Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Jay Leno’s Jokes about Asians-Eating-Dogs and the Asian-American Advocacy Group Says Shut Him Down — Who Is Right?

A certain Asian-American Advocacy group called MANAA is up in arms about Jay Leno’s repeated jokes about Koreans eating and mistreating dogs. It is applying pressure on NBC to cut ties with Leno for perceived slights against the Asian-American community. The logic of MANAA goes as follows:

Leno has "been an unrepentant repeat offender and still has a bizarre fixation with Asians eating dogs." "Many Americans are unable to distinguish between persons of Korean heritage living in North Korea, South Korea or the U.S., or between Asians and Asian Americans generally," Aoki had written in 2012. "Therefore, when Mr. Leno jokes about North Koreans and the consumption of dogs and cats, he perpetuates a persistent belief held by many Americans that Asian Americans and Korean Americans are perpetual foreigners who bring their objectionable dining habits to the U.S. We are not accepted as real Americans; rather, we are subjected to ridicule, disdain and abuse, which has resulted in a rise in racial profiling and hate crimes against Asians, Asian Americans and immigrants."

At face value, this complaint sounds like yet another case of PC stupidity, and in the most basic sense, it is. Comedy is, by nature, irreverent and mocking, and humor is impossible in a society of thin skins. (Given that the intellectual class and elites are growing ever more censorious, one might say they have think-skins, just a brainier version of thin skins.) Humor also serves as satire, and one effective way to subvert, mock, oppose, and even destroy something is by poking fun at it. And one could argue that mocking Asians for mistreating and eating animals such as dogs and cats is a good way to voice moral concerns on an international scale. It’s certainly saner than waging wars and invading other nations to stop the barbaric practice. And in this light, we should laud Jay Leno for having the courage(and perhaps conscience) shed light on the cruelty that is all too common across Asia in the mistreatment of dogs and cats. One might hope that such mockery may shame and pressure Asians to clean up their act if they’re to fully join in the civilized world. After all, progress isn’t merely about high-rises and faster/better machines but development of conscience and advancement of morality.

Animal cruelty used to be quite commonplace in Europe, especially in ancient times when Romans slaughtered thousands of animals in gladiatorial bloodbaths. And in the Middle Ages, there was widespread torture and killing of cats deemed companions of witches. Kings and queens throughout Europe enjoyed blood sports such as bear-baiting and bull-baiting. And even today, there are vocal opposition to bullfighting and fox-hunting(which should be called fox-lynching). Progress comes by both sincere crusade and witty mockery. True, satire is often highly insensitive, but why should those who are insensitive to humanity be treated with much respect? So, on that note, mocking and ridiculing Asians for mistreatment and consumption of cats, dogs, and other animals(such as bears that are horribly harvested for bile fluids) are fair game and morally justified.

And yet, context provides additional meaning to any issue, and neither Jay Leno or Guy Aoki(spokesman for MANAA) comes off well within wider contexts. But then, all of American society comes off pretty badly given the madness of Political Correctness and Moral Hypocrisy. First, MANAA is trying to have it both ways, but then, such is to be expected under the current regimen of Diversity. According to Multi-Culturalism, there is no single ‘American Culture’, ‘American Way’, or set of ‘American Values’. One school of Multi-Cultism says that non-whites of various colors and backgrounds should cling to their identities, cultures, and traditions and NOT assimilate to the ‘bland and generic white bread’ America. In other ways, non-white groups should go out of their way to assert their differences and show pride in them. Following this logic, the argument that Aoki should put forward is that America(and the West in general) should allow Asians-in-America to practice dog-eating and cat-eating. After all, if it’s wrong for the US to discriminate against any culture and impose its Eurocentric values on others, then Asians-in-America have good cause to argue for dog-eating and cat-eating. They could also point to the HOGOCAUST and decry the hypocrisy of Americans, white or otherwise, who profess such compassion for dogs and cats but feel NOTHING for hogs that are just as intelligent and emotionally complex as dogs and cats... if not more so. (Of course, from an ‘objective’ viewpoint, the killing/eating of pigs is no more justifiable than the killing/eating of dogs and cats. If the rule is, "highly intelligent animals must be spared", then pigs more than qualify. Yet, from a ‘subjective’ viewpoint, the killing/eating of dogs and cats is worse because it is undeniable that dogs and cats are cuter, cuddlier, and more accessible to humans than pigs could ever be. A person who doesn’t respond emotionally to a pig could be said to be ignorant of its intelligence and complexity, but a person who doesn’t respond to a dog or cat has to be downright heartless. Something about dogs and cats is so aesthetically, emotionally, and ‘socially’ appealing that a culture that goes out of its way to deny this truth and coldly slaughters them for meat is lacking in basic humanness.)

