Thursday, September 5, 2019

America Lost Its Soul(and Sanity) when Its Wasp Elites aided and abetted the Zionist-Jewish Supremacist Destruction of Palestine — Failure of Wasp Elites to Lay the Ground for Criticism of Jewish Elite Power — Support for Zionism as Gateway Drug for Other Lunacies of the West

Many people say the Iraq War was America’s biggest foreign policy failure, but there was something far worse. It was the Anglo-American elite’s decision to support Zionism at the expense of the Palestinians and other Arabs/Muslims in the larger region. (One could argue that America’s biggest foreign policy disaster was the decision to import all those aggressive and muscled black Africans, but it happened BEFORE the colonials gained national independence to forge their own destiny.) In more ways than one, America’s decision to support Zionism was its worst moral failure as well, one that would have grave consequences and implications, especially as Jews gained the dominant position in American media, academia, finance, politics, and culture.

Now, why the argument that America’s Pro-Zionist and Anti-Palestinian policy was its most soul-destroying decision? After all, there are plenty of critics and arch-moralists who find ‘sin’ after ‘sin’ in America’s history of ‘genocide’ of the native Indians, the exploitation of black slaves, the mistreatment of Chinese railroad workers & the ‘internment’ of Japanese in America, territorial expansionism(especially against Mexico), and involvement in destructive wars in the Age of Empire, World War I, World War II, and the Cold War(especially in Korea and Vietnam). Compared to all such events where literally countless peoples suffered or died, why should we concern ourselves with what happened to the Palestinians? One might say, "Sure, Palestinians got it in the neck, but it didn’t involve mass killings, and it all happened on a tiny piece of territory." If we judge history merely in terms of scale or sheer bulk, one might indeed say that the fulfillment of the Zionist project was relatively minor in the grand scheme of things. And yet, history isn’t just about WHAT happened but WHY. Furthermore, it matters WHO were involved and what was implied by the event in the development of future events. After all, Jews didn’t merely take over Palestine but the US itself. If Jews had prevailed in Palestine/Israel but not in the US, they would have been like the Albanians who came out on top in Kosovo but have virtually no influence over the US, let alone the world. But because of what Jews managed to pull off in the US — topple and replace the Anglo-American elites who’d founded and ruled the nation since its inception — , what they did in Palestine came to direct and define their grand design for White America itself.
Though there were plenty of world events in which the US committed greater horrors and atrocities than what transpired in Palestine(as result of Anglo-American backing of Zionism), the motivations involved in the latter make the American decision all the more inexcusable. Consider the Cold War that began around the time of the destruction of Palestine and creation of Israel. Even though the US, along with the USSR, made series of morally dubious policy decisions and committed many unspeakable horrors(and supported militarist regimes, especially in South America, that used ‘death squads’ to terrorize and even exterminate local populations), they were part of a grand struggle between the totalitarian communist East and democratic capitalist West. Given the dire fate of the world were it to fall under communist rule, America’s heavy-handed role as the policeman of the ‘Free World’ seemed a ‘necessary evil’ at the time. Though the US often stained its reputation with its actions around the globe, its sphere seemed preferable to the Soviet sphere mired in communist stagnation, political repression, culture of fear, and even mass domestic violence(that dwarfed anything within the democratic capitalist West). A great power is like an elephant. Its sheer size and power make collateral damage(a lot of it) unavoidable. If a good or ‘gooder’ elephants fights a bad or ‘badder’ elephant, even the good or ‘gooder’ one will end up doing lots of damage to those animals and plants in the vicinity. It’s like the movie KING KONG VS GODZILLA where the clash of monsters leads to much human calamity regardless of which fella wins.

Given the nature of the Cold War, both the US and USSR often found themselves making Big decisions with grave consequences, especially for weak and small nations that were caught in between. It was the nature of the game, tragic and unfortunate but unavoidable given the scale and stakes involved. And it really was a global conflict where win-or-lose between the two superpowers would impact every corner of the world. Given the ideological, cultural, political, economic, and military antagonism between the US and the USSR, this really was History on the grandest of scales.
Much the same could be said for other big events, movements, commitments, and/or conflicts the US has been involved with. Though the European conquest of North America was tragic for the native Indian tribes, many of whom died by disease or bullets and all of whom permanently lost their sacred hunting and burial grounds to the White Man(and immigrant-invaders), it was inevitable when the high civilization of the West embarked upon what were vast sparsely inhabited territories with boundless soil and resources, most of which couldn’t be exploited by the Indians who were primitive savages. There was too much good land with too few people, and it was only natural that a more advanced people with greater numbers and technology would take over the land were they to 'discover' it. Just like Russians expanded into the vast territories of Siberia and the Han peoples moved into Tibet and Muslim territories of Central Asia, white people were going to take the New World as the natives were either lacking in resistance to Old World diseases and/or too few in number(especially in North America) to stem the tide of a people far more numerous, adventurous, technologically developed, and spiritually inspired. If white people hadn’t done it, any people from the Old World with the numbers, adequate technology, and navigational risk-taking would have done much the same. So, even as we acknowledge the tragic dimensions of the ‘genocide’ of the American Indians, it was one of those 'natural' events in history given the circumstances and factors that came into play, especially at a time when empire-building was universally recognized as the name of the game. Also, as John Wayne said, the American Indians were too few sitting on too much land and doing little with it when so much could be done, and it just so happened that it was whites, especially Anglos and Germanics, who had the spirit, will, and know-how to make it all work in the creation of the richest and most powerful nation on Earth.
And something similar can be said about America’s taking of the SW territories from Mexico. In some ways, it was a ‘shit move’, but then, both US and Mexico had come into existence through imperialism and expansion. So, the real ownership of the SW territories really depended on which side had greater vision, enterprise, resourcefulness, and fighting spirit. And it sure wasn’t the Mexicans, not least because the White Hispanic elites were in a state of stagnation & dissipation(at least compared to their Northern European counterparts) and, besides, urged their brown subjects to be timid, obedient, and humble than bold, energetic, and individualistic(because an excitable populace might just decide to overthrow the ruling elites, as the energized Jews took power from the enervating Wasps in the US). Of course, there was also the matter of genetics as the native Indios of ‘Latin America’ were an Asiatic people by origin and shared some of the submissive traits of their racial cousins across the Pacific Ocean. Anyway, given the nature of how both US and Mexico came into being, the tug-of-war for the SW territories was a kind of ‘great game’ where the bigger power simply swallowed a massive chunk of the weaker power. Mexicans have reasons to gripe about what happened, but they were also in the imperialist game and simply lost. After all, much of SW territories were inhabited by American Indians who fiercely resisted both Anglo-American settlers and Mexican troops. Americans took from Mexico what Mexico had taken from the American Indians.
