Thursday, September 19, 2019

Gaysterics surrounding the Toronto Chick-Fil-A Opening exposes Gaysteria for what It's Really About: Hysterical 'Gays' push Compulsory Worship of Globo-Homo-Mania: Obey the Gay — Homo Hysterics and Nastiness suggest Homos should be called 'Vicious' than 'Gay', but then, those who are most Delicate and Precious tend to be Most Intolerant of Those who Refuse to bow before them — A form of Neo-Aristocratism as Mix of Pop Culture and Preening PC

The mentality behind Globo-Homomania is on full display in Toronto's opening of a Chick-Fil-A restaurant. Homos, trannies, and the deracinated straight worshipers of Homomania, aka Queertianity, are out in full force throwing tantrums and hysterics like it's the end of the world. Now, why would this be? Does Chick-Fil-A include in the orders of Chicken Sandwiches messages such as "Kill All Faggots" or "Queers Are Subhuman"? Do they have a policy of not hiring people because they happen to be homo? Will they not sell chicken sandwiches to assboys who indulge in fecal-penetration or to trannies who are planning to undergo penis-cutting to get fake 'vaginas'? No, it's none of the above. The great 'sin' or transgression of Chick-Fil-A in the eyes of the rapturous beholders of Dick-Fill-Ass is that it is (1) owned and operated by devout Christians and (2) believes in the true meaning of marriage as being between a man and a woman, one where real biology intersects with moral obligations.
The sheer hysteria of the reaction is a sure sign that the West is sick beyond belief. It's problematic enough for a society to tolerate excessive decadence and degeneracy, but as long as such are only being tolerated, there is at least the understanding that those aren't the standard-bearers of public morality. Instead, there's an understanding that a modern democracy must make for freedoms even if they aren't particularly moral or decent. But when the very agents of immorality, deviance, irresponsibility, self-indulgence, vanity, narcissism, perversion, and lunacy are allowed the moral high ground and righteous rage, there is something truly wrong at the core of society. Worse yet, when perversion is even consecrated as a matter of sanctity, then society has gone utterly batshit crazy, and that's where US, Canada, and EU are at this moment... largely thanks to the Power of Jews as objects of worship.

What is the Jewish connection in all this? When white people decided Jews, as the Holy Holocaust People, are infinitely wise, moral, spiritual, and all-knowing, it became virtually taboo to question Jewish proposals and agendas. Whatever the Jews wanted, they got, and as Jews kept on pushing for Queertianity to replace Christianity and for the abnormal to serve as the New Normal, whites just went along because, of course, Jews Know Best. After all, questioning Jews might be 'antisemitic', and that must mean you're a damned crypto-Nazi. Of course, it also helped that Jews have shitloads of money and control the academia/media. With money, they can buy any number of cuck-goy-whores to do their bidding. With control of academia, they shape the minds of young ones; Jews need not control all universities as 99% of academia take their marching orders from a few elite ones. With control of Media, Jews decide who gets to work in the information-and-communications industry, and invariably, it's the globo-homo-brainwashed whores of Zion. One thing for sure, when a people become deracinated, de-spiritualized, and hollowed out, they become so EASY. Easy to dupe, easy to manipulate, easy to control, easy to use like dogs. White people, having lost their sense of roots, spirituality, and morality, are now so EASY, mere putty in the hands of Jews. It's so pathetic.
Now, what is most insane about Gaysterics or 'gay' hysteria is its rabid and delirious tendency to hyperventilate about ANY argument or position that isn't totally conducive to their demands as the End of the World. Ironically, the very people who condemn binary-thinking in 'gender' are super-binary in their conception of Good and Bad. Indeed, they believe themselves to be not only Good but oh-so-very-great and holy-shmoly. And the other side that refuses to an unconditional surrender to all their demands isn't merely bad or wrong but downright evil. They think in 'Good War' terms of World War II where the Bad Guys were so bad that they deserved to be literally annihilated unless they agreed to total unconditional surrender. These rabid homos want to politically, morally, and spiritually nuke anything that won't bend over to their deviance and perversion as the New Normal. So, there can be no compromise or mutual understanding. Tolerance and legal protections to be homo and do homo things in their own space aren't enough for them. No, there must be compulsory proselytization of Globo-Homo-mania and Queertianity as the Neo-Religion or Mass Cult for all the peoples of the world.
