Thursday, May 6, 2021

Power is about the Mindful Leading the Mindless — No wonder then that Power in the US is about Mindful Jews leading Mindless Goyim... and Jews want it this way because it's easier to lead the mindless fallen under your spell

Power is about the mindful leading the mindless. This explains why the Power wants the young and the status-driven to be so 'woke'. Mindless minions are far more useful than thinking and questioning individuals. They can be led like hounds whose emotions come before reason, whose faith comes before doubt. But as 'wokeness' is disseminated in colleges, it comes with the veneer of higher knowledge. But then, educational institutions throughout the ages have been more about indoctrination than real intellectual curiosity. And to many 'woke' students, what they are taught may indeed seem 'intellectually' and 'critically' stimulating because they are the products of simpleminded religious upbringing, milquetoast middle class values(mostly bland), idiotic pop culture, silly peer pressure, or the like. Thus, even though PC has only the veneer of intellectual pedigree, so many young ones are fooled because college was the FIRST TIME they encountered any 'intellectual' idea. There is also the 'revenge of the uncool' factor. From kindergarten to high school, most of the positive attention goes to the 'cool' or 'popular' kids, the ones who do better in sports, making friends, and the looks department. The smart kids, loners, nerds, wallflowers, and outcasts get little love. But in college, the more cerebral, eccentric, deviant, and/or dweeby types finally begin to feel they matter; so, they dominate and set the agenda, and they just love the power. They feel like Bolshevik Jews unleashed on post-Tsarist Russia.

Now, when I say power is about the mindful leading the mindless, 'mindful' doesn't necessarily mean being thoughtful, mentally sound, contemplative, and/or intellectually honest. Rather, it means to be in-the-know about the cold, calculating, and ruthless nature of power. Also, it especially applies to those whose First Emotion is tribal as one's identity and roots are the most crucial foundation of power. It's like Russian-ness and Chinese-ness have outlasted the ideologies of Marxism-Leninism, and all those Jews who once used to be socialist, communist, anarchist, or libertarian have gravitated back to Jewishness. Real power is about ideology serving, not sacrificing, identity.

Power cannot be about the mindless leading the mindless. The mindless of their own accord will go nuts, drive off the road, and self-destruct sooner than later. Can anyone imagine Antifa leading anything? Or BLM? Or insane feminist wenches? On their own, they'll end up like the morons of the Jim Jones Cult, a case of the mindless leading the mindless, and it soon turned into a total disaster.
Also, the mindless cannot lead the mindful, especially those who are mindful in a good way that is thoughtful and critical. The mindful ask too many questions, are too skeptical & rational, and critically demand the evidence to be carefully weighed.
How about the mindful leading the mindful? This is possible ONLY IF the elites are mindful in a positive way. Imagine an enlightened and principled elite that is concerned with truth, justice, and fairness and is imbued with humility, sense of limits, and healthy dose of realism. Such a positively mindful elite can use its power of academia and media to foster a generally mindful society where the populace is encouraged to know more, think harder, and ask serious questions. Such an elite wouldn't be obsessed only with power, wealth, and privilege. They would want to be good leaders than misleaders.

