Friday, September 13, 2019

Paradoxically, the Best Way to Defend Free Speech is to Deny It to Your Enemy — Then, Your Enemy will Work Hard to Defend Free Speech — Call for Hate Speech Legislation against Zionist 'Hate Speech' against Palestinians and Anti-White Defamation emanating mainly from Jewish Supremacism

Jews who monopolize social and video platforms like Facebook and Youtube are at it again. They are purging entire accounts and deleting 100,000s of videos. Some say internet companies are implementing this policy under duress from organizations like ADL but that’s neither there nor here as both ADL and the monopolists of those internet companies are Jewish and arch-Zionist. The wretched hag Susan Wojcicki, who was given control over Youtube, may pretend to care about free speech, but it’s all phony hand-wringing. Her ilk would like for us to believe they are defenders of free speech but are forced to act under pressure from ADL and the like. But this is nonsense. Google that owns Youtube is one of the richest companies in the world. It doesn’t have to listen to ADL. It can do as it wants, which is, of course, what it does. And what it chooses to do is work closely with ADL to push Terms of Services that are conducive to the Only Rule that matters to Tribe: "Is it good for Jews?" or more precisely, "Is it great for Jewish Supremacism?" And it’s not a left vs right issue because Jews on both sides of the political aisle work tirelessly to shut down BDS by means of both business and the state. Incidentally, BDS is mostly aligned with the American Left, but it’s given no latitude by the Zionist monopolists of Google and Facebook who are less ideological and more tribal-supremacist.

Google and Facebook(and other companies) yammer about Terms of Services, but it is THEY who have violated the Terms and Promises. When they were getting started, they wanted to draw everyone in because they wanted to be monopolies. If they had honestly stated from the get-go that they’d favor the Democrats, Globalists, Zionist-Supremacists, Homomania, and etc. at the expense of others, many many people would not have used those services and instead would have sought out alternative services. The ONLY reason why ALL OF US decided to use those services was because Google, Facebook, and the like more-or-less promised us neutrality, fairness, and balance. Google even boasted early on that it would not do ‘evil’. Because people of all stripes trusted Google and Facebook, they signed up for those services on a massive scale, thereby turning them into mega-monopolies that pushed out all competition. But now that they have amassed monopoly powers, what are they doing? They are using their muscle to favor and promote certain voices and viewpoints while suppressing, censoring, and banning others. This is called the Jewish Hustle. It’s like what a pool shark does. He plays the first few games not so well and even loses a few to lure suckers into more games with higher stakes. Google and Facebook Jews conned us. They became monopolies but sucking ALL OF US in on the basis of fairness and neutrality, but once they gained great fortune and power, they decided to use their monopoly muscle to favor certain voices over others.
Furthermore, they’ve betrayed the entire spirit of Youtube and Facebook. Youtube became a thing because, for the first time, ordinary people could become part of the media than mere passive observers. Prior to the internet and effective video-platforms, most people watched TV news and shows made by a handful of corporations, but there was no effective way for them to offer feedback or create their own content. But with advancing video-streaming technology, millions of people were able to become content-creators and share their views. And in some ways, they were advantaged over media ‘mavens’ because they didn’t have a boss telling them what they could or couldn’t say. This freedom made some of the commentary downright loony, but it also meant more freedom for people to speak freely, something that is impossible in ‘mainstream media’ where any reporter or personality who spouts wrongthink can summarily be fired. So, on a host of issues and subjects, the personalities on Youtube and Facebook began to share their views with genuine sincerity. This element of sincerity and courageousness made certain Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter personalities very popular(or notorious), regularly drawing a larger share of the audience than ‘mainstream’ media where most news people and opinion-makers couldn’t step beyond the boundaries set by corporations and official narrative.
That was the whole point of Youtube's appeal. If we should just watch and listen to Corporate News and Shows made by a handful of mega-corporations, why bother with a platform like Youtube or Facebook where the DIFFERENCE is you can gain access to things OUTSIDE the perimeters of corporate and state control? Youtube began as a place where you could upload videos and share your views and share in the views of others just like you who had something to say and could do by making videos. But, what has Youtube been doing lately? It’s rigged search results so that, on any hot, controversial, or contentious topic, just about the only search results it will show are those by corporate news and bogus ‘independent’ content-creators(like the Young Turks) who’ve been tamed by massive funding by the super-rich Jews. Again, what is the point of using Youtube if it’s going to operate just like the Old TV. YOUtube has turned into WEtube, the ‘we’ in this case being oligarchic Zionists and mega-corporations that hog ownership and control of most of the media. They now say, ‘WE’ got the power, and ‘WE’ Zionist oligarchs will work with other Zionist monopolists of the media to control the Platform, Megaphone, and the Narrative. When push comes to shove, Jews prove to be tribalists first and ideologues second. All this stuff about ‘free speech’ and ‘First Amendment’ means nothing to Jews if free exchange of facts, analysis, and opinions threatens the Jewish lock on power.