In some ways, such worldview makes sense given that trashy and shallow Pop Culture has become the core culture of most people in the West. Having grown up idolizing vapid celebrities who adore homos who fashion their hair and airbrush their image, nothing matters more to current Western Culture than vanity, narcissism, hedonism, and self-indulgence. Then, it's hardly surprising that homos, who are well-known for their shameless flamboyance and precious glamour-strutting, should become the Face of the West. Homos are so full of flagrant self-worship as well as fragile self-pity — but then the two things go together as the self-worshipful are 'triggered' by those who won't join in the worship of them — that they throw a fit if people don't agree that what they do is the greatest thing since sliced bread(or baked buns). Imagine a fat ugly woman with a diva mentality. She thinks herself so hot & gorgeous, and simply cannot tolerate anyone who speaks the truth that she is fat and ugly. Homos are that way, and it seems trannies are even worse. Tranny men(or men-pretending-to-be-women) seem truly baffled as to why men are not attracted to them. The idea that men don't like fake 'women' who look masculine and have dongs or fake vaginas never comes up their radar because their pathological narcissism jams any view or notion that runs counter to their diva-like self-worship. Then, it's not so difficult to understand why homos and trannies are flipping out in Toronto. It's not about feeling threatened for their lives or losing their individual rights in a modern democracy. It's about being outraged that a business and its customers dare to espouse the view that homos are not holy, true marriage and real family shouldn't be associated with homo-fecal-penetration & tranny-penis-cutting, and that a healthy & decent society should not be promoting and pushing Globo-Homo-Mania, aka LGBTQXYZ as some kind of mass cult or neo-religion.

The fact that homos are now pushing 'gay' colors into churches and even mosques goes to show that the Homo Agenda hasn't merely been a secular struggle for individual rights for homos. Homos, like Jews and blacks, are especially self-centered, self-worshiping, self-pitying, and megalomaniacal. Just like it's not enough for Jews to be equal with goyim, it's not enough for homos to have the same legal protections as everyone else. No, homos and trannies demand that entire rules and laws be altered and perverted so that they will be favored over other peoples. Seriously, if homos are all about 'equality', why don't we shut down entire streets to celebrate real sexuality and straight people, aka NSMFR(Normal, Straight, Male, Female, Real). Or how about having massive street parades celebrating incest or same-family-sex? Why aren't people ragging about 'incestophobia'? Why don't we have massive S&M pride marches? Why is our society so fixated on homos(and trannies who are protected by homos who are, in turn, protected by Jews)? It's not about equality but homo supremacy. It's like Jews bitch about white identity and do everything to shut down BDS, but all politicians and Americans-of-status must bow before Zion and sing hosannas to Jews/Israel at AIPAC Conferences. Jews and Homos are NOT about equality but hegemony and supremacy. Indeed, one reason why Jews pushed the homo agenda was because they believe that homo minority-elite-supremacism will complement Jewish minority-elite-supremacism. You see, Jews are always thinking and strategizing in terms of "Is it good for Jews?" or "Is it Great for Jewish Supremacism?" This is why homo vanity is especially out of control. It is the spoiled brat princeling of the Jewish king. It knows it has the protection of Jews, the most powerful people in the world.

While it's true that homos in the past unduly faced persecution as the result of misunderstanding of homosexuality as a Mental Illness(by the medical-psychological community), overt religious hostility, and/or bullies picking on 'faggots' as easy targets, we mustn't lose sight of the fact that there is something about homo-personality and tranny-personality that makes many, even most, homos and trannies very problematic in their attitude and behaviors. Even though homos and trannies made social gains by spewing forth about 'equality', the thing is homos and trannies feel special, even superior to the rest. Homos see themselves as whoopity-doo natural aristocrats; they are so vain that the likes of Tim Cook thinks that his homo-fecal-penetrative behavior is blessed by god. So, bung-donging is not a sin but a win. As for trannies, it seems many, indeed most of them, consider themselves 'more woman' than real women. If homos have a combination of aggressive masculine traits and bitchy 'mirror mirror on the wall' air about them, trannies have a combination of female diva-ism and male conquer-ism. There is the homo god complex.

