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Luke Ford disingenuously posits Alt-Right’s Obsession with JQ(Jewish Question) is grounded in Animus towards Jews Caring for their Own Kind — Ford has it Upside Down; the Real Problem is Jewish Power will not tolerate Goyim, especially Whites, caring for their own kind

Luke Ford’s comment is at 29:00 of the following Video:

Invoking John Mearsheimer’s THE GREAT DELUSION(that argues that humans are naturally tribal and, therefore, nationalism will overcome liberalism in any real conflict), Luke Ford reiterates a common theme of his. He agrees that humans are naturally tribal, and all groups think of themselves as ‘special’ or ‘superior’(at least in some ways). Before we address the main topic of JQ, are Mearsheimer and Ford correct about the indomitable power of tribalism? If tribalism is so strong and resilient, why did most cultures fade from history, essentially merging or surrendering to other cultures? Among all the cultures of the Ancient World, how many survived? Isn't Jewishness just about the only one?
Now, while tribalism is natural to all groups, the us-versus-them mechanism may not always play along tribal or national lines. Despite tribal feelings, other considerations may take precedence. For example, all people naturally want fun in their lives but may well delay gratification because they are also naturally rational & calculating and may choose to work for long-term interest than for fun-fun-fun in the moment. There are competing natures, and everyone undergoes inner-conflict because one part of his nature tells him to do ‘this’ while another part of ‘nature’ tells him to do that. It’s like humans are both naturally ‘capitalist’ and ‘socialist’. There is a part of us that wants gain for self-interest but also a part of us that wants to be belong to a community and share. Despite their ideological polarities, libertarianism and communism have one thing in common in assuming that human nature must be either totally individualist or totally socialist.
In the case of tribalism, yes, it is natural, but is it the most powerful force in the world? Or, will people readily betray tribalism for individual gain, material advantage, hedonism & excitement, worship of power, and/or self-righteous vanity? Consider the areas of sex. If tribalism is so powerful, why do so many black men go with white women over black women? Isn’t it because they find white women to be more attractive and thus more pleasurable? Likewise, isn’t jungle fever about white female desire for the Negro with bigger dong, more muscle, and stronger voice? Why have so many white people rejected their own musical heritage for rap, reggae, soul, and other black or black-inflected music? Isn’t it because they find more thrill and excitement in black stuff? Why do many Asian-American women go with white men than yellow men? Isn’t it because they find more pleasure in being with white men who are deemed more attractive? And if Asian-American men had higher market value, might not they also favor white women over yellow ones given the global tendency to idolize white beauty standards? And consider immigration. Isn’t it a form of betrayal? When people emigrate to another nation, especially for permanent resettlement, they are shifting not only their bodies but their loyalties to a new political, economic, cultural, and demographic entity. So many parents all over the world are willing to move to the US, Canada, and Australia, raise their kids with English(than their native tongues), and pledge loyalty to the Anglo-Zionist Empire. Why would this be IF tribalism is the most powerful force on the planet? Look at Japanese-Americans in the US. They are completely deracinated and racially mixed. Around the world, it’s not uncommon for the majority in certain nations to say that, given the choice, they would love to permanently move to another nation... which are usually the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and European nations. So, even if they do have a tribal bone in their body, their desire for more money, access to white people(as better managers or sex-mates), hunger for more land & property, and fascination with power(as US and the West still dominate the world) trump their sense of racial-national loyalty. Look how fast Syria and other Muslim nations emptied when Angela Merkel said EU would welcome them with open arms. All those millions ran to the West for ‘more stuff’ while forgetting all about their own people and culture. Tribalism may be natural and offer a kind of security of identity and territory, but it’s not very fun nor materially rewarding in and of itself. You can be the most patriotic person in your nation, but that sentiment alone won't earn you a dime. After all, at most times, we are looking for food, fun, and ‘more stuff’. We are not thinking about "what am I?", "who are my people?", or "what is my heritage"? We want the next good meal, the next fun movie, the next ‘cool’ thing to do. Tribalism has long-term value but offers little of use, utilitarian or hedonistic, in the moment. Tribalism is very effective as a collective force — Jews working together for Zionism or Turks uniting for Turkish pride — but means little to the individual caught up in his daily life of work/struggle(mainly for material gain) and fun/leisure(for relief from weariness of life). Also, tribalism may be weaker, at least when food is plenty, than the feeling that comes from feeling righteous. (Tribalism is most potent when people don't have much to share in terms of food, land, and resources with the Other. It is then that they instinctively come together as a community to defend 'what is ours' against THEM.)