Of course, the problem isn’t merely Jewish but Cuck-Wasp. Anglo-Americans who once used to rule America handed over power to the Jews so thoroughly and completely that Jewish Power has no effective opposition. When the Founding Fathers formed the new republic, they were careful to implement a system of checks and balances where no person, sector, or branch of government could have total power. But when Wasps handed over power to the Bugs(Busy Urban Globalist Semites, aka Jewish elites), they implemented no standards and methods by which the New Power could be counter-balanced and critiqued. But then, this massive quasi-revolutionary transference of power took place almost stealthily without declaration. It could be a Silent Revolution, Silent Coup, Silent Surrender, and Silent Betrayal because it didn’t happen overnight but over a decade or two. It was dramatic, indeed seismic, but gradual enough for people not to notice, especially when the Jew-run media created the impression that Whites were still in control, not least by using Wasp figureheads & mouthpieces and by getting young people all worked up about ‘white privilege’.
It’s incredible that the Founders were more concerned about the future of the American republic than the late-stage Wasps who handed power to Jews without putting any safety locks in place. To be sure, it would have been risky for late-stage Wasps to sound the alarm as Jews had such control of media and academia when the transference of power happened. Back in the early days of America’s founding, all the organs were controlled by Anglo-Americans who could freely debate the nature of power. But when Jews were taking over, they had near-total monopoly of the media, academia, and the deep state, and it would have been risky for anyone to raise questions about the character of ascendant Jewish Power. Even in the early 70s when Wasps still held the power, Richard Nixon and Billy Graham had to speak secretively about the Jews.

Even though Jews could loudly voice their issues with Wasps, it became deeply contentious and then downright taboo to discuss the problem of Jewish power, personality, and pathologies. Jews could psychoanalyze men like Nixon and raise alarms about the ‘authoritarian personality’(of white goyim, of course), but no one better say anything about Jewish neuroses and pathologies. One thing for sure, late-stage Wasps were most derelict in their duties. Perhaps, it was inevitable that the power would pass over to smarter and more driven Jews, but Wasps, in losing power, could still have created a Culture of Critique(of their own) to scrutinize and expose the dark side of Jewish Power. After all, if Anglo/Germanic Americans(especially those on the Right) were infected with the ‘authoritarian personality’, then one could say Jews carried within them the germ of the radical will(though a compliment in Susan Sontag’s vocabulary) that has caused so many problems around the world(while also leading interesting ideas and propositions).

Anyway, in order to face the rise of censorship in the West, we need to expose and discuss its core source. We need to remind ourselves that it’s not mainly ideological but identito-centric. Essentially, it’s about Jews shutting down any voice they find threatening to Jewish supremacist power. Those who say the ‘left’ or ‘woke capital’ is behind the Culture of Censorship are focusing on the dogs, not on the dog-owner; on the puppets, not on the puppet-master; on the ‘buffers’, not on the guy who is ‘pushing the button’. Besides, the Real Left is deader than the Right. As I’ve said many times before, today’s so-called ‘left’ is just an ‘idological’(idolatry as ideology) front of Jewish Supremacism and Global Capitalism. Big Money and Big Institutions pushed bratty and insipid inanity, triviality, and decadence as the hallmarks of ‘new leftism’ so that Jewish Superpower and Global Capital would NOT come under any real pressure from the populace.
As history has shown, the most effective counterbalance against Big Capital is nationalism and working-class consciousness. Nationalism pressures Big Money to be patriotic and prioritize what is good for the nation-as-a-whole than "what’s in it for ME?" Nationalism binds the elites to a place and people. And worker-consciousness can organize for higher wages and more concessions from the Big Capital class. This is why Big Capital has come to dislike nationalism and worker-consciousness. By undermining nationalism, Big Capital can make more profits by outsourcing jobs and ‘insourcing’ cheaper foreign labor. Furthermore, to erode nationalism even further, the elites say the foreigners must be accepted as ‘New Nationals’ or else it’s ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobic’. Thus, the rich elites, who’d been morally defensive against the demands of nationalists and workers positioned themselves on the moral offensive as the ‘inclusive’ and ‘welcoming’ Good People at odds with ‘closed-minded’ nationalists and ‘petty-minded’ working class folks.
Of course, the rich elites don’t have to bear the brunt of mass Diversity as they, with increasing profits via globalism, can afford to live in the nicest and safest areas. And even if they rub shoulders with Diversity, it is with the quality kind — the most educated and high-earning POC(people of color) — than with the worst dregs of society. Just like rich whites get the Obamas whereas poor whites have to deal with the Mike-Tysons of the world, rich whites(and Jews) rub shoulders with affluent Asians and Hindus(and white Latinos), whereas the poorer whites must deal with the worst elements among the new arrivals. The elites claim to reject nationalism as too small-minded and petty because their hearts and minds are BIG ENOUGH for all the world and all of humanity. But this is utter nonsense because, even as they destroy national walls, they are busy building economic walls of privilege for themselves that are among the most exclusive habitats on Earth. Also, while elitism on a national level is realistic, elitism on a global scale is merely rhetorical. Elites can lead nations, not the world. Thus, those who claim to care about the whole world end up doing nothing for anyone... but themselves. It's like parents who neglect their own kids in the name of helping ALL THE CHILDREN of the world end up doing nothing for anyone; by focusing on all the children, they neglect their own kids, but then, they do nothing for all the children since it's impossible; it just becomes empty pretty talk. This Elysium World of Globosphere was sharply presented in Woody Allen’s BLUE JASMINE.