Furthermore, the reason why so many straight people and 'normies' have come to revere, even worship, homos and trannies was not out of regard for social equality but out of fascination with what appears to be superior. After all, the great contradiction of the so-called Liberal Democracy is that it claims to be about equality of individual rights but happens to be most obsessed with uppermost winners of dog-eat-dog competition. In other words, most people in a Liberal Democracy are disregarded as 'losers' while all the attention go to the Winners. Because of the homos' favored proximity to elite power, their success in fashion & entertainment, and representation in Deep State, many people look up to homos as a superior breed(even though they don't breed). Seriously, would homos be getting all this adulation if most of them weren't involved in media, entertainment, fashion, and elite institutions? If they weren't such servile suckups to the powerful and privileged, like the Will Patton character in NO WAY OUT? Homos gained power the old-fashioned way. They kissed the asses of the powerful so that their asses would be kissed one day. Okay fine, but let's not pretend this is all about equality. If most homos were living in trailers and drinking moonshine, no one would give a damn about them. It's like, if Jews were mostly low IQ and dumb, no one would much care about the Shoah, aka Holocaust, and all those whore-politicians would not be singing hosannas for Zionists to beat up on Palestinians.
Liberal Democracy has one thing in common with communism. Ultimately, both aren't about equality but about being 'more equal than others'. Both ideologies are obsessed with hierarchy yet wrap their power-worship with mostly empty talk of 'equality'. In a way, modern politics is the art of masking hierarchy with 'equality', like what the elites who graduate from Harvard and Yale do. They all gravitate toward power, privilege, status, and wealth, but they veil what they really DO with what they love to SAY, which is the usual rigmarole about fighting 'white privilege'. Imagine that, all those Jews, Hindus, yellows, mulattoes, and white cuck-collaborators striving for status and privilege(to gain, keep, or expand), but whining endlessly about how they are all about ending 'privilege'. But given capitalism is about winners and losers, it will always be about the privileged ruling over the unprivileged. Communism was anti-capitalist but turned into George Orwell's Animal Farm. In a way, the sheer hysteria so common among Jews and homos owes to the worrying fact that they are having a harder time justifying their power, privilege, and control over society on the basis of 'equality'. They need to shout and holler about EQUALITY to drown out the fact that they are the most powerful and privileged members of society, and if anything, they've been doing everything to expand their power and privilege even further. Notice how enough is never enough for Jews. They want more money, more power, more control. And homos were never satisfied with compromises and concessions; the way the fruitkins are going, they clearly want to be worshiped as the new gods of demento-neo-pagan Queertianity.

The current age is downright demented because it not only insists homosexuality has equal value & validity as real-sexuality but has an even greater claim on our respect and admiration. Now, it's bad enough to pretend equal value. While one can argue that homos as individuals should have the 'equal right' to do their own thing, what sane person would say homosexuality has equal value as real sexuality? Name one life that was created through ass-buggery or lesbian poon-rubbing. Since when is a male anus a sex organ? What would be the purpose of sperm ejaculated into a poopchute? All of life, even homo life, has been created by real sexuality, not by homo-fecal-penetration, and yet, we are supposed to believe that homosexuality has equal value as real sexuality? It's crazier than believing that Hannukah is as American or Western as Christmas.
But then, it has gotten even crazier, what with the dogmatic conviction among so many that a fake tranny 'vagina' is just as much a poon as the real vagina or that a hairy guy with wig and penis/balls is just as much a 'woman' as a real woman because... he just feels like it. It's bad enough to pretend ass-buggery and penis-cutting have equal value as real sexuality that creates life, but it's far far worse to elevate them above real sexuality, even to the extent of hoisting 'gay' colors inside and outside of churches. Don't these cucky-wuck morons realize that Jews regard the 'gay' banner as their Victory Flag over goyim? Haven't they figured it out yet that the Globo-Homo stuff is essentially the proxy arm of Jewish supremacist hegemonism? Apparently not. Or maybe so many deracinated and emasculated whites are now so worshipful of Jews and homos that they are only too happy to roll out the red carpet to the Jewish King and Homo princeling brat. After all, most of humanity is more about Will to Cower than Will to Power. Most people prefer to bow down before the Power. It's like, whites have become so awed by black prowess in sports, rap, and sex that they are now happy to surrender their manhood, womenfolks, and lands to blacks. It's no wonder so many whites in Europe are resigned to their nations being Africanized. They figure blacks deserve to win and take over because they got more muscle, louder voices, more aggressive personalities, bigger dongs, and bouncier buns. In our electronic-pop-cultural world, 'viscerality' counts for a lot, and the race that comes across with the most sensual power is the object of most celebration or worship. This is why blacks are especially dangerous to any non-black nation saturated with pop culture and sports mania. If many many Mexicans or Hindus move to a white nation, the chances are they won't gain success as athletes and pop stars. As such, they may do okay or even pretty well economically, but they will not captivate the imagination of white folks. But even if a few blacks enter a white society, there's a good chance that some of them will succeed in the upper echelons of sports and pop music. And word will get around white women that black men got bigger dongs. With such visceral prowess, blacks will become the much idolized celebrities of a white nation. Consider Japan, a nation with few blacks. But despite their fewness in number, they are taking over Japanese sports, and Japanese women are already into massive jungle fever and Japanese men are happy to be cucky-wucks to finish off whatever manhood was left after the total humiliation to the white man in World War II.