As for slavery, it was an institution that the US inherited from colonial times when its territories had been part of the British Empire. By the principles by which the new nation was established, there should have been no place for slavery. And yet, even slavery could be explained in terms of economic necessity. While one may argue that it was motivated by greed, the fact is blacks were uniquely equipped to work better and survive in the hot malarial conditions of the American South. While morally indefensible, one could see how white people simply couldn’t resist the economic benefits that could be had from use of black slaves. In material terms, it was a ruthlessly rational decision. While we can condemn those reasons, they made economic sense that made political sense as political power grows out of economic power. White people were not trying to be gratuitously cruel with slavery. Rather, they were motivated by rational economic calculations even if they had to turn off a part of their heart.
As for America’s participation in the overseas Imperial Game beginning in the late 19th century, it was very much in vogue in world affairs. It was the belief among the major powers that they either expand or wither. As the West had advanced so far ahead of the Rest, it possessed the means to smash down barriers — even in the once forbidding China — , and so, global power came down to a matter of which white power(though joined by the Japanese as a kind of honorary white power) grabbed more than the other. In the Age of Empire, power was fluid in the sense that an expanding empire, even if small, would grow ever larger whereas a shrinking empire, even if huge, would grow ever smaller. Spanish Empire had once been many times bigger than the British Empire, but Spanish power diminished with its inability to keep expanding, whereas the British Empire grew ever larger. The thinking back then was that an imperial equilibrium was impossible, i.e. if an empire was merely content to keep what it already had, it would lose out to the more aggressive empire that kept looking to expand its range and possessions. Thus, enough was never enough for the British, French, Russians, and etc. In their eyes, the Spanish and the Ottoman empires were doomed because both had lost the will, means, and the drive to keep expanding. For a time, Japan and Germany also caught the imperial bug, seeking their ‘day in the sun’. Given the nature of the global power game, the US also joined in once continental America had been fully conquered, on its way to developing into a rich and powerful modern nation. So, even though some of the things the US did in the Philippines were terrible, it was the sign of the times where the game of empire was on the minds of all those aspiring to have their ‘day in the sun’. Revisionists might point to the conduct of America in World War I and World War II as deeply problematic, even evil and hardly better than the war crimes carried out by its enemies. But, however one may feel about the America's roles in those wars, the fact is all sides did horrible things, and we can well understand how nations and entire peoples could easily lose their basic sense of humanity and morality in wartime.
Poland in World War II
In contrast, it’s difficult to excuse what the US did to the Palestinians. Whatever one may say of America’s involvement with the American Indians, slavery, SW territories, or the game of empire(especially prior to World War I), a tremendous deal was at stake. The vanquishing of the American Indians was necessary for there to be America. Black slaves were economically valuable in Southern Plantations. The US could do so much with the SW territories than Mexico ever could. And when the major powers were all looking to expand as much as possible and dominate the sea routes, the US believed it had to play the game or live in a world where control of the oceans would fall to rivals, not just the Great Britain(who were at least fellow Anglos) but other rising powers as well. As US was destined to be a great power, it feared being relegated to irrelevance in what was still the Age of Empire.

But Palestine? What happened there had zero economic or military impact on the US. It had nothing to do with American survival, security, status, or prosperity. If whites hadn’t taken the land from the American Indians, the US would never have existed. If the US hadn’t taken the SW territories from Mexico, it would have been considerable smaller and Mexico considerably larger. So, on such matters, regardless of whether they were good or bad, we can at least understand why the US did what it did for rational, material, political, and/or military reasons.
In contrast, exactly what did the US gain by having Palestine destroyed? The principle here is the difference between necessary evil and gratuitous evil. All forms of ‘evil’ are deeply unpleasant, but at least a 'necessary evil' serves an essential purpose. Eating human flesh is hideous, but if one must do so in order to survive, we can at least understand why it was done as a ‘necessary evil’(as lost and stranded explorers have done). But imagine someone who practices cannibalism for reasons that have nothing to do with survival. Now, imagine someone who steals a loaf of bread because he is starving. Stealing is wrong, but we can understand his motivation to relieve his hunger. But if someone steals just to steal, it is much worse.
On the matter of the destruction of Palestine, the US has no good excuse(and of course, most of the convoluted excuses were made by vile Jews like Alan Dershowitz). Now, Jews themselves did have powerful and impassioned reasons for wanting the land and turning it into a Jewish Homeland, Israel. Jews do have ancient roots in the land that's always been holy(or deeply significant) in their eyes. Then, if Zionism was a matter of contention between Palestinians and Jews, it would more understandable as both peoples had deep connection to the territory. But, when the US backed the destruction of Palestine to make way for Israel, the US was not only overwhelmingly gentile(as it still is today) but was ruled by Anglo-Americans, not Jews. If the US back then had been as thoroughly Jewish-controlled as it is today, we could better understand the motivations of the US-Jewish elites in their brazen support of Israel. But back then, Jews had yet to gain ruling status. Now, one might argue that the US, being a Christian nation, wanted to reclaim the Holy Land from the Arabs/Muslims, but such reasoning doesn’t wash because the Holy Land was handed over to Jews than came into possession by the Christian West. At least when the Crusades happened centuries ago, it was about Christians taking the turf from the Muslims(and Jews as collaborators of Muslims), but in 1948, Christian America for some reason decided to go out on a limb to alter the destiny of a people, the Palestinians, who had never done any wrong to Americans in order to indulge the Jews who were already exhibiting all kinds of problematic tendencies.
History is filled with countless tragedies and ‘crimes’, but it is more justified or at least understandable IF supported by passion(especially vengeful), justice, or ambition(or even greed). While greed is hardly a noble quality, it is still nevertheless human. Someone who causes harm to enrich himself is still more recognizably human than someone who causes harm for no material benefit whatsoever. It’s like eating dogs is awful, but someone who kills a dog for food is still more human than someone who kills a dog for no discernible benefit to himself. Though many have observed that US levels of violence in World War II and Cold War conflicts were clearly overkill, one could still understand the passion or ‘justice’ behind them. In retrospect, the US bombings of Germany and Japan seem like overkill and the use of nukes on Hiroshima & Nagasaki seem downright psychotic, and yet, war drives all sides crazy, and many Americans were livid against Japan that had pulled off a sneak attack. And given Germany’s many war crimes, the Allies wanted to make Germans get a taste of their own medicine. As for US conflicts during the Cold War, there was a sense of ‘justice’(though also among the communist side) that seemed to justify extraordinary means to contain the ‘evil empire’ of Marxism-Leninism. At the very least, we can understand why Americans hated the ‘Japs’ or felt justified in using any means necessary to push back against the ‘commies’.
But such cannot be said of what the US did to the people of Palestine. Palestinians didn’t attack the US navy at Pearl Harbor or anywhere for that matter. (If any attack resembles Pearl Harbor, it was the Israeli assault on USS Liberty in 1967 with the full knowledge of it being an American ship.) There was no reason for the US to feel any kind of animus toward Palestinians who’d only been minding their own business on their own turf for as far as anyone could remember. There was no ideological reason to destroy Palestine as it was not some radical ally of the USSR. (If anything, many more Zionists had socialist-communist sympathies, which is why Josef Stalin initially courted the Zionists as potential allies and agents.) Then, for no rhyme or reason, moral or material, the US decided to have an entire people destroyed.