Anyway, if Aoki is really into Asian pride as an Asian-American, he should feel no shame in the fact that Asians eat dogs. He should defend it as an essential part of Asian culinary tradition. If anything, he should be pushing for the US to legalize the killing/eating of dogs and cats as the prohibition of such practice would mean unfair and unjust imposition of ‘Eurocentric’ norms. After all, American Indians also ate dogs. Native Hawaiians still eat dogs. So do Australian Aborigines, and dogs are eaten in certain parts of Africa. If the US is really into multi-cultural mode and rejects Eurocentrism, then there is no reason why dog-eating and cat-eating should be banned. If Americans oppose the legalization on the basis of ‘animal rights’ or humane-treatment, it can be exposed as hypocrisy as Americans have no problem with the slaughter of millions of pigs(and cows and sheep) every year. One could even argue that America’s favoring of dogs and cats is ‘racist’ in that those species are favored over other species of animals, even pigs that are as intelligent or even more so than dogs(and certainly cats). Indeed, even all the brouhaha over killing of whales is hypocritical as one could argue that pigs are more-or-less small land-whales and whales are massive sea-pigs. Why should whales be spared while pigs are slaughtered? Because whales are bigger? But again, aesthetics matter(at least subjectively) because there is something majestic about whales to the human eye. And whale songs are among the most haunting sounds of nature whereas pigs go oink-oink and grunt-grunt.

If MANAA is for Asian identity and pride, it should defend Asian culture and practices. Though not all Asian nations eat dogs and/or cats — Japan notably doesn’t even though it’s been blasted by the West for mistreatment of dolphins and whales, though not so much in recent years — , it’s a common practice in Vietnam, China, and Korea. Also, it’s not mainly out of hunger. Starving North Koreans might eat dogs and cats out of desperation, but there are hardly any dogs and cats as most people aren't allowed to keep pets. Granted, even in nations where dog-eating and/or cat-eating are common, there is a divide, often impassioned, about whether the practice should be allowed to continue. And in some nations, it is officially illegal but more-or-less tolerated. However, as each new generation is less willing to indulge in dog-or-cat-eating, it’s likely to fade away in most Asian nations in years to come. (Granted, one wonders if Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, what with their shockingly low birthrates, will survive as ethno-civilizations.)