But what if the elites are negatively mindful, much like today's Jewish Supremacist ruling caste whose worldview is (David)Mametian. Mamet is profoundly Jewish in that his First Emotion is Jewish This, Jewish That, Jewish Everything. His 'libertarian' shtick is just that, shtick. He's a conman through and through(yet sufficiently honest as an artist to explore the ways of power, though he doesn't really spell it out and dabbles in esoterics). According to people like Mamet(and Alan Dershowitz), Jews are the master race and deserve to rule. Why? They got the combination of covenant, chutzpah, and sense(especially in intelligence). Now, the master-race perspective can still be enlightened, i.e. Jews can believe that their higher intelligence obligates them to use their smarts responsibly for the betterment of all mankind, like what Peter Parker's uncle told the kid who would become Spiderman. But, Jewish master race worldview is closer to the Nazi-kind though Jews hide it better. It is based on arrogance, contempt, resentment, and even murderous genocidal hatred. It's like what a certain Israeli rabbi told his flock: "Goyim only exist to serve Jews who should have all the power and wealth and eat like effendi." Now, not all Jews think this way, but the Jews of Power, or JOPs, most certainly do. It's like that piece of turd Jerry Nadler who used his influence to get a terrorist Jewess sprung from jail but lying through his teeth about Russia Collusion and calling it the worst thing since Pearl Harbor. Imagine that, a lie upon a lie. Charles Schumer, being a Democrat, is supposedly a 'liberal', and his ilk whine about 'white supremacism', but his agenda is to maintain white servitude toward Jews to ensure America's total support of Zionist supremacism.
So, the US is certainly not about the positively mindful leading the mindful, or the mindful promoting mindfulness among the masses. Rather, it's about the negatively mindful Jews(who are in-the-know and mainly obsessed with tribal power, privilege, and wealth) turning the people into mindless minions who make ideal suckers. Their #1 goal is Jewish supremacism, and it doesn't matter if it's so-called 'neo-conservative' Jews or 'liberal' Jews. Scratch the surface of both Jews, and what you find is Jewish tribal supremacism. Unlike idiot white libby-dibs and white conzo-wonzos who really hate one another because they think in terms of 'ideology'(or worship different idols), Jewish 'conservatives' and Jewish 'liberals' are simply two arms of the same person. They work together in a quasi-fascist understanding that REAL POWER is the fusion of left and right, not the opposition of one against the other. Of course, Jews inflame animus between goy left and goy right, and it is to weaken them. Keep the goy house divided unto itself. If Jews feared fascism the most, it was because certain goyim finally figured out that the proper formula is "right + left in service of blood and soil". But then, white fascism failed because the cult of personality around Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler encouraged mindless servility among the masses willing to do the bidding of Il Duce or Der Fuhrer without asking questions. Zionism is smarter in that it doesn't ask the Jewish masses to become sheep in blind obedience to some Jewish super-leader. It doesn't say the Jewish masses should turn off their minds in total obeisance to the great leader with the one true mind.