There’s a saying in the Bible, "For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and to lose his soul?" To that, one may respond, "Well, gaining the world at the expense of one’s soul is still some kind of valid reason." While, from the spiritual viewpoint, the soul is more important than worldly power, the latter is nevertheless nothing to sneer at. In a way, one might say that the history of the US has been about gaining the world by losing one’s soul... which may be the reason why Americans have gone out of their way to moralize their history in order to justify what has essentially been the inexorable triumph of materialism. Anyway, the point is that gaining-the-world would still be worthy as a political goal. (All throughout history, states chose 'the world' over 'the soul' when push came to shove. Buddhism didn't make the Japanese lay down the arms at any time in their history.) Both keeping one’s soul by sacrificing worldly ambition and losing one's soul to gain the world could be recognized as worthy objectives, and the modern West admires both the spiritual leader and the material go-getter. The real quandary could be posed as follows: "What does it profit a man to lose his soul to gain nothing?" When America ‘lost its soul’ time and time again to ‘gain the world’, it made some sense. But when America decided to lose its soul by destroying Palestine, what was that about? By losing its soul, what did it gain in return or recompense? Losing one’s soul to get nothing is infinitely worse than losing one’s soul to get something. When the US ‘lost its soul’ by ‘stealing’ the SW territories from Mexico, it got something, indeed a lot. Furthermore, it was good for Many Americans as those vast lands provided opportunities for countless Americans to try their luck at better life and more wealth. Even if something is morally dubious, it is partly validated by the good it provides to many people. If it is illegal to hunt moose but if I kill one anyway to feed a large clan, I’ve broken the law but nevertheless done something that’s good for my kinfolks. I would have acted as a river-to-my-people. But suppose I break the law and hunt a rare precious bird to serve the vanity of someone who not only isn’t a member of the clan but tends to be rather(and even radically) hostile to my folks. What would have been the purpose of such lawbreaking that cannot even be justified on the basis of utilitarian principles? If my family is starving and I illegally hunt an animal to feed them, that makes some sense, but suppose I decide instead to steal money to purchase expensive cognac for someone who isn’t part of the family and, if anything, feels contempt toward me and seeks to reduce my family to pieces of commodity to be controlled by his ilk. Would that make any sense? What the white race did for the Jews wasn’t merely a case of losing one’s soul but one's sanity as well.
Of course, one could argue that the American decision had something to do with the Shoah(aka the Holocaust), but that’s bogus as (1) the Zionist project had begun before Adolf Hitler was even born and (2) Israel was founded AFTER the Germans lost WWII and Europe was safe from the Nazis. A more likely rationale was the hope among the Anglo-American elites that the highly talented and fast-rising Jews would become Good Grateful Americans and valuable allies of Wasps IF Jewish demands for US support for Zionism was placated. Especially as World Jewry played(Yojimbo-like) the US against the USSR, there might have been a fear among Wasps that if they didn’t support Israel, all those talented Jews would sympathize with the USSR and/or grow more radical & subversive and create troubles for the West. If such apprehensions did tip the balance to support Zionism among the Anglo-American elites, one might argue that there was an element of rational calculation and self-interest among the whites. But such thinking on their part indicates a lack of confidence, awareness, and what might be called ‘historical providence’.
Even back then, did the Wasp elites surmise that Jews would surpass them in power and privilege, and therefore, they had to get a head start in being nice to Jews who would eventually be their masters? Or, did the Wasp elites regard Jews as a pesky bunch of agitators(for tribal or radical interests) who could be assuaged with some concessions? Let Jews have Palestine with the backing of the US, and maybe they’ll finally shut up and stop being so pushy. At any rate, it seems the Wasps seriously lacked foresight as to how trends and events would eventually play out. Surely, some Wasps did understand the threat posed by rising Jewish power(especially in media, academia, and finance), but they were disregarded and eventually denounced by fellow Liberal Wasps(soon followed by 'mainstream' Conservative Wasps) as alarmist, irrational, and 'fear-mongering'. Besides, an open and welcoming attitude is usually more pleasant than a closed and wary one. At most times, all of us want to be kindly, trusting, and friendly with everyone. But if one wastes one’s hospitality/generosity with the wrong kind of people, it will spell doom sooner than later. After all, anyone with sense decides whom to invite or not to his abode. An open house is destined to be a dilapidated house. Now, things might have worked out well for whites and Jews IF INDEED the Liberal Wasps had been correct about the good, decent, and honorable nature of Jews. They were dead wrong. And of course, due to the horrors of World War II — in which the radical European right disgraced itself with wars, acts of genocide, and alliance with Japan that attacked the US — , the Right all over the world was on the moral defensive.
Still, given the threat of communism(and its many crimes carried out by Jewish Bolsheviks) and the Cold War, there were many opportunities for the White Right in US and Europe to marshal their forces against the Radical Left, the Jews, and sappy White Liberals with a soft spot for communism and Jewish Power. But unfortunately, people on the Right were considerably less likely to become involved with arts & letters, academia, and media. For every National Review, there were many more Liberal Journals. And to give the Liberals their due, they were often more interesting thinkers because of their greater curiosity and finer sensibility, at least prior to the rise of Youth Consumer Culture & the booming of vanity-idolatry(that turned ideology into 'idology') that turned Liberalism into mostly cultural trash and intellectual juvenilia.
In the long run, what proved to be especially fatal was the Right(and the Left)’s abandonment of the Jewish Question. Given what happened in World War II and the Shoah, it was understandable why people felt that Jews needed a grace period. But given the dramatic rise of Jewish Power and its closeted supremacist ends, there was a necessity for strong criticism of Jewish Power, if only as checks and balances against what could well turn out to be the New Ruling Elite. This could have been done responsibly, AT ONCE denouncing the horrid excesses of Nazism & fully recognizing Adolf Hitler as a pathological demagogue AND addressing Jewish attitudes, behaviors, & historical ‘crimes’ that had led to much animus against them in so many peoples and nations. It’s like one can feel sympathy for the Soviets/Russians who were ravaged by the Nazi invasion while, at the same time, condemning the historical ‘crimes’ of Soviet Communism(especially Stalinism) and the aggressive reach of Russian Imperialism. Similarly, one can harshly criticize the American use of atomic bombs on the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki while being fully aware of the fact that Japan played an aggressive imperialist game and triggered off ever-bigger wars that brought it to ruin(and led to the deaths of millions of Chinese and other Asian peoples). Historical Morality is not a game of either/or because all humans are more animals than angels, and this is no different with the Jews. But for some reason, the Western world has been spellbound to regard Jews as eternally blameless on account of the Shoah. So, never mind what Jews are doing in the present. If you call out on bad Jewish behavior, you are an ‘Anti-Semite’ or ‘Nazi’. And this logic seems to apply to all future Jewish behavior and even retroactively revise all of Jewish History whereby, in any given conflict between Jews and non-Jews, we must remind ourselves that Jews were the innocent party who’d been wronged by the Evil Goyim who, for some godforsaken reason, entirely lost their sanity & decency and descended like a pack of rabid wolves upon the wonderful, innocent, and helpless Jews. Such mind-set would be amusing if Jews were a powerless people like drunken Eskimos or fat Hawaiians, but it’s downright deadly(for all of humanity) in a world in which World Jewry constitute the greatest power.