At any rate, what is MANAA’s priority? To shore up Asian identity, culture, and pride? Or is it about anxiety about how Asian-Americans might be perceived in the US? But if Asians-in-America are so sensitive about how OTHERS feel about them, aren’t they lacking in sufficient pride of identity? And this seems to apply more East Asians than Asian-Indians. After all, there have been plenty of jokes about how the dotkins not only don't eat beef but go out of their way to ‘worship’ cows. And yet, dotters generally don’t go around pleading with Americans to stop joking about cows and curry... though, to be sure, there is a segment of the Hindu population in the West that is hyper-sensitive about everything.
Icky Aoki
Even as Aoki condemn’s Jay Leno’s "bizarre fixation" with Asians eating dogs, he says nothing about the practice itself. But firstly, why is it ‘bizarre’ for a comedian to make jokes about what would seem outrageous and outlandish to most Americans? Comedies are often about man-bites-dog than dog-bites-man, and for many Americans, Asia seems like one giant man-bites-dog story. Shockingly to Americans(and Westerners in general), Asians seem heartless and raise dogs like chicken and eat them without any consideration of their nature and worth. Understandably, many Americans are appalled by such widespread practices in Asia. Many don’t crack jokes but feel contempt and even hatred. As Jay Leno is a comedian, he condemns the practice through the use of humor. And from a moral standpoint, it’s about time Asians realized that the killing of dogs/cats for food is untenable. No, not because the Non-West should slavishly and mindlessly follow and imitate the West(as there are plenty of sick things in the Occident as well), but it should be pretty obvious to any normal person with eyes, ears, and heart that dogs(and cats) are truly special, intelligent, warm, and affectionate animals(at least in relation to mankind because rabbits and rodents will disagree). Though the notion of universal values is problematic because the cause of ‘human rights’ has been more often about imposing one culture’s values on the rest of humanity, there are facts and feelings that can be attained universally with, respectively, objective tools of science and honest assessment of one’s senses and emotions. Anyone in any part of the world, upon dealing with dogs and cats for a day, should be able to realize that these two species evolved to be companions and ‘friends’ of mankind. Therefore, this is far less a cultural than a moral issue. Also, cultures do change and evolve. After all, if Asians should stick to their ‘Asian culture’ no matter what, then Chinese should have stuck with foot-binding, and Japanese should have stuck with their various means of ritual suicide(and with women shaving off their eyebrows and painting their teeth black); and Hindus should bring back the ritual of suttee or sati, whereby the widow throws herself into the funeral pyre of her husband. While all cultures are rich and interesting in their own ways, they can go against what is natural and healthy when a community comes under a cult-domination of a certain sect or faction. We now see this in the West with the Jewish and Homo takeover of media and academia. So many normal people have been brain-warped into worshiping globo-homo and gushing about trannies. And so many American fathers think it is only right to raise their girls to emulate the likes of Miley Cyrus and Lena Dunham.
Aoki says jokes about Asians-eating-dogs can lead to violence against Asians-in-America who are perceived as the eternal outsider. But his logic would suggest that we condemn sincere condemnations of Asian-dog-eating as well. If anything, aren’t jokes less likely to stir up contempt for Asians than a campaign of sincere moral outrage? While humor is effective as satire or mockery, it also makes people laugh. People who listen to Leno aren’t likely to go out and kill. There’s a reason why PETA has been involved in violence, and one reason is it's an entirely humorless organization. At any rate, anyone in the West should have every right to denounce what he/she deems to be an act of barbarism or savagery in any part of the world. Condemning Asian-dog-eating should be as much a part of free speech as BDS, or justice for Palestinians. If not free speech, we have slave-speech, and who wants that as the New American Values? Apparently, MANAA that is pressuring NBC to cut ties with Leno is for slave speech than free speech. (Well, at least MANAA has one thing in common with AIPAC that is silencing the free speech of BDS and enforcing the slave speech of cucking to Zionism and Jewish Supremacy.) America wouldn't be what it is without free speech. After all, Americans have plenty of criticism for Europeans, and vice versa. And besides, it's not as if only white guys like Leno unload on other peoples and cultures. People in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East use their freedom to denounce what they deem to be crazy or evil in the West. It goes both ways.
Also, given that California is now minority-white and rife with anti-white rhetoric from all sides(as the only way to maintain the Democratic Diversity Coalition is to scapegoat whites for just about everything), couldn’t one argue Aoki’s hyper-sensitivity might stir up hostility against white Americans? Stirring up paranoid fantasies about how Americans(presumably white ones mostly) will go on 'hate crime' sprees against Asians on account of Leno's jokes is actually closer to hate-mongering. Actually, the overwhelming fact of Americans of all stripes is that they don't care one way or another about most of what's happening around the world, which would be okay IF American Power was NOT an empire that meddles in all parts of the world, but it most certainly is.

