Thursday, May 27, 2021

'Woke' Indoctrination isn't about Social Justice but Tribal Control of White People by Jewish Supremacists — So-Called 'Woke Capital' is about Race-Shaming and Race-Guilting White People into Moral Paralysis so that Jews could suppress White Conscience and control White Hearts & Minds — Jews use blacks to neuter whites and then use neutered whites to support the Empire of Zion

Well, well, lookie here: Lockheed Martin Sends Executives to Three-Day Marxist Reeducation Camp to Deconstruct ‘White Male Culture’

This 'Re-education Camp' isn't about Marxism or about true justice. If anything, it is a classic example of bait-and-switch, using the ruse of morality to perpetuate the abuse of Jewish Supremacism. It psychologically targets whites, especially white males(to set them apart from white females who are set against the men of their own race), for reflection and remorse but not to decrease US aggression abroad and lessen its lethal impact but to ensure more of it. Indeed, the fact that programs like this are taking place is a sure sign that whites don't control the US. If they did, this wouldn't be happening. This is happening because Jews control the US, and their agenda is to secure white obeisance and collaboration. Jews can do this with bribes(or carrots), but loyalty based on money only goes so far. It is merely outward cooperation purchased with big bucks. For deeper loyalty and submission, whites must be turned into soul-slaves, and what better way than by castrating the white soul and paralyzing white agency with 'white guilt'. The fact that none of the white guys displayed any defiance in the face of this outrage goes to show who's really calling the shots. Jews control the US because they not only control finance and 'science' but also control the gods, or what is deemed sacrosanct in the public eye. Jews lay out the agenda, and corporate C.E.O's comply with these deep state directives. And then, all those white managers and engineers do as told like so many good little boys... or dogs. So, let's not call this 'Marxist'. It is Jewish Supremacist. As Nick Fuentes says, (((the system))) targets White People.

The System HATES White People - Nick Fuentes by America First

This 'woke' thing is to make whites cower before Jewish-supremacist globalist imperialism. It isn't to oppose imperialism or supremacism per se. Rather, it's about subordinating white ability and talent in the service of another tribal interest. Though mostly blacks are used to berate and belittle whites in this ploy, the end-result is white submission to Jewish supremacism that controls all the levers of the Deep State. Just think: If 'wokeness' were truly about equal justice for all of humanity, it would lecture US generals and military-industrial-complex contractors to denounce US militarism, imperialism, invasions of other nations, and the countless deaths they caused. And given all the Arabs and Asians killed by US Imperialism — think of the Wars for Israel and US involvement in Vietnam — , you'd think US embassies would fly banners with signs ARAB LIVES MATTER and VIETNAMESE LIVES MATTER. But, look all around and if anything, the bloody Zionist-imperialists are allowed to carry on with their insane Middle East policy that favors Israel uber Alles. There is nothing about the evils done against Arabs or Muslims by US imperialism armed and supplied by the military-industrial-complex. There is no denunciation of US military bases all around the world, the US use of sanctions to wreck other economies, the US drone-bombings that killed or maimed so many innocents, especially under Obama. No mention of how CIA use dirty tricks to subvert other nations and to torture people. No mention of the deceptions that led to the Iraq War. Or the real reason why US and its puppet-allies deposed Gaddafi and turned Libya into a failed state. No mention of US support of Israel that, in turn, supports extremist terrorists in Syria. No mention of how US military aid to Israel has been used to maim and murder thousands of Palestinian civilians, women and children. Some of the people involved with the Military-Industrial-Complex(or MIC) may put up BLM signs on their lawns, but I guarantee not a single one would dare put up a PLM or PALESTINIAN LIVES MATTER sign. Why not? What are they really serving? Who are they really afraid of? Deep down inside, they know they are dogs of Jews and must obey to keep their precious jobs and status. Blacks and homos are essentially spurs and whips used by the Jewish 'cowboy' against the White Horse.

In truth, the main theme of 'wokeness' is ultimately to make whites cower before the masters of globalism, most of whom are Jewish Supremacists. Globalists use POC, or people of color, mostly blacks, to lecture whites about 'racism' and 'white supremacism'. But this isn't to curtail or roll back US imperialism but to expand and justify it. It's like painting bombs with BLM or globo-homo symbols is enough to persuade upper 'liberal' class that US global power is justified with the blessing of Holy Homos and Noble Negroes. In our age of idolatry, morality is more a matter of symbolism of iconography than substance based on reality. So, even if US bombs kill or maim countless civilians abroad, that's okay because the US military is 'woke' with BLM and globo-homo signs. (Jews figure most of the power is in the deep state, and the only real support that matters is from the urban educated classes who make up the upper managers of society. To the extent that the educated classes have been indoctrinated and razzle-dazzled into believing in the sanctity of the Noble Negro and Holy Homo, anything associated with either has their blessing.) Jews feel an urgent need to rein in what they fear may grow into white liberation and autonomy from Jewish Supremacist hegemony.

After all, Trump and his base showed that an increasing number of whites, even among 'conservatives', have grown more skeptical of all these wars and foreign interventions. Even though 'conservatives' and 'patriots' have yet to name the Jewish Power in all this and still continue to praise Israel, their anti-war stance based on nationalism-against-globalism(controlled by Jews) has triggered and alarmed Jews who've grown accustomed to whites, especially 'conservatives', unquestioningly acceding to whatever plans Jews cook up for the world, even if it means more wars and mayhem where only goyim die. Trump was loudly cheered by the audience in the 2016 primary debates when he denounced the Iraq War and those who instigated it.

