Wednesday, May 26, 2021

In 2020 Jewish Power & Democrats bid up the Value of the Black Vote to Ludicrous Levels because They Feared Trump might shave off Enough Black Votes to Win Re-Election — The Problem for Jews and Democrats wasn't that Trump was Anti-Black but Too Pro-Black — To Compete with Trump's Appeals to Blacks, the Jewish-run Democratic Party pulled all the stops and elevated Blacks to god-status to keep them on their side

CHAUVIN'S WHITE GUILT - Brother Nathanael

BLM got totally crazy in 2020 because of the bidding war for holy blackness.

Usually, Jews and Libby-Dibs needed not worry about the black vote because it was reliably Democratic. And the kind of bland generic white candidates put up by the GOP had no appeal to blacks. Even though the great majority of blacks voted Democratic in 2016 and 2020, Trump was the GOP candidate in a long long time with any appeal to a segment of the black population. If Billy Boy Clinton was the 'first black president', Donald Trump was the 'first ni**a president'. Clinton was a jazz man, but Trump rubbed shoulders with rappers and had a rapport with the likes of Mike Tyson. For Democrats to win in some states, black support has to be HUGE. So, even a slight shaving off of black votes can mean electoral loss for Democrats. If GOP relies on whites voting 60% Republican, Democrats rely on blacks voting way over 90% Democratic. Democrats took the black vote for granted, just like they did with white working class and ethnics in the past, especially following the Great Depression and New Deal.

But eventually, the Democrats began to lose the white working class, the ethnics, and the Southern whites. A lot of this had to do with blacks. When the Democrats were about 'class justice', many have-lesser whites voted for the Democratic Party. Working class, ethnic whites, and southern whites were reliably Democratic for a long time. But when the Democrats moved more toward 'racial justice' rhetoric, followed by black pathology and crime unloosed on the nation, many whites began to move to the GOP. Also, with booming times, many children of working class parents rose up the ranks to become middle class and higher, and back then, money and success were associated with WASP-heavy GOP. It's like Italian-Americans became more Republican with socio-economic improvement.
Back then, the GOP stood for tradition and respectability, concerns that still mattered. Today, no one cares for tradition. Also, respectability means nothing in a degraded culture where even adults have green hair and tattoos.
What matters now is the cachet of being faddish and fashionable; that's what appeals to the successful, and today's affluent and educated are far more likely to be Democratic, especially as the Party is now shamelessly pro-money and pro-success. Democrats lost the white working class but gained something far more valuable: the white educated and elite classes who hold the more valuable cards. Also, globalism is geared to favor the urban rich and has little room for white working class unless one is a truck driver(that is until self-driving cars become a thing). So, Democrats won over the useful kinds of whites whereas the GOP hasn't a clue what to do with the 'loser' white working class that voted for Donald Trump as the Party's been for so long a wing of the Chamber of Commerce. As for Trump, he got their votes and they showed up at his rallies in droves, but his presidency has been about 'Muh Israel' and 'Muh Negroes'.

In the foreseeable future, the Democrats may no longer need the black votes so much. In California, for example, the black vote is meaningless. But in places like Atlanta, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and etc., black votes can tip the scale. So, for the time being, the Democrats need all the black votes they can get. Before Trump, this wasn't much of a concern as it's difficult to imagine blacks voting for the likes of Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush. But Trump struck a nerve with a segment of the black population.

And in a way, the Democrats do have a reason to worry about the black vote. The Obama presidency blindsided Jews and Democrats to this fact. Blacks overwhelmingly voted for Obama, and it seemed like Democrats had an effortless lock on the black vote. And yet, it's possible that black support for the Democrats actually eroded from 2008 to 2016 despite their record support for Obama. After all, the Democrats increasingly became the party of the rich, the privileged, the gentrifiers, the great replacers(with mass immigration replacing not only whites but black Americans), and globo-homo. Indeed, but for his race, the Obama presidency was most memorable for its globo-homo glitz. In a way, Obama was the 'first gay president'. And even more than Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, he was a tool and invention of Jews, therefore the 'first Jewish president'. He tried to salvage his black credentials with BLM near the end of his second term, but Michael Brown was too much of a hard sell and the craziness led to Dallas shootings of white policemen. (Of course, no one took a knee for the dead cops.)