Aoki complains that the perception of Asians as the exotic-barbaric-other, the kind that dines on cats/dogs, may breed the impression that Asians are the Eternal Outsider. But then, isn’t that the eventual fate in America for every group given the rise of PC and Diversity Cult? We’ve been told that White Americans who ‘discovered’, conquered, settled, and built this nation are no more American than recent non-whites who just got off the boat. 75% of Asian-Americans voted for Democratic Party that now says Illegals should be called ‘dreamers’ and furthermore represent the essence of America. So, there is no traditional America, no core America. This means White Americans must be cut off from their roots, history, and culture. They must become 'white bread' and generic in their 'inclusion' of all. Or, they are to be excoriated as an Eternally ‘evil’, ‘racist’, and blah-blah people whose deserving fate is to be replaced by endless hordes from the Third World. Well, if that is the designated future for the white race as far as people like Aoki are concerned, then welcome to the club. If Core Americans are no more American than non-white newcomers fresh off the boat, then why should Asians feel any more American or any more welcome? White America used to be the majority-glue that defined and held the nation together, but now that America is defined mainly as 'diverse' and 'inclusive', what are core American values?
Besides, who’s kidding whom? Most of anti-Asian violence comes from blacks, Jews, and from within. Much of anti-Asian violence and crime in urban areas is by blacks. Has Aoki spoken out about this problem? Has he spoken the fact that blacks target Asians due to racial differences of size and strength, i.e. bigger, stronger, and more aggressive blacks see dorks like Aoki as easy victims, like a cougar sees a rabbit? Of course not. He’s just another yellow dog toady of PC who dares not speak any ‘controversial’ truth.
When it comes to media violence against Asians, Jews are most responsible. All those China-Fears stories in magazines and on TV are by Jews. Even as Jewish globalists have worked with China to gut the American working class and reap tons in profits, they’ve also pushed Yellow Peril(along with anti-Muslim and anti-Russian)fears to distract goy Americans from the fact that it’s the Jews who control the commanding towers of power. If Aoki and his ilk are truly courageous, they would name the Jew in their criticism of the media that usually feature Asians, Russians, and Muslims as The Enemy. Just as Nazi Germany made the notorious film JEW SUSS(by Veit Harlan), Jewish Hollywood made tons of movies featuring Odious Orientals, Terrible Teutons, Murderous Muslims, and Ruffian Russkies. At least Jay Leno made people laugh. Shouldn’t Aoki be more worried about neo-fumanchu types one comes across in TV shows... though, of late, Russkies, along with patriotic White Americans, are featured as Enemy #1 by the Tribe? Indeed, the new WATCHMEN TV series, along with movies like GET OUT, seem downright genocidal against whites.
The third kind of violence is found within the Asian-American community. There seems to be precious little unity among Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Laotians, Cambodians, Hindus, and etc. in America. In many parts of Asia, the Asian-on-Asian violence is pretty intense. We know Hindus and Muslims can get pretty tense in India. And the traitor-cuck Chinese in Hong Kong and Taiwan seem to be pretty anti-China. It’s been reported that in Australia and Europe, the various Arab and Muslim migrant-groups carry on with their internecine conflicts. And there doesn’t seem to be much unity between Asian men and Asian women as so many of the latter(and even considerable segment of the former) mate outside the race. Could such massive-rejection of members of one’s own race be seen as a form of violence? But that is the result of free choice among Asians.