So, if White Power in the past had been synonymous with world imperialism, today the revival of White Power often means saying NO to (Jewish)globalist imperialism and YES to a more humble nationalism. (Jews hated the fact that so many Trump supporters said NO to a 'new cold war' with Russia.) Nationalism(aka goy autonomy) vs Imperialism(aka Jewish global hegemony). This is what the Jewish globalists can't abide. So, to make whites submissive and keep them silent-and-obedient in service to the globalist agenda, the 'wokeness' policy has been devised to berate whites about their 'privilege' and various evils. In other words, "Just shut up and do your job, do as we tell you, believe what we tell you to believe, say what we tell you to say, and don't mutter anything that isn't approved."

This is pure bait-and-switch. It may seem like childish blacks are taking over the military-industrial-complex in the name of social justice, but in fact, it's just a case of stupid blacks being used by clever and devious Jewish supremacists to shame and silence whites into total acquiescence to the Zionist-supremacist hyper-imperialist agenda. Indeed, all those BLM signs on US embassies are not to curtail imperialism but to provide it with moral cover. It's like the US uses 'war on terror' BS to cover up its war-WITH-terror against Libya and Syria. Jew-run Hollywood awarded some propaganda-dressed-up-as-documentary(or 'propumentary' or 'docuganda') about the White Helmets to lend the impression that Hollywood supports 'human rights' against Evil Assad, the 'butcher' of Syria, but in fact, the so-called White Helmets are partners-in-crime of the terrorists armed and supplied by US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. Using pseudo-morality as justification for Jewish nihilism is far more dangerous than honest gangsterism. 'Moral' Nihilism may fool the people into seeing the devil as angel. This is what Jews and blacks have in common. They practice a kind of inversion where whatever evil thing they do is moralized and justified. So, blacks loot and burn down cities, but it's justified in the name of resisting 'systemic racism'. And Jews justify whatever evil they do by using the cover of the Holocaust. So, even Judeo-Nazis tyrannizing Palestinians is spun as innocent and helpless Jews defending themselves against 'antisemitic terrorists'.

'Wokeness' isn't about social justice per se but about the exploitation of 'social justice' by the Deep State to favor certain groups while targeting others. One thing for sure, these 'woke' tirades in the offices of the military-industrial-complex headquarters won't say anything about how Obama and Hillary aided terrorists in Syria to tear that nation apart, leading to the deaths of nearly half a million people. It won't say anything about America's evil role in the plight of the Palestinians. Rather, it will tell white guys, "Shut up and obey", and the ensuing white submission will be used by Jewish globalists to wage more wars and invasions and bombings with no push-back from White Conscience.

Jews fear White Conscience armed with moral agency. After all, White Liberation will mean whites could think, feel, and speak on their own based on facts and logic; it means they could come to the obvious conclusion that Jews control America, Jews are in supremacist mode, Jews exploit the world, and Jews have committed mass killings in the Middle East. (And in the 1990s, Jews raped the Russian economy and created the disaster that led to unspeakable misery and deaths of many Russians. And in recent times, Jews peddled opioids to white working class, hundreds of thousands of whom perished, made worse by Jewish pollution of American Culture with promotion of neo-Weimarian decadence and degeneracy.)

It's about time to speak the truth. This 'woke' program isn't 'Marxist' or 'leftist'. Its ideological veneer is merely to veil its true essence, which is ultra-right Jewish Supremacism. What the goy world needs is not a dichotomy of left vs right but the fusion of useful leftism and useful rightism as a good society needs both sane leftism and sober rightism, like people need to use both arms, left and right, and both legs, left and right.

America is an empire and a murder machine. It has invaded nations and destroyed countless lives. US sanctions have also destroyed millions of lives. So, all this George Floyd nonsense is a form of moral tokenism. By making a big splash about Floyd, Americans can fool themselves that they really really care. This is how Political Morality works. It’s about show and tell, symbolism and hype than truth and substance. Never mind the millions killed by the US empire. You see, Americans go weepy-poo about Floyd, and that must mean they are GOOOOOOD people, so who cares if millions have died overseas due to US interventions?
It’s rather like a perverted version of Christianity. As long as Christians went weepy-poo about Jesus and a handful of saints, it didn’t matter how many people they killed to expand so-called Christendom. And so, there's total lack of irony among those who paint bombs with BLM signs. Drop and destroy entire villages, including women and children, but the US military and foreign policy must be moral cuz… it makes such fuss about BLM and globo-homo. "How can we be evil in killing 100,000 Arabs when we care so much about Negro saint George Floyd?" They should paint Floyd portraits on all the bombs and missiles fired by the US. How can use of such weapons be immoral when they spread the gospel of Floyd with a bang?

BLM is also a message to the world that White America is over. Jews are saying the Empire is now about Jews ruling over Diversity. Jews used whites to gain world hegemony, but the great plan is to replace white cucks with diverse cucks who will take over as the new managers. So, it will be Jews on top, Asians as managers and engineers, whites as guilt-ridden cucks, and blacks as symbols. And browns can do the menial jobs.

At any rate, Jews did this and got away with it because no one dared to mention that BLM, like globo-homo, has been a weapon of Jewish Power. What do we get instead from ‘conzos’? “We must stand with Israel.” Whether 'woke' or 'cuck', there's hardly any difference. It's all about sucking up to Jews.


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