Anyway, if homos really do believe that their 'sexuality' is equally valid and valuable as real sexuality, why do they demand and take so much from real sexuality? Notice how whenever homos want to have a 'gay family', they filch children created by real sexuality. The children of 'two mommies' or 'two daddies' are not the product of homo ass-buggery or lesbian-poon-grinding. They are all the products of male sperm and female eggs. If homos really believe in the biological validity of their deviant 'sexual' acts, they should create life by 'inseminating' feces with sperm up the poopchute. And maybe two lesbians can create a child by rubbing their clitorises together. Of course, homosexuality cannot produce life. And no matter how much a tranny tells himself that he's a 'woman', he has no real vagina and no uterus. That why, if homos want to have a 'gay family', they must filch children created by real sexuality. Our culture is familiar with Margaret Atwood's HANDMAID'S TALE, but if anything in our world resembles it, it's the notion of the 'gay family'. Homos take children created by real sexuality and PRETEND that they themselves 'had' the kids through homo-fecal-penetration or lesbian-poon-grinding. It'd be like a communist who, knowing his system cannot produce the Mercedes, takes the car from the capitalist but then pretends it's a communist car by labeling it with hammer and sickle.

Now, why is it so important for Jews and Homos to compel us to believe in their nonsense? It's like the twisted totalitarian logic in George Orwell's 1984. Real power is not about forcing people to believe in the truth. After all, with reason and/or facts, people can be led to believe that, yes, 2 + 2 = 4. Even if people are forced to accept that truth, they can come around to believing that it is indeed true. Thus, truth would be the ultimate power. Power would serve the truth than vice versa.
In contrast, the most awesome kind of power is in compelling people to believe what is NOT true, or 2 + 2 = 5. Because reason, facts, and senses militate against such falsehood, it takes a special kind of power to force people to believe, and by 'believe', I mean really believe. After all, anyone can pretend to believe 2 + 2 = 5 under pressure or duress. Lying comes naturally to people in a tyrannical order. But what if the Power can really and truly make people believe that 2 + 2 = 5? Now, that is some serious power. In Orwell's 1984, such belief in nonsense is realized by use of physical and psychological torture, ultimately by making Winston Smith come face to face with his greatest phobia. But, taking cues from Aldous Huxley's BRAVE NEW WORLD and Edward Bernays notions about the power of advertising(rooted in Pavlovianism), capitalist Jews found out that people can be led to believe, truly believe, in nonsense via psychological and physical titillation. Associate 'gay' stuff with fun, thrills, joy, happiness, radiance, rainbow colors, festivity, celebration, consumerism, food & drink, white picket fence, sitcom humor, 'spiritual' rapture, and etc. (In contrast, associate anything or anyone opposed to the 'gay agenda' as 'repressed', irrational, ignorant, and/or ugly... like the Westboro church.) Such associations persuade people that 'gay' is as essential as fresh air and clean water. The implication is that No 'gay', then no fun, no sun, no meaning, no celebration, no life, no righteousness, no 'spirituality'. Such titillation and sensory-override work like the magic of music, overriding reason, sense, and reality. When the Power can make people believe, especially with passion, what is not true, it has tremendous sway over the masses. It's a much greater(and darker) achievement than forcing people to believe and accept what is true and real.
