Saturday, May 29, 2021

In the Post-Ideological Age, It All Comes Down to REALITY vs IDOLOGY(idolatry-as-ideology) — American Preference of Savagery over Slavery — 'Social Justice' American Style favors the Winners over Losers — China's Fusion of Reality and Idology

What we have now is...

Idology(idolatry-as-ideology) vs Reality.

The cold truth is that blacks kill blacks, and cops have been saving black lives over the years by coming between blacks and blacks. Without presence of cops, blacks kill more blacks and nonblacks as well in the bargain. That is the Reality.

But in 2020, Jews needed extra black support to unseat Donald Trump and ran with the super-idology of noble sacred black bodies being murdered by ‘racist’ whites in Trump’s America. As with Covid-19 Hysteria, Trump was caught between a rock and a hard place, or Scylla and Charybdis. On Covid, if Trump went with the lockdown, his economy would be ruined. But if he opposed the lockdown, the Jewish media would say he’s responsible for MASS MURDER.
As for the black issue, if Trump stood with the cops, he could lose whatever gains he made among black voters. But if he praised George Floyd to high heaven, he would lose some credibility with his base, and indeed white male support for Trump’s dipped in the 2020 election. So, BLM was useful to Jews in 2020. Trump couldn't win either way, Jews couldn't lose either way, especially as Trump is so afraid of Jewish Power that he pleads to suck Jewish penis after it's been rammed up his arse.

Jews also find Negrolatry useful in perpetuating ‘white guilt’. Jews know that whites really feel guilt only for what is deemed superior and don’t feel much sympathy for ‘losers’. It’s part of American DNA. Winners over Losers, as Patton said. “Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser.” Even American ‘social justice’ that ostensibly cares about the ‘losers’ is geared toward favoring the winners. After all, why do Americans care so much about Jews as holy holocaust people but care NOTHING about Palestinians? Jews are rich and successful, or winners. Palestinians are poor and backward, or losers.
Same logic applies to blacks. The reason why whites feel a special thing for blacks is because blacks have become so dominant in what Americans care about most: Sports, Pop Music, and with pornification of pop culture and sexting via smartphones(from a young age), sex. In other words, if Jews try to bait white guilt about most groups, whites wouldn’t much care no matter how much the said groups may have suffered. Brown natives of the Americas suffered a great deal, but the basic white attitude toward them is "mow my lawn", "pick my lettuce", and "change my kid’s diapers".

Indeed, it’s interesting that American Indians got more respect in the past despite the fresh memories of their threat to whites. Back then, blacks were slaves while Indians were savages. A white man was far more likely to get killed by a savage red man than by a slavish black man. So, even though there was much white fear and hatred in regards to Indians, there was also a good deal of grudging respect for them as warriors and hunters and badass killers. Savages could be cruel and crazy but they were also wild and free, thus acting like natural winners. In contrast, blacks-as-slaves were conditioned to act like losers. Blacks were cotton-picking shuffling toms.
But over the years, Indians went from savages to de facto ‘slaves’. Once proud warriors riding wild and free over the prairies, they eventually became ‘slaves’ in reservations, defeated and docile. Meanwhile, blacks went from slaves to ‘savages’. In time, they became wild and free, feral and aggressive, winning in sports and taking over streets and acting as they done please.