Just think. Why would the negatively mindful Jewish elites(into Mametian power games) want to encourage and support a positively mindful population? It wouldn't be good for Jewish Supremacism. After all, people who are taught and trained to be skeptical, rational, factual, and critical cannot so easily be fooled and manipulated. They are likely to be curious and listen to all sides. They are likely to be doubting thomases who question the narratives dropped from above. They are prone to oppose dogmatism and fanaticism. They'd be wary of sacred cows and taboos. They would ponder how the power really works and wonder as to who really controls the most influential institutions and most powerful industries.
Such a positively mindful educated populace wouldn't be very useful to Jewish Power. Indeed, they could be downright problematic on the matter of supporting the Jewish globalist agenda that is often slanderous, hateful, contemptuous, perverse, corrupt, demented, murderous, and even close to genocidal.
It's like kids begin to question parents and adults in general once they get over Santa Claus and the Bogeyman. They aren't so easy to manipulate anymore. If adults try to put one over on the kids, the kids want to know, "Where's the beef?" Therefore, the power tends to reinforce certain infantilizing tendencies among the populace. On certain issues and topics, control them through mechanisms of magic, dreams, hopes, taboos, and superstitions that aren't all that different from a child's starry-eyed faith in Santa, fairies, demons, and superheroes. It's been the same with the Catholic Church. Even though the Church did much to further learning, thought, arts, culture, and science, it also controlled the faithful through myths and miracles. But that is to be expected of religion as its primary foundation is faith and the supernatural. But when it comes to the modern world and secular education, a truly positively mindful society requires people to be rational, thoughtful, skeptical, and critical. A truly free mind mustn't be clouded with flaky mumbo-jumbo or stricken with rigid dogma or demented fanaticism. But Jewish Power promotes such idiocy because it controls the academia, media, and the state. Of course, such nuttery could be bad for Jews IF anti-Jewish elements controlled the state, media, and education. In National Socialist Germany, the anti-critical cult of Hitler as god-man and savior of the nation was controlled by Josef Goebbels and the like. So, irrationality was to the advantage of anti-Jewish elements. And of course, the Christian Church long relied on mysticism and dogma against the Jews. As Church doctrine was sacrosanct, it couldn't or wasn't questioned by many people. Against such unquestioning power of devotion/faith, Jews(as 'Christ-Killers') could find themselves in precarious situations. This is one reason why Jewish intellectuals came up with Critical Theory. Initially, there was promise in the project, not least because Jewish intellectuals not only questioned the shibboleths of the Goy Right but raised questions about the problems of Marxism and why things weren't likely to turn out as Karl Marx had prophesied. As Paul Gottfried said, certain members of the original Critical Theory were genuine intellectuals. As long as Jews lacked dominance in societies still burdened by unquestioned power and unexamined customs, habits, & attitudes, Critical Theory could do some good. It could contribute to the conversation, and it did. But over time, Jews became the most powerful group, and unsurprisingly, Critical Theory went from an acute questioning of the structures of power to a means of safeguarding and expanding the newly dominant power of the Tribe. It went from being critical of power to being critical of those questioning the power; it effectively turned into Censorial Theory.
It's like Franz Kafka's works read differently today. Back in the early 20th century, Kafka's writings represented the neurosis of the Jew in a dark, hostile, and bewildering world. Today, the writings come across more as a Power Manual for the Jewish elites. Look around, and it's especially the dissident-rightists and Palestinians who are made to feel like Joseph K's. Meanwhile, Jews, flush with power, concoct some of the weirdest (il)logic to defend and expand on their mechanisms of information, law, finance, and the state to supplant reality with their brand of surreality. Consider the Covid hysteria and the utterly Kafkaesque 2020 election. Medicine and Law, once highly respected, have turned into Games-Jews-Play. BLM and Antifa that have led to burning cities and more dead people are promoted as 'justice'. When a man says he's a 'woman', that is 'true', but if you correct him and say he's a man, you are 'misgendering' him. Legal logic, moral logic, they no longer make sense because the premise of current American Thought is "Is it good for Jews?" than "Is it true?" Jew-over-true. Indeed, why would Jews want us to think honestly with transparent access to facts and figures? People might finally realize that Zionism is acting evil and that Jews are the biggest hypocrites.