Now, in the LONG RUN, tribalism may be more resilient than righteousness(of ideology, hysteria, or fashion) because tribalism is merely about BEING whereas righteousness is about BEING-RIGHT. Because righteousness is a stronger and more aggressive emotion than tribalism(that tends to be wary and defensive), it can override tribalism in the short-term of history, but precisely because hot passions tend to burn out, tribalism often makes a comeback after the ideological fire has gone out. (The Ideal regresses to the Real. But then, the Regression to the Real doesn't necessarily mean upsurge of tribalism that, like Idealism, requires some degree of investment toward unity and commitment. Above all, the Real favors material interest for the individual, which is why 'liberal democratic capitalism' has caught on like fire as the most effective means to either enrich oneself or to gain proximity to those with wealth.) This was the case with the so-called Russian Revolution(that just as easily could have been called the Anti-Russian Revolution). Many of the revolutionaries were not only non-Russian but anti-Russian(especially true among Jews, Latvians, Poles, and etc.) and regarded the radical transformation as a means to destroy and curb Russian Imperial power, from whose ashes a new order would arise based on impassioned commitment to ‘social justice’. Also, great many Russians joined the revolution because they figured the Bolshevik promises of Land, Bread, and Peace were more important than nationalism and loyalty to the Tsar(and then to the patriotic Provisional Government). Also, many were spellbound by communist propaganda. Thus, material interests and righteous fervor overrode tribalism and nationalism. But in the end, the revolutionary fire burned out, and while there is no more communism, Russia still remains. One may say Russian Tribalism won out in the long run, but consider the costs in the radical interim: Millions(if not tens of millions) of destroyed lives, rise of police state, mass terror on an unprecedented scale, the brainwashing of generations of youths, ideological dogmatism, and one-party totalitarianism. It’s like, even if the forest will naturally regrow again, we cannot underestimate the destruction brought upon by forest fires. The Maoist ideological madness eventually subsided and blew over in China, but consider all the damage it did to the people, economy, and culture in its rampage phase.
It may well be that the current White PC-SJW madness will blow over, but it's been doing considerable harm for nearly two decades. Worse, the harm may be permanent because of massive demographic changes. If the demography remains constant, no amount of lunacy can permanently forestall the return of tribalism or nationalism. Maoism killed a lot of Chinese, but China remained the land of the Chinese, and a kind of nationalism resurfaced. Likewise, despite the tremendous human costs of Stalinism, not to mention all the deaths from the Nazi-German invasion of World War II, the fact is Russia-Proper of the Soviet Empire remained majority-Russian, thus facilitating the re-emergence of Russian nationalism after the fall of communism and the lost years of Boris Yeltsin when Jewish globalist oligarchs ran just about everything.