And oddly enough, white respect went from Indians(who went from savage to ‘slave’) to blacks(who went from slave to ‘savage’, or neo-savage). Especially since the 1960s, blacks have been acting like how Indians used to act: attacking whites, whooping & hollering, and taking trophies of white women. Watching all this black dominance in sports and rap music, whites have become accustomed to seeing blacks as the superior race, the natural warrior savage winners.
Thus, ‘social justice’ American style is just another form of winners uber alles. It isn’t really about favoring the underdog but honoring the new top dog. Blacks fail in many areas but succeed in what matters most to Americans. White Americans feel, “If blacks are tops in the coolest fields, it’s only right and just that they should be best in everything.” The fact that blacks aren’t good in everything seems an injustice within this context.
Especially with the rise of youth culture and black-inflected popular music, American Society has gotten more shameless and uninhibited over the years. Even as the rational fields of science/technology have continued to advance at breakneck pace, the culture has gotten more savage, often led by trends spearheaded by blacks. In a way, paradoxically enough, technological breakthroughs have made mankind even more savage or neo-savage. Electronic devices amplify and disseminate wild & orgiastic expressions of celebrities, deviants, and perverts. Geeks make the gadgets, and studs, skanks, cucks, and dorks all indulge themselves in the Age of Jeffrey Epstein.
It used to be civilization and order were valued as the means by which to rise above savagery and slavery. But many feel that civilization long enslaved the natural savage energies that make us free and liberated. Thus, Western Civilization and its creation of order were tantamount to a form of slavery of one kind or another. If blacks were slaves picking cotton, whites were slaves imprisoned by their own repressions. Thus, the only way of liberation is by unleashing the savage energies of blacks as the driving force of world liberation.
Of course, such delusions are possible only because Western Civilization created the material means by which people can have enough food and necessities, indeed in abundance. Even as the neo-savages scoff at Order, their fantasies would evaporate without it. In nature, there is sober savagery. All creatures are savage but know the savage world is filled with dangers. It is a wary kind of savagery. If a baboon chose to wiggle its ass all night long in a state of drunken savagery, a leopard would ambush it for dinner. But neo-savagery need not be sober because it can indulge itself in a world of plenty made available by order. It's like all those kids at the Woodstock Concert had enough food(produced by farmers), could go back home(thanks to the car industry and those who work to maintain roads), and receive medical attention if need be(thanks to doctors and nurses). And Negroes could riot, loot, and destroy businesses because there is enough order and supplies in the US to fill up the store again and return to business-as-usual. But those into the convulsion of neo-savagery hardly think about the conveniences made possible by an orderly system. And of course, blacks understand this least because they are most childish, least reflective, and endlessly indulged by White America stuck on 'white guilt' and 'white fever' for all things black(to the delight of fiendish Jews).

Jews know this about white psychology, and this is why Negrolatry is key to the perpetuation of ‘white guilt’, without which it’d be difficult for Jews to control whites. Stuff like BLM wouldn’t have gotten far without Jewish media and deep state pulling strings. Unlike past riots, the deep state encouraged more rioting and looting. Just when blacks were burning and rioting, the authorities were ordering city officials to paint BLM signs on streets and fly BLM banners(along with homo flags). Just like globo-homo wouldn’t have gotten so big without Jewish power and deep state, same goes for BLM. Jews lead, goyim follow, especially because white goyim have lost their cultures, customs, traditions, and values over the years. The only thing that the goyim have left is a bundle of fads and fashions, cultural or ‘intellectual’, that are controlled by Jews.

The main Jewish priority is to control whites and subdue them into obeisance, without which Jewish Supremacism cannot be maintained. Jews use blacks to do this. Jews use the black body to intimidate and subdue the white body. Jews tell white boys and girls that black bodies are more muscled, bigger-donged, and more booty-licious, and this fills white girls with jungle fever and white boys with sappy cuckery. Movies like GET OUT spread such notion. It's damned if you do, damned if you don't. If you don't like blacks and want to live apart from them, you are 'racist' and have no reason to live. If you love blacks too much, you are guilty of appropriating blackness and 'racist' in your own 'liberal' way, and it'd be no loss if blacks slaughtered you. Such is the black-body-politics as used by Jews.
But Jews also use black souls to berate white souls. It goes like this: Blacks have sun-souls while whites have ice-souls, and the cold frigid evil white soul must be warmed and redeemed by the sunny black soul. George Floyd was useful as both black body and black soul. He was a big man, powerfully built. But he was also in a state of debilitation as he'd swallowed lethal dose of fentanyl. So, despite his bigness, he seemed powerless and (hep me! hep me!) helpless under the knees of four police officers. Jews spun the narrative that saint George Floyd died for the sinful souls of white folks. But it’s been in the works with movies like 12 YRS A SLAVE, THE HELP, BUTLER, DJANGO UNLEASHED, BLACK PANTHER, and etc. The very Jews who crush Palestinians and kill countless Arabs in the Middle East put on moral airs in the West by promoting Noble Negro myths.

