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Shirley Jackson's short story "The Lottery" is More Relevant than ever in Our Time of Human Sacrifice at the Altars of Jewish Supremacism, Negrolatry, and Globo-Homo

There is a short story called "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson(published in 1948) that was assigned in both high school and college. The story begins with what seems like just another community gathering in a small town. All the families are there. Old folks, parents, and children. And village leaders and the like. Everything seems normal. People are gathered for a lottery, and it hardly seems unusual. You'd think maybe it's for a prize turkey or some such. The shocker comes at the when it's revealed that lots were drawn for human sacrifice. The chosen must be stoned to death, and there's no two ways about it. Even the family of the doomed must accept the outcome. Of course, the shock derives from its occurring in the modern world. Though rural and folksy, it's still part of the 20th century. And yet, human sacrifice is practiced by people like 'you and me'. Is it a remnant of hidden tradition within a religious minority, or did it arise as an act of desperation in times of bad harvest? A similar story, indeed even creepier(and lot more entertaining), is the British film THE WICKER MAN where an islandic community carries on with updated version of pagan practices, even human sacrifice. Supposedly, Stephen King(and others, literary or genre) took inspiration from Shirley Jackson, and it's evident enough in King's short story THE MIST(seen it, haven't read it) where panic unleashes the darker aspects of humanity. The difference is King's universe is one rife with spirits and/or sci-fi monsters, which rather undermines his (cheap)shots against the religious mindset. (If the world can be full of demons or frankenstein-science, why not imbued with God and Biblical truth? Perhaps it's because King's idea of holiness amounts to some mountain-sized Negro who wuvs a wittle white mouse or some grey-haired Negress full of folk wisdom. King attacks one kind of irrationality to push an even sillier one.) At any rate, if "The Lottery" and THE WICKER MAN are more unnerving, it's precisely because they take place in the 'real world', without recourse to suspension of disbelief. They go to show that the 'monster' is really in us, though THE WICKER MAN is more ambiguous in a mix of horror and reverie at the pagan ways that finally reduce the priggish Christian inspector to a pitiful sack of tears babbling prayers to God to no effect.

The authoress Shirley Jackson was likely a leftist. She was married to a Jewish literary critic who seemed to have been an adherent(and even a pioneer) of a branch of Critical Theory in the arts, though the intellectualism of the time was surely more serious and sober(and would seem even 'conservative' today) than the vulgarized and pop-culturized garbage that passes for 'critical theory' today. The story probably has been a favorite among Liberals as a swipe against the reactionary, conservative, and narrow-minded small town mentality that, instead of seeking rational solutions, clings to custom and rituals out of dark fear and superstition. At the time when the story was written, there was a much bigger divide between the cosmopolitan city and the 'backward' small town. Today, radio-TV-and-the-internet have profoundly altered the cultural landscape of rural areas. In the age of Fentanyl and White Death, it no longer makes sense to speak of small town ways and values in contrast to city slicker life. There was a famous Life magazine photo of a small town community encircling foxes egging on a smiling boy clubbing them to death. At the other end, there was Norman Rockwell with his rather bucolic and picaresque depiction of small town life.

Fast forward to now, and "The Lottery" is more relevant than ever. Not only has there been a rise in the occult, voodoo, witchcraft, astrology, and 'crystals' among educated types(especially with the fading of religious authority and the negative association of science/enlightenment with 'dead white males'), but colleges, the very bastions of reason and critical thinking, have turned into centers of dogma, ones that see the world in terms of not only heroes and villains but of saints and demons, gods and monsters. It seems Stephen-King-ism has taken over the 'woke' mind. Kingism replaced the bigotry of the Old Religion with delusions of the new cults of the Magic Negro and the like. Same can be said of Joyce Carol Oates, another fan of Shirley Jackson. The war that modernity and rationalism waged on traditional irrationalism didn't lead to the triumph of facts & reason but of the new idolatry, mainly of Jew Worship, Negro Idolatry, and Homo Celebration.