Even though the West is said to be a ‘liberal democracy’, the political psychology is closer to that in North Korea. In a true liberal democracy, there shouldn’t be taboos about power. After all, unlike a monarchy or dictatorship, a democracy is a system where you, I, or anyone should be able to freely discuss the problems of power and who has more of it and where and how. We should be able to say the Emperor wears no clothes. But if there are powerful taboos governing the discussion and critique of power, the system would be liberal democratic in form but theocratic and/or cultist in function. In North Korea, which is certainly not a liberal democracy, it is taboo to have negative thoughts about the leader and the Party. Indeed, it’s not even permissible to be neutral about the Power. One has to be sincerely enthusiastic to the point of hysterics in support of Fat Ugly Kim as the greatest thing since kimchi and dog-soup.
When we survey Western Political Culture, it is liberal democratic in the sense that there are elections, a press independent of the state(though all of media are owned by a handful of oligarchs to be sure), rights of free speech, and the culture of speaking truth to power. But all such guarantees and considerations are emotionally and psychologically(and even ‘spiritually’) overridden by the pull of PC or ‘woke’ sanctimony about Jews, blacks, and homos. We are not supposed to think factually, rationally, or critically about those three groups who are so prominent in media, academia, finance, law firms, sports, pop music, comedy, fashion, arts, politics, and/or crime. So many people have been led to revere Jews as the Holy Holocaust people who are above criticism. And blacks have been ‘sacralized’ via MLK & Mandela cult, To Kill a Mocking Bird, & Slavery Narrative(as if they are the only people to have known slavery) AND sensationalized via sports, music, and sex culture; the combination of ‘sacralization’ and sensationalization has turned blacks into objects of worship among so many whites who are now stricken with the Mandela/Mandingo Complex. And then, there is the term ‘homophobia’ that would have us believe that any negative aspersion about homos and their behavior is a kind of mental malady that has no basis in fact and no backing in morality(or even spirituality). So, if you find sodomy or homo-fecal-penetration, not to mention tranny penis-cutting, to be gross and putrid, the problem is with YOU. According to the PC ‘idology’ of Wokery, a penis up a bunghole or knife slicing a penis(to make way for a fake ‘vagina’) is what the rainbow is all about, and this homo-sanctified ‘rainbow’ now drapes every other church with the full urging of Jews.
For so many people in the so-called Liberal Democratic West, certain topics cannot be broached honestly, freely, and/or empirically because such might ‘trigger’ those who hold certain idols and ideals to be sacrosanct and beyond criticism or reproach. And certain terms have ‘mantric’ powers to induce hallucinations, rapture, or hysteria(such as KKK sightings even at Oberlin college). And so many people respond to certain idols and images in the way that the Catholic faithful used to with sightings of miracles or demons. Jewish-run Hollywood has essentially become the New Cathedral for secular America. From movies and TV shows so many people in the West pick up their notions of who/what are holy and unholy. Due to all those KKK tropes, so many idiots think the Klan is still a force in American politics. KKK has become something everyone loves-to-hate. One's righteous animus against it makes for neo-spiritual vibes in a world without God. Such mass mentality has created a political culture in which Jews, blacks, and homos cannot be discussed critically — notice how even as Jews, blacks, and homos beat up on Donald Trump and GOP, most of what we hear from The Donald and his followers is "We love Israel, we love blacks, and Trump has done more for ‘gays’ around the world" — and where all the blame irrationally falls on ‘white supremacy’ and its legacy. (Btw, if the US is such a great nation, one where billions of people dream of moving to, shouldn’t ‘white supremacy’ be credited with its creation and development since America would have been inconceivable without white people, especially of Anglo, Celtic, and Germanic stock, constituting the vast majority and dominating the helm of leadership, management, and planning? If America had instituted ‘open borders’ policy from the very outset and let in all the world, the nation that we know as America would never have come to fruition. It was white success that attracted the world, and that success wouldn't have been possible without 'white supremacy': White Successupremacy. If white adventurousness, white conquest, white settlement, and white solidarity all constituted ‘white supremacy’ and given that this formula led to the rise of the richest and most powerful nation on Earth, isn’t it about time we gave ‘white supremacy’ its due as the most essential formula in the making of America as a great nation?) Given the taboos that govern speech and politics in the West — furthermore, there are now laws in EU and deep state antics in the US that effectively ban free speech and honest criticism — , the current West is a liberal democracy in body only. In heart and mind, it functions much like North Korea, what with its cultist idolization of certain groups & figures and witch-hunting demonization of certain views & ideas as ‘hate speech’ and certain groups(especially whites) as more guilty than others. By the way, if whites must answer for their ‘collective guilt’ for all the bad things they’ve done, why shouldn’t they feel ‘collective pride’ for all the great things(science, philosophy, literature, arts, technology, medicine, etc.) that came from the West?
Of course, none of this makes sense, but then, it’s impossible to speak sensibly and rationally with people with cultist mentalities that not only foster dogmatism and stupidity but total lack of self-awareness, as with all those Liberals who decry the ‘McCarthy Era’ while foaming at the mouth about Russian Collusion and how Putin is under every bed cover in the US. Among both Conservatives and Liberals, most Americans are now pathetically stupid and idiotic. Their political mentality is akin to dogs seeking approval from the master. Just like a dog will fetch any stick or hunt any animal to win approval from its master, your average PC libby-dib or cuckservative chases after prey(real or imaginary) to win plaudits(and hopefully prizes) from the Master Class made up of Bugs(Busy Urban Globalist Semites, aka Jews) and comprador Wasps. They are driven by emotions hardly different from those of dogs. Just like dogs are incapable of figuring out anything on their own and depend on their masters to tell them what to love and what to hate, these PC morons act accordingly to be rewarded with the most pets on the head. Just like the Catholic Church for so long determined what the mindless Faithful should revere or revile, it is Jewish Power(especially of media, academia, and Hollywood) that fills the minds of countless minions in the West as to what must be consecrated(especially Anno Sodomini) or desecrated(such as Confederate monuments and anything with too many 'white males').