Such is the ‘idology’ of the Negro as used by Jews to control whites. But it’s utterly at odds with Reality. So, what is the reality? What is really up and what is really happening in the West? Two key truths are as follows:

1. Jews got the power because they are smarter. Also, they abuse their power because they are supremacist and nasty, filled with vicious contempt for goyim. And they shamelessly use every dirty trick in the book to get what they want, as demonstrated by the mad events of 2020, many of which were engineered or orchestrated by Jews.

2. Blacks are that way due to evolution in hot Africa alongside crocodiles, hyenas, lions, wild dogs, leopards, hippos, buffalos, elephants, gorillas, baboons, and etc. Blacks drove the animals crazy and vice versa. Negroes chucked spears at hippos, and hippos ran after Negroes to stomp/chomp them to death. So, animals in Africa got more vicious and aggressive, and Negroes also got tougher and nastier. Blacks and animals drove each other crazy along the evolutionary chain. That’s why blacks be the way they be.
And so, blacks act like predators in the modern world alongside other races. They look upon other races(that are weaker and slower) like how hyenas or leopards eye prey animals. Such is the reality, but whites cannot face the truth for four reasons.

A. Jews control the media & academia and push the ‘white guilt’ narrative.

B. Christian tradition among whites focus on guilt & redemption and derive some kind of masochistic delight with self-flagellation and holier-than-thou virtue-signaling.

C. Jungle fever and Afrophilia due to sports, music, and sex makes whites blind to the dangers posed by Negroes. Or worse, it makes whites excited by the danger as sexy and awesome. Even with blacks burning down cities, white women go with Negroes and have Negro kids and white boys cuck to BLM signs.

D. White male pride has been loathe to admit white guys got their asses handed to them by blacks in sports, schools, and in the streets. Even HBD types prefer to discuss IQ(where whites are superior) than delve into PQ(physical quotient) where blacks have the advantage. So much could have been different after Jack Johnson beat up all the white boxers IF white men had been honest about the black threat and reacted accordingly. But nope, white male pride couldn’t face up to it.

In the war between Idology and Reality, which will win? Of course, in the long run, Reality always wins, but that doesn’t mean your side will win for having accepted reality for what it is. After all, the HBD argument won in Detroit. HBD says blacks are naturally prone to criminality and various pathologies, and the fate of Detroit is a testament to that argument. But still, even if HBD has been validated, blacks took over the city and ruined it. The most HBD types can say is, "I told you so" as consolation.
Even when Reality wins, it won’t necessarily save your side. Suppose you speak the truth, “Heroin will ruin your health and lead to early death.” Suppose the heroin user says, “Bull! Heroin is great and makes me feel good. It does me no harm.” In time, you will be proven right. In reality, the heroin user’s health goes down the tube, and he ends up dead at a young age. You were right, but he still wasn’t saved. Reality validated your view but still failed to save a life. Likewise, HBD can be right as observation but still lose out as solution IF most people decide not to heed its warnings and instead choose to go over the cliff like so many lemmings.

Of course, there are cases where both Idology and Reality can win. China is one example. In reality, Mao Zedong was a frightening figure. He not only unleashed the Great Leap Forward that took tens of millions of lives but the Cultural Revolution that ravaged the entire nation. So, despite all the official Mao-worship by the Red Guards, the Reality was Maoism Sucks!
And after Mao died, China embarked on a new path more attuned to Reality. Market-guided economics, a degree of pluralism, more rational foreign policy, pragmatism, appreciation of expertise over ideological fervor, and etc. On that score, Reality won out. And yet, the ‘idology’ of Mao remains as a unifying and justifying symbol of New China and its government. Mao is still the top icon in a nation that acts in accordance to reality.


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