Consider the current illogic. The Jewish Way is to berate whites about 'racism' and make whites feel sorry for having discriminated against blacks. This would indicate 'racism', the favoring of one race over another, is bad. But do Jews allow whites any moral agency? If whites had any, they'd think, "It was wrong to favor whites over blacks, that was 'racism'. So, against the injustice of 'racism', we whites must use our moral agency to not favor one people over another." Of course, such consistency of moral logic would mean it's wrong for whites to favor Jews over Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, and/or Iranians, that is IF whites had moral agency as free-thinking people of principle. But Jews don't want that. Jews preach against 'white racism' not to change and elevate white moral agency but to rob them of it in shylock manner. In other words, guilty whites must hock or hand over their 'moral agency' to Jewish justice-pawnbrokers. Thus, Jews get to decide how white morality shall operate. It's like Donald Trump hocked much of his authority to Jared Kushner to placate the few Jewish bigwigs on his side. Now, what do Jews do with their possession of white morality? Do they use this outsourced material in a good way? No, they pervert, corrupt, and use it to serve Jewish supremacist ends: Hatred against Russia and Iran, support for Zionist 'genocide' of Palestinians, more Wars for Israel, endless hosannas to Jews, and NO noticing whatsoever of Jewish Power and its vile agendas. Of course, sucking up to Jews-and-Israel per se isn't sufficient to appease Jewish Power. Tucker Carlson is a cucker dweeb who sucks up to Jews and Israel all the time. Still, he is positively mindful enough at times to question the globalist agenda pushed by Jews. This is enough to trigger the nasty Jews at ADL who work hand-in-glove with other powerful Jews to suppress and censor free inquiry and thought. ADL wants the US to remain a shlomocracy, not a democracy.
When whites hocked or outsourced their moral agency to Jews, they pretty much lost everything. After all, it's not the end of the world to be criticized and judged. If Jews were sincere in their moral criticism of whites and if whites freely used their moral agency to do good, things might have turned out rather well. But Jews didn't want this because a self-improving white morality would not only criticize what is bad about whites but what is bad about Jews, blacks, and any other group. A truly moral person is both self-critical and critical of badness everywhere and in everyone. True morality doesn't turn a blind eye to certain bad things and certain good things. It praises goodness of all kinds and condemns badness of all kinds. Jews didn't want this. Jews wanted whites to see only the good about Jews and only the bad about Palestinians and Iranians. On the matter of Russian history, Jews demand that whites see Jews only as innocent victims and see Russians only as baddies; Jewish attitude toward Russia is not unlike Hitler's insane animus toward the Slavs, but then, it's only natural as both Nazi 'Aryans' and Jewish 'Semites' share the vile conviction that inferior backward Slavs should be ruled by the Other. Even when Zionist soldiers beat up Palestinian kids struggling for independence, Jews insist that whites see Jewish victims and Palestinian 'terrorists'. It's like, even though blacks beat up whites and non-blacks, Jews insist that we only see poor innocent blacks being terrorized by 'white supremacism'.
Of course, Jewish Power knows all of this is bogus. No mindful Jew ever believed in Russia-gate. That was for the goy birds, the suckers and chums. It's like Mamet's con-men know exactly what they're doing. They are mindful, mindful of the game where the players know while the played don't know. To Jews of Power or JOPs, it's all a House of Games.
But they are negatively mindful as they're like gangsters than gentlemen. They got the power and money and want more, then more and more. So, what Jews now push as 'critical theory' is the biggest 'punching down' operation in history. It's Jews punching down on whites but with whites propped up as Goliath. Imagine a boxer who's down for the count. Suppose this boxer is lifted up and tied to a pole to create the illusion that he's still in the fight. And so, it's game to keep punching him. Of course, the real champion in the ring is the vicious Jew, but he tells others that the propped up white palooka is still the Evil White Supremacist Champ who must be punched and KO'ed. At this point, whites might as well be scarecrows. Jews use Critical Theory to defend their power and to attack its critics, but the very notion of 'critical theory' lends the impression that it's about 'fighting the power'. It's rather like a human making dogs chase a fox. It's the human who has power over the dogs, but the dogs fixate on the fox as the biggest problem in the world that must be snuffed out.

Now, one wonders how so many people could have gotten suckered over the years. Aren't there more college graduates than ever? But perhaps, larger college bodies led to dumbing down of the curriculum and replacement of intellectual pursuit with easily digestible nonsense. Quantity isn't quality. Still, the core real problem is Jewish Power. Jewish monopoly of the media and dominance in the academia(that also trains people to work in media) led to all information, idols, icons, 'facts', and narratives being molded by Jews.
Still, it wouldn't have been so bad IF people could at least discuss Jewish Power. After all, there was once a time when Anglo-Americans dominated most things, but people could still name the power, blame the power, and shame the power. If anything, Jews led in this exposure and criticism of WASP power. At the very least, Anglo-Americans didn't make themselves out to be sacrosanct and above criticism. But Jews have been different. With increasing power, they pathologized any honest discussion of Jewish Power and influence as 'antisemitism'. Look around today, and Jews throw the label 'nazi' and 'white supremacist' at anyone. If anyone notices Jewish Power, he is said to be spreading 'antisemitic tropes'. In the minds of the ADL and SPLC, there's hardly any difference between Adolf Hitler and some normal person who notices Jewish Power.