All these people put on airs of being open-minded even as they live in the most enclosed places on Earth. Their residences are not necessarily gated or walled of physically, but the costs are forbidding enough to keep most people out. Now, if these people were only about piggery and privilege, it wouldn’t be so bad. What makes them insufferable and ultimately intolerable is they have a bogus and conceited air about them. Ooh lala, they are not only rich and privileged but are MORALLY better than the hoi polloi because they are soooooo open-minded and tolerant(especially of fancy-pants homos). It’s really like Marie Antoinette play-pretending to be a shepherdess. It’s like the jerks at Google and Facebook. They rake in all the money from globalism, live in their ultra-posh neighborhoods that exclude most people, and send their kids to the most expensive schools, but they act like they’re so ‘progressive’ because they are so ‘tolerant’ and into ‘diversity’.

And of course, they are into the Holy Three of Jew Worship, Negro Worship(from a safe distance), and Homo Worship. If these people were truly ideological in the leftist sense, they would favor no particular group over others UNLESS the favored group happens to be the masses of workers, the ordinary folks. Leftism was about the People against the Rulers, not about One Particular Group over Other Groups. Now, some may argue that Jews, blacks, and homos had been victimized in history, and therefore, they are deserving of leftist sympathy as ‘oppressed groups’. But if we look back in history, EVERY PEOPLE had been oppressed at one time or other. Also, blacks were big players in the slave trade and did all the capturing and selling to whites(and Arabs). As for Jews, they were as often victimizers as victims. In the 20th century, they were among the greatest victims under Nazism, but they were also among the biggest villains as communists, Zionist-imperialists, finance capitalists, and cultural subversives. As for homosexuality, even though it was repressed for most of human history(and for good reason), homos never constituted a valid social group because a homo could be BORN INTO any family, any nationality, or any class. A homo could be born into a slave-owning family or into a slave family. Also, given their vanity and natural narcissism, homos have often sidled up to the Power in its exploitation of the masses. In this, both Jews and homos have something in common as historic ‘minority collaborators’ with the Ruling Elites that squeezed their own peoples. And today, globalist homos work with Jewish globalist supremacists for World Hegemony, what with Jews as the King and Homos as the Queen.

So, all would-be truth-tellers need to stop calling the Globalists the ‘left’. As I’ve said many times before, it’s giving them too much credit. It only creates the impression that the current Globalist Elites who rule the West and much of the world are on the side of ‘progress’ when their ideology is really but the Regression to the Greed. How can globo-homo issues be ‘leftist’ when homos and trannies make up just a tiny fraction of society, especially a haughty, fussy, arrogant, and ooh-lala one at that. These homos cater to the rich and powerful. To understand homo psychology, watch THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY(with Elizabeth-Warren-lookalike Matt Damon as the homokin) or the psycho-homo played to perfection by Will Patton in NO WAY OUT.