The 'woke' mentality is similar to the one in "The Lottery". It is geared toward human sacrifice to placate and appease the new gods. In their worldview, Negroes are innately divine and sacred. To the wokemons, George Floyd wasn't some lowlife punk who died of drug overdose under the knee of a police officer(the factual truth) but some Negro Angel who died for the sins of 'systemic racism'. And for this reason, billions of dollars of damage against American cities has been justified as an offering to the black gods? Derek Chauvin must be human-sacrificed on the altar of Floyd Rapture.
The 'woke' passions during the Kyle Rittenhouse trial also reeked of human-sacrifice mentality. To any sane person, it was obvious Rittenhouse wasn't out to kill people but used his gun for self-defense. But, to the 'woke' types, justice isn't based on facts. It's based on symbolism and cult mentality, in the blind faith that the US is crawling with evil nazi goblins who must be destroyed by any means necessary by the heroic Antifa and BLM mobs with the blessing of the Power and the Deep State. Even as more 'woke' types are into witchcraft, they are also increasingly into the witch-hunt mentality.
When truth is sacrificed, humanity is sacrificed. All those who denied the murderousness of Stalinism gave moral cover to Stalin to kill many more. Those who give moral cover to 'woke' lunacy give moral and legal cover for mobs to do more damage, even leading to the deaths of innocents. The end result is hardly different from human sacrifice. In any endeavor, there are winners and losers; in favoring one, we disfavor the other. Still, one can favor one without dehumanizing the other. But, when only one perspective is allowed(and even sacralize), result is total blindness to other perspectives, even to the point of dehumanization. The current mania of Negrodolatry turns a blind eye to all the victims of black thuggery, be they white, brown, yellow, and even black. BLM mendacity has actually led to More Dead Blacks, but it's ignored because it undermines the faith in the Noble Negro who wuvs a wittle white mouse but is oppressed by 'systemic racism'.

Worse, in the age of Covid Nuttery, forget about being saved by one's reliance on principled science. While there are plenty of brilliant Jews in many elite fields, who can deny that most Jews are motivated by tribal(supremacist) interest than the objective truth and will cook the books in favor of power over principles? This is evident in the Jewish change of opinion on free speech. In the past, the great majority of Jews were for Free Speech, and one might have assumed Jews, whatever their tribal biases, placed universal principles higher on their list of priorities. In retrospect, it seems Jews favored Free Speech in the past because they needed its protection to out-compete other groups. Now that they have the supreme power, they not only use private companies to restrict free flow of ideas and information but are amassing an army of lawyers, judges, academics, and pundits to do away with the First Amendment.
After all, the Bill of Rights are only as good as what the courts say. Incredibly, the judges decided the US Constitution is about enforcing 'gay marriage' in all fifty states. Why would the Jewish shift on Free Speech be an exception than the rule? It seems part of a larger pattern where Jewish Power, motivated mainly by tribal dominance, will twist and turn anything to maximize its dominance. Of course, such behavior is found in any power, be it Turkish, Chinese, Iranian, Russian, and etc. Still, the US is the lone superpower, and what happens in the US has far greater consequences all over the world. Also, while Anglos have shown at times to be capable of choosing higher principle over(or at the expense of) tribal interest, this is rarely the case with Jewish Power these days. Anyone who hasn't noticed a coordination(if not outright conspiracy) among the Jewish-dominated institutions and industries of law firms, mass media, finance, big tech, big pharma, and deep state is just fooling himself. One really has to be a moron at this point to earnestly and sincerely put his/her trust in Anthony Fauci as Mr. Science. He got to where he is as the useful shill of far more powerful forces, the ones that also foisted Bill Nye on young ones as the 'scientific' authority on sexuality and 'gender'.

At any rate, the 'science' of Covid-mania has turned into a kind of human sacrifice. Not because the 'vaccines' are particularly deadly(they aren't though far more so that earlier vaccines, the real kind) but because so much sanity has been sacrificed in the blind service to this Narrative pushed by Jewish Supremacist Power. Many people died or lost their minds because utterly irrational lockdowns prevented necessary medical treatments or forbade social interaction so integral to mental health. But all such sacrifices were deemed necessary to combat the greatest disease of all time, whether it was blamed on Trump, China, or bats(though when BLM riots were deemed useful against Trump, the lockdowns were suddenly de facto suspended for the 'mostly peaceful protesters'). Just like one's eyes can spot mud on others' faces but not his/her own, those startled by what happens in "The Lottery" are likely to remain blind to how their own world eerily bears some similarities.
The key difference is the sacrifices are made to a different set of gods and beliefs, often deemed as 'science', 'reason', 'justice', or 'progress' but operating at the emotive level much like the gods of old.

