Sunday, February 7, 2021

The Problem with Michael Lind's Thesis of the New 'American' Elites and their Cult of D.I.E, or Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity

This is a very interesting article by Michael Lind:

The New National American Elite - America is now ruled by a single elite class rather than by local patrician smart sets competing with each other for money and power BY MICHAEL LIND -

But he might have said it far more succinctly with "Jews control the gods". But then, he writes for Tablet, a Jewish journal, and that means you can't offend the gods. After all, Jews are the god-makers in the US.

All this wokeness comes down to Jews rigging the game to elevate their own status and power. Lind mentions Episcopalians and Hindus as among the very rich, but the fact is it's the Jews, NOT Episcopalians and Hindus, who control the gods. That makes all the difference. This means a Jewish pundit who makes $200,000 a year has more power than Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates with their many billions. As long as Jews control the gods, Jews lead, goyim follow. Twitter is run by Jack Dorsey a goy but works under pressure from Zionist ADL and Jewish-heavy SPLC. To understand the concept of Jews controlling the gods, consider the following:

Jews who control the gods control Big Tech and Corpocracy that attack Trump and Populism — The Need for the INNER-WARRIOR among white patriots -

The Dark Ramifications of Jews Controlling the Gods — Control of the Gods leads to Control of All Money & Power — Why Jews Have the Power to Control the Gods -

There's been much talk of rising Chinese Power, and China may be seen as a new strong horse in world affairs, but what is the difference between Jewish Power and Chinese influence in the West? Jews control the gods, Chinese don't. Jews got both the strong horse and sacred cow whereas Chinese only got the strong horse:

Jewish Power Strategy contra Chinese Power Strategy — The Jewish Advantage of Using both the STRONG HORSE and the SACRED COW — US Dollar Supremacy in Money and Jewgromo Shekel Supremacy in Morality -

With Some Self-Awareness, White Americans Would Realize that Chinese Work with Jews to Undermine the West Because Whites Have Been Doing Exactly the Same Thing — White Complicity in the Jewish Destruction of Christian West — Why the Control of Northern Europeans Is Key to Jewish Global Dominance -

And why did 'gay rights' turn into Gay Rites, a replacement for Christianity? It was a Jewish Plan.

As stated here: Ron Paul style Libertarianism is Useless against Globalist Gangster Fascism of the Deep State & Big Industry, both of which worship the Gods controlled by Jewish Power — Only Solution against Globo-Homo Gangster Fascism is the National-Humanist Neo-Fascism of the Patriots -

We see this in the apotheosis of the tranny. Now, did most women want this? Did they want to take a backseat to a bunch of freako men pretending to be ‘women’? No. It was Jews who wanted it. Why? Jews seek to suppress any notion of majority identity and pride. Among womenfolk, real women are more than 99% whereas tranny faux-women count for less than 1%. And yet, women now must make way for trannies as champions of female sports. Why? Jews see tranny power/privilege as analogous to Jewish power/privilege. In both cases, it’s the minority-elite dictating and dominating over the vast majority. When the great majority of goyim let themselves fall under Jewish Power, stuff like globo-homo and transmania were almost inevitable as furtherance of Jewish Power Strategy. Jews see it as cultural rhyming: Jewish minority elite power rhymes with tranny minority elite power.

Of course, homos/trannies are also useful to Jews because, while not every nation has Jews, every nation has its share of homos and trannies who tend to be alienated from their own society and therefore willing to work with Jewish Globalists who shower them with special favors and privileges.

Indeed, why is it that all this talk of 'diversity, equity, and inclusion' never apply to Jews? Jews control the media & academia and inundate us with mantras about diversity, blah blah, equity, blah blah, and inclusion blah blah. But, the very Jews who push mass immigration into gentile nations insist on Jewish-only immigration to Israel. While Jews try to make nations like Hungary and Polish less Hungarian and less Polish, they try to make Israel more Jewish by accepting only Jewish immigrants and encouraging natalism among Jewish women.

Also, if diversity matters, then shouldn't proportionality as well? Jews are 2% of the US population but control 95% of all media. Jews control all of Big Tech directly or indirectly. They directly control Google and Facebook and indirectly control Amazon and Twitter because Jews control the gods or what is holy. So, Jews can pressure Bezos and Dorsey to suppress certain voices as 'heretical'. So, books and tweets for white identity and interests are banned BUT there is no banning of Zionist supremacism, Jewish arrogance, and Jewish lies. Amazon sells books that tell complete lies about the founding of Israel. Books into Nakba Denial are never censored. Zionists who support IDF death squads who mow down children in Gaza and promote apartheid policies in the West Bank are not censored. If anything, they are celebrated. Sheldon Adelson once called for nuking Iran, a nation with no nukes, but he was allowed to be the main donor to the GOP. Incredible. And Jewish-run Hollywood has made tons of movies that depict Muslims as hairy terrorist but not a single movie about the Nakba, not a single movie about Jewish role in Bolshevik terror, not a single movie about Jewish role in selling opium to the Chinese, and not a single movie about Jewish role in Atlantic Slave Trade to Brazil. Brazil imported 10x the number of slaves as the US, and Jews played a big role in the slavery. Madeleine Albright said it's worth it to murder half a million Arab children, but she's a celebrated figure. It's as if Jews are above the law. So says Philip Giraldi: 