Now, some might argue that being pro-mass-immigration is leftist because it pits the poor(or poorer) masses of the Third World against the richer and ‘more privileged’ whites of the First World. But, in fact, the Diversity of the newcomers make it impossible for them to unite as a bloc against the ruling power that remains Jewish, Homo, and white-cuck-collaborationists. Also, as the newcomers mainly compete with the white hoi polloi, the elites can exploit the tensions of the lower orders while grabbing most of the loot for themselves. The elites know that white-and-nationalist people, out of racial solidarity, will not side with People of Color against Jewish/white elites; they also know that the POC will not rise against the Jewish/white elites who are for mass-immigration. If anything, POC generally side with Jewish/white elites against the white hoi polloi. Also, even if POC,-as-new-nationals, vote for so-called ‘progressive’ politicians, the fact is they don’t get to decide policy. They only supply votes for politicians handpicked by Jewish supremacist elites who make sure their paid-for-whores shill for Jewish interests and Israel uber alles. If ideology really matters in the US, why is there no difference between the GOP and the Democrats in the mindless support for Israel and endless hosannas to Jews? While more of the grassroots Democrats may be sympathetic to Palestinians and BDS Movement, those concerns are NEVER addressed at the upper echelons of the Party where all the key decisions are made. So, the rank-and-file just supply the votes for the puppet-politicians vetted by Jewish Power to be servile to Zion and Jewish globo-homo supremacism. BDS is usually associated with the Left, but it gets ZERO protection from high-powered Democrats. Even Tulsi Gabbard supported the Anti-BDS bill.

The ‘Idology’ of Jews matter more than any ideology in American ‘progressivism’ or ‘leftism’, which is now totally bogus. Now, it may well be that many so-called ‘progressives’ are passionate and sincere in their hysterics, but they are utterly lacking in agency. They have no clue as to who really rules the world, and their minds are so easily molded by the Jewish Hand that has monopoly control of media, academia, deep state, and finance. If ‘progressives’ are so independent-minded, how did they so suddenly lose interest in the working class and become so obsessed over globo-homo issues? It’s because their silly little heads are hardly different from TV sets. Their antennas pick up signal from the Central Command System. So, if TV shows say ‘homo is holy’, the progs are thus programmed. So-called ‘progressives’ really ought to be called ‘programmives’. They are like chorus characters in a Jewish-Homo musical play. If progs lack true agency, Negroes are mostly about URGENCY; they are masterful slaves of their basest instincts for hollering and ‘twerking’. Dominance of urgency essentially robs blacks of real agency because their instincts, sensations, and emotions override any rational and/or reflective understanding of the world. Black soul is a pool of narcissism that blacks endlessly stare into to feed their junglomania. Even a fat, ugly, and stupid black woman has the diva-complex of thinking she be ‘queen of the Nile and shit’.