In contrast, something is happening in the West along with the crazy ideological fashions that may PERMANENTLY cripple and destroy traditional American nationalism based on European Heritage. Or consider Canada. If it remains mostly a white nation as it passes through ridiculous ideological fashions(such as globo-homo madness), one can be pretty sure that there will be a return of the national-conservative equilibrium. But Canada is reveling in ideological idiocy at a time of massive demographic change. Indeed, the main goal of that ideological idiocy is to fundamentally alter the racial demographics of Canada. That being so, if and when white Canadians FINALLY realize their ideology was stupid, the damage they’ve done will be irreversible. Demographic Imperialism is different from communism. As problematic as communism has been, it did not aim to demographically change the Core Population. Whatever gripes Poles may have had against communism, it kept Poland Polish. So when communism was finally swept into the dustbin of history, Poland remained Poland. In contrast, the new mad ideology of the West, that of Diversity-Worship and Immigration-Invasion, won't merely fill up minds with stupid ideas or turn back the economy. Its aim is to permanently replace the core populations of white nations(of Europe) or white-founded-and-made nations(of the Americas and Australia) with masses of non-white globalist leeches and parasites. And for this reason, Diversinoma(Diversity as Cancer) is many times more dangerous than communism. As Diversinoma is pushed most heavily by Jewish globalist-Zionist capitalists, we need to consider the true character of Jewishness, Zionism, globalism, and capitalism.
One thing for sure, it seems the reason why so many white people have chosen to turn against their own kind is due to (1) feely-good righteous passion (2) addiction to pleasure. As they were raised by PC in schools and via Jewish-controlled TV & Mass-Media, so many white people(and this includes majority of ‘conservatives’ as well) have been made to idolize the Magic Negro, place Shoah at the center of history, bellyache over ‘white guilt’(as the highest redemptive expression open to whites), and chant mantras about Diversity(when they are not bending over backward[and forward] to Globo-Homo). But other than virtue-high that comes with self-righteous PC, there is the white addiction to black music, black-dominated sports, and black sex(either as jungle fever among white women or cuck-behavior among white men) that have turned so many whites into sensual-slaves to the ‘cool’ and ‘badass’ Masterful Negro. Considering that even many white ‘conservatives’ go out of their way to show that they really really love blacks and that ‘Democrats are the real racists(and Anti-Semites)’, it goes to prove that tribalism can be overridden by other passions that are more in-and-of-the-moment. Most people are more about Will-to-Cower than Will-to-Power. They gladly fall into awed rapture of what is deemed Most Powerful. Just like so many people are willing to ditch their own nations, peoples, and cultures and come to the US and be part of the Lone Superpower, so many whites are eager to worship the Negro as the superior race of sports, music, and sex(and of course, the reason why homos have become such an object of fashion-passion is because they are associated with creativity, privilege, and power; it's all about hierarchy, not equality).
Anyway, returning to the main issue at hand, it appears Luke Ford is consciously or subconsciously not facing up to the truth about Jewish Identity and Tribalism. JQ or Jewish Question is NOT upset over the fact that Jews care about their own kind, their own history, culture, identity, and etc. If anything, non-Jews have long admired(and even envied) Jews for their longevity and tenacity to survive against all odds. The Real Problem is that of POWER, INTENSITY, and HYPOCRISY, especially in the context of America, the sole superpower that more-or-less dominates the world.

First, let's consider the issue of Power. While it may be true that various groups in America care about their own kind, obviously the level of power will determine the implications and consequences of such ethno-centrism. For example, let’s suppose Fat Hawaiians and Jews are equally ethno-centric. The thing is Fat Hawaiians have NO power, whereas Jews have tremendous power, especially with their near-monopolistic control over media, academia, finance, and etc. This monopoly control can be direct or indirect. Not only do Jews own many top law firms, high-tech firms, Wall Street firms, and the like but they use organizations like ADL, SPLC, and AIPAC to pressure even non-Jewish owned firms to comply with Jewish supremacist demands. isn’t Jewish-owned but chose to bow under pressure from the Jewish Lobby. Because Jews elevated Shoah or Holocaust to the status of New Religion, they have god-like powers to issue decrees that must be obeyed by rich and powerful non-Jews... lest they be accused of ‘antisemitism’ associated with, of course, Nazism. And so, Amazon no longer sells THE CULTURE OF CRITIQUE by Kevin MacDonald even though it is a very important book. Also, as Jews have come to dominate elite schools and control mass media, many goyim have been effectively brainwashed since grammar school to toe the Jewish line on just about anything; they’ve been led to believe that anything disapproved by Jews must be ‘hateful’. If Jewish power were limited to a small or weak nation, it wouldn’t matter. It'd be a Jewish thing among Jewish people. But as Jewish Power is the most powerful power in the US as the most powerful country on Earth, it makes little sense to say that Jews are no different in their ethnocentrism from other groups. After all, Eskimos can decide to be 100x more ethnocentric than the Jews, but it won’t make any difference to the rest of us because they have NO power in any of the institutions and industries that profoundly impact our lives. It’s like, even if every boy were a natural bully, the big kid’s bullying nature will matter helluva lot more than the small kid’s. While both big bully and little bully may want to bully, the big bully is going to get a lot more leverage out of bullying than the little weakling.

