Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Jewish Power controls not only White Minds but White SOULS — Soul Control is far more powerful than Mind Control — INVISIBLE MAN(2020) is a Prime Example of INVERSION NARRATIVE under the domination of Jewish Supremacism

Jean-Luc Godard spoke of the Generation of Marx and Coca-Cola. Now, it's the generation of BLM and Fried Chicken.

White bodies seek refuge from black violence and pathology, but white minds are affected by the Jewish-dominated Narrative that pushes the Inverse of Reality. Worse, white souls have been poisoned with Jungle Faith, which is downstream from Jungle Fever. When white minds receive false information, that isn't as fatal as the mind is a rational faculty that uses facts and logic. So, if white minds marred with false info are confronted with facts and data, they may come around to the truth. For example, if you believe margarine is good for you but are presented with evidence otherwise, you may well change your mind. But when white SOULS are poisoned with falsehood, it is difficult to change the hearts of such whites. It's like no amount of factual info about beef will convince a Hindu that it's okay to consume meat derived from cows because the Asian-Indian soul, as opposed to his mind, feels that cows are 'sacred'. Same goes for pork. No amount of nutritional information about pork will convince Muslims and Orthodox Jews that it's okay to eat pig-meat. Their soul-sense is repulsed by pork as SPIRITUALLY dirty. (The real reason not to eat pork is pigs are smarter than dogs and, as such, are our brothers and sisters.) The soul-sphere transcends reason or operates in the area of sub-reason. It's more about dreams and faith than facts and logic. This is why Jewish Power relies so much on sensory-driven propaganda, much like the Catholic Church with its iconography and music. If Jewish Power were to engage only the white mind, the faculty of facts and logic, it could lose control IF the white mind were presented with counter-Narrative facts. And that'd be doable as the Jewish-controlled Narrative is based on lies about history, biology, race differences, and so many things. This is why Jews feel they must go past the white mind and infect the white soul, the nether-region that is impervious to reason, facts and logic. It's like a truly devout religious person, no matter how well-educated and knowledgeable of science, still clings to God. It's a matter of faith and holiness, and as such, rejection of God would be tantamount to sacrilege. Of course, some religious folks overcome this and do become atheist or at least agnostic. But, it's an agonizing process to reject or let go of something so emotionally and spiritually important to oneself. Still, given the impact(of depth and meaning) that faith once had, the chances are the newly irreligious person still craves for something else to fill the void. It's no wonder that so-called atheists are so eager to latch onto some secular cult like Globo-Homo, Save-the-Planet, 'Muh Israel', or Magic Negro.

