Sunday, August 2, 2020

Police Reform is as Useless as Soldier Reform — We need ELITE REFORM as the Elites gave orders to the Police to wage War on Black Crime and Thuggery — Jungle Faith is downstream from Jungle Fever

All this talk of Police Reform is total nonsense. It's like discussing Soldiers Reform. While cops and soldiers can be trained and pressured to act more professional, most of what they do is following orders from ABOVE. In other words, even if soldiers commit no 'war crimes' or 'atrocities', they will invade, bomb, mass-kill, and destroy entire nations at the behest of their superiors who, in turn, take orders from the Deep State. (Democracy is about politicians doing the bidding of oligarchs while pretending to represent the people. After all, politicians are vetted and funded by oligarchs than arise from the people.) Same with the police. Even if all cops were 100% professional(or composed of foolproof robots) and didn't commit acts of police brutality, problems will arise from the fact that they're doing the bidding of the elites and the propertied class. (The case of Michael Brown was a classic example of this. It turns out the cop acted 100% professionally, but the ghastly Negro died and this upset a lot of blacks and all those do-goody naive whites who get their ideas of blacks from movies like GREEN MILE and TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.) The elites want safe streets and safe neighborhoods. That means using the police to get tough on criminal elements. Many such offenders are black. Also, blacks call the police to protect themselves from other blacks. So, tensions between blacks and police will be a fact of life in the US. And no police reform can fix this problem that mainly arises from black genetics, a natural propensity toward thuggery. After all, it's far more likely George Fentanyl Floyd died of drug overdose than police abuse. Police exists because the elites and law-abiding people want protection. Also, even the criminal class often rely on the police to protect them from other criminals. Even the mother of a gang-banger will call the cops if her gang-banger son is gunned down by other gang-bangers.
So, if tensions between the police and blacks are a problem, then it makes no sense to speak of 'police reform'. Policemen, just like soldiers, follow orders and do as told. Did the US military go into Iraq or drop bombs on Libya because soldiers went rogue? No, the soldiers did as ordered by higher-ups who, in turn, took orders from politicians who are in the pockets of Jewish oligarchs. The worst crime of the Iraq War was not Abu Grahib, bad as it was. The far bigger crime was that the US military was made to invade another nation on false pretext. And this decision was cooked up at the top by Jewish Neocons, Liberal Zionists, and their white cuck allies. Even if Abu Grahib and other atrocities hadn't happened and even if every US soldier had acted totally professionally, they still would have invaded another nation on bogus propaganda. And in doing so, US soldiers would have had to drop tons of bombs and shoot a lot of people just the same.

In the aftermath of the Iraq Debacle, do we talk of Soldier Reform? No, soldiers didn't make the decision. The orders came from the politicians owned by oligarchs. So, if there needs to be reform in US foreign policy, it must be at the top. Soldiers always do as they're told. When they're told to drop bombs to kill countless people, they do so. And when US soldiers were told to stand down when orgies of looting broke out all across Baghdad, they did as ordered and did nothing as the whole city was stripped clean. The responsibility belongs at the top. Sadly, there was no political reform after Iraq. Barack Obama spoke of a new foreign policy but, as just another puppet of Jews, expanded the mayhem even further, even inflaming Ukraine, Libya, Syria, and Yemen. And Donald Trump promised a new chapter but just became another stooge of the Deep State. US troops are still illegally occupying Syria and continuing with the 'Afghan War' which is now just plain and simple occupation. In all this, US soldiers just did as told. No amount of Soldier Reform can fix the problem of US foreign policy that is decided at the top. US soldiers do not, of their own volition, decide to keep occupying Okinawa, South Korea, European nations, Central Asia, and much of Middle East. US soldiers are there under the orders of politicians who do the bidding of the Deep State and Military-Industrial Complex. But notice that even so-called 'leftist' Democrats are totally for more money for Pentagon. Both parties hail the US military as heroes when, in fact, it kills countless more innocent victims than the US police does. Also, if the role of police is law and order, the role of US military is neo-imperialism and lawless disorder around the world for the sake of Jewish Power and Israel. What is called "US foreign policy" or "American Interests" are all about "Is it great for Jewish supremacists?" After all, if US had a neutral and fair policy toward all the world, it would not favor Zionist tyrants over Palestinian victims.