While science and rationalism are great in and of themselves, they're often tools of the Power. It's just the way the world is. It's like a democracy should ideally be Rule by the People, but it rarely works out that way. Ideally, the free press should dig into facts objectively and speak truth to power, but more often than not, the media are controlled by the powerful that use it to further their own power at the expense of others. Just ask the Palestinians. Media lies(or perhaps they should be called voodoo superstitions) about black criminality and thuggery(and racial truths in general) have led to something akin to human sacrifice. Recently, some crazed Negro willfully plowed into white folks celebrating the holiday season in Wisconsin with an SUV, but the media pretended it was all just an accident and had nothing to do with race. Thus, black lunacy is swept under the rug and more blacks feel emboldened to act crazy, leading to more deaths.
Of course, the motivations of Jewish media folks and goy media folks differ. For Jewish Power, Negrolatry is key to guilt-baiting white goyim, whose submission is key to Jewish Supremacism, and so, the Big Lie is employed cynically as a power-strategy. Among goy media types, there are other reasons. Among blacks in media, it's just self-aggrandizement as blacks seem to have no limits to their self-adulation. Among whites, there are those who know what's really happening but go along to further their careers, and there are those white cucks who are really stupid enough to have swallowed whole hog the tenets of political correctness.

One kind of modern human sacrifice, endorsed and practiced by both sides of the political aisle, is the product of mindless worship of Jewish Power. Perhaps, it was best encapsulated by Madeleine Albright's statement that it was 'worth it' to sacrifice half a million Arab children for the New World Order. Okay, Hussein was a bad guy who turned Iraq into a brutal place, but one could have made the same case for Israel, a nation that came into existence via terrorism & ethnic cleansing and maintained its grip by subverting neighboring nations, especially Lebanon. Since Albright spoke those chilling words in the 1990s, Zionist power has managed to spread far more terror throughout Middle East and North Africa. Entire nations have been wrecked by direct invasion, crippling sanctions, ceaseless bombing, or use of terrorist proxies rebranded as 'moderate rebels'. US instigated the War on Terror after 9/11, only to end up arming those very terrorists to tear Libya and Syria apart even though Gaddafi gave up what little WMD he had and even though Syria is a modern Arab nation, far more westernized than others, such as Saudi Arabia, the favorite ally of the US that preaches modernity but seeks to undermine as much modern development in Arab/Muslim nations as possible at the behest of Israel that seeks monopoly of modernity in the region.

Consider all the dead or crushed Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims human-sacrificed at the altar of Jew Worship. Most Americans don't care because of their blind worship of Jews and Israel. Even when Israel crushes the people in Gaza, there is nonstop bloviation among politicians(even by relatively unconventional Rand Paul) about the need for more support for Israel, more funds for the Iron Dome. It's like George Foreman beating up a little kid and everyone howling about how Big George needs more protective padding from the little 'bully'. In honor of, service to, and worship of Jews as the New Gods, the US foreign policy has effectively turned into rituals of human sacrifice. Anything to appease Jews-as-gods no matter the human cost. Even when Jews did most to destroy Donald Trump's presidency, all you get from the Orange Man is "I need to be back in office so that AIPAC will totally control Congress, like it literally used to and deserve to." One thing Trump and Pelosi agree on and will hug each other over is in their total deference to Jewish Power and not an ounce of sympathy for the Palestinians who continue to lose whatever remaining territory they have in the West Bank.