Most people are stupid and shallow. Consider how easy it was for Mao Zedong to inflame all those Red Guards to rampage around China and destroy Old Culture. Though Mao urged the young to rebel, they had to be told what to rebel against. Of course, they couldn’t rebel against the most powerful man in China who was none other than Mao himself. So, their ‘rebellion’ was really an act of blind obedience in service to Emperor Mao who was merely using the Red Guard thugs to destroy his rivals, real or perceived. In the current West, most of what is called 'the resistance', 'the left', 'progressives', 'antifa', and 'radicals' are the tools of the Power, which is Jewish-Zionist, globalist, capitalist, and imperialist. Just like Red Guards were duped into thinking they were 'rebels', most of today's 'rebellious' voices are the favored pets of Global Capitalism that concocted the bogeyman of 'white supremacism' in order to channel youthful rage against anything but themselves. (In some ways, the proglodytes are worse than the Red Guards who were, at the very least, Chinese nationalists. Today cucky-wuck 'left' is about whites being led by Jews to hate other whites to get their virtue-highs.)
In a way, paradoxically enough, the prideful notion of ‘liberal democracy’ has blinded people in the West to how illiberal and undemocratic they’ve become, especially under the rule of Jewish supremacist globalists. Because it’s been drummed into them that they’re living in ‘democracy’(as opposed to autocracies like, say, Russia or China), they don’t think to really examine the freedoms and rights that have been compromised under the power of Jews who use monopolistic corporate leverage to suppress certain viewpoints(mainly by professionally deplatforming ‘white nationalists’ & denying them livelihoods) AND use state power to suppress certain activities(such as BDS movement that calls for justice for Palestinians who are slated to be replaced in the remaining West Bank territories). But seriously, how free is the West when individuals can be imprisoned for tweets in the UK or when patriots who oppose mass-invasion are routinely targeted by the courts & police in France? And if democracy still works in the West, how come UK still hasn’t made Brexit work? And what kind of ‘free press’ does the US have when 95% of the outlets are owned by a handful of Jewish oligarchs? Or when virtually every politician is a whore of oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson or the Pritzkers? And what kind of liberal democracy uses extensive PC speech codes(and even encourages Antifa thugs) to silence genuinely dissenting views, especially against white people who seek liberation from Jewish supremacist hegemony? How odd that the PC idiots of the West scream ever louder about their pride in liberal democracy while using the most illiberal and undemocratic means to get what they want or, more precisely, what the Jewish oligarchic class wants. As it turns out, most PC folks have no power and only bark like dogs to feel ‘good’ about themselves as morally superior to those demonized by Jews as evil. Just like dogs have no understanding of the real agenda and are anxious to win approval from their masters, most PC whites are utterly clueless about how they’ve been mentally colonized and manipulated by Jewish globalist supremacists who control the institutions and industries of media, academia, courts, entertainment, and the deep state. Virtually every one of these PC minion clowns, having no mind of his or her own, has been instilled as what to think and how to feel by TV, movies, advertising, publishing, and etc., the monopolized sources of Jewish Power. Just like the world was in the dark as to the source of the Nile River until English explorers finally found it, most people have no clue as to the source of the snake-oil they’ve drunken to their gills. But then, did the Chinese who were addicted to opium really think hard about where it came from and whom it was enriching?
Anyway, we now see the full ramifications of the Anglo-American support of Zionism: Jewish supremacism that is totally out-of-control and eyes the white population as the New Palestinians to be replaced all around the West. To Jews, the West is just a bigger West Bank, and in some ways, white people are more helpless than the Palestinians. At the very least, Palestinians are empowered with the full knowledge that Jews are their oppressors and speak honestly among themselves as to what must be done to stop the total Zionist destruction of remaining Palestine. Palestinians are poor and powerless in numbers and materials, but they have the power of truth when it comes to Jewish tyranny. In contrast, white people in America, Canada, Australia, and Europe have the ample numbers and means to confront and push back against Jewish Power, but they are utterly helpless because (1) their cuck elites have been bought and/or blackmailed by the Jewish oligarchs — much like Senator Geary in THE GODFATHER PART II — and (2) so many whites have been mentally colonized by Jews, indeed to the extent that both the white ‘right’ and white ‘left’ regard Jews as people possessed of timeless wisdom and noble goodwill. A Jew can show up in any elite realm of the West and expect to have the red carpet rolled out to him or her as a heaven-sent creature, almost as if he or she is second coming of christ. A JEW is speaking to us. Get on your knees and listen to every word with utmost concentration, reverence, and rapture.

To free and sane minds, the bogus nonsense peddled by the likes of Barbara Specter(who says Europe can only survive by being mass-replaced by foreigners as ‘New Europeans’) and hideous Donna Zuckerberg(the sister of the Mark the Zionist gangster) is obvious disingenuous and demented. But hey, they are Holy Jews, one of the Holy Three who have the power to make white people teary-eyed and eager for benediction from their approval and forgiveness! As such, they not only have the financial backing of the Power but are automatically thought of as possessing special knowledge and wonderful advice for all mankind. And so, all those with colonized-than-free-minds lend their ears to those hideous Jews. What happens to people who trust Jews? Well, what happened to the Palestinians who trusted the Zionist immigrants who assured them that there was NO agenda to turn Palestine into a Jewish-majority state? If Jews pulled a fast one on Palestinians(and feel zero remorse about it), what makes white people think Jews will treat them any better? Paradoxically, the more white folks support the Zionist destruction of Palestine, the more Jews will do the same to white people. It's like the opening scene of PAT GARRETT & BILLY THE KID when what Garrett did to the Kid comes full circle to finish him off as well. There are, of course, wise Jews and decent Jews, but most Jews will seek tribal power above universal justice, something they don’t believe in except to dupe and disarm goyim who stand in the way of Jewish supremacism. It’s like people use a sword against the other, not against oneself. To Jews, universalism is a weapon to demean goyim as ‘racists’ and ‘xenophobes’, thereby weakening their defenses, all the while they themselves stick with their zealous tribalism that is so insistent on identity, history, and territoriality, even special privilege and supremacy.

America’s moral favoritism of Jews makes no historical sense because Jewish Tragedy was NOT a part of American History(which is precisely why Jews have drawn comparisons between Anglo-American 'crimes' and Nazi German horrors to create a kind of Parallel Guilt, a ploy that has worked effectively among so many childlike whites devoid of sense and wits; so even though white Americans didn't wrong Jews, they did things to non-Jews that were supposedly similar to the Holocaust, especially as both Anglo-Americans and Germans were inspired by the worst of sins, 'racism'). However one may feel about American Indians, blacks, or Mexicans, there is no denying that the continent was taken from American Indians(whose demise is considered by some as ‘genocide’), that blacks were exploited as slaves & racially discriminated against, and that SW territories were forcibly wrested from Mexico(with much lingering violence between the two communities). Also, the US committed horrible deeds in overseas wars. So, if the US were to feel a degree of ‘collective guilt’ about something and attempt to make amends, it would at least be understandable within the context of US history. But what does the US owe to Jews who were never victims in the New World(and if anything, worked with whites to plunder the land and destroy the natives)? America wasn’t taken from Jews(like Palestine was taken from Palestinians). If anything, Jewish merchants sold guns and ammo to whites to kill Indians with. Jews were no less 'racist' than the whites. America didn’t enslave the Jews. If anything, Jews in the South owned slaves and ran the finances of the slave economy. The US didn’t create the Nazi Party, nor did it start the acts of aggression that led to World War II. If anything, Jews attracted much hatred, hostility, and distrust in Europe for their radical will, prophetic zealotry, or subversive obsessions either as capitalists or communists. Whether Ayn Rand or Karl Marx, Jewish personality had an arrogant way of pushing things to the limit. Just like so many big dumb goy characters eventually end up wanting to break every bone of Chico, Harpo, and Groucho in Marx Brothers — patience has its limits — , it’s understandable why so many Europeans became ‘antisemitic’ as the crazy Jews were tireless in driving everyone up the wall, using either finance capitalism, radical communism, and/or cultural subversion to turn everything upside down. (Consider how Globo-Homo-Mania came to supplant Christianity in the US thanks to Jewish power and influence. Consider how Jews have utterly pornified American culture, even turning Disney into what might be called ‘Jizzney’. And Jews now peddle gambling like they once peddled opium to the Chinese. Jews get richer, goyim get poorer.)