But then, there is a side of humanity that wants to believe in fantasy over fact because the former has more to do with hope. It's been duly noted by scientists and laymen alike that spirituality or mythicism comes naturally to humanity. As important as facts are, they are what they are, grim and limiting. So, we like to believe in God, gods, angels, spirits... even witchcraft and crystals. In our Godless age, the Power sold us Globo-Homo-mania(along with Magic-Negro-Worship and Holocaustianity) as the 'spiritual' answer for mankind. Believe in tootkins as angels and wave the 'gay' banner like it has magical powers. It's no wonder homos have been called 'fairies' because 'gay' and tranny culture is like a fairy-tale. As if by magic, two men who bung-dong each other can be 'two daddies' and 'have children'. Or, as if by some miracle, a man can become a 'woman', much like how a frog can become a prince or the Beast can turn into a handsome feller. In a culture where so many people obsess over comic-book superheroes, Harry Potter stories, and the Force(in STAR WARS), is it any surprise that so many proved to be so EASY in manipulating with globo-homo nonsense?
Of course, this may be said of all religions as there is no factual evidence of God, Jesus as the Son of God, Muhammad as last Prophet, angels, or miracles. But plenty of people choose to believe them because the notion that SOMETHING can override reality and make dreams come true gives them hope. It's like David in A.I.: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE can never be a real boy but, being more-human-than-human in his programming, he hopes, prays, and believes in the impossible, the fantastical. Still, there is surely a difference between the great religions with their depth of meaning & richness of mythic symbolism AND the tawdry & trashy spectacle of Globo-Homo-mania with its self-indulgence, vanity, vapidity, childishness, & ugliness. Even among the fantastical, certain visions carry greater meaning than others. Just like THE ILIAD and THE ODYSSEY are more than MY LITTLE PONY, the great religions are more than homo-and-tranny self-celebration of ass-buggery and penis-mutilation as akin to the miracle of the rainbow. Ridiculous but true, so many people who've fallen under the spell of globo-homo really believe they found THE meaning of life, but they have no idea that THE JEW IS LAUGHING AT YOU, just like a drug-pusher is amused by the junkie who thinks he's found heaven when, if anything, he's just become a mental slave of the pusher.
In a way, the relation between homos and straights is like between gods and mortals. Gods worship themselves whereas humans worship gods. Gods are intoxicated in their own greatness, superiority, and/or holiness, whereas humans are dazzled by the awesomeness of gods. Thus, Globo-Homo works differently for homos and straights. It's about homos worshiping themselves and about straights worshiping homos. The relation between Jews and white goyim are much the same. Jews worship themselves while white goy cucks worship the Jews. Just like mass adulation warps the minds of celebrities whose narcissism goes through the roof, all the 'gay' celebration from the straight community has really intoxicated their minds of homos. There was a time when homos and trannies used to worship themselves in their own communities. It was a game they played in a world of their own, in their ghettohomo. To the straight community, 'gay' vanity could only be sold as 'camp' as it was understood that most straights couldn't keep a straight face looking at all that tooty-fruity behavior. LA CAGE AUX FOLLES is hardly TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. But with Jewish control of media, academia, and deep state, homo stuff was aggressively promoted as the New Normal, or even the New Conservatism(for the National Review cuck crowd). Thus, what was camp turned into champ, what with stuff like PHILADELPHIA and BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN marketed as grand moral statements of our era. So, one of the birthplaces of American Democracy became the center of homo holiness, and the American West became the land of cowpokes poking each other's ass. Now, I'm sure there were cowboy homos who did their homo things, but Ang Lee's movie was less honest story-telling than myth-making propaganda. With all the crossover appeal, many straight folks began to buy into globo-homo nonsense. Also, with the demise of Old Religion, the sheer stupidity of Modern Conservatism, and absence of Old Liberal Issues(the last great one being the Civil Rights Movement), so many straight people gravitated towards globo-homo as the new frontier in 'moral' crusade, 'spiritual' salvation, and the hipster culture of 'creativity'. Once straights began to praise and revere the homos, the naturally narcissistic and vain homos went nuts with self-regard that soon turned into highfalutin self-worship. Thus, homos went from struggle for Tolerance to demand for Reverence. And that is why homos get triggered so gingerly over what they deem to be the teensiest slight. It's like a king or prince will be outraged by the slightest sign of disrespect from the inferiors. How dare they! "Do you know who I am!?!" So, even as homos play the 'victim', they display all the signs of wanna-be gods, neo-aristos, globo-monarchs, or spoiled-brat princelings.

