americans from the truth of Jewish Supremacist Rule over America.


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