Now, what would be the most effective way to combat the rise of censorship? First, we must focus on the main source behind it. All honest observers will notice it is Jewish Power. Then, we must fight fire with fire against Jewish Power. We must direct all or at least most of our fire on the Jews. Next, we must ask, "What means are Jews using to shut down free speech?" It is the moral passion of combating ‘hate speech’, speech that is SO BEYOND THE PALE that it mustn’t air freely lest it poison the social ecology. As emotions override reason among many people, especially in relation to sacrosanct matters, there has been a growing number of people who are willing to sacrifice free speech 'absolutism’ in favor of Approved Free Speech(which is really free-speech-in-name-only). Especially among Millennials, a generation raised under PC in schools and pop culture from cradle to school to work, there is a willingness to shut down ‘hate speech’ that supposedly defiles the Holy Three of Jew-Worship, Negro-Worship, and Homo-Worship. Indeed, there are SPECIAL TERMS to defame any view that dares to speak truth to Jews, blacks, and homos: ‘Antisemitism’, ‘racism’, and ‘homophobia’. Granted, ‘racism’ can mean any kind of racial or ethnic bigotry, but it has bite ONLY in relation to blacks because Pop Culture and PC Narrative have instilled so many folks with images of the Magic Negro. Because blacks have been presented as especially tragic and ‘spiritual’, people are more triggered by heresy against Black Worship than by negative things said about most other racial or ethnic groups. Consider how Hollywood got away with all those movies that stereotyped Arabs/Muslims as subhuman terrorists. Or, consider how it’s perfectly okay for Hollywood to stereotype Russians as vile thugs or fan the flames of yellow peril where the Chinese are presented as especially villainous. Thus, so many Millennials grew up with images of holiness that favor blacks over others. Because Millennials and self-righteous PC types(whose minds have been so thoroughly warped by TV and/or academic indoctrination) are so weepy-eyed and holy-schmoly about Jews, blacks, and homos, they would rather sacrifice free speech in the name of banning ‘hate speech’, which is to them what devil-talk was to Christians in the Middle Ages. Even the rational side of man often caves to the power of taboos that is out to snuff the blasphemous. This aspect of progs is often overlooked because of the conceit that ‘liberalism’ is secular and rationalist, therefore opposed to religious dogma. But ideology, especially when laced with ‘idology’, is just a secular variant of theocracy. Whether it was the mass reverence for Marx, Lenin, Stalin, or Mao OR it is the virtual worship of Jews(as Shoah People), blacks(as Magic Negroes), or homos(as fairy-angels of the new era), the same psychological dynamics come into play. The emotional commitment is so powerful that the faculty of reason and true secular/liberal principles break down. Also, such emotions tend to simplify and ‘dichotomize’ any issue that pertains to their notion of the holy. Just like for the true believers of religion, there is God and the Devil, there is for the PC-indoctrinated minions a worldview where the Good is pitted against the Evil. Because of such Manicheanism, even moderate and slightly deviant views could be denounced as wicked. Just like the Pod People in THE INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS cannot tolerate any human — each and every person must be made into a Pod Person! — , PC minions believe they are on the ‘right side of history’ and that anyone who disagrees must either be converted soon enough or condemned as hopelessly ‘hateful’. This is why even moderate ‘rightist’ thinkers like Charles Murray and Heather MacDonald have been hounded by PC loons. In their pathetic but passionate little minds, there is Good and Evil, and they are on the side of the Good. The Evil is lack of reverence for Jews, blacks, and homos. Because the Holy Three is SO IMPORTANT to them, even mildly critical or neutral feelings toward the trinity are deeply suspect and to be condemned. It’s like, for true believers in Religion, there can be no middle ground between Faith and Devil-Worship. To the true believer, the moderate non-believer is hardly different from an outright Devil Worshiper. Because he believes God is so true and holy, those who stand outside the light, even if not vociferously anti-God, must be agents of the Devil. Likewise, PC minions’ faith in Jew Worship, Negro Worship, and Homo Worship is so total as the fashion-passion of the moment that they simply cannot conceive of any goodness or decency outside their vision of the Light. To be on the side of angels, one must condemn any critic of Jews as ‘nazi’, any skeptic of LGBTQ nonsense as ‘homophobic’, and any speaker of truth about blacks as ‘racist’. PC isn’t merely about hostility against what it deems as evil but about rage & exasperation over any lack of requisite enthusiasm for the Holy Three. Middle-ground is not acceptable for PC. You must believe! One mustn’t let facts, reason, and skepticism color one’s views about Jews, MLK & Mandela, BLM(even though blacks usually kill blacks), and globo-homo fruitkins(who are now so holy that ‘gay colors’ now routinely adorn Mainline churches.) Just like narcissists are blind to the world in their obsessive self-worship, moral narcissists of PC are blind to all of reality that don’t conform to their self-esteem as holy-schmoly(if Jews, blacks, or homos) or properly-redemptive-and-atoning(if white and cucky-wuck). Take Ken Burns, aka CucKen Burns, an insufferable dweeb who is so into Negro Worship that he is totally blind to all the trouble blacks make for whites. But then, rich and privileged whites like him can choose to rub shoulders with the Nicer Negroes.
Also, blacks tend to treat rich whites differently from poor ones. The poor ones, they beat up and terrorize, but the rich ones, they flatter and schmooze. This is why rich whites, Democratic or Republican, have a totally different experience of blacks. Not only do they rub shoulders with better kind of blacks but blacks, even lowly ones, tend to behave better around rich ones. After all, if a black guy is a limo driver or receptionist, he is bound to treat rich ‘honkeys’ with respect he would never show to a lowly ‘honkey’. So, the rich ‘honkey’, being accustomed to being treated with respect by blacks, has a far more positive view of blacks than lowly whites do who are disrespected and humiliated. Also, the rich ‘honkey’ feels a certain anxiety complex because he is superior to the Negro in social status but below him in ‘moral status’(according to PC that posits Jews, Negroes, and Homos as the holy three); the reason why so many rich whites, including ‘conzos’, took so quickly to Homos is because homos are ‘holy’ and high-status. When a socially superior rich ‘honkey’ is served by a ‘morally superior’ ‘groid’, the former feels his ‘white guilt’ compounded because, even after all these years, he the whitey is being served by the blacky. So, he feels an added urge to be nice to the Negro and entertain friendly thoughts about blacks in general. In contrast, when a rich white guy is with a rich homo, their social parity makes things a bit smoother.
Anyway, once we have identified the main source that threatens the principle of Free Speech, we need to go on the offensive as well as play defense. No one ever won a war purely by playing defense alone. Even the toughest boxer will eventually be KO’ed by an inferior boxer if he only plays defense. This is why Jews keep winning. They play defense and offense. They defend Israel as their national homeland while attacking the nationalism of goyim. They defend their own identity, legacy, and heritage while impugning the identities, legacies, and heritages of other groups. Jews defend their own right to free speech while denouncing the uses of free speech by their enemies or rivals, real or perceived. When Jewish radicals were hounded by anti-communists in the early 50s, Jews lavishly funded ACLU to defend even anti-American and pro-communist speech(or silence as in taking the fifth) as a means to defend Jewish speech(as so many of the leftist radicals were Jews). Even as Jews were going out on a limb to defend their own liberty and speech rights in the US, many of them were supporting Stalinism in Eastern Europe even though people over there were being denied basic democratic rights and even being imprisoned or executed. Why? Because many of those Stalinist agents were Jewish, and Western Jewry regarded them as fellow tribal brethren. This is how Jews play the game. Nationalism for me but not for thee. Free Speech for me but not for thee. Jews also support gun rights in Israel because a well-armed populace means Jews with Guns. But in the US, Jews oppose gun rights because most guns are in the hands of goyim, especially white conservatives and patriots who tend to be more opposed to Jewish agendas of deracination and degeneracy. So, there you go: Guns for me but not for thee. Jews play defense and offense. They defend what is theirs but go on the offensive against what the Other has.