In 2016, Hillary lost narrowly largely because the black vote wasn't out in force for her. And Biden, the favorite of the Establishment(along with Kamala), got the nomination because of black votes in the South. So, 2020 victory hinged heavily on the black vote and black complicity in election rigging. And this time, Jews felt they needed to enter into a real bidding war for black loyalty. In the past against milquetoast GOP candidates, the Democrats need not worry too much about the black vote. But there was the chance that Trump might shave off just enough black vote to push him over the top. If Jews and Democrats took the black vote for granted, they had to jealously guard it and bribe it with lavish prizes in 2020. And that's why the George Floyd and BLM thing got so out of control. Of course, Jews hate Trump because his swaggering style had an awakening effect on White America, and BLM & Floyd Cult were also to reinforce the 'white guilt' mechanism.

Anyway, as the saying goes, "Why pay for something when you can get it for free?" And that's how Jews and Democrats had come to feel about the black vote. As blacks were so resolutely pro-Democratic and anti-GOP, it didn't require much effort to keep blacks voting for the Party. Black votes were essentially free, and of course, it was even more so with Obama. Even if Obama didn't do much for blacks, his blackness had blacks voting for him as a 'bro'.
But post-Obama was like a rude awakening for blacks. They were happy to have a brotha in the White House for eight years, but when the jig was up, blacks were feeling like Janet Jackson singing, "What have you done for me lately?" Obama yrs were mostly about gentrification, more mass immigration, more globo-homo, and etc. Indeed, it seemed as if black issues were pushed to the rear in favor of not only homos but freaking trannies. Also, Obama didn't say anything about policies like Stop-and-Frisk and, if anything, mostly seemed in be in cahoots with the urban yuppie gentrifier class. In a way, all this BLM hysteria is about Jews and libby-dib elites trying to distract blacks from the fact that THEY did most to lock up record number of blacks, replace blacks with immigrants, favor globo-homo over black issues, and have the IDF teach US police a few tricks on how to control the colored folks.
Obama years to blacks were, in a way, sort of like Reagan years to True Conservatives and the Clinton years to True Liberals. Because Reagan was president for 8 yrs(and George H.W. Bush for 4 more yrs), it seemed as if Conservatism really won, but during that period, the US became more soulless and less socially conservative. And while the Clinton years seemed like the triumph of Good Ole Liberalism and boomer idealism, it was actually a time of hyper-capitalism and massive deregulation. It took the passing of the Reagan-Bush era for conservatives to finally wake up and realize nothing had been conserved. And it took the end of the Clinton Era for liberals to realize how Clinton had been the tool of the chamber of commerce and the rise of the oligarchs. And it took the end of the Obama era for blacks to wake up and realize, "Sheeeeeeeiiiit, we ain't got nothing in them eight fa**oty years."

And this explains why certain segments of the black population were receptive to Trump in 2016. Obamagic had had a sandman effect on them. They were asleep thinking a brotha was in charge when, in fact, the trends during the Obama years favored the urban yuppie class, the Wall Street oligarchs, and globo-homo types. In a way, this is the danger of having 'your guy' in office. His position creates the impression that your side is on top when, very likely, it is losing out to other forces obfuscated by the false comfort of 'your guy' being on top. Blacks felt a post-Obama funk as his presidency wound down. After Obama, blacks were no longer interested in a white leader. Also, there wasn't another black candidate around that could appeal to white voters, which were crucial to Obama's wins as a Nice Negro. Then, it's understandable why Trump's message of America First had a certain appeal to blacks who feel they themselves should be favored over immigrants, and this sentiment goes back to Booker T. Washington who appealed to American elites to end immigration and hire blacks for jobs.

So, in a long while, Jews and Democrats actually had to fight for black votes and hearts & minds. While they could rest assured that the great majority of blacks would still vote Democratic, they feared that Trump might shave off just enough black votes to win a second term. Or not enough blacks might show up to vote, which is why Covid hysteria was useful to carry out election fraud on an unprecedented scale.
Anyway, to win over blacks in 2020, Jews went crazy in the bidding war. For a long time, it was understood that the GOP wouldn't even try to win over black votes. GOP would do the bare minimum to look 'un-racist', and Democrats could be assured of the black vote. But Trump made a real play for the black vote, and this meant that the Democrats couldn't rely on the old tricks once again and rest on their laurels. They had to bid up higher and higher in the Afro-auction. Jews took no chances. What they did for Michael Brown wasn't enough. And BLM-as-movement wasn't enough. George Floyd had to be sanctified. Not merely a victim but a saint. And BLM was transformed from righteous rage to rapturous religion. Jews and Democrats pulled all the stops in showering blacks with glittering prizes.