If the US must make up for its historical ‘sins’, why has there been all this stuff about Jews, ‘antisemitism’, and the Holocaust? (And if America's 'original sin' is 'racism' against blacks, then how does it improve matters for the US to support Jewish supremacist policies in the West Bank and Gaza where the discrimination and terror go far beyond anything in Jim Crow South or Apartheid South Africa? According to Desmond Tutu, South Africa during Apartheid was nothing like what is being done to the Palestinians with the full backing of the deranged US.) Amusingly enough, it seems the biggest rap that Jews have against White America is that some of their great grandparents weren’t admitted into elite Wasp golf clubs, that Ivy League universities once enforced quotas against Jewish applicants(who were still vastly over-represented in enrollment btw), and that not enough whites were sufficiently enthused about entering yet another World War — keep in mind that Americans lost more than 100,000 men in the last year of fighting in World War I — to save the Jews(but then, never mind Hitler would never have come to power if Jews hadn’t pushed communism & participated in the killing of millions, abused finance-capitalism to fleece so many Germans during the Great Depression, and promoted Weimar cultural degeneracy that alienated so many Germans and other Europeans). There were, to be sure, cases of anti-Jewish bullying in American schools, but more often than not, the thugs were either black or ethnic-whites(fellow immigrants who arrived alongside Jews), and if anything, it was the Anglo-American order that made it possible for Jews to appeal to some semblance of Rule of Law to get some justice.
Jews are utterly shameless. Even though they have NO history of tragedy & victim-hood in American History(and, if anything, worked alongside whites to destroy the native Americans and enslave blacks), they had the chutzpastic temerity to occupy the throne of Noble Victimhood in American Life, indeed to insist that Americans must atone for what happened to Jews in Germany during WWII. Therefore, we must praise all things Jewish and support the Zionist destruction of Palestine. Just like a cuckoo bird's hatchling pushes out the real offsprings from the nest, the bogus victim-hood of Jews have suppressed or marginalized the genuine victim-narratives of other groups who are infinitely more deserving of American Sympathy.
All in all, when we consider all the violence and brutality perpetrated by America in its short history, Jews CANNOT be considered one of its great victim groups or even a victim group of any kind. Sure, Jews got it in the neck under the Nazis, but Nazi Germany was NOT the US, and what other nations did or didn't do should not shape the moral narrative of Americans. (Should Americans suck up to Chinese-Americans because so many of their kind suffered horribly in the 20th century at the hands of the imperialists, especially the Japanese? As horrible as it was, what the Japanese did to the Chinese should NOT be part of the American Victim Mythology.) And this is why the US support of Zionism has always been morally shoddy, indeed downright fraudulent(and 'racist' considering that the US support of Israel as part of 'Western Civilization' connotes that WHITE Christians should support WHITE European-Jews over them brown Ay-rabs). Americans didn't owe Jews anything, and furthermore, it was the Palestinians who were being wronged by the Jewish immigrant-invaders who were poised to take over and replace the existing population. It’s as if the US made amends for a people to whom it owed nothing. (If anything, Jews owed a tremendous deal to Anglo-America that made Jewish success possible.) Now, given what Germans did to the Jews, it might have made some sense to hand over a chunk of Germany for a Jewish State. After all, Poles got a huge chunk of Germany(as compensation and to make up for losses of territory in the East to the USSR). It was the Germans who did it, not the US. Also, Palestinians had nothing to do with World War II, let alone the Shoah. It had nothing to do with World War I and the rise of communism and Fascism that laid the grounds for another world war. And yet, not only did the US behave as if it owed something to Jews but carried out its 'obligation' by helping the Jews take land from Palestinians, a truly innocent people who had never done any wrong to Americans, none whatsoever. The sheer perversity & absurdity of American moralism when it comes to Jews is truly amazing.
Granted, Jews are expert hustlers and knew how to con the Wasps into granting special favors to Jews. Jews flattered Wasps that their Anglo creation, America, was so different from Old Europe that was all about tyranny and bigotry. Also, America, as a young country, hoped to gain instant pedigree of deep culture by embracing Jews, the most ancient of peoples. The youngest nation welcoming and being blessed by the oldest people. Surely, if a people as wise and spiritual as the Jews lent their blessing to Anglo-American, then the US must be something more than a nation of money and ideas; it must be a nation of roots, even if those roots came from elsewhere. (In a way, the whole appeal of Mormonism was to imagine ancient-ness in America that had none[unless we’re dealing with American Indians, but then they hardly had a civilization worthy of the title of deep history and ancient-ness; they were a bunch of half-naked savages romping around chasing after bisons]). Anglo-Americans knew it had been morally questionable to take the land from the natives and practice slavery on a massive scale. Then, it’s understandable why Wasps craved benediction from the Jews, a great people with deep roots. If Jews blessed the white man’s creation, wouldn’t it wash away a lot of sins? And then, following the Shoah when Jews were soon promoted as the most tragic of all peoples(and when ‘antisemitism’ became the most unpardonable ‘sin’), the Jewish Question turned into the Jewish Answer of both Liberal Wasps and Conservative Wasps doing a tug-of-war to win over the Holy Jews to their side. Such psycho-politico-morality complicated matters a great deal when it came to American righteousness. For example, are Americans supposed to feel ‘guilty’ about what happened to the Indians? If so, they should have been most sensitive toward the Palestinians who faced the similar threat of being robbed of their homeland by waves of immigrant-invaders. In some ways, Jews and Liberal Wasps pushed this line of reasoning, some even going so far as to compare the ‘genocide’ of the American Indians with the Shoah. And yet, there was also the idea that the US should admire and support Israel because Americans naturally identify with Jews as the cowboys who proved triumphant over the natives and built a rich modern nation from the little that had been there.