Now, some may argue that it’s not just the Jews. Non-whites are also opposed to Free Speech and Gun Rights, but then, ask yourself, why this is so. It’s because they’ve come under the influence of Jewish media and academia that tell non-whites that white people’s speech is ‘hate speech’ and that an armed white populace are ‘nazis’. Non-whites, just like so many cucky-wuck whites, are mental clay in Jewish Hands. The source of anti-free-speech-ism is not non-whites but Jews who mold so many minds via their control of institutions and industries. Also, Jews are especially dominant in the Democratic Party, and their main strategy for keeping the diverse and divergent coalition together has been by vilifying whiteness. And that is why so many non-whites have come to regard free speech and gun-rights for whites as problematic. Because Jews told them to see whites as the White Devil, they’ve come to regard white speech as devil-talk and white gun-ownership as the Wehrmacht or the KKK. The real source of white problems is the Jews.
Almost always, your enemy will give you bad advice. He will tell you to do what you shouldn’t do while he himself doesn’t do it, indeed does the very opposite. It’s like the British/Jews told the Chinese to use opium while they banned it in their own domains. You would have to be stupid to give your enemy good advice, which would be like feeding him key information. Now, if Jews regarded whites as allies and friends(as whites have come to see Jews), then Jewish advice might be of value. But the truth is Jews regard whites as the enemy(or main rival), and therefore, it doesn’t matter what whites think of Jews. If Bob sees Bill as a friend but Bill sees Bob as an enemy, Bob’s hospitality and trust will be completely wasted because Bill is committed to bringing Bob down. In the end, what YOU think matters less than what HE thinks of YOU. If HE thinks you suck and should be brought down, no amount of YOUR positive view of him will change the fact that he’s out to get you. Likewise, it doesn’t matter what whites think of Jews. The truth is most Jews see whites as either enemies or rivals... or at best lackeys and servants, certainly not as equals. In the present, whites are so trusting and servile to Jews that they will gladly take on the roles of servants out of their total awe of Jews as brilliant rich folks and Holy Holocaust People. For many whites, Jewishness epitomizes Materiality(money) and Morality. If you’re such a white person, you’re a hopeless and pathetic. Your message to Jews is, "Please don’t hate me, please don’t treat me like an enemy or rival, because all I ever want to do is praise, worship, and serve Jews, Jews, Jews, Israel, Israel, Israel." Such cucks are not even hoping for equality with Jews. They are happy to play the subservient role. It’s like the Charlie Kirks of the world whose big ambition is to be the next John McCain the Cuckaine or Mitt the Shit Romney.
Because the enemy will give you bad advice, indeed quite often the exact opposite of what it does, white people should always have the following rule in mind when dealing with Jews: Do as the Jews do, Disobey what They say. If Jews push ‘white guilt’ on whites, whites must push ‘Jewish Guilt’ on Jews. If Jews push ‘diversity’ on white nations, whites must push ‘diversity’ on Israel. If Jews work with non-whites against whites, whites must work with non-whites, especially Palestinians, against Jews. If Jews shut down white speech as ‘hate speech’, whites must attack Jewish speech as ‘hate speech’. If Jews say ‘antisemitism’ is just horrible, whites must say anti-whitism(the favorite pastime of vile and venal Jews) is totally terrible. Unless whites identify Jews as the main enemy and fight fire with fire, they will lose... as certainly as the Byzantines lost to the Turks. Whites need to go into Reconquista mode that took back Spain from the Moorish invaders. Whites must reconquer what is theirs, and in order to do this, they must seek White National Liberation from Jewish Supremacism.
To fight fire with fire, White Liberation(or White Emancipation or White Independence) from Jewish Supremacism must adopt a Speech Policy that is akin to the Jewish Strategy. Whites must demand a speech code that forbids the defaming or dehumanizing of whites. After all, Turkey has a law that bans insult to Turkey-ness, and Russia has a law that bans denigrating the memory of Russians in World War II. Whites must demand a speech code that forbids any insult to whiteness, any impugning of white memory. Of course, whites will be free to criticize, condemn, and disparage other groups. Whites should call for ‘hate speech laws’ that favor white identity and interests, just like Jews push for ‘hate speech laws’ that favor Jewish identity, Zionism, and their interests. From the Jewish POV, any criticism of Jewish power is ‘hate’. Harsh condemnation of Zionist tyranny over Palestinians is ‘hate’ or ‘antisemitism’, which is why Jews insist that BDS be muted, shut down, and railroaded.
What this shows is that ‘hate speech’ is never a neutral concept. ‘Hate’ is defined by those who control the law. In Turkey, those who insult Turkey-ness are labeled as ‘hateful’, which is why it’s illegal to discuss the Turkish mass-killing of Armenians following World War I. Jews mold the meaning of ‘hate’ to suit their needs. So, all their anti-Wasp and anti-white screeds are not ‘hate’. Jews can defame, dehumanize, and scapegoat whites for all the problems of the world. Indeed, Jews can smear whites much like how Nazis once smeared Jews. All that is not ‘hate’ as far as Jews are concerned. But if any white person shows the slightest hint of white pride or speaks even a bit of truth against Jewish power, that is HATE, say the Jews. This is how Jews play the game. Then, whites must play the same game. Whites must say it must be illegal to insult whiteness. Sure, whites have a checkered history, but then, SO DO ALL OTHER PEOPLES. Why single out the white race as especially guilty or blameworthy for all the problems of the world? This is bigotry and maggotry. Also, what about all the positive contributions that the white race has made for the world? Why not balance the bad with the good? Why dwell so much on white wrongs while never giving credit for white contributions? Such lack of balance goes to show that anti-white dehumanization has become de rigueur in the global debate dominated by Jews. Jews do to whites exactly what they blame the Nazis of having done to them. Jews smear whites as intolerable scum of the Earth UNLESS whites get on their knees and grovel before Jewish Supremacist Power as its cuck-servants. Then and only then are whites tolerated as House Honkeys(if members of the elite) or Field Honkeys(if part of the white hoi polloi). In other words, Jews will not accept whites on an equal basis as a people with sense of identity, illustrious history, and right of destiny. No, Jews regard whites as untermensch, a people who are tolerable only as a slave race. It’s like Nazi German plan for the Russian Slavs was as a race of helots. If allowed to survive, their existence must revolve around serving German ‘Aryan’ interests. Now, there is no need for bad blood between Jews and whites. Both groups could get along, BUT as long as Jews insist on acting the way they do at the moment, whites must push back in kind because otherwise is to risk their survival for all the future. Use the Jewish Way against the Jews. If Jews say, "We believe in free speech but not in ‘hate speech’", say likewise but define ‘hate’ in way that suits white interests. Define ‘hate’ primarily in terms of defaming and dehumanizing whites and furthermore denying the right of pride for all the great achievements made by whites. Also, define ‘hate’ as the neo-imperialist insistence that white people don’t have right of territoriality over their ancient homelands and over nations they built virtually from scratch in North America and Australia. Also, even white self-loathing must be deemed as ‘hate speech’, and the blame must primarily go to the group that did most to instill whites with self-hatred, and of course, the main peddlers of Hate-Whitey Ideology have been the Jews.