So, if the Black Vote would have fetched $1,000 in past auctions, the bidding wars in 2020 raised it to about a million dollars. Jews did for BLM what some people did for Bitcoin. Made it rise through the roof. If Hillary had won in 2016 and if she ran for re-election against someone like Jeb Bush or Rick Santorum, none of this would have been necessary. Jews and Democrats could have rested assured that the black votes would be there. Also, it wouldn't be the end of the world if Jeb Bush or his ilk won because he's such a total wussy cuck. But Jews truly hated Trump and what he stood for, and they were willing to DO ANYTHING to unseat him. Indeed, what Jews pulled off in 2020 is like what South Korea did with the steal in the 1988 Olympics. It was obvious Roy Jones clearly won the match, but SK wanted the gold. People always knew there was corruption in the Olympics, but they thought there's no way South Korea would pull something so low, so obvious, so foul IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE WORLD. But yep, their provincial pride overrode sense and decency, and so, the steal happened right in front of eyes of the world.
Approaching 2020, many wondered what Jews would do to beat Trump. After all, they pulled all sorts of dirty tricks with 'Russia Collusion', 'Ukraine scandal', and other BS. But few people thought Jews would go totally crazy and pull off Covid nuttery and BLM lunacy just to win an election. But they did just that in front of the whole world. Jews have no sense of limits in having their way. But because Jews control the media and top institutions, they fooled just enough people and got away with it. Unlike South Korea that fooled no one, Jews were able to fool so much of the world with their utter BS. But then, even people who were not fooled nevertheless gladly went along with it because they've been led to think they're the 'best and the brightest', therefore ANYTHING is justified in wresting back control from Trump the Nazi and the Deplorables(even though the people in charge in the Trump White House were the same Israel-Firsters).

In a way, blacks have much to thank Trump. Thanks to Trump, Jews and Democrats went all in to win back the blacks. Even Covid hysteria was put aside to let BLM run riot. Blacks got both the spiritual prize as the holiest race and the material prize as they got to run wild and loot and steal. Indeed, even as their stores were being stripped clean by crazy Negroes, the 'woke' companies were singing paeans to BLM under the guidance of Jews who control the gods. The Jewish Mind uses the Black Body to attack whites, body and soul.

If not for Trump, all this attention and adulation wouldn't have been showered upon blacks. Blacks became especially precious in 2020 precisely because Jews feared that record number of blacks might vote for the Orange Man. Of course, Jews know the real truth. They know George Floyd was just a scumbag who died of drug overdose(like so many white working class), and they know Derek Chauvin is a victim of legal lynching. It's like Jews knew Russia Collusion thing was a hoax but pushed it just the same. And they attacked Trump on the Ukraine scandal because it was really ruinous to Biden, the real crook involved with regime in Ukraine installed by US-instigated coup. The real problem for Jews wasn't that Trump was 'racist' but that he came across as least 'racist', at least when it came to blacks. (When it came to Mexicans and Chinese, it was a different story.)

In a way, we see a pattern here. Jews are a 'jealous god' and didn't want Trump to take any credit. They didn't want Trump to take credit for ending the war in Afghanistan, so they delayed it... until Biden could take credit. And notice how Jews are now talking with Russians to arrive to some agreement. The very Jews who howled about Trump being a puppet of Putin are now dealing with Russia. Again, Jews didn't want Trump to take any credit in world affairs. What they shamed Trump for doing, they are doing it themselves. It's like the Kate Beckinsdale character in THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO. She says she could never date a guy in advertising but it's really to dissuade a friend from dating a guy that SHE wants. Jews will tell you not to do something, but when you choose not to, they do it and reap the rewards for themselves.

American culture and politics have devolved into a ritual of appeasing Jews, homos, and blacks. Wall Street bailouts, Wars for Israel, globo-homo mania, tranny nuttery, BLM riots, Floyd cult, and etc. This is no way to have a healthy society. But as the fish rots from the head, Jews deserve the most blame for leading America by the nose into the abyss. And yet, all we get from conzos is 'Muh Israel' and "Please don't call me 'racist-wacist'."

BIDEN'S SLEW OF JEWS - Brother Nathanael

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