After all, what is it about Chick-Fil-A that is SO offensive to the Dick-Fill-Ass crowd? Did Chick-Fil-A publicly say homos are less than human? Did they say homos should be rounded up and shot? Did they say homos should be fired from work? Did they say homos should be denied individual rights to be 'gay'? No, the only thing Chick-Fil-A has stated is that it's run by devout Christians who believe in True Marriage, the definition of marriage as understood by all of humanity until Jews came around and decided 'gay marriage' is a 'human right'. But then, if homos are so self-confident and sure of themselves, why would they need validation by being included into an institution that makes biological and moral sense ONLY AMONG real-sexuals? After all, what is the point of homos getting 'married' when fidelity is the last thing on most homos' minds? Also, why associate a moral institution with gross and deviant pseudo-sexual acts such as homo-fecal-penetration, lesbian-poon-grinding, and tranny penis-cutting? And if marriage is about production of family, what biological sense does it make to associate marriage with ass-buggery, lesbian-poon-mashing, and/or trannies-getting-fake-'vaginas'? On the one hand, homos say they are so proud to be 'gay' and stand apart from the straight community, yet, at the same time, they demand that homo behavior be accepted and legitimized by institutions that came into existence to specifically serve the needs of the real-sexual NSMFR(Normal-Straight-Male-Female-Real) community. What a bunch of half-assed louts and punks.
But being blind with preening self-regard and self-worship — indulging naturally narcissistic homos is like giving alcoholics more alcohol — , homos react to any difference of opinion or lack of respect for what they do and are about with extreme hysteria. It's like gods raging over how the mortals won't offer sacrifices to them. It's like kings and princes being outraged that the peons won't work even harder so that the effete elites could enjoy their lives even more. "I mean, how dare they!?" So, any sentiment that isn't ardently pro-homo is regarded as infamy. Then, if the owners and operators of Chick-Fil-A hold forth that homo behavior isn't dignified in the eyes of God, homos think in terms of "Why do you want to kill us?" or "Why don't you regard us as human?" If people say homo-fecal-penetration is gross, unhealthy, and dangerous, homos think, "Why do you want to round us up and throw us in concentration camps?" Gaysteria is much like all the nuttery about illegal immigration. Mere border security is denounced as Nazi-like! If someone says he believes in true marriage, one that grounds the most important social institution on real biology and true morality, homos freak out and say, "Why do you want take away our freedom and lock us up in dungeons?" Gaysteria is totally bonkers. Imagine if Bill tells Bob, "I don't respect what you're doing", and Bob reacts by freaking out and saying, "Why do you deny my humanity, why do you want to destroy me, why do you want to kill me?" Overreaction, right? Well, homos and trannies are all about overreaction, and they can get away with such loutish behavior(as when some crazy tranny trashed a store because the store clerk called him 'sir') because they have the backing of powerful Jews who use homo-horsewhip and tranny-tyranny to terrorize much of society with the notion that the great majority must accommodate the wishes and demands of elite minority elites, be they homo or Jewish.
Now, why are homos so obsessed with food. I suppose food has played a meaningful role in all cultures. Foods were offered to the gods on altars. Some cultures had taboos against eating specific foods because certain animals were deemed 'sacred'(as with cows in Hinduism) or filthy(as with pigs among Jews and Muslims). For most of human existence, few people could take food for granted and most of their activity was devoted to procuring food by hunting or agriculture. It's been said some Americans Indians apologized to the animals they killed.
Modern man no longer believes in hocus-pocus about food — even though many Jews, Hindus, and Muslims continue to observe their dietary laws — , but so many people obsess over nutrition and health, seeking advice from mystic sources, often from the Orient. But for most Americans and Westerners, food is what they associate mostly with easy pleasure. While not everyone can enjoy sex, fancy lifestyles, travel, and the like, even poor people can pig out and have a good time with burgers, fries, hot dogs, chicken, cakes, ice cream, donuts, sodapop, and etc. Enjoyment of food, especially fast food and sugary drink, has become the universal 'privilege' for all Americans(and even in poor nations as obesity is now a problem even in the Third World). Because so many people associate pleasure with fast food, it has been politicized and associated with certain agendas and idols. What other explanation is there for associating so much of fast food and drink with homo stuff? I mean, what does 'gayness' have to do with cookies, hotdogs, pastry, sugary drink, ice cream, and etc? Why are homos so adamant about targeting bakeries and cake shops? How did 'culture war' turn into a Food Fight?