Secondly, there is the matter of INTENSITY, especially in the context of assimilationist America. Given that America’s emphasis, at least since the great era of Mass Immigration in the early 1920s, has been the Melting Pot, the fact is most Americans of all groups have grown markedly less ‘identitarian’ or tribal in their outlook. Most German-Americans don’t speak German and don’t care anything about Germany. They are just ‘Americans’. Same could be said for most Italian-Americans who hardly care about the mother country. Irish-Americans used to care about Old Ireland, but both Irish-Americans and Irish in Ireland have become a bunch of deracinated cucks and jungle-feverites(not least because they’ve come under the influence of Globo-Homo-Afro culture pushed by the Jewish media and globalist power). Asian-Americans assimilate rapidly into American culture. Japanese-Americans hardly exist as an identity or tribal group. Majority of Japanese-American women married white men, and Japanese-American men keep their heads low. The most famous Japanese-American thinker, Francis Fukuyama, is a tool of the Neocons and a fervent pusher of globalism, even going so far as to urge mass immigration-invasion on Japan.
Anglo-Americans, for the most part find, ‘racism’(especially among their own kind) to be the gravest of sins and spend more time pissing on the graves of their ancestors than sticking up for their own kind. Your average Anglo, even in the GOP, is more likely to be ‘triggered’ by "It’s Okay to be White" than express pride in identity and race.
Then, it’s simply not true that every group in America equally thinks itself ‘special’ or ‘superior’. By and large, most East Asians and groups from Latin America are without identity or pride. Japanese, Koreans, and Vietnamese in America are just becoming part of America, for good or ill. As for Latin Americans, there is a huge divergence between Latin whites and ‘Latin’ browns, though the line between white and brown is murky among those people. Also, there is hardly any commonality among Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Cubans, Guatemalans, and etc. The ONLY issues that bind all ‘Latinos’ together is the desire for More Immigration(so that more of their kind can come to leech off gringo or yanqui, not least because their own nations are so corrupt and backward) AND acting all butt-hurt as the losers in the Anglo-Hispanic struggle for hegemony in the Americas. Anglos obviously won(before they lost to Jews as the New Elites of the World Empire) and have Pride of Victory, and so, ‘Latinos’ have clung to Nobility of Victim-hood as compensation and 'moral' weapon. (It’s also a handy way by which Latin Whites can divert the rage/resentment of browns[who are NOT ‘Latin’ in race or origin] toward ‘Yanquis’ or ‘Gringos’ away from themselves despite the fact that Latin America is the creation of ‘Latin’ Spanish and Portuguese Imperialists.) Even Muslim 'identity' is far from clear in the US as it is not race-based. A Muslim can be Arab, Asian, African, white, or whatever. So, despite occasional outbursts of radical Muslim violence, there is hardly a united Muslim community in the US. Pakistani Muslims have little in common with Muslims from Palestine or Somalia. Indeed, Palestinian Muslims are more likely to feel closer to Arab Christians, just like Pakistani Muslims are more likely to get along with Hindu Americans(despite the dire Indo-Pakistan tensions that exist to this day).