But Aoki and the clowns at MANAA are unwilling to address any of these issues. Instead, they just pile on some late night comedian and try to have him fired because his jokes are culturally insensitive. If Aoki and other Asians are truly serious about morality, they should join with voices condemning the barbaric practices of dog/cat eating in Asia. That is the best way for Asians-in-America to demonstrate that they are fully on-board with American values when it comes to humane treatment of dogs and cats. (Of course, it’s all relative. Even in dog-loving USA, so many dogs end up in anti-cruelty centers and are killed. Worse off are homeless dogs that roam the streets. Black trash, white trash, and brown trash go for dog-fighting, and such people are no better than savages. And even though there are so many dogs that wait to be adopted in Anti-Cruelty Societies, vain people buy expensive dogs bred by people who treat dogs as mere commodity.) But then, again, the notion of ‘American values’ becomes vaguer and weaker by the day. When so many Americans embrace illegal invaders from some Third World ‘shithole’ as the new-and-ready dreamers who should be celebrated, what is an ‘American’ and what are ‘American values’? Also, if America is all about ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’, why shouldn’t someone argue that dog-eating should be celebrated as part of diversity and ‘included’ in the American Cookbook?
Now, on the subject of Jay Leno. I hardly watched his programs and might have seen less than ten of his shows. Late Night TV shows were never my thing, not even in the heyday of Johnny Carson and David Letterman. At face value, there’s nothing wrong with an American comedian cracking jokes, cute or cutting, about just about anything. And if Leno joked about dog-eating-Koreans for easy laughter and to score moral points, where is the problem in that?
But context matters, and given the context, Leno doesn’t come across well either. He seems less a courageous-conscientious comedian than a craven coward who goes for jokes that target a less vocal, assertive, or powerful group. After all, if Leno prides himself as a satirist who uses humor to score moral or political points, would he have the courage to mock Jews for their barbaric practice of kosher-butchering? Would he dare point out the hypocrisy of Americans who wail about whale-hunting and bark about dog-eating but have no problem butchering and consuming millions of pigs? Would Leno crack jokes about cannibalism in Africa, the murder of Albinos, or the practice of eating apes such as chimps and gorillas? (Man-eating-ape is close to cannibalism.) Has Leno ever made a joke about how the Wars for Israel have led to the deaths of 100,000, even millions, of Arabs and Muslims? And if indeed North Koreans are reduced to hunting for dogs and cats to eat, does he know about US sanctions regimen that have targeted nations like North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, and Russia that won’t get on with the agenda of the Jew World Order? If South Koreans eat dogs out of vanity, North Koreans are eating them(if they can find any) to survive. Surely, it makes little sense to mock a people for eating dogs out of hunger. Even white people were reduced to cannibalism in extreme crises such as the Great Famine in Ukraine(or the Donner Party that sort of became a Dinner Party). Has Leno ever used jokes to remind Americans of ongoing Occupation of Palestine by Zionists? Has he cracked a joke in the past 30 yrs about how out-of-control fecal penetration among homos led to the horrible AIDS crisis in the ‘gay’ community, killing off so many fruiters? Of course not. Now, if he’d done all that and then made jokes about Asians-eating-dogs, he would deserve praise as a truly edgy and courageous comedian. But he’s been a corporate clown for most of his career, and he’s never uttered a word that defied the powers-that-be that control Hollywood, TV, and mass media, the Jews of course. So, coming from Leno, the jokes about Asians-eating-dogs do seem craven and cowardly than courageous and conscientious. Unable and unwilling to throw stones at those who hurl back bigger stones, he goes for easy targets as the Asian community in the US is, as yet, too mute and meek to raise much of a fuss... though things may be changing, especially in California where every group now competes for victim-sweepstakes.

Personally, I want to hear jokes about ALL groups. One of the great things about Free Speech is the means to use humor in a sardonic and mocking way to subvert the power or expose the lunacy. Granted, comedians can get high on their own supply and become crazy themselves, i.e. wallowing in the culture of ridicule for its own sake. So many comedians have burned out, destroyed themselves, and even died indulging in mockery for mockery’s sake, a comedy turned into mindless sado-masochism. Consider John Belushi and Sam Kinison. Both were funny but ended up like pigs eating their own shit. David Chappelle faces the same danger. He is more courageous than most, especially in calling out on the BS of Jussie Smollett, but so much of his antics are grotesqueries, the only purpose of which is outrage.