In a way, what the homos are doing is akin to what Jews have been pulling forever with the Kosher label. Even though most people in US and Canada are not Jewish, they are forced to pay the kosher tax on almost all food items. Why should they? Even if this tax is negligible in monetary terms, who are these Jews to force goyim to buy foods that have been kosherized? Via kosher taxation, it's like Jews are laying 'spiritual' claim over all food. Likewise, homos(with the full backing of Jews) are pushing something like the 'homosher' tax. Food companies are made to pay lavish sums to advertising firms(run by Jews and homos) who associate pleasurable foods with 'gay' stuff. Because advertising is part of the cost, we are all being made to pay the homosher tax. This is why no self-respecting person should buy any product that is associated with homosherism. They are being forced to pay what is essentially a 'gay tax'.
HomOreo cookies because when you bite into a cookie, the first thing that comes to your mind is a bunch of assboys doing homo fecal-penetration on one another. Or maybe you think of a penis being mutilated to make way for fake 'vagina'. 
Campbell Soup advertises its soup by showing two 'gay daddies'. Where is the mother, and what is her role in the life of her child? If the kid is an orphan, why not place him in a house that resembles a Real Family? Anyway, I suppose when we eat soup, what comes to our mind is 'two daddies' fecal-penetrating each other and sucking each other's dongs.
Burger King or Bugger King advertising. It says "We Are All Same Inside", but how about "We Are All Shame Inside"? I suppose the inside of a vagina is the same as the inside of a bunghole full of fecal bacteria. Even if straight men and homo men have the same organs inside, they sure use them differently. Homo men take dongs up their bungs, a good way to spread disease and illness. If the Ad meant that we are all the same spiritually inside, there is a huge difference between true morality based on facts, reason, & health and fake morality based on fantasy, deviance, & decadence.
The power of association is incredible when we consider the uses of homosher-ism. After all, why would any consumer of fast food or drink soda-pop want his or her goodies to be associated with homo-fecal-penetration, tranny-penis-cutting, or fat hairy men with balls beating real women in sports? Who wants to eat fried chicken or a burger thinking of ugly butch lesbian bitches? This is where the power of association comes in. Due to Jewish control of the media, many people no longer associate homosexuality with such things. Indeed, the term 'homosexuality' is rarely used in public discourse that favors 'gay'(even though so many 'gays' are grumps, or g-rumps) or LGBT or LGBTQ though it keeps on gathering new letters, what with there being 50 or so 'genders' and all. So, we are not supposed to think about what homos really do to one another or what trannies must undergo in order to alter their 'genders'. No, we are just supposed to associate homos and trannies with pronouns or the 'rainbow'. Since everyone is dazzled by rainbow colors and since homos & trannies have been associated with the rainbow, so many people have come to ass-ociate homos and trannies with childlike wonderment. It's like if a homo passes you, the street you walk upon has been sprinkled with magic. And it's because homos have been associated with such things that so many people have become welcoming of homos. This is why even idiot churches now adorn homo colors. No church would hang pictures of homos buggering one another or trannies getting their penises mutilated. Such would be profane in churches. Now, that is what homosexuality and tranny stuff are REALLY about, but because they've been associated with 'rainbows', so many institutions are willing to fly the 'gay flag'. Oh, it looks so dazzling and colorful! And then, the rot spreads further. Since the most powerful institutions and biggest industries fly the 'gay flag', countless status-seeking people all over the world come to associate success, respectability, and prestige with 'gay'-ness. First, homosexuality was associated with 'rainbow' colors, and then those colors were associated with power and wealth. Thus, anyone who strives for success or wealth(or to be admitted into such a community) comes to feel that there is nothing fancier and precious than 'gay' stuff. It's incredible that despite humans being many times more intelligent and knowing than dogs, their minds are just as easily manipulated via the power of association. Dogs can be led to associate the sound of bell with food, and humans can be made to associate homosexuality & tranny-stuff with the 'rainbow' and then to associate 'gayness'(what the 'rainbow' stands for) with success, power, and privilege.