Trump's Unpardonable Pardons - Another disgraceful performance from “Israel’s president” by PHILIP GIRALDI

And despite all this talk of 'equity', has the NYT ever hired a Palestinian-American columnist to give his or her side of story? No, NYT columnists are heavily Jewish-Zionist who support the Nakba pogroms that erased Palestine off the World Map. Or the columnists are browbeaten goyim who dare not rock the boat and name Jewish Power out of fear of being blacklisted as an 'Anti-Semite'.
And no one complains that there are TOO MANY JEWS or that Jews are over-represented in any area. No, the complaint is always about too many whites(or too many Asians). So, the issue of 'equity' is NOT really about equity for all but complaints about how certain FAVORED GROUPS are not well-represented in certain areas. As Jews are favored, it's never a problem that they dominate media, Hollywood, state department, finance, and etc. Look at Biden's government. It's 66% Jews at the top, but no one complains. There can never be TOO MANY JEWS. Indeed, when Rick Sanchez said Jews control CNN, he got fired for speaking the truth. Also, it's never a problem when blacks are over-represented. Who complains that NBA and NFL aren't diverse enough? Most basketball stars are black. The great majority of footballers are black. Any many pop singers are black. But no one complains, and, if anything, black prominence is always a cause of celebration. Indeed, if blacks were over-represented at Silicon Valley or elite NY high schools by a huge margin, would anyone complain? NO. Blacks, like Jews, are considered sacred. So, the notion of 'too many blacks' can never be a problem. And 'too many Jews' is always a good thing. We've heard so many complaints about Not Enough Black Quarterbacks, but we never hear complaints about NO white, yellow, or brown running backs in the NFL. It's perfectly fine for blacks to hog entire positions in sports.

The problem is only 'too many whites' and 'too many Asians'(though this is usually chocked up as 'too many whites', i.e. Asians count as 'honorary whites' in the Jewish-run order). Homos are also favored. Homos dominate fashion at the expense of women. Partly, it's because many homos have talent in that area, but another reason is homos act as an insular mafia. Also, homos are vastly over-represented in key fields, even in bastion of power. Washington D.C. is 10% homo, and homos are found at all levels of the Deep State and work as agents of US Imperialism and Jewish Supremacism. But no one bitches about 'too many homos' because homos are favored. Jews control the gods, and it's always a blessing for Jews, blacks, and homos to have all the power, money, and prestige they can get.

Also, why do Jews, blacks, and homos get the most sympathy in the discourse? The greatest crime of the US was genocide of the Indians. The Jewish Holocaust didn't happen in the US. It happened in Europe, but there is a Holocaust Museum in the DC mall but no American Indian holocaust museum. Blacks suffered slavery, but surely genocide is far worse than slavery. Besides, blacks still own their ancestral lands in Africa. Africa is black. In contrast, the American Indians not only suffered genocide but lost their ancestral lands forever to invasive masses from the Old World. Mass Immigration wiped out the American Indians, just like Mass Immigration of Jews wiped out Palestine.
Let's face it. Mass Immigration = Genocide. It's bad enough American Indians lost their lands to whites, but now they must lose it to the entire world in the name of Open Borders. Is that what 'inclusion' is about? Well, Palestine allowed 'inclusion' of some Jews in the 19th century, but how did that turn out? More and more Jews arrived until they replaced the Palestinians who now live under apartheid.

Jews claim to be 'liberal', but how come both Democratic Jews and Republican Jews support the anti-Constitutional suppression of BDS, a movement calling calls for equal justice for Palestinians? For sure, Michael Lind won't be writing about the hypocrisy in Tablet because his media presence depends on sucking up to Jews.

As for Diversity, if it's so great as a panacea for all problems, why doesn't Israel adopt an Open Borders policy and take in tons of Chinese, Hindus, and Africans? By the way, isn't Diversity the product of imperialism? Why is Latin America diverse? It used to be homogeneously brown. It became diverse with the white Spanish and Portuguese invasions. And it was made further diverse by the slave trade that brought over millions of blacks(without the approval of the brown natives who lost their power of say). Now, is that something to celebrate? Mass invasion, mass genocide, mass rape, and slavery? The brown natives of South America didn't ask to be invaded. They didn't ask their lands be made diverse via imperialism and slave trade. Now, what is the result of this diversity? White Hispanics and Jews are at the top of the totem pole in so-called Latin America. You got mixed-raced mestizos in the middle , and you got brown natives and blacks on the bottom. Wow, something to celebrate!
Or, look at Hawaii. It was once entirely Hawaiian. But it was made diverse by white invasion. And then, white invaders allowed massive Asian immigration. As the result, the native Hawaiians are now only 12% of the population in their ancestral homelands. Sounds to me like cultural genocide, but we are told it's something to celebrate. "Hey, you native Hawaiian, why don't you celebrate the demise of your people and culture in favor of white invaders and Asian collaborationist immigrants?" Sounds cruel if you ask me.