One thing for sure, American Indians were indeed a real ‘victim group’ at the hands of whites. Jews were never a victim group in the US, and if anything, they often worked with whites in the Westward expansion and Southern Slavery. And, there was no reason whatsoever for the US to punish the Palestinians, a people who had never committed any wrong against the US or the West. But what’s truly perverse is that the US not only got sucked into the Jewish agenda & Zionist plot to wrong the Palestinians but willfully swallowed the moral crackpot cooked up by Jews that would have us believe that the creation of Israel was one of the greatest moral triumphs of world history. But why?
While I can understand Jewish sentimentality and myths about the Holy Land and how its recovery as the Jewish Homeland meant the world to them, what was so moral about it? Jews-as-dominant-majority hadn’t occupied that particular territory for thousands of years, and even when they held it in ancient times, it had almost as many non-Jews among the population who also had claims on the land. If every group dredged up ancient land claims and fought to retake what had been lost centuries or even millenniums ago, the world would blow up in World War III, IV, V, and etc. Whatever ancient claims Jews may have had, they had no clear moral claim on the land in modern times. Also, contrary to the bogus narrative, Jews could have obtained territory in some other part of the world to have a homeland. And if Americans(and Canadians) were so sympathetic to Jews and concerned about their well-being, especially after the horrors of World War II, they could have offered some empty piece of land(plenty in both US and Canada) to the Jews, especially because Israel was bound to be surrounded by none-too-friendly Arab/Muslim nations. And yet, this most amoral or even immoral of historical events came to be so maniacally moralized in US politics, media, culture, and spiritual life. It has so much to do with who/whom. Once Jews were elevated to holy status(and had so much money to throw around), they were like ‘made men’ with the Midas touch that turned even their worst crimes into something noble and worthy. Who else and why else could the Jews have gotten away with something as brazen as the USS Liberty Attack?

Agreat lie is like a cancer, especially if it involves a people with great power. Jews have great power, and its legitimacy in America(that rules the world) is based on a vile and perverse lie. Now, Zionism per se isn’t absurd or particularly perverse. The Jewish nationalist desire for a homeland of their own was perfectly understandable, and the Jewish attachment to the Holy Land involved real historical and cultural roots. What is perverse is why Jewish identity, Jewish matters, Jewish themes, and Zionism became so central to America, a nation that is only 2% Jewish and one that never committed a grave wrong against the Jewish people(whereas one can argue that the US has much to answer for in relation to many other peoples; consider the tragedies caused by US meddling in Latin America, Asia, and the Arab World). If the US had done something to remove Jews who had already been living in the Holy Land and replaced them with Arabs, one could see why US support of Zionism could have been a moral imperative, one that would right the wrong done to Jews. But Jewish-European immigration to Palestine only began in the late 19th century and gathered pace in the 20th century. US did nothing to take the Holy Land away from Jews, and Palestinians had been on the land for as far as they could remember. So, there was no moral reason for the US to intervene in that region for the sake of Jews at the expense of another people. It fails as Moralpolitik or Idealpolitik.
But, what is truly perverse is it even fails as Realpolitik as the US gained no geopolitical advantage by favoring the Zionists and alienating so much of the Arab-Muslim World that would likely have been friendly to the US if not for the issue of Zionism, Nakba, and Israel. If anything, Israel has been a thorn on the side of US foreign policy. So, what was it all for? US had no moral reasons to destroy Palestine and favor the Jews. And it gained no political advantage in the region by pissing off all those Arabs. Even for those who insist that the Iraq War was the biggest foreign policy blunder/disaster for the US, would it have happened if not for the creation of Israel and Jewish takeover of the US? Would Jews(who came to be so powerful in the US) have pushed for aggressive policies in the Middle East if not for the existence of Israel? The ONLY reason why Jews have been adamant about America’s aggressive role in the Middle East and North Africa has been over "Is it good for Israel?" Then, if no Israel, almost certainly no Gulf War, no 9/11, and no Iraq War, not to mention Libyan War, Syrian War, and etc. Even much of the rise of modern terrorism can be traced back to Zionism. Not only were Jewish terrorists pioneers in the field of modern violence but the trauma of Zionist victory over Arabs led so many Muslims to a life of radicalism and terrorism, albeit often manipulated and steered by the US, Israel, and Saudis against secular modernizing Arab/Muslim nations.
Even the one Realpolitik rationale that would justify US support of Zionism has turned out to be a total failure. It goes as follows: As Jews are naturally smarter and destined to rise to the top in the Liberal Democratic West following World War II, white people must be extra-nice to the Jewish community so that, one day, when Jewish power rules the world, the Jews will remember the kindness of whites and treat them accordingly. Then, even if the US support of Zionist destruction of Palestine was a geopolitical disaster and a great moral failure, at the very least whites would have powerful and grateful Jews on their side. Well, it sure didn’t turn out that way. It was all wishful thinking based on misconception of Jewish attitudes and underestimation of Jewish hatred & resentments. What whites might have regarded as generosity and magnanimity on their part, Jews saw only weakness, stupidity, naivete, and delusion. Jews don’t respect dummies, and white people acted really dumb. And now, Jews are pushing for White Nakba in targeting all of the West as one big West Bank. If Jews themselves took over Palestine and West Bank, Jews intend to use countless hordes of Asians, Africans, Hindus, and browns as their proxy demographic armies to inundate Europe, Australia, Canada, and the US.
Why would Jews do something so awful when they have it so good in the White West and when white people have come to treat them with such kindness? It's because Jewish revenge knows no bounds. Also, Jewish supremacist paranoia feels that Jewish bad behavior — deep down inside, Jews know they act badly and madly toward goyim — will eventually piss off whites once again, and this will lead to the great white backlash. Therefore, Jews must diversify the West as possible so that they can exploit Diversity to set one group of goyim against others in the cunning game of ‘divide and rule’. (If Jews were to better police and purge the bad apples in their tribal barrel, they could avoid future 'antisemitism', but Jews mostly do not for three reasons. Bad Jews often make the most fortunes for the Jewish community as lack of scruples + high intelligence is formula for fast riches. Jewish self-criticism might be seen as a vulnerability and inspire 'Anti-Semites' to go on the offensive; Jews hate playing defense and see offense as the best defense, and that means never airing dirty laundry unless they really have to, as with the cases of Bernie Madoff and Jeffrey Epstein. Jews have a dual morality when it comes to goyim. What isn't permissible among their own kind is perfectly permissible when dealing with filthy goyim.) Also, via race-mixing, especially between white women and black men, Jews seek to castrate white manhood into cuckery and set the white race against one another. Notice how Jews use feminism, youth culture, and ideology to set whites against whites: Women against men, youth against elders, ‘progressives’ against ‘conservatives’, North against South, and etc.
As what the Jews are doing is so obvious, why can’t we speak the truth? Why is our political and media culture so warped and downright surreal in its inability to look truth straight in the eye and say it like it is? 'Truthophobia' has something to do with the bargain that America struck with Jews, a most devious and dishonest people who have nevertheless put themselves forth as the conscience of America, the West, the World, the cosmos, and even god himself. Long long ago in ancient times, the powerful Jewish personality projected itself onto the universe and created a deity. It was a brazen act of chutzpah, but the saving grace was that in bowing down before this cosmic force, Jews believed there was something greater than any single Jew. But ever since Jews dumped God, each big-shot Jew thinks that he knows everything about everything. Like the Jewish porn-meister Ron Jeremy, he sucks his own dick.