As for the hoi polloi, all that matters to the elites is that such fools are made to associate their favorite pig-out foods and sugary drinks with 'gay'. Every time they eat a whopper from Burger King(or Bugger King) and see it advertised with homo colors, they are likely to associate satisfaction with homo stuff. Thus, stuffing food down one's throat becomes associated with stuffing dong up the bung. It's like "yummy-yummy-yummy-I-got-gay-in-my-tummy". And this is precisely why Chick-Fil-A is so threatening to the Dick-Fill-Ass crowd. Because its chicken sandwiches are so popular and delicious(according to many, as I've never tried it myself), there is the fear among homos that many people will come to associate yummy-pleasure with conservative values, Christianity, and tradition. In the politics of pleasure, homos demand that all the goody stuff be associated with their symbols and agendas. Come to think of it, the chutzpah or poopchutzpah of the homo community is truly incredible. Even though Chick-Fil-A is a Christian operation, it doesn't promote God, Jesus, and Old Time Religion as gushingly as so many other food companies proselytize holy homo stuff. In the 80s, Dominos Pizza chain was owned by some Catholic man who donated some of his profits toward Pro-Life causes. The thing is he did it on his own time. He didn't push his belief or conviction on the consumers or advertise his pizza as being about Pro-Life or Catholicism. In contrast, we have all these homos working in advertising and media who endlessly promote gay-gay-gay by associating it with things that have NOTHING to do with homosexuality or trannies. I mean, when you sit down to eat soup, do you think of two homos fuc*ing each other in the ass? Do you think of some fat guy in a wig making an appointment to have his penis cut off to make way for a fake 'vagina'? Do you think of 'two daddies' raising a kid who grows up in a home where one of his 'daddy' buggers his other 'daddy'? These homos are worse than Jehovah's Witnesses who go from door to door pestering everyone. These homos, in partnership with their Jewish masters,
spread their 'gay' shit all over the world via advertising, entertainment, media, and even churches, as if Jesus died on the Cross so as to honor guys who bugger each other or to bless men who beat up women in sports and aspire to have their dicks cut off to make way for fake pooters(or cooters as the case may be). Just imagine the nerves of these homos who insist that every time we consume our favorite take-outs, we think of sodomy and tranny-penis-cutting as magical 'rainbows'. It's as if homos are telling us, "When you drink coke, just tell yourself that me and my boyfriend fuc*ing each other in the ass is what the fizz is all about." "When you take a munch of that delicious fried chicken, think of the Pride of having one's penis cut off to make way for a 'vagina'." 'Gay Pride' should really be called Poo-Ride. Of course, homos are so arrogant that they now just call it 'pride' as if they now own the entire term. Homos are doing with terminology what Jews did with Palestine. Carving and claiming it one piece at a time. It is Verbal Nakba. When we drink cola, are we to think of homos urinating on each other at bathhouses? Be that as it may, we must never lose sight of the fact that all this homo shit is the proxy of Jewish supremacist power. JATE or Jews Are The Enemy.
In the past, homos were at least known for their creativity and aesthetic sense. As there was no massive displays of 'gay pride' back then, homos had to channel their creative energies and expressions toward more worthy goals and endeavors. But ever since homos have been allowed to wallow in their narcissism and self-worship, their creativity has spiraled into a funnel of preening self-absorption. It's like what happened to Federico Fellini after 8 ½ or Terrence Malick since his much vaunted return with THIN RED LINE. Even with their eyes wide open, all they could see was the bubble of their self-inflated egos. One might say something similar happened with blacks since the advent of rap. Why bother to write good songs when you can just rap endlessly about 'muh gun', 'muh dick', 'muh dough', 'muh bitchass ho', and etc? If Negroes are lost in their childish rhymes, homos & trannies(and the like) are lost in their pronouns.
Also, homos no longer need to do or achieve anything to be worthy. Homos feel that they are special and superior in some way for the simple fact that they take dongs up their bungs. And even so-called 'conservatives' have caught this bug, which is why so many were delighted that Milo the 'gay Jew who takes it up the bung from a Negro' was on their side. Wow, the jackpot of holiness in Milo: Jewish, homo, and taking it up the ass from a Magic Negro. When homos bask in 'pride' merely for being 'gay', they've grown lazy and corrupt. And such laziness doesn't foster originality. Indeed, all this pronoun-silliness is sham intellectualism. If anything, the fact that so many people are willing to jump on the pronoun bandwagon is proof that they are utterly lacking in ideas, thought, or sense. They are likw dogs who play fetch with whatever the master throws in the air. Since Jews control the academia & media and recruit homo pseudo-intellectuals to come up with stupid shit, all the idiot minions run and play with whatever is tossed their way. Is it then any wonder that the utterly dull and boring fruiter singer Sam Smith came out as 'they'? I guess it is now too easy and boring to come out of the closet as 'gay'. Too many have done that to death, and as too many homos get affection and adulation just for being 'gay', they have to add another element to their identity to feel even more special... and for the moron Sam Smith, it is to declare himself 'they'. Yeah, his soul must be so big that it must be made up of millions of 'me's.

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