Btw, why is it even called 'Latin America'? The indigenous folks have been living in the southern continent for over 20,000 yrs, whereas the white Latino invaders have been there for only 500 yrs. And yet, it's called Latin America. Why must indigenous identity and culture take a backseat to the identity of Latin European invaders?

‘Latino’ or ‘Latinx’ is an Insult to the True Identity of the Indigenous Peoples of what is called ‘Latin America’ — Indigeneity of the Original Peoples was destroyed by the Diversity brought forth by Spanish and Portuguese Imperialists who furthered Diversity with Massive Influxes of African Slaves — Diversity conquered and raped Indigeneity - 

Finally, the notion of inclusion is problematic. What does it mean? Does it mean every nation should adopt Open Borders and accept outsiders? But look at the fate of Tibet. It is forced to include the influx of Han Chinese. There are 1.5 million Tibetans and 1.2 billion Han Chinese. The policy of 'inclusion' is leading to the erasure of Tibet as a distinct people and culture. People denounce nativism but is invasivism any better? Indeed, the story of organisms has been one between nativism vs invasivism. Americans of all people should know this. American Indians were nativists who fought to protect their lands from invasivist European settlers. Nativism lost to Invasivism. Over time, the white settlers became the new nativists who put down roots in American soil. But with open borders, they will be replaced like the Indians. Look at California that, in a few decades, went from a solid white majority state to white minority state. 

Jews understand this. This is why they are totally nativist in Israel while pushing invasivism on goy nations. Jews want goy nations to be filled up with diversity so that Jews can play divide-and-rule among the divided populations. Jews do this in the US. Jews make anti-Muslim movies and show them to white Christians and tell them, "Join the military, go to the Middle East, and blow away those raghead muzzies", and then Jews bring Muslims here and put their arms around them and say, "We Jews and you Muslims are allies against those eeeeeeevil white supremacists." What a dirty game these Zionists play.

Nativism is the Flip-side of Invasivism — It's the Way of All Organisms -

Also, inclusion can lead to exclusion. Why? Because various groups have different talents. Allowing blacks into sports has led to exclusion of non-blacks. Because blacks are better natural athletes, allowing them into the game means others don't get to play. All running backs are black. All 100 m sprint finalists are black. The French soccer team is largely black. Many sports teams might as well put up a sign: "Non-Blacks Need Not Apply". Los Angele is very diverse with lots of browns and yellows, but the sports teams are almost all black.

And letting trannies into women's sports means that women will be excluded from winning because men-pretending-to-be-women are bigger and stronger. And allowing smarter Jews into America has led to Jewish takeover and domination of so many elite institutions. And with their power, Jews exclude who poses a challenge to Jewish interest. If you support BDS, forget about it. You won't work for Wall Street, State Department, NYT, or Hollywood. If a film director shows interest in making a movie about Nakba, he will be blacklisted 100x worse than Dalton Trumbo and other communists in the 50s.

And notice how Jews use globo-homo to push Zionist supremacism. Jews made globo-homo holy in Western hearts and minds. Then, Jews tell the West, "Look, Israel has big homo parades whereas Muslims are hostile to homos." As Western folks are now so into globo-homo, they will support Zionist oppression of Palestinians on that count: Israel celebrates homos and trannies.

In the past, Western Imperialism sugarcoated its wars and invasions with missionary tales of spreading the Christian Faith. So, the invasions and exploitations were morally justified under the cover of Christian sanctimony. Today, the decadent West that is brainwashed by Jewish control of media/academia is into worship of 'rainbow' sodomy as the highest value. So, the deep state merely need to paint the Bomb gay to win the support of the so-called 'progressives'. Instead of 'onward Christian soldiers', it's 'onward homo soldiers'. 

Indeed, what is the new cold war with Russia about? Russia doesn't allow massive homo parades in the Red Square. Russians consider the grounds sacred. Annually, they remember the sacrifice of 25 million who died in defense of the Motherland against the German Wehrmacht. But Jews seek to desecrate the holy ground with parades where vain homos and trannies strut around with dildos. And yet, American 'progressives' are now so into globo-homo idolatry that they see Russia as the evil nation and support the new cold war.

What a stupid world.

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