The recent BLM lunacy has demonstrated how deep the Jewish Power has sunk its fangs into the white soul and injected it with pseudo-spiritual venom. So many whites seem quasi-religious about BLM as Tucker Carlson pointed out. Despite(or precisely because of) higher education(much of which is PC indoctrination), some of the best-educated(or indoctrinated) white people are the most devout followers of 'wokeness'. Education didn't make them more factual or logical but made them more dogmatic of PC and idolatrous of certain groups, especially Jews, Homos, & Negroes. It's like the secular religion of Marxism produced generations of dogmatists than critical thinkers(despite Marxism being touted as 'scientific materialism'; it was more like spiritual materialism). It is because so many whites have been affected in the soul-region that they seem utterly unperturbed by facts such as Fentanyl Floyd most likely died of drug overdose, white cops are NOT committing genocide on blacks, most blacks are killed by other blacks, blacks are the biggest thugs & destroyers of American society, Liberals are hypocrites because they don't care about all the Arabs & Muslims killed by Wars for Israel — there's no PLM or Palestinian Lives Matter — , Jews control the media and spread endless lies, black pathology is the product of evolution that made blacks more muscular and more aggressive, and etc.
If Jews had affected only white minds, truth would win out sooner than later as the faculty of facts and logic prefers correction over falsehood. But when white souls come under Jewish control, it is far more difficult to bring them to sense. When someone is lost to a cult(Manson Family or Jim-Jones-town), it's hard to pull him out because he or she believes on the soulful level, even if demonic. His faith/commitment, no matter how loony, has become sacred to him. This is why sane discussion about the Shoah is near-impossible. It's very likely that the 6 million number is bogus, and the number could be half that. But so many people have been instilled with Shoah-Worship that anything less than 6 million is Denial, akin to rejection of the holy spirit, or holy number. It's more numerology than statistics. (But then, there is a Denier Cult that won't accept anything other than "Handful of Jews died of typhus and, if anything, Nazis were trying to save Jewish lives.")
In the end, idolatry and iconography win out over ideology among most people. Most Christians were more about idolizing Jesus than following His teachings. Jesus told people to love their enemies, forgive, and be humble. But your average Christian was willing to hate, torture, and murder anyone who blasphemed. The theme of SILENCE by Shusaku Endo(made into film by Martin Scorsese) is the choice between Jesus as Icon and Idea. What is worse? To desecrate the image of Jesus or to disobey His teachings? If Jesus was willing to sacrifice His body for mankind, is it okay to let mankind be tormented so as not to defile the image of Jesus? For many Christians, the teachings of Jesus were secondary to Jesus as the iconic King of Kings. They never would have dared to insult Jesus or desecrate His image, but they were more than willing to disobey His teachings and slaughter millions for whatever reason, especially if the mission or crusade was said to be in His name. So, Jesus was more a sacred war banner than the teacher of mankind.
And such mentality was bigger among Catholics because they put such great emphasis on iconography and spectacle. In contrast, Protestantism suppressed sensory manipulation and focused on the meaning, and that may have been why there was more moral progress and advancement of conscience in Northern Europe. In the South, you could act like a lout but then perform certain rituals before certain icons, and you felt cleansed. In the Protestant North, you had to wrestle deeper with your demons; you couldn't just put on a clean shirt without showering to remove the filth from your own body. But even so, when push came to shove, the North was also about using Jesus as poster-child for Power and Aggression.
How did the Church reach out to souls? Oratory, spectacle, music, rites & rituals, iconography, and narrative. Oratory is different from discourse or dialogue. A man of charisma speaks to spellbind and gain power over other souls. Spectacles are meant to be magnificent, awesome, and overpowering. They override reason and sense of proportionality. Music obliterates facts and logic. Even a secular person can be deeply moved by Bach; even an anti-communist has to admit the Internationale and Soviet Anthem are powerful stuff; even Jews have to admit Richard Wagner was one helluva of composer; even people with distaste for youth culture had to admit Beatles were driving teenyboppers crazy. Rites and rituals, by their very repetition, remind people of what is most deserving of attention or affection. It's like birthday parties, Christmas, and Easter(that goes ignored by Google Jews who prefer 'Pride Month' as new easter or beaster). Globo-homo is celebrated yearly, even monthly. There is blackness this, blackness that. People generally tend to forget unless they are reminded over and over and over. This is why Jews have turned Holocaust Remembrance into a ritual with more TV shows, movies, educational programs, speeches, and reminders that there are Neo-Nazis just around the corner. Iconography and the more vulgar idolatry sensationalize and amplify certain images and figures over all others. They become shared images, much like statues of gods in Greco-Roman times. The Narrative is less a factual telling of events than a selective hagiography devised to idolize certain figures and groups at the expense of others who are dehumanized or vilified. The Bible is the greatest of its kind. There is a good deal of history there but skewed in favor of the Jewish Story over those of all other tribes who are often presented as villains, monsters, or scum who deserved to be rubbed off the face of the Earth; and many Jewish holidays celebrate the extermination of goyim. Most authorized biographies are hagiographic narratives. And of course, most official biographies of world leaders are Narratives than true histories. Even if everything in the Narrative is a verifiable fact, it's been selected and connected(often speciously) with other facts to create an idealized impression. But, more often than not, the facts are padded with falsehoods. Jews have such power in the West that they were able to take a total lie, the Russian Collusion Hoax, and float it as the dominant narrative for 3 years of Trump presidency. And the thing is to GET THEM WHILE THEY'RE YOUNG, just like they get you when you're asleep and dreaming in THE INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS. Kids can be made to believe in Santa Claus, and it was easiest for the USSR and Red China to mold the minds of the young. And Adolf Hitler understood this, and there was Hitler Youth. This is why Jewish Power pushes globo-homo, Magic Negro, and KKK monster tropes on white children. There was a time when the Catholic Church had such powers. Even though the Vatican didn't have the military or political prowess to match the power of kingdoms, it had the power of spiritual narrative, and that went a long way to maintain its prestige. It's no wonder why the Catholic Church felt so threatened by the rise of Protestantism. It meant a good chunk of Europe, possibly all of it, may grow independent of the spiritual Narrative Monopoly held by the Catholic Church. Not having political, economic, and military domination over Europe, the power of narrative and iconography was the only things that kept the Vatican relevant.
These days, Hollywood is the new vatican, but then, Jews also control finance, vice industries like gambling(and now pot), news media, tons of retail & real estate, big pharma, and Big Tech. Jews control elite academia that sets the tone for the rest of education, from state universities to community colleges to high schools to grammar schools to kindergartens. And libraries a month ago across the nation had BLM messages on their websites. Jewish Power got it all, which means the Jewish Elites got goy politicians in their pockets like so many nickels and dimes, as Sollozzo the Turk might say. Just about NOTHING gets done without Jewish Approval, and freedom in America is hanging by a thread due to the Constitution which is, for all practical purposes, close to a dead letter. For all the libertarian types who say Big Tech is private enterprise and can censor anyone, what do they have to say about suppression of BDS by the STATE? Also, I thought libertarians understood that monopolies must operate under different rules, especially if monopolies are in bed with the government. In truth, libertarians speak their BS because they're funded and controlled by Jews.