Jewish supremacist pathology pathologized ANY view that is critical of Jewish Power as 'antisemitic'. This has been the crux of the problem. Not only did Jews gain monopoly in media and dominance in academia BUT used the power to forbid honest discussion of the extent of Jewish Power and its abuses and corruptions. Why, any such talk would be 'nazi' or 'antisemitic'! So, that means Jews in media and academia(and the state) were able to push narratives, promote idols, and spread dogmas with hardly any opposition. Over the years, the accumulative force of such lies fed to generations of goyim led to the current state of mindless 'wokeness' among whites. They are mindless because they don't play the game but are played by the game. Indeed, they don't even know the game exists. As mindless minions in the game, they see themselves as the 'resistance' fighting Nazi dragons and 'white supremacist' goblins in defense of the race of Anne Franks, the race of Emmett Tills, and people of tutti-fruity. They are terribly easy to activate and manipulate because they are easily triggered by a handful of signals. Jews only need to push a few buttons, and the 'woke' mobs pour into the streets in the name of globo-homo or Noble Negro, just like Mao needed to flash a few signals to bring out millions of Red Guard youths on the eve of the Cultural Revolution. The mindful leading the mindless. If whites weren't so mindless, would the negatively mindful Jews be able to control them so easily? No wonder Jews spread mindlessness as the New Normal in 'thought'. With the 'woke' idiots, Jews only need to yell 'racism', 'white supremacism', or 'nazi' to get them barking and running wild for another fox hunt. Those signals don't induce thought among whites. Rather, they trigger certain emotional responses that fuel 'woke' rage. Much of 'wokeness' owes more to idolatry than ideology, and as such, it's more like a cult or quasi-religion than a thought system. It's like the Catholic Church never proved that God is real or Jesus is the Messiah. There is no factual basis for such claims, but so many people came to believe because of the emotional responses stirred by the combination of storytelling, magic, music, ritualism, and spectacle. All those whites who grew up weeping over the mountain-sized Negro who wuvs a little white mouse(and may indeed be god hisself) in THE GREEN MILE have been rendered incapable of rational thoughts about the Negro.

In a way, the current mindlessness is appealing because of its three-chord narrative. Just like people prefer pop songs over symphonies with their range and depth, most people prefer a few potent themes that ring loud and clear. It's amazing how many hit songs were composed of mere three chords, outselling the far more complex musical works. Pop songs are mostly mindless, but that is the appeal. One need not invest oneself in a pop song. It's all there, the essence of melody, harmony, and beat.
And 'wokeness' is structured that way. The three narrative chords are Sacred Semites, Noble Negroes, and Holy Homos. For all the talk of diversity, the main chords in the same old/new song is Jews, Negroes, and Homos... Jews, Negroes, and Homos. The holy trinity of PC.
As for the villains, they are 'anti-semites'(anyone who notices Jewish Power), 'racists'(anyone who notices black crime and thuggery), and 'homophobes'(anyone who says sodomy is ewwww or that a tranny isn't a woman). The three evils are like 'lions, tigers, and bears' in THE WIZARD OF OZ, an apt movie in our age when fools are indeed being played by hidden forces. (Come to think of it, was Trump really anything more than the Cowardly Lion in a Duck-Soup-like musical orchestrated by Jews? All growl, no bite.)

If domestically, the villains are 'anti-semites', 'racists', and 'homophobes', around the world the usual baddies are Russia, Iran, and China(if only as a distraction from Jewish Power).

PC may be stupid, but it's easily digestible and uncomplicated. To be 'woke', you need not think. Just chant along, march along, and tag along. All you have to do is suck Jewish pud,, kiss homo ass, and wash black feet. And in 'lions, tigers, and bears' fashion, all you have to do is shudder about the dangers of 'antisemites, racists, and homophobes'. And such mindlessness might as well be manna from heaven for Jewish Power. The negatively mindful leading the hordes of the mindless whose buttons are so easy to push.

THE MYSTERY OF JUDAS by Brother Nathanael

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