Now, some may argue that such ploy would go against the principles of Free Speech, but principles are useless when the Other Side only cares about Power and will do ANYTHING to get what it wants. Principles matter only when (1) all sides commit to the same set of rules and standards or (2) a certain group has the power to enforce the principles on all groups. But the current US is not that kind of country. It’s a nation ruled by Jews whose only ‘principle’ is "Is it good for Jews?" or more accurately, "Is it great for Jewish Supremacism?" Jews violate both rules 1 and 2 of Principle-ism. They don’t care about principles, and they don’t use their dominant power to enforce the same set of principles on all groups, including themselves. Rather, Jews are always busy moving the goal posts to the extent that the US has become a Kafkaesque nation, and ironically enough, the goyim are now like a bunch of Joseph K’s who are toyed around by Jews who control the Castle of Power.

It is only by putting Jews on the moral defensive and threatening their anti-white speech that they will come around to defending free speech(like they once used to when their radical/communist speech was threatened and when they sought to legalize pornography). Why should Jews defend free speech when they have control over the levers of media & academia and when their anti-white speech is not only protected but part of official dogma? Generations of kids, white and non-white, have been raised to the catechism of Blame-Whitey-for-Everything. And white elites, out of craven cowardice and/or outdated sense of magnanimity, put up with all the anti-white garbage. They sense that they must go along with anti-white dogma in order to keep their privileged positions under Jews as the ‘good whites’. Also, old habits die hard. Just like it took time for it to sink in among aristocrats that their days are numbered, white elites(especially the Wasps) had been so used to having the power that many still carry on with the illusion that they are the ruling class of America. Of course, Jews like to sustain such illusions to (1) to hide their power behind the facade of Wasp privilege, thereby making whites the magnet of most criticism(as in "Hollywood-So-White") and (2) to flatter white cuck-collaborators who, having lost their power, have little left but to cling to their title as the Ruling Class. Because white cuck-collaborators still have a lot of money and privilege(if not much influence and real power), they have a bad habit of conflating their own white privilege with the condition of all whites who are NOT privileged; indeed, many whites are now suffering terribly from loss of work, drug addiction, integration with thuggish Negroes, and mass replacement by foreigners.