Jewish Power as the new vatican and much more has taken over the SOULS of whites. Paradoxically, Jewish control of white souls means that whites don't have souls. Imagine that. Jewish Power accesses white souls to convince whites that there is mostly hollowness within white hearts and what little exists is mostly 'racism', 'antisemitism', 'misogyny', 'homophobia', 'xenophobia', and etc. Because white souls are so soulless and infected with a variety of evil viruses, the only correct path for whites is to surrender to Jewish holistic healing(really a kind of quackery) that would eradicate evil germs and fill the empty white heart with meaningful convictions such as 'muh Israel', Holocaust-cult, Magic Negro worship, Jungle Fever/Faith, Globo-Homo-mania, and Diversity celebration, all of which are meant to destroy the white race, white identity, white interests, and white survival.
As Jewish Power brainwashes white parents, white parents brainwash their own kids. And in cases where white parents neglect their parental duties, the kids grow up with TV and electronic devices as their substitute parents — besides, Pop Culture is the main culture in the modern world — and come under Jewish programming as Jews control most of entertainment, news, and platforms. As every other kid has a smartphone from a young age, Jewish Power gets them when they're young. Is it any wonder that the duopoly of Google and Apple won't allow services like Gab and Bitchute? Jewish Power knows that the internet has changed the game where anyone can find dissident views, and therefore, Jewish finance and Jewish Big Tech work together to make sure that Jews remain the gatekeepers. And gangster organizations like ADL strong-arm goyim like Jeff Bezos, Jack Dorsey, and Tim Cook to follow suit. And of course, politicians of both parties do NOTHING as they're nothing but Jewpets, or the teacher's pets of Jewish Power.

This is why it's so difficult to approach so many white people with facts and logic. Jewish Power has gotten hold of something deeper than their minds. Jewish Power has accessed their souls and instilled them with 'woke' cults and 'white guilt'. Just like Christians are deeply moved by the Passion of the Christ, so many white people FEEL the Passion of White Guilt about Holy Homos, Sacred Jews, and Magic Negroes. It's no wonder whites set up shrines to George Floyd in Minneapolis. And even sucker-soccer-moms were bawling about St. George, and many of these women are atheists or agnostics. Even though the Narrative on Michael Brown(of Ferguson Notoriety) has been exposed as a sham, plenty of people still carry on with the “Hands Up, Don't Shoot” bullshit and with full approval of the Jew-controlled media — but then, white souls infected with Jew Worship are prone to praise and revere Jewishness no matter what Jews do. White Souls infected with faith in Magic Negro cannot properly use their minds as faculty of reason and sense. Even dumbass Donald Trump was eulogizing about Fentanyl Floyd as an angel looking down on us. (Most likely, angels had their knees on his ass and kicked it down to hell but then, I doubt even the devil wants him.) It's like the pod-people in INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS are capable of facts and logic — they have minds equal or superior to humans — , but it doesn't matter. Though seemingly emotionless, they have one overriding passion(to the point of hysteria), and it is to SAVE everyone by turning him or her into a fellow pod person.