So, the intensity of Jewish identity and tribalism in the US is something of an exception than the rule. The ONLY groups with identities as powerful are the blacks and the Hindus, but blacks don’t control the elite institutions and industries(and if anything, must depend on Jewish money, which is why most black elites are shuffling ho-de-doing Cuckamungas of the Jews), and Hindus, despite their success and riches, are nowhere near Jews in power and influence. On Luke Ford’s very own show, the Jewish guests Kyle Rowland and Halsey English are very ethnocentric and identity-conscious, whereas ‘Monsieur’ the ‘Chinaman’ is a deracinated yellow dog who sucks up to whites and routinely badmouths his own kind. One may argue that ‘right-wing’ Jews are more tribal than ‘left-wing’ Jews, but in the world of power-politics and power-economics, we see no real difference between Jewish Democrats and Jewish Republicans on the issue of Jewish identity, Jewish power, Zionism, and Israel. How is Chuck Schumer any different from ‘right-wing’ Jews like Bret Stephens and William Kristol when it comes to Jewish pride and Zionism?
Thirdly and possibly most important is the matter of Jewish HYPOCRISY when it comes to identity and pride. Contrary to Ford’s contention that the ‘14/88' and Alt-Right communities simply cannot stand the sight of Jews caring for other Jews, the real problem is Jews cannot abide by goyim, especially whites and Palestinians, caring about their own kinds. If Jews were fair-minded about this and said, "Okay, we Jews will prioritize Jewishness while you various goyim prioritize your own ethnicity and heritage", there would be no need for JQ. That way, Jews could push for Jewish interests, Palestinian-Americans could push for their own interests, and white Americans could focus on issues and agendas that matter most to themselves. Then, the US would be a multi-identitarian nation, with each group pursuing its own particular interests. Of course, all groups would have to abide by certain shared standards and principles. For example, all groups should have equal protection under the law, same rights of free speech & free assembly, and same access to institutions of power on the basis of ability and meritocracy.
But, is this how Jews play the game? Jews have ADL to raise concerns about anti-Jewish expressions, but would Jews tolerate a white organization that focuses attention on all the anti-white filth that comes especially from blacks, Jews, and POC(brainwashed by Jewish media and academia)? How would Jews react to a white version of AIPAC that calls on US politicians to support white security, white pride, and white survival in Europe? Jews would scream ‘Nazi’. So, Jews organize to pressure and purchase US politicians to support the state of Israel and sing hosannas to Jews, Jews, Jews, but Jews will do everything to suppress even the slightest sign of white identity and consciousness, such as "It’s Okay to be White." Then, it should be obvious that Jews are not for multi-identitarianism or poly-identitarianism. They are for MONO-Identitarianism whereby Jews and ONLY Jews get to defend, promote, and celebrate their identity, culture, history, and future.
But it’s even worse than that. Even as Jews demand that white people suppress their own identity(or identities based on ethnic pride) on account that identity-politics is ‘racist’, they also demand that whites do everything in their means to praise Jewishness and support Israel, a nation defined by Zionism that has gone from nationalist to imperialist mode. And even as Jews insist that they, as proud Jews, have every right UNDER CONSTITUTIONAL LAW to push for Jewish and Zionist interests, they deny that very same right to Palestinian-Americans who aren't allowed to use the full force of BDS to organize a movement calling for a worldwide boycott against the Occupation of West Bank and massacres in Gaza by IDF death squads. So, according to the twisted logic of Jews, it is American-as-apple-pie for Jews to enjoy rights to defend and bolster their own ethnic-tribal interests, BUT the same rights must be denied to the Palestinian-American community. So, Jews in America(in coordination with World Jewry) can organize all they want and raise tons of funds to pressure American politicians to sanction and destroy the economies of nations(such as Iran, Syria, and Russia) hated by Jews and/or Israel, BUT Palestinians are blocked from voicing views and taking actions to raise awareness of the Zionist imperialist Occupation of West Bank, the last substantial remaining Palestinian territory.
What does Luke Ford have to say about this? It should be obvious to any fair-minded observer that the problem is not Jews having Jewish-consciousness or using Jewish power to serve Jewish goals; the REAL problem is Jews have immense power and use every trick in the book, legal and extra-legal, to ensure that their own tribal interest overrides all other tribal interests(indeed, even in the hearts and souls of goyim).