We need a new movement that is not for the principle of free speech but for shutting down ‘hate speech’ that defames and dehumanizes whites. The position should be, "While it's fair to criticize wrongs and abuses committed by whites, it is NOT ACCEPTABLE to speak of whites as especially burdened with guilt and blame." After all, such is the Jewish line. Jews will say it’s okay for people to criticize Zionism and Jewish abuses, but it’s wrong to say everything Jewish is bad or to blame everything on Jews. (Of course, Jews even denounce mild criticism of Jewish bad behavior as ‘antisemitic’.) What’s good enough for Jews should be good enough for whites. Also, whites must put Jews on the moral defensive by decrying Zionism as ‘hate speech’ that led to the destruction and ‘genocide’ of the Palestinians by means of immigration-invasion. Whites should balance the good/great elements of Jewish history/culture with the dark side, such as Jewish role in communism, radicalism, subversion, criminality, and financial theft. And if Jews bitch about evil white history, whites should point out how Jewish finance played its part in the Western Imperialist ventures. Jewish History is inseparable from 'white supremacism' because Jews were co-partners in the Western Conquest of the World, even going so far as to play a key role in the Latin American slave trade and selling opium to the Chinese under British Imperialist protection. Also, to the extent that Jewish immigrants worked alongside white immigrants to eradicate the American Indians from the Great Plains, Jews also took part in ‘genocide’ of the natives. And to the extent that Jews and their money played some role in the making of the new empires and nations of the New World, Jews are no less ‘guilty’ of the slave trade. Despite Jewish kvetching about ‘white supremacism’, Jews have been tailing ‘white supremacists’ all over the world to make their fortunes. Jews tagged behind Anglos to make tons of money in the diamond mines of South Africa. Wherever Anglo, Spanish, Portuguese, and French imperialists went, Jews followed as financiers, merchants, and investors. Jews exploited every opportunity made possible by ‘white supremacist’ conquerors of the world. And Jews pressured and bribed ‘white supremacist’ Great Britain and Europe in general to aid in the Zionist project that targeted the brown Palestinians for destruction, replacement, and erasure. It isn't very difficult to push Jews into a morally defensive posture. And if Jews bitch about the Shoah(aka Holocaust), remind the world of how Jews played a key role in communism that led to the deaths of millions all over the world. Only when the pushy Jews are pushed back and their rights of speech are threatened, only then will Jews come around to defending free speech. When Jews defended free speech in the past, some thought it was out of principle. But it was just opportunism. When dealing with such people, we need to shelve principles and fight fire with fire.

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