Sadly, far more free speech in the West has been wasted on obscenity, outrage, infantilism, and ‘extreme’ expression than on sharp and pointed critique of the Real Power. The sheer volume of outrageous-ness has created the impression of lively culture of free speech, but the opposite is true. If someone is oppressing you, and you dare not call him out and instead say outrageous things about private parts or sexual perversion, sure, it might seem as though you’re a free spirit and acting exactly as you wish. But would such hyperbolic behavior really be a sign of freedom-as-health or freedom-as-fraud? Could it be you’re indulging in aimless libertine-ism precisely because you’re afraid to use your freedom to speak truth to the power over you? In a way, it’d be no better than a man who is meek before his boss at the office but then goes home to act wild, get drunk, kick the dog, and beat up the kids. He acts so desperately free at home because he dares not use his freedom to confront his problematic boss. So much freedom in the West is of the same degree. Jews tolerate and even encourage Outrageous Behavior to create the impression of unfettered freedom. Jews don’t mind idiot goyim imitating the antics of Adam Sandler or indulging in porny behavior. Such apparent permissiveness makes the populace feel that they’re free to do just about anything. Same goes for current Japan. Though it’s had a sham-one-party-democracy since its inception following the defeat in World War II, there is the impression of 'liberal' freedom because Japan is the land of lunatic pop culture and pornography. But if the Japanese had used their freedom in a truly intelligent and pointed manner, they could be living under a system that is something more than a whore-geisha of the US empire. But as long as Japanese carry on with their combo of anime and pornography, so many will go on being fooled, inside and outside Japan, that the Japanese must be one of the freest people on earth since they got animated tentacle-porn.
For Jewish Power, humor is a useful instrument to make people forget the world and lose themselves in stupid laughter. And indeed, Late Night Comedy shows have served that very purpose for the American Masses who were lulled into la-la-land of stupid jokes and laughter before sleep. That was pretty much what Johnny Carson served up to the American people, and much the same goes for most TV shows around the world. David Letterman, being more cynical and edgy, leaned more towards satire and on occasion even touched base with certain underground elements of American life, but his show too was mostly about glibness and attitude. Obviously, most Americans wanted escapism, and the corporate entities weren’t going to hire someone to be truly bold and daring. If of late, certain Late Night comedians have been more engaged politically, it has less to do with individual conscience than corporate interest as the likes of Jimmy Kimmel and the Jewish executives of media companies are on the same page when it comes to their class or tribal prerogatives. After all, if a Late Night comedy host decided to condemn Neocons, Wars for Israel, Zionist Occupation of West Bank, black crime, and etc., how much longer would his career last? Kimmel and the rest of them are allowed to spew their bile against Donald Trump and the Americans who voted for him precisely because they are carrying water for the Globo-Homo-Shlomo elites. As such, they are court-clowns than satirists or moral critics. When Obama was destroying Libya, Syria, and Ukraine, why were these court-comics so silent? A true satirist and truth-teller will always be criticizing wherever he sees wrong; it won’t be a matter of "our side always good, other side always bad." A true satirist like George Orwell saw the fault in the Left as well as in the Right because, more often than not, he sought truth than merely an agenda.
Jimmy Kimmel who used Guillermo as a Mexican Steppin' Fetchit as the Moral Conscience of America. ROTFL.
Though Jews use comedy to shroud us in the fog of escapism, they also know it can turn against them because, after all, ANYTHING and ANYONE can be lampooned, mocked, subverted, and exposed through comedy. What Charlie Chaplin did to Adolf Hitler can be done to anyone. This is why Sam Hyde had to be canned by the Jew-run media. He was irreverent toward things that matter to Jewish supremacism. Some will say he was ridiculing the Holocaust, but his target was clearly the Schmolocaust, the shameless exploitation of the historical tragedy by Jews to use as moral cover for all the dirty things they do.

And the case of Sacha Baron Cohen should tell us all we need to know about the true nature of the Jew. Cohen has been a scummy Jew who used mockery and biting humor to expose all the nasty things about goyim, but when he realized that there are plenty of voices willing to mock powerful Jews and Jewish myths, he ran to the ADL and made common cause to shut down voices that dare to be irreverent toward Zionists and Jewish Supremacists. Such Jews want to monopolize satire like they do with nationalism. According to Jews, only their own Tribe is deserving of identity, territoriality, and national consciousness whereas all other peoples, lands, and cultures must be opened up for Diversity-mongering. And only Jews should be allowed to use humor to mock, ridicule, and deride other groups but other groups better just shut up and never retaliate with counter-humor against the Jews. If goyim are to laugh, it must only be with the approval of Jewish Hollywood and Jewish media. Censchwarzship in other words. So, ye goyim, rent out all those Sacha Baron Cohen movies and laugh like a retard at approved targets, but DO NOT dare to go the Sam Hyde way and mock that which is sacrosanct to the perpetuation of Jewish supremacist power.