All this talk of 'police reform' is a dirty ploy of shifting the blame on the cops(who did as ordered) away from the politicians, elites, and affluent folks who valued a police force that would effectively deal with black crime, violence, and thuggery. Crime is more a racial than economic thing as plenty of poor whites and browns aren't big on crime. While poor people tend to commit more crime than rich people, the out-of-control pathology of crime is mostly a black phenomenon in the US, and this has little to do with history and mostly to do with biology, i.e. blacks evolved to be warriors, hunters, and thugs in hot savage Africa where hippos wanted to stomp them to death and hyenas wanted to tear them apart. African beasts were the first to lament, "There goes the neighborhood".
So, if 'good' and 'anti-racist' Americans are really troubled by the conflict between the police and blacks, what they should call for is POLITICIAN REFORM, ELITE REFORM, and JEWISH POWER REFORM. The rich and the powerful gave orders and made demands on the police to get tougher on blacks. The proof that the police only follows orders can be seen in how it does little to arrest Antifa in cities like Portland and NY while working with Antifa against white nationalists at Charlottesville. Why do the police leave BLM and Antifa vandals alone while arresting the St. Louis couple that only protected their own private property? Why do the police allow Antifa and BLM thugs to paint 'Black Lives Matter' all over but arrest people for painting over such signs? Again, the police has no agency. It does as told. If the US were communist and if cops were ordered to arrest capitalists, cops will do just that. If the US were antisemitic and if cops were ordered to arrest all Jews, they'll do just that. Cops are like dogs, just like soldiers. They look powerful because they got guns and clubs, but they must do as told. If they're ordered to stand down amidst Antifa violence, they will do just that. If they're ordered to arrest Proud Boys who only defended themselves from Antifa thugs, they'll do that.
When all these Jewish elites and mayors call for Police Reform, they are deflecting blame from themselves and scapegoating another. It's like the corporate sharks in Akira Kurosawa's BAD SLEEP WELL who use underlings as sacrificial scapegoats while they themselves remain unscathed. In all these blue cities, it was the affluent class and Jewish Power(and homo gentrifiers) who demanded tougher policing to deal with black crime and thuggery. And they were happy to see the crime rates go down. It was Bill Clinton who ordered cops to arrest more blacks. And the courts convicted more blacks. Cops had no say in this. Cops were mere cogs in the system. But the Power never wants any blame. They just blame the police and call for 'police reform' when blacks explode in rage. Or, even worse, the Power encouraged black rage explosion this time around to undermine Trump's presidency and use BLM/Antifa rage as fuel for yet another Maidan-like color revolution. (But as Trump supported such in Venezuela, he too is a scumbag.)

Though there are surely rogue cops, the main problem in the US is that TOO MANY BLACKS act like thugs, and the affluent class(and everyone else) relies on the police to keep black thuggery under control. The police exists because people who fear for their lives and value their private property demand it. And the police ends up in contentious encounters with blacks because blacks are the main thugs. What was Stop-and-Frisk about but Get-the-Negro, and it was a policy that was cooked up in so-called 'progressive' cities? It was mainly a way of dealing with blacks. And it worked. And the police only did as told.

So, if the elites and the affluent class really care so much about black lives and feel it's wrong for the police to use tough means to handle black crime, then the REFORM must happen at the top. After all, police policy is downstream from elite interests and policy. If black lives are indeed so precious or even priceless, then it is up to the elites to dissolve the police and expose themselves to the brunt of black violence. The Power said Fentanyl Floyd, a noted armed-robber, is a saint. Then, it is downright hypocritical for the elites to use the police to protect their lives and property from black thugs but then to call for Police Reform when black rage explodes about the police. Just like, "Don't blame the soldiers, blame the politicians who sent them to war", we need, "Don't blame the police, blame the elites who recruited them to wage war against black criminality."