America has never been a stranger to lies(like any civilization), but the lies surrounding Jews and Zionism defy all logic and sense of limits. The degree to which America has come to debase itself before Jews is on the DUCK SOUP level of what happens in Freedonia under the zany-tyranny of the Marx Brothers. Extraterrestrial creatures observing America from another planet might see it as one big comedy — like the ridiculous inner-workings of foreign tyrannies seem amusing to us — , but those who live in America/West must carry on with the conceit that Jews know best and what is best for all of us. They are gods, we are mortals; or they are adults, we are children; or they are shepherds and we are the sheep, or at best, dogs.

America has truly lost its mind and soul in sucking up to Jews. Bending to the Jewish Radical Will on the Zionist agenda set the template for all the appeasements to come, all in the increasingly ridiculous and pathetic hope/delusion that if the Wasps do one more favor for the Jews, the latter will come around to being nice and appreciative. A nation that becomes accustomed to one grand lunacy will weakly accommodate itself to more and more. If Jews could convince America to support the Zionist destruction of Palestine, it was only a matter of time before Jews could also persuade Americans to replace Christianity with Queertianity and replace White Americans with masses of non-white foreigners. Connect the dots of the cancer of lunacy, and the American acceptance of Nakba led eventually to American embrace of White Nakba.
When it comes to kindliness, one must always keep in mind the matter of who/whom. You must know whom you’re being kind to. If you are kind to a decent person, he is appreciative and reciprocates in kind. If you are kind to a vain egotist(so common among Jews, homos, and Negroes), he or she demands more and more as he or she regards you as a weakling, sucker, toady, cucky-wuck, peon, or servant. Wasps who sucked up to Jews were like all those ‘beta-male orbiters’ who think that some internet ‘thot’ will appreciate their affections(and money) when, in fact, the self-absorbed diva-minded ‘bitchass ho’ only cares about her self-aggrandizement.
At this point, it’s possible that many Wasps have realized the true nature of the Jew, but it’s now too late to change course. As Jews have so much power and can destroy anyone AND as the wasp cucks have invested so much into sucking-up-to-Jews-as-the-highest-virtue, the culture of servility is now inescapable and a protective shield from admitting shamefacedly that Liberal Wasps been wrong all along(and that the so-called ‘Anti-Semites’ had been more right than wrong on the subject of Jews).
A demented lie is like a cancer, and it grows and grows. Then, it’s possible that so much of craziness in politics and culture that we see all around has at least some origin or inspiration in the great lie behind America’s support of Zionism. The US did something so unnecessary and immoral but then decided to convince itself that there has never been anything so compelling, obligatory, ennobling, and important than going out of its way to support Jewish nationalism that soon turned into Jewish imperialism that now festers as out-of-control Jewish supremacy that has the gall to accuse whites who want OUT of the Jewish Empire as ‘white supremacist’. Lies do harm, and great lies do great harm.
And because the US decided on the Great Lie, it is now being punished. America, which persuaded itself that the Great Replacement via Nakba Pogroms(that wiped Palestine off the map) were most necessary and justifiable, now face the same fate as the West is being inundated with masses of non-white invaders(orchestrated mainly by Jewish globalist power). It is a kind of 'historical justice' because whites in America and Europe aided and abetted Jewish Imperialists in the destruction of the Palestinians who had done absolutely NO WRONG to the white race around the world.
Are whites being punished by the moral force of history? No, history is actually most amoral and doesn’t punish people according to right and wrong. So many bad people have triumphed and so many good people met horrible ends all throughout history. History is a concept in our head and lacks autonomous will. People make history and create events that either reward or punish other peoples. As Jews have the power, they've decided to reward themselves while punishing the whites. That’s how ‘justice’ works in history. The Power decides. It's like the Jewish doctor in Woody Allen's CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS gets away with murder and remains a respected member of the community because he was cold enough to see it through and cunning enough to cover his tracks. If there is a God, the man will be punished, but absent such a Power, justice on Earth is a matter of who gets to play gangster or judge.

If history itself had the power of judgment, both whites and Jews would be punished for what they did to the Palestinians. But only whites are punished while Jews are hailed to high heaven for all the vile things they continue to do to Palestinians. In a way, a greater crime(by whites) than enabling the Zionist destruction of Palestine was the willful blinding of themselves to the danger posed by Jews. The Wasp elites that caved to Jewish demands in the years following World War II sowed the demon seeds that would sprout and poison the air & soil. Wasp elites have much to answer for. Before they became the cuck-collaborators of Jews and pushed for the Great Replacement of white people by non-whites, they shamefully subjected themselves to the Great Elite Replacement whereby they relinquished their power and authority to the Jews. And having no pride, will, and drive left, these deracinated and pathetic Wasp elites just became intellectual and ideological putty in the hands of Jews. So, if Jews say ‘gay is good’, all these Episcopalians are so sure that nothing is as urgent as festooning churches with ‘gay’ colors. Wasps are now closer to dogs than humans. Not only did Wasps wrong a most innocent people in the Palestinians(and feel no remorse over it) but they empowered a most vile and venal people in the Jews. Imagine a man who aids an venomous snake to eat a harmless rabbit as the moral peak of his life. He would be crazy, and likewise, the US has gone crazy in supporting vile Jewish power against Palestinians, a people of no power and no bad deeds done to whites in America or Europe. And yet, all we hear from American Politicians is "Israel is our closest ally", "Israel is our best friend", and etc.

Now, given Jewish talent in more-or-less meritocratic America, it would have been difficult for Wasps to permanently forestall the rise of Jews. Still, Wasps could have created responsible methods and sensible organs to critique the emerging Jewish Power. Even if another people are destined to supplant you, you can find ways to criticize and check their power. Wasps could have created means to do to Jewish Elite Power what the Jews had done to Wasp Elite Power when Anglo-Americans were supreme in the halls of power. But in the end, both Wasp Liberals and Wasp Conservatives fell all over each other to suck up to Jews and win their favors. Thus, Jewish Power kept growing without any push-back or counter-balance. As the educated Wasps utterly failed on checking Jewish power, most white hoi polloi(who looked up to white elites for answers) never understood what really happened in America resulting from the power transference from Wasps to Jews. With respectable Wasps refusing to scrutinize the Jews, the task fell to white radicals, sometimes of neo-nazi bent that only created the impression that one had to be a hateful Hitler-loving nutcase to find any fault with the Jews.

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  1. An astonishing article explaining why we are all Palestinians, now. The world will be in a far worse place if these Jews achieve their murderous goals. The only thing comparable thing to it would be Bolshevik Russia, where tens of millions died terrible deaths. Keep up the good work you are doing.