Ideally, we need more comedians and satirists directing their wit, intelligence, and focus on things that really need to be exposed, mocked, and ridiculed. Given the sheer arrogance, paranoia, megalomania, hysteria, and near-psychosis of Jewish Power, I can’t think of a more worthy target of ridicule than JSP or Jewish Supremacist Power. And indeed, the Alt Right was most effective in comic mode, that is before humorless Richard Spencer and others took over and turned it into a grubby neo-Nazi fest. Mike Enoch is an interesting figure in this regard. As the host of THE DAILY SHOAH, he seemed to be going from strength to strength, but then dropped his comic edge and very unironically went into Sieg Heil mode, making a fool of himself and the whole movement. A more disciplined and savvy Alt Right could have mounted a satirical campaign to ridicule and deconstruct Jewish Power, but that wasn’t in the cards once Spencer, the humorless Faustian-Pact-Man, settled for a revolution with a bunch of Daily-Stormers. Granted, DAILY STORMER is big on laughter but then even bigger on retardation as it undercuts its attack on Jewish Evil by defending the evil of Nazism.
At any rate, we can’t rely on court comedians on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE or Late Night TV shows to use humor to expose the evil, madness, and hypocrisies of Jewish Supremacist Power. As all of mass media are controlled by Jews and hire only Jews, cucks, and opportunists, they will continue to dish out the kind of comedy valued by the Deep State and Jewish Power. No stinging satire against Jewish power, globo-homo, and black-on-white violence. And as long as the Jew-run West must meddle in the Middle East, it mustn’t give the impression that the West is anti-Islam or anti-Arab. So, there aren’t many jokes about Muslims anymore either, if only to give the impression OVER THERE that the West isn’t officially anti-Islam or anti-Arab even though its policies continue to spread more havoc in the region, all for the imperium of Zion. The unspoken rule is "Don’t punch down on Arabs/Muslims with comedy so that we can punch down on them literally."
On the matter of punching up or down, it’s generally a good rule to punch up than down with comedy. However, satire isn’t only about targeting the powerful but also exposing horror or injustice, and that can be found in any part of society. Is it less worthy of moral criticism if bears are tortured by poor Vietnamese or if dogs are forced to maul each in dog-fights other by poor ‘black trash’ or ‘white trash’? Should we not talk about people abusing their wives or children simply because they happen to be poor? No, while the Power should be the main focus of criticism/satire, evil can be found in all corners of the world and at all levels of society, and there is nothing wrong with calling out on evil.
One thing for sure, while people like Guy Aoki want to narrow the range of discourse(serious or comic), people like myself want to broaden it. Instead of creating 'more protected groups', we want more scrutiny for all groups, especially for those who are currently protected: Jews, blacks, and homos. That said, I can see where MANAA is coming from. If current PC is all about gaining special protection and special privileges based on victim-hood, and if Jews, blacks, and homos have gained so much power, authority, and/or influence on those very grounds, then why shouldn't other groups join in as well? Of course, if Asians and Muslims also gain protected-group-status, it will become more difficult for Jews to use Yellow Peril as distraction and Muslim-as-Terrorist-trope to keep the majority of Americans siding with Jews and Israel against the 'muzzies' and 'raggers'. It's all turning into a Fine Mess.


  1. If you yourself have any ability to strike the perfect balance between humor and Hitler, it would be nice to see you try. Instead, you criticize of those on the dissident right who are actually funny, while you contribute nothing humor-wise. Thanks for nothing.

  2. Good article. Might make for a interesting chapter in your ever-evolving book. Amazon likely won't sell it, but I certainly will buy it. Keep 'em coming!