Of course, BLM is a lie, mainly the product of Jewish control of academia and media. And American Morality is just vanity and hypocrisy. So many of these white 'liberals' jumped on BLM only as yet another excuse to hurl turd at Trump. Much of 'moral outrage' in the US is just proxy for partisan politics. White 'liberals' who never cared about Russia or Ukraine were suddenly OUTRAGED that Evil Putin is the mastermind behind Trump. Or, 'conservatives' who never cared about China are suddenly alarmed that Biden is "China's candidate" or that "Uighurs are being oppressed". The so-called 'anti-war progressives' who threw a fit under George W. Bush were suddenly acquiescent and even supportive of Obama's wars. 'Conservatives' who supported Trump's relatively anti-war rhetoric against Hillary applauded his gangland murder of Soleimani. It's all BS morality to justify partisan politics. It's all selective moral outrage without principles.
If indeed these good decent white 'liberals' really cared about innocent lives, why the silence about all the victims of US wars? Why are they okay with politicians of both parties praising US 'men and women' in the military when so many people have been killed in wars based on lies and misinformation? Why hasn't there been any call for PLM or Palestinian Lives Matter? Just like most moral issues in Divorce Court are nonsense — both parties will dig up any dirt and sling mud to give moral cover for personal vendetta — , political morality is mostly utter BS, and it's truly vile and disgusting to see all these people desperately pretending to CARE about justice when they really care only about Power and partisan politics.
That said, the white Jungle Faith in blackness is not entirely posturing. White spirituality in the post-Christian age is largely shaped by white sensuality. In a world where Pop Culture and Sports are the main culture, white sense of value derives mainly from who wins in sports and dominates pop culture/music, which is highly sexualized and porny even at Disney. As whites grow from young age admiring black rappers, ball-players, orators, and studs, they have a special thing for blacks that turns quasi-spiritual. It is then fitting that Fentanyl Floyd, thug and porn performer, is now the holy icon of 'wokeness' among whites. When whites feel they must favor FEELINGS over FACTS when it comes to blacks, it is proof that Afromania is the religion of whites(along with Jew Worship and Globo-Homo) — religion is, after all, about faith than facts even if there is no evidence that God exists or cares for you; in our day and age, we must have faith in the Magic Negro, we must favor the Icon and Narrative over reality and truth, just like brainwashed minions in USSR had faith in Stalin despite his great crimes against humanity; both the state religion and corporate cult of the US revolve around Jew-worship, Globo-Homo, and Magic Negro. It doesn't matter that blacks are top thugs and do so much harm. Because blacks are badass as athletes, rappers, and studs, they must be admired, and therefore, their historical suffering matters more than all the other sufferings(except the Shoah of course), and that means everything wrong with the black community must be blamed on whites who, in the sin of all sins, dared to oppress the superior race of stud-rappers-athletes. In other words, white Superego is downstream from the white Id. Jungle Fever led to Jungle Faith.
In contrast, what do most white people care about Palestinians and Arabs? Let those 'sand ni**ers' die by the bushel as they lack the smarts/money of Jews or the badassness/toughness of blacks. In other words, there is victim-supremacy, and the past/present suffering of those with visible superiorities matter more than the sufferings of others. Even the discussion of reparations is skewed this way. Jews deserve endless reparations for the Holocaust but never mind all the Slavs who lost so much under Jewish communism. Indeed, it would be 'antisemitic' even to point out that Jewish communists were mass-killers or that Jews were top sellers of opium to the Chinese(and opioids to 'white trash'). And there is constant talk of reparations for blacks but no one calls for reparations for the brown natives of the Americas. 90% of brown natives were wiped out by disease from the Old World, and their history is one of servitude and peonage under Spanish Conquistadors and their descendants. But those people must now pay taxes in the US to pay for reparations for blacks. That's the essence of white morality, which is mostly BS: Making browns(who suffered by far the most in the New World) pay taxes to pay for reparations for blacks. And notice there is no talk of reparations for all the mayhem the US has caused in the Middle East and other parts of the world. Only Jews, blacks, and homos matter.

By the way, Nick Fuentes is right. Depending on the police is like East Germans depending on the East German police to protect them from commie thugs and commie system.

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