Furthermore, Jewish tribalism isn't merely national but imperialist and hegemonic. It's not just about Jews caring about Jewish matters but Jews using their wealth and influence to make non-Jews support Jewish causes and interests above those of their own and other goyim. For instance, I'm sure Greek-Americans have certain interests as they relate to their mother country. So, they get together, raise funds, and do whatever they can within their own community to serve their ethnic interests. It's a Greek-American and Greek thing that do not affect the rest of us. We don't see US politicians going before a Greek version of AIPAC and pledging total obedience to Greece or spouting specious sentiments like 'Greece is our closest ally'. The difference between Greek-Americans and Jewish-Americans is that Greeks keep their ethnic issues to themselves. It's Greek stuff for Greeks. In contrast, Jews not only serve their own interests but buy off, blackmail, or otherwise pressure goy politicians, clergy, and celebrities to support Israel uber alles and praise Juden uber alles. Jews don't just take care of their own Jewish business but make it the business of non-Jews who are routinely pressured(to the point of coercion by threats and blackmail) to suck up to Jews. Most groups think in terms of "You prioritize your people, and we'll prioritize our people", whereas Jews think in terms, "We'll prioritize our people, and YOU prioritize our people."
There have been several articles of how AIPAC works as essentially a strong-arm thug scheme of Jewish Power. It goes to politicians and makes an offer they can't refuse: Sign a unconditional pledge of support for Israel or else lose the next election where massive Jewish money will go to the opponent who will also get favored coverage from the mass media that are monopolized by uber-Zionist oligarchs.

So, let's cut out the bull. Luke Ford is a smart guy, and he knows what is going on. For him to say that the JQ(or Jewish Question) is about griping over Jews caring for their own kind is totally bogus. The real problem is Jews feel free to pursue their own interests but deny that right and opportunity to others, especially Palestinians whose BDS movement has been UNCONSTITUTIONALLY blocked by government, both federal, state, and municipal. And notice the near-total silence about this injustice from both 'liberals' and 'conservatives' alike. Also, Jews are now in supremacist mode and are no longer merely content with tribal security/survival. They crave hegemony over all the world, and Jews know they can create and maintain such a system ONLY IF whites shelve their own identity and interests in favor of serving Jews as the Master Race. Just like British Imperialism promoted British national identity & pride but suppressed such consciousness among their subject peoples, such as Asian-Indians, the current Jewish World Power does the same to goy subjects. British Imperialists understood that the rise of Asian-Indian nationalism would inspire Hindus to ask, "Why should we serve 'Queen and Country' when we, as Indians, should be focusing on our own identity, our history, our pride, and our land?" So, the British suppressed Indian nationalism that took decades to gain independence. Likewise, Jews know they don't have the numbers to rule the world on their own. They need the support, indeed obedience, of white goyim as horse-dog-cattle, and that is why Jews forbid whites from having white identity(that is defamed by the Jew-run media and deep state as 'white supremacism') because once whites think and act like Jews — putting their own racial, tribal, or ethnic interests first — , they will no longer prioritize "Is it good for Jews?" and may even regard Jewish tribal demands to be harmful and deleterious to the white race. Just like British Imperialists feared Indian National Liberation from the Empire, Jews fear White National Liberation from Jewish globo-homo Imperial hegemony. That is why Jews, who are the real supremacists in today's world, hypocritically defame others as 'supremacist'. As far as Jewish globo-homo imperialists are concerned, whites-going-their own-way(WGTOW) is threatening because, without white cuck managers, builders, and soldiers, the Jew World Order or the Empire of Judea will crumble. Indeed, could all those Wars for Israel in Iraq, Libya, and Syria have been possible IF whites thought of their own interests first? Would white Americans support the Jewish Cold War on Iran and Russia IF they really thought honestly about their own interests? Of course not. Jews have gotten their way because they suppressed white identity & consciousness and made white hearts & minds subservient to Jews as the god-race that knows best and must be obeyed at every turn.

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