A good example of Hollywood-as-new-vatican's Inversion Narrative can be seen in the 2020 movie INVISIBLE MAN. Though its depiction of social-racial dynamics is the exact opposite of reality, it will affect many white people, especially white women, because the power of art/entertainment, especially through a medium as spellbinding as cinema, is so overwhelming. So, never mind actual factual reality and FBI crime stats & all that. What matters is that so many white people sat glued watching the movie with their emotions manipulated by the new vatican's tropes of a white damsel finding liberation and empowerment by killing an evil white man with the support of a Noble Negro. Such sensory manipulation bypasses the white mind and goes right to the white soul and molds the white heart to feel revulsion at white males(as the source of all evil) and idolize black men as the noble defender of white damsels against Evil Whitey.

The movie begins with a white woman fleeing a rich guy's mansion. This rich guy is like a arch-comic-book villain. He has invisible-man-suit-technology. The white woman just barely flees from his clutch and finds refuge in the home of a Noble Negro who is also a crime-fighting detective. Now, I'm not one to say that just because blacks commit lots of crime, all black men should be presented as thugs or criminals. There are good black cops who work hard to protect communities, and there are plenty of white male creeps so full of themselves. White men have killed white women, and good black cops have been involved in solving the case. But, INVISIBLE MAN isn't dealing with real-life characters but with archetypes. The villain isn't just a bad individual but the Evil White Male, and the black guy isn't just another cop but Noble Black Man who's there to protect white damsels from Evil White Males. (It's like how Sabrina Rubin Erderly and Jewish Media sensationalized stories about how Evil White Frat Boys are raping white girls, all the while suppressing the truth about white sluts being raped by black gangs. And never mind all the black women raped by black men, and all the brown women raped by brown men; just focus on the White Frat Boy.)
Now, reality is never as simple as ALL WHITE MALES ARE GOOD and ALL BLACK MALES ARE BAD. But, the general truth is that white women are far safer with white men than with black men. White women are far more likely to get hurt in relationships with black men. And there are plenty of black-on-white rapes. Also, white men are more likely to be dependable family men. In the movie, the Evil White Guy is an ultra-narcissist who's too into himself to have a family and kids. He just likes to OWN things. In contrast, the black guy is a wonderful father with his daughter. In reality, so many black men don't raise their kids. So, as archetypes go, INVISIBLE MAN is peddling total BS.

As it turns out, there doesn't seem to be a sexual relationship going on between the white damsel and her black friend, but the message of the movie is White Woman should look to Black Man for protection from White Man, which is like saying a rabbit should look to coyotes for protection from other rabbits. In reality, black thugs intrude into white homes. But in the movie, white guy(in Invisible Suit) is the intruder into the sanctity of the black family and does violence on blacks. At the end(spoilers alert), the white woman uses the Invisible Suit to slit the throat of the Evil White Guy, and then, just right outside the door, she meets with the black guy who makes sure all is well. And she walks toward us with a smile of relief on her face as the Evil White Man has been killed, and she is free. So, the triumph of good in this movie is a white man with a slit throat in his own house and the white woman and black man affirming their bond and friendship right outside the door. And this movie wasn't made by a black guy, as GET OUT was, but by a white guy, Leigh Whannell who seems to be a Australian-Anglo.
Now, why would an Anglo-Australian make a movie that extols the fantasy Noble Negro while vilifying a fellow white guy? Why is he such a worthless cuck-jesuit of the new vatican? It's because the new vatican has infected white souls not only in America but in Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and etc. White souls now believe there is a hole in their souls and it can only be patched with confessions of 'white guilt' and healing by Noble Negro(when not globo-homo and Jew-worship). If E. Michael Jones pushes Logos Rising, the new vatican pushes Bogus Rising. After generations of such brainwashing by Jews in TV, movies, and academia, we now know why so many whites are so 'woke', brain-dead with political correctness, and soul-feverish with 'white guilt' that seeks expiation by kneeling before Sacred Jews, Holy Homos, and Magic Negroes. And yet, even the Dissident White dutifully puts on Occam's blindfold and, uh gee, wonders why the 'left', 'communists', 'progressives', and etc. are defaming the white race. They look at the puppets but refuse to name the puppet-master, which is Jewish Power.


  1. a lot of White sell-outs, both economic and cultural, are simply virtue-signaling the Jew paymaster. That's why scum like vulture-capitalist Mitt Romney, cuckservative columnist David French, and Hollywood bimbo Sandra Bullock all adopted niglets....they may also be as soul-sick as Andrea suggests, but fundamentally they know (((who))) controls the money-stream.

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