The Sackler Family did so much harm to white working class Christians. Imagine if some Baptist family targeted the demographic that includes lots of Jews and killed scores of them with false advertising and corruption of the medical community. Jews would do everything to underline the ethnic character of the injustice, but even white communities worst impacted by Sackler evil dare not speak up and, instead, are into the dimwit support-the-troop mentality(at a time when the US military is nothing but a globo-homo neo-imperialist instrument of Jewish Supremacism that not only wages war on the Arab/Muslim world but plays with fire with Russia and China; the military does nothing to secure US borders to prevent White Nakba but is instead destabilizing the Middle East and North Africa, thus pushing even more non-white 'refugees' into the West, all to the delight of the likes of Blinken, Merrick Garland, and of course Jennifer Rubin).
Support-the-Troops is a human sacrificial mentality. It suckers American families into believing their sons should surrender their lives for imperial ventures in the name of 'liberal democracy' or some such when the military's primary purpose should be national defense. Also, the sons are invading and occupying other countries not for 'liberal democracy' but for imperial hegemony, now controlled by Jewish Power for Zionist-centrist reasons. Worse, it leads to the human sacrifice of foreigners who end up dying in far greater numbers than US troops armed to the teeth, and for what? Why are US troops in Syria?

The idea that US troops should sacrifice their lives abroad fighting one bunch of foreigners in defense of another bunch really took hold with the narrative arising from World War II. How many times have we heard that US didn't enter the war fast enough to take out Germany TO SAVE JEWS? While we can understand Jewish concerns for fellow Jews in other parts of the world, the moral logic is appalling because it argues goyim should sacrifice their own lives for the sake of Jews. After all, US entry into the war meant bushels of American deaths. Why should white Americans sacrifice their own sons to save Jewish sons? The argument would at least be somewhat honorable if Jews had mutual feelings, i.e. the willingness to sacrifice Jewish sons to save goy sons. So, how many Jews were willing to go to Cambodia and fight the Khmer Rouge to save Cambodian lives? (During the Vietnam, it seems Jewish families were mostly concerned about seeking deferments for their sons, not signing up to save South Vietnam and/or Cambodia from communism. Also, ending the draft meant future soldiers would mostly come from middle and lower class backgrounds.) How many Jews were just revved up to join the military and be shipped off to Rwanda to end the slaughter there? Or, in a twist of irony, how many Jews would be willing to push for war against Israel and join the US military to invade West Bank to save Palestinians from further ethnic cleansing pushed by Jewish Israelis? How many American Jews were willing to send their own sons to defend Ukrainians from being starved to death by Josef Stalin and Lazar Kaganovich? If anything, plenty of Jews back then in the US and Europe were supportive of the Bolshevik killing machine. In other words, Jews demand goy human sacrifice to save Jews but would never ponder sacrificing Jewish lives for filthy goyim. Heads we win, Tails you lose. (Take SAVING PRIVATE RYAN by Steven Spielberg. Though Ryan isn't Jewish, he's meant to serve as an ersatz Jew. Because he lost his brothers, he's a special case and OTHERS must put their lives on the line to save the last remaining Ryan. As sentiments go, it's understandable. Now, through private Ryan, Spielberg is emotionally suggesting that goyim should have sacrificed more of their own kind to save Jews who, like Ryan, got hit especially hard by Nazi tyranny. The moral logic would be halfway plausible but for the fact that Jews did most to exasperate Europeans in general and provoke German fury and, furthermore, have used their power since World War II to destroy so many innocent lives all in the service of Jewish Supremacism.)

When we see all that's happening around the world and in the streets of America where monuments of George Floyd are erected even as crazed Negroes go on ever bloodier rampages, it seems the human sacrifice in "The Lottery" is total amateur hour, small potatoes. After all, the community kills only one person per annum. In contrast, how many innocents have been sacrificed in the Wars for Israel, Sacklers' poisoning of White America, Covidian perversion of science, and the Summer of George Floyd of 2020? But maybe the 'woke' can gaze into crystals for the truth, and maybe the 'right' can restore meaning by shouting, for the umpteenth time, "Uh duh, support the troops!"


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  1. Another outstanding commentary.Tulsi would make for a fine president, despite her Hindu religion, and Shirley Jackson's The Lottery will be placed under our Christmas Tree as an offering to free thinking and the next generation.